Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 24, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 24, 1952
Page 8
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v,t *f<T,W8T» » '.*. ** V * ,T C '* E {' :-, / t HOP I STAR, H0M, ARKANSAS f|vc« — from traffic nnd (wo Wflllfttn A. ftimh nf n<-c»turr, Ark., wft* killed when h« wn* hit o rnr mi Highway M> rwitr ry, Ark Pnlrnlmnn l*i>nrtr«| unkl finxh wnlk<<<) ni'msi* tttcr fay Ortrt I STORI IN TOWN" Semi - Annual E SALE DON'T MISS THIS GREAT SALE BE HIRE FRIDAY and SATURDAY ECIAL TABLE n't Mill Thcra ' OSIER'S ^ArvMLY SHOE STORE ,. ."WMrt (S|«Ml StiMi *f* FltUd Corr«cllv" 101 I. 2nd Sh Corbln Fciter Phone 7-6700 ThunJoy, July 24, 19SJ HOP I STAR, HOP I, AtKAMSAl My making hln second race for Ihe fttitte'* lop )»b, repeated In a North T.lttlp RI«K np^cfch htii chnr- «•' that h« flttiMlly won the IMA for him to t<-ll the voter* that he v/rtii l<-,'idlrtK the r.'icc. Democrats Out After Farm Vote l«ul, Mr*. Cecil Cox. Guard: ,J. J«k» Jon«t •Indite: I). M. Worthpy, Sam Atkins, !. p. Smith, Alternate, But Holt «ald ln*t night that Judges: A. T. Jonr-s, T. A. Mntth ! MeMrith piuthiuwl all available; Clerk*: (?.-K. Worthily. II. I., Snlis-- rurllo time rnakinK it lmp<»**lbk>g twriy. Alternntr- Clerks; John! fihauley. Fret-nmri Crlder. Guard: ' II. Worthpy. . j Pirtey Grove .j JuiJKes: Oil* Breed, Ralph Crid-' cr, Fred Hlehardit. Alternate Judges: J. n. lliKRiris. J. E. Jones Otl-i Sissln. Clerks: J. O. Cox. Uui-k Faulkner. Alternate dorks: furl Modows, J. M. Walsun. riu.-.rd: W. B, Wilson, Spring Hill •ludsfcH: OURS Smith, Eddie Monroe. Finley Turner. Alternate Judges: Oiles Foster, Horris Phillips. Karl Cftto. Clerks: Kolln M.iu:um, Klberl Tarpley. Altor- nati- ClerkM: Klrner Nation, James Anderson, Guard: Ab Hamilton. Ward 2, Hope Judges: Arl Ward, J. M. Dodson were By OVIO A. MARTIN ('Hlf'AOO '^--Dcmocruls out afif-r tin.' IM2 finm vole loclay wltli an offer of :> broarlf-ried pro- j>r;im prutectlriK aKrltulturiil piic.es noiiinst declines. Cherry Is Crippled But Campaigns By Th« A««B6l*t«d Prut Ally, O«>n, Ike Miury lfnl.iy brwijiitt up I" iJnU' li|j( AsvrUnii.f Owl |)uyi<ilh tn (lit- Aikiiiiiin Utah- wily Deportment hnvi> lii-m "(iiu!- <te«" tri nn (.'(furl i/< (till his thir-'l loirri Kiibtirnnt'irlfil nppunent. Oov. Mi'Mfttli, «lurtn<? FrflfK'lji Cherry I't-iprilril in Jiiji rnep for tlu> Deni'ii rnur i;tibi-r ontiii Kil nttirtlnikii'JM liy n |i'/'. in Jiny, in.i'li' (linn? liiii night f«u- tflM'e iriiin 1 rmlin "l;ilk;tUi'>nV lji>. fort; the (.'mnpnlKn Midi n«-xi Moo- <iiiy, M»nriwhll<», HIP oilier four enri-j (llflntci* f,,r the noiruiwllon runHim-i "j>rir:e HiipptirU "f floors, nt.w Ml In Mump the istMf In their ((tic^t |,ri.ppin« tin- basic crop.s of corn. fur MIJI[)I,II, wlii-.'il, cotton, rice, lobucco niul Ally. Oon, Ike Miirry spoke !r> iii-nntit.t, would be- extended to per- l.nke VIIIiiK;> iChlcot C'nuiityi, nntl: islmlile coinmoftitles, such n« livc- «.h«l'Ke<l thlil (lav, McM.ith'ji iirl- j f.ti.ok, dairy arid poultry products, niliilnlrullnn blocked two bills mj A funn plnnU adopted by th • Iho 105) lo(;l«liiti,ir«s which would I party's ntitloniil convention ln;;t hnvo previmleil public iiillltiesj nluht nbandonwl a flexible price from nilMltiK nite.i rtiercly by po»i-j support pronriirn—at lenst through lll« nn Indemnity bunt!. IHM™ rnrlorned In the Democratic "Under ttii« cireurniM.