The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1940
Page 6
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fAGE SIX COURIER NEWS Schumacher Faces [n; dians; Alhlelics, Phils : Conliiiue Their Series I'POItTSMOUTir, O., April 11 (UP)— Whttey Moore Imrls foi' Hie Cincinnati Reds as tliey pltty the Detroit Tigers loriay. The Bo.iton Red Sox shaded (he nais ycsti'i-- day, 2-1, lo mil their annual spring scries, six games 'lo five. Tlie Sox garnered Die winning run oir Gene Thompson In the seventh on :t watt, two infield singles outfield n_v. . DANVILLE, Va., April 11 IUP)— Hal Schumacher takes the mound for the New York Giants against Willis Iludltn of the Cleveland In- n scnnf. 1,000 fans, Although ontlill, 10 lo C, by (lie Iws, tin? winners • bmiclHHl tlielrs In the sixth and seventh frames [or their one-run mni'Rln. Tlicy were aided by (lie nine tases on tails issued y Dosloji'.s liurlrr, Bill J'osdel, • | Ten entries have already .-,,,. SPRINGFIELD, 111., April 11' made in the American Legion Auto <UP)—Frnnkic Frlsch todny noml- Derby to l« held Sunday nl tint ntilrrt licit) Kllngcr to Iniri dm Mississippi Comity Fair Grounds for 1'ilt.sljmjjli Pirates' opening game Die first of u .scries of old air at St. Louis April 1C, with Mnx races to be held hero during ihc Uulclier and Man; Brown to follow sprint! and summer. In the series, Thus fur, Frlsch says I All ears are restricted to not lie inlends lo go through with ' later thnii iOSl models ami musl plans lo stnit the season iv!t)> boll) have nil (jlnss removed and tiros- Ihe Wiincrs on the Ijcncli, Hie firsl to have passed inspection, it has time in 14 years lliat. n Wniu'r. been announced by the committal Ten Cars Already Ente?*CfI In Old. Auto Race Sunday won't be on the (iefd opening day.' In charge, yesterday ni Oivcnsboro, Ky., the ' All drivers, mechanics and pit Chicago White Sox defeated the attendants must )jc at least Dl years Pirates, 10-1. A fly ball misjudged of aye and must pass a physical by Paul Wane-r in the .seventh inn- lost as to exhaustion, drink or awing hel|>od the White Sox win. The other physical Incapacity on llw teams meet audio today for the day a! ihe race, the rule's slate •• deciding match of enme series. , . ,. .scvtn ; The 50 mile rare, ivlilcli ivill 1*2 , mo ,_. k hl ll|C Mi , ll)am _ will liuve £175 in cash prte. In two races spnn.sor<'d lust Full, with DANVILLE, Va., April II (UI'l— i n two n -Clip Campbell had a painful much ciiHn^,,,,,,, was SHOWN wnn Urmse today, which resulted from entries from Union City' Memphis in scorln;; single run ' four vesccr- nii[| , n, Ky., in nddltluji lo those tills .section. All of these are route for (lie Giants yesterday. He throttled the Indians with Jour hits and pitched his team to a 4-1 triumph yesterday. , NASHVILLE, Terni., April 11 <UP)—The Philadelphia Athletics nnci Phillies renew their "city series" today in (he second of their rive game schedule. Tlie teams will piny again at Mnylield, Ky.,, tomorrow nnd terminate the series with a two-day stand nt Louisville. ._ this year , mifk In the box, the throw lo second is difficult, Kollic I Kinsley said, berauw it must so unusually which was scheduled for Cbrisimas Eve but which was never rim he- cause of weather conditions. A barbecue, lo begin iu a o'clock In the morning, will precede the af- ! lernoon event with closing hour of! entrants .set at noon Sunday. Included In the first entries arc n number of Interesting old'cars' The oldest, a 1935 Maxwell owned by George Dyslnger and sierUnt Martin, will be driven by "Red" Innooga, 7-fl, while the • Phillies were downing Knoxvillc, 1.1-8. WASHINGTON, April H (UP) — The Washington Senators defeated the Boston' Bees, 4-3, yesterday to celebrate their 1940 homecoming Was Old at 56 AMAZEDI FEELS YEARS YOUNGER OKLAHOMA CITY, <.UP) — The St. Loulj ncarcd the end of their spring Journeys with Mort Cooper holding the Oklahoma City Indians lu live hits and one run In eight Innings. The Curds won 8-1. A game with Tulsa ihcrc today is the Cards' last one on the road before going to St. Louis for n two-day series with their American League rivals, ihc Browns. PORTSMOUTH, 0., April 11 (OP)—The Detroit Tigers, wilted after tlielr first defeat of the exhibition season by a minor league club, take ou Cincinnati here today in the first of four games. The Tigers, nld«l by five errors, HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning- Service NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Without huj-!t lfir a RUTANU GAS PLANT. ; Enjoy this pleasure for (,'ook- i"r, Heating, Hm Water aiid Gas Kefrigcratinn. For full information write iis or make Inquiry at our office. