Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1935
Page 4
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Radio Engineer tsh. R Atunn* to P»»tofl» Pimle FLAG OF ETHIOPIA . •iifia wrarj M a •raiiKiH ana-. 'aaaifl aaaara simaa QQQ [Bran nnni aaa IIM HEJanGSaiiigH 0H 0ga satan ani f.,M to. 'ml 6 lAIPJPI > ISnAIUIE |~IA IIJS(UJ «tuel*ffl. dtrt." [J* l £ lina ' 44 Brands. 49 Myself. 50 Clay block. 62 Interior. i&e coin. 53 Saucy. S3 Macaw. 6? To 'make lace? 58 Animal. 59 He is an —. 60 He Invented 1 Burdened. 2 Measures. 3 To piece out. 6 To eject. 6 Destiny. 7 Road. STo sin. 9 To fly. 10 Carries. t ftdlo 11 He helped develop telegraphy. IS Kiln. w 15 Models. 17 Mother. IS Senior. 21 He took out over* 100 «—, 22 Helixes. 25 Opposite of winner. 27 Molding. 29 Fifth month. 31 Hail! .17 Heap of atones 40 Hidden. 42 Slovak. 44 Note In scale. 45 In. 48 To growl. 47 Encountered. 48 Measure of area. 49 Bill of fare. 50 Japanese fish'. 51 Before. 53 Moccasin, 54 Beret. 66 Form of "a." 58 Dad. a it. r«';*. llr^ett Is Voted Best in National pubs' ,P'e p p e r y Catcher 'Tieats Out Dizzy-Dean ;C" by 75 Points to 66 voting. Previously Rogers Hornsby, in 1929, and Hack Wilson, in 1930, won the coveted award for the Cubs. Hornsby i won it tiwce—the first time as a mem- j ber of the Cardinals in 1925. The Car- jdinals, with five winners since the ! award was established in 1924, tops all rivals in that respect. The Cubs are second. The Dodgers.- Giants. Pirates arid Phillies each have furnished one winner. , Pa.— (IP) —Third , Chicago Cubs to receive •honor,. Charles (Gabby) Hartnett, catcher of the National Lea- fchamplons^ Tuesday was adjudg- '$ie league's most valuable player 935. veteran of 13 > ears' tervice with e-,Cubs atTSTa key figure in the drive to the pennant, Hartnett sJ Jerome Herman (Dizzy) Ejean, thfr 1934 winner, by nine points JB itlie race for the awai'd given by me Baseball Writers' Association of America. , |J<Ehe lesults of the contest, ^nnounc- j<I by James C. Isaminger of the Philadelphia Inquirier, chairman of the Award Committee, showed Hartnett :opping the field with 75 points. Dean 66 points; Floyd (Arky) Vaugh- Ml^of'the Pittsourgh Pirates, 45; Billy Herman, of the Cubs, 38, and Joe Med- ylcfc of the Cardinals, 37. No other flayer'received more than 20 points. ftll'itold, 27 players figured in the Sweden Gains New City LJUNGBY, Sweden— (ff>)— Sweden will have 115 cities when this township changes its status .on January 1, 1936. The town, in the province of Smaa- land, was incorporated in 1828. i Find It! Rent It! Buy IU • in the Hope Star MARKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the " -, . , quicker you selL 4 f I IJjnei }0pj ?ine, min, 30t . Fqr consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad 5 times, 6c line, min. 504 6 times, Sc line, min. 90c - -S*.timeft 3'/4c line, min. J2.76 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTEJ-Want ads will be accepted With the