Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 23, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 23, 1952
Page 16
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KOM If**, KdM, AfttAtffAS CLASSIFIED Mt Mtt* B* fit Office 0*7 fittton AO RATES .91 ,90 tfitii'lit On* 0i»i Month 1,80 4,» 100 f.Ol 8,80 7,« 1.00 0.01 8.W JO.W 4,00 IS.W 4.80 I8.M 6,00 18.00 I; . IM l.W 3.10 3.40 1.7* 5IPIBD DISPLAY TSa 'put Inch , WO ttt JtWB \ ;.,;.,.».„,„„.., Wo p«r Inch ; quote? etov* «r« for cwv or toKf »» ««-*»y rat*, 9pvvfii itll 9 P.m, for lfcwlftt) and la r*l«ct or mtrt Ittttri, * at houtM Munt 'iM on« tft unfeN «ur attention 'ONI Incorrect 7-3431 I STAR |(ft, H&MMI K^SRu AtVVlMf* by Ulttf . 0»»l«« ff«M *( (piiyobl* in <x». .. > .1. 11.00 niiiMtnmMM*HitH*Hf 4*80 ell,— 1.10 , Oolloi 3, Ttxoi; MO N. i Ay«« Chitooo I, HI.; «.U k. N»w YorK \7, N. V,| IWJ ' irott 1, Mlth.) City 3 IN Prtw t» t» Hw UH fw ' lo«»l rwwi «winttd m thli Q» w«ll at all AH r*wi For Sab K In, 'i block of town. 4 room ttpnrtm^nt. f*rlvnt« bwth. Newly dfcoratwi. N« chU rtron. Phonr 7-MM. unfurnlnhnrl ft roi»m». Hnrdwowl flow*, buck parch »nd jfarHBd, 81.1 N. Jlfrvo Phono 7-.1073, 2l-0t A noOM rn'idfirn unftirninhnd hou*c. Kml of 13th Blruct. Phono TIIRKK room npartrmmf. Nlcoly lurriUhdd. Klectrlc Uu. BIIU t<fl|il, 2IH Onnner. Mn. A, R, Hflbb. 2Mf 3 HOOM uriftirnlRhfld apnrlmcnt. Prlvute bnlh nntl f-nlrnnrs-j. nil W, Avo. D. Phono 7-347B, •i'l-M I-AIICIK < room hoiue, Wnlpr, iititl light*, Clo»« In on paved rtmd. Phono 7-2071. az-st ROOM furnUhad apartment wild foalh. KIMrlc ri*frlf|«ralor nnd wnnhlnil miuililne, Ulllldo* pnld. Pliunc- 7.3IB3. 23.31 4 ROOM hmwi>, liot unit cold wn. l«r, L.nr«c iinrtine. One block went of High School. Phono 7'4«fl. 23-31 0 ROOM hfitiio. Cnn be tuu-cl UK diiplax. ' Vacant Au«ttiit I, Carl Brurior, Phun« 7.3443. 23-31 Notice HAUL nnd nprotul unnd $l,2fl yard, Ornvel avolj«ble, Foy ftamntoni Phone 7-28SO, .. JB«IM ..«___ SMALL «old PRO pin downtown Thurndoy, Pleiup l«.nvi> at MU* CJWt Shop, 2|.3t FOR otit-oMown work. $3.5 \vwk, Room and bnnru. „.„„, wcirkinu rondilltuiit. Contact Hopiv C'lnitloytniiiU Office or H .V O lirlvc'-ln. Stoplutnn, Ark. 23-Ct Female Help Wanted ptwtnli at hom«. Lowt-U Prf*« Co., Munclc, Indiana. 21.31 Potol Announcements fur It authorised (0 •nnoune* that th« fallowing are c«ndM*Ui for publlo office nitoj*cl to the «eUon of the Democratic primary election*: for Tax Aiteiter CHIT STUART For Circuit Cleric OARRETT WILLIS . A, (Speedy) HUT80N For K«pret«nUtlve TALBOT FEILD JR. for County Judge CLAUD If, BUTTON U. O, OARHBTT FRED A. LUCK for 8h»rlff C, COOK for Aldermen Ward 1 JOK BRITT R. C. (Bob) DAWIKLS JOB JONKB for Aldtrman Ward t FHKD JOHNSON Dwiaiir mnoniLL PAUL RALEY PAT DUKKIF, for Alderman Ward » B. L. RETTIfl Notes of An American in Helsinki By MURRAY ROSE HELSINKI 'If: Note* of. nh Arr,< i lean in Hi'hinki: M;itt Mann, tfnr'-.l .Stale* Olympic swIrrrdilfiK ''"fun. iiecfs that hixj f,i i »|wrt ix bciriK MiRhted. j "Why tih'iiild w only have <>U(ht f>v>'n(a In nn v n't swimming, inclurt-' liiK two dives, while truck and field i him 2f?" the whltc-had'cd 07-ye;n j of tli"' iliiu in the Olympics. Their i.i li "iin'iuli/u* wni Id-wide Intercut in .v.', niiiitliH! fiiid Itn Kruwlnf; blg- tfi'i year by yi'.