Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 5
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y, November-28,1 rVn'riiT r-t-r-Ti-n ...,-~-~. ."J^ .,. HOPBi ARKANSAS FOOD SPECIALS ifatfma&e a /featifo . -_....—.-.„..... „,,-••• -.1. * •. , '' w Sweet Potatoes, in Apples With turkey ami cranberries, mil* nmt raisins and a good set of carvers, you are on (Tie way to a successful Thanksgiving feast, Decorate the harvest feast table with a grouping of corn and wheat with sprigs of bitter sweet •.Vegetables in Hie festive Thanksgiving mood—sweet potato puffe on baked apple halves, natty with their topping of toasted salted almonds. Spicy Mince Pie to Topit AH Mince meat pie with a pastry lattice is about as successful a dessert for Thanksgiving as the hungry heart of man has yet devised. (From Hammacher Schlemmer, NewvYork.) Roast Gets Saucy for Thanksgiving Piquant Concoction Brings Out Host Flavor of ' the Meat R.v NKA Service A well -dressed roast like.s a bit of sauce in its uroominf,'. Not too much, understand, for llit 1 roast doesn't aux- in have attention taken away from its own chiirms, Bui JUKI enough lo play Up the' ui'C'iisioi). (iiirdi'ii Saner OIK- cup water in which veKetables were cooked, 2 tablespoons flour, 3Vj tables|vx>i>,s' butter, 1 cup .sour cream, Tomorrow's Menu Broakfast: Slowed prunes with cranberries, mixed hot cereal, Canadian bacnn. raisin toast. coffee . milk. Luncheon: Cream of tomiito sou)), toasted English muffins, hoi Kini<trbrc:itl. whipped cream, ten. milk. Dimier: Hoast leu of lamb, Rer- nnida sauce, roasted potatoes. buttered broccoli, romalne salad, macaroni-apple fluff, coffee, milk. 'i teas|x>on salt, !« teaspoon popper, 1 1C teaspoon cayenne pepper, and a pinch of nutmeg. Heat 2 tablespoons butler, sltr in flour. When blended, stir in sour cream and the vegetable water. Simmer for about 15 minutes, then add another l'.i tablespoons butter and Monts Sugar Cure For Pork and Beef Our Sugar Cure Is a formiiln that cures incut quickly, costs no more than the old salt method and Is much less trouble. Making all cuts tasty and delicious. The fine flavor with attractive hrown cured color makes a more ready sale for those who hutchcr for market. Electrically Mixed Printed Directions Wilh Each 1'urchaso MONTS SEED STORE 110 Knst Second Ihe remaining ingredients. Star care: fully am) .serve very hot on broiled j liimb chops. i Bermuda i> a lively s]>ot, wilh friend! ly peoi>le and a restful outlook where (ever you stand. On my most recent visit there, I picked up this fine suure which they serve with roast leg of lamb. Kcrimula Ijinih Satire i One carrot, 3 stalks celery, 2 leaks 1 I onion, 2 tablespoons minced raw ham. 2 tablespoons butler, 1 bay leaf, pinch ; of thyme. 1 pint meat stock. M> cup strained canned tomatoes, 1 tablespoon I melted butter, 1 tablespoon flour. :l j tablespoon prepared mustard. 1 table- I spoon mushroom sauce and '-^ cup i sherry wine. I Chop all vegetables. Heat butler. j add minced ram ham. thyme and bay ' leaf. Cook 3 minutes, then add stock i and strained calmed tomaloes. Simmer over very losv fire for half an hom. then make thickening. Coin- Line melted butler and flour, add 1 mustard and .seasoning, then add lo • sauce, simmer a few minutes, then 'add sherry and serve with perfectly browned rost leu of lamb. Veal often calls for a .sauce with j definite character. Try this when such I a call comes. j Anchovy Sawn j Twelve skinned and boned anchovies. 3 tiible.spoons butter, pinch suit, '/i iciispoon pepper, dash cayenne pepper. 1 tablesoon flour, 1 cup clear veal slock made from trimmings from roast. Mash anchovies. Heal butter, add m.'.shcd anchovies, salt, (X'pper and cayenne. Simmer very gently for 2 minutes. Stir in sifted flour, and eon- tiiuiini' to stir, add the veal stock. Simmer another 5 minutes, then serve on roasl shoulder of veal. Green-Yolked Eggs Produced in Hope Feeders Supply Co. Proves Ration Controls Color of Yolk An interesting poultry e pcrimcnt which is said to prove that egg production can be controlled even to the point of producing grcen-yolked eggs on a given ration, is under way at the Feeders Supply company store, opposite Hope Star office on South Walnut street. Might hens— six white leghorns and two hybrids— were hatched March 1, and commenced laying August 1. five months later. The first 20 days of November the eight hens laid 107 eggs — against the national American average of only 80 eggs !