The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER MEWS CO, H. W. HAINES, Publisher ). GRAHAM BUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL F. NORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole N»tlon»l Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Kxcept Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post- office at Blj'theville, Arkansas, under net ol Congress, October 9, 1917. . •' . Served by .tlie United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier' In Uie City of BlythevUle, 15e per week, or 65c per month. By mail, within a radius of 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.M for six months, 75o for three mouths; by mall in postal zones two to sfx inclusive, $5.59 per yenr; In zones seven and elglil, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. dsk For An Okay A simple little question will turn Uie trick for any merchant who is faced with a request to contribute to some fund or "buy space" in some form, and now that various schemes arc being oflered it's ;t good time to remember it. The question? It goes something like this: "Have you obtained the approval of the solicitation' committee of the Chamber of Commerce?" In other words it's not a question ol" refusing to take part in some laudable program. H simply means that the individual merchant or business man is loo busy to properly investigate each proposal or the credentials of each solicitor. Therefore he would turn that over to a committee named to study such matters. If committee approval is secured the merchant can decide whether lo eon- tribute or participate without fear as to the authenticity of the matter or i-epresoiUative involved. The service is available. It does provide definite protection. Use it, Our $6,000,000,000 Itch The itchy foot, one of the nnwl pro- Jioiincetl of American cliiinicleri.stics, is going to hand business a §0,000,000,000 boost this summer. Thai's an oslimnlc of wlial IJic people of the "United Stales will siijfm'l'ori travel and tilings connected with il in 1!MO. That is a tremendous business, the third largest, in fact, in the country. This year, for the first time in many . years, practically all of il will be .spent in the western hemisphere, and most of it in (he United States ami its possessions. Europe is largely closed this year to the traveler, and the <|imrter of a billion dollars which used to be .spent there on a single summer's (ravel will tinkle in' western cash registers this season. The New York and San Francisco fairs will continue to draw their millions. The national parks and favorite domestic summer rcsorls will again be strong magnets. But more than ever before, this year will be Pan American year for the wayfarer. Cruises through South American waters, and by air to (he south- lands are already being booked full. Many lliousaiids will become acquainted with American (cmtork's and possessions for (lie lirsl. time—Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Is- lands. Thousands will seize the opportunity to drive across the borders to call on our next-door neighbors, Canada and Mexico. The Rotariana and Lions conventions form un advance guard of n huge tourist invasion of Cuba, and Centra! and South America are certain lo see streams of tourists such as have never Mowed southward before. If is unparalleled opportunity, wilh Europe closed, for the Americas to get acquainted with each other. And il is also a line chance to solve in some litlle measure the problem of inter- American trade. The southern countries, and Canada, all want lo buy more American goods. They arc handicapped because we buy so little of theirs, and hence send them so few American dollars with which they can buy our exports. But travel is one thing which the other American ' countries have for sale which we can buy more liberally. This year it seems certain we're going lo do if, with the result that the wi'stern hemisphere will have a million new amis of friendship, association and memory binding it together inlo a unit before iiMO ends. Holmes Remembered Nobody who ever saw the line figure of the late Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, so majestic yet so kindly, so venerable yet so leavened with humor thai never left him, can ever forget (hat great American. When he "died, just short of 94,' he left most of his estate, $265,000,'to' Uic United States government, tlie largest bequest it ever received. A-committee has now decided, to use the money in publishing a.'