Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 23, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1937
Page 3
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November 28,1937 HOPE STAR, ARKANSAS mm '• A* Thanksgiving Draws Near Thanksgivings cnme —Thanksgivings 80- L<S*vlng their wistful nfterglo. (As all the hearts in exile know.) A targe and pensive company, Who think buck on the past, jarc we. (Wearing our sprig of rosemary.) Some of us take untrodden ways To find our lovely yesterdays— (Wrapt 'round with Invendcr uiul haze). Some seek n well-loved fnce, n smile, In memory kept n long, long while. (Thoughts fily for rnnny n mile.) There Is an old house, that for me Means home, and love and fiimily— It matters not where I may be. But for nil of us, the same road wends— Close Up the gaps, sit closer, friends! Thanksgivings cornc — Thanksgiving end!—Selected. y ——-»• • — Mr. and Mrs. Robt. M. LaGronc Jr., have returned from a week-end visit TONITE TUESDAY LADIES FREE With ONE PAID 20c ticket to sec a swell show at the— H )RIALTO Last 2 Showings John Ann LITEL Sheridan "ALCATRAZ ISLAND" Chas. Chase Comedy, "Man Bites Love Bug" .. . News ajul "Community Sing" WED. & THUR. Our Thanksgiving Show. "DANGEROUSLY YOURS" Sunday . . . Ihero'll he a "Damsel in Distress" . . . mid k'ok who comes to the rescue . , . Fred Astiiire. was Dr. and Mrs. P. W. Wilson in Little Rock. Miss Elizabeth Bridewell was a Saturday visitor in Little Rock. Mrs. Oeorge Sandcfur has returned from a two weeks visit with her brother, Conyears Brandon and Mrs. Brandon In Marshall, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Moore had as Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. John Ellington 6f Atlanta, Texas. A group of Hope's young people enjoyed n steak fry on Monday evening at the log camp at the Experiment Station, About eight couples were present. The following wedding announcement will be of interest to the many friends of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Gawctt of Oka- lonn, Mr. Garret being a brother of the late Dr. H. J, F. Garrett and Mrs. Carroll: "Lieutenant and Mrs. John M. Davis, Christobal. Canal Zone, announce the marriage of their daughter, Margaret to Rufus C. Garretl, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. George W. Garrett of Okalona, Ark. The bride was born in Tennessee, but has lived in Canal Zone since infancy. She is a graduate of Chrislobal high school and of Mercer University, Philadelphia The bridegroom has been a government employe in Cristobal since 1924, and holds a position with the Department of Engineers, U. S. Army at Fort DoLcssups. After a wedding trip to the United Stales, Mr. and Mrs. Garrett will make their home in Christobal."—Arkansas Gazette. -O~ Friends of Miss Martha Ann Singleton, who is a freshman at Baylor University, Waco. Texas. Will bo interested in knowing that she will leave Tuesday night for Sugar Land, Texas, to be the guest of her room male, Miss Floris Williams for the Thanksgiving holidays. Marth Ann and Miss Williams will be among the Bayloritc seeing the Baylor bears playing Rice on Saturday, November 27, at Houston. .ttnaWay Hill Cracks Paving' Miss Mac Cheney and family had as week-end guests Bennic Buck of Uunntico, Vu. Mr. Buck is enlisted in the Marines and will spend the remaining port of the month with his parents who reside at Fordycc. Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Hargis of this city announce the marriage of their nephew Albert L. Lemley to Lcda Farley of Nashville. The wedding was solemnized on Monday evening November 22 in Nashville in the presence of few relatives and close friends at the homo of the bride. The couple will je at home in Hope where Mr. Lemley is employed at the Diamond cafe. '«V NOW is destined for immor tality in the finest role of her brilliant career- "SI'ORTS ON ICE" & "STAR REPORTER" JOHNBEAI WARREN WILLIAM REGINALD OWEN WIU1AM HENRY Good telephone manners are as essential to a business office as a competent secretary is to its executive. This six-inch crack, shown being measured by nmnzcd young women, opened up in n paved road through Los Angeles' Elysian Park when a 