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY Whcatlcy-Wcst Memphis Blythcvillc KANSAS CITV, Mo., April 11 ! (UPJ—Johnny Wliiteheaci attempts j today lo become the third St.) Louis Browns' pitcher to last a I THF PAYftCE illfc r f\ I V/rl GRAVSOX "Slick" CoIImnn liirncd the trick yesterday at I'opeiia when be held the Chicago won, 15-3, four hits scored live runs on against Evansvillc of ihc Thrce- Eye League yesterday but were beaten 7-5. Dlray 'front and Arch McKnln yielded 14 hits, Trout seven in live innings tmd McKnln tin equal amount In four. When Cow Wants Drink, She Goes and Pumps It CONNEAUT, 0. (UP)—Ona, n practical minded Jersey, "uses her head" when she's thirsty, by pumping her own drinking water. With expert nods of the head, Ona can supply water not only for herself but enough for the herd rtwl to Hood the barn. Stationed next to ihe pump, Ona, with the blunt end of her nose, cnn raise the inunp handle and bring it down under her throat. Using these muttons she has tilled her bucket and repealed ihe process until she wns full. Then she remembers her mates, and begins lo run Ihe bucket over so the excess will run down their troughs. This not only waters the rest of the slock but floods Ihc b.irn. What an Appetite! During hts Ufcllinc. the average human being cats -100.000 iwimtts of tread. 12,000 eggs. 300 hundredweight of meat, and COO hundredweight of potatoes. AS A ROBIN lowers no longer complain about lac): of color lhal wns professional golf's 'during the golden days of Walter Ilagen. Mot with James Nowlon DciimrH around. Wllh the winning of Uie Masters' Tournament, Jimmy Demaret definitely became the Royal and An- :lcnt's No. 1 man. In addition to being the most consistent and lowest scorer, ho outstripped Ihc blazing Sninuel Jackson Snead In gallery popularity. Personable and gracious, Demn- rct carries Ills appeal beyond the tee, fairway and green. The Texan is the toast of the clubhouse . the center of ullrnctloii In locker room the 'the newspaperman's delight. Caddies telegraph congratulations. Demaret closely resembles Hagen, even to flamboyant ensembles. The Halg was about his build— 5 feet 11 nnd welshing 184 pounds— when the Rochester veteran wns cock of the walk. NOTHING FAZES TEXAN, NOT F.VKN I'TOMAINK "It's refreshing lo sec the smiling. blue-eyed, sun-lnnned Ucmarct. a green Hat swung over one ear. swing along like a small boy going ™t lo play. N'othlnn him— wind, rain, cold, heal or ptomaine poisoning] which hud him so ill before his third round in the Masters'' his 'tart had lo be held up an hour. He admits it was just as well for him that only IB holes were carded the fluul day. He was that weak. Yet he turned in a 71 over the Augnsln National course with some of its holes cut on greens where It was nlmoxl impossible to set the ball Into the cup. That 71. tacked on a 57. 72 and 70. gave him 280 nnd a four-stroke margin over the bulkiest field in of the the seven-yem- history evcnl. After he liar, bagged the Masters'. 1 nskccl 1. cnmrct wlrat his bigyest ambilloj. -vas in &alf. "Oh, I'd like ti win the National open, but golfing ambition," he replied. Davis. A 1927 liulck owned by Conley ni'Olhct.s Is the next oldest entry while there l.s u ISM Model "A" Ford, owned by Vita Jo Powers and driven by U-c .Stickler, for third oldest. Several 1!)2!) model cars have been tillered. A Ford, owned and driven by Jinks 5crupi>; u Jordan owned J. 1'. Holland and driven |>y :1" Williams; a Hudson owned by l-:d Anderson and driven by "Wimpy" minis; a Ford owned by "Untidy" Anderson and driven by Olio Sei-upe; a Chrysler, owned by W. M. Johnson of Uixora ami ;hiv<'n by Koscoc Coleman. The two 1031 models arc a mil driven by J. P. Vinson, and ;i Chrysler, owiral by w. B. Nnlly