The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 12, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 12, 1940
Page 3
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Y, APRIL -.12, 10-iO' ' , BE LIKE Y(VThc Good Old Day* ,W Funny, So Will Ours in 1975 NEWS SERVE HIT! fsign For I'ort Called Model World I on For Hy UOHI'ItT A. KNOWLTO.V United I'ress .Sun Correspondent WASHINGTON CUP) _ -Kvcr Miicr; commercial aviation became ••i tommonpluce, thin- persons have hi'wi iu dip to.urols of every plane landing at u.e Wiisliiiistton ' mrpon— tin; pilot. ihf co-j)|)i)t :unl Oort." Ho says a high oUk-ial 01 \. v . Civil Aerotumik-i Authority. which in one year bioiiglu :i su;wssnil conclusion to years of ,iptir.lio>i lor a new. safe ami up-to-date- airport in tin: nation'" Mpiuil r.Materially aided in its night - D y President Roosevelt's now f,:moi>s "drenm ol dlsusier"— in wlileh hi saw from [lie While House windows a pla.ic fallins in flames at Hie small, crumped, hemmeel-in Held-- tlie CAA is now lookhi" forward to tlie 4tlj of July wlien ihc mcst luxurious airport in the country win be opened across the Potomac Item Hie domt of the Capitol. Bwlgiicd by Federal Works Administration architects, with tlie cooperation of 10 other govern- ineni agencies, Hie new "ah part: 1 ' will be all Him safely engineering and thorough workmanship can make It. !t is just 10 mlnutM' drive from Washington. land Made Over Before the government went to work, Gravelly I'oinl was a spit in tlie Potomac river, surrounded by marshy land, nml many O f (he 750 acres included in the new airport are ••made" land— created by one of the most extensive dredging jobs in the national capital's history. But engineers have packet! turfed the 18 gravel In firmly, and area which now lies about inches above the all-time 'I water mark of the river. The «fr- K-ays are surfaced with super- tougli "Pe-.v airports in the world," savs Robert C. Hinckley, CAA chairman, "enjoy such favorable surroundings, it was conceived as n model for what other such terminals may be." Prom the layman's standpoint the buildings now being bulit are the most interesting feature. The main administration structure, designed ni a "functional Mount Veinon," combines the comfort of riicrternisin' with the red brick and white pillars of George Washington's home. The building, however is not, tior Is it intended to be a copy of the famous .shrine u LS says Ihe CAA, "a reminiscence rather than a repetition." Many Visitors Expected ; Located just off the most Irav- ghl Rolls IVofitaMy Along On 10-iVlilr, Railroad m ?<ciitu<-kv Our grandchildren of 1915 may wonder wlu-llicr we hail any oilier adjective liul "glamorous." Well, i,.( •,.„, woiuli-r-as g ;. s we have gl s Ann SlH'riilaii. 13 oy, Hy RUTH KIU.KTT oh boy. People sure funny, bart; at the turn of iht ceistury—back in tlie days when ami women were ladles and [cntlcmerj. •That's'' what one thinks as — stopping now and then to :hu:kle out' loud—one reads "The Good Old Days," a history of America from 1905 to tlie present dnv as seen through (lie Sears, Roebuck nail-order catalogs. What were the women spending -,, , , •; ," •- """ v uiiv- ivii.ii were me women spe^dinc elul road in (lie area-Hie Mount, their falliers' or husbands' money Vtl'nnn hnil (U'<ir f l _ tu~ . .-. ' r~.. i , ... mum} Vfnion boulevard — the new airfield will attract hundreds of tourists each year. The CAA. in approving the designs, foresaw that contingency also. Every feature Unit could be devised to care for the comfort of the casual visitoi tile early nineteen- for back in hundreds? Why. for shlrl-wnisU, walking skirls thai, daringly cleared IH,- uround two indies, hip siiul bust parts (those Mae Westian effects often had lo be hiked i, petticoats i; . . " -..m, _..„., .... k i *« MI. j ui\i;u i, i:i.*l,llcU(HS has been incorporated in Ihe fin-1 collon drawers, boily-ciWhi-K cor"-' ' IM " la "' , s«'s. false hair for -rats." mill . Running completely around top of the main building, a lance of hundreds of yards, spectalor ramp, equipped comfortable bleacher • seals the dis- is a with for pompadour combs to keep Hie rats in place. iNo money went for silk stockings then.) What was the etiquette of the own door after dar! riiiiperone. HE CIIUCKUCS UKST \Vlltt CHUCKLES LAST What was tiie great feminine r.rlw;? was it gltimoiir? Mo. H was modesty. The kind of tjrnndslandcis. To one side completely glassed in to provide an unhampered view, is a terrace res- i ttiurant, capable of seating 000 i persons. At present, the CAA is re-! C cciving bicls from caterers and res- (amateurs who wish to operate the dining room. • On a lower level is a coffee shop.! for tlie convenience of those \vlio are in a hurry to catch a plane And, besl feature of all from the point of view of tlie visitor, pmk- ing space for more than 8COO rars is provided. All Conveniences Present For the convenience of the arriving or departing traveler, the new airport incorporates every welcome feature that ingenuity can contrive. By taking a hypo"- Ihellcal case, it can be seen "liow smoothly ihc air|>ort will function. A passenger arrives from Cleveland by airliner at 9 in the evening. He is taking the midnight plane for Miami, he is tired and inches, like (lie hungry, n nd he has a few bini.