Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 24, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 24, 1935
Page 3
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Ihurgday, October £4, 1985 . HOW!, StfAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS i CrC Bon 1 send thy dream-ships gnily Out on the mind's broad sen; O thought-winds, trenl them kindly And .give them bnck to me. And, O winds, speed them onward Around their circled track, And, O son, hem- them -infcly; And may they nothing lack. And cnptnin, guide my choosing Tluit whnl 1 nsk of Thee May mnkc a worthy cargo, As It returns to me,—Selected. The rVidny Music club will meet Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Fred R. Harrison on South Pine strict, with Mrs. John Wellborn as joint hostess. The Chornl club will meet promptly at 2 o'clock, followed by the program on "Music of Yesterday and Totjiiy," i;s 3 o'clock. Mrs. Jack Hush of Little Hock is the guest :it her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ous Bcrnicr ;U the Now Capitol Ivjtc). (> As special compliment to her house lon>; win!er nights tin liiTt big picture of the "The Big Broaden!! of '3(i" and it starts Sunday Bt the- Mrs. Stella Pale and Mrs. E. E. McCloughnn of Oklahoma City and i Mrs. Jack Bush of Little Rock a for- ; mer member of the Friday Bridgo j club, Mrs. M. M. McCloughan enter- : lalncd at a very delightful pnrty nt her home on street. Tho Halloween erf In the decorations I'rcshmonts. The high s lo Mrs. Arthur Swankc and the hon- orces were «ifts. served Government Looks Hopefully to Court Plea of National Necessity Still May Validate New ** Deal Measures By (he Associated I'rcss theory about the issue is taking root B 3 llcfen Wclshtmcr Mdt-* You may escnpe bullets and iicomc ilnxc.-; mid n few other things b\jt you First of Pacific Air Giants Ready Giant Sikorsky Will Ply in and Out of Hawaiian Islands Arabia's Lawrence Lays Bare His Soul "Seven Pillars of Wisdom" Enigmatic Story of Oriental Conquest By JOHN SELBY Associated Press Writer The great mystery of T. E. korsky S-43 giant amphibians, built .stocks and luxes, liiis turner! its rninrt Those who cntcrtnln such which was solemnized in Little Rock on Wednesday afternoon. sions Unit there were circumstances under whieh tho federal government not enough. G dimming, M, |tlay or Tuesday, Elliot hns been at the Sikorsky plant : . . .{Curing (he pn.st two months with Co- cn '{>ilot George F. Ccrveny and Chief could properly KO into local commun- | of lhis bureau, deserve;; the firatiludv Mechanic William Carmen itics and regulate industry: (hut tho|«C tho eating public, for discrnterlng M interesting structural features tin- i T-.1 , u r, , r .SchcelUcr poultry caKc which served i«hol Ihc washing and rmnng of dishes '..j .. 6 ., ... . . S M?" Jo, VSrf^Bo^rdcn "' ; " S ", tMl f ? r ™? Was " '>""-"- 1 > >'], " lvtr - "» h ' t '/"'^ l ° <1 * OU " 1 K^ShAw co&^K ami MM. John Cupp of Be«iulcn. , wciik case from the government view- m the war against li.ietcna. . ... ..' c, .., 11 , op,,.,,,. rn ., —-« oriint; and that if the plea of national Experiment SUM Unfinished v''' K f ,™ I iwo-guiitcl en- Mrs. Jolu, BartlcH left Wednesday , v:ec , sity worc strong ,J p.e^UVtn- An expcn.nrnt was conducted in 46 !' ™ s ^^JcLMeSo^nsp^L 11 ™ fora vwil with relatives and f, .ends dor sonlL . ot ], cr etnUllc . , hc tr)U11 mlght ltt , 111Mllls An avcl , BC of flom 50 010 ''"^ s l " !"•' '™ e "*'"' '"^ tt '"5 1 „ in Little Rock. rr.i-i.n.i.l f,,,- ,,,~..,, f.,, i.i,. .„ nirnnn K .„!,.,„, ,.1 ,.. ^.«u ,„„,., i " llc WIJI t.nr.v IS p,i-,Eengoi.s and if Mr. line! Mrs. H. W. Hatcher hml as recent gur.sls, Mr. and Mrs. Gracly With Mrs. E. E. McCloufihan and Mrs. Stella Pale of Oklahoma City and Mrs. Jack Bush of Little Rock :.is honor guests, Mi-s. Thomas Kinser : having lo go back to the "horse ""and entertained at a very charming lunch- ; biiKgy days," and enable his support-, , ,, con on Tuesday at her home on South crs to u.