Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAB, HOPE, ARKANSAS MoftS You feC, the QuickC Ydil Sell" KATES WOMI, minimum ttc am«»-3%c wofd, olid. Sfc SI* Oiflw— 6e word, minimum Me 0tW month (2fi Hm«)-lSc word, ; tntnttnttm $2.76 fifties ate tot continuous l&tet* to making wotd count, disregard cta&ification name such as "Pot tfent," «Fo* Sale," etc-.— thJs Is tee. But each Initial or name, or com' ptete telephone number, counts as a htll word. For example: FOR BEN't— Three-room modem (nfnlshed apartment, with garage, dose In. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 3999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 3fc to one time; at 3%c word, 53c for three times, etc. NOTE; All -rdera placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentation at bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered . ^Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience H. R. Segn.ar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf Friday, November 26,19 Tod»/i Afftwtri Id CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions On Pajre One 1. Some Panama hats are made in Panama, but most of them are made in Ecuador. 2. The guillotine Is still used in France to i-xeciite criminals. 3. Madame Marie Curie, a French scientist, discovered radium. -I. The Grand Canyon proper is entirely within the state of Arizona. 5. Asbestos is a mineral nnd as such, will not burn. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS A Special Lodge of entered Apprentice Masons will be held Friday Night November 26. All Masons, particularly Entered Apprentice nre urged to attend. WHITFIELD LODGE NO. 238 F&AM 24-25c Lost STRAYED—Black mare mule, nge 2 to 15. weight 1,000 pounds. Reward. Jnkie Reyengn. Emmet Route One. 2G-6tp Hempstead County Mattress Shop builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street. Phone Paul Cobb, 658-M. 2-tfc Opportunities Offered HIGHEST PRICES PAID for PECANS, SCRAP IRON. METALS. P. A. LEWIS MOTOR CO. M East 2nd Street, Hope, Ark. PHONE * 18-tfc For Rent FOR RENT—Two rooms and bath partly furnished. Mrs. J. D. Cum- m.ings, 803 West Sixth St. 23-3tp FOR RENT—Furnished apartment with private bath. Mrs. W. R. Chanel- I ler, 402 South Pine street. 23-3tc | FOR RENT—Seven-room house, un- | furnished, on Pond street. See Eulu Janes at Mary's Beauty Shop. 24-3tc UAA-M^-~^ SO AAY DISPATCHED A L^TTEPa, MA<3\JATE=S WHO ARE tt^R, A\Y REVOLVING POWER I^OOP.—- KAP C ~ KAPp / UMLESS TMEV PAV ME MY PRICE X'SHALL ORGANIZE MY CMAJ COMPANV ——-HAW/ j&y WHEN THEY SEE ME INSTALL. MY DOOR, IM OF PICE COAST TO COAST, "THEY'LL THE IP* MILLIONS UPON MB <3L ADLY/ THAT'S A eov, -**& THEM PASS SOAAE OP TH' (3T3AVY YOUR WAY- BUT J':' BE CAREPUL, \ THEY PON'T STUFF I YOU PULL or J APPLESAUCE-/ J L/U\JD HE'LL COLLECT MORE <3R,EA-SE SPOTS OKJ HIS \JI-25- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THINK I'M HAULIW 1 wooo PER vew NI6HT OWLS TO BE A SETTIN' UP, AM O'CLOCK? \T THE CURFEW PA.T, Qrf / Food for Thought By MARTIN FOR RENT—Rooms with board. Reasonable. 3i5 West Division. Phone 634. Mrs. T. E.Urrey. 26-3tc" 'FOR RENT—Nice warm furnished front bedroom. Call at 401 South Elm Street. 26-ltp FOR RENT—Farm 1% Miles east of Hope. 2 houses. Good water and pasture. See Claude .Waddle. 26-3tp Fcr Sale . "FOR SALE—Easy terms, small sub- burbian Grocery, doing good business Apply 208 East 6th St.. after 4 p. m. 23-6tc. FOR SALE—Tin drums suitable for lard and syrup from 3 gaL to 14 gal. sizes—Scalding barrels—wood and iron —Priced right—lOc up. DUCKETT CHEMICAL CO. next to Southern Grain & Produce Co. 23-3tc FOR SALE—12 or 15 year old Poll Parrot and cage. Has fairly large vocabulary. Price $15.00 Mrs. Oliver Mills, Phone 255-J or 36. 23-3tp FOR SALE—Two trained country raised bird dogs, one setter, one pointer. W. B. Butler, Emmet, Ark., R. 2, Box 164. 26-3tp FOR SALE—1937 Delco Radio. Cheap for cash. See A. C. Monts. 26-3tc •XA jNfOST cUu/lmg ol noluics 1 ^couitships i<, th.it of the bud of paradise, plumed fellow of the- New Guinea jungle* It IA ;it the mating sfason that the bird of paradise renclies Ins crescendo ol o<.';mt.y Hanging hcjicl downa.