understanding that the 'bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication Phone 76ft Wilhout Calomel-And You'll Jump Oui of Bed in ibe Morning Rarin' to Go The liver should pour out two pounds of liquid bile Into your bowels daily. If this bile is not flowing fnely, your food doesa't discs t. It just decays in the bowels. Goa bloats up your stomach. You eret constipated. Your Whole system is poisoned and you feel sour, sunk and the world looks punk. Laxatives are only makeshifts. A mere bowel movement doesn't net at the cause It takes those good, old Carter's Little Liver Pills to get these two pounds of bile flowing freely and.make you feel "up and up". Harmless, gentle, yet amazing in making bile flow freely. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills by name. Stubbornly refuse anything else. 25c. Q 1B3I C, M.CO. For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company WANTED WANTED—Seven Foot Boi s D' Arc Posts. See Mrs. David Davis. Phone 22-3tc MALE HELP WANTED mbitious, reliable man (or ener- woman) who is interested in per- rit work with a good income, to ^ F ply satisfied customers with famous Vatkins Products in Prescott. No ny)»St*nent. Write J, R. Watkins Com- 70-80 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, 10-23-lt FOR RENT rj?P8 RENT: Furnished apartment, vate bath and garage. Automatic heater. Phone 235. Mrs. S. G. 22-3tp „,-,, .^,-i 1 —My six room furnish- J home in Brookwood addition. Mrs. . |f, gehootey, Phon» N8M rings. ?3-3tp —To reliable person the ! Oepartnuent of Harper's Place 216 hoae 36 23-ltc SALE ood two-horse wagon, mule, cheap. John Guilfoyle, Arfc., Route Three. 22-3tp *£ALB-Qne piano and gunshop . In good condition and cheap. Mrs B. L. Taylor "815 West Sixth 23-6tp We Cari-y a Complete Line of Bibles & Testaments Red Letter and Reference up BIBLES 75 Handy Size Testaments JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexall Store Phone $3 Delivery TOPCOATS CLEANED THE Odorless Way Our special process cleans thoroughly, freshens the colors and strengthens the fabrics. Minor Repairs Free of Charge Hall Brothers PHONE 385 LOCKS We are now buying Sweet Qum Blocks in 40 inch lengths Call 328 for prices. Hope Basket Co. Jf 1 ^/!^-/ * er BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN YOUP, VACUUfA TOR A "PEW t>AVS,ANt> t WILL \T MUSICAL,, SO NOD CAN MELODY W\TH WORK t WILL. PUT EIGHT -BUTTONS TRAT CONNECT WITH OFTLUTE-UKE WH\STLES \NTV\E A\T5. BACa, /XNt) YOU CAN TLNY D\TT\ES OP TrAE TJ^Y WH\LE CLEANING TV-\E "RUG^/-«-HAW-^A NOVEL \t)E/\ .WHAT YOU CAN "PUJN TVAE VA.CUUNN CLEANER EACH/D^TOR fAE, AKt> tJt^OWN OUT THE HUfA OP THE MOTOR WITH A SONG \N R\CH, BATHTUB •BAGPVPt VACUUfA CLEANER IP- 2.3 ® IMS BY N£A SERVICE. INC T. M. Rec. u! s. PAT " OUT OUR WAY „„ *A OPIUM 3CTNT ' '•ti^e-WAM? WvT IM TW LAST HALP HOUR YOU'v/e PIMCH6D Tii^.n SAME GUV f==ER HOLDlM' UP A BAklk, PBR, BOOt LBflSilOV '*^«^«n'''^i'-«s By WILLIAM! OH,1 DIDW 1 BUILD KiO dAl 1 JUST THOUGHT Zt> HAVE HIM HAV A GOOD IMSTlD. WEAPONS, PER AM* SEVERAL MOR6 CRIMES.; HOW DOES WE GIT OUT OF JAIL 50 <?UICk ? *S' i 'CS, fe-1 SO,, QUICK. RETURMS <^J~, (T! >M i U-1 Pi "^ s (?) im «y HEA stpviec. INC. T. i.