-ir." Tli'' Il'-hinU radio h.is been busy •MI Kit: .nlvli'e to local maidens on hi;w to conduct tiieui'ii-J vcs with In.i (hi (jf foreign mm around. The I'cnerul tone is: 'Don't btj tu'i li;isly nnd fill! in love. You I ir.ltihl huve your heart broken.' ' j The tonkin-twisting Finnish Inn- Aiiicriciiri buys away. They've beenj il'ilut! ol;iiv with hint OUt OF DOORS with Big Game Fl»h Conservation ^ ^ By At. McCLANE , Fluhlng Editor ~ When the third annual nimlnl Tumi Tournament was wrapped up this year, the man who walked nti with the pucknge was our good dierul Uuurtttr Unas, Unele if,u Mnrrrm tapped n 500 tho biggest Russia Leads Olympic Due to Gym Strength HELSINKI Another Olympic record fell lodny as the fourth day of track and field competition be- Ran in the big Olympic Stadium in three six day miinilhon — but Has* totaled 4J!)0 points, or the equivalent of 11 jjhtnt blucfln, six of them taken in one (Jay. 'Ihis curne as no surprise to your reporter, because we fairly predicted ilie outcome of tbis blue fin derby In Field i .Stream last Miircii. HUSK is one. of the hottest Mi'ls in the history of big game aiii;lin|{. \\hr.n I wrote about Phyllis and with qualifying trials events. The women's broad jump mark of 5.09. meters (18 feet, 8.02 inches) was subjected to a mass assault ;ind was smashed by four girls, one an American, within a short lime after competition started. Yvette Williams of New Zealand i;ot off the best jump of the early trials, clearing 6,10 meters (20 feet, I!.n2 inches), nearly two feet beyond tin- old Olympic standard, established in 1948 by Olga Gyramati of Hungary. Right behind Miss Williams in 8t*te 8«n*<«i TOM J. SILVEY DR. P. C, CROW Chancellor (Pint Dlvlilon, 6th District) WK8LKYHOWARD A. P. 8TKKL For Connreoa OKEN HAHIUS By The Associated PPCBI NATIONAL LEAGUE Brooklyn New York Hi. l.nuis Philiiilelphlil Jitwtnii C'lnclnniiti .7:12 11:15 v. ..M10 13'., ,fiii in .fiOO 1(1 Wonted to Lease PASTUHE (or 60 h«-nd""u A. J, l»ruvl. Phon*? 1-2856. Sports Mirror By Tht AMoeUted Pr«»i TODAY A YKAU AGO ~~ Bob ut'Rhy knocked out joe Ruulono n the fiftlt round of their luiut ut loaton, FIVK YEA US AOO - Bewitch on hfl 1 nlxtli strflljiht race by tak- i»K the $38,400 Limulo Stnku.H at Arlington Park. TON YEARS AGO ~ Th« Cl«v«. iurnl Indliuut uniuipol the U-«ntne winning *keln «e Uio Now York Yunkeus with nn Uth InnluK, 34 riumph. . Mutiliwi Mink, |33 , Wli Panel, Good coiull- Soo Jo men M. Smith, ttkn, L.«gql Nofic* TO AWL, PltOPKRTY OWNERS IN 8T«KKT IMPROVEMENT DIS. TRICT NO. 18 <FAW PARK AUKA) You are notified that .the third , mire trom the rW«nt to *«>u Honu> ana »U)iirtc»«, 8 room n« nttoehud. Henry Hodslon. ArHnn»tt«, *Mt ft, BOT Ouk Hope. , The , Ark. »4tt the " ! thft. \& W^^^f pretty limn*. or before July 31, 1033. Allperswu who puid thi-tr ussi'uMnwnls in hill previously will dUri'«uid thi* noticu. All property owners who will now i>«y thulr rcinttlivliig us- •tsswmmt lii full will »im' futuro «t payment*. QIAKLKS V. RfcYNKttSON Collector City llBll Hop*}, Arknnsa« July 0, te, S3, 30 ,4(10 211 .2110 'II TUESDAY'S RESULTS UrtiuKlyti ? Cincinnati (1. 10 initini's " w York 3 St Louis 2 Huston U ChlcJK'i i U-a Piet:<bur«h 4-1 Nuw AMERICAN LEAGUE » W 1. Pet. Gb Chicujji) Phlludellhla St. Louis Detroit Srt 50 49 40 :» 34 mt 40 4a 44 4a r>7 nu .SOU 7'i B 111 ,4(lli .3HO aa ,:i3ti 2i\ TUESDAY'S RESULTS Ni>w York 7-11 Cleveland Il-l Philntiolphlu ^ St. I,mils 2 Detroit l WushliiHton 0 Dos tin i 4 ChlcHgu 2, 13 Innings Cotton StaUi La,iQuo W L MvrUltnn sn ;)2 55 :i7 47 -I3 Mmmu> 45 -I-I Pirn- Uluff 43 -14 Kl Dorado 45 45 Hot Spi'lna* ;H 54 Gri'cnvillo :tl lit Ln»t Nisht's Gnines NnU'hci! 5, Hot Sprint;. 