-x- to their own advantage nil i but vhn'i tin kn< wlednc is /eddy foi book service, and such others as buy the book, These will find the book a record of the enigmatic Englishman's famed Arabian campaign, a record unique for its sidelights and completeness and life. But all this is history and in the past and is not enough to give a book the Vitality of "Seven Pillars." This last comes from the fact that this long book is also the record of a curious, almost medieval soul .struggle. Its author worked always between two impisibiliUes. On one side was his own elear personal ideal: on Ihc other ihc bitter CMciHcncies of fact, in this case the fact that Lawrence I could not often approve of the principles which ho prevailed on the Arabs to accept. 7,000 increased i Hc came to cons j t i er that he had ; betrayed a people. He saw his super- | its 1c.-chnic.al application mu-{ furtlui feifeclrd bv th • and oil tanks and rubber inflatable Main .street. The table decorations that the- opposition has boen -sayin and service were in shades of yellow •ibout upholding the constitution and and covers were laid for the honore^s. the court:;. pneumonia, scarlet Now Showing I Mrs. M. M. McCloughan, Mrs. C. C. | Lewis. Mrs. Thos. Kinser and Miss j Margaret Kinser. The question is. can the court be o.x- ij irj | v decreased di"': initiation. U \ i- measles. | piratory troubles should be immciasur- , f h ]U , ' healcd These thus fcrm flotation tanks of suf- pm.un.oma, *- •« ficicn , boyancc to kcsp lho who le ship tuberculosis and res- . ri t Tho 50-foot hull hay been divided Mrs. was a Rock. Hamilton Orton of Ashdown Wednesday visitor in Little Mrs. Edwin Dossett and daughter were Wtdncsclay visitors wilh relatives and friends in Chestnut, La. Mrs. Cal Lnvcndar and little daughter daughter, Arthurdalo of Present arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. Isinh Ru.s- scll. peeled to Uikc such a path? Many administrntion men doubt it, Long's "IVJKical Estate" First impressions about politics often are deceiving, and some of the predictions, which immediately followed the death of Hucy Long, are far from convincing. It is true that, as expected, Long's . Loui.siana political machine is showing .signs of early disintegration. It ! is true also that talk of building any We would like to concratulath the Department of Preventable Diteases fcr its simple, direct method of going to the dishpan as the root of a lot of contagion. The eating menace ;slays with us, whether the war in Ethiopia goes lo a great grandson of the Queen of Sheba or an Italian Premier' who has read about the things that Ckesar did in Gaul. The danger from! contagion in eating places—at hom^ and in public—has remained static thiough offec'ive third party around that ma- , , ... .... .. ,. chine hr.s almost disappeared. I tho > Ti ! rs whether or not Wall Street The political organization which held j f rashcd or '••:>n E ress voted inheritance. u Louisiana so tightly in its grip was Edwin Dossclt and son. Edwin Pull- < not - however, the whole of Long's en are spending a few days in Baton ' Political estate. He also left a pos- Rouge mid New Orleans, La. i terily legacy of unrest and longing, I having visible and tangible form Mrs. Clyde Yarbrough and little ' throu *h lllc medium of his "share- daughter, Katie Lou of Shrevcport, ! °" r -wealth clubs,' 'organized locally in La., are guests of Mrs. Yarbrotigh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. Q. Warren. Always u Good Joke Extract from August, 1935: The Week's Wit The sailors were discussing where they would live when they guve up the sea. Said one: "When I get ashore after this next trip