Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1935
Page 3
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W 26, 19 HOPE, STAR, HOPJ3, The Tree The trfce held up her branches to the sky And danced nnd flirted in the ffldwing sun. She revealed in the summer just begun And kissed, drffted by, each little breeze that She Was n thing of beauty nnd of grace. It was >n..joy JO sec-her standing there When passing bloysoms brushed her lotfely fade, Or summer rains dropped softly on her hair. Then Autumn came and with n ruthless hand Tore off her clothes to add to his gay stoVe. ij Bereft and nnked then, she had to stand, And yet she scorned more lovely than before. An inner grace, a hidden symmetry, The source of nil her beauty was revealed, A soiil laid bare thnt nature had concealed And covered -With n gown of greenery. My S(Hil 'before the Lord Is always bn^e, I won'tler if ho finds some beauty thdre.—Selected. Jfe . Impressions fnr ""• Week ^ Octotiev 20-28 So many, many things arc happening in the world these dnys within the scope of a week, one is nlmost bewildered nnd puzzled as to which hns been the more impressive. I always like to begin my musings with something thnt sounds interesting, thinking probably the reader will be persuaded to finish the Column to see what it is nil about anyway—, but at times I have been impressed by so many things, that it is almost impossible to mnke n choice. Hnve you rend the nrticle entitled "Think Fast, Cnptain." In a late edition of the Saturday Evening Post? General Hugh S. Johnson of NRA fame discusses tit length the tragedies nnd blunders of the New Don], snylng thai we should prny—yeji, prny that one of the great parties will offer us the principles of the New Denl of 1932. plus ihe nssurahce of their faithful fulfillment, but there is not much lime, and in Sel'gennt Quick's clas- r-lc words in "What Price Glory" Think for the evening were In the shape of the Province of Ontario, and had also the maple leaf (he syfnbal of Ontario Following the .program, a social hour WHS enjoyed, and a itiost tempting , sandwich plate was served, during this i time, littlr- Mhs Margtirct Bush gave i humorous tending's. put*oMoMvh guests were Mrs, Nona Matthews df Little ftoek nnd Mrs. C. E. Rornig of Prescott, At Saenger Sunday Mrs. E. P. Hamilton, state secrdlary of the Order of Rebdkahs will leoVc Sunday for Senrcy, Ark,, where she will attend a two dnys session of the Rebekah assembly. fast, Cnplnin-lhink fast . ..The wrll- n ic executive committee of the Brookwood P. T. A. met in conference nr is forced to ngree. with Senator Carnway when she declares that (he present administration has made history nlong the lines Of social welfare to an extent unequalled and unnp- pronched by any other, nnd we should be slow to criticise, unless we have bettor definite remedies for public ills in the place of those employed by the government I have enjoyed reading the fiftieth anniversary edition of the Dallas Morning News, sent to me by on old classmate, who chose Texas for his adopted home, nnd hns gone lo the top in his chosen profession. It is certainly interesting rending about the rapid growth of Dallas, and the history of the growth of Dallas is the history of nil other Texas cities, for with the flnnncc chairman, Mrs. Burgher Jones on Thursday afternoon for the purpose of rounding out (ho details of the P. T. A. exchange which will be held down town early in December. Mrs. Bernard O'Dwyer, president presided and Mrs. Clifford Franks, chairman of finance committee from Paisley and Mrs. George Dodd of the high school also attended and voted lo; assist in making the exchange o success. Watch your paper for further details. The Wonians Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at 3 o'clock church. Mondny afternoon at the A short meeting of the executive board will be held immediately they do things in thnt great state of ] after the Auxiliary meeting wide open spaces,—speaking of the 'fee of Texns, reminds me of nn inscription I saw written on a box car For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec Roy Anderson and Company comiiiK out of Fort Worth early one morning, when my husband and I were on our first long automobile trip. Written on the side of the box car in big letters were these words; "The sun his riz, the sun has set. nnd we i/. in Texns yet. ' It is most interesting nnd very gratifying (o note that if ninety-year-old General Harry Rene Lee, Commandcr- in-Chief of the Confederate Veterans Little Miss Norma Jean Archer entertained at a very charming evening party in celebration of her sixth birthday anniversary on Friday evening from 7:.10 to 9 at the home of her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. E. L. Archer, 1508 South Mnin street. The Halloween motif featured the decorations, and the guests were in Halloween costumes including ghosts, black cnts, witches-, etc. Halloween games wore played under the direction of Mrs. Archer assistor by Mrs. Porter Reed, iiiv^niv-i \ji i-iitr v*\Jiin.;i_n-itin_- »^W^.