-. RCC. u.». PAT, orp. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES He Asked for It by MARTIN . GOU.V , •v-. ..WE. ^•toM_ * * *t\ I 1 f '^v-'/ftif^iUtfvj^f^^ffj^/iiSKSSUStA © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF.l ALLEY OOP Maybe Guz Wishes They Had By HAMLIN WHILE ALLEY OOP AMD OOOLA TEV TO FIGUGE A WAV TO GET ACROSS THE. DARK, DISIOSAUR.- IMFESTED RIVEE r~ lWG GUZZLE, AND HIS MEW RETUCK1TO THE CAPITAL MV PET._ PAPA'S TH' BE BRAVE COMIN 1 ON ' RUM/ TO RECAPTURE THEIR ROYAL PRISONER., 'KING TUNK, OF LEM - SET FREE BY DOOTSY BOBO,THE YEH.YER TOO LATE THEY ESCAPED, IM SPITE OF ALL I COULD DO-BUT OH, GUZZIE -I'M SO THRILLED / YOU'RE THRILLED? WELL.FER CATSAKE, WHAT ARE YOU THRILLED ABOUT?^ )1935BYNEASEff WC T.OFF.' ' TEE HEE HE -THEY WANTED TO i, KIDKJAP ME// WASH TUBBS Lulu Bell Has Her Own Ideas By CRANE ^ HATE TO THIWK OF MR. BlddER 8EIMQ— BEING DEAD. MY THEORY 15 THAT THE YACHT RE TURMEP PURIMG THE MI6HT, AMD THAT HE" H^AIM'T DAT" — BAILED AWAY. 1 SMART? AH lRLI6' / WHY VOULD SLIPPERY BIC33ER SAIL AWAY' WITHOUT HIS CLOTHES OM 3 HE AIM'T MO MUDIST. r-"- V. \ 'AM' EVEN IF HE WAS, HOW COME THEM BLOODSTAINS OM HIS "~T MAYBE THEY'RE PSD INK. SPOTS. YOU M/cSHT AS WELL6IT IT THRU VER WOODLB;! HERE AW 1 MOW, 6IRLIE. SLIPPERY B|c3<3ER KMOWEP WHO STOLE'XDUR TREASURE/ AN' WAS A80UT TO SQUEAL. IT'S MURPgR/ I "TELL YE/ COLD-BLOOPEC? MURDER BY ONE* OF OUR, —7 OWN CROWP. , r/\.. T) 1935 BY NFX 8ERV FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS What to Do? By BLOSSfcR WHY DOSJT >GU TELL THE COACH ABOUT YOUR MOTHER ? HE'D REALIZE, THEW.WHY YOU CANT SEEM TO GET GOING IN FOOTBALL THIS YEAR // 1 "tX*-" %N '" S *' v<tm ¥' i HE CAN'T WORRY ABOUT EVERY GUYS FAMILY TROUBLES... HE HAS ALL HE CAW DO ID TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN .'/ EITHER I'M GOOD ENOUGH ID MAKE THE TBAM,OR I'M NOT.'/ AND A GUY CANT CONCENTRATE ON FOOTBALL WHEN HE HAS OTHER THINGS ON HIS --W MIND; /I BUT IF COACH ROOSE KNEW WHAT I KNOW, HE'D PUT YOU IN EVERY GAME .' AMD i SUPPOSE I FLOPPED/ WHAT THEN? ) DO -YOU SUPPOSE SHADYSIDE FANS WOULD GET A BANG OUT OF HEARING THE PUBLIC •ADDRESS SYSTEM ANNOUSJCE THAT ' FRECKLES M C GOOSEY FUMBLED BEHIND HIS OWN GOAL LINE, BUT, HE'S KIND TD HIS MOTHER? 1 ' •,0\0{ ~ 1935 BY NEA SEBVICE. INC. THE NEWFANGLES (Mom"n Keeping an Eye on Him By COWAN OH.'OMf SUE'S . COME ON f WAKE UP ? OUT OF THAT EATIJ ROBE AND INTO YOUR MAT,' \ GET GCXN'.l I WANT YOU T'CC^AE DOWN T THE BANK WITH tV\E, WHILE I GCT TWH NSONEY T' PUY T TOURIST MCw'.S.' WHY W HECK P' YA AUDNG? \OU NEVER TRUST ME WITH ANY x NO,BU V4APPEN5,AND I WV\ ROBBED, I WONT BE WONDERIN 1 IF YOU MAD ANYTHING T'DQ WITH \T/ tmJ >&& !^^ !, INC. T. M. REG. U. S, f

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