I'm going to get a nice pair of -light oars, and I'm going to sling them across my shoulder and start walking inland. When I strike u place where people say, 'What tn-e them things you've got on your .shoulder?' that's where I'm going to settle down." Extract from Homer. Odyssey, Book II, line 121, about 800 B. C.: "Go with thy shapely oar till thou comcst to the land of the men who ] know not the sea; and when a passerby, accosting thee, saith thai thou earnest a winncwing-fan on they shoulder, there rest." — Punch (Ltndon.i. i many communities. : The wide preview of the movement I was evidenced when the caddies at a | mountain golfing lesort in Pennsylvania, where this writer happened to •-i . ttr i i vtuiiti, vvnuiu 1111:1 \vriit:r u«i|;ijLiiuu LII Pearsons Weekly. | bc v ., c;i , in( ,, solcmnly low V rccl thc country club flag to half-staff nl tho news of Long's death. It will be some time before anyone can say how much of this sentiment will survive, or into what new channels new leaders may turn it eventually. Certainly all proof is lacking that it will wither and blow away just because the individual who inspired it has pone beyond. G. O. P. "Sitting Up" Tho recent Republican executive committee ret-together at Washington should be chalked up as an endeavor toward better party organization <md financing: rather than a premature effort to deal with issues and candidacies. Naturally, the Democratic sweeps in 1932 and 19.'!4 left much Republican disorganization in their wake. Thc sudden drying up of G. O, P. patronage, after a dozen years of plenty, was enough in itself to cause local set-ups in many localities to fall apart. Chairman Fletcher wants to get a head start with the job of patching the weak places. Financially, the party is finding the soing somewhat easier. The treasury is out of (he red. Accumulation of an effective campaign fund for 1935. however, still is ahead and will receive organized attention henceforth. Summarized, the plans made at Washington menu that, as an organization the Republican party not only is 'ilive, but is .sitting up. It is beginning its revival of activity from the organization end, which often in the n-iiit has been the end most produc- ive of results, rogardlc.s.5 of candidacies and issues. taxes. Making Kitchen Tasks Adventurous Everyone of us has been warned. OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding Wliile-U-Wait or Delivery Service, Keen & Bailey 10,*i \V. Front St. Phone 3SS many times, to be careful where we ate; to avcid those places .Where cups and glasses were merely, dipped in water. Everyone of us his forgotten, time after time, the thou .and thousand dangers to which humn flesh is subjected. To have tho natter taken out of our hands is a real service. The dishwashing borcdoi should let up, too. It is a scmipuriftation rite that few women have escaped. The crumbs are hardly brushed \way, and the cups and saucers deposited in th! cupboard, as most of us kncW. when it is time for another orgy. Nkv there will be some sense to it all. 'int will know, as you put your hands\in the foamy suds, that you are going b battle, and the victory is yours. M^lions of germs are succumbing. ., . There is a game that small girls (jlay with dishes. Knives are knigiitvand forks are princesses and dwarfs and pages. ior officers and those under him with i a rlp.rity one does not expect from | unybody. writer or soldisr or whatnot. There are thousands of sentences whi h are priceless as prose, and hundreds of characierizalions which cannot be forgollen. into five- watertight compartments any ] "S'rven Pillars" i? of course the whole from which "Revolt in the Desert" was drawn some years hence. Its population was made possible by the death of its author, who protected ths book by many strange means when he was alive. And for all that, it only parti yoxplains Lawrence. three of which would keep the craft afloat. He Got a Lot of Work for Nothing This Is the Story of a Doubting Thomas and a Good-Sized Anvil WEST POINT. Neb.