The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1940
Page 10
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PAGE TEN 'BLYTHEYITAE (ARK.)" COURIER NEWS " CHASING ICEBERGS Co-Operate In Providing F u n d s For Watching Icebergs Ej K£A Service While tbcir warships Ijlnsl away at each other. Britain and Germany still co-operate in .saving lives and ships from Iceberg peril in llie North Atlantic. Along with Prance and 23 other i nations, these enemies help maintain a U. S. Coast Guard Iceberg patrol off Ihc Hunks of Newfoundland. It's a little- tougher for ihc patrol this year, however, because steamers plying the northern route to antl from Europe arc keeping their radios silent. In previous years, all icebergs .sighted along the ivay were reported to the Coast Guard. The patrol was established as a direct result of the Titanic tragedy j in 1912, when more than 15001 persons last their lives in llje luxury liner's iceberg collision. Coast Guardsmen flgur<> more lives have been saved since 1812 than were lost in the Titanic disaster. CUTTERS ,UtE NOW ON THEIR WAY Cutters are steaming northward right now for their annual International ice patrol duly. Fascinating work? Not to (he men In the service. "I'm afraid there isn't much romance, excitement or adventure in our work," drawled husky, dark-haired Richard M. Hojie, veteran of many Ice patrols, now executive officer of the cutter Poncharlrain. His trim white vessel was lied to a Slalen Island pier, wailing for orders. ."Our work's all observation and 'little action. After all, we can't destroy the bergs. The big fellows may weigh three billion pounds apiece. About «ll we can do Is locate them and plot (hpir course. Then we broadcast, four limes a day, .information about their size, speed and course. That's all there is to it." PATROL CHA1ITS COURSE or HEKCS Knowing where an iceberg is going helps a lot. And most of them follow a pretty definite route. They are usually gigantic ' chips off Greenland's northwest coast, mid they drift north and west until they strike Hie cold Labrador current near Baffin Land. Then they turn nbout. It lakes from one to three years for the bergs, nine-tenths submerged, to drift down past Newfoundland's Grand Banks. U isn't until they get this far (htvt the ice patrol is interested in them. Most of the- .patrol's* work. 'Is confined to the period! Irbm' early spring to mid-summer. By the middle 'of July, usually,, the ocean is sufficiently warm off Newfoundland to reverse the direction of the icy Labrador current.. Since' the Titanic disaster,' not one life has been lost in collisions with icebergs. THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1340 Season Between Frosts Grows 2 To 3 Weeks In 80 Years nf for the ring to be put on her finger. I 4. No. Though .slic may have I cither a maid or matron of honor. 5. At the home of the bride's parents. Best "What Would Yon Do" so- lution—fb). Party To Seek Long Lost City Of Monkey God NEW BEDFORD, Mass, <UP)Theodore A. Moixic, traveler, writer and ethnologist, will hem! (he third Ilondurnn expedition whlf h . leaves soon to find the "Lost City of the Monkey God," The expedition also plans to study imllnn tribes, explore the archaeological sites of the ancient. Chrotegan sites and chart the upper reaches of the Wampu river, which has not yet, been explored by white men. Discovery of the "lost city" was expected to throw considerable light on the people who inhabiled the country" 1,000 years ago. Stories of the existence of the city were partly confirmed In 1033 by Capt. R. Stuart Murray, an explorer. He said that natives confirmed rumors of the presence of a "great ruin, overrun by dense jungle." Murray also indicated that traces of ancienj, Chrotegan culture are believed to exist there. How icebergs travel is shown by heavy line chnrlln B their annum circuit. Small arrows indicate now ol ocean currents. train should be. what should be onsidcrcd? 