Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 13
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£ i ">*?:' ^W^4Sr '»' *\S' jjfflsjgrfl i^ * * ' •*" - h - / i * HOPI Sf At, MOPI, ARKANSAS Thunday, July 24,1952 of ** rfiflmmreni by tho „ m to aft |)Hfrrm hl«h In „_ fffiiflct ^tjwwfv tftdvy &y Mil Of -•-*-••* "lit on PRESCOTT NEWS of «U »th«frj|Jifly living fefiKL 9 * 11 ^w* 8 * *H yjWrTIwBir ' * *- * JM per cent higher it» ago, ju»t before the dtnrlert. f Men jumped U of >n "point ovur the- hlfth fur IBKI JIKI-, )>m»ure of higher) rent, find irttet'et- > „ and »crVle<'», 40,000 wfltfi!'C«nw« may soXi Th««c workcrti hnvc vhlch tie Iholi' wane* tu Local Rainbow Olfi* Att«nd Bt*t« Ofric«r* Night M«rnlwr» at th« local Ords ftalllljOW Olrl* nll»'iid«rd th-r Officer* ntftnt Held nl Ute Mawmic Hall in Arkudelphlfi S«lnrrtny i»\'«»'i Ing and o«rtlcil»»ted in the mdititm ; Ann frank* w«* Jnltlat' d into the order, ! Other* thsl ntfr-mlrd wit- HOT!. rn-y Htirnlltoti Ji , Ucdt-r "f tlio DeMutay, Mr*. (.Hnitom Uumn-r, t Mr*. Jun CJriifm, Mm t'uut Kov olonkny, Mm. Lloyd Lyifh. Mm, I J, B Fr«nk», Mr«, Mary H. «m(th Mrs, O K. J'IJIK ;l»cy, Mrs Clifford Johnson, /(rysori Younger j nml lMnnr Andrew*. a\r flmH from I to tha tJnltoa m«tfl» *-; Legion Auxnry H»f July Mt.'tlng Tlio 'Arni'ficnn I.<i«lon Auxiliary mnt Mwiday nliiht »l 7;SO o'clock In UliB home of Mr*, linnuene Wl|. «<»n with Mm, Bluffed n»v(» nnd Mf*. Morlf Willis co-himlrsonii with foudtiPit mtJiifbi'iK nnd one visitor HE FARMER'S FRIEND COOK CHEMICAL CO'S OCK-BARN-GARDEN INSECT KILLER 25% CONCENTRATE ? ' '' " " ° ° T ] 2 ' ' % ^ ILORD for Hie July mr-ntlng. j Mrn. Ilcuru (list, 1,1 i-Kltli'tit, hold j tlu- lniKint/R.H f.rnjiion and told of| lit* .Hi.iiifiplislmirrtU for Ihc ji;i»t yettr, '. Mr*. DM vis h<«ld the Inntnllntion • npivifc (or Incoming officer* who am n* follow*; President, Mm,; Mlklu'd Vrhlto, llrirt vice pi.-»).| (Jnnl, Mrs. Mnxlnc Lcf.lht-tt<>i, sue-i oml vice pti-dldcrit, Mm. Hlufonl JJnvlit, m-crcUiiy, Mi,t. Mnrlr Wil,-- ll», licfljiuri'r, Mrs, Hens Gnu, cliiipliiin, Mis. Frances Wnlthr'i|>. Ito crciini iind <ookk-s WI-KJ *eivt'<l Uurinti the florin I hour, ; Mri, Thom/u Buchanan Modem To WML) Circle 2 , Mm, Thiioiiiti Btirhuniin was hoaU'SS to clri.-lt? 2 nt till; WMU Of the Klml Miiptlft Chili rh ul the homo nl Mr-K, K. I,. Uurh.-mmi on Monclny nfti:iiiot)ii with MX mi-in- bi!i« jjiru-nt, Mm, ThotniiK IIUL'liiinnn voici-d Murry. chalrin«n, ermduct.-d inn uiiHlnt!«», In the nbticncc uf the Htudy liJiidcr, Mm. I.ucy I'liillinn Mr». I... L, Diidmnttn |)i«-n<-uu;d tho fiixt chupti-r of ihi! study book "Stewardship Apt'llcd in Mj ;t lv<! cn-iini nnd ciikc were oerv «.'d by the himtcmt. Th» n«*xl iiii:i;tinK will lie on Atigiut ill in the home c,r Mrs Houy Huller. Mr, nnd Mi.t. S. A, DHIhird of Caiwtan were the Ktie.sta of Mr. itnd Mr«. llndy Hutler. 1'V'I. Di.nuld Dillliird t.t Port Ord, Colif, i-t vidltliiK hu inti'cnts. Mr, nnd Mrs. M. I, l)i|||iire| of Ito»H|<in fit. 2, nnd relative., in North Does Turnabout in Pledge Fight By JAMES MARLOW CHICAGO I*-- Tho«f! Northern Oi'mocrau who marched bravely up th«. hill Monday night, fmve now mnrvhcd rl«ht tlown ftKaln. On Momlny tht-y trit;d to tell the Kotithfin Di'ino<;nil» where to «'-' "ff find «ct out, if they wUheii. On TupMliiy they pulled buck. KfMt-ing Komi' Southern stales rnltfht tiolt the party lifter this CiilniK" HUM tuitf, thin group i)[ NorlhtrtiiM-s K«l the convention t" nppiove a resolution requiring all <li-li.