Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1935
Page 2
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JV'l'^'. V r' ;•:>•* AltgANSAS Monday, Oetober 28,1986 ill Star , Atitort #*% JfaraM From Report 1 tf«**day afternoon by Star Publishing Co.. Inc. & Afe*. H, Washbtirn), at The Star building, 212-214 South C. E. PALMER, President AtiX. H. WASHBURN, Editor and Publisher 6& secoftd-class matter at the postoffice at Hope, Arkansas Under the Act of March 3,1897. Kitftfe "The newspaper Js an Institution developed by modern civil* tfr iMN*«nt the news of the day, to foster commerce and Industry, _ -Widely circulated advetttetrnsnts, and to furnish that check upon *rnJiWhfiVrtUch no constitution has ever bevn able to provide."—Col. R Rate (Always Payable In Advance): By city carrier, per .- Jnonth 65; one year $6.50. By mail, in Hempstead, Nevada, MJlleT- and LaFayette counXeS, $3,50 per year; elsewhere $6.50. i% Arkansas Sales Tax, hbct bf The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively , to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or t otherwise credited in this paper and also the local news published herein. National AtlVerrlsinff Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis. „ Sttefck Bldg.; New York City, 369 Lexington; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- j PtMt'ttetroit, Mich, «38 Woodward Ave.-, St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. JEribufc* Et&i Charges will be roade'for all tributes, cards ItHahRs, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial Capets hold to this policy in the news columns to protect '.heir readers .t* a deluge of space-takins memorials. TJie Star disclaims responsibility •JtKiit shfe-heiping of return- of any unsolicited manuscripts. By DR. MORRIS FISIIBEIN HEALTH lllor, Journal of the American Med«H . fcal Association, and of Hygela» a the Health Magazine - Jonson with "Volpone" and Moliere with "The Misanthrope." There is n play from the Japanese and another from India. And the wind-up, of course, includes the great Greeks: Aristophanes, Euripides. Sophocles and Aeschylus. All in all, the book is a whole library in itself. If you want to familiarize yourpelf with the great plays which you'll never have a chance to see on the stage. I can't think of a better investment. Published by Simon and Schuster, the book sells for S3.75. i may be able to tell a drunkard! way he- acts, but there's many j ;af •tfins when even police have been j iC-ied by supposedly drunk people, j h& really were found to be dyfng bto a brain hemorrhage or from /Often police find diagnosis of drunk- ifless more difficult by the fact that le!? suspected person has had a sec: skull fracture after falling drunk. But many modern po- Stations in large cities are scien- - By Olive Roberts Barton . A correspondent complains that her y equipped to examine speci- husband is contsantly rude to her of^blood and determine the f mot her. Another says, her husband of alcohol ..in. it. Thus it t is,| disparages and ina i,its her before her 'i tl ^? nite certain whetheii a [children. lam asked to give the men a lecture. ' .:,.. Says one, "Isn't it selfish for people to say what they think.,, on: the slightest provocation?" Asks the other. "Why do. men think they are entitled to r.un, down theiE. v wives- .before oth- ;ers? The chadreii-JDdfc on 1heir.fath- er now as perfect. wp\ me as stupid and incapable. H; lii'tKinlfes; things are not right, .why can't he tell -me by? myself? He always;] ile are These ,.. Next to it is the.jpetpetiiJtl call toi intercede to keep peace in the family; as is the case with,my first correspondent. •'•'•' • ,4 Women Also Are Offenders Not men alone, 1 -hilt -women, too, are offenders. However, when a man reaches the end'{61" his endurance he always can reach for his hat, for temporary escape at least. .Besides a man will fight back, as a rule, if a woman holds him, or his, up to scorn. The wife is more likely to try to mollify, to stand between her spouse and the effect of his ruthless actions. She explains to strangers, excuses of the tissues of the body show jhim to her family, upholds his honor is drunk. r.Tfrrinking a large quantity^of alcohol - i *—• time results chiefly in a dis- ice of the nervou? system. The :les" do* ndt work well .together, : mind' is a* little; bit upset, and ^sometimes unconsciousness follows. -Interestingly enough, pne of the ciefr |!feejs of alcoholism is- a loweVing of ihe f temperature, particularly if the Ion who is drunk is exposed to le hospital reccjrd sh'dyjrs' a case in jwhjeh a patient who was drunk, and ' ' f had lain for sometime in the came in with a temperature of |'7a ^degrees, in contrast to a normal * tenjperature of 98.6 degrees. Ten hours plater the temperature of this person Breached 90 