.spcial edition of Holmes' writings, and also to create'a small park behind the Supreme Court building. Roth arc good ideas. Holmes' writings, so sane, so f|i!ielly humorous in their ability to laugh oven at the law's .pretensions, should be as widely circulated as possible. Bui we hope they don't forget Uic park. It would be a good 'thing for the Supreme Court (o know thai nearby there is always a green and pleasant place to which the spirit of Oliver Wendell Holmes can return. Future justices, walking there, may fee! a presence, perhaps, or hear the faint ghost of a clnicklc. It will be good for them. • SO THEY SAY We must produce ideas equally stimulating \o lliosc ottered by other systems, imcl thus out- rcvohiliou tlie revolutionists. — Vcrn Mlcliclca Ucan, foreign affaire commentator. * * * Eiiiol/cu luis Its sphere, since it decides the ends (o which our activities arc lo be devoted, but u should not be allowed to obscure o\ir vision as lo tlio menus for realizing 1 those ends. —Bertram! Riisccll. t * * Hi my youth. 1 never liail Uic' bGnlson o[ such close companionship with 11 mule.—I'osl- nmslfv-Gencinl Farley in ;i "Mule Day" mUlrcs; at Nnshvillc. What's the use of a trip mvny from home if you can't, have » lilllc fun?—Mrs. Einiiw 0. Thomas, Ba. one of Ihe eranrimothcrs visiung Washington lo lobby for n Ginnrtmolhcrs Day. THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1940 SIDE OUNCES by OWbraMi '"We'll have (o speak to Clnra. Ever, since she won lluil prize wilhlier essay on 'My Career' she won'leven make ' '.« her own bed,", THIS CURIOUS WORLd By William Ferguson COP«. i«o SY Nr« scnvics. me. 7. n nee. u. 5. TAT. orr. -SOU.ARE... /MOST PERFECT . f=pt?AA OF= /^^ASIC SQUARE i KNOWN. EACH SERIES OF FOUR RC&URES, OR. DIRECTION, TPTALS- 34-. IS BUT SUGHTIV THAN AM ANSWER: Because il resembles the sun. The Greeks named it ; Helionlhus, meaning "sunflower." NEXT: How much of Alaska Is permanently under ice? OUT OUR WAY White House Answers Letter of School Boy bANSFORD. TK. (UP) — frlcnil Karlranft. 10-year-old l.ansford grade sclmol student., possesses a letter from tlie While House. Glemi's teacher nskert Ihc class lo write tellers "lo anyone you want." so Glenn started his "Uenr Prosidciit." His; 'Idler coiigrutiiliilcd President Roosevelt for keeping (he United SlnCcs out of war mid then asfcccl. "What do you do with nl the climes tliiil arc collected?" A reply, scut through one of III President's secretaries, thsinkci young llarlianft for his coiigralit lalions and said "the dimes ar used . to aid children more unfor timalc than you. children \vh' have had infantile- paralysis." A road-mimcr nest may conliiii fresh cue. 1 ., rggs ready io halcl newly Imlchcrt young.' and half grown ynHiif. alt at the same time HE POESN'l KWOVV WHAT GIDD^P MEANS AMD I REACH TO KICK HIM. 1 ' WELL, WE O^SSN'T LET GO, 'CAUSE WE'VE LET MIM SLIP FURTHER DOWN, Mg' |F VVU LET GO WE'LL P1MCH HIM IM TWO A PAIR OF OPENERS By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE wilh Major Hoopl, THE OLD zztf IT SOUNDS LIKE MUST} A FAKE BIRD CftLLTOMeA*"' THE OULY THIM6 HE EVER LEPT IM THE ICEBOX WAS A SERIAL STORY K. 0. CAVALIER BY JERRY B"ROtslD?lEie \KSTKRDAYr riijrliic <>li«i'k- rr«, Kttlt lr]|< Vn! nky he took ut tfklift, uiki «« kU plum for ike future. Tke ttluloji hcttrrtn tkrm rntt .1l»ktly »«* V»l find, •icmflf .ir.n.ely dl.turl«4 a» >ke s«l» (u know Kttle bfiirr, CHAPTER XII ; !E weather became rougher 'as tliflj- nosed north past Cape Taggorty. It was a dull, leaden dnwn that broke over the Pacific, nici Va! noliccd through (he port- io!o that it was impossible (o JOJiciralc tlie mist for more Ilian 75 feet. Slave Hanson must have been on Ilic.bridge .ill night, slie guved. When she slopped oulside her abin tlie wind almost Jitioeked her flat. Gratefully, slic grabbed one of the lines that had been strung along the deck for support. It was treacherous, slippery going ind every time'Ihc bow of the Norlhon Belle pitched deep into a cavernous trough of water, Val "lad lo slop ;md hang on grimly. .She virtually had to fight hoi- way up to the bridge. "Hi, Stevie," she greeted Hanson. "Nice day to fly a kite, what?" "You ought to go below ;md slay ihere," he answered. "This is unusually divly weather for (his time o' year and f don't like il, nohow. o'sir, !