*I«I«SPI had anything to do with dissenters to ^rs A E. Stonequcst, Mrs A D^ Massachusetts new flag nllcRinhcc Middlcbiooks Mis Mac Duffie and YOUR FAMILY OUT FOR DINNER Treat Them to One of Our Delicious Sunday Dinners. OYSTER DRESSING Ho-Mmlc Ice Cream Or Fried Chicken t K. C. Steaks Diamond Cafe In the Hotel Henry Up to §16.75 SILK DRESES New Styles, Colors and Fabrics Ladies Specialty Shop Insv. he would soon curb them. The new Mflssnchusetts Inw requires that school children salute the American flag. General Lee states further thnt he would like to administer Hint law. and suggests that it might be well for ether states to follow the example of the New Englanders. If the children are taught whdt that symbol is they would not huve to be told to take their hats off. ... I usually begin at the bottom of O. O. Mclnlyre's column and read up, just why, I am unable lo say unless It be thnt it seems to me he top notches at he goes down as for instance: "From nn editorial: 'No one can tell when the modern boy is in love,' "They use to tell when I was girling by the lard on my hair and squirt of vanilla on my handkerchief." . . . One of Hope's leading clubs instructed its secretary on Friday afternoon 1o address n letter to the mayor nnd (he city fathers protesting against noise nuisances thereby endorsing a campaign against unnecessary noises, if such'cities as New York and Chicago iuid Texnrknna, lo bring il nearer , can eliminate unnecessary noise, Mrs. Frank Crank. Ice cream and cake in the chosen color scheme was served to the following little friends: Jane Griffith, Darnell Crank, Katherine Anne and Mary Ellen and Buddy O'Dwyor, Don and Dick Duffie, Anna Fny Thresh, Frances Duke, Sylvin Hicks, Mary Alice Miller, Bobbie Franklin, Albert Charles Stonqucst, Kennie Ray and Marzell Reed, Crcighton Middlebrooks, Gloria Wolff and Dorothy O'Neill. M US1C Notes of Interest to Music Lovers of Southwest Arkansas , so can'ttb'pci l)p you know that! it is almost impossible to use our city auditorium for public meetings on account of the noise of the trains announcing their arrival and departure in the prolonged whistling nnd bell ringing, they seem to think necessary? The Executive Board of the W. M. U. of the First Baptist church will meet at "2:30 Mondny nfternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred Lasctcr North Elm street. Mrs. VV. H. Harrison of Fordyce is the guest of her son. Dr. Fred Harrison and Mrs. Harrison. R. On Thursday evening, October 24, the Order of the Eastern Star presented n program of addresses and .special music at the Masonic luill in honor of Mrs. Alice Bush the grand icpresentotive of Ontario, Canada. For the occasion, the hnll WHS bejiulifully decorated with a quantity of lovely roses nnd gorgeous dahlias, the favors SUN. MON. & TUES. Matinee 2:30Tues SUNDAY ~Coit^Y' antl -SHORTS— March of Time Paramount News George Burns and Grade Alton, caught in an informal moment appearing in the Paramount laugh hit, "The Big Broadcast of 1930," coming Sunday lo the Saengcr theater, with Jack Onkie, Bing Crosby, Amos 'n' Andy, Lycla Robert! and many other stage, screen and radio favorites. CHURCHES OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE 2(ith Sunday After Pentccnst 8:00 High Mass, honoring the special Feast of the day, Christ, the Kin. Discourse: "Christ, your neighbor and you." 9:15 Catechetical instructions. 6:30 Study, "Our Sunday Visitor." 