2,000,000- ton hillside under it began "running away." The huge landslide, moving about an inch a day, already has crushed a big water main and threatens a nearby railroad yard near the business section. Old settlers insist it is caused by caving-in of ancient Spanish treasure tunnels. Thanksgiving Day J ap 'Moppers-Up' Fighting Way Through Shanghai Dance, Elks Hall "Southwest Swingsters" to Furnish Music for Holiday Affair Whnt is expected to bo the revival of the once-famous Elks dances at Hope will bo Ihe homecoming Thanksgiving Day dance at the Elks hall Wed* nesday night, November 24. The dance is sponsored by Talbot Feild, Jr., of Hope. Indications are that a capacity crowd will attend. The dance has been widely advertised and a large delegation of visitors from surrounding towns plan to attend. Music Will be played by the "Southwest Swingslers," a seven-piece negro orchestra composed of Hope and El Dorado negro musicians. Starting promptly at 9:30 p. m., the dance will continue until 2 or 2:30 a. m. Thursday. StFSIdpJracer (Continued from Page One) To Sponsor Film "Fight 'for Your Girl." new film with Jack OnUic. John Boles and Ida Lupino, will be sponsored by the Library e-hib of Hope High School when it shows at tho Saengcr theater Wednesday, December 1, it was announced Tuesday. LAST DAY All Shows 10-20C Col. Bui. lOc LAST DAY Shows at 1:30, 3.-M, 7: & * JAMES CAGNEY in "Something to Sing About Excellent Entertainment N. Y. News WEDNESDAY ONLY Double Feature First Time in Hope—No. 1 "Footloose Heiress" with Ann Sheridan, Craig Reynolds No. 2 , No. 2 John Boles, Rosalind Russell —in"CRAIGS WIFE" (The Pulitzer Prize Play) Mat. lOc Night 10-20c THANKSGIVING (Tliicrs. and Fri.) DAVID L. LOE Oswald Cartoon "Mechanical Man," Lowell Thomas "Going Places," IMnsical "Shoes with Bytliin." COMING—SUNDAY & MONDAY. NOV. 28-29 FAITH BALDWIN'S = PORTIA on TR!AlSi =3SH2Se=S^ wlth WALTER ABEL, FRIEDA. JNESCORT, ~T?i:rrT"= NEfL HAMILTON, HEATHER ANGEL, =====?==•/= RUTH DONNELLY, BARBARA PEPPER lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllr- For Thanksgiving and during UK; holidays \vu an 1 presenting a collection of Beautiful Formal for dinner and evening wear. J[ 0 JL Oil., wo present the new evening fashions of the season Velvet-is, Sutiux, Tuff clan, Billowy Net and Crepes. must In; donned with these evening fashions. Just try one on. Ladies Specialty Shop r»iiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiii>i>iiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiinMiiiiiiiiiii(iii>iiii>ii(iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiii>iii«iiiiiii under the respected name of the man they had bought up, order large quantities of goods from wholesale houses, explaining that they wore expanding. Soon as the goods arrived the confidence men would ship them out of town under the cover of darkness and skip cross-country to buy out another business—and expand. Where There's n Will— The larger business houses also hardly ever fail to capture the furniture racketeers. This is a popular bit of cheating, but it usually fails. A young couple of "newlyweds," buy n suite of furniture at a credit house, put down a small sum, and then advertise "forced to leave town must sell brand-new living room and bed room suites at great sacrifice." "We usually get them in the next town," says Mr. Eisenberg, and with a twinkle, "they truly are "forced to leave town at n great sacrifice'." Where there's a will, there's usually a way for confidence men to make money, according to Mr. Eisenberg. The con follows the daily legal reports closely until he comes upon a notice to the effect that the will of, sny Mr, George Ryan has been probated, the estate valued at $756,000, and the "heirs undetermined." Mr. Confidence Man immediately becomes Mr. Albert Ryan, moves to another city, gleans out-of-town hotel phone directories for addresses of a Ryan or two in a half dozen or so cities and then writes to those victims that he has investigated the life of Mr George Ryan and has determined thai "you," like myself, nre an heir to his estate and legally entitled to share in the distribution. However, my investigation "has exhausted my