Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1935
Page 3
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Monday, October 28.1986 Alfa. Hid Telephone 321 Courage (o Live To those who hnvo tried nnd seemingly failed, Reach out, dcnr Lord, nnd comfort them lodny; For those whose hope hns dimmed, whose fnith bos paled, Lift up some lighted henvenly torch 1 prny. They nre so frightened, Lord; rcnch out n hand, They nre so hurl nnd helpless; bo their friend. Bnffled nnd blind, they do not understand— They think this dark nnd tangled rond the end. Oh, Touch to flame their hope that has burned low, And strike with fire fnith's ashes Hint nre dead. Let them walk proudly once nguln, nnd go Seeking the sure And steadfast light ahead. Help them to move among their fellow men With courage to live, courage to try again.—Selected. Miss Kathcrinc Arnold of Little Rock was the week etui guest of her mother. Mrs. J. H. Arnold and other home folks. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Van Sickle announce the mnrrfnge of their daughter Vern to Brooks Haynie McCray, san cf Mrs. Emma McCray of Fort Smith. The wedding was solemnized on Tuesday afternoon, September 3, nt the home of the officiating minister, Dr., O. J. Wade, pastor of Beech Street! Baptist church in Texnrkana. The l.ritle is an honor graduate of the Hope High School nnd has had one year in Ounchitn college. Mr. McCray i.s a graduate of the Danville, Ark., High School, with two years in Ounchitn. Mr. and Mrs. McCrny will be nt home in Fort Smith where the bridegroom is connected with the J. C. Penney company. The Friday Music club opened the year's strdy on Twentieth Century Music with a most interesting program and enthusiastic business mcet- inK on Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred 1{. Harrison on South Salvation, Theme ofRev.BertWebb i Apostle Paul's Message Elaborated on at Sunday Night Service Garrett Memorial to Have Sermon Series Elder E. M. Jones, pastor of First Biptist church of Magnolia, will preach at 7:30 p. m. Friday, November 1, fit Garrctt Memorial church in rlope. ! Elder H. S. McLaren will preach at 7:30 _ ; a JP- m. Saturday; and Elder C. C Win- Pine street. Following an hour re- j Night Service i ters wi " Drench at 7:30 p. m. Sunday hersal by the Choral club, directed. S _____ 'All three will be attending theHciMp- by Mrs. John Wellborn Mrs. J. C. ; ^ R n t w bb . . h islead County association mcotins nl Carlton president presided over the , Hopp Gospc) TabTrnacle Sunday night ; »«'««« BapUst church November iVs. rll ?». ,.-. i \in ciiKinnt *\t " V>.« iw. fAn.*.. C?«.1.. M ' HOPE, STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS ^^^"^" > ^**' Mii i' Ba g i ' i ^' b **'**'yf i ' M * B *J i y**'^ business meeting, at which time, Mrs. Wellborn chairman of the year book committee mnde her report in regard to the year's programs. Different items pertinent to the work and the club's nctlvltles were discussed followed by Wntklns. Mrs. F. L. Padgill introduced the program for the afternoon with n discussion on "Pnst Innovations and Prejudices," followed by Mrs. John Wellborn who gnve n Descant Illustration nnd discussed "The Art of Listening," Mrs. J. C. Cnrlton played "Fugue No. 22" by Bnch, Mrs. Dick Wnlkins on the subject of "Your Own Salva lion," basing his message on Paul's admonition to the Philipplan Church i of lhc P"PI*- r l)m "y is found in the to "Work out your own salvation with ! outcr shells of which black pepper Is fear nnd trembling." Phil. 2:12. "Snlvntion doesn't moan much to nomo folks," the Rev. Mr. Webb snid. "It i.s something vague or far off. Snl- vation is the most important thin? in the world. Business, school, homes, arc all important and necessary, but they arc secondary to the salvation of : your conl. For some reason many people will not seriously consider the matter. If eneh one in this cungrcgn- i - . „. — ,,j _.-«..., ..-,.-, „..,.. IT »tit • 11" j 11 in uiv.i. j t vt>ui J um,' in till*) COliKl OFfl" gave a voice number entitled. "Awake, j (ion could spend five minutes scrious- Swccl Love," by Dowland. "The Be- i ly considering 'where mn I going to glnnings of the Modern Era," was most spend eternity' you would come to this Interestingly discussed by Miss Joy altar before I finish this message. O'Ncul. The program closed with the j "You hrvc to get salvation before Chorus, "Lo, A Voice to Heaven," by i you cnn work it out. If you are try- Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Grnpes. cereal, cream, bnked French toast, syrup, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Creiim of lima bean soup; toasted pimento ch«Jj rquare.