and driven by Clarence Cummlngs, thing more than a good club professional and greensxcc-per, and I realized that ambition when I was made head professional of the Brae Burn Country Club of Houston." (iOOl)AI.I, HOUND ROUIN IS NKXT FOR DKMARKT Thai Is one of Ihe numerous reasons why Demaret, a caddy nt 7. winner of a caddies' tournament at 10 and an assistant professional while in high school, is at 29 the hottest golfer of the dny. He is never under pressure. Following the Masters', Demaret flew to Houston, where he gives 40 lessons a week: He'll conic to Mew York for the Goodall Round Robin invitation at Fresh Meadow May ID-IB, and will then go to Cleveland to acquaint himself with the Canterbury course, scene of the United States Open, June c-8. Demaret copped six of the 11 lournnments he entered the past winter, including Ihe Masters', Western Open and the $10,000 Neu- Orleans Open. Speed and Timing Give Necessary Power, Asserts Pro Uy TOMMY ARMOUIl (Wrlllcn for llic United Press) One of Ihe most Important things STAMP NEWS ^THURSDAY,-APRIL.11, ,1940 JOHN JAMES AUDUBON, "clt •* 'J.ei of United States," is hon- I . „, v. lv: mi,^ iijijiuriunt dungs '-*'i WL uiuieu siaics, is non- jfor the beginners is selecting the jOred on the 1-ccnt stamp of design rlulu clubs. Never attempt to play t nbo \'e, released for first-day sale Wllll Cll)U<; t tl'l i 1 oi-n I f\r. l.,. n .... (iM.», nt T^fJUI^ictrilln T .. A .....M O fl»l. _ ~ -!•-* lH,H_illJJL \\l }Jl'»J with clubs that ore too heavy. The at Fruncisvillc, La., April 8. The Mis nvcrngc for the 34 rounds In all kinds of weather wns 70.7. No oilier player has had such 'a streak in modern golf. competitive Jimmy Demaret is vastly grand competitive And more than golfer. He adds a great deal to the show . . . the nearest thing to Walter ilngen you could ever hope to sea. Wives Unsung Heroines In Forest Fire Fighting OGDEN. Utah (UP) — Women often arc the unsung heroines of forest (ire fighting nnd go entirely without recognition except among the men they may temporarily rii- I'cct. it wns disclosed at a western regional conference of national forest officials. * Wives of forest service dispatchers find lookouts frequently take over when their husbands are culled to the fire lines. The women ore left to direct the activities of their husbands posts. fighters concerned return lo until their The cnvnlry unit, of the U. S. --.- .... Army nl Fort Russell. Texas. now really have no uiotoriv.ed. \vas the first mid mast lc replied. fnmons cavalry detachment in the Imve never aspired lo tic any- United Stales. HANES Crotch-Guard Shorts arc particularly designed for a man's comfort. . . the result of months of study. The HANESKNIT Crotch-Guard provides gentle, athletic support all day long . . . helps you keep feeling alert and trim. The wider crotch won't bind. The fly-front has no buttons to bother you. The all-round Lastex waistband stays trimly in place. You owe yourself this new experience m ease and comfort. Try one pair and we believe you'll join the enthusiastic users who won't wear anything else. Get a HANES Undershirt, too. See your HANES Dealer today. SHUTS AND MOADCIOTH SHORTS HANES SHORTS (Illustrated above) 50 C Ourcnc at 75e '•'&*?" 9"«tity, SOo eath H»NESBIu«L.belShIrti 11 Shertl "» P. H. HANES KNITTING COMPAN? WINSION-SAUM, NOKTM WM. R. MOOR ] WHOLESALERS MEMPHIS iftilfet Amazih •''• '•• '• '' ' •'• • • * "' '' '••'• Tl IF. NOT 19-fO G-li Models arc the most complete, the thriftiest G-U Itcfrigerauirs you've ever seen! Beautiful scylim;, spacious interiors, new fcalurcs of proved convenience, fast freezing—and better food preservation wiih ccwnmoNEu AIRS AII .i, c qu.llitj' anil endurinv; econoray of a Gtncul Hcclric at the lowest price in history! BUG NEWS! ScciheJifodcl I.R<in,fj.2cu. ft. Storage Space. 80 Big Ice Cubes At One Trceiing. Nc\'cr before could you buy such a big G-E Refrigerator at this amazingly low price. Hubbard Furniture Co. idea that weight adds to the dis- Audubon stamp is Ihe first of the imice of shots is erroneous. It is •"'"-"-•- ' - -- - the speed and liming of the club head on the down stroke that drives the ball. For the person of average stature and slreniun, the driver should wcivh 13 1-4 ounces, and ihc No. 