Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1935
Page 4
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Playwright 12 Lion's home. 20 Afternoon meal. Sail springs. 2- He was a favorite of his Louis I thor If be Hypo- '23 Imbecile. 24 Wigwam. 25 Ripened. 27 Soft broom. 2S Aye. o2To soften, Lover of money. 37 Pit. 3U Noise. 4U To abound. •fl Striped fabric •12 Varnish in- gradient. 43 Sochi insect. 45 Herb. 40 Siislt. 47 Dower property. 4S To sup. 51 Mister. hionetary unit 2d To scatter. 21 fo dismantle. 32 Soared. aSSlemish. 2$ Thought. 27 Member of a " brown race. ?9 frost bite. SO Bdofc reviews. 3liDeparts. 33 Boats 34 Visible vapor 1 Chart. 2 English coin. 3 UnprofessiomiL 4 .Sinned. 5 Ti> peruse 6 Tree. 7 Briefs. S Crystal gazer. fl Killed It) Fifth month. 11 First woman. •$3P s'" The American housewife—ah Her <v'roast turkey, chicken pot pie, and hot i breads have the once predominant ^French cooking on the run—George * factor, famed food connoisseur '••Both the old parties have been and " t ire continually conniving at the reign 1 fcf "^monopoly. One refuses when in power to enforce the law against monopoly and the other when in power • suspends the law.—Senator Borah. SLabbr thinks more of the Constitu- .,tibn than the Liberty League ever ihought of it.. They want to restore , the liberty to starve to death —Senator <• Rush D. Holt, West Virginia ^, What of it if Italy was found guil- i^ty by a committee of the League of U'Nations? It happens m the best fam- " Hies that one loses a case at court — The Rev. Dr. J. A. F. Maynard, New V<York, defending Italian cause A man who succeeded Roosevelt would have a tough job and would '.probably be the most unpopular man "• in history.—Gov Alf M Landon, Kan- $ , I have been a long time in educa- Hickory Shade Wo had gocd preaching here Friday night and Saturday night. Also good singing Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Allen spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Bullie Chism. Mrs. Fred Wilson and little daughters spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. John Allen. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Willett and little son, spent Sunday with their mother, Mrs. Rogers and family The party given by the Misses El- \ lison's Tuesday night was well enjoyed. Miss Gene- Rogers spent Monday night arid Tuesday with Mrs. Joe Willitt of Emmet. Several from this community attended the association at DeAnn Sunday. Bro. Rister will fill his regular appointment here Saturday and Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Holscher and son and wife, attended singing here Sunday. Mrs. Carl Gilbert and little son are spending this week with home folks. FindK! Bent It! Buy It.' in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remetnber, the more you tell, the quicker you sell ' 1 time, We line, min. 30c Pot consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one at? 3 times, 6c line, min. 50« 6 times, Sc line, min. 90c 26 times, 3Vic line, min. J2.76 (Average 5V4 words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with .the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication Phone 768 tion and I have yet to hear a single valid argument against the position that education is'3 national responsibility—Dr. Robert M. Hutchins, president, University of Chicago. You can't have "horse and buggy" prices with New Deal taxes.—Henry Stude, president, American Bakers Association. Unless sanctions march with sanity it meons conflict and chaos and with them the zero hour of civilization.— Isaac Marcosson, writer. • When the British Empire puts 150 war vessels into the Mediterranean there's something more than a rehearsal of Gilbert and Sullivan in prospect.—Dr. William Y. Elliott of Harvard. Whatever may have been the case 10 years ago, America is now old enough to be to!4 the facts of life.— Edward A. Filene, Boston merchant. New Zealanders Hunt Treasure WELLINGTON, N. Z.