degrees. ?,'•' Much more attention has been paid jf to'chronic ajcholism than to the acute jtonn of drunkenness. Large doses of j. alcohol, or even small doses taken day | ; aftpr day, may bring about changes >,*in i,the human body. These changes [j,ar^ reflected chiefly in the nervous ffsysfem. but may also .concern the b, the kidneys and the heart. The OpenSeason 61ORIFYIN6 YOURSELF .udglnp from the array of scalp preparations shown at the National Hairdressers' Convention, beauticians ! arc putting health treatment* ahead of | new coiffure styles. There were the j usual displays of exotic curls and twirls, of course, but these were fur I outnumbered by the exhibits of tonics, oils, shampoos and concoctions to prescribed by laW for judicial sates, on Tuesday, the 12th day of November, 1935, the following described real estate located In the City of Hope, Hompslead County, Arkansas, tosvlt: Part of the SWV« NE'/t of Sec. 33, Twp. 12 S. R. 24 West, in the City of Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, more particularly described as follows: Begin nt a point on (ho East line of South Main Street in the City of Hope, Arkansas, said point being North 17% degrees West 357 feel from the intersection of sold East line of South Mnin Street with the South line of the said SW'/i NEW of said Sec. 33; run thence with said East line of South Mnin Street South 17*4 degrees East 105 feet, run thence nt right angles to South Main Street, improve the condition of scalp and Easterly 150 feet, run thence Northerly hair. and parallel to South Mnin Street If your own hair is dull and llfe- I less, too oily or too dry, why not plan j to ipcnd a little extra money out of your beauty btidpet on routines to make it glossy and lovely? It Is better to go without a wave for a month or two. spending the wave money for treatment!;, than to go on with dandruff or some other disagreeable defect. If you pick an operator who un- derstnnds how to deal-with your spoc- iiil trouble, treatments for two months i'hould cure it. If you have dandruff, get a scalp :ii(i!:sage and n balsam oil shampoo every week for two months. If you can't 11 f ford a balsam shampoo and finger- wave, wear your hair straight and get HIP shampoo anyway. Hot oil is excellent for dry hair. Remember, of course, that no matter how efficient your operator or expensive his treatments, you must do your part tit home. Brush nightly and, if possible, massage your hair brush when you have finished. If you have dandruff, sterilize it ns well. If you seldom go to a beauty shop, learn to care for your .scalp and to shampoo in a professional manner al i home. Use hot nil the nipht before n ' shampoo, [ i hampoo wash hair with a reliable liquid and rinse several limec, using n hand spray, of course. i If possible dry in the sunshine. 1033 NK.\ which is being conducted by Mrs. Chas. Bryant. The meeting will be with Mrs. Bryant next Tuesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Matthews are visiting relatives in Shreveport, La., this week. Friends of Mrs. Bill Gist and Mrs. T. L. Hockensmith be glad to know they are doing nicely. Mrs. F. Haselman has returned home after a few days visit in Ashdown with her parents. Jchn Barrow Jr., has been sick the past week with a cold but is improving new. Durant Goodlett has been stationed at Btry C. 77th F. A. Fort Da Russell. Marfa, Texas. He enlisted in Paris, Texas, a few weeks ago. I ccke were visitors to Hope Wednesday. £co/ch Wallpaper Will Upheld GLASGOW.—(/P)—A will scribbled on ;\ piece cf wallpaper has been held 'ei;al on the petition of an American. Mrs. Margaret Wallace, 90 North Main Sam England carried the Nashville ftrcct. Andover. Mass.. in Arbroath football,boys in his school bus to Hope ''heriff court. The will, made July Friday night. i IT. 1924. was produced in court. Mrs. Wilbur Jones and Mrs. Chas. j . - -. COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OF SALE by Robert Bruce O 1933 NEA Service, Inc. |de$e'nerative changes as a result of f, alcOlhohsm, the most serious changes : those which affect the liver and in a small, hard, contracted lorgan. ''} The worst form of alcoholism is de- tremena. A spree in a person fe a moderate- drinker seldom re- suits in an attack of delirium trernens, r *'but" a emporary excess in a habitual ^,drin.Jcer may bring on the attack. .', Sometimes it follows the sudden withdrawal of alcohol from a chronic inebriate. lijT delirium tremens the afflicted perBon. talks constantly and incoherently, is constantly in motion and usually wants to go out to attend to some imaginary business. There is also a disturbance in sight and hearing, &o that the person with delirium tremens sees all sorts of bugs and animals in the room and seems to think that they are crawling on him. •A* a result of these hallucinations r the man with the "D. T's" frequent- 'ly attempts to jump out of a window. Forthis reason those with D. T.'s must be constantly watched or fastened to the bed to prevent fatal injuries. A BOOK if she can) with the children and even- i tually allows them to think of her as they will rather than irritate or cross her man further; Plainly a buffer, she is forever saving-his pride and her' own. This is the most difficult role a woman can play and retain her happiness, i ; This attempt of 'hers to stabilize the situation is almost always unappreciated by this great he-man who thinks he's Mike but bears all the thumb prints of an overbearing brat never {grown up. ..