Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 19
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* '•" * '* • ', f? ' cf? Thursday, July 24, WANT AD RATES All Want Adi Ar* Payoble In Advance But Ads Will B* Accepted Ovw The Telephone And Accomo- datiort Account? Allowed With Tin Underilondmg Th« Account It Pay obl« When Statement Is Rendtrcd. Number of Word* Up to 15 16 to 20 21 to 25 to 30 31 to 33 38 to 40 41 to 45 40 to 50 One Three Six One Day Days Days Month .45 .90 1.50 4.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 .60 .75 .90 1.09 1.20 1.35 1.50 1.20 1.50 l.BO 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY One Time 75c per Inch 3 Times 60c per Inch 6 Times 50c per Inch Ratet quoted obov* art for eon- tecutive insertions. Irregular or skip- dale ads will take the one-day rat*. All daily classified advertising copy will be accepted unlit S p.m. for publication the following day. The publisher! reserve Ihe right to revise or edit all advertisements of. fering for publication and to reject any objectionable advertising tut>- tnitted. Initials of on* or more letters, groups or figures such ai houiet or telephone numbers count a* on* word. The Hop* Star will not be retport- lible for errors In Want Ads unlcu •rrors are called to our attention offer FIRST insertion of od and then for ONLY th« ONE incorrect insertion. Phone 7-3431 HOPE STAR Star of Hop* 1899; Prtii 1927 Consolidated January II, 1929 Pubhshed every weekday afternoon by STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. E. Palmor, Pictldont Altx H. Woihburn, S«cy-TrM. At Th« Star Building 212.214 South Walnut Street. Hope, Arkantai v^/^f , " ^ ^ # * r H 0 M f T A t , M 0 r E , ARKANSAS §y Chkk Young OZARK IKI DAawoop,w»uvou) j . i., TAUl- «»*I3<« .-e >-—•''. . • M ^ ...AND SPIKE KLEATS 15 TAKINO TH"MOUND IN TM'NINTH WITH A TWO-HIT SHUT' OUT GOING „ FOR HIM/ W THIS W Alt TH WAV, , BA 5 JtHKYf..'i£trr PlTCHEftST K SMOG HAS BATTLB,^ AllOWCO ONIY ZIPf HITS w/ fues our ro OJAA/T IN ifrr,,. wf A«rr/vr<r/v AS BELTED FORA SINGLE*. AHD ME POTENTIAL WINDING RUN IS ON BASE f OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wiltiami Michael O'Matter and Ralph Lah* Anwar to Prtvlout Punlt i f HAT'S WFYJNIC 'f WITH THAT f \ KIPJ5 AI..L / HIM WHAT WC CAU, \ HIM AW' I WMUT HP CAtl'» ^TH' MILK/ t»r i frr MI;' MAvr: n I'LL ww.rr OWM Tllk: Mil ..KM AM nit" 'Ml, H^ai..'Y" AMP Till'. VJMf:' QUART Of fjAWX.LE-.V \ WOULDW AOK HIM WRl'TG A KIQTE TO "THE, OARSJAGE MAN. HSSTB'S SOU? RS- TAlWBflt *eA\B/V\»6IC. THSKS'S MOP* VVHBK6 THAT CAV\E P*av\. i$ -v\j. PLINJT, THE™ BE AW.E TO NOW RJG» VV1LL TA«B CARE ENTBrrAINJ / YOU'VE SOAKEi? ' /OUK HAMC7!< CHIEP WITM . ., SftXETOVOU ifl On th« oceon 12 fotmtr 25 Mlmlckcr RUMiin ruler 20 Jowlih term of reproach ! Silt 1 ' . , ^ , ajnviwlnn hemp oOl«nUl f 'aorfldllt 30 Winter 42 Shrub RCIHU 43 H«nv«n)y brwly 48 Ceremony 40 root part 47 Done* WASH TUBBS 81 Leslie Turner WE KNOW HE X JOE THE LEFT HIS CAB N£M?\ MOlE.TUSBSl HERE, BUT PUNNO \ HIS NAME l& .WHICH BUILOIW HE WENT IN! AN WE ON'T RfJD TUBB* AND McKBE, LOOKIMG VESW URE Wt-'LL. FINP HM IN BACK M.L THE fc CAS/NO'S PENTHOUSEL/UNKIND THINC3S DISCONSOLATE, IUDEEP! WELL KNOWN IN POLICE CIRCLES! TT7 WE LOST THE VIPER, KOONTZ! THIS » \ DAV IW THE HIS YTORV cr mi VOU IM THE PAST! VOU'VE BEEN A JEWEL! A JOSEPH DE WOLLE LISTEP- WHY MOTH c RO cvrr rt OUR iOAKDINO MOUSE Wim Major HoopU . '; ? IMTlUr \ V VOU COULD ) f DLUY klN\ \GARAGK, ) / A\«RCK A ---^ / ACK IM A K»ME MAY/ ( THOPOUGMKPf-o) ) KACE.SHe' \ HGAWE- / x^l^TO 'HAC- DiN\-S? MOP MF- SOOTS AND HER BUDDIE) By Edgar. Martin xs /V > THE- I f . -/ ^X 1 ^ WOM. ±3 (btSCUS // , '' iftSS, -.',. : - ^ VOOV, WRQONJO, BOOTS' -UGiSUNNY HOWE A 60ARD6R= A PIME HERE, THERE, IT AWL MOUNT* UP/ MAW I TW.OUBI-E FOR A CHEESE -S/\NPWICH, SVL.VSi.TER? A GUVNOR/ FUNNY IUSINESS By 'Herthberfier CHEESE SANDWICH By V. !. Knmlin ALLEY OOP WE HEARD HER OUT A LUSTY BAWL JU5T A6 WE CAME OVER TH' WAJ- AWRIGHT,YOU TWO...COME OFF THIS 5TUFF. 1 I KNOW 3HE'S HERE, I HEARD HER.' _iw-t I ' * W> ' ,s „ lT.M.