1 ) 0 Mvi-Ullun 3, Pint,' IMviff 1 Monroe 3, OrnM'invood 1 Kl Dariulu 3, Oroonvillo () "IIrrc^ y'JU'c. Ot-t your utr.'iwbor-' i i(\'i IH-IV," yell candy butchers ut! tin 1 Olviiipii 1 Stmluirn. The strliw berry crop mature* late in sub-! nrctie Finland mid rl«ht i..>w the n.arltetx nre nver-flowliiK with the fiult. | Unit biiHkeln of thorn nro on; H.-'U- ;it tho Htiidiiirn nnd Rurnpcnn'; fiins fiit them like Americans; Hobble peanuts nt ti ball K-imc. Uttle Sammy Leo, defending chiimplun in Uu> 10-meter platform dive, will be 32 on Ann. 2, when fliililji In Hie event will be held. "I hope 1 can Rlvo myself a; birthday ' pivnent,' said the Artiei-M can Army majtir from Los Angeles Pin swapping by athletes and tourists lias become the vogue. Little- lapel flnu emblems arc traded us e:i|(eily us kids swap basebnll I'.M'il.i. And the stars and stripe; is liciklliiH Its invn. Russian nth- It ies will trmle any pin they hnve— iuul they have the most eleuonl of them :ill lor mi Old Oliiry bnd|;e. 1(1 Which just BOOS to prove luck plays a very small purl in' (ishiiiK. As a matter of fact the' talented Buss is writing a book Such' choice bits of and «'"»" aml f °° d flsh whlch wc ' ve Ulk "" for granted are on tho way olll unless the sportsman makes the for this afternoon's Mabel Landry of Chica- with a jump of 19 feet,' 3.50 Two Russian girls, Alek- Hope Goes to Mineral Spgs. Wed. Night Mope Lcgi6>moires journey Mineral Springs tonight for thi first of a two game series whic brings the teams back to Legi field Friday night at 8 o'clock. Lefthander Reeder Muddiest will be on the mound tonight whl 1 Doug Stevens will hurl Frido In their last meeting here Steve bested the Flyers in victory Hope holds over them. Tonight's contest will be carrii by KXAR. In Little League play and Nashville tangle Tuesday and the local youths came fro behind in the final inning to w 10 to 9. They trailed 9 to 6 goit into Ihe sixtli and final stanza. Ray Ferguson started for Ho. but gave way to Ernest Whittl in the third. Whitten was eredite with the victory. On Thursday night league and Junior Legion boy! play n doubloheader at Prescotl starting at 7 p.m. iindrii Chudina and Nina Dtjer his pitch to Uncle Whi.skem otijkinii, also exceeded the former RACING NKSV York Alliol Purse C'.ideon ($!).00) won Jamaica. The necklace Is believed to' Vie the oldest form of jewelry. >^< includiiiK one chapter on how to break world records. Of course lie expects to have the name Danx after i very fish on the j 1CIKA chart before you sec his' book, but the truth is that Oal-| lopln George has' n system, and he's williriK to tell all. He knows the where, why, and how of ocean fish and his know-! ledije of boats and tackle is phenomenal. Most of these record fishi were caught on lighter gear than' the average man uses for black buss in fresh water. HI* most recent record was a lOS'/i pound white martin on 12-pound test line! On the distaff side we hnve things like a !)2 pound tarpon taken on 12 pound line, nnd a ftIK pound I tuna taken on 45 pound-test line I — mere exercise for the most, modest gal who ever flipped a star drag. With all the hoopala about world records. George is n brasstacks conservationist, a subject of Increasing importance in our marine fisheries. The old hat about tho ocean being inexhaustible is full of holes. This is especially true of pelagic (wandering) fish like the tuna, George Buss has been a prime mover in big game release programs. This made him as welcome as the seven year itch in some angling resorts, where fish were usually hung on a dock for publicity purposes. George knew there was only