Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 29, 1935
Page 3
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Crct Mf*. Hid Henry jp T I I 4^^ \g>*4h^*i lfc/>M« ftSI \^>r Telephone 821 Wnvcn't got over summer, burning inside mo still, Fancying It nil over, mentlow and stream and hill; Haven't got over summer, Feel it, n golden flood, Rippling along in rivers Of beauty within my blood. Haven't got over summer—trust thnt I never mny. Even if it should vanish, dreams will be.8tiro.to atay: Dreams of It, tender visions, Feel of the violet air Blowing across my forehead, Tangling up my hair. Haven't got over summer—tell you the honest truth, Haven't got, over childhood, haven't got over youth; Haven't got over April, •Green of meadow and hill— And I pray to the Lord forever He mny grant that I never will. —Selected. Mi's. A. L. John.spn. who has spent the summer in this city left Tuesday for her home with her daughter, Mrs. L. L. Campbell and Mr. Campbell in Ashville, N. C. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Garrett of Little Rock wore week end guests of Mrs. Fanny Gnrrclt nnd other home folks. Mrh. Tom McLarty, Mrs. Charles Hnrrell and Mrs. Ched Hall were checks COLDS and FEVER first day Headaches In 30 minutes Liquid-Tablets Salve-Nose Drops See Our Selected Line of New FALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens In the Newest Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec Roy Anderson and Company Tuesday visitors in Little Rock. Mrs. Kline Snyder and Misses Marguerite Taylor and Eli/jibeth White, spent Saturday In Little Rock. Mrs. F, H. Glllespie of Pino Bluff and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Graham of Tulles, Ln., were week end guests of their parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. R. L, ttendflx. Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Allison had as Tuesday guests, Mrs, Sam Slack and Miss Slack of Gurdon. Mr. nnd Mrs. Howard Houston announce the arrival of a little daughter, Anne Howard, Sunday, October 27, at Julia Chester hospital. Mrs. Charles Bt'iant had as week end guests, her sister, Mrs. Leo Perdue nnd Miss Helen Robert Perdue of Louann. The following wedding announcement will be of interest to friends of the bride groom in this city, "Mr. and Mrs. W. P. McDermott of Devalls •Bluff announce, the marriage of their .daughter. Clara Dorothy Triska to Clifford Rogers Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. MJller of Wheatley. The ceremony wos solemnized on Friday night, October 18, at the home of the b»ide's parents. The impressive ring ceremony was read by the Rev. Fritz Goodbar, pastor of the First Baptist church of Lonoke. The bride is a graduate of .DeYall's Bluff High School and Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, and has been a member of the Brlnkley High School faculty for several years. Mr. and Mrs. Miller will be at home in Hope after the first of the year, where Mr. Miller is manager of Hope Building Material Co. Mr. and Mrs. M. 'H. Johnson are recent arrivals .in the city and have taken an apartment witli Mrs. Chas. Briant on South Main street. Mr. Johnson is the new manager for Pig- fily-Wiggly. Mrs. R. -M. Briant and Mrs. E.'C. McGabe motored to Ashdown Tuesday to .attend a District Missionary conference of the Methodist church. Prwfirbs Is Text of Rov. Mr. Webb "Where There Is No Vis- * ion the People Perish,'* His Message Monday THE NEW DEAL IN WASHINGTON The Rev. Bert Webb's text for his Monday night subject "How Far Can You See," was Proverbs 29.1S, "Where there is no vision the people perish; but he thai keepcth the law, happy is he." "How much perception have you ns to things that are coming in your future?" asked Mr, Webb. "One man sees the necessity of providing for his family. Another says his vision goes beyond that and ho provides life Insurance, an estate and other safe guards against the future, that his children have a college education, etc. These things are good, but the thing that pleases God is for n man to look ahead, lead .his children to Jesus Christ and gel ihcm ready for heaven. "Young .people In school who have no vision, just get by. When it comes to Spirilual things if you do nol get the true vision of pleasing God yo'u do not get very far with Him. "Where there is no vision the people perish. We cannot disregard God's RODNEY DUTCHfift- WASHINGTON.