*el.W.VM.M coming up! Cunt you »llp on » oli»n CLASSIFIED Ads Must Be In Office Daj Before Publication 5.00 6.00 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 For Rent CLOSE in. Vt block of town. 4 room furnished apartment. Private bath. Newly decorated. No chil dren. Phone 7-3314. 22-31 DUPLEX unfurnished 5 rooms. Hardwood floors, back porch and garage. 213 N. Hervey. Phone 7-3073. 21-Gt o ROOM rvodcrn unfurnished house. End of 13th Slrcct. Phone 7-5852. 21-3t THREE room apartment. Nicely furnished. B'.lectric box. Bill: paid. 204 Bonner. Mrs. A. R Babb. 22-tt 3 ROOM unfurnished apartment Private bath and entrances. 113 W. Ave. D. Phone 7-3470. 22-31 PolHical Announcements The Stilt It authorised to announce that the following are candidates for public office subject to the .action of the Democratic primary elections: For Tax AMeuor CR1T STUART For Circuit Clerk GARRETT WILLIS S. A. (Speedy) HUTSON For Representative TALBOT FEILD JR. For County Judge CLAUD H. BUTTON U. G. GARRETT FRED A. LUCK H 0 M 81A ft . MJjEM > 'A It* A US AI SPORTS ROUNDUP By OAVLK TALBOT. LARGE 4 room house. Water, nnd lights. Close in on paved road. Phono 7-2071. 22-3t 2 HOOM furnished apartment with balh. Electric refrigerator and washing ma-chine. Utilities paid. Phone 7-3193. 23-31 4 ROOM house. Hot and cold water. Large garage. One block west of High School. Phone 7-4426. 23-31 6 ROOM house. Can be used as duplex. Vacant August 1. Carl Burner. Phone 7-3443. 23-3t Notice Alex H' Woshburn, Editor It Publisher Paul H. Janes, Managing Editor Georg* W. Hoimer, Mech. Supt. Jeis M. Davli, Advertising Manogor ..icrcd u> second class matter at r> •- at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 1, 1S97.. Member of the Audit Burton ol Circulations Subscription Rates (payable In advance) By carrier In Hope and neighbor- mo towns — Per Week ............................. 25 Per Year ................................ 13.00 By main in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, and Miller courv- One Month Three Months Six Months One Year All other mail One Month Three Months iix Months One Year 85 1.60 2.60 4.50 1.10 .3.25,. ... 6.50' .... 13.00 Nat'l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas DaHiles, Inc.; 1602 Sterick Bldg., Memphis 2, Tenn., SOS Texas Bank Bldg., Dallas 2, Texas; 360 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III.; 60 E. 42nd St.; New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 fenobscot Bldg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Bldg., Oklahoma City 2, Okla. Member of the Associated Prtst: The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication ot all the local news primed in thli newspaper, as well as all AP newi 1. fiu! I has. For Sole JAUL and spread sand $1.25 yard Gravel available, Foy Hammon! Phone 7-2650. J9-1M VOODLAND WATERMELON GAR DEN. Real cold watermelons out where the crickets and katy did call. 2Va miles East on 07 Dick Erwin. 24-G Waitress Wanted For Sheriff C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 JOE BRITT R. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOE JOUES For Alderman Ward f FRED JOHNSON DWIGHT HIDGDILL PAUL RALEY PAT DUFFIE By JOHN CHANDLER (For Gayle talbot) NEW YORK L*-ln 1948 when Citation and Coaltown were stocking up the folding green for Cnlu- i:icl f.irm, most everyone but the Jones boys were thinking the two crlts should meet in a match rncc. But papn Ben, the head Calumet trainer, and son Jimmy, weren't considered rra?.y then, and nobody can say* the Joneses are loco these <luys. Now, instead of two of the greatest colts racing has seen in years they've got two of the best 3-year old fillies the sport has produced in many a moon—Heal Delight A Gleam. A lot of racing people nre during the fillies are probably better than the 19S2 crop of colts— such as Blue Man. Mill Gnll, Windy City II, One Count. Maybe so; 1952 isn't over yet. Now these people are clamoring for a showdown race between Real Delight and A Gleam. There's ns much chance for this as in 194H when Ben and Jimmy laughed off .suggestions that they send Citation For v Alderman Ward • B. L. RETTIO State Senate TOM J. SILVEY DR. F..-C. CROW ChaffSellor (First Division, 6th District) WESLEY HOWARD A. P. STEEL against Coaltown. Coaltown, it will be recalled, sailed out and opened up six K'nyths or so on Citation in the 1952 Kentucky Derby. Then Citu- tion begun to move and Coaltown got himself second money at Churchill Downs. The entry wns jus! insurance, fqr Ben Jones likes In win Derbies more than anything. Arguments rngeH, for not a few turf addicts thouKht Citation was supposed to win the Derby—not Coaltown. Having seen a good majority of Citation's races in 1948. as well as many of Coaltown's, this department is defl r.itfly on the Citation bnndwHjjon. Jimmy campaigned in the Ensi nfler the derby with Citation, am! Ben took care of things with Coaltown. "Why should the two horses be knocking each others brains out,' suid Jimmy, "when they can spll up and do it to the opposition?" Calumet had something there and they've «ot the same situatlot today. T h e Lexington, Ky., stable earned $1,'2(19,710 in 1948. Caliimo over the million murk ii and again in 1949—only to exceed u million 1047, District Softbill Play Start* Soon The annual District ASA soft- bnll tourney gets underway nt Texnrkunu August 1-2 nd nil entries must register by July 30, Entry, fee will be $3 per 'tcnm plus SO cents per man. The win- nar nnd runnerup will be eligible to enlw the re«lonnl meiH and state tourney. Entries should bo moiled to Eugene Berry, Parks nnd Recreation, Texarkanu, At- knsns. STUEART S For Congress OR EN HARRIS race to overtake Atlanta In first plnce of the Southern Assocnltion. Mobile ended a 2-weeks spell of no victories by defeating Mom- phis 7-2. . Before tholr tailspins both/Mobtlo and Chattanooga held first in the Southern— Chattanooga as recently ns Sunday and Mobile in June. - - , •„ ,, Bob Ludwick, top pitcher In thp w ' 11 ' A Gleam at the California Southern, won his 13th for Mobile! V' at ' ks< . lhlmks lo Uu;ir efforts-in the main, Calumet already has bunked some $81)6,000'..this year. Who's nuts? Not the Japes boys. Barons Kit High Gear in Southern By The Associated Press Chattnnooga got back into high Legionnaires Suffer 9-0 Shellacking Hope Legionnaires took It on the chin again last night by a K-0 shutout ut the hands of Mineral Springs. The two teams meet »• gain here Friday night. j The Klyers had no trouble from the start scoring one in the (li-st inning and really v lccd it up with five runs on ns many hits In the fourth and single tallies h\ three dollars In a single season. ^"'VTi'T' , , I After mopping up in Kentucky. , J ! lck MoClendem was the winner Maryland and New Ybrk witl {y vl "f " p on ' y ? lx hils ' Hl% " dt>l> Real DollBhl. Ben Jones took the 1 Huddle«ton the osor gave up 7 fancy'.stepping.filly to Chicago for| ™ ns on . u hlls ' * »«finmo rollevca more of the same. Jimmy Jones hltn ."' 