Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 25, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 25, 1935
Page 4
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-'^iS^^ll^lS^lfe^' : . • .• 'v- : i2pliiiis^ .-'.: '.^^i^^^'^.T-'^^-:. -^^i^' -/:•::''.;:,.'::,•• . . • > -^ ; ;;";\T^iiyfili^iyJ^2i'rte;^Wtfie N: "'; ^m"mKm^m& - :; . . HOP&f •i to Previous Puzzle i N IWI Sta 0 5 INT Mfnn MiiiHHinaa nH 1 * m of war. offl- .mallet. • 49 52 weeks. 50 Mountain range's rugged crest. 52 Repvoduction. 63 Road. 54 More fastidious. 55 Deity. 56 He won renown as a 67 He was a popular motion 'picture -. - VERTICAL 1 Goods, 2 Iron worker. 3 Part of mouth. •1 To deposit. t, Blackbird. C> Death notice. 7 Light carriage. 8 To prepare for publication. , 9 To re-broadcast IS Offer. 17 Footltke part. If Part of circle. :.'(> Golf device. 21 To give a wrong direction. 23 In Ziegteld's Follies he was a lasso-swing- Ing . 24 Onager. 25 Sheltered pine 27 Nay. 28 Dye. 29 Note In scale, 30 His speech was . 32 Ozone. 33 Slight flap. 35 Males. 36 Limb. SSWar flyer. 39 To arm anew 40 Slow. 42 Diamond surface. 43 Molding. 44 Corded cloth 46 Part of eye. 47 Dined. 50 Cuckoo. 51 Age. m 2 ••,. 31,: 1 15 Harmony ^p;Mr. and Mrs. George S. Crews, and 'Jqiiite a'few others attended tlie asso- at DeAnn the past week. ;-f|Mrs.!,;f Mabel Yar'oerry, Harmony ;StIi"<X)i teaclier, spent the week end Switlt'ihome, folks near Blevins. Williams and little son, 5f$pent'..'Monday with her sister, Mrs. *-' jAJtougherty, Irs.'Geo. Crews also called on Mrs. igherty Monday morning. gSiytt: and Mrs. H. B. Sanford, Jr., and Iphildecen,- spent Sunday with Mr. and Camp o£ Hinton vicin- . . ahd Mrs. Thad Vines and chil- were pleasant visitors at Dow. near Patmos, Sunday. !f^!$Mrs?;v'Ha'ttie Crews ana daughter, , were plesant visitors of Keir; sister and aunt, Mrs. Sid Cof- eei near Hope, Sunday. figj yMiss Mary Rogers of Green Laseter, txjsperit ".the week end with Mr. and J£;MjsL Milton Rogers. Huckabee made a business Levi Compton's near Lewisville Monday. list though is improving rapidly at this writing. Dudley Gordon was in this vicinity Wednesday. Mrs. Doi-othy Neil of McNeil called on Mrs. Harley Rogers awhile Thursday afternoon of last week. Mrs. Mabel Yarberry spent Monday night visiting Mr. and Mrs. Ber- baby, Clint Daugherty, and Willie Gray, were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. H. McMillen. Mrs. Murtie McMillen called on Mrs. Nellie Leach Sunday morning. Mrs. Ella Hodnett and Mr. and Mrs. Britt attended church at New Hope Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Andrew Gordon of Prescott called on Joe Daugherty and family recently. . Mr. and Mrs. Milton Rogers spent j Sunday night at the Hodnett home. Mrs. Nellie B. Leach spent Monday visiting in Hope. Sell It! Find It! Rent It! Buy It! i. in the Hope Star MARKET PUCE Remember, the more you tell, the :%, quicker you selL ; S- 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, mini,', mum of 3 lines in one a</ ; 3 times, Cc line, rnin. 50« , -6 times, 6c line, min. 90c . 