—(/P)—It seems there was an anvil. "It weighs 100 pounds," said R. M. Kildec, instructor at Smith-Hughes •agricultural school here. "I'll bot it doesn't weigh more than 75," said Warren Simonson. carpenter. Simonson thereupon carried the anvil from the school basement to the! third floor, where scales wore reported. It turned out they were on the first floor. The anvil was toted down- stair:;. It was weighed. The scales registered 9G pounds. After returning the anvil lo the basement, Simonson sat down to catch his breath. On one side of the anvil he road: "98 pounds." Red Army Climbs Mountain TIFLIS, U. S. S. R.—(#>)—Carrying full field equipment, a battalion of the red army recently climbed Mt. Kaz- baz, 16,540 feet, and installed a bust of Stalin on the ice-crowned summit. night. ' Mr. and Mrs. Carl Evans and two children, Mr. and Mrs. Herman The' dished.' de- ' Worthy and two children, Miss pending on their size, beccmj castles and cottages. There is a magij in the make-believe that makes the process hasten. Anyway, I used to find it helpful during the time-on! neriod from crosuct or a neighborhood! wine of tag or hidc-and-go-scc.t. Tho misery of grown-ups, who had to wash dishes and were KO Jkl they couldn't use their imagination with dignity, was a child-puzzle. Now it is solved. Making war on germs is much more diverting thin going romantic about oatmeal b.'vvls and orange juice glasses. Seriously speaking, the recent discovery of the health investigators is a worthy scientific project that should bo classed with other findings thrit appear on the roll of research honui ;. Holly Grove Frances Willis, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Willis and Tilman Hembree enjoyed thc birthday dinner Sunday at the home of J. F. Willis. It was his 74th birthday. All had a nice time and wished him many more birthdays. Dale Atkins spent Sunday with Allison and Denver Hembree. Mrs. Carl Evans and two children spent Thursday With Mrs. Martha Hembree. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Burke spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Robinson. Sorry to report that Mrs. Robinson has been sick for several days. School started here Monday, wilh Mif.s Alma Atkins as teacher. Up to $16.75 SILK D-RESES New Styles, Colors and Fabrics Ladies Soecialty Shop For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company Get yourself a pair of GOOD BOOftJ B » /. DOTS arc something you don't buy every ' j month or so, not if you buy "Star Brands,", >\ so while you're at it, get a good pair. It is economy in the first place. Then again, when you select boots like these, you've got something to be proud of for a long time. They fit the feet and legs and they arc sturdily built of all leather — not skimped anywhere. The leather is soft and easygoing, but, man, it's as tough as a bull's hide, and this boot is some \ .ilue at Other Styles at Prices Ranging frrom $£.45 7 Star Brand Shoes arc Better SURE You can pay less. But where on .earth can you tret rnnrp? St.pn'in for n b-v-nn "Star "Rrnn'H get more? Step in for a try-on. Shoes Are Better." DUGGAR'S Star Brand Shoe Store 111 W Second St. PENNEY'S I. C. PENNEY COMPANY, Incorporated OUR FALL BARGAIN FEATURE California Suede Jackets for Fashionable Sportwear $499 Colorful Fou'.ball Shades in Blue, Green, Brown, Black $8 to £10 Values TP Just Arrived— New Sweater Blouses and Twin Sweater Sets LADIES SPECIALTY SHOP Bells Chapel Dallas Hugg of Camper. Wyo., is visiting friends and relatives here. LI i.yd fJhackelford, Mrs. Tom Shack- elfc.nl and Mrs. Henry Griffith made a busini'ss trip to Prcscott Thursday. Mrs. Li-stir While was the Tuesday afternoon guo.st of Mrs. Garland • While. Mrs. Gi-cTge Sampson of Deaneyvillc \va.