-•''I'-Tolerance is cut out of his dictionary. Too bad. This sweet world is A DAY BRUCE CATTOJf "A Treasury of the Theatre" is one made up of four billion people all of whom are absolutely intolerable to somebody. The civilized mind is that one which can tolerate the most. The leart civilized, that which tolerates least. Keeping Silence Is an Art Next to genuine tolerance is the art of keeping one's mouth shut. What a place the world would be if each of us felt of so Gargantuan importance j as to bellow our opinions of all with whom we disagree, or whose personality and habits irritate us. True, someone coined a phrase about patience ceasing to be a virtue but that takes no stock of insult. There never has been and never will be any mention in the by-laws of ethics of anything that admits the insult. The lowest form is the one flung at the mother before her children or any member of the family before other members. Yes, it is selfishness plus much else. It smacks htrpely of the coward who turns bully and picks on tomething half its size. of tltose books which, as the oldTtimej i know too many women who are j patent medicine vendor used to say, thin, tired, afraid of their shadows; women with pitiful ingratiating smiles fill a long-felt want. It assembles in, tne fat volume 34 of the world's great-,' and hurt eyes" "^omewhe"re the" the est p>ys, from Aeschylus down to | great lords who are feeling just dandy Maxwell Anderson. i because thev have the pleasant pros- The assembling was done by Burns | pect of going home and throwing BEGIN IlEUE TODAY JEA3F DUNN, «ccr<rtnrr to DONALD MONTAGUE, lawyer, ilehiyn fcer unnivcr when HO11I1Y W'Al.- XjACX3*. 'anfomoliilc salesman, nnkN Jfean to miurry him. At The Golden, EeatheT nlpUt elal> nh<; meets SANDY HARK 1-NS. whose • bniiliicii* connection S» vngruev Sjnndr Introduces Uahliy : anil Jana to'MIt and !f?HS- IjKW- 19 and BoWiy niTOnsT" lo «cl! • Hume .bond* for LeTrfir.. He •ell.i them to Doniilil Montngrne. LARRY GLENN, federnl nRont, 1« trylnt; to locntc WINGY LR\VIS, bnnk roblicf. He findx name Htolen bonds, traces them to Man• tn&rue« then to Bobby. Federnl men so to Lenin' npartmcni. hut lie and his ivifc have <tlNiii>i>v:ired. Jcnn help* Snndy con%-in<-e police I'* bnd nothing to do \rltli n reecni holdup. She Koes to her home town *or n mention. Sanrty coraeff tc wee her. Jcnu han re- allxed that Sandy wn.i. not with ber at the time Kite told police lie irno. She ankx him to cxi>l.iln. NOW GO ON WITH THI3 STOHY CHAPTER XXIII F OR a long moment after Jean had demanded that he explain his deceit, Sandy looked at hor steadfastly. "1 reckon I'd better tell you the whole story," he said softly. "I'd intended to all along, but somehow I just kept putting it off. It'd been better If I'd spoken." She waited, breathless, looking np at him with that expression by which a girl unwittingly tells a man, "Please, please tell me some sort of story—any sort of story —that I can believe so I can stop doubting you." Again he patted her band gently. "It starts a long time ago," he said, the western drawl in his roice more pronounced than ever. "Back in Oklahoma. I was just a kid, then, and kind of wild, ^•other fellow and I got into a acrupe. Fact of the matter, we'd got to sort of helling around that little town we lived in, and we fe 1 !! In with a bunch that used to play cards and drink pretty heavy. Anyhow—" He looked away once more, as If staring beyond the green coolness of the little park to the open ranees of the west. "This fellow and I, we were working on a cattle ranch outside of town," he went on presently. "One Saturday the boss had us take a bunch of yearlings in to the shipping point. We were to take 'em In and sell 'em, there in the town, and then of course come back with the money next day. Well, we got in all right, and sold 'em—got about $200. This other fellow kept the money, and then he and I set out to have some fun before starting hack. we'd have a crink and get I straightened up so we could think what to do—and- of course We jvrat got Worse/ "Anyhow, after a while Rags got an idea. There's a ; movt-ng pictufe house down-the