'i iron, H 3-4 ounces. Now that you have purchased the correct clubs, the next thing is the grip. The .' club should always foe grinned securely In the roots of (lie fingers, but without tension. A secure, tin,, gr ip dce.s not mean Ut'htly drawn tendons. Left (irlp Firmer Remember always, ihc club must be swung with the hands and the club must be gripped more firmly with the left hand than the right. A most common fault is letting go cf the club with the left hand at ihc lop '6f the back swing. Remember this lelt hand nnd always Si-i|) it very firmly. In playing an iron, the better Jilaycrs play the ball slightly nearer the right foot. They always finish the swing well forward the- weight on the left \C" scienlisls group of the U. S. Famous Americans scries. The nattinillst-artisf was born in San Domingo in' 1785, educated In France and camo lo United Stales as u youth. He began his bird study as a boy, continued it during his residence in Pennsylvania. Affev his marriage to Lucy Bakewcll, he tried several business ventures, failed in all of them. But !ic kept on sketching and painting birds. He finally devoled all his time to bird study, traveling over America while his wife supported the Jamil} 1 . Audnbon paid his way by painting portraits. When he had painted 1050 pictures of. birds, he went to England to find a publisher for his work. Twelve years later his "Birds' of America" complete — plates ot life-size, hand-painted bird portraits. Subscribers paid SIOOQ a set for 165 sets. Audti- bon also published a seven-volume "Ornithological Biographies," sold more than 1000 sets at S100. club head well over the left shoulder. The club always sways back and finishes with his club head anywhere between the ground and ins shoulder and his weight is mostly on the right leg. Practice constantly the shilling of weight from right to left and allowing the club head to finish well over the left shoulder. The Long Iron Most good players use a slightly closed stance'' to facilitate (ha proper pivot and use of the hands on long irons, in addressing the ball, don't place your feet too far apart. Be comfortable, maintain balance throughout the swing. After selecting your club, whether it be 2. 33, or 4, let the loft of the club head do the work while yon swing to hit the ball. This action gives you better control, accuracy, plus power for less effort. Lei the condition of the lie determine the club to be used on the fairway. Even though the wide open space ahead invites a long smashing shol, saiisfncloiy results will depend on how well "you get the bnir'away. Make it an unwritten law to use the brassie only when the ball is setting up well Otherwise, the choice and the difference In length between brassic and spoon is compensated by getting off a satisfactory shot, when hitting with the wind off the tee, I advise using a brassie. Approximately 0,000,000 cases of grapefruit juice are consumed in the United Stales each year, as compared to 174,000 cases 10 years ago. When diving, bearded seals of the Arctic regions mm a complete somersault. FRJEE! All Spark Plugs Cleaned Free During NATIONAL SPARK PLUG WEEK one This offer will Isst wetk only Beginning Sunday, April 7lh through'Saturday,'' April 13th. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Silt * Walnut Plume 810 STUAIGHT iiOUKBON WHISKEY _ , " fOO PROOY~ ' • Copr.-l9 W, Sclimlc)-•]>i«liBrn Corp.vN.Y. C.' The Right Ensemble Will Stoj) 'Em Every Time .. . ~f- . */ When you choose your sports oxfords . , . b,,y Kfyerloni! They'll add a touch to your summer wardrobe that will make tile more enjoyable. SHQE,S T FOR MEN R. D. Hughes & Co. IP :;: Well Groomed Comfort In Pennwood Tropicals You're well groomed and look it in a Pennwood Tropical. But more than that, you're cool and comfortable . . . you've sacrificed nothing for appearance. Among summer suits it's a double- barreled value. $9950 Wend Your Own With a SPORT COAT It's the smart thing this sea- <^"| C\5() •son ... juul here are Ihc new- *' | / , ' stylos at .............................. Slacks ............................................ ...... $5.50 up RD.HUGHES&CO.

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