>cr hen for an entire year. Two of the hens, fed a special ration, are regularly producing green-yolked Purina laboratories are authority for the statement thai by simply varying their feed hens are able to produce yolks in shades ranging from bright j Mwli'rn Coulbif! System Tenant— "Janitor, you would cool our apartment nicely if you would run ice water through the radiators." Janitor—"can t be done, madam," Tenant—"Well, what, did you have in them last winter'.'" Appreciative Hostess: It looks like a storm, you had better stay for dinner. Guest: Oh, thanks, but 1 clin't think it's bad enough for that. The salt content in Great Salt Lake has nearly reached saturation point. The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 1009'r, I'cun., qt 25c The New Sterling Oil, tit. 30c j Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY GROCERIES RAISINS COCOA 2 Lb. Pkg. BULK 2 Lb, Pkg, 18c Cocoanut 160 CATSUP red, orange, blue, purple, brown, black, white, lo green, Rosston, Okolona Win Cage Tourney Invitational Meet Is Held at Rosston Saturday Night By CLIFTON BURNS ROSS.TON, Ark.—Rosston boys and Okolona girls won an invitation basketball tournament here Saturday night in the finals against Willisville and Rosston respectively. In the boy's game L, Jarvis took the tip at center and .started the scoring for Rosston while Greene broke the ice for Willisville. Although both teams started the game playing ball Rosslon took a slight lead in Ihe firsl quarter 5 to 8. The second quarter was the holiest of the game. Each team took the lead by turns, but when the game was half over Rosston was again in the loud. Simpson for Willisville started the scoring in the second half. Rosston kept a slight lead through the rest of the game, but only by the most supreme effort were they able to do so. The final score was 23-l!(. Greene for Willisville was high point man scoring 10 points, tcored ti for Rosston. Rosston drew a bye and played Cnl to reach the finals while Willi.svill defeated Bodcaw and Boughton. The girls game got off lo a high spued start when Cox for Okolona i Hempstead Farm Debt j Group to Meet Dec. 2j E. M. Oshorne, of Hope, chairman of the Hempstend county farm debt adjustment committee announced Tuesday that farmers facing complicated debt problems and possible foreclosure are invited to submit their | ease to the committee for possible ad- | ju.stmcnt and solution when the body | meets in a regular session at Hope Thursday, December 2. The meeting will be held at the FSA office and will begin at 3 p. m. Dimming Lights Prevents Crashes Heaviest Accident Toll Taken During Night Driving By the State Hixhwny Dept. Of the 37.800 traffic fatalities in 1936,. two-thirds happened at night when only one-third of the day's traffic was on the road. When traffic is the lightest, the death loll is the heavies),;.' These figures^are released^ijj_grijBffprt to call "thcTpuKlic's attentioTv to"th£ seriousness of night driving, and to emphasize a few hints that, when put into practice, will result in a noticeable reduction of traffic accidents at night. One of the finest acts of courtesy a driver can do is to dim his headlights when approaching another motorist on the highway. On the other hand, failing tot do this simple thing is a rank j discourtesy, as well as being a viola- lion of ihe law, and has been the cause of a greal number of our more serious fatal accidents. This type of night ac- i cidcnts is entirely inexcusable, inas- i much as dimming the headlights requires so little physical effort. ' Another cause of night accidents is! driving at an excess rate of speed, and I this, together with failure to dim the lights, creates a perfect layout for an accident. "Slow down when the sun goes down!" Laying Foundation for a Fine Dinner Mrs. Macklox Gives Suggestions for Thanksgiving Feast By NEA Service Going to the Big Game—you and all the-family and then home for the big Thanksgiving dinner? Then you need a breakfast that will slick to the ribs and seem rather festive. Try sonc of these special breakfast dishes. Toasted Sausage with Eggs in Brown Butter (4 to G servings) Twelve park sausage links. 