26 times, 3%c line, min. 52.76 (Average 5\i words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication Phone 768 ANNOUNCEMENTS Oak ijrove There will be singing at this place Sunday afternoon, the public is en- vited. Miss Hattie Jackson spent Tuesday night with Catherine Ross. Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Collier spent iunday with Mr. and Mrs. Lester j Vlullins. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Collier and family spent Sunday with his brother. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Collier and family = ptnt Sunday with his brother, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Collier and family of Stamps. Mrs. J.Iary Putman spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Preston Putman and family. Miss Catherine and Jewell Ross spent Friday night with their sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lee England of Shover Springs. iilr. and Mrs. Bennie Jones called :,n Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ross Tuesday night. The party given by Catherine Ross Saturday night was attended by a largo crowd and all reported a nice time. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sparks and family spent Sunday with her mother Mrs. Dora Jackson and family. Miss Azlean Wilson spent Saturday night with Miss Hattie Jackson. Called Meeting M. M. Degree Tuesday Night Oct. 2!! at 7:30 fi. U. Morris, W. M. A. Albritton, Secy. WANTED WANTED—River Bottom Pi-can A- J3- Spraggins, Southern Ice Company, Hope, Arkansas. 25-3tp WANTED—Highest prices paid for Pepans, Metals, Chickens, Eggs, Old Batteries and Radiators. Hope Produce House 106 S. Walnut Street, Hope, ^ '^^JITED — Wicker Settee (only) ' Must be in good shape and cheap g,:-; Phine820. EHl_ "^ FOR RENT RENT — Five room house , close in. Good neighborhood FJwoe 655-W. Carl Smith. Zi-^i **fCm RENT—My six room furnish ed home in Broofcwood addition. Mi^ J. B. Schooley, Phone 1638-4 rings. ifi.'i-otp BBNT--Fi!rnlsht-cl rooms, an garage, for men roomers. Phone 102 JJ2 B, Aye. "B". ^- U P FOR SALE ."FOB SALE—One piano and gunahoi tools. In good condition and cheap. See Mrs. B. L. Taylor 815 West Sixth " Stccvt. 23-6U Want It Printed 0HT? \V'e'll have u printing expert call on ><;u, and you'll huve an economical, hiiili quiilily job. What uv«r your needs, v.c can serve them. Star Publishing COMPANY iiiK That iMalu's an luipressiuji" HOUSE By AHERN OUf dtJR WAY t>O THESE OLD rXttLE-SMOKEt) OFfWNEFLAY NN ^BY OSO NOD A TEW IN BY BEEN BLEW LUfABER ^\ANA\<3Et> =V3 A<iO r NEW^. ^ TV*' ni ii i ^ —^'—»» ^ • *f • » ' »*�� fc-n i^r— \t »•»••-» HAt> A raw BOUTS^-AN" US'EK TJOC.WHfcN 1 Kto'OEO 't*A, THE\^ SECONDS »3E^ 1P\_OACTEt> N £fV\ DOWN TW % PAVEK W\TVA TK OTHE'R V.OCb^ I BUT TV-CPURSES WER£NT NOTv\\H"- 1 -^•PA\D IAE OFF IN 7C*-, II tHsa v,«"a a^i Sir 'IM ^^ ©i ^ M\ , 10-1* uSAY-^-v. CAM YOU ^ATCH IV\F: UP W\TH A STBAK AN N ^ izzn^sa CD // II till* NX! 1" ' ' Q 1835 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U. 3. PAT. ©UT2, OUD CANVAS-"BACK BU-RKE =• mVQi .TH' 38£ W9- TWATOU' OW 6 MOf-J>»l£» +• J7T2BI tH 1 0ULL. UPlW MIS -- — ' WNOfitty _.., WITH A _„,- _, DUMB-BELLS- AM r /T6UV OUT IKJ PROMT ROLL IN' HIS WITHOUT ALL. THAT TROUBLE. *'£ *&! 