Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 26, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 26, 1937
Page 3
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No.ygfflb.eg. 26,1937 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAG® MRS, sto HENRY The day will bring some lovely thing"I sny H over each new down: Some gay, adventurous thing to hold Against my heart when it is gone; And so I rise and go to meet The dny with wings upon my feel. 1 come upon it unaware, Some sudden beauty without name, A snatch of song, n breath of pine, A poem lit with golden flame; High tangled bird notes keenly thinned Like flying color on the wird, No day has ever failed me quite: Before the greyest day is done 1 find some misty purple bloom Or a late line of crimson sun. Each night 1 pause, remembering Some gay, adventurous, lovely thing. — Selected. (By request.) Mrs. R. V. McGinnis left Monday fur the week-end with friends in Russcll- villc. ,Shc will lie thc house guest of Mrs. John M. Thomas. Q_ Miss Elizabeth While spent Thanksgiving with her mother. Mrs. J. L. White and oilier homo folks. -O- Mr. and Mrs. John Hnlli-y nnd little daughters of Warren were Thanksgiving guests nf Mrs. Iliitluy'.s mother, Mrs. Cora Stnggs ami other relatives. -CX- Miss Miiry Noll Curler of Henderson State Tcnchcrjf college i.s spending the Thanksgiving holidays with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Carter. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Mack Onlosby of Lew- isvillo were Thanksgiving visitors in thc cily. -O— Mr. and Mrs, J. W. Perkins had as Thanksgiving guests, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kelly and Donald Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Strange, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Perkins and Mrs. John Reynolds of Stamps and Mr. nnd Mrs. C. V. Nunn and sun, city. Q The W. M. U., Fust Baptist church Let's Go! for the price BILL ANOTHER DOUBLE BARGAIN Western Thriller "Everyman's Law" Serial "Jungle Menace" Cartoon —and football »l it's best! "OVER THE GOAL" will meet at 10 o'clock Monday morning for mission study. A covered dish luncheon will be served nl noon, all the members are urged to be present. Miss Beryl Henry had as Thanksgiving guest, Miss Willie Lawson of Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Dorscy McUae entertained at a family Thanksgiving dinner at their home on West Third street. Covers were laid for Mrs. Nellie Turner, Mrs. A. C. Whitohurst, Miss Loraine Whitehurst, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey McRae, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McRao, Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. William Glover and little son, Dorscy David of Malvern and Benford McHne Mr. and Mrs. Dorscy McRac Sr. -O- The 12 year girls of the First Baptist church will entertain at a party at 6:30 Friday evening at Failli hall, South Main street. -Q- Mrs. E. F. Formby and daughter, Robbie of Lillle Rock arc guests of Judge and Mrs. H. F. Rider and other relative.-!. -O~Dr. and Mrs. G. K. Cannon had as Thanksgiving guests, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Seoggins and children of Te-x- arkanii, Mr, and Mrs. Charles Welsh of Arkadclphia nnd Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Vicks of Balon Kongo, La. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. S. Atkins had as Thanksgiving guests, Mr. ami Mrs. John Atkins of Little Rock and Miss Ruth Atkin.s of Henderson Slate Teachers college, Arkiidelphia. Prescctt Auxiliary Sponsors Barn Dance The Prcscoll Band Auxiliary is sponsoring a barn dunce al (lie new Prcs- coll High School gymnasium Friday night, starling at 7:30 o'clock. The Prcscoll band, under direction of Ruel Oliver, will he presented in a concert before thc dance begins. Dorman's .siring bund of Prcscolt will play for Ihe dance. - -- ~^» •«•>—•-"How difl you like thoc Chinese backscratchers I brought you'.'" "Is that what they were—Chinese back-scratchers! My wife's been making me cat salnd with thorn!"