ready cash and, inasmuch as you will share in the proceeds, f am taking the liberty of asking you to please share in the Ral expense," Sometimes he asks for $50 from each, sometimes ?500. He'll lake, of course, what he gets. "And, that usually," says Mr. Eiscn berg, "in the long run, is five or ten years." Pursuing every advantage to the blttef Shanghai fighting, Japanese mop-up squads, wearing gas masks and steel helmets, follow to the wake of every artillery barrage to clear out Chinese snipers who remain behind to harass the advancing foe. The picture at the left shows a pair of heavily* armed Japanese soldiers working from house to house In the guerilla warfare which features fighting fn the Chapel area these days. At the right, Nipponese soldiers await the "charge" signal belort » moving Into an area Just raked by artillery fire. $16.95 DRESSES PCM* $4.98 The Gift Shop mom 252 Plan to Eat Your THRNK5GIVIMG DINNER With Us 35c CHECKERED CAFE "It L? Safe to Be Hungry a* the Checkered" E. F. M'Faddin Is (Continued from Page One) !et all Troop Committcemen in tbe District to accept a greater share of he work of administering the Scout program; and that regular Courts of lonor be held durin glhe coming year o promote advancement in Scout rank among the boys. The following officers were elected lor the coming year: District.Chairman, E. F. McFaddin; finance Chairman, T. C. Cornelius; Drganization and Training Chairman, Rev. Thomas Brewster; Chairman of Hourt of Honor, George Ware; Activities Chairman, J. K. Sale; Camping Chairman, Pat Duffic; Cubbing Committee Chairman, Roy Anderson. The Hope District comprises all of Hempstead County, and an attempt will be made during tho coming year to establish additional Scout Troops in the county outside of Hope. There are only two active Troops outside of Hope at this time, one at Washington and one at Blevina. Monday night's meeting was presided over by the retiring District Chairman, Rev. Vcrnon A. Hammond, pastor of the Christian church at Hope. At the close of the meeting Court of Honor Chairman George Ware announced that the next Court of Honor will bo held at the high school during the week of December 5, the exact dale to be announced after a conference with the school officials. Jhe Wild Turkeys (Continued from Page One) NEXT: "Follow me!" STORIES IN BECAME A PILLAA CHRISTENDOM CTRANGEST o£ transformation* was that which :thc peasant people of Assisi, Italy, noticed one dny in their fellow townsman, Francis, son of the leading cloth merchant. and snakes, are becoming considerably more wily and harder to find than in the olden days. So far the best efforts of conservation officials to halt indiscriminate slaying of turkeys have been unavailing. In the back woods areas where they roam, residents cannot be reached with conservation education. • Farmers Need Them For generations, these residents and their forbears have had the right to hunt where and when they pleased. Many don't even know about the game protection laws and wouldn't obey them if they did. In many mountainous regions such as in the Ozarks and the western ranges, game wardens admit that it is impossible to enforce the protection laws. Officials point out that protection of (he wild turkey supply is important not only to prevent extinction of the variety but also to aid agriculture. Biologists consider wild turkeys to be one of the best control elements against grasshoppers, crickets, locusts and other crop-destroying insects. In some regions even their first cousins, tho lame turkeys, have been drafted by farmers to cat insects which were threatening crops. The British gallon is approximately MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. In addressing a business letter it is preferable to abbreviate words like street, avenue, boulevard in an address? 2. How wide should the margin be on business letters? 3. Should one write "thanking you in advance?" 