-ifieofi, II! plntfnrni four year* <M{O. loiikfi like he iMc-Mtitlu in jiKtim' InMcuo it :ippliiuded recc'nl nc- t'slritj hlii own pccullnr double talk,I lion of (.'onurexH in boonting sii|j Kivlng lip service In nume he hopes| pot is to u hiulu-r level thnn other j the public will gwullnw while he (jiiH'tly tclbt the boys hi- wiintsj i HOfnethlnil entirely ilifti-rciit," mild! Murry. , - f if | B H«H». Boyd Tnekelt cnll'-d for u bulldiliK proci iin\ for public- IntitiiuiionK, nnd lliild lite vt>< ullomil building ill the Deaf School "should be ! ;it too <l;uiHi-Tiiu.'i for ilnuf children to inhnbit." Tuckett until hr would support leitlnlnllun tn replm-e the Iml^lnn If ha l» t'l<-(!tt'il governor. In Texnrkmiii, (iov, McMnth pointed with prldu to ArKiinsiis' economic condllion, nnd bon.'Ucd thitt employment lmd hit nn all- liinti lil/jh tlurliiK lii.i 'l-yeur admin* if.tnitlun, *''IIM1B "DurliiK my lorni, .'HO new industries hiivo been .-iliirted. (19 flher plnnU hnvv bei-n cxpnndeil iiiid nuinufiicliii'ttlj', puyrolls hfivo bei-n inereiiHiHl ii.'i per eenl," tbe mA'irnoi snid. J«ek Holt, Hie Mttle Hock ftltoi- SPECLALTRADE OFFER C. C,'. Brytint. Alternnle Judges: Clyde Smith, Willis A. Cobb, Clifford W, Bridgers, Cloiks: W. H. Munri, Harold Oastler. Alternate Clerks: GUIs Landers, Corbln Foster. Guard: W. E. Jones. In front -of the ear. Mrs. Irene Hohinson, ,11, i if Little Hiick, druwni'd in Ihe Ar- kariNiiH liver nfler slm jumped or (ell frnm the Miiln Street liridfj.' lu Llttlw Hock, Firemen recovered tho body, Scrying You Sine* 1896 , _} I It «£,, » t>. 1 4 JSCHOtaCUTS iMBCHOPSIb, i / ** j&fa. Jitffc. ' .dub tfatt, M it <**' Kft Hi, CHOPS !b. \\*m % 10 Ib. Pure Cono SUGAR .j^ ^^ GODCHAUX 93 65 M.II pranai or iv ID. oag ^^ ^^ FLOUR 89 c 3 Lb. Carton Shortening MRS. TUCKER All Brandt of 10 Ib. bog c C 7 LARGE CANS 1 LARGE CANS M A J^ PET MILK 1.00 »1> f f * YELLOW RIPE ^ — Roast lb.hS ( BAN AN AS 2 Ibs. 7 5 }<, • l >c* ««,«. ^F ^r mm fmf ^1 •*, , Jj~_ — fcjfc. * •. ••• •. ^^^^^ — - c Ptlkiout Brown it Serve <j^ MB ROLLS 2 to 2 7 $lAWBERRIES29 c c c No. 2 SUoCon CHERRIES 5 for No, J Si M Can LIMA BEANS 7 cans AU BRANDS COFFEE Ib. C 4 U. Ctrtat PURE LARD .fudges: W. E, Loc, M. H. Mont-j l!oiru,>ry, Bill Bright, Alternate! Ji'dv s: Harold Ingram, Dale! . \Viiod.-,on. W. H. Campbell. Clerks: wise rni«hl have prevailed duriwi,' l -' rlrl Brown, Willie Stone. Alter-i the. next two years. j mile Clerks: Klgia Carman, Ear-' That cOliKressional action rt'-! rlosl Spears. Guard: Jim Carman, j quire* the government to supporti Columbus i prices «[ the basic crops (it notj Judges: Lee Hicks, T. M. Me-j less Hum 00 per cent of parity • Corkle, W, A. Downs. Alternate I until lOSS. Parity Is a standard; Judges: John Griffin, Jim H.I (or measuring (arm prices, do I Stuart. Herbert Sipes. Clerks: Mrs. i-liired by law to be equally fyirjI Allim Downs, Mrs. Dnvid Mitchell! to fitrim-rs and those who buy) AlteriKite Clerks: Mrs. Lee Hicks,' ll-.clr products. I Mrs. Fred Caldwell. Guard; J, c! | The Itepublicun convention two-Hipp, weeks ago adopted n farm plank! Word 1 A Hope that promised price supports uij Judfios: Lawrence Martin, Mrs. "whatever level Is necessary" to; n rents McPhorson, Mrs. Horace rnalnlnln balanced production, i Fuller. Alternate Judges: Mrs This has been interpreted by .some! Sam