—Selected. A bricklayer working on (he top of a high building accidentally dropped a brick on the head of a passing colored boy. "Be careful, big boy," yelled the darkey; "you made me bile my tongue." HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. Noel Perkin, General Secretary of the Assemblies of God, will speak at the Hope Gospel Tabernacle, North Main Street, three limes on Sunday, the hours being 11, 2:30 nnd 7:30. The Rev. Mr. Pergln has recently Quaker Oats Will Begin Campaign Six Months Advertising Campaign Given to Hope Star The Star has recently been appoint... i •_ eel by the Quaker Onls Company for a returned from a world tour during new s|x monthg adverlisin g campa ign which he visit- Qu(jker 0ft(JJ thc CGroal for me cd many ol the Dlw £ c Quins countries of Eu- Th|J n0wspaper campaign wilt have rope and Asm] Rs onc of 1(JJ fcnlurcs a monoplane as well as South glidcr offer 11ic gllder simi i Dr in ap- Amcric a and j.^^^ nnd , n pcr ( ormnnco to giant /Vfncn ami is in monop i aneSj was designed hy one of a p o s 11 i o n to thc famous W right Brothers and can some first hand KO use( j in learning some of the funda- information on'mental principles of flying the man- world conditions s j zec l p ] H no.s. both pollticallyl The announcement of the campaign and religiously.' a nd offer was received with a great His position as ( \cn\ of interest hy the Hope grocery Missionay Sec-' (rnde, as it assures them of generous rotary places local, as well as national, advertising Rev. I'erkin him in constant touch with some of support. STARTS SUN. thc nation.-! of the world almost daily by cable, loiter and Ic'lcphonc, He has 2:30 in the afternoon is to be a high been in charge of dirccHitms in regard | point of the day when many out of town visitors arc expected to be present. The truck will run as usual to bring people from the Guernsey community to Sunday school and those, especially young people, who do not come in in thc morning should catch the truck on its way back sometime about noon and attend thc afternoon Christ's Am- bzassadors service at 2:30. Rev. Porkin and Mrs. Slokcs will be on the program. to the safely of American Missionaries in China and Japan due to the current war. Most of the speaking engagements of Hev. Perkin are at Missionary convent ions and such and Hope is fortunate indeed to have him appear here for three .services next Sunday. He is .said U> be one of the most interesting and convincing speakers ever heard in Hope. Delegations from ten or twelve towns Rural School Has Single Pupil in southwest Arkfin.sas are expected to I Special music by thc orchestra as IK- present for thc afternoon meeting well as vocal numbers will feature all Sunday ill 2:30. This will be a Young the services on Sunday. Peoples Rally service at which all will he welcomed to hear the reports from Sister Stokes is to speak to the Christs Ambassadors at G:30. the Youin; People and also to hear Children's ( church will be held at Rev. Perkin deliver the sermon of the i thc same time. afternoon. I R°v. Perkin is thc night speaker, According to the pastor, Rev. Bert the service beginning al 7:30. Spend Webb, the general pulik-i is given u; an enjoyable hour at the Tabernacle, cordaial invitation to hear this oul-j Sunday night, il is Hopes Full-gospel standing man, preferably at all the ( center, services nnd at least one or more of -ENDS- SATURDAY AGAIN- 2 we'll treat you (o n swell (loidilc show! JACK HOLT in Cartoon— Novelty—Musical SAT. 11 a.m. toll p.m. BOB STEELE —in— The RED ROPE' No. S "J'ainU-cl Stallion" Comedy anil C'arloon D i r- i i Brliw >'"'"' '" 2 " :! Boys! Girls! Fro SUN. & MON. them. He come.s 1i> Hopo directly frtwn a confi.'conco wilii the officials of the Spanish and Central American countries of the Assemblies of God. I'fKST BAI'TIST CHUHC'II W. K. Hiimlltim, 1'asdir The Sunday .school attendance in November has been much belter than il was a year ago, or two years aH". We had 3.V.I present November 7, Ml November 14, and !!!