8(11 ^ k ^ ,^ ^ M \\ TME IO-ZT ,J.f?.V'lrtAiKM«, sRE FREE BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES V <a IIM i Heh! Heh! by MARTIN OFF A6NNi ? ^ TO 1 ^ • / '>' M .r.-'>i }!' Jh y \v« FACT , i CQA\Cr\ O\_O fc, '(( -5? / J^ ^V" OVX. MC TWc. CCV 'S.'t.'A^O c CJ J^*K ^ r ^ •• ^•'S ^^••••'•i^'.' HHHH^^^ '•///*/. I If" I I III >'• I© 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M, REO. U. 8. PAT. ALLEY OOP maiiBBi u»mu— \s — About Face—Double Time—March! By HAMLIN ACMY, DISCOURAGED B/ THE CAPTURE OF THEIE MOWACCH, GAVE UP THEIC IMVASION OF MOO AMD TUPWED BACK TOWADD LEM. THE MOW LEADERLESS COLUMN, STCAGGLIN&'THROUGH THE \JUKJGLE,I£ HALTED BY A HAIL FROM THE WASH TUBES ^Hey/ARg you SICK ^l^ BACK TMOO VELLA &ITCHE5ELVES SAME OL TUNK, AIMT /-S VEH, HE • /HE AIWT CHAMOED A BIT' (?) 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 6. fW7HEM AMOS BK56ER FAILS TO LEAVE HIS U FOR. MEALg t _WAgM BECOMES ALARMED. " _ FKECKLES ANi' "HIS ^ LI STEM, •YbU FELLAS, I IT HAS STARTED TO RAIN .' I WAMT YOU ALL ID PUT RESIM OKJ YOUR HAHDS, SO YOU CAN GOSH I BET I . VONTQCTIW ^^BABLY NOT.' Y'KNOW, THE SECOND \ A ROLLING THAT FUMBLE ) GATHERS ^ I MADE ' / NO SCORES/ HANG ONTO THAT Encouragement sum MUTTY E NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) WHAT DID I TELL YOU .' LEW Y /iJslD WAS i SMITU PULLIN' TUET FkW= I U15 FACE RED' PHONE CAU- ON US,BY / I'LL BET HE HOLPIN' DOWN THE RECEIVER--/WONY TRY TUE.T t SURE CWJCrUT HltA RED - A ON YOU ^.MM / UANDED / ttw .SMtn, PPES,^ 1 ^ /.* *r\™ &»ks , ME : EV£M MORE ALARMER MV6O5HJ HE'S <30MEf ENOUGH' 5 THAT FUMBLE DIDN'T THINK YOU'D V'f V '••"• . J.Jm-^m Pop Goes Your Heart PAY PET. YOU KNOW 1 NO-AND DONT LET CATCH YOU TGYIN TPUT ANY FAST ONES OVER ON . IV\&, EITHER / WOULDNT DO YTUIN LIKE — Gone ^ • - By CRANED ^/HAT/ OLD Y PEAR ME.' Y NO BLOOPS7AIMS. HE JUST W/ASW'r\HO HUM.' WE BETTERT LEMOM FACE AWy BLOOD- THERE. AW' HE'5 BlU C5OMB SIMCE JSEARCM THE ISLAMp STAIWSf/ BEFORE" TH'RAW, TOO, BECAUSE Too? V "-- trVTHERE WA-SM'T AUV Me CAM ROT; POR ALL 1 THE FUMBLE VVAS AW ACCIPEWT, KID. you WERE TRVIM6 VOUR PARWpesr ALL PUEINJ6 THE FIRST HALF. THAT'S WHAT ^ WAMT/ <5ET IrJ THEP.E AMD KEEP IT UP/, TO I'LAY TACKLi; G IVE any coach a good, big pair of tackles and he can build a football team. The tacklo is u shock-absorber on defense and an iiTcsistible force on offense. He must be able to cover ground in a hurry, hit a ball car- riei with nerve-shocking force, and knife through an opposing wall. The tackle's stance on offense is with'the legs coiled under and fairly well apart, }lje,tof ^ of the inside foot being on a line with the'others heel. Head is back and tail low. On defense, he x ; squaU. down fairly low, with the inside leg Slightly advanced. On straight-ahead plays, the tackle charges powerfully: on quick-opening plays hejiises-the ziz-zag step. Agauist a normal offense he^should pla.v on the outside shou'rder of the end. '^ ' Rush passes and punts at all time.. '-OME!\ f ILL JUST RIDE UP AND DOWN VflTU • HOW MAM/ FLOORS YOU GOT, BEAUTIFUL ?

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