one way to bathe the unwashed so he did everything from holding :i one-man tuna fishing contest in Bimini last year, taking 20 and releasing 22 giant blue-fin to breaking all the records he could find. Somebody has to listen. This year every contestant got 450 bonus points for each fish released and was penalized for each tuna he killed that weighed loss than 450 pounds. This put a premium on the angler's judgment, and kept the boys busy clipping their fish loose. Bass has won tho first round, and if he doesn't come a cropper while bulldogging his way through big game society, perhaps gentlemen anglers will raise their caps in well deserved tribute. (Distributed by NEA Service) SPANISH RANGE. LEE WELLS Iliili'li vii-lil.l'.i'.l.ln ,;,-,ll,l Kin^l-i l.fci: \VrlK tt\IH'jSvl.iik!tli' Vet i ,IH4 ' .500 ,500 ! .30(11 .SOOJ .3IUI: ,337 In h* ciancery Court of Hempatend County, Ark. Pete MwiH ,„ Plaintiff Vs. Mury Monk :„,. J)et»ndant WARNING OROiM Pofvndant, Mary Mwtk U to am** In this court within thirty day* and answer UIP eonipiauit of vh« Pluinllff, Petv Monk, Wltnesi my hand and the seal of w»td uoM^fi thts » day of-July 1»M, ,„„,.,. Owe*a «vau», Clerk (S&AD , Dwunan k %nnxan, Att'y. fm- PUUitlft , 8. AUUns, All'y. Ad Utwn July 9. 19, W. 30 Uyt SIHIUKS ttt Nntclu>% (MiU! Illuff at Mi'riillan Kl IXmiilo nt ut Southern Association Atlanta ChatUuuHtfin New Origins Mobile Nuihvlllo Mt'iuphiii Little Hock W 55 ftft SO 47 47 47 I, •13 45 45 53 34 55 55 Pot .570 .41)0 .470 .4«3 .401 .43(1 R,W*9I» ,WUl »t>pr*ci«U stou coming to *«*m#. Ju«»er"-* ; W« *t <K ANNOUNCEMENT fe Rnwnitt Thom Dr. Htroid M- Of. OovW Uoyd Guirtn ^»L>;*s Lust Ni«ht's lU'sults Birmingham H. CliuttauiHi«n 4 Nuw OrU'iins S, Little Hook a Memphis 11. MobiUt » Atlanta 7. Nashville 2 Tonight's UiiiiH'S ChattanooKik at Birmingham New Orleans ot l.ittU* Uuck Mobile at Memphis Atlanta ut Nushvillo 'TENNIS BALTIMORE— Ki4d Kovaloski ol tlamtrumck, Mich., upset third- i'dvcl Hal Uumw* of ChurloiU's- vlllo. Vu.. in first round of MUtulv Atlantic Grass Courts Tournament. Ugal Notice NOTICE No. nil IN TMK CHANCERY COURT OF HBMPSTEAn COUNTY. ARKANSAS JAMES A. PARKER PLAINTIFF VS. MATT1E ADEIXA PARKER OEKENDANT WARNINQ OROSR TU* defwidant. Matue Ad el la r, is w»rtwd to appear in UtU within thirty days and »u*wer waluMJt of the PlaiiuUf. A. Parker. WUix«»« »uy hand and the seal of '• 8vh day ot July, |4f 5,J SVNOI'SIB Arlpr • cnra of ulj.wMCo. Dlnlnc Rnn- ttfli ta ri'liiriiiriB liy stn«a cpurh to hla I'flllt.Miim raiicii. Ills |>nl, tlul KliiK. ui-i•imiimnien him. Ulnlnu it r e a m « ol wi'iliU-0 iih*« ahcnd with hi* okl iwoot- lii'iot. Mi'liuiin, Wlion a courao (ellow |>HMfrii|:cr I HUB to pross III." iiuciuluns on Hit) only yoiuiR Inily rlillny In tlio coAnli with tliciii, Hnl «ml ni.il.ie iprliiR to her ilutcimo. As they putli onwani, 1'nnillln not-kinR « aolil conai(tninont. hold up Ihe cvwcli, klllliiH the irunrij. rhen Itniuloll In unslRncil to eunrd lhi> troiiHuro. t.-ven tlioiiKn ho conrtdpa to tho driver that la> Is an ex-convict, tho chiit'KO iiyulnal him. murder. CHAPTER THREW NOW SIX men walked steadily towuitt Blulac, They Imd anpnrrnt- ly waited for tho conch nt the hlnokitmith shop, p I v e ot them Hlnlso didn't know, five hftixt-eyod men who wnJIccd with their nunita awlnjfing free near bolstered Colts, ilvo who watched him warily as thoy npuronehed, They came In a halt circle thnt converged on him. Tho Hlxth Blalso knew, and felt ng-aln tho terrlfla Impact ot the sheer size ot the man, a tooling he lunl not known