() last Sunday. Despite the cold weather livst Sunday the average for the month so far is 343. F1UST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Titos. Brewsli-r, Minister Sunday school 9:45 a. m. next Lord's Day morning. Morning service at 10:55 o'clock. Vesper service at 5 p. m. Senior Young People's group will meet at 6 o'clock. Mi(i-wcek service Wednesday 7:30 in thc Education Building. You are cordially invited to any or all of these meetings. — -•-•«»A Sure Cure During an epidemic in a small south- Let UK pull this figure up to 380 aver- ern town every infected house was put age for the month. This can he done under quarantine. After Ihc disease easily if all tho.se who arc enrolled will had been checked, an old negre.ss pro- come next Sunday. Or even more im- tested vigorously when the health of- portancc than the number present is ficcrs started to take down the sign (ho benefit received in the study of on her house. thc Bible by those who attend. Be! "Why, Auntie," exclaimed thc of- thcre at fl:<!5 a. m. ' ficer, "why don't you want me to take Thc pastor preaches nl the 10:55 wor- it down?" ship service on "The ChVistinn's Con-| "Well, Bah," .she answered, "dey ception of Mimcy-Using." | ain't bc'n a bill collector ncah clis The Training Union, for old and housc s j ncc <? at si S n wenl U P' You a11 young alike, meets at :30. The evening service, in chnrBo of thc pastor, opens with a season of congre- gntional singing at 7:30. Thc sermon lct ll " "°' ,. , , ., ,, r. . Marquesan people of the Sou th Sea lslands measure cooking time of their subject is "The Great Invitation." i natl Y, c ™ c >P es . bv * e . smoking of a Everyone is welcome in all the scrv- s l' cclflcd "umber of cigarcts. ices of the church "Where Ihc Highways Cross." Tow-headed UuiieJ i-iadlcy, 6, has no Uouble being "teacher's i.".t" for he is the only pupil at the Boilon rural school in Montgomery county. Kansas. At the start of the term, Teacher Hoy Needels had no pupils, then Darrel transferred Irom another school and saved Needels Irom coining daily to a completely empty schoolroom. Photos show IJarrel and his teacher both Inside and out of the one- rouir schoolhouse Note the rows of emptf desks." "*""" Oatmeal Is Good Crumb Substitute Following Ingredients Are Essential in Preparing Torte When a cake wears its welcome out and lasts longer than the family's appetite then many housewives think it's time to bake a Torte. However, for the cook whose cakes are so good that they disappear before she can salvage any crumbs, oatmeal acts as a good crumb subslitutein preparing lories. The eggs and nuts give the oatmeal torte its lightness and richness. The following ingredienls are essential in preparing Oatmeal Torte; I cup all-purpose flour, 4 eggs, separated, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 2 cups Quick Quaker Oats, V4 teaspoon alt, Vfe cup butter, 1% cups sugar, 1 enspaon vanilla, % cup milk, 1 cup chopped nuts.. Sift flour, measure and resift with baking powder and salt. Cream but- er, add 1 cup of sugar and blend, hen add egg yolks one at a time and >eat thoroughly. Add vanilla. Add Quaker Oats to flour mixture and add ,lo butter mixture alternately with milk, beginning and ending with dry ngredients. Place mixture in refrigerator and beat egg whites until frolhy; hen to this add remaining sugar, seating until smooth and stiff; Spread matter over bottoms of 2 well buttered 9-inch spring form pans. Spread me- rangue over surfaces and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Bake in moderate oven 530 degrees for 30 minutes. Cool and put together with following pineapple filling: One-half cup water, 1 cup crushed pineapple, 1 tablespoon cornstarch, Vt cup sugar, 1 egg, beaten, salt. Turn water and pineapple into top of double boiler. Add cornstarch, sugar and'salt and cook over boiling water 20 minutes, stirring constantliy. Add hot mixture slowly to beaten egg, stirring well, then return it to double boiler, and cook 2 minutes longer. Spread