-K.ili-* to Uikfl n party loyalty |-!i'«!«(.•. And the penalty If the Southern- t rt didnt *inn? Out they'd go. Mot thrown out. They could keep their seat*. Out they couldn't take purl In ti.c convention. It would in? as if they weren't there. If (his was meant to tie Hie noil. Hobby, were the quests of her father, Jim Wilson, In Hot Spi liift.i Sunduy. Miss Nona Knijle. who Is attend- Ing Heiulei HOII Stnlt> Teachers Coll«'Ki>, ArkndeliihU, spent the week riul with her pill-flits, Mr. and ivlrti. .1. A. KiiKle. Mrs. Jennie Hoyden of Con way wu» the weekend «m:su of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Thon.as. Mr. nnd Mrs. D. K. upent the weekend in Tuxurknna us the Kiif.iix of Mr. nnd Mrs. I'oiX! Hriley. ^t^K,:-. EASYTOMIX.ECONOMICAL 1 QT. MAKES UP TO 24 GALLONS OF SPRAY OR DIP -••tj*- . i BRINGS COSTS DOWN TO AS urns AS 8c A GAUON EQUAUY 8FPECTIV8 ON POULTRY, , \tVBSTOCK, OOOS, T^EES, SHRUBS AND FARM BUILDINGS Whan Uied According to Diroctlont Mr*. Mildred Unwhon iiiul lu.-r (ton, Herbert DHWJHHI of Hmi»lon, : Tt>xnw Npoitt a purl nf Insl week In t,IUI«! UucU us the j-u<\-tt;i nt roliitiv«H. Mru, Boh Slcwnrt hud a.i her 1 KiicDlH for the wct-k end Miss Ispycu .Stowiirt, Mr. und Mrs. llnr-, ry Diinltl jind di»iu;liler, 1'atrleia ' of l-lttUi Hock. Mi.ss Tminu Murry hns returned to Little Hock nfter n visit with her parent!!, Mr. und Mrs. It. T. Murry. Mrs. Huth Cnntley of Little Itoc'k visited Mrs. Electn Wells nnd J. D. Cantley over the 'week- cm!. M; rcirtlf Iliiynie of t.lttle Rock been the KiioM of his mother, Howard lluynle. jvviin thu (i j Dews mid ! end. H.-v. nnd Mrs. Wesley A, Ulnd- •icy and children are .spendinR 2 weeks In New Orleans nnd Ilous- tun. Cieoriie T. Bl.'tcknum of the Hible OepnrtniKiit at Ounchltii Col- II-KI' will fill the pulpit at the fir- .st Haptlst Church during Hcv. Mrs, Nut Woosloy and' l.indsey's absence. ol Arlaidelphla! t'sls of Ins son. Chnrlos. family over the week- $2.705.66 ! i i iJJJU, fci*?r*W*;.^*^tf u^ '*aawttwaias* 5 ^ , cyan** Poti er Stffring nc>u- .it;til,it>l/f on SHptf iijr tffli .u KffJklmaiitr—QtioiMl M t\lrii cost. More Olympic Records Fall j at Helsinki i HELSINKI i*—Two more Olym pic record* were broken today, . niaklns It 14 In ill In five days ul . li ack and field competition. But for American athletes there was a compativciy quiet Interlude after yesterday's five-ring circus nt record-wrecking. i All three American "whales" fjuallfied for the final of the ham- imr throw after Jogscf Czcrmak of Hungary broke the Olympic roc- wtl on his first toss. Hut Henry Laskau of New York, Anicrlcu's best heel-and-toe per. luriner, was disqualified in the u lal heat of the 10,000-meter walk in which Drunii Junk of Russia »et « new Olympic mark, and S. I'l-lce King Jr., Berkeley. Calif., failed to qualify for the final fin-j l.sliintf (lend last in his heat. ! Csormak whirled the 18-pound i hammer out S7.20 meter (187 feet, i 11.02 inches* to shatter the Olympic' record i.'f 185 feet, 4.06 Inches es- i inbilshed In 1038 by Karl Hein of! Ci( rmany. Junk won his heat in the 10,000- meier wnlk in 4S minutes, 5.8 seconds. The former mark of 45:13.5 j wits set by John, Mikaelsson of| Sweden, who finished second to! Junk and surpassed his old record. | In the hammer throw, Sam Kel- tcui of New York, one-time Harvard athlete, led the Americans! with a heave of 106 feet, 9-63' Queues. Martin Engcl of New York' did 184 feet, ! 