1cl « nvc ll l> Uv » has been digging tip chunks of'gold Vwo nlt9 ' — .—. - FRESH JUICY CALIFORNIA Dox«n limit 1 Doxan to Cuitomtr KLEENEX 200 Sheet 3 pkas. At DONALD DUCK 46 Or. Con GRAPEFRUIT JUICE KOOL AID ALL FLAVORS Dpkgs, 1 :)|{(>!nst two losses, lie outpticnctl Frank Biscan, regarded by some fans as Southern's best in 1951. Front running Atlanta had-, 'a weakness in its usually strong pitching department as Nashville tuok the leaders 7-3. Nashville uounded Cracker pitching for 12 hits. Too pitching came from ill State Swelters By The Associated Press Arkansas continued' to swelter today. Temperatures the high wer c forecast 'OR out-of-town work. $35 pet week. Room and board. Gooc working conditions. Contact Hope Employment Office or 11 & Cj Drive-In, Stephens, Ark. 23-Gt EXPERIENCED waitress. Top salary. Good tips. Apply in person Holiday's Cafe, 4 miles east of Hope on 67. 24-Gt Hopson rf Anderson White, ab AB n H p (7) Martin ph (0) Bt-asley Ib CJiinU'r lib Thomas c Hoss If lludcllcston p ' Nix cf (7) Mineral Springs 0 U high was 103 ut New- Lewis Bcll>ss Femole Help Wonted EARN EXTRA CASH addressing postals at home. Lowell Press Co., Muncie, Indiana. 21-3t Wanted to Lease SPANISH L- lowest maximum was 9. r > Phillips ss in) Francis Bell Hnrton 2b Ixinnie Bell Ib Lewis Carpenter 3b lluell Peck If Preston Carpenter c "Nutt rf McClendon p LEE WELLS ii'liS. IM1. by \rtV, \\f\\t. Ml by Kiiicl is-.uiri v s.' ; vl.<li.-»lf. 34 (1 (I AB It II 4 U 2 (I 0 U 2 2 0 0 YELLOW RIPE CENTRAL AMERICA BANANAS GUM ALL KINDS AND FLAVORS SPRY 3 Lb. Con PASTURE for CO head of cattle. A. J, Israel. Phone 7-2856. 23-3t A farm with 120 to 300 acres for 2 years or longer. Please give full description and amount of rent per year. Will pay $50 bonus» to owner. Write Marlin Williams, 115 Magnolia Street. Hot Springs, Ark. 24-Gt Wanted SYNOPSIS | After years ot absence, Blalse Handell Is returning by stage coach to his California ranch. IDs pal, Hal King, accompanies him. Blalse dreams of wedded bliss ahead with tils old sweetheart. Melanie. When a coarse fellow passenger tries to preps his attentions on the only younR lady riding In the coach with them. Hal and Blalse spring to her delense. As thcy"1iush onward, bandits seeking a cold consignment, hold up the coach, killing the guard. Then Ftandell is assigned to Vunrd'tlie treasure, even though he confides to the driver that he Is an ex-convict. Ihe charge against him. murder. On reaching Tus destination. Blaise Is told by his old enemy. Leonls, to "gcL out. ' L ed . , This ruthless tyrant had framed him on the murder rapi railroaded him off to a len-year term In San Qticntln. He nnd Hnl acree to leave town, but promise to conic back. . BEAUTIFUL quality Holstein Heifers, $75 up. Mutation Mink, ?35 up. Voight Farms. Lomira, Wis —Atlanta, Texas. 9-15t REGISTERED O. I. C. Pigs. Gilts, sows, and boars. Edgar Lafferty miles South on highway 29, Palmos, Arkansas. 21-3t 1950 WILLYS Panel. Good condition. $695. See James M. Smith at The Oaks. 22-3t READY to retire from the Postal service. Want to sell Home and Auto Supply business. 5 room modern home attached. Henry Rosston, Arkansas. Phone Waterloo 2398. 22-61 ONE mule. See N. Cook, 007 Oak St. Rt. -1, Box 03, Hope. 23-Ot ONE more experienced waitress. We have five of the finest girls in the state, but need one more. We pay the best salaries in the south and furnish meals too. Apply Mrs. Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23-tf TWO good steady dishwashers and one cook's helper. Apply Mrs. Carroll, Diamond Cafe. 23tf WAITRESS. Pleasant surroundings Good wages. The Oaks. Phone 7-9922. - :>4-3t I CHAPTER FOUR HAL stepped out of the coach. Blaise saw his slightly raised brow, but he only shrugged and turned to the station. Hal fell in step behind him. Me spoke in a low voice. "Blaise, when did San Quentin turn a man loose with a pocketful of money? Or maybe I didn't get my share." "Why take a reward? I didn'l see you waiting to find out what your pay would be." "Impulsive . . . you'll see thai morc'n more." "You'll fit in this country,' Blaise said dryly. Hal chuckled. "1 think you're right." They -** »?* & *U "The company doc makes tho rounds every afternoon on ' hot day* b 109 if the help is still fMCKLK AND HIS WINDS CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer By Ru$« Winterbothon .V fT** , > t:, \&y ^ f y,y \1 t ^ i&ft^ V „ . - tj ^\ I i^iH .1 COUI.ONY HAVE PUWNEO ffl$y t >r eeTret WWSCLF, xio.' r«?ji^^ «speciA.av «3u».iBtuN<:> THE COPS YOU HAD TUB BAN* 7-3304. NO?J5 * »T. HV HIM auiN^ IT? + 6CEAT 6ALAXIEZI &VT COMMUNICATION COMMUHlCATE IN6 FROM THE EARTH! C«ei* WELKIN MVvT USHT PEAM & AN UNFAMILIAR WITH A KACHANT THEVRB FIK1H6ONI&I POWH |y Carl Anderton Natchez Player Ouster From League .... By The Associated Press Natchez Centerfielder Fred Martini was tossed out of the baseball i, f ame, tossed in jail and "is no longer with the club" after a hassle in the Natchez dugout with Manager Troy Mitchell. He was booked with using abusive language ajter hometown fans began riding him for making un error. Natchez lost the Covton States League game to. Hot Springs 5-2, in 13 innings last night. .,..„.-„ . ..,. _ . The Natchez Baseball club said PIANO. Good condition. At a price, it had no comment to make other |I to sell. 815 W. Ave. E. 24-«lthan Martini was "not with the ' ball club." In other games last night, Greenwood beat Monroe 5-4, El Dorado dropped Greenville, 4-2 and Pine Bluff edged Meridian 9-8. Hot Springs second baseman was ' entered the building and saw the dining joom to the right. They found actable and gave their orde to a harassed waitress. Hal leanw his elbows on the table. "Speaking of Impulses, 1 flguret you'd jump thos'.! five hack In Cala basas. I was thinking what I' say to St. Peter In about a min- He stared across the road oward the general store. The door ad opened and a woman stepped lilt, carrying a bundle, toward a buggy hitched close by. Blalsc's eyes widened, lightened, and suddenly he raced across the road. Hal :urned, surprised. Blaise circled the buggy, halted a few feet from the girl. His eyee drank her in, the sky-blue eyes that nad opened wide at the sight ot him, the corn-gold hair that escaped from below the little hat with the single flower,- the long, narrow face with the high cheek bones, the skin as fair as the sun- ight. "Melanie!" ."Blaise!" She said It In whispered wonder. Her eyes skittered beyond him, across the road, to the store, back to him. "You—you can't be here. You. . . did you escape?" "Escape!" Blaise ~ laughed. "Didn't you get my letter? I've been pardoned. I'm free as the air, Mel! Lord, I've dreamed of seeing you just like this." He took the bundle from her slack hands and then kissed her full on the mouth. "I—Oh, Blalse, I—" She laughed. "It was Leonls. About three months after you left, he made open war. We were burned, shot at from ambush and finally ma hoodlums raided us. We could never prove It was him, ot course." e.ver could?" Blalse 3-5-40 AH fall Ortho Brand 3-1Q-40 Cotton Dusts. maturing grains. The Seed Store, Nashville, Ark. 23-lt Lost SM^LL gold PEO pin downtown Thursday. Please leave at Miss Henry's Gift Shop, 21-3t AIRPORT flying cap with