-Thal |i65,000 .fee which.Mr. Arthur Mullen seeks for his efforts with regard to certain PWA projects in Nebraska indicates what-the big-time .loyysists have been getting awap with since the New (Deal 'baton simultaneously to pour out billions for recovery and to try to reform the hiicMitnoc cl *>« ,*l ,<».«* **, -~.«.,•»• .,»...» business structure. . No one knows how many millions the "salesmen of influence" have collected, since March, 1933. No one ever will. Most men close to the inside agree that the most spectacular .cleanups were made in the first yeai 1 of the •administration, before Roosevelt recognized danger in the situation .and told Mullen and others they couldn't function both as lobbyists and Democratic national committeemcn. But the lobbying business , 'still Flourishes. Mullen, a Nebraska political boss and one of Roosevelt's floor managers at'the 1932 Democratic convention, has been reputed to have large influence both at the While House -and with Secretary Ickcs. No investigation will even determine just how much influence he has been able to exert at either place.- His influence unquestionably has been ex- |jwi io»». i»v- KIIIMUI uioi ^Kttl U \JTOU a i- , » , , , law and not suffer the consequences aggerated-bul such exaggerations in Do you have a proper perception, do I Washington mean more clients arid you have that scnce of looking ahead, j bl f, 8 ? r , ' preparing for eternity? Itjisn't on record that any official in. Some people's vision consists of Wa ?, hingl01 ? ever re , fl ' 8ed > see Mr.'.' Mullen, who contributes large sums regularly to the Democratic party..' Up (o'SIG.75 SILK DRESES Now Styles, Colors. and Fabrics a:d Specialty Shop The tin-ill spectacle of the month comes next Sunday—Cecil B. DeMilles' mijjhly masterpiece "The CRUSADES" Time & News WED-NITE ONLY ^•Cjl^r —the greatest pic- • ™ ^*^ ™ lure ever m n d e BUT you'll find it real good entertainment and— A BAFFLING MURDER brings two lovers together! •SULLIVAN EL lyicCREA L«wl> Stone Louli Calh»tn EdgarKenmdy Probe of Cotton (Continued from page one) have never heard of such munificence?" Senator McKellar said the' RFC was a moony making corporation, and Creekmare declared .the government would lose nothing on the co-ops, as they would pay -back their $5,000,000 capilfll irx five years that the government had advanced, Mckell.hr delved into the intricate structure of the ACCA, with Crogk- more, its -$35,000-a-year operations head, ah his first witness. He brought out from-Creekmore'that out of the '55,OOQ,000 paid in capital- izalion of the ACCA, but §76,000 had actually been paid by its affiliated associations, the rest being govern- -mont money. •The senator was author of the resolution under which he and Senators Bnnkhaad', Democrat, Alabama, and ToWnsend, Republican, Delaware, were authorized to investigate government expenditures for the co-ops. Senator Bankhead will join Senator McKellar. Senator Townsend may arrive later. Hubby—The trouble 'is, you spend entirely too much money. Wifey—Not at all. The -trouble is you don't make enough. WREST!! WEDNESDAY NIGHT (October 30) Am. Legion Arena on East 2nd St. 2 Good Matches MAIN EVENT CHRIS ZAHARIAS vs. LEFTY WILLIAMS SEMIFINAL PAUL FLIENDE vs. DONALD McNAUGHT Tomorrow Night 8 p. m. keeping up with the Jones. Some Kave the vision to do the thing that pleases somebody, others just to please themselves. Too mojiy times our vision is narrow and contracted. God give us understanding. F-jr Tuesday night Mr. Webb has announced the subject, "A Man Hitched to a Wagon." Mr. Henry's ability at the piano .is attracting much favorable .comment. He is an artisi of no mean ability. Come and enjoy these services with us. Rated as Ickcs' "Angel" Ickes frequently has been hard- Blaylock Proposes a Repeal Surrey Suggests Governor Name 2, WCTU'2--Commission to Pick 5th Member boiled toward Mullen and his demands. But favor-seekers, looking around for influential advocates, are impressed - by ..stories. that Mullen. financed Ickes' independent progressive committee for Roosevelt in 1932 and thai he came to the support of Ickes for secretary of Ihe interior at a critical moment. (Friends of Ickes have denied those stories, but they're rather commonly believed in PWA and the Interior Department.) More obscure lawyers frequently ccmc to Mullen and others of his ilk, promising fee splits in return for ihelp. Recently Mullen was raging because in at least two instances Ickes had refused to approve payments to him from Indian tribal funds for alleged services. But the relations of Millen with .government officials arc kept a deep, dark secret—just as was his annual $25,000 retainer from Cities Service. LITTLE ROCK. — Maintaining that the woes of Arkansas citizens have increased mcasureably under the state until lne recent lobby investigation, liquor law. the .Rev. Arden P. Blay- ""'' "'' " *' '"""" '" Delay flraad Case, lock, pastor of First Baptist church, Monday night called .for .the formation o fa commission to .study the situation and report its conclusions to Governor -Fuli-ell as Iho first step toward re-enactment of prohibition legislation. The suggestion was embodied in an open letter to Governor Futrell, which the Rev. Mr. Blaylock used as the framework of his sermon before ia crowd that filled the church at Twelfth and Louisiana streets. The letter .was an answer to the governor's statement of h\s.t week,. in which the Women's Christian Temperance Union was taken to task for.a resolution adopted at Its recent state .convention. The clerbyman suggested that two The lobby racket here will never- be curbed or exposed until officials are compelled to make public their, contacts with lobbyists. Norris on the Trail In the case of the ?165,000 fees, Mullen has on his trail the-redoubtable Senator George W. Nprrjs, of .Nebraska, which is never any fun for anybody. ' The fees are billed for services -to two .water conservation and power' projects and have been submitted to Ickes for approval. Those projects were approved early in the :PWA game, while Norris fought for two yeprs for his Trl-County irrigation- power project against opposition from Mullen, representing the first two. Norris wants to know whether P.WA is being asked to approve use of its Washington -County Sher* iff to Continue in .Office Until January FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.-^harges .of official misconduct by Sheriff Harley Cover of Washington county were presented to .Circuit Judge John S. Combs from\two angles here Monday. Judge Combs overruled an .oral mo- lion of Prosecuting Attorney J. W. Trimble of 'Berryville asking that a grand jury be called to consider : the case. Lack of funds, and the ; fact that Sheriff Cover .is under federal indictment at Fort Smith and will be tried there probably in January were the reasons given by Judge Combs. A formal written petition filed by the prosecuting attorney asking -the court to remove or suspend the sheriff because ,df a long list of alleged acts of misconduct was not passed on, because no service had been had .on the petition. Sheriff Cover's lawyer 'baid he \yas not'entering his client's appearance to the petition. After .service is had, the lawyer said he would file a demurrer to the petition. The court will set a day to hear arguments on the demurrer. Court adjourned at noon until January 27, when new revenues willbe available for court expenses. There is no provision under state law for the remqyal or suspension from office of an official under .federal indictment. The .provision calls for such action if the official is under state indictment