7:30 Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacraments, and devotions ending the Novena in honor of Christ, the King. Thursday, the vigil of All Saints Day, holyday of obligation, is a day of prayer, fasting and abstinence. Holy Hour at 7:30 p. m. ;> Friday, All Saints Day. the first Friday of November, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at C:30. Saturday. Holy Souls Day, Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at 8:15. FIRST BAPTIST The pastor will prench at the morning hour upon, "Essentials in a world "The and Daste." Ay Tliis nrticle is written, thinking that a review of the activities of the National Federation of Music Clubs might be interesling, not only lo the members of 'the Friday Music club, but lo olhers who may be interested in music. Perhaps numbers of people here in our cwn little city do not know the aims and ambitions of the Nalional Federation, At n rccenl board meeling of the Federation new objectives were discussed and plans made for the twentieth bi-annial convention which meets in Louisville, Ky., next spring. Every state will have a committee appointed to co-operale with the Federal Music project and the Works Progress Administration. Mrs. Trcbing, state president of Music clubs in Arkansas, has appointed the following committee: Miss Wayland of Walnut Ridge, Mrs. Faye Parker of Stamps, Mrs. C. H. Moore of Pine Bluff, who proposed the sponsorship, to work on various matters in connection with this par- licular phase of the Works Progress Administration. As an encouragement for "Music In the Home," Mrs. Frnnk Starr, chairman, proposed a survey of families in the United States who perform in ensembles. Mrs. Vincent Ober of Virginia, National Junior Counselor, who conducted a "Youth Movement in Music" conference, recommended the .sale of gavels made from trees on the MiicDowcll estate, proceeds to bo used for the care of the grave of Edward MacDowcll, America's foremost composer. This would be in line with former Federation gifts to the MacDowell coloney, including $1,400. se- FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH cured through the Junior MncDowell | Guy I). iic U, PnsK r ! Crusade toward the purchase of , Our Bible school is Browing, and we ; amphitheater seats, und other dona- | would like to hvae you here to help j tions. I us in thi.s growth. Our Bible school | Specinl efforts in every state will starts at 9:45 a. m. Senator Caraway Defends New Deal Has Marie New 'History in Social Welfare Work for America DANVILLE, Ark.—Women and children crime first In Yell courtly Friday, when the orily woman In the United 'Plates Senalc and throngs of school children from the county's eight consolidated school districts were honor guests for School Day at the first Yell etaunly fair held in 14 years. Senator Hatlie W. Caraway, in addressing a large crowd of home dem- dnstra'tion women and 4-H Club members at the afternoon session, recalled her own early experiences on a farm, where she lived until she was 24. Advantages of farm life for women and children in a day of better transportation facilities and Improved stihobls were emphasized by the speaker, who told her hearers in simple, direct language of her own difficulties in youth. "I Hon't regret that I was reared on a farm," she said. "I am proud of it, and.my background there has been invabable to me in private and pub lie lilc. "Bitter understanding of legislation affeeiing farm people and their problems has been possible for me because ci rnr own farm residence. I am grateful for the privilege of being on the Agrbultural Committee in the senate, snd I have found some of my best opportunities for service there." Declaring that the Roosevelt ad- miniitration has made history along the Ines of social Welfare to an extent jiiequalled and unapproached by any nther, Mrs. Caraway urged her hcarors to be slow lo criticize unless tlley have definite remedies for public ills to offer in place of those employed bj the government. ''It seems impossible to you here, perl-lips, that people in cities and in oiler sections of the country could hive been in such danger of starva- tiln or death from cold and neglect, bit Swift action by the government to pjevsnt such 'disasters was impera- li?e." she continued. "If We had not htc\ President Roosevelt as our leodcr in this critical period conditions Un- dcubledly would have been much wtrso." Hope Meats (Continued from pitge one) British Laborte praise ffrdfn'Coach Foy Hs minor* tcllcU Nashville Star For the visitors, V. Tollett, quarterback, was the main offensive threat. Hallmark and Floyd, ends, also played Well. The starting lineup: 'HOPE NASHVILLE Turner (155) Hallmark (144) Left end Anderson (180) Reeder (1(55) Left tackle * Keith (100) Williams (150) Left guard Holly (155) F. Arnold (160) Center W. Parsorls (160) Hatch (15&) Right guard Stone (215) Hixon (240) Right tackle Ramsey (Ifi8) Floyd (188) Right end Cargile'USG) V. Tolled (150) Quarterback Barr (157) O. Ball (145) Left half Spears (156) J. Tolletl (171) Hight half Stroud (157) L. Tollett (162) Fullback Officials were: Referee—Ed Cole, U. lof A.; Umpire—Lt. J. P. McConnell, West Poinl; Head lineman, LI. J. W. Hinton, T. C. U. Substitutions for Hope: Spears for Barr, Barr for McDaniel, D. Parson lor Keith, Keith for D. Parson, Bright for Stroud, Bright for Cargile, McDaniel, Wilton and D. Parson. Substitulionjs for Nashville: Jennings for Ball, Howard for Reeder, Arnold for Arnold, Howard for Reeder. The Bobcats play Smackover here next Friday night. Stocks Advance to Accuse Government of Imperiling World Peace With Rearmament uONDON, Eng.