-ess "ghl, ivcrc "daring " Hems lo attend to in Washington hail no silk slockinn He steps off the plane (which «'«rc untie as proud iKt Inn nirls anil "mis" lo. puff u|i pompadours HTrc hot stuff for glamor" liui'k in grand- is Iliis Illustration from urdnr catalogue shows. l mail In Hie "eooil oli! i];i ys " skirls that clearcil 11, c gr modesty that was responsible for the balloon-like bathing suils of the clay. Yes. they look kind of funny now — those early twentieth century Americans-many of whom are today's i;ran:lparents. Hut think how the curious of l!)75. thumbing back over the mall- order catalogues of the nineteen thirties and forties, will chuckle ill \v!ial they find. They'll be amused Hint a book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People" sold like hot rakc.s mid tlir.t people rend n book called "How to Read a Uook." The radios of 1940 will probably look like something rigged up bv omicl luo one al 'lie girls liul ilisy of their has taxied around under a giant swishy petticoats as the vomur awning) and gives Ids bags to a i lady at left „•„„„ lo J K porter, who checks tliem and ar- : ranges for them 10 be put on his day <as l"' c scritcd in the cli- next plane. I quclte books sold by ma n orc i cr)? The air traveler goes np the Wo "- tlln >' ou "g 'adies were ad- ramp (o the administration build- V1SC(I " not l " attempt arguin» with ing's club-like Interior, nntl is shown SenUemcn on political or financial into a iirlvatc room, equipped with ^l' 1 ". Truth is. the female sex Ls bed, table, desk, chairs, shower! rrall >' as '"'erior to the male in bath and telephone. He orders his ' vls ° r of mll «l as in strength of dinner, and proceeds to make his necessary business calls. Room for Kcslinp When his dinner comes, he cats it in comfort, bathes, and lies of mind body." Tlicy were told thai the reputation for being a fi irt Wils onc ladies." no girl lo "be dreaded by yoiniV They were warned thai" - -- - .1^.1 ,,. • "-" nnn no pjr down to rest. If he feels like shtw-1 Wll "»3ly goes fifty yards from h»i ing. to appear fresh and neat, on I — his arrival at Miami the ncxl | nothing except what lie miaht morning, lie uses the electric razor have spent for food provided with, his room, On the subject of' financing this IMtflnl n1»rtA..I 1. . «'.[! 1 IL4.3 snortly before li! s plane is due, model airport the CAA i, V™ he Is awakened, dresses, Has n cup more cheerful "he whole »m e, , , ce of coffee at the coffee shop, and is will cost it l, «tinv, ready to leave. His baggage has .' where (A he ne ghbo been stowed away carefully and ; $10,000.000. This amount CCty ' HC hw 1 **"' for<hls lhc CAA "Slilrtwaisls." like tb| s , wcre a n tlic rage back In (he early nineteen hundreds. amateurs-and nil our proudly streamlined machinery hopelessly clumsy. l They'll wonder If tiierc wasn't' any oilier adjective bill "glamor-1 ous." Tlie glamor girl will be as' CADI'/,. Ky. ii|['l—Us imnn! !s ^ almost us IOIK; us the nincl, old, limi'is in ihis home .stnie of Ctiscy .limes say, but the dull/, nillionil continue.* to make iu own way and prolllably serve ihe shippers who send inMuhl rolllni; over Us ID molc.'i ol line. 1.0)>ir lUlir the nation's rnilrcaiUnji conccins ihc myriad sliori- roads with such names as 1'nrnnould Southeastern, .loncsboio. UndMHo Vt Arkansas SomlK'i-n, die Cadiz rntlrwul con- liinic,'. lo operiiti' iiidi'pcndcnlly. Kor the Mill conimiltvi; year,' Hie corpora I ton llnixhod "in Iho liluck." It's n womli'r UKII iinisi'unis haven't mniti; oiler:, i,, r (| u . lwr , .,'inc.s Ihiil lull over tin- rails each day. lor even i),,. iMUjliicri'.'i and firemen of the little "Iron horses" admit thin Uicy nve something to smile nt whvn compared fllih the modem stieamitner W, O. Mliclicil, who wti.s cm- ployed in I'JIW to riiji DJIC of the i-mjinos. says there's never been a wreck on Hie Cadi/ liiu : nn< | ••u l ,. mini's really too short to let the eneljie out mid see what