tor a decade. Lconls Mill towered head ami shoulders nlxivo the ordinary in a n. Blalse was tail, but ha still had to lift his •eyes to meet Leonis'. Ilercule Looms, owner ot Scorpion, had oni'u claimed mastership ol tho wholo Valley Hint stretched twenty miles eastward and ten to the north. And lie had controlled It with violence, with guns, with (Ire, with arrests and jail, with bought JiulKca and juries. N o w Blalse faced him once morn and his hand instinctively lifted to his jyun. "You have, come back, Randell." Blalse nodded. "I'm book." Suddenly ttiiRer swept him. "Pardoned, itorcuto. Yon couldn't buy a governor, could you?" "You speak foolish , , . now, like you did then." He glanced at Hfti, who had straightened and had edged toward Blalse to back him against the five. The big man's lips curled. "You h&va returned to CaU- basas, you will leave again. The stage will lake you." Uluise shook his head. "Guess again, Hercule. You railroaded me out once. H -1 do not guess,' Return to th* stage. It will take you away, safe and alive. It you do not, then we shall **e vhat U to happen." "He ain't tooling," Hal said In • low voice. "Give me the two to the left and the one In the middle." Blaise motioned him to illence- The giant watted patiently. B1«4M sensed the loafers who stood beyond the line ot Ore on the lur slrte ol th« store. It had always M«n that way. When Leonis walked the town, the rest stepped **ide, giving aim the street. "Yhera 19' no place for you her*." LeooU said abruptly. "There has bs*n peace since you left, but you witt brute Ui trouble , . . tike the Mitt pHUUWJJP You pinned a murder charge on i mo. 1 paid ton long, Killing years for something I didn't do. 1 swore I'd come back and (Ind the straight of that killing, Hcrcule. Hero 1 am. I'm coming back to people 1 know, to land 1 own. Cnn you stop me?" Lconls shrugged. "There are no people you Know hero any longer, Thoy hnve gone across tho mountains to the Concjo or the Simi Valley." "All gone?" Blaisc demanded. "All," Lconls nodded. "None of them are loft. Vou did not see n plucu ns you came along the road, eh? Nothing between tho road and the hills above the pass at Chatsworth ? They once tried to build the homes, ch? Where are they now ?" liUUsc waited. He sensed Hal beside htm. The five gunhawks stood frozen, also waiting. Only Leonis moved, swinging one giant arm fn a halt circle toward the hills. "The Valley Is empty. Calabasas Is quiet now, and that Is good. 1 think that maybe five men arc not enough that maybo you go. So there are others hidden so ... and so." The stage driver lifted his voice from the canopied porch ot the store. "Hey, you can't chase that man out! He broke up a robbery at the Sheep Pen station." Leonis shook his head. "That I am glad to hear. But still he goes. Perhaps there Is no law in Calabasas, as they say, but the town will not have the murderer return. He leaves." Blalse suddenly laughed, a mirthless sound that brought Leo nla to a full turn. For the first time he showed signs ot anger, his chin jutting, nis eyes flashing. "It is tunny, eh?" Blaise nodded. "It Is, in a way, this welcome-home party. You'll always nave your gun hands, Her» cule, you'll always depend on force. , , , Nothing else." "It has always worked. It ways will. I learn that when 1 was a boy herding sheep In the Pyrenees. I learn it when I come to America and then to California. You see how it Is now. There Is you. there Is me ... but you are atone, t have men. Who will live the longest. ehT" Blaise