2 inch, and Bobi Backus of New York, 161 feet, 11.7;( inches. They were required j only to throw 160 feet, 9.17 inches lo qualify for the final this afternoon. Lankan, a refugee from Nazi Germany nnd now a New York I business man, was disconolato af-i 1 tei his disqualification for failinKJ lo keep one foot in contact with; tho ground. Bui Coach Brutus Hamilton said i r.e would not protest. America's best prospect of winning a gold medal today appeared u> De in the 110-meter hurdles, in uiiirii Harrison Dillnrd of Clevo; land equaled the Olympic record jyistcrday. The Idea of collecting i medals was firmly Implanted in! 1ho minds of the Americans by j their startling one-two perform-j i;nee in the javelin throw yestcr-| day. Southerners tight to the parly wagun, frighten them, or maku them self-conscious, it didnt work, i Whole batches of the Southerners .s»id they wouldn't sign. They said they couldn't pledge support to a party .candidate or j ptatforni ivhich hadn't yet been revealed because the folks back I l.omo might not like either. This put them in the position of snyins: You «ivc us the kind of| candidate and platform we want. I or we dont have to play ball. j Facing a party split even before the convention was over, the northerners back- pedaled. They softened the loyalty pledge until now it has practically no mean- ins at all for any state which wants to bolt. President Truman is credited with telling the Northerners to back up and compromise. There's no mystery why: This is one year the Dc-mocmts need all the votes they CHII «et. Particularly electoral votes. When the States Rlghtcrs pulled | out of the party in 1048, they de-1 prlvcd Truman of 30 electoral! votes. This year the margin of ri j few electoral votes may mean wins or lose, I There's no single, simple cxpla-! nation of what the South wants in] this convention or the election. One thing they don't want is a; strong civil rights plank In the platform. It was a strong civil lights rights plank in 1948 which led the States nights movement «nd cost Truman those 38 electoral votes. SEE HOW AftP's LOW PRICES CUT YOUR FOOD BILLS \ Thursday, July 24,1952 MOPI STAlrHOPI, ARKANSAS FRESH FRUITS VEGETABLES Youths Close 4-H Club Conference FAYETTEVII.LE, Ark. W The annual Arkansas 4-H Club camp CALIFORNIA LEMONS Lb 19c YELLOW SQUASH 2 Ibs 15c SEEDLESS Lb. 2k KENTUCKY WONDER BEANS ^ 19c 4 DOZEN SIZE YELLOW BANANAS lb . 14c RED WASHED 5 Lbs. POTATOES 37c CALIFORNIA ORANGES , b !5c DICKIE'S Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Get Pep Feel Years Younger, Full of Vim POTATO STICKS - 10! ANN PAGE tHMM 1 !' 1 ^ up wll!i i>slri'X h:i5 ittitii 1 . C'tin Inrktns Irnii; rtli.-ii nvntc'in suii|>lcinen —. - .- caMum. (ilnwiihtiriH. \ ..iinln Ki Whjr loci old? Try Omrcx Titnir 'l'-'Mo"< to ('•cl p*-pp>'. younaff. tlKlKV Trlnl»lin-«'isl!lllp Or HAVK MOXIIY— >«t rt*"liir si III »IM i.nir -ist K«r rim ttiirt livings ttsk lo sec l.n;;c inir 1 '.