street .a ways, and being Saturday nigh-t there'd be-sure to be a bhg crowd in it. So Rass said we'd go down and—and stirk the place up, and get our money that way. If he hndn't boon drunk he'd never in the world have dreamed of doing a thing like that, and if I'd been myself of it. "But I'd have talked him out we were both — well, pretty well crocked. I had just sense enough not to like the idea, and I argued and argued, but it was no use. Finally Rags said, 'Well, I'm going to do it, and if you're too yellow to come along, why to hell with you.' So he started out. He'd got a gun somewhere—I don't know where. "I followed him. I had some har.y notion of stopping him, or of warning the theater people, or taking the gun away from him; anyway, I followed. He got ahead of me, and I ran to catch up. I overtook him just as he got up to the ticket window of the movie louse and stuck his gun on the cashier. "Well, something went wrong. "So—1 took advantage of you. You didn't remember what day we'd been out together, and It was too easy. And that fellow at the Joath'ouse, he ' didn't remember either. I went out. to see him, and'I had him talked Into think- NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That j In pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hemp- i stead County, Arkansas, made and entered on the 2nd day of September, 1935, in a certain Cause No. 2914, then pending therein between Curb & Gutter District No. 7 et al, plaintiffs, and G. P. Casey, et al, defend- j ants. Ihe undersigned, as Commissioner of the said Court will offer for 105 feet, run thence nt right angles to South Main Street, 150 feet, back to the point of beginning. Part of the SW'/4 NE'/ 4 of Sec. 33, Twp. 12 S. R. 24 West, in the City of Hope, Hempstead County. Arkansas-., more particularly described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the point of Intersection of the East line of South Main Street in the City of Hope, Arkansas, with the South line of the said SWVi NE% of Sec. 33. Thence with said East line of South Main Street North l7',i< degrees West 12 feet to the point of beginning, thence East 157 feet, thence Northerly antV parallel with South Mnin Street 101 feet, thence Westerly and at right angles to South Main Street 150 feet to a point on the "East line of South Main Street, thence South aloni; the East lino of South Main Street 5-1 feet to the point of beginning. Part of the SVii of the SE'/i of Sec. 33, TWp. 12 S. R. 24 West, in the City of Hope, Hempstead County. Ar.- kansas, more particularly described os follows, to-wil: Beginning at a point on the East line of South Main Street in the City if Hope. Arkansas, which point is ?outh 17Vi degrees East GO feet from the Southwest corner of Lot 18, Block 7. Cornelius Heights Addition to the City of Hope, Arkansas, rm thence South 17'/i> degrees East along the East line of South Main Street 2-10 feet, run thence East 150 feet, run thence Northerly and parallel with South Main Street 240 feet to the South Line of Cornelius Street, run thence West •along the South Jine of Cornelius Street to the point of beginning, TERMS OF SALE: All sales shall be for cash, and to the highest legal bidder; provided, however, that only so much of each tract of property will bo sold as will pay the assessment, cost and penalty, and no more. WITNESS My hand as such Commissioner, and the seal cf .said Court, on this 14th day of October, 1935. DALE JONES. COMMISSIONER Oct. 14, 21, 28 1935, in n certain .Cause No. 2§17, then pending therein between Street Improvement District, No. 11, et al plaintiffs, and G-. P. daisy, est al, defend- itnts, the undefSlgfted, as Commissioner of the said Coitrt will offer for sale nt public outcry, at the front door or entrance of the Court House In the' Town of Washington, Hempstead County, Arkansas, within the hour 1 ) prescribed by Inw for judicial agios, on Tuesday, the 12th day of November, 1935. the following described real estate located in the City of Hope, Hempslcnd County, Arkansas, towit: Part of the SW/4 NE'/4 of See. 33, Twp. 12 S. R. 24 West, In the City of Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, more particularly described as follows: Begin at a point on the East lino of South Main Street in Hope, Arkansas, said Mantie and John Gassner; and al-• around some more sneers that any i Ozan Several from here ' attended the ! Hone-Nashville football game Friday ! though no anthology can possibly suit,man would knock them down for. everyone, since someone's favorite is < bound to be left out, the selecting of' these plays £eems to have been done j with a good deal of intelligence and a > solid awereness of what drama makes interesting reading. From the Broadway theater there are included "Of Thee I Sing," "The Green Pastures," "What Price Glory?'' "Anna Christie," "Journel's End" "Elizabeth the Queen." Shaw is represented, by "Candida" and Galsworthy by "Escape." Wilde is in it with "The Importance of Being Earnest," and Eynge with "Riders of the Sea." Mrs. J. E. Goodlett of Texarkana at- ! tended the funeral of Jack Ellis here ; Friday afternoon. j Mrs. Ben Goodlett left Wednesday for Shreveport, La., to visit her sister, I Mrs. Ross Roberts!