3. What doe.s she do about her iig finger if she wears long elbow- Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. Is it proper for n bride to wear a white dress and veil at any sen- son of the year? 2. In deciding what length her BLYTHEVILLE WED., APRIL 17lh Hiway G1 Grounds 4. If n bride is married in » tniv- llng dress, should she have brides- mids? 5. Where do Ilic hridesmiiids meet •lien the wedding is to be In n linrch? What would you do If— Yon are a bride whose wedding ill lake place in church and you •amlcr wilh whom yon should ridr i church— en Plan lo BCI in a car wilh your bridesmaids? (Ij) Go In n oar with your father? (c> Oo will) your Hniicc? Answers 1. VPS. ir it is her first mnrri.igc, 2. The size of Die clnircli. In 11 lariji: church tin: train should be lotij;. In a sinnll clinjic-l. it should be short. 3. She may rip the scnm ot the ring ringer, niul (hen slin thnt tin- grir of the ulovc off when II Is WASHINGTON (UP) _ winters fire becoming shorter nml summers lojiBcr. acuordiua to records kc])l by tlio U. S. Weather bureau lor lln.' past HO years. The "crowing .sta.soii"— Hie time Isr-twiicn tiie last KJM-JIJ» frost iinil ihe fall frost—has in'Jieasi-d l)y rrnm two to three weeks durinti dial uedoil, j. u. Kluter. chief of Die bureau's climatology division, said. In Ihfi Mlddlc-Allnntlc area around Washington the "growing seaKon" has increased trom an average of 188 days in Hit 20-year p.Tlod. ended In JDOO, to 200 rlays for a similar period, aided in 1933 Kinccr .said. The report discloses the nslon- isliiiig migration northward of the "growing season" .since I8(i0. H hn.s moved 225 mites north, it now is as long in the vicinity of indi- "iianolis, liul., ns H was in 1857 around Nnshvllle'-Tenn. Cr»p Movement Norlli Tlie "growing soa.son" extends roughly n- om Ap ,.j| to OC | 0 | )C ,._ On llmt basis, "crop belts" have lieen tlc.slgiiaied on the basis of the lime required for crops to grow. The cotton uclt, the corn belt and (lie spring wheat bell all have been pushed northward. H has been possible, for exnjii- plc, lo grow cotton 225 miles farther north during the past .20 years than it wns in the 20 years between 1800 and 1880. Similarly, other erops requiring a longer warm, growing season can be grown farther north. Average weather around Washington tor Ihe past tlecude 1ms been approximately that of ev- trcmc southern Virginia 50 years aao. Similarly, Southern Virginia now has the climate the section more than 150 miles south had in the 1880-luw decncle. Crops have not necessarily followed the change In climate. The crops planted are determined in High-speed steel tools retain their cutting edges when heated lo temperatures at which ordinary ^tcel softens. ,. I J. L. GUARD Ontometrut Onl.v Graduate Optometrist In BlythevJUe. Glasses Fitted Correctly PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores SKIN CANCER TJirco thousand nmons die of skin ranker limnillx, which; .«'BJ tfim 1 .1 criminal negligence. Typos vary, tlnj causes 'complex,! butilskin.Tirjcer may 1)C prevented anil developed cases curctl If treated early? wnUc Uic treatment i.i a simple aff.lir. • •;•';; I'tgincnlcil motes anil flat persistent plgmcntcd warts wtiieli do not disappear like ordinary wails but slowly increase sjlonlrl tc Ireatol Ijctorc llicy develop into iiotcntinl cancers. Skin cancers arc not wliol- ly |irer«it«l till, if trcaleil in tl-rne, eaiieclally liy one skilled with lihsslotlnirajiy trealment, n cure may IJB assnrcil. Wilh yeara of slmly, PX()Crlenc.> and treatment of luunlrpds of <-.tsrs wa do nnl liesiUte lo make llila Hlateinonl. r.saiiiinallon fren anil wUlJnitl olitlEattoii. DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic fill Main Blythevllle. Ark. Phone !)« MWA6IR1E, MUSEUM ) WHO WEST.. o/ M ifrii Nitt Cwuilitid tilttniimil in i lln I., Pis,, Citi.i i> it, n,,|| Unsurpassed Arc nic Champions . Amentia T^nod Animals . Man,«lo M H «,» She2 » Tons ol aecnanls < Clowns GOan PR1GIDAIRE "Cold-Wall" PRICES REDUCED! 