it, will do." Mitchell, ineiclcmnlly, now is lildinj! a homo fioin parts of old coaches. tii-nmil Munaticr W.c. While *n>-K the Cadiz line, which connects the TI-IBB coiimy seni with ihc village of Oracey, Is not the shortest in the country. There's a line mm- Tulsa, Okln..' only seven miles loji^. White is ihc unimlson ami namesake of the founder of the Cadi/ line, and hr> says Ihat luudri- meiilally. opcrallnj. n railroad like Ilils one differs only sliulilly with running New y or |.. central and Southern Pncific. "will, ihe e.v- ce|,tioii Hint the scneial manager here lias a lew num- odd jo))s to pc-rfonn." Hill (he Cadiz line dlltcrs from nuuiy other lailraul.s in tli e Amor- Icun Sliorillnc Assucialioti In thai it was built entirely by local capital and always lias been locally owned. The last spike was driven in M. and ll.en Mitchell and Thunms S. Shaw weul lo work us •'Uliliwors. fihaw dli'd M-verul years «t:<i. His diuiKliIrr, Hid, mid White cojisliiiH,, (| 1( , „()),.,, f(1| . c( , Timber always has bren Hie chlof fri'tylu item li-uvlni! Cndl/. on ihc ploiu'or line. Marriage Licensss l-'oiu couples liave iipplic<l for liccii.-.'s to wed at (|w Ulyihi'vllli- °l"•••'• ul tin' comity court clerk .'•"" PAGE .THftE?!! f For my money I'll take the William Jesse ML-I;|WII| niul Mrs. IJi'lpliu <iil.v;om. until ol Manila; Mnk' .Sampson , im | M|v s - vir^lnln 1'ali-, bmh ol (.Jumihcrsvllli'; Wll- liiiiii I'reslcy Muon- a.ul Miss Her- Iha dpiirudi' IMticison, bnlh ul Osmihi; J. W. laimli-y ami Miss Jl-Wll' M»y Illll'lll'S, OOlll Of lily. Ihevlllr, amusing Ihen as the Cilljsoii Girl is today. They'll marvel that people were still crawling across the country In nulomobiles. Boy. we'll seem fiinny In just « few years. Wcrt Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE' ••••• Over Joe Isaacs' Start Phone 540 PHILLIPS 66 every time!" Mfilropolitiiti FARM LOANS Jas. B. Clark Olcncoc Building lilyllieyllle, Ark. Antliorijcil Mortgage \ana Solicitors for the Metropolitan" Life Insurance Co. LOW RATES PROMPT INSPECTIONS LONG TERMS REPAYMENT I'KIVILKGES Clark-Wilson Agency, Insur. las. n. Clark SlIiBKltNAflEL A COMPANY l-lttlr Hock - fine Bluff - Karl Smith FOR SALE AVc bavf. nirloail IV il IK reed O. PI. ami Slnnevllle Rccit. Also larjje amount of .same klml dm' has bcva planted here our year See or Call Us For Price! L. R. Matthews Very literal rrli-c allowance for .vour old seed. Gin Co. Phone 403-W-2 ynrbrn, Ark. Vbu get a big plus... at regular price ;n 7vT7 y((al . Jflnoftk-Nlitt,'' Phillips fifi |>oly <'«••• a " rxtra raiW . . . auMcil (o all the other goo;! qualiiii'S wind, have won millions of loyul users for ihis srra/fr yiKline. A.i always, you gn iKe extra |>owtr units of l>O[.YmeHj»tion . . , more actnrate hmitliing of Niisolint to nuindiljr di ' wi-aihcr . . . hijjlitr HIGHER AHTI-MNOCK. 'Uiis intprorcmcni gives you the te ., ( . . . kind of premium untl-ltnock per- forniunct! fur wliicli you previously lu<l «. pay 2 f ' tllore pcr 8a ,| 0|1 1 "day slither octane ruling meets ilu.'neei!soflat*'i(.riio(}ellu p ghrota- pri'Ssion motor*. I" brief, dial's tlie siory of the ntw.iypo 1'hillipj 66 ]>oly Gas ... a remarkable motor fuel which cosis noililng cxira. Ami it's a tan- lmiie,i siory of saving, service, and satisfaciidn for ilic man who tries u ucul then says: "P or my money I'll take the NEW I'liillipj 66 1'iily (Jas every lime." Phill-up with Phillips for '/ (£/ Two-Thread FULL FASHIONED SHEER SILK Chiffons Kirsl QtmJily 59c Wards Lead Again In Hosiery Values •hist Imagine. . . . First quality, two thread, 45 guagc, •*ccr stlk Chiffon Hose at S9c. No irregulars or seconds. Every pair perfect or your money will gladly be refunded. Make it a date lo sec 'these glorious silk hose with rayon toes and sec tor yourself tlielr appealing MONTGOMERY WARD 100 \V. Alain I'honc fi7(i "I don't see how she does it ft "She's a wonder woman! Her home is furnished in ex- quisitc.taste. Beautifiirnigs, lovely antiques, pictures, draperies, everything. And you know how smartly she dresses! I don't see how she does it!" A woman of modest means, yet able to afford things usually enjoyed only by the wealthy. Her sec- ret? She buys by the advertisements! Before going forth to shop, she consults her newspaper. A special at Hemmelwait's . . •. a clearance sale at that variety shop in Main Street. She knows when to buy, and for how much. No wonder her dollar goes so far! The advertisements in this paper tell you just where to go for just what you want. Read the advertisements—you'll save steps, time and money.

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