Andrews, Mrs. Harry Huw- fnrm lenders as an endorsement oflihorue, Mrs. Kelly Bryant. Clerks- the flexible system dropped for the I Mrs. Milton Eason. Mrs. Lawrence time bc'liiK by the Democrats, j Martin. Alternate Clerks: Mrs Under the flexible system, price Hoyce Smith, Joe Amour. Guard- supports could range between 7. r > Horace Fuller, ami DO per cent of parity, president Trumui^N administration has ITilici/ed Ibis system, contending it offers farmers the least proler- tii.n whin they might neud it most. The Itepubllcan plank s:iid, however, that it would aim at full- rarity farm prices at the marketplace. But it did not say how it xvould seek to achieve such n goal. The Democrats did not by mime a controversial farm plan mivaneed by Secretary of Agriculture Hrannnn In 1040. But some; of Its major objectives were, in I effect, endorsed. The Brunnim plan! called for high, rigid supports aiulj for extension of price aid to' per TAe Tire of the Century! U.S.ROYAI MASTER NOW EASIER TO OWN THAN EVER! For a limited time—during this unusual event only—you enjoy the BIGGEST savings in years on the one tire in the world with Royaltex Tread, Everlasting . Whitewalls, Renewable Safety! Don'fmissyovrcftance-COME /N TODAY! La rge G/ven Personal To Women With' Nagging Backache MKKinitljnekticliP.loesof pcpnndcnerity, mention homluclu-o uml illtxinina nmy be ilne tu «lmv- ' diiwn of kidney function. Ductorn suy iruim kldnyy function Is vuvy important to tfood health. Wliunsonu-everyday condition.auch nn nlre»» nn<l ttrnln, cnunoa tliU linimrUnt function toxluw down.many follinHunVrniiKulni: l>u':knch«—foul miserable. Minor tdud- der IrriliilMiiw du» In «-oU or wronu dh-t may Ishnblu cropn through use subsidies. of Fulbright's. Continued from Page On* is scheduled to nomiijnte FulbriKht when Arluinsas' turn ctunes on the roll cull of states. Arkansas is third on tho list, The Arkansas vote was cnsl on recommendation of Sum Lcvinc of flue Bluff, o member of the credentials committee that heard tho heatod testimony over the seats. I-ovine said thoro was "no doubt' the Shivers nnd White dole-Rations were tho legally elected ones from their states. Don'l nt'Kk-ct yoiif kidnuys If tlu'au conili- U«nn bother you. Try Doan'n Pllls-ii mild dtun-He, lined HiiccuBsfully by millioiiH for nvcrfiOycHrii, It's nrrmiiiix bow many time* Uunn'ii ulvo hax>(>y rollef from thi'su dlncom- f ortu—hulp the IS mlloaof kidney tnbeB and III- t«r» fluah out waato. Gut Dunn's 1'ilhi toduyl Never before Bonding «« pe£- ; tire—1 gives you economy* -wliile ifcey standards? See us right EASY CREDIT TERMS HOPE AUTO CO. YOUR FORD DEALER FOR OVER 30 YEARS Phone 7-2341 HOPE, ARK. 220 W. Second St. PENNE SATURDAY SPECIALS Judges and Continued Trom Page One nrrt, Ciu-l Cato. Alternate Judges: Juke Momon. T. B. Bubo, Cap Townseml. Clerks: Huby Hunt, Butty June (StiiKKs) Foslor. Guard E, W. Powell. Qurnsey Judjjea: P. B. Boyd, M. E. Patrick, 'Harvey Powell. Clocks: N. B. Coleinun, It, G. llopson. Guard Uuol Mullins. W«rd 3 Hopt Judues: Uufas Martindnlc, Clyde \Vincmlller, Andy Jordan. Alter- nnto Juc1«os: Frank J?orton, Hart Cos. Gtwgo Struud. CU>rks: Mrs. Dale Wilson. Mrs. VV. B. Mason. Alternate CU«rks: Mrs. Olin Whit- K-y, Mrs. Qlin Lewis. Guard: Charlie Huffman, BOH « Jutliitis: Hervey Holt, Foy Ham- moms. T, L. Brint, Alternate Judges: Vance Smiley, Bon Edwards. Clerks: Mrs, Aubruy Al- brUton, Mrs. Mack Stuart, Alter- note CJ«rks; Mrs. Fred Hunt. Guard: J. F. Ncwberry. BOY'S COTTON CRINKLE CREPE SPORT SHIRTS 6 to 18 81 x99 America's Best Sheet Value NATION WIDE Roy Stephenson, Neil Oslwrn, Jack Atkins. Alternate JudtSes; Oscar Hodnet, Clyde Monts, Zan Baioman. 