~. sweet cider. Dinner: Oyster .stew with oyster crackers, casserole of ham and fweel potatoes and pineapple, Chinese cabbage and green pepper rnlad, nprieot and marshmallow milk, coffee. New Mat Card at Arena Wednesday Zahariasand Williams Are to Wrestle in Feature Event Here Chris Zoharias and Lefty Williams will -tangle in the feature event at the American Legion wrestling arena hero Wednesday' night, Promoter Bert Mauldin announced Monday. Williams has appeared here several times. He won a forfeit match from I (Wild Red) Berry at Fair Park two j months ago. Zaharias made his local debut last week against Donald McNaught, younger brother of Scotty McNaught. In the semi-finnl match, Paul Fliende is cheduled to meet Donald McNaught. Promoter Mauldin called special attention to the change of date—from Tuesday to Wednesday night. The program starts at 8 p. m. Home Clubs Bortniansky. The next meeting will be held on November '8, at the homo of Mrs. Minor Gordon, with Mrs. H. D. Locke ns joint hostess. Miss Margaret Atkins n student in Henderon State Teachers College, Ar- kadclphin, pent the week end with mndc. You need two pepper mills in your house, a wooden one for the in« to bi.' a good boy, rirl, man or wo- ; kifrhon '"id " powt?r one, .say, for the tran without having salvation you are: dinin K '"blc. This insures" freshly laboring .tfiainsl preat odds-. Let ms ' B>'ound pepper for nil seasoning purport. Cayenne again and offer this advice: Surrender yourself to God. ret Christ in your heart, and he will help you to work out your salvation. "There are three .separate, distinct of her |xircnts, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. At- | P ; " (l; to .salvation. It means first „. kins. I :l " '''tit through no goodness of your 0 | own the Lord Jesus Christ covers with A Halloween party for the Junior pepper is something else must be used very spar. but a deft use of it lends zest to many n dish. In soups, sauces and salads are with fish, meats and vegetables paprika's _ _ mild flavor is nn addition. Its vivid' His own blood every wrong, every sin 'Color makes it an excellent garnish. Young Ladies Missionary Society of i- vml cvcr did in nil your life. He for-i lo °' Remember, though, there are two the First Methodist church will be;£' V( -' s >' ou of every last one of them i kinds— the Hungarian which is pun- Kid on Tuesday evening nt 7:15, Oc- obcr 2!), in the church parlors. Mrs. O. W. Mills has returned from Camdcn, where she attended a two Cream of lima bean soup made faint- For All Kinds of INSURANCE Seo Roy Anderson und Company Some of you have for 10, 20 or 30! Sent, and the 'Spanish which is very years left God out of your program. "' but when we come to Him and ask God to forgive us he blots out the past. days convention of the State Nurses ! "Second, from every testing, every association. I trial, every temptation that comes cheese association. In celebration of her little son Charles Fredrick's fourth birthday pink with i with toasted .and olives. ! Toiistcd Pimento Cheese Squares Ten slices of bread cut 1-3 inch U. S, May Army Aircraft Force WASHINGTON^/P) - Harry H. Woodrintf, acting Secretary of War, intimated Monday that the Department of War would sock an approprialion, more lhan twice as large as congress voted for the present year, to start next year a five-year plan to double the size of the army's air armadc. Corn-Hog Federal (Conlinued from page one) said "in that event we would, in my opinion, have an expression which Shovcr Sprlnjits The Shover Springs Home Demon- Stralion club met with Mrs. Ernest Ross, October 17. Eleven members answered the roll call with their hobby. The meeting was opened by singing 'Arkansas" and the Lord's prayer was repeated in unison. No reports were given. Mrs. John Reed delighted the club with a reading. , A number of beautiful articles in crochet, embroidery and quilts were displayed. Mrs. Earlie McWilllams was winner in the Ball jar exhibit. Mrs. John Reed was winner in the guessing cotcst of a muslary spoon. The hostess served popcorn. The next meeting will be with Mrs. George Crews, November 21 and the- following program will be given, tong, "Count Your Blessings," the flrst'Thanksgiving, Mrs. Allie Collier. Song, "Over the River." Reading, "If You Want to be Happy," LeVeta Hurricane Dead to Reach 2,000 Mark England. Poem, Mrs. Song, to be selected. John Reed. anniversary Mrs. Johnny Clark enter- I talncd a group of his young friends I your way, salvation means that He has , . — --* ..-„ ..„.„ tmade a way of escape. Every day he i thick, 1H cups American cream cheese, gives you power to live the Christian! 3 tablespoons chopped pimento, 4 ta- blci-poons butter. packaged clice.se works up easi- . • - "1.I...IV/.1, iiuvt an uApi lesion wnicn «!?!"'•!»,? ?