Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1935
Page 4
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:ftubber Industry to BOJBH Ganglia ' little. anaa FOREST IBJOiyiEIRJ maraa OESH I INtV IE INlTlO iRilV IA 1C |U| U1M| nate; 44 Eccentric. 49 Beer. 61 Water scorpion. l&RBfi*.88!S. 55 Ozone. 66 Type standard. 57 Note in scale. 58 Ocean. ^ 63 Goodyear Iftvented • rubber. CO Rubber port in tiraztl. house. CCOricur. ijfrlag. 1 Tattiftw strainer 2 To Introduce. 3 Network. 4 Pitcher. 5 Engraves. 6 Wings. 7 Soft mud. 8 Consumer 9 Scatters. 10 Cowl 11 Shaft part ?orld IS West Point student 24'Saturates. 36 Two-handed a* man. 2S To put on, 29 Wayside hotels. 31 Birds' prison. 32 To sin. 33 Rubbei manu fttcturlng center. i5 South American rubber comes from species ol -*—3? Sheet tin. 42 Escort 43 Timber tree. 45 Branches. 46 Form ot "he " 47 Egyptian >lver 48 Pleased 4$ Region 60 Prevaricator f>2 Part of circle 64 Snnhe T tr 20 C: 53 36 « 51 V'j-a *. ^P 43 39 ^ 52 >44 ^ 31 ^ 46 47 ^ 5 ? o *y » ^^ 38 55 Sheppard Alice Finley was shopping in ojie Saturday afternoon. r. anct Mrs. W. L. Cornelius was ping 1 in Hope Saturday. Barnes Biddies of Guernsey is spend[Ithe 'week with his sister, Mrs. SirJDudney., |B6rA to* Wfr. and Mrs. Oscar Dud^ October, IJ a fine girl they 'istened' her Mary Alice. Mother i;baty r are doing fine. toy. Cornelius was" shopping in Hope ... nbrtd. Cornelius spent Saturday bt witli Rough Gentry. 'and Mrs. Rough Gentry and _n ! attended prayer meeting Sun- iy Jiight^t Bahle Field. ilrv and^; Mrs. Cornelius spent Sun.' with ..friends at Battle Field and ded 'church. L* Ethel -Cornelius and children -fsupper guests of Mr. and Mrs. jyelee Norwood of Battle Field and I Sell IU Ftod It! Rent Itl Buy Itl (•'" in the Hope Star (MARKETPLACE fReinember, the more you tell, the \t~ quicker you selL *' 'l tuine, We Une, rain. SOc 5 For consecutive insertions, mini* ' mum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6c line, min. 504 * 6 times, 5c line, min. 90e 28 times, ZVtc line, min. $2.76 (Average SMt words to the line) K ! t~" ' ' • • ' iNOTEi—]ffajjt ads will be accepted fwitb the understanding that the |bill is payable on presentation of |statement, before the first publi- J cation, Phone 768 ANNOUNCEMENTS Called Meeting M. M. Degree Tuesday Night Oct. 29 at 7:30 ' R. R. Morris, VV. M. i A. Albritton, Secy. Miss Lucille Cornelius was Miss Augusta Norwood's guest. Mrs. Alice Clayton, Mrs. Nellie Neal and Mrs. Edna Hawthorn were shopping in Hope Saturday. Boots Clayton spent Monday night with Raymond Cornelius. James Riddles spent-Sunday night with Raymond Cornelius. Misses Lucille, Christeen, and Gladys Cornelius spent Saturday night with their brother Roy Cornelius and family. j William and Clonton x Chandler were shopping in Hope Saturday. Mrs. Julie and Ophelia Chandler spent last Sunday with .Mrs,. Pearl Cornelius. Frank Townsend of t . Lost Prairie spent last Friday night <week with Raymond Cornelius, y^ i Mrs. Grant of .Guernsey spent' Thursday night with,' ' Mrs. Vergia Dudney. r-'-> \ WANTED WANTED—Seven Foot Bois D' Arc j&e Mrs. David Davis. Phone 22-3tc FOR RENT 'f OB RENT — Five room house, n, close in. Good neighborhood. 