- j Mrs. Jim Ellis is visiting relatives | "Faust" is included, as is Shelley's | and friends here this week. j "The Cenci." 'i The Missionary Society have started : gtts in with '•Hhamlet," j their mission study, Latin America, ; Then wet get such an admirable mixed prill as ''Liliora," "Cyrano de Bergerac," "The Cherry Orchard" and I "Hedda Gabler." Part one of Goethe's "* i*-n .«i - • i r.t • r*l »» t_ Jack Ellis died Thursday night at j his home. Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock in St. ! Paul cemetery. like I said, we were young and wild then. We fell in with these birds I mentioned and we each got more or less of a skinful. I remember I finally fell asleep In a little room back of a poolroom. When I came to It was after dark, and here was Rags—that was what we called this side-kick of mine— standing there looking like somebody that'd been sent for and couldn't come. "J was still kind of muddled, ter. Well, It seems he'd got Into a poker game and got cleaned Not only lost all his money, but also lost that $200 we were supposed to take back to the boss. "So there we were. I rtmem- ber Bags saying, 'You're in this just as etlll so him. So we sat there, and how It happened, pulled the trigger t don't know but Rag.t—he and shot her. Killed her instantly. Then there was an awful tumult, and I remembc; running off in the dark aa fast as I could go. I must've wandered down into the freight yards anrl shaken people off my track; anyway, next morn- ins I carne to in a box car, 50 miles out of town and still traveling. "I was scared green when I remembered what had happened. I stopped ,off at a city down near the Oklahoiiia-Ttixas line, and lay low waitin;; to find out how things stood. Tlu;n I learned they'd got Rags. The cops had chased him and shot him, and he'd died on the v/ay to jail; but before he died he'd gone and put all the blame on me—so here I was, wanted for murder." instead of Thursday, before he knew what was going on." Fie paused and looked at her soberly. "I ask your pardon for having lied to you and got you mixed up In it," he said solemnly. "Can you forgH'e me?" Pity welled up in her. She squeezed his hand and said, "Oh, Sandy, of course/ But why didn't you tell me?" "I should have," he admitted, "I wish i had. But—well, I guess I was afraid to. You see, I"—his eyes burned into hers—-"I was afraid you'd not want to see me again, if you knew about this Oklahoma business." "But it wasn't your fault!" she protested eagerly. "I know. But I couldn't be sure you'd look at it that way." "You poor boy," she said softly, after a pause. "Is this—this thing always going to be hanging over you?" • * • iTTE looked up and brightened. '••*• "Oh, I forgot to tell you about that part of it," he said. "You see, 1 told Mr. Montague all about t. He'd handled some legal business for a friend of mine, was how I happened to hear about him and go to him. "He said he'd put a private detective agency to work, digging up evidence, and he was sure he could get enough proof 1.0 con- ince the authorities back there of the truth of the matt.v. He's got these people working on it now. Before the end of the summer It ought to bo all cleared up. Then I can come an«l go like anybody else, with nothing to be afraid of." He squared his shoulders and threw his head back, and Jean gave a sigh of relief. "Sandy!" she said. "I'm so the Town of Washington, Hempstead COMMISSIONER'S NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order, of (he Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Arkansas, made and the City of point being North 17'A degrees West 357 feet from the intersection of said Enst line of South Main Street with the South line of the sold SW'/i NE'/t of said Sec. 33; 1'un thence with said East lino of South Main Street South 17'/j degrees East 105 feet, run thence nt right angles to South Main Street, Easterly 150 feet, run thence Northerly nncl parallel to South Main Street 105 feet, run thence nt right angles to South Main Street 150 feet, bnck to the point of beginning. Part of the SW'/4 NE'/i of Sec. 33, Twp. 12 S. R. 24 West, in the City of Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, more particularly described as follows, to-wit: Beginning at the point of intersection of the East lino of South Main Street in the City of Hope, Arkansas, with the South lir^e of the said SWVi NE'/i of Sec. 33, Thence with said Enst ,line of South Mnin Street North 17',i degrees West 12 fept to the point of beginning, thence East 157 feet, thence Northerly and parallel with South Wain Street 101 feet, thence Westerly and nt right angles to South Mnin Street 150 feel to n point on the East line of South Main Street, thence South along the East line of South Mnin Street 54 feet to the point of beginning. Part of the S'/j of the SE'A of Sec. 33. TWp. 12 S. R, 24 West, in the City of Hope, Hempstead County, Ar.