2 tablespoons butter, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, '•!) teaspoon tarragon vinegar. 'A teaspoon salt, dash red pepper, fi poached eggs, parsley. Toast sausages. Brown butter and lemon juice, vinegar, salt and pepper. Stir until well ibltnded. Arrange toasted sausages and poached eggs on hot platter. Pour brown butler over eggs. Serve piping Guernsey Cagers En;•jVhT'-'* w.V":.- 1 •.".->- - - V:v.>|-*- • 5$>«J ": "*•<• r >,- • f Defeat Saratoga Take Two of Three Games Played on Saratoga Court hot. Hominy and Stuffed Apples Wash, pare and partly core red bakr ing apples. Jonathans or York Imperials or Winesaps are a few of many excellent choices. Through each cavity insert a small sausage. (If cavity is not quite Inrge enough cut out slightly wilh small knife.) Place in baking pan and bake in hot oven (425 degrees F. ) about 40 minutes, or until apples are done, basting occasionally with sausage fat as it accumulates in pan. In the meantime cook hominy in boiling. salted water until kernels are lender — or use canned hominy. Drain well. Serve hominy in center of platter dressed with melted butter and paprika surrounded by stuffed apples. Racon-Cornmcal Waffles (4 large waffles) Two eggs, 1 cup milk, ',-t cup melted shortening, 1'A cups cornmeal, Vi cup flour, 3 teaspoons baking powder, % teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons sugar, 4 slices uncooked bacon, minced. Beat egg yolks; add milk and melted shortening. Add cornmeal. Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and sugar. Stir into first mixture; mix well; fold in hot waffle iron, springling 2 tablespoons minced bacon over each waffle before closing iron. Recruits for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are trained at Regina, Saskatchewan. Breaking Match Prevents a Fire Hunters Cautioned as 40 Forest Fires Reported in the State An, outbreak of 40 forest fires during the first weeks in November has kept the State Forestry Rangers in the area centering in Magnolia hustling with activity. Russell Stadelman, district forester, states that a large share of these fires were started by hunters dropping a burning match or cigarette and then leaving the adjacent area, not knowing that they were the unintentional cause of a forest fire. The extra time taken by hunters to break their matches means that the match will be out when' it leaves the hunter's hand. December 1, marks the opening of the quail season. Forestry Rangers are asking the co-operation, of quail, hunters in. being careful with warming fires which, early in, November, hay.e. been the cause of forest fires. T^his. fire season is a period of high, hazard; due to,the presence of; so mucfcinilanv. mable litter oti the, ground in; the form i of dead leaves. The. hazard is. also, high, i as a result of there being so many peo- j pie in the woods at this time. j In an endeavor to reduce the number of hunter's fires Forestry Rangers have been instructed by. Assistant State Forester N. K. Clemmensen to note th| license number of all automobile^ parked in areas where fires may occur., It is realized that many hunters'thpugh, the unintentinal cause of a fire'.do.not < not realize the fact since they leave the area. It is believed that when they are cognizant that they are responsible that the subsequent hunters arei naturally interested in the protection of wildlife. Under the present Forest Fire Law it is a misdemeanor to build a camp,, fire upon lands, not one's own, without clearing the ground around Jtfree from material which, will carry fire, pr to start a forest fire by throwmg r away a lighted cigar, match, cigarette, or'bjv the use of firearms. Pound 14 oz. Bottle SALAD DRESSING 26 oz. 10c 25c MACKEREL POTATOES Large Can Red Triumphs 3 Fo r 25c 10 u, 18c WAS BEST FLOUR 48 Lb. $|.69 24 Lb. OR A Sack I - Sack Q3C MRS, TUCKERS SHORTENING WATCH OUR WINDOWS Use Purina Chicken Fatena to fatten your Chickens and Turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fattens them in 5 to JO days. We Have a Feed to Fit Your Need. Feeders Supply Co, The Hope Star I« Acr<w the Street if there were more Alexander Humiltons in Washington we would have the confused state of government in which we are making expenditures of money that we are not receiving.