4. Are faddish shoes popular for office wear? 5. Should a married woman in business sign her firm's letter "(Mrs.) Ruth Ford Jackson" or "Mrs. Frederick Jackson?" What would you do if— You were continually sneezing when in a room full of people— (a) Say "I'm sorry" after each sneeze? (b) Say to those near you, "I hope you will excuse my constant sneezing. I seem to be coming down with a cold." Answers 1. No. 2. Rarely more than two inches nor loss than one. 3. No. Thank a person after a favor is done. 4. No. 5. "(Mrs.) Ruth Ford Jackson" is preferable. Best "What Would You Do" so- lution—(c). if practical.' (Copyright 1937, NEA Service, Inc.) Red Cross Fund (Continued from Page One) John Hardy 1,00 Mrs. Will Spears 1.00 Tom Stone 1.00 Bradd Ward 1.00 Eugene Ward '.: 1.00 W. T. Yarberry 1.00 Mont Montgomery 1.00 Additional scattered reports from Blevins and Mccaskill: Lee Buckley 1.00 Jim L. Brown 1.00 Lee McGill 1.00 Cecil Smith 1.00 Clyde Smith 1.00 Andrew Blackwood 1.00 Jerry A. Jones 1.00 L. Wren .'. 1.00 Roy Copoland 1.00 Edward H. Bale 1.00 Tom Shackelford 1.00 Roger Williams 1.00 Evelyn E. Cross 1.00 Byrl Watts , : 1.00 School students 33 Total : ?69i,69 CORRECTION WEDNESDAY NITE Is Ladies Night at the WORLD MUSEUM One lady admitted FREE with, each paid admission. < Don't Fail to See ALBERTA (K Sponsored By American Legion Benefit of Xmas Cnarity 'Fund. 112 So. Elm Street St. Joseph, Dallas (Continued from Page One) He had been a gay, romantiij I 20 per cent larger than the corrc- frllow. given to free spending and spending United States gallon. dissolute companions. He had «•«•• •• served in the army of Assisis in a June < 1938 ' wi » bc observed as the war With Perugia and for a time: tercentenary of the establishment of WJS prisoner. And now he was 25 . "New Sweden" in the Delaware val- and had suddenly turned from his ey- gay ways. Francis had seen' a vi-j «••-•« sion; ho had heard Christ. \ Maine, New Hampshire and Ver- Hc sold a load of his Sather'3 m0 ni are the only stales in the union cloth to raise money for tho re«, almost entirely free from poisonous pair of a small church and there* .serpents. by brought down paternal wrath upon his head. His father went • to court 'about the matter and Francis, in one sweeping gesture,' stripped oft his worldly garments and donned a peasant's brown cloak upon which he had drawn a crude cross. In that moment his mission had begun. j forthwith this man consecrated to God established the ordar of barefoot friars. Dressed in a sin«| gle robe of camel hair, he was to come later before Pope Innocent III to receive confirmation tor this order. In succeeding years his gospel was 1 to travel around tha entire medieval world. I Humble, lacking scholarship, ut«: terly poor, Francis grew to be-! come a mighty power and a saint among saints. He was called "another Christ." He died on Oct.| 4, J226, a pillar of Christianity.' His death-is portrayed, op, an Ital» ian stamp of 1926. (Cuiiyright. 1037, NBA. Service, In8. teams. The record this season: 'St. Joseph 65, Vickery 0. St. Joseph 0, Van 26. St. Joseph 12, T. M. C. 12. St. Joseph 41, Pilot Point 0. St. Joseph 45, Kirwin High of Galves- lon 7. St. Joseph 9, St. Thomas High of Houston 0. St. Joseph 6, Dallas Tech High, G. St. Joseph 6, Central Catholic High of San Antonio 7. While the early submarines took 25 minutes to submerge, modern wartime submarines can submerge in from one to two minutes. The submersion time has come to be a vital factor in providing rapid escape from gun ramming and attack. ',.-' GO SMARTLY DRESSED BE WARM IN A Printzess Sport Coats L A D I E S' Specialty Shop NOTICE! Offices of the Temple Cotton Oil Company will be closed Thanksgiving, No deliveries will be made, Temple Cotton Oil Company Who REWARD I will pay a Five Hundred Dollar ($500.00) Reward for the arrest and ponviction of the party or parties who killed or caused the death of my son, Ed Beaty, who was killed about October 1,1937. The money is now in the Bank of Prescott ready for payment. His Mother, MBS. M. A. BEATY SALE DRESSES Thanksgiving Cleanup Starts Now—Running Through Friday and Saturday and More Off To $4.95 Dresses 2.95 $7.95 Dresses 5.97 $9.95 Dresses 7.47 To $19.95 Dresses 12.72 HAT SALE I 95 Regular $3.95 Fur Felts and Velours One Table To $3.00 Values FUR TRIMMED COATS % OFF DUGGAR'S Ladies Ready-to-Wear—SHOES 111 West Second

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