or has been convicted of a felony. No Smok in ^Before 'Smoking on Empty Stomach Induces Ulcers, Rhy- Declare - , r f e' 1. IS UU1I1& tl3i\Vl4 LU <IHH' w v ^ wov. W*. l«~» hn n m?M "/ " lg commlss ', on funds for fighting another PWA probe named by the governor and two by ! , - t the W. C. T. U. and that those four select a fifth member. The commission would serve without pay and its expenses would be paid by voluntary subscriptions under his plan. "If this commission in its findings discovers conditions growing worse you will bo justified in calling the "cgislature to repeal the Thorn liquor aw," the Rev. Mr. Blaylock's letter concluded, At the outset, -the pastor explained hat he was not giving an official .re- My for the temperance, organization o the governor's statement, but "as an lonorary member of that group and as a citizen of the slate" would make some observations and suggestions. (Continued from page one) Halloween Specials On I'ai-ty ami Household PARTY FAVORS and TOYS A Big Assortment 25c to 5c KING'S CANDY' $1.5Q- »» * ~*r ™ w - --'- •"- -' — — -!--n=^» "=jr ,_--»,, G-iE fcJGUT GL08JES, 15 to 75 Watts. 45c 75 and 1M 2<k CHEVRON FOUNTAIN SVBINQE-2 Qt. Extra Heavy ............ 5 flc Don't forget to call for merchandise coi»pwis on McKESSON goods. These gifts wu are giving away will make ideal Clirist- nias presents. John P, Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps committee. The - October-November al- otment was .distributed to Bounty )oards in two warrants, 90 per cent ! or direct relief for unemployablcs and 0 per cent .for local administrative expense. The Executive CommiUee was scheduled to meet next Friday, the monthly meeting clae, but the -entire commission assembled Monday without public notice. No reason was given for the special meeting. Governor Futrell, ex-officio chairman of the commission, said Monday afternoon thai he did not know the commission was meeting. Henry Armstrong of Fort Smith, chairman of Ihe Executive Commillee, presided. Oak Grove Mr. and Mrs. Bennie Jones spent Saturday night wilh Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Collier and family. Mi?s Jewell Ross and Gearldean Collier spent the week end with Miss Lila Pearl Stewart of Spring :Hill. Mr. and Mrs. George Mouser and family spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ross and family. Mrs. D. M. Collier and children called on her mother, Mrs. Frank Mullins and family Saturday afternoon. Married Saturday October 26, Harvie Allen and Miss Hattie Jackson. Their many friends wish them a long and happy life together. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Woodul and daughter called on Mr. and Mrs. Ernest. Ross qnd family Saturday night. Miss Catherine Ross spent Saturday night and Sunday with her sister Mrs. Lee England of Shover Springs. Mrs. Sid Skinner and Mrs. Ernest Ross spent Tuesday with Mrs. J. G. Collier of Hope. Miss Rema Nell Mullins spent Monday night with Miss Qelora Sparks. Mrs. Lee England called on her mother, Mrs. Ernest Ross Monday morning. ject. PWA lawyers suspect that perhaps Mullen expected to be scaled down to about $100,000. They guess that eventually he may receive between $25,000 and $50,000. A Bobble for Hull Secretary of State Cordell Hull is our .first-ranking diplomat. But he made a faux pas as a welcoming delegation gathered to meet President Roosevelt on his return to Washington. Mrs. Roosevelt, like many others that cold morning, had the sniffles. She was raising her handkerchief to her face as Hull extended his hand to greet her. With a quick movement she stuck her handkerchief somewhere or other and managed to shake hands., waiting to complete the operation later. Obscure persons who noticed the incident enjoyed it very much. Every Well a Filling-Station A Texas inventor thinks he will soon be able to run an automobile on water alone. Meanwhile, it wouldnt bo such a bad scheme if the drivers tried out the idea on themselves.