-iifl from « limb, the m:ik' ol the species IJORIUS lus love milking in -i tlmrnuglily liery manner. Re;ul> in- is ,i cusoiidc of tolut, a ripple of shimmciiiiR, deepest blue; a splush of velvet bUick; a dash of blue and white, flanked by the brownish-mauve innct surface of the wings. Every motion sends color waves across the breast feathers. Swinging bade to a standing position, the bird spreads his wings in graceful arcs, fanlike, billows his plumes. Then commences a rhythmic strut, back nnd forlli, along the branches, while thb bird fences away .it Ms imaginary enemies. Intermittently the bird becomes quiet, only lo> burst anew into a raucous call as he resumes his rhythmic dance. Meanwhile, the female is. supposed to be looking on, choosing her mate. The bird r>f paradise is shown.hwe on a 19M surcharged stamp ol T' a p u a, a part or New Guinea. f Thanksgiving Bird \)O W , -OON3T S CM,OF COOU6'c! !'. BY AMO Irtt BUMCH GO\K!>(b TO ALLEY OOP OF Tttt TH\K>«. \00 TO V\KViO OOT SR.OCJrA ,OMVX Breaking Jail I THIMK Y'GOT SUMPIN TH£RE, OL SON.'LE'STRVAM' IF IT CAN'T DONE 5MAPPY WHADVA THIMK WASH TUBES HORIZONfAL, I; Favorite Thanksgiving Day fowl. 6 It belongs to the family. J3 Profit. 14 Shoe. 15 Pretense. 19 Instigators. IB Dwellings. 10 Wing. 20 Garden tenders. 21 Musical note. 32 Gale. 23 Myself. 24 Flying mamma). 25 Den. 27 Ovule. 29 Pair. 30 Pevoured. 31 Preposition. 32 Koney gatherer, 39 Sound. 35 Measure of area. 36 Ground, 37 Type standard Answer to Previous Puzzle 38 To tip. 39 This bird is raised in most purta of, the 43 Note in scale. 44 African antelope. 40 Sacred interdiction. 47 To peruse. 48 Uncommon. 49 Compact. 50 Ketch. 51 Its plumage- has a — luster. 52 Its flesh is VERTICAL 1 Ccarse cloth scarfs. 2 Part of the palate. 3 Polynesian chestnut. 4 Knapsack. 5 Judicial writ. 6 Tiny lake. 7 Stocking. 8 And. 9 Underwent speculation. 10 Charity. 11 Born. 12 One who tastes. 14 Edged. 17 Hastened. 18 Pronoun. 22 Soft mass. 23 Deportment. 24 Wager. 26 Tiny particle. 28 Organ of hearing. 29 Confined. 32 Having no head hair, 34 To exhibit, 35 Sharp and harsh. 36 Flaxen fabric, 38 Rootstock. 39 Room side. 40 Kimono sash. 41 Drove. 42 Behoifl. 43 To labor. 45 Gibbon. 46 Toward, 47 Taxi. 49 Southeast, 50 Tone P. Jesse Never Gives Up 'MEANWHILE; THERE V"AW=,BOV- MOW PLAV VOU'RE A MONKEV AW' DO SOME FAMCV CUM&IM'' -BUT CUT TH 1 MOMKEY SUSIUESS WHEM Y'GIT OUT/ OPT US A LIME DOWN) HERE. QUICK,' By HAMLIN DOW'T WORRY "TH' LIME-VOU'LL'f' HAVE IT SOON.' WITH ' GOIN' LIKE THIS, ATTA BOY, FOOZY- BUT MEVER MIND TH'MOOM JUST NOW FRECKLES AND "HIS FRIENDS MAY&E WE CAM HANDLE BREEZE ANP HER BOY FRIENPS, BUT WiMAT IF THAT ARMV OF PYGMIES IS STILL WITH TME PYGMIES? WHY-OH r WE'LL FINP A WAY TO THEfA TOO.' v^ ^•v;'^ >- x^wS By CRANE / OH, HO! WHAT DIP ~L TELL YOU! LOOK! HERE Kp! t COMES KVMOOGA WITH HIS INPIANS. WE'LL |p ? : HAVE AN AKMV OF ^>'"» f^^t^»m Sportsmanship THAT WAS ^fr" 'THE CLOSEST \ IT WAS FRECKLES/ WMO MADE (T 22 TD 2O IN SHADVSIDE'S FAVOR !.' I? ,U ' i v i ii,, \ /' I \ ' - 0 " •S'-'jtf ,. . v« * •••'•?• /nv ^RE: You IALJ. RiGWT, , FRECK 5 YOUR NORTHSIPECIAL NURSE * ' TWEY'LLMOB( OVERnD : Rga.il. S.PAT, By BLOSSER • IT'S W/CE TO WIW, MR V/AYMAWjBUT I'M SORRY I HAIS TO DO IT TD YOU .' IT'S NO DISGRACE TO BE LICKED BY A BETTER FIGHTER j SON ! i A Job for Jack SOU SEE, DB. WATKINS THE COMMISSIOME& THISJ^.5 THAT NOUIZ- PATieMT, WILLIE. STEEM, ' MAV STILL. BE CARRYING OM HIS OLP ACTIVITIES EVEN THOUGH HE HAS &EEKJ PR.OWOUNCED IMS A ME.' ^WHV, THAT'S PREPO5-\7'hJEVECTHE- TEROUS.' WILLIE It OME OF OUC- MOST VIOLEMT AMD HOPELESS CASES-' LES.VT3 OUC. OU'TV TO CHECK UP OM HIM, AMD WE'D LIKE- YOUK. v AID VOU WOM'T NEED TO WOREV )/ BUT WHAT , ABOLH US &EIN& AWV Si ABOUT THIS ] TRDU&LE.PPCTOR. JVE \ VOUW& MAN) HAO SOME RSVCHIATRV \ SMOOPIM& )EKpeSIEN)CE AWP WOULP ) V AROUMP? PC- OLAP TO HELP VOU£ / v , ^CbULAK NURSES ' 0? By THOMPSON AND COLLj " PERHAPS VOL1 COULD A ( THA"F ] ~COULD, TO USE ANOTHER':STRON& J ^EEP WILLIE ARM" ORDERLY- _—^ STE-.EM IN HAMD- BUT VOU'LL F)MD I IT"?' NO PIWK> V. 7EA/ C ,x^ lit >:. -iitoUWirittf «f, »l*K«nn! 1

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