• don'I." Val looked up into the sky. "I=oc,kE like we're going lo have a lot of water above and below us pretty soon." "More'n might be good for us," lie muttered. "The barometer lias been droppiu' like a tori o' lead. Tell you what you do, honey. Jtavc Wong Lcc send me up a pot o' coffee and a couple sandwiches and have Barney IVlacGregor sec thai everything's ship-shape in (he hold. Might anchor that mining gear a lilile more, too. Can't afford to have any ol that stuff break loose." t j" * , CHE bumped into Pop Grimes coming up Ihc companionway. "How's Kelso getting on?" she asked. Pop grinned. "Sick as ever. He swears we've , been halt way around the world by now. 1 tell him it's only been four days, and he calls me a liar." "We'll be in Prince Rupert tomorrow night. Maybe that'll cheer him up," she said. "And you can also tell him I received a wire from our San Francisco office. They've persuaded the boxing commission lo rescind their order- on that $5000 bond. That ought lo bring him right out o! his bunk." When Barney MacGrcgor took Mike Kelly, Eddie Cavalier and another man down in the hold she went along wilh' them. She watched silently as they threw more ropes o round the mining gear and secured everything tiglilly. "Where do you go from here?" she asked Eddie after a few minutes. "Back to the galley, of course. Wong says he can't release me until you give him the word," "1 cnn'l do that," she replied somewhat impishly. "Be bad for discipline and general morale. But f will give you « hand, though. C'mon." She was opening a can of asparagus when the ship lurched heavily. It Hi row her off balance slightly, but just enough to strike her linger across a jagged edge of tin. Kddic helped her bandage Die wound. She winced as he bathed the cut in iodine. "Anyway," she murmured. ''Tins ought to be proof." "Proof? Of what?". She hold up (lie finger. "Blood." she said succinctly. "Not ink. Ke- membor?" He nodded. "You sure do gain your points the hard way, though. And before I forget—thanks for getting your office lo square that forfeit bond for us. You didn't have lo, .von know." "Forget it," she said. * * * T>UT Eddie Cavalier found he " couldn't forget it—completely. Twice he caught himself looking up at her when she wasn't aware oi! ii. There was something disturbing about the set of her blond, curly head. He had seen a lol more beautiful women, but he couldn't recall ono with as much spark. She was the kind of girl, Eddie thought, who probably had a dozed or more guys cluttering up her doorstep. Guys wilh ;i lol of dough and u lot of spare lime to spend it. Guys who played polo, maybe, and belonged 16 two or three country clubs. Giiys who had a little blue in Ihcir blood. ; After all, he told himself, her work took her among people like RIGHT OR WRONG ABOUT PEOPLE that, and with her looks it would be only natural for them to go for her, hook, line and sinker. He stared at Ihe huge bowl of apple sauce lie was mixing. So what? So why should he be wasting a lot of thought on It? Ha lifted the big wooden spoon and whacked the apple sauce flatly. That's what it was , . . the whole Ihing was upple sauce. But he wished he could be a lil- (!c more certain of his convictions. * t + pi IE gale broke in nil ils fury L just before dark. Sieve Hansen remained at mess just long enough lo bolt something warm and bark a few orders. "Get everything battened down and check the pumps. I don'l want lo thjp any more water in thai number three hold. '^Barney, double the watch and siring ;i stonier life-line up for'rd. We're gelling a five-Ion sen over our bows every time we bite into a deep one." Even as ho spoke a jagged Mrcak of lightning slabbed the murky blackness. An instant later a terrific clap of thunder rolled above Ihem. 'Got I'omc oilskins and a sou'- wester for me?" Val asked Barney casually, 'You don't have any ideas about going above decks, have you?" Barney growled. "Because if you have, you boiler forget "cm." "Whose orders arc Ihose?" "Please, Miss Douglas," MacGregor pleaded. "I don'l want In oidcr you lo do anything. But it's murder up there. We've got a 50- mile wind blowing and we can't lake chances." Eddie Cavalier walchcd her closely. He knew she wasn't phased by MacGiegor's warning. So when .she borrowed some oilskins from Ihc ship's carpenter he stopped her. "Where you going?" he asked quietly. She was surprised. "Up on the bridge. Why?" "Don't you think Captain Han- scn can keep us