considered It "A point," he conceded. Leonis made an impatient gesture and turned to the driver, "You are late. They will expect you at the next station." He threw hla ultimatum over his shoulder to Blaise as he walked away. "You will leave Calabasas, Randell. by thi* stag«. My men either see you leave or drop you in the dust" He strod* on. unhurried, a huge and majestic man. Ruthless. Blaise thought as be watched him. a man always sure ot tumsclf. Blaise turned to the five men. They still waited. He heard Hal stir behind ftlny , "How you calling $7" Hal aaktd. ' -— ~ look ov« Oowejo," "We'll be waiting-," one ot the five said. , Blaise climbed up In the high scat The driver scurried to the coach. The five gunmen still svaitcd. The driver picked up tho reins, lifted the whip from the socket and it cracked like a pistol shot. The stage rolled out into the street , "We'll be back," Blaisc said. As tho stage rolled along the driver said, "You've got one man that hates you complete and thorough, friend. He throws a wide loop in this part of California. I'd worry some if a man like that was after my hide." Blaisc snapped, "You let me worry ... if 1 want to." "And welcome!" the driver exclaimed, "though I've heard tell he's had trouble lately." "Trouble?" Blaise lifted his head. * "What I heard. Nothing you could put your finger on, except whispers and guesses. He ain't fighting and grabbing like he used to. I hear." Blaise slightly lifted one eyebrow. "When Leonis stops grab- bring, the North Pole will get warm." "Maybe, maybe . . . like I said, it's just what I hear. Most likely there's nothing to it." It seemed to Blaise that the run to the next station would last forever. He still smarted under the affront at Calabasas and now he wanted to be off the stage, to find Melanle and his friends, to feel that at last in some small measure he had placed the grim years at San Qunntln behind him. But-the past rose to haunt him again. A man had been killed in Chatsworth, a man with whom Blalse had admittedly quarreled. But Blaise had been riding the Santa Monica canyons when it had happened, riding alone. On his return to Calabasas he had been seized by Leonis' gunhawks, thrown into a barn tor safekeeping overnight, and then driven to Los Angeles for formal arrest Blaise had written to Melanie and ner father, Paul Case. They had appeared, along with some of the others who had been fighting off Leonis* attacks on their Valley homesteads, gut they could only testify to Blaise's character. The prosecutor proved that none ot them .bad known Blaise's whereabouts at the time of the killing. It had been very easy then to show motive and even opportunity on the strength of his absence. Blaise's face grew .warm and he writhed inwardly, as they approached the stage station. A combination hotel, cafe and bar, a long tvro-storyed building, white and clean In the shade ot the big oaks. 8!*t*e climbed down from the seat, following the driver, "I rode further than ) intended.* he said shortly. "Horn much do I oweT" American men, who have been setting the. pace in this unprecedented record-breaking carnival, contented themselves with ordinary performances us they had to at tain only comparatively easy qualifying distances. All three American entries quali fled for the javelin throw finals without icmoving their sweat suits, which served us protection against raw, cold svcather. Franklin (Bud) Held of Lakeside, Calif., former Stanford atli- Ictc, got off the best American toss, 22=> feet, 1.63 inches. Cy