—' Boston Herald. €enterville Mr. and Mrs. Clair Givens and family left Tuesday for some part of Texas to pick cotton. . The concert given here Wednesday night by the :Bodcaw boys was very well attended. Mrs. Earl Ervin and,children called on Mrs. A. G. -Mariner a while -Friday afternoon. Miss Vera and Guynell Gleghorn spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Olen Bennett. J. W. Vanamb.ury of -Jackson, -Mo., has .been spending a few days with Earl Erwin. We are very sorry to have Cline .Phillips and son, Aryell move from' this community. . • . • Bro. Rister filled his .regular appointment here Saturday njght, and Sunday morning and night. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Easterlin spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs. Bright Crider. Miss Gladys Wilson called on Mrs. Fred Wilson Monday aflernoon. Mr. and 'Mrs. Charlie Rogers spent Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Willitt. Miss Eva Wren was .the supper guest of Mrs. Charlie Carnes Saturday. Dallas Summer of Stamps is spending a few days with Mr, Richardson and family. Ralph Brown of Emmet spent Saturday night with Ellis and Lee Bradford AT YOUR SERVICE With Complete Facilities for Tire Repairing Battery Charging Gas and Oil L NEWSPAPER MAN GIVES TIP-OFF ON '36 CAR STYLES *\ B0tty GOQdwin (National 5roadca$t/ng Con?pany fashion reporter): "I suppose, Mr. No£, you have Mil the advance news on the 1936 motor cars. What seems to be the new style trend? I've been hearing a lot of things about the new Dodge." Floyd A. NOC (Automobile Manager, Wew Yor* News): "There is no doubt in my mind that the 1936 Podge is the finest looking and most stunningly styled car that Dodge has ever produced. I have been associated with the automobile business for ten y.ears and have been intimately familiar during that time with each new Dodge. I suppose you realize yourself that to Dodge owners the very name of the car is synonymous with ruggedn«as and dependability, but I repeat that never .have I seen such a beautiful Dodge as this new 1936 model." See the big, new, money-saving Porige—"Beauty Winner" of 1936—new on display at your local By HOWARD W. BLAKESLJEE (Associated Eress Science Editor) SAN FRANCISCO, c.*i.-(/p)-Smok- ing .before breakfast is one of the Quickest wayfi to risk ulcer of the! stomach, the American College of; Surgeons -was inf6rmed Monday night n the findings of one of the most ex» ensive investigations ever made of his common affliction. .You get ulcers primarily bacausS you have a weakness for theft. [There s no generally .effective .medicine to jrevent or cure .them, the report said. YOU have to make a lifelong change n your habits! particularly in' your vays of eating, drinking and 'smoking. The ulcer study 'was .made at Tjulane jTniyersity by Alton Ochsner, M. D., >rofes£or and director of surgery, as- jsted 'by :Mims Gage, M. D., and Kiyoshi .Hospi, D. D. Dr. Ochsner reported the results of five years' inves- igation. Too much acidity, the Tulane physicians-reported, is almost certainly one of the .general .causes of ulcers ,when t oqcurs in stomachs with these peculiarities. Care about eating and dr,inking habits, they held, is the only afe Way to avoid this' danger line of acidity. Taking alkaline '• drinks', the •eport said, has little effect. Acidity can ,be reduced effectively >y more frequent meajs, the report •ecommended small meals every two lours, except during sleep, in place of he standard "three squares." Most mportant of all a're the eating, cjrink- ng and smoking habits. "Excessive use of tobacco," the report said, "especially 'between meals qn .any .empty stomach is .dangerous. Very bad is smqking in the morning )efore breakfast." •Sunday night is our regular singing night. Every one come. Sorry to have Mr. and Mrs.' Bullie Chism qnd family .move from lour community; In Luck "Waiter, these are very small oysters." "Yep, sir." "And they don't appear to be very fresh." "Then it's lucky they're small, ain't it, sir?'.'