-(/p)—Great Britain's Libor party in a manifesto containing n scathing attack upon the national government announced Friday night it wil try to abolish the House of Lords if, 4 wins . the general election No- veftber 14. Labor "seeks 'the power prove procedure in 'the House of'Com- mons,' 'the manifesto'declared. The party accused the government of starting an arms race and. "while it is paying lip service to fhe League of Nations it is planning a vast and expensive rearmament program which will only stimulate similar programs elsewhere. "This government is a danger to the peace of the world and lo the security 6f this country." "At the end of four years," the'sta'te- ment continued, "the country'faces the grim spectacle of 2,000,000 without work, with an army of well over a million and a half people on the .poor law and with a deepening tragedy in distressed areas. "Whilst doles of varying times haVe been dispensed on a lavish scale to industry after industry, not a single constructive step has been taken to improve the lot of the people." Improved Earnings, Credit Inflation Are Oeflitecl With Boom NEW YORK -(/p)—Fresh advent* In motors, Steals and Utilities that Carried some ifito new high grtJUHd for a year or longer with gains of one to three points featuretl brisk trading on the Stock Exchange ^Frlflay. Measured by the Associated Press average of 60 stocks, the 'market rose 4 of a poini to 52 5, the highest level since September 14, 1931. Transaclions lotaled 2,473,328 shares compared wilh 2,155,910 sr.BW5s on Thursday. Wall Slreet circles explained the higher prices partly in terms of'better earning reports, and the mounting tide of excess banking reserves to a new all-time high, a factor which recently has been stressed by various observers as containing potential inflationary material. While the rise was founded, on demand for a wide varity of shares, including rdcent speculative favorites among the motors and accessories,'the so-called specialties put on a Sharp burst of speed led by Coca-Cola, Which bounded up 12 poinls but lost two, closing 10 points higher at 276. Demand for this stock was said to have been based on talk in brokerage quarters lhal stockholders Will dp- prove Monday an increase in the Common from 'l.OOO'OOO shares to 4,000,000 to effect a 300 per cent stock dividend, equivalent to a 4-for-l split-up. Both Chrysler and General Motors continued their trek into new high territory, closing at 87 2-8 and 53 1-8 respectively, each with more than a point gain. General Motor's rise was scored before publication of the quarterly earnings which showed 66 cents on the common stock, compared with 51.16 a share in the June quarter and 48 cents in the September quarter last year. The decline in freight car.loadings for the week ended October 19 was shown by the Associated Press adjusted index to be somewhat more than OUR MOTTO Service With a Smile CHANT'S Drug Store "Your Trade Appreciated" person caring to read the scripture background for these sermons are invited to study the Gospel as recorded by Mark, chapters six through eight. This church is entering upon what I ij; called the "Prove Me Plsn" of financing, which moans that for three months the membership is invited to enter into a tithing covenant. The plan is being worked by chuichcs of j various denominations in maul 1 states of the south, and is meeting vith remarkable success. On last Sunday morning 10Z members of the congregation stood indicating that ^hey wanted to join the movement, and a number of othe- 1 did the same at the evening hour. N solicitors are being used, and no high the load IIWftetSBftitt "W8Stn8r. A factor in, Ihe , , W<\ ...-. the cduhtry** principal WiU will show an aggregate net prSfll September. - brdwii una o'tHer cotored sKirU by paLtical partisans in V&t>6\j» tttes, YtigdsWvte Has its "blue sTi or "bortAsW" as the moveftteTfft fctSM*' ' At a meeting rif the "bltte htttrttf'iJflflN^ at'Zenum, their leUdeY, SvefishiV $$& "' ? Jera, demanded an energetic ahti*g»rV< rrptlon campaign 1 aHd, leglslatidfy -1 redrchon in government and tftate^lfr 1 ficials and a sleMh of pensions 40 #&*"< sons not adttaHy in need of thefrt. * » He also demanded that effdrW,'re- made to "recapture" Yugoslavia's 'fri* dustnes which have fallen into lite hands of foreign capital. * Too Lhte 16 Classify , LOST— Medium sizied 'pink gold mounting. Reward. Mrs. 3&tf&& Moore Lost at football game, gfrlte See Our Selected Line of New FALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens In the Newest Fashions 1 . THfe dlFt SrlCfP (Mrs. C. fc. 