<r "Ktonoiny sl»». , At.all drug stores everywhere— J in Hope, at Cox Drug. i meeting at the Univorsily of Arkansas here closed Ihis afternoon with the election of officers. Five youths were seeking the i presidency of the organization. j Yesterday, Opal Nenl of Waldron 1 was elected presidenl of the Adult; Leaders Council, succeeding his; wife. Vice presidents, chosen by regions, tfrt;: |N"ortlhwest Mrs/ Walter Schultz of Baxter County; Northeast — Mrs. J. D. Burron of Jackson County; Southwest — Mrs. Lester Davis of Columbia County; .Southeast — Buck Carter ; of Ashley County. | Mrs. J. D. Tucker of Drew Conn-! ty was elected secretary of Ihc 1 council. : Dorine Clark, 16-year-old Ink. i Ark., girl won the baking contest; A&P WHOLE No. 303 Can 23 HERE'S the flavor favorite for good taste and good heal th —Get HOLSUM! FAILY 1 Lb. Can A&P APPLE 2 No. 303 Cans A&P CHOISUM UNIFIED BAKERS 2 No. 2 Cans IONA 2 No. 303 Cans In the new plastic-looted package *^ Visiting Around Arkansas BY JOE MARSH 25c New Rice Harvesting Methods Help Retain Soils' Productivity" For Quality and Value .You Con Count 'on . Super-Right Meats t\ AlP'i fomoos Ann Pag* |Q\ Salad Dressing 'Pi -45' DECKER'S TALL KORN BACON PAPER Lb. DRY SALT JOWLS "lb. SUPER RIGHT SMOKED PICNICS Lb. SUPER RIGHT U. S. CHOICE BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK IAUCC JON « HAMS WHOLE or HALF \ 'ifr-to'coln n p^rase-a ,\**shoppor'8 market" nnd the thrill that fjoes with it. They're iiettin^ "hifrcar" coin- luvt They're getting u ru When we tell you thnt business is f{reat, we can back up that statement with figures. More jra* taking a double to develop. °* mttpket es. They like the room, the fabrics, the extra appointments they find in the smart>stepping ubove. Why don't you come in and see for yourself what's behind this popularity? ttio folks who buy known us "the low- of Buick They like the* way it handles. They like the way it's engk. nccreU. They like the belt they 11 you can anora a new car, you can be the proud owner of a £>»>«,.»/, *•««<•««, trim * " " '' >° ^""s* «»'*»•" .«•«;>•• an Roaaansttft opttoml tt « M ^ s™,. -uud they like ihc miles they get {ram a gallon oi fuel* So Buick sales are booming. Sure is true for $2 When b*Hf r and FoUi find that ejubh ooe U the TO- ""W-'^H^' WT***^ HV 'UWffH ^pIpVUWTT 'W'wpjj^l ^Kf^ffrvr BUICK will build theirs f >»„ \ •>• JK The Negro Community ty Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Item* to Mice Turner •i Hloki Funeral Home Diinniunc BURNETTS INSTANT 0 or rUMVIIiUdASSORTED FLAVORS . ^ p kgs ^DC Mrs. Vera H. Story will leave] Thursday for San Francisco, Cal-! ifornia, for an extended vacation 1 visiting relatives and friends. Mrs. Emma J. Hugh of St. Louis, Mo., has returned home after spending several days visiting relatives and friends in Hope. Emmet a ad Little Rock. Thurman Wilder of Ashdovvn! djed July 17. Funeral arrange ments arc incomptetc. Mrs. Pearl Nunlcy of Mineral Spruijs died July W. Funeral ar- rangemcnu are incomplete. Will Whitmorc of Qs»n died at Uu> Old Folk's Home in Nashville. Funeral wUl be announced later. The Hope Regulars, Negro baseball team, dropped their fourth game ol the yvar last aight to (hit Spring Hill tL*> Giants