-. tho Thursday guest of Mrs. Floyd lini >ks. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Long and daughter of MeCaskill wore Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joss Wood. ' Mr. and Mrs. Wilmor Godwin, Miss | Ha/.el Hollamon and Dale Hollamon | of Hope were Sunday dinner guests ; of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Osborn. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bell arc the- I proud parents of n daughter, born on : Wednesday October 16. Miss Christecn Brooks spent Thui>d:.y night with Mrs. Arthur Sewell at Sweet Homo. Jim and Will White of Prcscoll visited relatives in Ihis communily Sunday. Aivin Garner was the Sunday guest r,f Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Lovcrett in [(levins. H K Ttato and family spent Sun<I,O with Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Pros- lev al Dclighl. Mrs. George Stewart, Mrs. Lloyd Kliaekelfonl, Mrs. Toni Shaekelforrl am" Mrs. W. A. Brooks wore Saturday afliinoun guests of Mrs. Elinor Bell. Mrs. M. J. Ritchie of Strong is spending two weeks with her cluugh- iti. Mrs. Melton White and Mr. White. Mrs. Eva MeCall of Blovins was the Sunday guest of Mr", und Mr.s. L. W. Cullius. Mi. .-IIIL! Mrs. Bill Woocj have moved l.u Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Aubry Bonds were .••hupping in Hope Saturday. Hubert Yules of the CCC wimp of Dicrks spent Monday with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Yates. Mr. and Mrs. Tholbcrt Smith visited relatives at S'utlou Sunday. Bro. Rogers will fill his regular appointment bore Sunday afternoon. W. S. Atkins of Hope will also make a talk. Several from this community attended the Baptist association at De- Aim Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cole from Okla- j lioma were visitors over the week i i'lirl with his sister, Mrs. J-ihn Harts- ; field and Mr. Hurtsfielcl. ; S. U. Atkins of Saratoga papered the church at this place last week. He will also help paint the church. A largo crowd attended the Ep- j worth League program here Sunday i See Our Selected Line of New FALL DRE.SSES Silks and Woolens in Iho Newest Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland Boots- Boots- Boots and at What a Saving!! MEN-Ioofe what Hitt's Give for Friday and Saturday's Bargain Event U.S. Rubber Boots •ST BOOTS S1.95 *& BOOTS $2.95 Giuiranteed Waterproof Rubber Boots with full size heels and heavy Non-Skid soles. Made by the U. S. Rubber Co. A splendid Boot at a marvelous saving! HITT'S * Shoe Store Early June Can IOC COFFEE 8 O'CLOCK 1 Pound Bag 1.17c 3 Pound Bag _. SOc RED CIRCLE, Ib 19c BOKAR, Ib 23c, lona Green A No. 2 Stringless L Cans 3 MACARONI and SPAGHETTI Pkgs IONA Sweet and Good No. 2 Can 2 60-70 Size Pounds 13c PEN RAD 100% Per Cent 2 Gal $| Can I Gal $J.08 Large Package TOMATOE JUICE Phillips 2 Cans 9C —SELECTED QUALITY MEATS— Sugar Cured Pound FANY Baby Beef SEVEN STEAK CURED HAM Lb 30o 15c For Baking 4 to 6 Ib. Ave.—Lb FRESH BEEF OR PORK BRAINS Set lOc BONELESS ROLLED RIB ROAST.....' Lb 21c SALT MEAT "SiSSSUb 23c Beef, Pork, Lamb, Poultry, Select Oysters and Fish Size 64 Nice Size SOGAR APPLES ORANGES GREEN BEANS APPLES GRAPE FRUIT BANANAS LETTUCE PURE 10 Lb Paper Bag . 53c CANE 10 Lb Cloth Bag. 55c 6 For25C Dozen Pound 3D Jonathan—Size 175 Size 96 Good Quality Dozen I3C For 90 Nice Hard Heads 2 Pound 00 4c GRANDMOTHER'S BREAD 16 oz. LOAF 8c PAN ROLLS, Doz 5c RAISIN BREAD Loaf LAYER CAKES Each - lOc 25o LARD LOG CABIN Made by Mrs. ueker 4 Pound Carton 50c 8 Lb Carton 99c CRACKERS 2 Fresh Stock Pound Box I Q A I ilC IONA TOMATO JUICE 24 oz. Can ............. We N. B. c. 7 "4 oz Pkg for ......... 9c Shredded WHEAT— pkg. 12c

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