going without your aid?" "Thanks for your interest," she said coldly, "but I don't need a nursemaid." She started up the companionway but he sci»e<l ho- arm. "Don't be ;i fool." He didn't realimc how liilrd he had gripped h«r. She turned on him fiercely and br&ught her flat hand sharply against his lace. Then she ran up the steps. Eddie touched his check where Ihc red imprints of her fingers were outlined against Ihc bronze oi his skin. {To Be Continued) |Drys' Session April 19 Picks Illinois Slate Is Fish A .Brain Food? /< TRULY, TW166S, THE EYE BETRAYS THE STOMACH.'". T6DAYI PURCHASED A LUGCIOOS PiE FOR f\ LATE "SNACK, BUT OWNER HAS OOLLEO AW 7.EST FOR IT ft NIGHT IN THE ICEBOX,HOWEVER, ADDS A PLEW3ANT CHILL TO "WAT "TYPE OF I SUPPOSE IT'S BETTER THAW 6PEMO- INS ^ WIGHT IN THE COOLER YOURSELF.' '#. BE OM THe • SKIDS MEMTIOMW6 Pl&IM PROMT Of- LEANDEF? IS LIKE UV DONALD A. I'll. D., Sci. U. Yea, this eating ot sea food is good for brains. Being vory precise Mid scientific, it must be said that, fish do nol nourish the brains directly in a way' different from other foods. Pish is a brain food indirectly and for nn interesting chain of reasons which look years of scientific detective work lo find out. The brain scms to work best when it is in n body which has •in adequate amount of tlijToxin. produced constantly by the Ih.vrold }l«inl astride Ihc windpipe, just bc- ow Ihe Adam's apple. When Ihc tliyroxin is low for.any reason, the hiuking becomes sluggish; in fact, the enlirc body becomes sluggish. When the tbyroxin is up to par. then the old thought machine .mnis along smoothly at to» speed. A few pinlieart-sizcd differences in the amount of Ibyroxin sems lo make quite :\ difference in us. Fish help the Ihyioxin factory in our necks keep up the needed production by Kupp lying small Amounts of iodine, liiyroxln centers around iodine. This essential Iodine has lo come from the foods A nnpuncements: The Courier News IIM been formally authorized lo announce the following candidacies lor office subject lo Ihe action of the Democratic primary in August. Mississippi County Judge HOLAND GREEN Sheriff ami Collector HALE JACKSON County Treasurer H. L. (BILLY) GA1NBS il'"or Second Term) JACK F1NLEY ROBINSON Count]- and I'rohile Clerk T. W. • POTTER Tor Second Tcrmi Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS * (Kor Second Term) * * » Hcprcicnlalivc (for Ihc. seal now held by Woodrow Ituttoii). J. LKK BEAfllXEN l'"oriio,sl now held by Frank Williams FliANK WILLIAMS (l-Mr Second 'ftrm) tI-V)r post now held 'by L. H. Atltry) I.. H. AIJTEY U^or Hcconrt TcniO FRANK D. UNDERWOOD * « • Assessor W. \V. (BUDDY) WATSON (For Second Term) cutcn. We can't help il along b,v paiuliiiB our necks wilh tincture of iodine from the medicine chest; thai might make the neck smart, ant would not be a smart.' thing lo do. 11 reminds us of the rhyme about the house that .lack built: Here is Hie fish that, supplied Ihc iodine that went, into the tliyroxin Cat made the brain work belter. Fresh water lisli arc enjoyable entiiig. bul usually do nol have appreciable amounts of iodine. But sea Mi, all sc.i foods, as a matter of fact, arc among nature's best, sources of iodine; and. without .stretching a figure of speech loo much, they arc brain food. Bui. like needing a rabbit, for rabbit slew, we must have :i bruin lo Iced. iNK.VT: ShmiM we Ivy for ;\c- tur.lry or SJICH!? DECATUU, III. (UP)—The I'lO- liibilion party will hold its Illinois stale convention here April 19-21) lo sclccl a slate of stale candidates. Clay f. C.aumer. Alvln, and Prof. Enoch A. Holtwick of Greenville College arc favored for governor and senator, respectively. Prohibitionists In Illinois select candidates by the convention process because Ihcir voting strength is not sufficient to allow a state primary. Only Democrats and Republicans name their candidates in primaries. At the last, tjencriii election in 1938. Hoilwick, Hit' Prohibition candidate for senator, received 10.707 volc.s, while Cannier, running for stale treasurer, polled 9.731. 'Hie party's iialio'nai convention will be held in Chicago, May 3, 0 and 10. The University of Oklahoma's government document collection contains 1000 volumes of old and rare papers. HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis "1 give up cigars lo save a lilile money, and you Ibrow il away on.something like that I" . .

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