655-W. Carl Smith. 24-3tp Blevins The health in this'community is very good at this writing. There was large cSowds attending the association all three^days arid had splendid sermons. Mrs. Luther Aslin find little son Rayborn spent the week end with relatives in this coraJrtunity and attended the association., L. H. Boyett from Stamps spent Sunday night with his brother E. M. Boyett and Mrs. Boyett.. Miss Lorene Green spent the week end with Miss Valla Deane Arnold. Bryan Clark spent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Clark and returned to Guernsey to school Sunday afternoon. .Miss Vernell Breeding spent Friday night with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Alden Willis of the Experiment farm. Hallar McCorkle and Miss Mary Jo McCorkle were Sunday night dinner guests of the Misses Boyett's. Mr. and Mrs. Ardell, Clark from the Exepriment farm sp^ent the week end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Clark. Mi. and Mrs. Robert Allen from Little Rock and Miss Elizabeth Thomas called on their sister Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burke, Sunday. ' '.: Leo Hartsfield and Misses Gussie and Roberta Shelton attended singing at Holly Grove Sunday night. Alice, Cecil and Charles Willie McCorkle and Misses Mary Jo and bet- tie Sue McCorkle .and 1 , Misses Lydia and Alta Bright and Ivan and William Bright called on Misses Anna, nina, ad Vesta Boyett Tuesday night. Misses Geneva and Josephine Humpheries called on Miss Frances Hartsfield last week end. Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell spent the week end with friends,'in this community and attended the association. RENT: Furnished apartment, te baft and garage. Automatic heater. Phone 235. Mrs. S. G. 22-3tp in Brookwood addition. Mrs. ,-E, fehooley, Phone 1638-4 rings. 23-3tp ,ft $1£NT—'To reliable person the Department of Harper's Place 216 (Street Phone 36 23-ltc RENT—Furnished rooms, and > fat H 5611 roomers. Phone 402; Ave. <J B". 25-ltp FOR SALE SAU5—Good two-horse wagon, mule, cheap, John Guil/oyle, Boute Three. 22-3tp SALE—One piano and gunshop Ij) good condition and cheap. ^ Mrs. B. I/. Taylor 815 West Sixth A total of 6,750.620,000 letters, parcels, telegrams, and wireless licenses were handled by the British postofficu in 1931. Legal Notice SALE OF EXECUTION Notice cf Sale I will sell at public auction to the highest bidder at the Hempstead County Jail in the Town of Wabh- ington, Arkansas, on Saturday the 26th day of October 1935, at nine (9) o'clock a. m. the following described property to wit: One one and one-half ton trailer, one 3 year old registered mare, one 18 months old mare, one 4 year old Jenney, one electric milking machine, several milk cans and other articles to numerous to mention. This property will be sold to satisfy an execution issued fr^jn the Hempstead County Circuit" Court against the estate of V. C. Djuuv to satisfy cost. ^ Jas. E. Bearden, Sheriff Hewpstead -Cfeunty Arkansas. HOPE syM-ioit AR&AN&& ,OUK HOUSE _ TELL rv\fe YOU \NtENts to t^o/xsl THOSE Rp tsue,K6i?LMN,wrrv\ <sust COMMON STU^NCb^-^ WHY, THAT'S CR\tA\NM-, \U TH& EVES OP ^ GOURMET 1— UN\ NAY WO^D.YESf— -BY 30VE 7 t l LL 60 HOME WITR YOUANt) €>\VEYOU THE. OF rVSY OJUN&RY ByAMERN OUT OUK WAY By WILLIAMS COOK THOSE t>UCK£> CANACRD, .A STYLE ,T BOTTLE X iff -^fe^. 