„""* S ° r ' wnl ' ld effectivc 'y represent the views squnrcs j o f (j, a mcn wno proc j uce mosl Q j ^ country's corn and hogs." Mn( n PnllMxnl I. „ . , God has looked ahead to soo at her home on West Fourth street. Games were enjoyed and delicious refreshments were served to the following little friends, Bobbie Lee Bcarden, Carolyn Hamilton. Billy Jean Taylor, Mary Frances Russell, Chas. Leonard Hughes, Herbert Griffin Jr., Bettie Jean Hall, Shirley Graves, John Tlios. Andrews, Barbara Ann Burch, Crcighton Middlebrooks, Donald Joe Laseter, Allison Shields, Peggy, Cnlvin and Dora Lou Purtle, Bess Sasser, Thos. Duckett, John Otis Taylor, McRae nnd James Wnllis, Honeycult, and Charles Fredrick Clark. i that temptations that we cannot bear '. '' v " ncl smoothly. Mash cheese, add 1 '" ' " butler and pimento and mix until blended. Place five SILK DRESES New Styles, Colors gfhtffc and Fabrics %V%*« Ladies Specialty Shop It's coming . . . the picture of pictures . . . the thrill of thrills, the most gigantic spectacle of all times . . . "The CRUSADES" . . . Starts Sunday. France to Boycott 'Continued f:«m page one) will not come our way. Thus the past, nressnt and future are taken care of in salvation. "God's eternal justice, or God's eternal trcrcy will be your choice." The Rev. Mr. Webb has announced the following subjects: Monday night: "How Far Can You .Tee." Tue.'-dav night: "A man hitched to a wagon." , Wednesday night: "The fashions and i '"8 s j dress for 193(5." i Thursday nipht: Prophecy "Hitler, Mussolini and Roosevelt." Friday night: "Seven minutes on ! seven different texts." There will be no Saturday night services during this campaign. - slices of bread, one on top of the olhcr with cheese filling between. Repeat with remaining .slices of bread. Put in refrigerator until firm, about V6 hour. Slice each mound of bread into 4 slices. Bake in a moderately hot oven (375 decrees F.) until brown. Serve hot. In th:s case the toasting develops flavor quite as much as the season- IBARE NOW Matinee 2:30 Tues. ISc Bing Crosby Jack Oakie Lyda Roberti Burns & Alien Amos 'n' Andy i Chas. Ruggles Mary Boland and 100 ethers in— (The United Slates) views with sympathetic interest the ' individual or concerted efforts of other nations to preserve peace or to localize and shorten the duration of war. Thirty-five countries now have announced acceptance of the arms embargo recommendation, which also includes the lifting of any such bars to Ethiopia. The American Note V/ASHINGTON —(fi>)— The United Stales through Secretary Hull Sun- I day night reaffirmed its stand of independent neutrality toward the Halo- Ethiopian war, bui expressed "smy- pathctic interest" in efforts by others to bring a halt to armed conflict. In a formal communication to the League cf Nations, the secretary of state gave this reply to an invitation | to corhment upon the program of sanctions against Italy and to outline I steps taken by this government. Hull refrained from making any direct committments on the League's efforts to halt the African war through economic pressure. In fact, the "interest" expressed in halting war wa.s « drafted as to apply to any or all wars. In substance, the American reply to the League's communication wa.s a .summarization of steps taken by this •71'vcrnmcnt under the neutrality law. TJ this was added a reiteration of America's intention to remain uninvolved and of its desire for an early halting of hostilities. Contribute to Pence In the note, delivered through Hugh 0. Wilson, American minister to Switzerland, to Dr. August-.) de Vascon- cellc.s, president of the League's Committee of Co-ordination. Hull said: "Realizing that war adversely affects every country, that it may seriously endanger the economic welfare of each, causes untold human misery, and even threatens the existence of civilization, the Unted States, in keeping with the letter and .spirit of the pact of Paris and other peace obligations, undertakes at all times to not only exercise its moral influence in Civilians Leaving (Continued from page one) "^ expect.s to have a firm grasp on what she wants, and it then will be only a question of accepting what she has accomplished. 2—Sanctions, those sources asserted, look each day more like unwanted children of bickering parents who arc- likely to leave them on Great Britain's doorstep. 