- kansas, more particularly described ;is follows, to-wit: Beginning tit a point on the East inc of South Main Street in the City ->( Hope, Arkansas, which point is 'louth 17'A degrees'East 60 feot. from the Southwest corner of Lot 18, Block 7. Cornelius Heights Audition to the "ity of Hope, Arkansas, run thence South 17V4 degrees East along the East line of South Main Street 240 feet, run thence East ISO feet, run thence Northerly and parallel with South Wain Street 240 feet lo the South Line af Cornelius Street, run thence West r.lnng the South line of Cornelius Street to the point of beginning. TERMS OF SALE: All sales shall be for cash, and lo the highest legal bidder; provided, however, that only so much of each tract of property will be sold r.s will pay the assessment, cos 1 and penalty, and no more. WITNESS My hand ns such Commissioner, and the seal of aaid Court, .on this 14lh clay of October, 1935. County, Arkansas, within the hours entered on the 2nd day of September, DALE JONES, COMMISSIONER Oct. 14, 21, 28 " 'g '•'• .' : • H E stopped and patted her hand slowly onco more. "Well, there it is," he said at last. "I had to keep going. I left Oklahoma and I never went back. I came out this way, got into business, anrl did well. But all the time that tiling's been hanging over me. "This business up In Dover was like I told you—just a case ol mistaken identity. But—do you see?—I didn't dare get arrested, even for something I hadn't done. Because if I did, as like as not. they'd start checking up in the files, the way they always do, and they'd flnd the handbills that were sent out from Oklahoma years ago—'Wanted: For Murder,' with a photograph, description, and everything. "I'd be sent back to Oklahoma, and just as sure as you're a foot high I'd be sent up. So when 1 found out about this up in Dover, I—-well, I got panicky." He looked at her and grinned ruefully. "As a matter of fact, I'd been In a movie that Friday afternoon," he went on. "But who'd have believed me? How could I Rags bad a bottle, and he said I have proved It? I couldn't have. glad." She did not stop to analyze tier emotions, to figure out why this lust bit of news was like the lifting of a weight from her heart. She did not realize thai subconsciously she was thinking, "I'd never dare marry a man who had something like that hanging over him"; nor did she realize,that the wave of happiness that came over her at the promise that the affair would be cleaned up presently might mean that she would be ready to marry this particular man, after all. Sandy looked around. The bench was secluded by clumps ot bushes and trees, and the park was deserted as only a small-town park in the midwest can be deserted. He put bis arm about her shoulders: almost imperceptibly, she nestled against it. "Then you don't mind my— lying to you?" he said softly. She looked at him and smiled. "Not any more." she said. "1 was awfully mad when 1 first discovered It, But I don't care now." "Sure?" "Sure." "You're wonderful. I'm going to asl$ you the same thing I asked you the other day. Will you marry me?" (To Be ConUuued) IT IS EVERYTHING YOU'D EXPECT OF A MODERN GAS RANGE PLUS THE NEW CONCENTRATOR* BURNER • Every woman who cooks should see this new gas range by Norge. It is a revolutionary development in modern cooking equipment. See this new Concentrator* burner—an exclusive Norge development which provides quicker heat, saves fuel and prevents spilled liquids from clogging ports. See the new exclusive self-lifting Broilator, which uses a new principle of cooking to bring you a new taste thrill. See the new easy-to-clean oven with its rounded corners inside and out; with Norge approved heat control. And in the part you don't see— extra quality everywhere. A rigid angle iron frame supports all ( "^'•*•«»•«(•»•.,. weight, so that there is no strain on the porcelain parts. Extra heavy oven insulation prevents heat from escaping at the corners as well as through the wall. See this sensational new range. Compare it with your present coding equipment. Compare it with any other range you ever saw. Ask yourself if you do not deserve the new convenience and economy— as well as the better cooking results this .^^K range will give you, ^jfey Herapstead County Lumber Co. 30-GRK-2 :

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