goggles Jf found call R. L. Ponder at 242-31 SALE ICE COIO WATERMELON The CoQlegt Spot irvTown with the most attractive Tetting under THE OAKS Hlway 67 West at City Limits. FORSAll Top tell — Fill Cl»y ** r*v«l -. w«*b •UUPOZER WORK RALPH SAUNOIR5 Q«y 74m Hlf h| 74174 chased fi'dni the rowdy Natchez- Hot Springs ga/ne for charging an umpire in the eighth inning. A wild throw proved disastrous for Meridian's ace pitcher, Bobby Harrison \ TO MY FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS I am located at... KEITH'S BARBER SHOP East Third Street Will appreciate you coming to sec me. Respectfully, R. S. JONES ^^^flm ANNOUNCEMENT Dr. Emmett Thompson and Dr. Harold M. Brents announce the association of — Qr. David Uoyd Qyerin tot *» practice ute." Blaise grinned. "Something's changed, Hal. 1 can see it and feel it. Leonis is -still a powerful man and he won't stop at anything. He was always that way but . , . why hasn't he grabbed up all that Valley land ? SVhy didn't we see- a single head of beef from Cahuenga to Calabasas?" Hal shrugged. "Summer pasture up in the hills?" he suggested. Blalse shook his head. "No. This ain't like northern Arizona or Montana, or even like Sierra country. There's nothing- gained by moving herds." The waitress brought their food And Hal pulled closer to the table. Both men ate swiftly, with a strange intensity. They had just finished when the drivei came up to the table, another man with him, "This Is the gent," the driver said, "that changed Vaaquez's mind." The man instantly shoved out his hand. "I'm Kennedy, division manager for the stage line. YQU saved us a tot of money, RftRdeJl. We appreciate it. I'm suggesting the Company give you a reward- Leave your address and I'll aee you get it when It comes through." Blaiae stood up. He grinned, bis eyes mocking. "Address? It might be this town, or CaJabasa*. Dorit know. But my thanks, anyhow." He signaled tp Hal. A moment later, they stood outside watching a new tUiver climb up into the high seal of the coach, pick up the reias. &j>4 the coach rolled down the highway toward distant fuen»- ventwJfc be "You tool^ me so by surprise. What will people think?" "People?" Blaise asked. He chuckled. "I'd forgotten about that. Mel. you're more beautiful than ever. I thought you were still in Calabasas." "No ... we left there . . . years ago, just after you went away." She looked beyond Blame's shoulder, startled. Blalse turned. Hal stood at the end of the buggy, rolling a cigaret, watching them. "Hall, meet Melanie. Remember, I told you about her?" Hal smiled and took off his hat, his hair gleaming coppery in the sun. "I thought this was her, Blaise. She's just tike you said." "Hal King, Mel. He came down with me. 1 told him we could work the ranch together, get It started and going again." She opened her lips, closed them, then turned to the buggy. "You'll find things changed, Blaise , • • terribly changed. Get In. We'll go j^ruBted.* She sighed . "It finished us, though wo drove the ratctars off. We .Knew there'ct be more raida, more burnings. Leonia would never let us stay on land we nad filed on''by law. The whole Valley WM his—" ' ' "1 know," Blalse cut in gently. "1 was In that trouble, too." "1 < forgot. Who should know better? Anyhow, Mark . . . you remember Mark Davis? . . . Mark and some of the others thought it best- it we let Leonts have the whole Valley .if he wanted It. Even Dad thought it would be wise," She made an all-inclusive gesture. "So we came over here. We've bepn left alone and most of us have proved up on our homesteads. The land is ours." Blalsc's eyes darkened. "It's more than time," he said tightly, "that Leijnls is called to laws.", "It can't be done, Blalse," Melanie shook her bead. "He waa a big man when you left. He's even more powerful now. He's the king of Calabafias." 