—Grit. CHAPPED- SKIN To quickly relieve [/chapping androugtmesfr,\) / apply soothing, . . . .cooling Mentholaitum. G/.ves. COMFORT Daily ..Have you tried .Ih* MEW MEMTHOUTUM LIQUID •for head cold*? Like Meniholatum ointment it .brings soothing comfort was t ^id to fee .a vefy streng «he. It WffS .Stated :th,e ,warrk>w ,M&*e i«ady for,an offtef .for a lettiftfil ,t)($Ue-?n that &rea; where the Italians wtJujd have tfffflcuHy figKBrig in .tugge^l, high tiowntfy With Jtfhlfih they ai-e not familiar. Harar had <beeri cpmpletely s evMuat- ed by the Ethiopian soldiers, it was reported, although .d.swft *toup!of; irregulars .remained to police .the .city. Residents seemed,more restless as-the threat of Italian 'bombings again appeared w.ith the end oi -the rainy;' Admiral Byrf to Lecture ati,t. Exploiter,to Appear With Antarctic Film 'Satyr- day, November ,9 LITTLE .ROCK.—Rear AdmujaliRich- ard E. iJyrd, famous' .throughout »,the world as the result of his explorations at the .north .andjsou'th poles, ,w.jll|ap- pear in person at''the Arkansas theater Saturday, November 9' it -was [announced Mpnday. i The famous'explorer .will mqke/two appearance, ; asfternopn and night, .t^H- ing -the fascinating details of his 'second expedition to the -Antarctic \ re-; gions, .which ended last summer. ! An.; additional feature will be the showing of 9,000 feet of motion pictures taken' in and around-Little America. '• ', .- tiff till CLEANED THE Odorless Way Our special process .cleans ,thqr- ; ougjily, freshens the colors and' strengthens the fabrics. Minor Repairs JF-r-ee-cif'Charge In Avoiding Hmt$fe Unique Medication to,Afa HaftttMfc,! in No»e And Tktp$ Mo^t .CoI^Start. PROVED IN USE BY Ml In the ,mula of tro-nol h& found a uriii successful ait venting i -winter's -threat, our contftot-and health. 'Va-tro-nol is especially desl] for the nose and upper' tt where ,mos,t.c61ds^tart Ifc-Aiu-. stimulates -the fupctiorns* grov: by Nature—in themose—toArej colds, arid to .throw off heidicoWS m the early stages. Used an time fat :the first nasal irritation, sniffle, sneeze—just a few drops '*"* npsifil—^a-tro-nol helps jnany! colds. •;Where irritation has led id'itf clogged-up no$e (a stuffy)hea._ .,___ of-nasal.<!atariih) Vsa-tro-noljreduceS 'swolleri.membtanes—clears clQggirig mucus—;brings corrifortjng *efi( ' For F«wer and Shor{er>C|ol.(i Note ib mothers—who gt^arl family's health: Vicks.l).aB d Qped.'iesp^cially for you, a Plan for IBetter Home C ,„„„„ .Colds. This guide to jevief a}nd & shorter cplds has been clinically^ .tested by.practicing-physicianssaiidY further proved in everyday hojneiH use.bymflti.Qns: .Full details,«^k3l „, Plan ?n each'ya-tro-noljpacl^ge.i.'', >fy S£ ,Viek AlditUsed Ysflfty^'J '(of Better Control ofiCoU 1 TaJi«!t To Ward's; : : • ,'' '.••• ' ;?V for;Prqper Compounding ,'Th.ejpres,eriptipn-your doctor gives you is usually the -key .to your relief, or recovery. That is why so many' -physicians'suggest^ that their patients have their pre-,> .scriptions'.filled at Ward's. They know that they • .will,be,accurately;compounded from the ,finest and , j)Uri?sf of ingredients. IIRi& SOW •Phone. 62 THE LEADING -DRUGGIST Prompt Delivery "WE'VE GOT IT" WE'VE .STIRRED UP A BRIGHT BATCH OF CHARMINGLY STYLED Which Are Moderately Priced at $ 2.98 NEW ; — ALL FAST COLORS Your •.w#rd,r0be.sh0wld include several extra-nice -, ? l;ouse frocjks, -and (these qj iarrn i n g styles will just fill the foil]. They've got .every thing you want jn a house iro.dk . , .styling, tailoring, and comfort. lovely floral dots, dots, stripes, large .novelty dots, plaids and solid color nav-ies. FABRICS-— mercerized broadlcoth, ginghams, piques, ..cotton crepes, striped suitings and crasli suits "(two-piece). TRIMS— dainty frills and tricky piques, -novelty belts and buckles, self- trims and pleats. Yes m$m, they are unusually fine values. THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE WE GItfE rEAGLE STAMPS Geo.W. Robison 6" Co, HOPE NASHVILLE 1 ;j

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