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Monday, July 28 I Vivian Ross. | An ice dessert and embossed i cakes were served to about for-j ty guests. Assisting Mrs. Allen I were Mrs. Merlin Cox and Mrs.! ! Urover Ward. * . Richardson-^yann Marriage Announced Miss Johnnie Faye Vann. dauglv ter of Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Kellebrew of this city, became! the bride of Charles Richardson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Richardson also of this city, Saturday, July 19, in the home of the otlieinting minister, Reverend Volentine. The bride chose a white eyelet embroidered dress with white accessories. She pinned a red rose corsage at her shoulder. Mr. and Mrs. Richardson will n Hope. day, July 28, at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. LaGrone Williams, 412 South Pine, with Mrs. Steve Bader and Mrs. Sam Hartsfield as'co-hostesses. Mrs. Brack Sch- "enck will lead the Bible Study. Tuesday, July 29 Invitations have been issued to i miscellaneous shower in honor if Miss Clara Allen, bride-elect of Joe Barrentine, Tuesday night July 29, in the home of Mrs. Ora Cox. Hostess will be Miss Fay Black. Miss Barbara Complimented Ann Ross with Shower By The Associated Preii The liirly grain trading was slow today and grains Btuek close to yesterday's close. Wholesale meats wore steady to $3 lower. Hogs were steady to 25 cents lower and cattle were steady to SO cents lower. Cotton futures opened 15 to 25 • cents a bale higher. ' New York — Noon October \ cotton 3H.74. j Chicago prices were mostly: steady on choice to prime steers, yearlings and heifers. However. offering grading good and bcloxv were weak to 50 cents lower. The early carlot top was $34.25. Twelve markets have about 8,200 sheep iiiid lambs on sale compared wilh T.800 .« week ago, The only curly trading was at Kast St. Louis where good to prime spring lambs sold steady at $2!! to $21).50. New York wholesale meat prices declined SI to S3 and more on spring lamb. Beef was weak to $1 lower, veal steady and fresh pork barely steady to $2 lower. Neglected Children Dear Miss Dix: Can you help me save two little girls from A permanently ruined life'.' My staler Ann is married and has two chil- I dren by a previous marriage. She : also has three children by her ! present marriage, but I am concerned with the older two girls. Ann's husbuncl, Fred, is not too fond of the youngsters and they know it. Although he supports them, he denies them the love and understanding they need. He drinks continually and has trouble keeping a job. The family diunk done for them soon. C. T. . Answer: While it Is possible that your emotional upl.et over thl % hur.ards surrounding your nieces i may have mode your judgmen't too harsh, | ;im accepting it at face v.-ihie, The children are cer tninly in an atmosphere that Is harmful to them physically, splr I Ituall.v and morally. 