'Holland We Carry a Complete Llrffe 'Bf Bibles & Testaments : Red Letter ami Reference * . BIBLES 75* Handy Size Tes'tainents , JOHN S. GlfeSQN •Drug Company Tlie <Rexall Store Pho«e 63 Delivery fT.fi ' ^*M '. \' OCTOBER 21st to 27th The public often takes for granted some of'its most valuable institutions. Very few Stop ? to realize their 'flepend- . cnce on {heir pharmacist and the untold services he rentiers. However, 'should the druggists 'close 'for a week or 'so ahfl 'immediately the full force 'df 'tKcii- importance Would ; to "everyone's 'attention. Patronize yotir druggist John R Fh'bn'e84 * he is yotJr test friend. Ct>. '1'e Sfcairp « HOPE STAR ADVERTISING IS v^-^Y-*^*^ 5; x x '- J N ' \s~. pressure campaign is planned. People j are given the privilege of having a part in this method of financing the I church. It s not new but as old as history. I The regular services will begin with ! Sunday schcol at 9:45, and continue through the worship hour at 10:55, B. , T. U. at 6:30, and evening worship at 7:30. There are some who await the ordinance of baptism and these' will be given the opportunity of reeeiv ni« ; this at the conclusion of the evening service. "POINT-OF- SHOPPING ,... _ T . ADV ERTISING •*'?« s*^ be made to improve the music in rum Moming worship hour 11 a. m., ser- churchcs; greater participation in nuin subject fo- this hour "Be Still." | junior, student musicians' and young | Eveniiu 1 worship hour 7:30 p. in., ser- j artists' contests; generous support is j "inn subject for ^the evening hour asked for American creative and re- " Tlle Miracle Man." creative art. Christian Endeavor at 6:45 p. m., in New activities include the organ _'the church bungalow. We want every ization of Past Presidents' Assembly ' >'"""« who cu " lo atu ' ml members into state chapters to raise money for state and national contest prizes; a plan to urge the use of American compositions in schools and colleges; the establishment of state operas—"by the people, for the people." In a recent meeting, Mrs. Jardine of North Dakota, national president, ex- pretsed appreciation for the splendid co-operation given by Arkansas' Federation of Music clubs, to National plans and projects. Mrs. J. C. Carlton, President Friday Music Club. Hush Little Oyster LONDON—(/Pj—English oysters are ' so wideawake they won't go to bed. Two British scientists are hard at work trying to solve that knotly problem, seeking a "biological lullaby" to cure insomnia among the bivalves. "Young oysters swim around for a short period before permanently anchoring themselves," explained Dr. Margery Knight, "but in recent years oyster beds on the.British coast have become seriously depleted. The oysters simply won't go to bed." Dr. Knight and her co-worker, Dr. Mary Parkerof Liverpool University, hope to establish artificial beds of oysters in the laboratory at the Manx biological station, Port Erin. service, which is theirs. Prayer meeting Wednesday night 7:30 |>. in. Mrs. J. F. Gorin leader. We extend a ccrdail invitation and hciiity welcome to everyone to eome and worship with us in one or all our services. Pine Bluff Wins (Continued from page one) ' _ 1 | i Hawkins kicked the goal. Smith was subjected to considerable punishment • but stood up under fire 1 and played a j ! remarkable same. ! Fordyce cauijht the Trojans napping | near the close of the second quarter, j Elliott shot a 15-yard pass to Ramsey. • Newspaper advertising is constantly sought and rfcad by men, women and children who are definitely looking for something to buy. There Hot Springs player j within 10 yards. With a clear field Ramsey scooted nearly 30 yards for ! the visitors' only score. Elliott failed to kick the goal. Longinotti went, in at the beginning I of the second half, but it was not until the last quarter that he took to the air. ; Then he had the Red Bugs dizzy. He' • threw one pa.ss for 45 yards, which ; Chappell faild to hold. Longinotti i tried again the second pass going 31 yards, which Petty caught. He then \ hurled another for 30 yards, which went over the goal line and into Chappell's hands for a touchdown. 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