this when cooled between layers of torte. Serve with whipped cream. Makes 12 servings. • HOPE (JOSl'KL TAUERNACLE Kcv. Ik-rl Webb, I'astor Weekly Sunday School Lesson By WM. E. GILROY, D. D. Editor of Advance Christian Fruitfiilncss Text: John 15:1-16 From the figure of sowing and reaping in our last lesson, wilh Ihc assurance thai whatsoever man sowcth, that shall he also reap, we turn in Ihis lesson lo consider somewhat the same Ihing under Ihc symbol of Ihe wine and ils fruitful yield. How docs the vine yield its fruit? Through its roots in the soil, through its contact with the fruit-giving pow- . Colo WAUTEH usual Let's have a great turnout Sunday for Sunday school lo greet Sister Stokes, District Sunday School and Christ's Ambassadors .superintendent, wl.'u i.s expected lo be present and have soiiiL'thiix; lo say to Ihe Sunday .school. .Shall we all put forth special effort to come ourselves and see that .some-one else eomus along to Sunday ' school nl !tf!5. Rev. Noel Perkin, Reneral missionary secretary, of Springfield, Mo., will deliver the Sunday morning message at the 11 o'clock worship service. It svill he worth your while lo lay aside other things and hear this thoroughly spiritual and ahle minister speak at Ihis and the oilier services of the day mi Sunday. The Christ's Ambassador Rally at JACK and SECK SHORT ORDERS Chili Mm-—Hut Pork Sandwiches 216 South Walnut i OWNERS— We Invite Vimr Imjuiry T K K IU I T K C O N T K O L - At Reasonable Prices Home Service Co. Hope Roy Allison, IMgr. Ark. STARTS SUN. I Oh, Boy- FBED ASTA1RE -l.i- "4 Damsel iu Distress' M'S fi GO SMARTLY DRESSED BE WARM IN A Printzess Sport Coats LAPIES' Specialty Shop CALL NUMBERS Pattern A "Ltoe» , ,> "JPa, what do&t it rteaft Here tH? til* ptomatic phraiettidgy?" *' "My son, if yoli tell k gtfl that ttffil stands still while you gate Ittte .K&t eyes, that's diplomacy. But, if you tefl her that her face would stop & you're in for it." More than 3000 children under S years of age die every year in (ftfe United States as the result of burM, OHT COUOHS ,due to colds., ,c without "dosing"* . Top Long! of nature, through the care with which thc vineyard keeper trims it and keeps it directed into disciplined production. So il is, says Jesus, in the Christian life. It is in proper contact with Ihe forces of grace and Irulh lhat the spiritual vine yields its fruil. Christ is thc true vine, and God Ihe Father is the husbandman. A man cannol bear fruit in his life except as he is directly in touch wilh his source of spiritual life. We must abide in Christ if ,we would bear Christian fruit. This relationship of the branch to the vine is a mutual relationship As long as the branch is abiding in the vine, it is of the same substance and quality. It is God's purpose concerning men lhat their lives should be fruitful. The Father is glorified, says Jesus, in our bearing much fruit, and it is in this lhat we manifest our discipleship. From this figure of the'vine and the branch Jesus turns lo speak more di- reclly lo love. Il is love lhal is Ihe essence of the vine and Ihe branch. Il is love lhat constitutes the relalion- ship belween God and Chrisl and. ourselves. Expsricnce of Ihe Christian comes from the love of God and thc grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. As we have this divine love, so it is our privilege to abide in it. And thc test of thc reality of our love is our fulfillment of the commandments of Jesus, even as he fulfills the Father's commandments and abides in the Falh- er's love. What a rich experience it is that Jesus opens up to thc Christian! "These things have I spoken unto you," he says, "thai my joy may be in you, and thai your joy may be made full." It is an interesting study to search out all the passages in the New Testament where "joy" is mentioned. The Christian life is not a life of dullness, or of sober seri ousness. It is not even onc of passionate earnestness. H misses its climax unless there be in it real joy—the exuberance that erics in