by « score of 8 to 6. in a cto«cl>- drawn QMt-W? at C«y p«rif. W» i* the )Mrd time the Qiams have be«tea the RefuUtiS to thjrc* LEMON JUICE SUNKIST FROZEN UNCLE BEN'S GUARANTEED FLUFFY ' 14-oz. CONVERTED LONG GRAIN Pkg. Most every Rood citizen knowi that "what helps my neighbors, helps me!" I'm referring to Ar- Jjansas' ever-increasing rice crop which is helping my rural neighbors. Arkansas rice •farmers—who rank third in the nation—are using combines which not <»nly harvest and sack the top-grade grain, but also scatter the rice straw in the wake of the machine. This straw, which formerly was stacked and burned, now covers 'the fields to help retain tho mulch •\ of the soil. This, with the use of ' J Arkansas-made synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, is boosting production every year. The Brewing Industry is not overlooking our good rice market, either. Every year brewers buy more than $3,000,000 worth of brewers rice and second-heads, most of which could not otherwise be marketed. More than 8,400 freight cars are used annually to haul over 67 million pounds of that rice to the brewers who provide wholesome malt beverages for tha thousands of citizens who voted overwhelmingly to retain legal sale of those beverages of moderation. Real Facts of Democratic Platform By OVID A. MARTIN CHICAGO i.T) -— Hero ore tho proposed U',">2 Democratic convention pi.ipRy of foreign policy, nn- tionul defense and labor, compared with this year's Republican planks. ' Pr.ipi>*i'd 1U52 Democratic — Piurlses i-otitinuod efforts to Rain ;t "peaco with honor" through n MrenxUietud United Nations and by eo-operaiinfi with other freedom- loving L-ouniries, not only in En r"pe but in the Pacific as Well. It lic.niises to encourage European unity and to extend support to friendly nations in the Near East and !:ioutli Asia. H also promises n "stronger Point l-'i.'iir program designed to lu-lp other countries develop their resources and technical skills. It pledges new efforts to expand world trade. Republican — Dedicates parly to "wage peace and to win it." Would support the United Nations and litIp lo make it a stronger organi- /alinn, and aid in developing col- leclive security forces to thwart ftirthi:/ spread of Coirfnumism. I-'oreiqn aid would : be extended to limits <-f this country's ability without endangering its financial sinuiiue. ,. Foreign venUnres would be designed to sePve this country's "tnliijMcncd self-interest" and to help '"frustrate" possible Soviet designs against the U. S. Promises to give greater attention to needs of freedom-loving countries in the Far East, contending Truman administration has been neglecting this area in pursuing a "Europe first" policy. Favors expansion of "mutually advantageous" world trade. Charges Democratic administrations have "lost the peace" won by World War II and "squandered" tliis country's power and prestige abroad. National defense: Proposed 1352 Democratic — Would pledge party to stand for "strong, 'balanced' land-sea-air forces. Would reject "defeatist view of those who say we cannot titiord expense and effort to defend ourselves." Republican — Charged Democratic administration has lagged in preparing nation's defenses, and promised to develop, with utmost Industralist