1 have long i since gi\cn up wondering why a 1 mother exposes her children to uch dangers for the sake of a the oily of lM>r present residence, since It won't interfere with your work anyw'ay, and begin your courtship all over ngnln. it will take considerable effort to restore! her faith in yon, but surely it's; worth anything you can do. You have hurt her most sorely nnd are lucky that she is willing to Hive ,vxm another chance. Dear Miss Dlx: Do you consider it Improper for an engaged couple lo go alone on one-day niilo triys to neighboring cities? My parents won't permit me to go on such journeys, although all my friends have done so, MAHKI. Answer: The propriety of an no- tion often depends on the purpose behind It and the circumstances under whltfh It Is conducted. It'* true thttt many engalied couple* KO on one-day outlivR*,•, and conduct themselves so circumspectly that nn criticism could possibly be passed, If you and ytwr flnnre are people of that calibre, nnd viiur letter sounds ns If you are, you should he jjermltted to tnke- an occasional trip of this nntiu However, If your mother will worry unnecessarily over II, belter accede to her wishes. No plensX ! is wov'lh causing family concern. to Hill lljtht hits nrUcmMn. turmoil because j s | u , | of his condition. !n these drunken j j sslll , spells, and at other times too, he' beats his wife and frightens the children, »«: He is one of the cruellest men I have ever met — to the chllden as well as his wife. Tho girls have told me many times they have been whipped. They love their mother dearly, but beg me to get them away from their step Work Starts on Highway Jobs Miss Barbara Ann Ross, bride- elect Of Sfc. Nat Impson, with a shower Tuesday evening at her ome on Pond Street. The guests were received by the hostess and introduced by Mrs. Burl Ross, mother of the bride- elect, The honoree's chair was marked with a corsage of pink asters and the gifts were delivered in a decorated cart and presented to Miss Ross by Misses Myrle Lorraine Cox and Anne Marie Ward Games were played with prizes to Mrs. Mamie Sanders, Mrs. Johnnie McLeroy, and Miss • CLIB BARTON for Attorney General Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jackson Entertain with Picnic Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jackson entertained with a picnic on the lawn of their home Wednesday night in honor of Charlie Wilson, Jr. of Arkadelphia and Edwin Jackson of the Naval Base at Norfolk. Mr. Wilson will leave next week for Germany and Mr. Jackson will leave soon for Cuba. LITTLE ROCK !/!'! — Work orders Those present were: Mr. and I tor re s u r f a <y-i n g projects in Mrs. Charlie Wilson, Sr., Mr. and ! Ft. Smith, Morrilton and Russell- Mrs. Charlie Wilson, Jr., of Arka- j ville were issued yesterday by the delphia, Mrs. Foy Hammons, Jr.'state Highway Department, of Camdcn, Edwin Jackson of the Naval Base at Norfolk, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wilson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wilson and family of Columbus, Mr. and Mrs. niothol . to u . 