Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1937
Page 5
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rfoy, November 2B, ! 037 STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS .OUR BOARDING HOUSE with "MorlisJc llnl Sito|)? Oiu- of vmir lints is sprouting!" Hoopl LOOK, AT LAS / THAT WHO CAME t?OWKJ OUT OP HIS OAK TREE AWP INJ HERE" WltH A OF HIS 1 HAVE W APPOIMTMfeMT VOUW.3 MAW TELL, HIM COWSUMMATE tSAKfTIC IMVOLVIWG TELL HIM GOKJETO L KALAMA&DO TO LOOK AK1IAAALS AMD THfeW SHOO M/M SACK IWTO THE POREST/ KAPP JUST AMSIDUMCE AS MAtTOR HOOPL6/ MR, ATLAS WILL KMOW POOR/ WHAT •SHALL I TELL HIM 2 OUT OUR WAY PAGE By WILLIAM! >' — ' . T *~" ^ f '«—'u. i it^ TMAT THINS AGAIN TIL vou TA.KE THAT *rpP DOWN/ LOOK AT THIS $5.9fi HAT' EDITH, COME OUT OP THAT— LOOK AT VOU, TOO/ THEY'VE . CBOT TO CHANGE THESG TOPS— OfZ. WOMAN'S TOPS/ ( ! f , .•&$£•' A pvfW FLAPPER FANNY ®BY HCA SERVICC, INC. T. M. DEO. U. S. PAT. OfF. )'U get awfully tired standing up, Fanny," "What makes me tired is being stood up." All Explained N^l T, M. ptc' u f ^ pur. OFF BORMTHiRTV YEA-RS TOO SOON! fl-Zfc New England Landmark Answer to Previous Puzzle JIORIZONTAL 1,8 In 1G20 a HYQun of Erjglish Colonists landed at J2 Deception. 13 Constellation 14 Den. JCNimbre. 18 Every. 10 To coat with nn alloy. 20 To entangle. 22 Worth. 23 French. 44 To snarl. 25 Mineral spring 46 Chinese 26 Form of (< a." money. 27 Musical note. 48 Matter. 28 Lion. % 49 Assembly .30 Typo standard Place. 31 Large. 52 To tear 32 Queerer. stitches 34 Oleoresin. 54 Sun. 3d Obnoxious 55 To make plant. ready. 38 Money 5? Inlet. changing. 59 These v „„, 39 Plectrical unit colonists were fat. 40Mooley apple. s. 10 Wagon. carried the colonists, 15 The pilgrims came /or —— freedom. J7 Candle. 19 Vestige. 21 Battering machine. 24 Proverbs, 27 To imitate. 29 Poem. 31 To implore. 33 Paradises. 35 Tardier. 37Rcsinoid extract. H/6HME5S-AS ) SURE, 0,OOLA- R16HT AHEAD!i ~ PKOUD AN' I'VE GOT * TO I LOTS OF ^ESPECTTO MAKE, WITH YOUR / VOUR JUDGMENTT ' PERMISSION... r '' .t*** 4 RoVAL Jr PALACE /^ OF <J8fc MOO , t ^. .-trV-- v -,-> WASH TUBES e. — NOW, AS RULEie OF MOO-VOU MUST ABANDON VOUE-ER.-AH--RATHER-- WELL-WHAT l MEAN 15-VOU SIMPLY AAUST APOPTA POLICY OF DIGNITY— ACQUIISE A POISE-SUCH AS BE:PITS YOUR ~' STATION- It's a Great Theory, But MY HEART'S \\cv\vw AV.WEAOY '. 60 U.Y, By MARTIN *s*&& —*" "^ ZtMPLV MUST ATTENEf 7& THS FOST/M6 OF A By HAMLIN KYMOOGA', HEV! YOU'RE JV I'M LOOKING - .,. The Worm Turns NOW AS TO THAT POISE AW 1 DI6KIITY STUFF YOU WERE TALKIW' ABOUT-I THINK YOU'VE GOT SLJMPIM' THERE-GO OM-tL/M ALL y EARS' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WHAT A BREAK! WE'LL. TALK THE REP SKIMS INTO FIGHTING FORUSACAINS BREEZE KELTOM! U5TEN,YOU OLD BAfi/ INPIANS NO HELPUM OF BONES, I NEED/BOSS MAN....LON6 TIME •\J»OhAE HELPfx-HSOSS MANj TREATUM [' / INPIANS BAP. SESIPUM INDIANS DOWN RIVER... TELLUM LIE. By CRANE 42 Street. ' CO Some had 11 Relative. 43 Cubic. migrated fromia The ship VERTICAL • « Mother. 42 South 1 Chum. America. 2 Lijjiviums. 44 Aquatic bird. 3 Sen tales. 45 Anything •J Hawaiian bird steeped. 5 Russian 40 Rootstock. mountains, 47 Italian coin. 6 Sesame. 48 Taro paste. 7 Low river 50 Jewel, land. 51 Hurrah! 0 Liquid part of 53 Brooch. 54 Spain. 55 Pair, 56 E1J. 58 Paid publicity, JUKJE WAYMAKJ GOT CAUGl-fT IKJ -TWAT CRAZY MOB,RRECK .1 THIKlk I Finders Keepers You CAM'T / WELLJF GO I si \ JUME: is THERE ! I HURT, I'M YOUI3 AUKLE / C30WWA WILL HARDLYS GET MER ' HOLD EVEN ( ANKLE YOU UP .' ) ota NO, ' ANKLE.' MYRAlMORTH, SPECIAL NURSE WHY, VOLI CANTANKEROUS By BLOSSER WEXT . ...., AWP JACK REPORT FOR. DUTY AS i. REGULAE. ' NL1I?SE AMD PRPERLY IM THE PSYCHOPATHIC THE ELMWQOD "slVALES( HOME MISS WORTH, AS A WURSE \ /" VES T| YOU ARE FAMILIAE WITH \ ( DOCTOC-J voura, DUTIES -- MI? . i AMF; \ Vr— 4 - '^-y Her Work U Cut Out for Her OH,YEAH ? THERE'S A LOT MORE or THEM IN TWE:RE; GO GET OWE: OF YOUFI owsi!! VOU/2, PpTIES -Ml?. LAME WILL STAMD CbUAliD IM 7HE WARD ANJD HELP THE OTHER OROEGLIES SUgpUE AMVVIOLEMT PATIEMTS - / SEE VOU LATEE, JACK I'M dOIMCT IM TO RELIEVE WILLIE STEEM'S MlaHT NUGSE By THOMPSON AND CQll I HELLO, WILLIE- STILL FEEL LIKE PLAYING) EOUGH?

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