Anti-American Lament DuPont Succumbs in- NEW LONDON, Conn. Ifl Litmmot Du Pont, 71-ycnr-old dustrinlisl who with his tw6 brothc v8 | built E. I. Du Pont De Nemoura & Co., Inc., into one of the great! chemical companies of the world.' died in n hospital here today of an undisclosed ailment. Du Pont had 'oecn ill for several weeks and had been taken to the hospital recently from his summer home on Fischer's Island, N. V. The youngest of three brothers who built up the mighty Industrial domain, was president of the company for 14 years. He headed it from 1020 to 1940. succeeding his brothers, Pierre nnd Irenee In that I position. From 1940 to 1948 he WHS chairman of the board. It was during that period the Du Pont company was called upon to use its scientific skills in helping to make A-bombs and Lnmont* shared in many of the important decisions. Feeling Swells in All Iran By NATE POUOWETZKY TEHRAN, Iran «M •-• A fren/.ied mob ol '.iO.OOO screamed anew today for I bo de;\th of former Premier Ahmed Qnvarn and anil- American feeling rose in Tehran In the wake of Mohammed Mos sadpghs latest triumphs at home »nd abroad. 'Mossadegh renominated Premier yesterday by the low'er house of Piirlianunt, now appeared undisputed boss of Iran as a result of Monday's violent outbreak which swept Q.ivam from his briefly held seat and yesterdays decision of Ihc International Court of Justice favoring Iran in its oil dispute with Britain. Green to Nominate Mr. Truman THE WHITE ELEPHANT siieed, a "completely adequate" Air Force co co-operate with land and sea forces. Labor: Proposed 1032 Democratic — Would advocate repeal of Taft- Hartlcy Law and passage of legislation that would enable the President to deal "fairly and effectively' with cases where a breakdown in collective bargaining seriously threatened national safety and welfare. Republican — Favored rcntcntion of Taft-Hartloy Act. subject,, how ever, to amendments which cxpcr icncc might show to be desirable and which would further protect the rights of labor, management and the public. CHICAGO (/!') Pennsylvania Deli-gate William .1. Clreon Jr., told' reporters last night his mind was] made up lo place Trumans name in nomination "lo straighten things out." Green said ho had consulted neither Truman nor the Pensyl- vania chairman and would not drop his plans unless ordered lo do so by the President. USE T-4-L FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT BECAUSE — It peels off the outer skin Mind exposes burled funut to kill it on contact. If not pleased IN ONU MOUH . with Instant-drylnK T-4-1., your back at any druK store. Today John S. Gibson IJruR Co. ul Copyright, 195&, United States Brewer* Fouittltit'oii, Inr., ArknnHns IHviriion /'yrnmid Buildinu, Little flock, Arkannua AIR - CONDITIONED FOR YOUR SHOPPING PLEASURE LOOK MOTHERS — Here is whafyou have been waiting for. All Playtex line for Your Baby, Pants, Bibs, Sheets, Powder, Cream 30% Discount on any item you buy. ,-'r,d a Ircc trip to the; national 4-H Club Congress in Washington. Three boys won trips to the Junior Vegetable Growers meeting in Now'York ncx^l December by taking first places in horticulture judging, grading and identification. They an; Cdrlton C. Smith of Crawford County, Tommy Buckley of Pulaski County and Billy Eof£ of Perry County. KROGER BUYER'S AINLOAD F5NER FOODS AT MONEY SAVING PRICES $1 Lb. 6 - OZ. can 19c JEWEL OIL FOR FINE COOKING Pint Bottle SWIFT'NING SWIFT'S SHORTENING 3'b. Can SWIFT'S CLEANSER U-o*. Pkg SWIFTS . Can 47* SWIFTS HAWUR6IRS ,Large Bars BOUQUET JJReg.Bars CASHMERE BOUQUET i Bath Bars .. UNIT STARCH 12-ox. Pkg. SWIFTS MEAT FOR BABIES A-JAX CLEANSER U-oz. Pkg |2^ PALMOLIVE SOAP 15 . Bars PALMOLIVE SOAP Bath Bars SUPER SUDS 27* Large Pkg. VEL Large Pkg 29* FAB k/?