Young of Modesto, Calif., did 220 feet, 8.03 inches on his second try after missing on his first and Bill Miller of Phoenix, Ariz., threw 212 feet, 7.62 inches. The minimum qualifying distance was 209 feet, 11.74 i'lchcs. Walter Ashbaugh, Cornell University athlete from East Liverpool, O., and Jim Gerhardt oC San Antonio, Tex., qualified for the final of the hop, step and jump in the first half of the field. Bill Kerslake of Euclid, O., American heavyweight wrestler, was eliminated right at the start of tho linal day of mat competition. Kerslake, starting with three demerits, lost decision to Bcrtil An- dcrsson of Sweden. The defending light heavyweight champion, Henry Wittenberg New York, was given one demerit when he defeated August Englas of Russia but failed to score a fall. Neither was eliminated, but Wittenberg now has four demerits. Five mean elimination. More than 20,000' spectators turned out for the morning session despite rainy weather and for tho first time since the opening ceremonies the 70,000-seat stadium was sold out for the afternoon events. The big drawing card was the javelin throw. This strenuous and often dangerous exercise, has been banned from many American high school track meets, is a national sport of this small country. Toivo Hyytiaincn is the Finnish champion. He and his team mates, Seini Nikkimen and Eino Leppanen, i.ll threw the spear more than 70 meters (about 230 feet) Olympic trials. Today's track finals also include the 200-meter dash, which should be another and the hop, step and jump with Brazilian Abhemar F. da' Silva favored. .Russia is leading the unofficial Olympic scoring parade with the League Leaders By The Associated Preps NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING — Musial, St. Loui. and Atwell; Chicago, .322; Klusk ewski, Cincinnati .321. RUNS — Lockman, New Yor 05; Musial, St, Louis, 64; Robi son, Brooklyn, 62. RUNS BATTED IN — Saue Chiacgo, 76; Thomson, New Yor l'«, Hodges, Brooklyn, 01. HITS — Adams, Cincinnati nn Musial St. Louis 108; Lockmanj; New York, 104. DOUBLES — Schoendienst, St| Louis, 24. TRIPL nnd Ennis, Philadelphia, 7. HOME RUNS - Sauer, 24; Kiner, Pittsburgh, 19; Hodges| lyn, 18; Jethroe, Boston, 15;, Hob , July 23, 1952 MOM STAR, ARKANSAS •v Chick Youn§ OZAKK IKI YOU'RE RIGHT IT'S WORKING = PERFECTLY NOW ^••s|:Tf HWf-tiwakmeft v ;i " ••AYl K tms A 80tis 8Auu Hfi I , -jvMv Rineo wsTMer J< OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Wllllami Ansy/er to Previous Punla Flower Show 1 LEARNEP LONki \ NEVER TO j TELL A DUDE I \ SEE ANJyTHINJcS" ' IF vou ro VOU'RE i IMTO A Bl<3 JOB / AM' I MATE TO ( SEE. A SNAAR.T J MAM LOOK SO J^ STUPIP.' r-^ 9 UT I COULPN'T STAWt? PAUOMTBR PUPEP 9V 5O\\6OMt VVHO'0 JU6TOUT .AW I\E 9KOU6HT V1C PLISfT, \\K. HARIT- B5TV. EVE I TOLP YOU ABOUT. VVK. PUNJT, I'.VN SOUTZE ASKEE.XBLB, A JO? I 5HOU.P WAVB MVSELP. TOO OETTIMe KICK JA\ HAVft A ACTION. VOU'RB PS A RI<3HT THAR IM FROMT OF TH 1 THIRP ROCK FROM 7H 1 BIG'M/ NO--WELL, RUM-IT WHERE TH 1 CEPAR, AM' TH' JUWIFER JOIM6.--A Bl£> BUCK--HOLY 5MOKE, ARE VOU BLIMPT ^T-£~t '\ •\ SJUM9ER PROPUCiMS 4OOO pA.?KBL& I SMALL WAVE TOIM&I&T...* I HORIZONTAL 2 Sego lily is the 1 Immature ~ state flower of i flower 4 American Beauty — 8 Candy i 5 Unclosed 112 Consumed . 6 Twilled 13 Mimics ' ' fabrics • 14 Toward the 7 Worm ! sheltered side 8 City in j 15 Spigot Egypt 16 Staff of , 9 Arm bone workers ^ 10 Touch 18 Forming 20 Become mired 17 Willows , 21 • clover 19 Vegetables ! 