— Senator Carter Glass, Virginia. The Red Army is for peace, but we are ready lo beat off any enemy at- Forbes • lack.—Marshal Klementi Voroshiloff, ' Moscow. Half truth can be defeated with the whole truth.—Herbert Hoover's prescription to counteract propaganda. 1 want a job on a newspaper or selling. No politics for me.—Robert Harold looped the firsl bagger lo start the I Ickes. son of the Interior Secretary, scoring. Every player was on her i No writer feels he has finished a toes and doing her jvart. In the open- j book when he has written it He ing minutes of play no odds were of- | wants n read.—Pearl Buck, tared on either side. At Ihe end of the first quarter the score was tied G-ti. The first Okolona slipped ahead in the sec- Neanderthal ond quarter despite the desperate lS5(i in Germany work of Rosston's guards. Rosston started a rally in the third quarter that almost won them the game even in the closing minutes. The final score was 21-25 for Okolona. MeGowen for Okolona copped the high point honors by scoring 12 points while Dillard for Rosslon was close behind with 11 points. Okolonu won over Central and Willi&ville girls to enter the finals while Hosston played Bodcaw and Bough- tun. The schools represented were: Bodcaw, Boughton, Cale, Central, Oklo- lona," Rosston and, Willisville. Homer Weathers wan referee. Guernsey High School won two of three basketball games played last Wednesday against Saratoga High School. The Guernsey senior boys team won 14 to 13 in a thrilling game. Hughson of Guernsey and Blackwood of Saratoga tied for scoring honors, each making six points. The Guernsey junior boys team won by n score of 13 to 7, Rolhwcll of Guernsey being high-point man. He scored six points, but was closely followed by Cox, a teammate, who scored five. The Saratoga senior girls team de- feftted the Guernsey team by a lopsided score of 33 to 10. This was the first game of the season for Saratoga. Janie Feme Hughes of Saratoga led in individual scoring, making a lolal of 17 points. Boyce of Guernsey made six. THANKSQIVTNG SPECIALS FOR WEDNESPAV, NOV. 24 Fu»t Pl-esswl Hens, Ib. - - 18c Moi-rcll's Cured Ham, Wlwlu or Hall), 11>. 24c Pork Shoulder Roast, Ib. i 19c Pure Pork Sousage, Ib 22c Fresh pggs, Ooz. 28e Many Other Aleuts at REECE'S MMT MARKET Frout Street Hope, Ark. iiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiimmiiiiiiumimimi' skull of the so-called ' Man was discovered in Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our | modern jilnnt—pressed by exports — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS, Cleaners & Hatters ROBERTS GROCERY West Third Street Home of Better Meats CRANBERRIES—Pound P O R K ROAST—Pound BEEF ROAST, No. 7—Pound 15c CALF LIVER—Pound 20c PORK HAMS, Half or Whole—Lb, 20c ROUND, LOIN and T-BONE—Lb. 25c 35c 40c 45c A COMPLETE LINE OF GROCERIES i OGERSTOR Kroger? Famous 4 Point Blue Ribbon Birds—Lb. Early Blacks 2 Lbs. CILERY Well Bleached Jumbo Size Ea. For Dressing Pint tfCEMEAT 15c EATMORE Fresh Stock—Lb. Any Size Fresh Dressed, Ib 21c TORKEYS Live Weight, Ib. 22c Nice and Fat Pound 27c GEESE Picked Clean Pound GOCOANUTS u sSe Ea FIRM GREEN BRUSSEL, SPROUTS—Lb. lOc Nice Size Winesaps, Doz. LETTUCE Firm Heads, Ea. PORTA RICAN SWEET POTATOES *f Lbs. 4 GRAPEFRUIT Seedless For ONIONS 3 Lbs, 24 Lb. CREAM VEGETOLE COMPOUND 8 ' 33c HUMKO-^-The Painty Cooking O Lb. FAT 0 Ctrn TWINKLE Gelatin A Dessert V Boxes FiOURcg" 24t£ 8 9So SALAD DRESSfNG ajj* Embassy-^Qiiart .... S»Vi\t TOBACCO PRINCE ALBERT, Can FLOUR AVONPALE Lb. Soft Wheat BAG $129 1 PRICES GOOD FOR WE£NESPAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY ^

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