^ab..^Bf« Fleece Tissue Soft, as fleece! Buy 12 rolls and save. Facial Tissue 2 o B f°3oo 35c Soft, smooth, absorbent. Trqinload price. : ' \ Fleece Towels 2 R O H S 35c New Wet Strength! 150 sheet rolls. Waldorf Tissue 8 ROMS 67c Tough, soft. iPriced to save you more. Copyright 1949, The Krogir Co, V Packers Label. Cut. CORN Royal Gem. Yeljow. V 4 Pound Package LIPTON'S TEA 29c PURE CANE SUGAR 10 ub, 93c WASHING POWDER "ST 28c PURE LARD WILSON'S ... . Carton 56c WAX PAPER DIAMOND 125 Feet Roll 22c LIBBY'S FRUIT COCKTAIL 4 N !«nf 89c KRAFT Mayonnaise Regular Price 45c Special Now Pint Jar 29c Id I ^\ Assorted JCLLVJ FLAVORS Boxes 15c SARDINES FLAT Cans 15c MILK CARNATION 7 oE 98c Ub. Lb. 45c 53c GREEN PEAS Avondale or Packers. BACON Swift Oriole, 6 to 8 lb. slab. BOLOGNA Arkansas Maid, All top quality meat. Sliced or Piece.. CHICKEN LEGS «< THIGHS • 79c HEAD LETTUCE 2 ••- 29c Large/ crisp, heads. Priced to save you more. 89c Pineapple LIBBYS 2 Small Flat Cans Crushed Small Flat Cans Sliced TUNA FISH STAR KIST GREEN LABEL 29c 6i Oz. Can FROZEN FOODS WHOLESUN \ ORANGE JUICE 2 6 c£ s 29c SUPER , MARKET • PEAS • LIMA • CAULIFLOWER lOOz. Package BEANS • BROCCOLI • BRUSSELL SPROUTS PRODUCE DEPT. GRAPES Thompson Seedless A. Pounds OlC GOLDEN YELLOW BANANAS 2 Pounds 25c MARKET PEPT. TALL KORN BACON Pound 42c EXTRA LARGE LETTUCE 4 Dozen Size food "t P IDC FRESH CARROTS Package 15C HOME GROWN FRYERS Pound D/C SUN VALLEY OLEQ 2 Pounds For CURED HAMS / ';_; Pound 63c B6B S « it- t The wind-up is just around the corner. The time is short. The days are few. The greatest Closing Out Sale in Hope's History. WE HAVE AGAIN SLASHED PRICES FOR THIS WEEK-END. SHOES All on tables. Men's, Women's and Children's. Value to $10.95. $1.00 to $3.97 Ladies Ready to Wear The price has been slashed again, So hurry to get your share. SAVE 60%—Yes, Even 75% PIECE GOODS We have cut the price again SAVE AS MUCH AS ONE HALF ALL POTS Parjs, Buckets, Dishes, Cups, Saucers — Everything must go. See the Red Tag and SAVE AIL TOYS Wagons, Dolls, Tricycles, We have cut the price. Buy Now for Christmas LADIES HOSE $1,39 value. 51, 54 and 60 gauge. First quality 57c pair BOYS' x SPORT SHIRT Value to $2,39 $1.44 •MEN'S SHORTS ' ' •* t. r,*<4 69c value 42c CLOSE OUT Valuo TEE SHIRTS Men's. 69c value 3 for 97e -'• ^40 inches toide %;-'"lr8K '*•*• "jV.- *?]•• * t'jfj'V***,- 1 ' •*.'»-. ^Biv "-"' '-''^¥/^':3 PAPER ALL LINGER Re-marked and re-grouped* BIGGER SAVIN! BUYStfDGE WORK CLOTHE AT GREATLY REDUCED PRIG) Save now in our work clothei department, EVERYTHINQ MUST (50, DRESS'PANTS I TEE si All summer numbers hqve been sloshed. Value to $9,95. Alteration Free. $3 and $4 Be sure. Shop at The White ^lephant thU and better valuei, Only o few dqyt

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