11Vl . hill)| bul in im>bu . m wilh New York looks for unchanged, f;ithol . They lum , p ] euc |,,(i with prices on most grades of butter with a slight decline in prospect on 92 score. Some 92 score butter sold at 70 3-4 to 71 cents pel- pound. love these| Vincent Foster and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Watkins and family, Mrs. L. A. Foster, and the host and hostess. Conning and Going Mr. and Mrs. Kcrmit Guthrio and small son, Mr. Cecil Guthriu, and Misses Barbara Guthrie and Billie Doan Franks are visiting in Harrison, Yellvillo and Marshall, Arkansas. The Ft. Smith job involves 3.7 miles of grading, drainage structures, a concrete base, asphaltic | hurt my surface course and the remodeling j to stay of two bridi'es on Towson Avenue, i High way 71). | The Morrilton nnd Russellville jobs are included in one contract covering streets on Highway 04. Gurdon. Msl. Rodney McKamie, Buckner. Discharged: Mst. Rodney McKamie, Buckner, Mrs. David O'Dell and baby, Patmos, Mst. John Presley Arkadelphia. Iheir spite of everything she still loves her husband. My husband and two nieces and want to help them but are at a loss what to do. They frequently stay with us and are very happy and contented then, j f° 1M ' Both girls have lost so much I" 1 'weight that they are uiliful. They wife are seldom dressed decently nnd their stepfather even resents their going to church. The children arc! U and 11. Is there any way I could bring them into my home'.' I hale to sister but, since she wants with such a man, I feel she has no right to jeopardize the welfare of her own children. They are likely to become juvenile problems if something isn't n brute whom she believes es, but that is an Insoluble Since, however, Ann is so completely indifferent lo the Wei- hue of lu-i daughters, so'hieone else should lake them in hand. If yoi- ; .iv able, and willing, to Rive the children a good home upbringing, there is a possibility that you could In- appointed their guardian. Naturally, It must first be proven that the mother Is unfit tn keep them. (Jo to fumlly court, where you can discuss the give trained workers win proper assistance. :i Has more experience than all his opponents' combined. Endorsed 100% at Home by lawyers and judges! Pol. Adv. Paid by Paul Johnson, Monticello. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Glover and family of North Little Rock and Lorene Bryant arrived this morning for a visit with Mrs. Cecil Gutlfrie and daqghtefr-, Betty. Mr. and Mrs. Rob Jones have returned from Midland, Texas, where they visited Mr. Jones' brother, O. B. Jones and family. They also visited Fred Junior Russell in Wichita Falls, Texas. Hosoitd! Notes Josephine Admitted: Mr. W. O. Carlton, Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Louis Youns, McNab, P. B. Skinner, Rt. 4, Hope Discharged: Mrs. M. S. Bonds, Blevins, Phillip H. Ward, Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Young of McNab announce the arrival at twin '(laughters, July. 24, Each weighed six pounds and 12 oz. Dear Miss Dix: About two years ago 1 began running around with women and drinking. Up until then my wife and 1 had lived alYnost years of a happy married We have two children.' My has finally filed suit for. di- voice, but I know now that 1 love her dearly and would do anything to win her back. She says she will give me one more chance. She has moved t<» another city and wauls me to go there and try- to win her biic-k. 1 have stopp... my bad hnbits and -know they will not be resumed. A. J. Answer: Your wife's suggestion is a very good one-. Follow her to Branch Admitted: Mrs. Fred Me Junkins, Saratoga. Discharged: Mrs. Elmer Hammerick, Texarkana, Mrs. Ruth Edmonds, Hope, Mrs. Bill Thompson, Emmet. Mr. and Mrs. Fred McJunkins of Saratoga, announce the arrival of a baby girl on July 23. U. S. Seeks