3—Ethiopia allegedly is disintegrating. "Hundreds" of chiefs and "thousands" of warriors, Italians claim, have joined Hie Fascists in both the north and south. -SHOUTS— March of Time I'tiruinuunt News 4—The world, these Italian observers contended, i.s less hostile to Mussolini's "expedition." and i.s shocked at the idea that Great Britain might have "one to war with Italy. It also must contrast Italy's "liberation" of Ethio- uian slaves with the League of Na- tioiv.' "failure" to induce Emperor l'in}ic Selassie to free (lie-in, they .said. II Duce, it was said, is keeping the . door open for a settlement which he ' ° nsl (LonrI °">. think:: should be acceptable to the League. These persons insisted Ethiopia has not fulfilled League requirements and therefore is not entitled to Geneva's backing. Eventually, they iirgiifd, this view will be accepted and Italy will be given credit for having remained in the League with most of its members against her. j According to an English lecturer, j Americans'do not know how to enjoy' , leisure, For instance, they go to hear , English lecturers. i Mussolini .says, "I am a man—a man -just a man. It's enough to be a I man. But that accounts for only four 'of the men in his cabinet. Indiana man, 90,divorccs wife 70 on grounds she married him for his Civil War pension. Even the 19th century it .seems, had its gold-diggers. I Braddock says, "I like tougli punch-' icrs like Louis; I know what they're i going to do." But in his fight with Louis, he'll probably find out from friends. We're still trying to figure out whether Ariel's transcontinental pursuit of Caliban was publicity for (hat bliakespcarcan picture. Not a Political Issue He also declared the nation's farmers did not make a political issue of the question, asserting they had "voted economics, not politics." He voiced the opinion that the AAA was "not an irsue as such." Some observers at Washington found significance in this paragraph in Davis' statement. "In both the 1934 and 1935 programs the producers developed and followed directions for use of land taken out of corn, which greatly stimulated planting of legumes and other soil building crops. The new contract will be more specific on that point. In common with other new contracls offered for 1936, it will be required that an •area at least equal to the number of acres withdrawn from production of crops convcred by the contract, must be added to the normal area on the farm devoted to soil conserving and erosion preventing uses." That statement was directly in line with President Roosevelt's comment last week, when he outlined a pro- nianent AAA and said more attention should.be paid to soil conservation. Officials said the new adjustment contracts probably would extend over four years, following the announced policy of obtaining long-range programs for all major crops. Explaining previously expressed fears that a new program might be defeated in the referendum. Davis said that the AAA officials had been afraid that a heavy vote would not be cast. Had many producers in the corn belt I'ailed to vote, he said, accepting the A Bird's-eye View An American who recently visited Moscow was placed on an outgoing airplane by the authorities five minutes after his arrival. Publication of hi:; book "Soviet Russia from ^he Inside" is expected shortly.—The Hum- May Be a Ciistly Study! The Globe quotes an Atchison man: "I'm very much interested in a certain young man. He .says he can support my daughter on §18 a week. I can't do it—and I have a nMion to let tin- young fellow marry her, so I can study method of ily Capital. financing."—Topek:i Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can f ct relief now with Creomulsion. erious trouble may be brewing and you cannot afford to take a chanca with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm Is loosened and cxpalled. Even if other remedies Imvs failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) theory that a new contract would ba offered anyhow, he felt there would have been danger of an adverse ballot. While AAA officials discounted political significance of the balloting, Mine informed quaYters held that the results of the referendum might tend to remove the AAA as a 1936 presidential campaign issue. Looking over the slate tabulations, Davis expressed delight that preliminary returns indicated that a majority of non-contract signers voting this year favored a new program. Full Extent bT Disaster in Haiti Is Revealed Over Week-End PORT AU PRINCE, Maiti-(^)-At least 2,000 persons are dead or missing in the storm which ravaged the southern peninsula,:'it was reported Monday. ....... Most of the casualties were caused by floods which followed the hurri* cane of a week ago. .Thousands were reported homeless and. hungry. Oft Hurricane's Trail PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — f/P) — Official sources estimated Sunday night at least 2,000 persons .are dead or missing as a result of the hurricane that swept over the southern peninsula last week-end. • Heavy rains accompanied the hurricane forcing all streams