'ta^Bfc^ _^r OF OF FESTIVE OLYMPLJS / GOT TWO, AH V NNf BtWW-T^N-U&W TABLE WOL-p/ &0,BETWEEN *TH S TWO dF YOU, ALL tLL GET "FOR TALLOW [ ==.-^s / - ^F YOU WERE QUICK, "FOSTER ,YOUD SAY YOU WERE TAKING N BV\ TO A . El 1935 BY NEA SEBVICE, INC. T. M. REC. U. S. TAT. OFF. I TOLD you ro ^ , PAV MCJ ATY&NjridN He MM? you WAMT6 T TM6. BACK WITH _ SO HB CAM RAID r THAT AIM'T It; ATALL / \ V • Rt WOO TKysiTYr-sJ'iMTH \* / TO MIDDLF, OWC:"- Al " ^ r "'- i w - / '•— HOW VGU Llk WMBKJ SHE SMif=TS/"AW' VOUR TO£S SMASH6P WMBW ©WE SLAMS ON) TM 1 BP2AKES. PAV MO M/M" __ OOWM VOUR BACK. ARE MADE-WOT BORK1 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ooo OH ••:«,- The Idea! by MARTIN 1'Ot VMXVJr TV\\«b OW ^M M\<bTkVA GOT A YOOQ LNVdE VA OKV ^ '%, fer / © tfT ^@ 193S"BY NEA SERVICE, . U.s. PAT. OFF. ALLEY OOP GiJz Should Have Known Better By HAMLIN (WHAT? DOOTSV BOBO AM' KIMCr TUMK WANTED T kllDMAP YOU 7 YEZZIR-AM'THEV HAD A BIG FIGHT ABOUT IT - IT MAKES ME FEEL SO SILLY THEY HAD A BIG TUBES JSJ HEY -WOTS UP'WHERE, MS HE HURT SUCH A BIG /GOIsTFOCTH-li^ 07 / HES P^TTV HLJRCV? w^oAMnSl/FD' II? AX BAD OFF, BUT HFU_' ^Sl M A i^crvi I' ' (rTPROBABLV COME TO HIS MAJESTYS ^ \\ I, AFTER WHILE / <^ IWk.JUS- HAD AW l^rSuCCIDEKJT' s-^W) ^%^ ; ©1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. t. M. REG. U. S. PAT.'OFF.i- (^^y-<— I J_ ^=,^— * f ' ' --J .^r— Another Missing Person By CRANE CT?T MUST BE APMITTEP THAT FEW TEARS ARE SHED* CLOVER THE MYSTERIOUS DISAPPEARANiCE OF MR. 8IGGER.~ OLD ME THIMK. ME 'AV 3 MOWTJ-IS j CARES'\vo LIVE^N? MAW, MAW.' IF HE'S DATS A GOOD A WAW. TEXT MORM IMG/ AMOS, THE MISSIM6 'BROTHERiFAlLS TO APPEAR AT WELL, IF WeDOM'T WAMTEREAT, kiM BLOOMIM' WELL <so HUMGRV: 7 T KJO'OM.THO, HE A6AIKJ FAtUS TO APPEAR . —~ DEAR ME/\H E '5UP5ET\CH!PPE(? EWOU6M I'M GETTINja OVE R HlS S&ST5RPAV. LEAV6 WORRIED, y BROTHER. /TH' OLD PELICAN/ BE. J^iy FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Pop Goes the Weasel By BLOSSER GET IKJ THERE, KJUTTY, AMD DO >bUR STUFF / THIS IS ASJ IMPORT- AWT GAME WE MUSTNJT LOSE fT// SIGNALS 34-.... 19.... 88-... 12 57.. SHIFT // HE'S IN THE CLEAR... IT'S A TOUCHDOWN SURE....KIO ONE'S . IN HIS WAY /// ^-^SA £&^ ~-m's OH-H I DROPPED IT// HONEST FELLAS, r COULDN'T HELP IT/ WHY, I'D DIE FOR GOOD OLD SHADYSIDE // ts** IF YOU'D MENTIONED THAT TO US BEFORE THE GAMEJTMIGHTA BEEN ARRANGED // N THE NEWFANGLES (Mom v n Pop! Phoney By COWA"N' ^ BUT IT wofir HURT NIX./ \AA1Y BRING LEW SMITH •rro THISIIT COST I HAD ANY DEAUN'S / A.NY T'TAUK HlrA- WE S TRICKY / THIS BUSINESS TVW2S.KUUN /^ND HER HUSBAND SA/ANT TO •>> SEE YOU - THEY JUST DREW OUT $5OOO,TO BUY A TOURIST HOME. TO FIGURE SOrAE TGET A rca O«T OF THE TRNOSA.CTIONI WAIT/— I GOT SEND WEM IN r,g^ BUT,N».BUTZ,t >r^M& WARNED VOU WHEN YOU ; ^^/ BOOGMTWCTPLANT.TO^LET COULD HW/E. SAVED YOU .W/7/J& $aSOO-WE'(5E EXPERTS IN THW UNE.AND KNOW \WERE TO LOOK FOR SO DO I.LEW, AND HAVE ANY TROUBLE ANYTHING OVER THET IT NUGUT WORK BETTER I YOU'D TAKE YER ELBOW OFF xTHET PHONE. STAND /.' IF YOU X E HEARIN' \ IET PHONE, \ TER IF /

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