Payment From North L. R. NORTH LITTLE ROCK (/P) Uncle Sam wants back $1(1.122 that North Little Rock borrowed in 194G and for which Mayor Ross I.awhon says tbe-city got "just some drawings." The money was advanced by the Housing and Home Finance Agency for a public works program including a park and recreational facilities. The advance totalled $19,033. Nothing was clone about the program and now the Treasury Department has given the city until Aug. 8 to scrape up what wasn't spent. And that's just what the city will have to do, according to Lawhon. Lavvhon argues that the city does r.ot owe the money—that it was not to be repaid until construction started on the program. The treasury department doesn't agree. Pay or be' sued, it told Lawhon Wednesday. FRIDAY and SATURDAY SPECIALS (OTTON PAJAMAS GOWNS and SLIPS Plain and printed patterns. Broken Sizes. Close out. $1.95 $7.95 and $8.95 (OTTON DRESSES Dark broadcloth, ginghams, cham- brays and sheers. Sizes 10 to 20 and half sizes. Close out $5.00 HALF PRICE SALE Kate Greenaway, and Prissy Missy Sun Back Dresses and Play Clothes. All size ranges. V 2 PRICE BIG TABLE LADIES SHOES Sandals, straps and pumps, and medium heels. Broken Close out. Low sizes. $100 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS Campus air flow. Cool and comfortable in assorted colors. Sanforized broken sizes. Fast colors. $1.19 • LAST DAY • KIRK DOUGLAS THE BlCr Cartoon • News • Short! . • Starts Friday • BEST DOUBLE FEATURES PLUS LASH LRUE — in — 'THE BLACK LASH" CHAPTER TWO 'Radar Men From Moon" • COLO* CARTOON Starts Sunday SCARAMOUCH V^S^niT^TTwr^ff^diB IllWtll (IUMI GRANGER-PARKER iun wi LEIGH. FERRER Air Conditioned Air' Conditioned WRIALTD • LAST DAY • MY SON JOHI HAYES HEFLIN t Color Cartoon • • Starts Friday 2 — BIG - HITS — LITTLE TOUGH GUYS in Little Tough Guys, in Society" PLUS GILBERT ROUN0 in "THUHWt Keteaaed by The Bell,Syndicate., Inc. "*-""* •**» HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE W A. Main < WEST BROS. JULY CLEARANCE SHOP THE ENTIRE STORE — BUY NOW AND SAVE! LAST TWO DAYS OF BLANKET • v >> * f ' Buy those blankets and bedspreads now for cold weather ahead. Large selection to choose from. Buy now v on 6ur EASY LAY-A-WAY PtAN A SMALL DEPOSIT WILL HOLD YOUR 'SELECTION, m Clearance of t H> « > 1 ' I/J LADIES SUMMER PURSES Real values for Friday and Saturday -- • Reg. $1.98 PURSES $1.00 Reg, $2.98 PURSES;... 11 1 Men's Dress Sox Another, real value for Friday and Saturday. 5 prs. $1.00 Polo and T-Shirts For Boys. Real values for Friday and Saturday 4 for 97c * ; j : Ladies Shoes Cldse out of Summer Shoes. 100 pairs. For Friday and Saturday. $2.88 \ • '• Sport Shirts For men. Cool for hot summer clays, Friday and Saturday only, $1.53 Print Dresses Ladies summer" Presses "thcit"bre regular $2.99;va^i,jes, Now only Men's T-Shirt* ore oil siaes. it i J^(''M4 B t Httf 4 for $1.00 f *f jf/ ' *.! i r -• •> -i f\ Boys Sport Shirts X ' , * • *T »• • I nil <» i ^ ^. ^ -^ Sizes 1 through 16. f Plaids airid-'soBd • :-,' cbtors;. Polo Shirts Men's knit- polo shirts In assorted, ^colors "fa stripes. and -la. Va 0 Final Cleoranct Of LADIES Smart styles in nylon, voiles, ginghams an$JU Wash "'" Group No. 1 $5.88 Group No, 2 • ^P «V ' Dress Pants Summer ppnfs for ir^|\ In three price groups Friday grvd Saturday. Piece Pretty m

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