far out of their banks. The peninsula area has been Isolated since -Monday.. The Jeremie region was the : hardest hit according to official statements. Bodies of 96 have been recovered at Joamel. First estimates placed the number of dead at possibly 1,000, but officials said they were forced to alter their figures, as later reports came in from the stricken sections. One small air- jority of ' non-signers voted against production control. Likewise, it was pointed out that a heavy vote of approval was indicated in-the Kansas returns, whereas that state voted -,„. -_._._„ u .»w»i i*. u b* "•««• i CLUI li.3) \VI1CI Cap UitiL SK He recalled that last October, a ma- 'against a program last year. plane Id &« Mil? ft&k* , ing cotimjuhieftltoti Betwet and the hufricafte sw*pt *H foi best genera tidns See Our Selected Line <tf'#itf FALL DRESSES .-,< Silks and Woolens in ibe Newest Fashions • THE GIFT SHOP (Mi*, c. P. itoikHd SANDWICH PLATE * tituMu M chtrty btolicm pcttcrn ., . c bandy plat* ht icnrtng tandwlch.i, t.kt. apfwHiM, ik. HOPE HARDWARE' COMPANY i r from Mid-Season SALE of SILK DRESSES Starts Tomorrow (Tues.) October 29th All the New Fall Styles and Colors $795 to / One and Two- Piece Styles Over 200 Dresses to Select From $A98 2 Size 14 to 48 Here's a real Dress Event. Over 200 fine new Fall Silk Dresses go on sale tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at real, money-saving reductions. If you need a smart, up-to-the-minute dress for afternoon and evening wear be sure to see these . . . you can save a lot of money. •T-j Every important new styl- .1 ing . . . every important ' new color is included in these dresses. Each is smartly tailored .. .each is smartly trimmed . . . each has those little added touches that takes away that common-place look. Don't miss seeing these dresses. SEE OUR WINDOWS Use Our Lay-A-Way Plan Use Our Lay-A-Way Plan KITCHEN Ily M A It Y E. DAG U E NEA Service Sinff \Vrilcr OP. days I am bored with life and three meals a clay, I g o out into the Thursday 9 October 31st* is the last day KIMO'S CANDY $1.50 - -»---* —- -•—• T- TE- •or tr -ran w »-**«* VAAlbAB h tO G-E LtGHT GLOBES, 15 to 75 Watts 15 C 75 and 100 CHEVRON FOUNTAIN SYBINGE-2 QL ENtra Heavy Y to ^ Vt lo.eall for merchandise coupons on McKESSON goods. Jliesc gifls we are giving away will make ideal Clirist- nias presents. Phone 84 John R Cox Drug Co, e 84 We f Jive Eae-le Si favor of peace throughout the world, kitchen and experiment with season- but to contribute in every practicable , ing. 1 cannot emphasize too often the way within the limitations of our for- ''pporlunities for cook's amusement eign policy to that end. "'"'d family pleasure that lie in your "II views wilh sympathetic interest Condiment pots and jars, the individual or concerted efforts of Cl <--i)urse, you must use gumption other nations to preserve peace or to '" t ' llo "' s " 1 H seasoning. Don't kill the localize and shorten the duration of fluvor " f >' oul ' food wilh your cinnamon or all Fpici! or pepper. But while the soup that has been salted with too heavy a hand often seems like a tragedy, the tasteless dish is even more so. Desserts, candies and sweets of all kinds gain in flavor if u few grain:, of salt are added. Any combination containing milk or cream re- quhi's salt. Even coffee is more delicious if a bit of salt goes into the fusion Sugar Helps Vegetables Sugar is another everyday seasoning that work wonders when judici- ou.-lv used. Unless vegetables are fresh Irom the garden a little sugar is needed to heighten their natural swcet- ne.v. Tomatoes must always have a dash of sugar. Roasts develop a richer flavor when a bit of sugar is rub- bud into the surface. All dressings and ..sauces containing lemon juice or vin- t't'ar need some sugar. Both sugar and salt are helpful in blending several flavors into a smooth combination. Highly spiced sauces aiid baked-stuffs are very dependent on .skillful seasoning with salt and sugar. ' As a seasoning for meat and dyrk ' sauces, black pepper is more effective than white because the' j-eal strength Halloween Specials On 1'arty and Household Needs PARTY FAVORS and TOYS A Big Assortment 25c to 5c 59 C Ib We Give Eagle Stamps you can buy an automatic Pittsburg Storage Water Heater on these terms, ONLY *1 DOWN Payments $ 2 Per Month $ 15 Allowance Old Heater You may never again be able to buy one of these fine heaters at such low prices and on such easy terms. We urge you to act now and guarantee you will save money. Phone us or come in today! AIKMISM lQW!<Mi4 CM Regular terms will apply on and after November 1st when a substantial factory price in* crease will go into effect,

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