'We nad a sample," Hal said dryly. Blaise explained. Melanie listened, not at all surprised, . "He ts too big," she said. "You can 'Bee that." • "Maybe," Blaise answered stub- born'y- "Say, now about that rancnspt.mine up in the hills?" 'The buildings still stand, but they eay Lfionla use* them a* a work camp and they're all run down.'. 1 "We'll change that," B)ai«e said, "Hal and me. I guess'we're atlll in the cattle t>u»)neju." shook her head. "Tour lope Mineral Springs n 4 5 1 5 4 2 •t 34 000 000 100 501 o 0 1 g 13 ooo—o 111-0 SHORTENING RAZOR BLADES — REGULAR IDc PACKAGE ' ^", PAL OR GILLETE 3 «K-2! SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Atlanta 57 43 .570 Chattanooga 50 43 ,055 New Orleans 55 40 .54," Mobile 51 52 ,405 Nashville 48 54 .471 BirminKhum 47 54 .405 Memphis 47 50 ,45C Little Rock 44 55 .44 home. Dad glad to see you." , W»H will lie "Walt, that little ahaver! How ••fin*, Gut he'» eighteen now and almost as tall M you," "I'd forgotten," he M)4 and helped Melante into the buggy. Blais* Climbtjd In, took the reins, pressed cloa« t« h»r w that Hal could and a seat. "Which way?" •Turn north «t the next road. We're five miles out." Hal feU that the girt h*r<JW be«f'« all gone, Blaise. Leonia kept ua busy taking care of ourselves. I gneif they strayed or were run in with, other herd4." "More can be had," IU«iM Mid cheerfully. He looked around at the fl«l(V», the plowing contoured to th« hiiu, "Miu»t be plenty of farmera o this part of the valley. Where. doe* Veur rtntje oegin? 1 ' M#j«nl« hesjtatsU, "We're farmer«, JJIaU*." Winded, turned, eyef AMERICAN LEAGUE New York 50 Boston 51 Washington 50 Cleveland 50 Chicago 48 Phlludelphia 41 St. Louis 39 Detroit 20 35 38. 40 42 45 42 58.. 00 PUR EX Bleaches your clothes Whiter Qts. 1 Gal. size . . . . 39c 1 Got. Size .... 69c LUCKIES, CAME15, CHESTERFIELD, OLD'GOlD CIGARETTES NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn 00 23 New York 54 31 St. Louis 51 40 Chicago 40 43 Philadelphia 40 45 Boston 3D 51 Cincinnati 37 54 Pittsburgh 25 70 ,615 .57f ,55 .543 .511} .40 .370 .320 .723 .039 .500 .517 .503 .427 .407 .203 COTTON STATE UEAGUE Merdiun 511 33 .037 Natchez " 85 38 '.501 Greenwood 4U 43 .527 Pine Bluff 4(1 44 .511 KL Dorado 40 45 .503 Monroe 45 45 .SOU Hot Springs 35 54 .31J3I Gri't-nvlllu 31 02 .333! THE OLD STANDBY FULL CREAM FLO U R 25 Lb.Sock BEAUTIFUL PRINT BAGS STRICTLY GUARANTEED FINEST CANE 10 Lb. Ban SUGAR iff 4&i appe»f«nce hid pr«»*nt*)4 '»n at tag bird problem to h»r. MM puwled, knowing ~ had-*lway» dreamed ol marrying her. Ha) wl»b«4 he couM be «• lucky tomeday. really wrote?" M«laaie axked. "Sent it to Ca}ab*4A>," nodded. "Glad te *«e ma? " Very long, lo«§ If, p«% ^ "Farinera. Pad, Mark, ail the o)4 bunch you knew. Turn w*| » drought eight years ago, 14 I**te4 two y«*>ra w»d wiped »lmort everybody out. The old r«nchoa wtnt WJjtr and the »lttl« c*t«emen n*v*r had a ehanct. Cattle died ot gtirvation. There w«* lbj» buatae«." "Tt)*t'» h«rd t 'One r«nch up beyond Ihf aion h«d five tbguMad bei4 left standing out of two hundred tbou- saad," M«l»ni« .aid. "It Wt Uoai* h«rd, nearly wiped him out, why be'a left m «ton«> I •»Tbey didn't tell m» Ui . So Sports Holing in Texas League DALLAS W) — There may bo no Denying the pennant • hungry Shrcveport Sports this year in .the TL-XUS League rucc*, u bittur sprlrjt the Lotijslonaiis have never copped without benefit of Shaughnosgy lilay-oW». 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