ecstacy. "Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable gift," Country Conslable: "Pardon miss, bul swimming is nol allowed in this lake." Citty Flapper: "Why didn't you tell me before I undressed?" Country Constable: "Well, there ain't no law against undrcssin'." INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON anjl Company Fire, Tornado, Acddeitf Insurance Orville W. Erringer State Manager Hamilton Trust Fund . Sponsored by Hamilton Depositor Corp* Denver, Colorado. $16.95 DRESSES FOB $4.98 The Gift Shop PHONE 252 DO NT BLAME YOUR SHOES Broken Down Shank for making your feet hurt or for your shoe* wearing out,and losing their shape quicker, than you think they should' Thousands of people have foot and'shoe trouble and blame it . on their shoes. Dr. Scholl, famous foot authority, has originated over 40 corrections for all foot and shoe troubles. Let us show you the 'one you nee'd. HITT'S f BROWNbilt Shoe Store II QUAKER OATS is a Splendid Breakfast'! says Ruth Harhness,- Great American ^Explorer, who captured Su-Lin, only Giant Panda in captivity!' '• > • What a bargain in breakfasts) Quaker Oats, mainstay of millions costs only V4 cent per serving — yet it'» exceedingly rich in feed energy, and in flavor 1 Every serving contains 'abundant Vitamin B—the precious vitamin you need every day to combat nervousness, constipation and poor appetite!...Order the one and only Quaker Oats at today's special prices, •which many grocers fea- Bor.rso FOR A HOT . ture. BRACES-UPSERVES'& D/GEST/ON Would Go Over Wilh a Bang! BY CAKOL PAY 1T7ROCKS with jackets, such as * .the bolero in Pattern 8021, are'one of the delights of the winter season. Depending upon the fabrics used, the frock can be worn without jacket for dinner or with the jacket as a less formal costume. Note the fiai- tering revers of the bolero and the front fullness in the skin, achieved with a front panel lopped in two slashed pockets. The skirt in velveteen or broadcloth with blouse of satin or metal brocade is very attractive. The pattern includes a con-.- plete, sew chart, detailing eveiy step in the making. Pattern 8021 is designed for sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 40 and 42. Size 16 requires I 3-8 yards of 39 inch material for the blouse, and 2 7-8 yards of 54 inch material for jacket and skirt, and 1 1-2 yards of bias fold for edging neck and sleeves, as pic- lured. The new WINTER PATTERN BOOK is ready for you now. It has 32 pages of attractive designs for every size and every occasion. Photographs s h o w dresses made from these patterns being worn; a feature you will enjoy. Let the charming designs in this new book help you in your sewing. One pattern and the new Winter Pattern Book—25 cents. Winter Book alone—15 cents. > To secure your pattern wilh step-by-slep sewing instructions. send 15 CENTS IN COIN with your. NAME, ADDRESS, STYLEi NUMBER and SIZE to TODAY'S PATTERNS, 11 STERLING 1 PLACE, BROOKLYN. N. Y., and be sure to MENTION THE NAMK' "What iiro you doing llic'ro?" "I'm working on an invention. It'll make my forlune." "What is it'.'" "A phonograph record that will au- loimilirally explode after the sixth time it's played." COTTON OWNERS K. C. Hnnvn Cotton Company which firm has served this community for thirty years has been duly Bonded to handle GOVERNMENT LOANS. Jmmcdialely upon receipt from you al this office of the Warehouse receipts and samples, we will class (he cotton and have check available immediately. Information will be gladly furnished upon request. E, C. BROWN I'llONK 240 GENERAL ELECTRIC Products Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE FOR^MOO Be correct in harmonizing your hosiery with your costumes. DASH — true neulral brown (or dark browns and dark greens. FRISKY —animated brown for warm browns and wines. PERT—subdued light brown for light bfwnt. w'jis. red and green. 98c We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W, Robison 6* Co* HOPE PREjeOTT NASHVILLE f •T, % !

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