'Adults Now Only S5 C Children Under 12 ia c Noiv at Ncip Low Prices! We're now showing the refrigerator tluc will stay modern for years to come. It's die Trigidaire "Cold- Wall" built on an entirely new principle of food protection. Brings lifc-prescrving cokl 10 your foods in a new waytlut keeps them from drying out. Saves vitamins, saves freshness, color. Saves vital food juices days longer. Come in. New low prices are now in effect. See this new miracle of food- kceping-tlie Frigid.iirc"Cold-\Vall"at out store today. Greatest Advance In Home Refrigeration In 25 Years! ocLouul a FARMER TERMS: 1-3 DOWN 1-3 THIS FALL 1-3 FALL 1941 HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Tiny Envoy "from"' Luxembourg warmest on record, 1921 One significant effect of this "wiinn cycle"—weather bureau officials are not convinced (lint it is anything more thnn n weather cycle-tins been the enormous snv- tng In Hie fuel bill for u,o area H 1ms mulled in saving of millions of tons of coal and oilier fuel Kinccr salil. Kepoits from Kuioiic, Asia, Africa and other parts of the globe Indicate dial (lie Increase in average temperatures lias been worldwide, although not as great In some other parts as In the United states. Western Kurojic has experienced about tin. Kunc dun,,,,. !ls ( |,j s country, however. Road (Curler News vrant a(1.5 ami Runu>ol>> Much remains 10 be learned nc to why earthquakes occur more frcijiii'nlly diirln» certain periods of the year than duriiij; others, but there seems to be siilllcienl data mi hand to piovo thai most ffimkes occur in years v.hen sun- sjjots are reiver. Japan does not decorate its «<>!• diers for bravery in aellon. " H APPY HOUR GRO.& OKKT. F&£K UCLTVKitY 1 W. Mnln. St, phone U u -C-s l.e G;il!«is, nciv Minister to the United States from Lu-z- emliourg, pictured after his ic- cent arrival in Washington. Ho is first diplomatic representative sent to this country by the 098- square mile Grand Duchy in 20 years. part by traditional planting prac- tises of [tinners and ihe local facilities built up over ninny years for their processing. Change HCK:III in 187r> The upward trend in average temperatures began in about 1875. .Siiiee 1898 they have been above the 100-year average nnd have steadily increased. Weather bureau officials declined to "guess" whether Ihc abnormally severe vinler just passed may inark the turning point ol the trend. Kincer cited as examples of the abnormal warmth that has been evident for the past 20 years: Portland, Ore., 17 out of the 20 years warmer than normal, wann- est year on record, 1921; Omaha, Neb., 15 warmer than normal, warmest on record, 1931; Washington, 17 warmer than normiil, CLEAR HEADS tCUAR-HEADED BUYERS] CALL FOR Calvett BLENDED WHISKEY Calm. "Special": 90 Proof-72</ 2 % Grain Nemnl s. Oipyrn;!,! 1910, diver; Dii.illeri, Corporal ion, New Vorfc Giy. 9 • I /» ? rich ', O / IL/ll • . , U,,,, aaer Y OU don't have to lie very oUl to re-, member ivlicn only llic"bi" Iionso o on ihc hill" had electric service—when you, as a youngster, walclicd its magic, brilliance and said to yourself, "Just wait 'til we're rich!" Today we smile at ilia I memory. Now everyone ean afford finer elect ricscrviro than could be had at any price twnly ycars ago: ' Two things made this possible. First, people wain electric service. They waul to share in its benefits and tbo release it brings from back-breaking labor. Second, ihc people of your electric company have worked lirclcssly for years to improve service and reduce rates, SD lhal more and more people could have fled fie service. Together, your demand and our employees' efforts have made possible llie <imintiiy production of electricity. The more units of anything that can lie produced and sold, ihe smaller the rosi of each mik will he. If, like so many faiu- ilics, you are now using lots of light, a radio, refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, loasler, washing machine and oilier appliances, you probably pay very liltlc more to operalen// of lliese than you paid for light nlonc not so many years ago. Today, as rar as electric service is concerned, everyone is rich. Hales have come down and .standards of service have gone up because we work on ihc American principle of making a good thing bcller and selling il to more people for less money. Thai principle Has made Americans the richest people in the world. MOIIK FOU YOllll MONKY In llie T.i*t 10 to 15 year?, the mumming iin- I'rovcnlcnls ami i>i>rralin(! economics of your rlcrlrio company liavr mailc il possible In nil llie average prirc of lioUrelloM electricity just alioul in half. Mjjiy cn*tomers nrw nsinp nmrf hou. ( ctiolil .ipplianree, iol.s of liglil, a rmlin anil refrigerator j'ay % fry lit lip more to operate all nt llirsc llian lliey iiacil lo nay for light nlonr. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER CORP.

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