—(#>)—Recovery of $125,000 from the American bark General Grant, which foundered off the Auckland Islands in 1866, is the aim of an expedition of 12 men which outfitted here. The Aucklanda are 300 miles south of New Zealand. ANNOUNCEMENTS Called Meeting M. M. Degree Tuesday Night Oct. 23 at 7:30 R. R. Morris, VV. M. A. Alliritton, Secy. WANTED WANTED —River Bottom Pecans. A. B. Spraggins, Southern Ice Company, Hope, Arkansas. 25-3tp WANTEP—Highest prices paid for Pecans, Metals, Chickens. Eggs, Old Batteries and Radiators. Hope Produce House 106 S. Walnut Street, Hope, Afk. . WANTED — Wicker Settee 'only) Must be in good shape and cheap. Phine 820. 25-3tc WANTED—To buy, trade or soli. Mules and horses. J am ready. Also want 3 sadlles. Torn Carrel. 26-3tp FOR KENT FOB BENT — Five room house, modern, close in. Good neighborhood. Phone 655-W. Carl Smith. 24-3t FOR SALE FOR SALE—One piano and gunshop tools. In good condition and cheap. See Mrs. B. L. Taylor 815 West Sixth St.rt-t. 23-6tp Want It Printed RIGHT? We'll have a priiuiji^ cxptit call on you. and .you'll liuvu an eco- numical, high quality joh. What' ever your needs, uc can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY "Printing Thai MiiJces an 1 v;« •, •- A HOWSJj^ HOm ARKAjJfflj. ***>y*j_i_ f |y*»i*t4ijrjT-J .I* 1 W^ > -'^Tfr?f$i;iff™vfs;r^w^ < • p^r ? \-^r^^^"-*. ,.,T^ ' r ' ! ' OUR' BOARDING HOUSE YOU AN' WENT Wrttt A , WHERE Tt>\D SIDESHOW, . . " IN THT ELEPHANT SURE 't WON'T VWE.TO T=OR TrAte MEAL, ,T*OSCO£ , VOU LU COMfe WITH ME TOR AND STAY THE NIGHT MADAM WILL WELCOME YOU LIKE A LONC3-LQ&T SON /-*-«-AND T AW\ ANXIOUS TO HEAt^ OF PROM THE. TIME: YOU LEFT MY IT BEFORE I'LL LOSE TH"-DECISION, IP YOUR WPFE, GOES jr TH'BROOIvM AS EEP YOUR GUARD "BAD NEWS By AHEftN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS AM 1 <30lW'?lVHV, 3£ THE FKOMf £Lo££t, tb MAW<3 .UP MV HAT, YOU SAM. M6 CUT, IF 1 K66P fT OM W YA DO A AW' I CAUT THROW IT OW A CHAIR, KINJ1 ? COURSE WOT/ I'M 'JES 6OMKJA MAMS'IT OP, AMD THEM COM£ BACk AM WIPE TH 1 PISHES ^ <xi WAMT tb HAN&ITINTWE PROMT £<SHT BV YMe PROMT ALL RlOH-r; 60 AH6AD, SOT I'M FOLLOWIWC5 VOM ALL THf WAV. IN THERE. AMD RI6HT BACK -" HERE, r KNOW yo /•' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES : T. M. BCC. U. S. TAT. Off. Smart Stuff THE LITTLE SKIPPER pp/r-*^ --- - i( • © i us BY MA seaviec. INC.,. 10 -i( m&* r ^ J.I?v\/itViAMs by MARTIN WL COrXCV\ V^i^^iTe TO Vr VOO VMOOVONi'T U\<E w f^y\93S BY NEA SERvtcS". INC. T. M. REG. U. s7pAT. OFF ALLtY UOJf Woolly War and a Woozy Woman By HAMLIN ILL SHOW THEM STONE-HEADED MOOVIAN5 THEY AT LAST Xrs C AMT THROW ME iw THEIE DIKJSV ou PIT I'M COMMA GIT \ AN'GET AWAY WITH IT/ WE'REGONWA MY REVEN&Ej^-x .WIPE 'EM HAH - SIR-TH AIAWRIGHT, MEM -WELL SHOW IHEM REGIMEMTS\LBMIAN SON5-OF-MOMKEYS . ALL PRE5EMT\~rHEV CAWT MOMKEY WITH US/' N'ACCOUKITED) WE'RE GOUWA WIPE 'EM OUT — FOR A FORWARD, MARCH 1 WASH TUBES ' ""*^ FIRST THE ATereeAS OI6APPeA TMEN CORNELIUS More Mysterious Than Ever By'CRANE^ 'JS Df?OWM£D, ME (=OOT/5 I THE HEAD WIT' BULLET' AMOS 6I06ER/ POUMDHIM o KJ HOUR PASSES'. THEU JOMUSkEE RAISES A SHOUT. THE GUESTS AWOTH5R SEARCri- IMQ PART 1 / By BLOSSER A Discovery FRECKLES ANT' HIS FRIENDS HOW AKID THAT ISN'T ,1 GUESS I'M < HE/. MOM, I JUST WIPED , MOM. VOU VELL,THE SCRUBS vfAWA6ED TO WlM A J BET x aAME / MOM....7ro6 ' ) WUTTY MD 600D OLD -X, ,^ A<S JUTTY BLOCKEP J{ THRILLED. i. IT'S HER EYES, STUPID THE DISH CLOTH JUST BEGIMNIWG TO THAT SAUCERAND HAVEN'T 6ONE TO I BET! THAT'S WHAT IT IS } HER EYES / OF ME / /YOU'RE PUTTING I MUST ]|H THE WATER.... BE <5 AMES" THIS VEAR . HOW COME ? IS IT BECAUSE ' T-'VE BEEM OM THE FEEL THE WEIGHT OF / YOU'VE WASHED IT MY YEARS // A ALL OVER AGAIK' .'/ IT'S PART OF j 1 j YOUR APRON // ED TO OUR •SCORE. By COWAN Smart Like a Dummy THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) WE DOM'T WANT MOME OF THEM PAYMeKJTS, LIKE VOU JU5T SAID —WE WAMTT'MAke TH' PAYMEKJT EVERV EPS -SO/ THAT wiuu BE SATISFACTORY kUHKJ. THE ^5000 CASH AMD THB BALAWCE CAU IM $5000 CASH WHAT DO VOU THIMK OP THAT, VVINJOY? PAVMEMTS. BALANCE/ tiUi BY ME* SERVIC£ t INC. T. M. HEC. U. S

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