22 Pen name of 23 British ' Charles Lamb statesman, 24 Facts George ; 26 Island (poet.) 24 Fruit 27 Musical ' syllable •30 Entertained 32 Parentless •34 Cylindrical 35 Tristan's, beloved (var.) 36 Cornpass point 37 Difficult 39 Leg joint 40 Heap 41 Accomplished 42 Ornamental 3 Leaving . 4 Swift WASH TUBBS OH, WVS-OUL, DRIVER... PON'T JOB MOLE...OME Of HAcKEB GRAB * OB IM PURSUIT OF THE PICTURE THIEF, KOONTZ RU5HE5 TO THRU THE POLICE ROSUE'S GMLER.V... VK6 60TT/S BIG START, CAR., BUT I'LL P ARE MADE-NOT BORKJ TRIPLES— Thomson, New Yor OUR BOARDING MOUSE Wim Major Noepf* shrub 45 Musical instruments 49 Take place 51 Tear 52 Shield 53 Revise 54 Age 55 Depend i>6 Jewels 57 Lair VERTICAL , 1 Nocturnal : mammals EGAD, MR.YOICK5 .',- YOL) m VJE'LL ;-> FiMe MAKE IT . .. i? *50Z AMD FLISKTV STEED/—)\ RIGHT MovO\ I'D. IT HApPe^S6 X < ) A^DTHAT S> »M A f-'ILLV, J [ Al^T b;OTTLCr) ( HALTER/ AMT-) -SHE MA s SHOCK us, ASKING '/% yoa ~'-* 10,000 FOR THAT ^V FOR. STOLEN BASES — Reese Brook inson, Brooklyn, 13. .Roe, Brooklyn, 7-O BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Brooklyn, 4-1. KEEP HER. ,„«..,-- AND I'LL SE^Sf^^^^^^. IFT CAI^ \ •// | , | | | C5ET \t)U A ' [ '-' ' '—— MILK AMERICAN LEAGUE BATTING — Goodman, Bosto .336; Woodllng, New York, Fain,' Philadelphia, .328. RUNS — Berra, New York, 64 Minoso, Chicago, Rosen, Cleveland and Joost, Philadelphia, 60. RUNS BATTED IN — Dropo CARNIVAL •T Dick Tnn«ff Detroit, 61; Rosen, Cleveland, 60 Robinson, Chicago, 59. HITS — Fox Chicago 118; Robi: son, Chicago, 109; Simpson, Clcv land, 10G. DOUBLES — Pricldy, Detroit an Bauer, New. York, 23; Fain, Phil TRIPLES — Simpson, Cleveland, S; Kizzuto, New York, 7. HOME RUNS—Berry, New York 20; Rosen and Doby, Cleveland and Wertz, Detroit, 17. STOLEN BASES — Rizzuto, New UGS BUNNY ( Vv/E'UL NEVEf? AViKE IT...TH Js. (. York, 13; Jensen, Washington, 12; COP 16 QONh4A (SET THEt?B FIRST/ PARKIN' METEt? THERE COMES. A CO?/ Avila, Cleveland,! 10. Pitching— Sahantz, Philadelphi 17-3, Raschi, New York, 11-2, She QUICK/ GIAAAAE TH' NICKEL / FUNNY BUSINESS By Henhberaer Washington, 9-2. GOLF GARY, Ind.. — George E. Victo of III., won qualifying medal Invitation Tourna ment with a 143. United States in second place three days of competition. Due to strength in the gymnasti competition, the Soviet's athlete have piled up 136.5 points. The United States with eight firsts i track and field hhs scored 115. ALLEY OOP •y V. T. httmlin '/lA'V', / C'MON.VOU GREA.5V/ HAVE MERCY. I J / NEVER MIND TM CLUNK, WHAT HAVE OH, 5IRF.,I'VE \^ "S. BUTS,,,,JUST DONE WITH X PONE HER I ,..l MADE ) COME CLEA.N/ HER:' OUT ./ > NO HARM, J HER A \ WHERE WITH IT/ A^^L HONEST,..^ PRISONER, ] 19 SHEp feHffiS--^ ^<\ YES, BUT... HBRPP? THERG \ WHATCHA , 6HE ) TRYIN' :. IB/ /TO HANP U6? HE SPEAKS wr TRUTH..,1A.M / YOU'RB TH THE QUEEN J OP TH A»«VA SEE, DADpy, i TOLD YOU IT iVASN-'T 1. M. R.|. U 8. P«t. oil. Cop,. 1352 b, NEA Ssr.ice. Inr Let's just try this on for size!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbralth 'It keeps him from cutting the cigar while he's shaving!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS ly HOMM CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer ACQMET...THB YOU JUST TALKED 700*.-- \ B-BUT 1 C- SELF IMTO A NEW JO&. CAN'T, tEAVE — ' ' &OTTA &*Ss WHAT , HERB ' WHAT KID — vou'pe wy CHAUFFEUR/ GRAB A JOKE?LARD'S NOT HEEE MAC, POHOU1HINK THA HAVIN6 A BIS LALX&J4 ON US I2I&HT MOW ? VEP, KIP.VOU'RE My PRDTeCTtON.' SAV. DIOVOU «*!•••• tM IH* yow «•¥• may to yow own/ ISiO STANDARD OIL C0WPAWV

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