Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1937
Page 6
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•a? '4* PAGE S?A*, SOPHS, A||ANSA| 46 Members for : the Saratoga PTA Saratoga -Oka y Associations Holds Third Meeting of Season At the third meeting of the Sara- tbga-Okay P. T. A. which was held Thursday, November 18, at the Okay school building an interesting program was given. After the opening prayer which was led by M. H. Peebles, various reports were made. The treasurer reported that the association had $39.83: »h« hiembership Committee reported 46 as the number of paid members; Mrs. Dfllinger staled that several subscriptions to the McCall's magaiiive had already been sold. The tenth grade won the $1 prize tot having the most mothers present. Cecil E. SnuffUd made an interest- Ing speech in which he discussed peace and told how parents and teachers might educate their children for paace. Miss Sara Garlington read A. Barclay's "The Money Spider." The next meeting of the P. T. A. will be in the Saratoga High School building the third Thursday of December. Plans were discussed for a "negro wedding" to be given sometime before the next meeting. Farm Logic lliey were arguing as to whether it was correct to say of a hen "she is sitting," or "she is setting." "The question," said the farmer, "don't interest me ail all. What 1 wants to know when I hear a hen cackle is whether she is laying orly- ing." JACK and SECK SHORT ORDERS Chili Mac—Hot Pork Sandwiches 216 South Walnut COTTON OWNERS E. C. Brown Cotton Company which firm has served this community for thirty years has been duly Bonded to handle GOVERNMENT LONAS. Immediately upon receipt from you at this office of the Warehouse receipts and samples, we will class the cotton and have check available immediately. Information will be gladly furnished upon request. E. C. BROWN PHONE 240 TRAVEL INTO FAIRYLAND Have a .fieart-to-heart talk with yourself 1 Double exposure, accurately planned, will let you. finder. Arrange the light so the feet brightly illuminated. GENERAL ELECTRIC Products Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical PHONE 259 p\O you remember the wonder tales *~* you read when a child, the forbidding castles filled with ogres, the huge jinn of the Arabian Nights, the trolls that lived under bridges and the fairies that haunted mysterious woodlands? ' ' •, > You can use your camera to recreate those childhood memories. You can make giants walk through your pictures. You can hold yourself, or a tiny version of yourself, in the hollow of your own hand. You can pose in Intimate conversation with the Irish "wee people," the elves and fairies and the cobbling leprechaun. It's not hard. The method'is to use our old friend, the double exposure—two shots on the same film. All that la necessary Is accurate posing and careful control of the light. A black background Is necessary or you can pose your subject'before the door of a dark room. Kola the picture above. Although }t was made with a camera having a ground glass for focusing, which simplifies making such .pictures, you can get the same effect with your own small camera. First,' pose the subject fairly close to the camera, •with his empty.hand extended. Snap the picture and mark the position of the hand on the glass view flnder, very carefully, -with a tiny dot of Ink. Now, -without •winding the film, move the camera back several feet, BO the subject appears small In the view flnder. Let him stand, facing his former position, so that his feel ap^sar right pa the Ink 'dot in the Japs Serve Notice (Continued from Page One) November 22.1937 eign powers supervise their collection. Among other demands, to which tK Japanese sold settlement authorities acceded "insofar as it was possible tot them to comply," were eviction of all Chinese government organs and of*,: ficints of both the central and local government nnd suppression of all anti-Japnneso activity, Including" mo- lion pictures, radio broadcasts and publications. The Chinese army left Shanghai to the Japanese after their southern flank was turned by a surprise Japanese landing at' Hankchow Bay. During the last 12 days of battle—during which 1 ; the Chinese winter defense line was* broken at Soochow—Chinese casualties were 200,000, Including 50,000 killed, according (0 ft Japanese statement. ". dn Aid¥»* China BRUSSELS, Belgium-(#)- Delegates to the Brussels confetence seeking peace In the Orient virtually admitted SUriday. night that none of the nations represented was in a position to take effective action to halt the Chinese-Japanese war. The conference was called to meet again Monday in what was expected to be its final session. Despite an effort by Dr. V. K. Wellington Koo, Chinese delegate, to salvage some kind of aid for China, delegates were doubtful anything could be clone. Koo rushed lo Paris for a conference with French Foreign Minister Yvon Delbos and then took the next train back to Brussels to felk with Norman H. Davis, chief of tnc American delegation, and British dclogatos. Tliere wns no Indication he obtained any commitments. Accommodating There \yas an accident and many people gathered about the wrecked ear, when Some one drove up and cried to the man that was lying beneath, "Say Jim, did you have nn accident?" • "Naw," came trom oeneiim die car, Call Harry , Phone 148 ' Cull Harfy I'll pfek up your laundry, HARRY PHIPPS "the kids havc'nfways wanted lo see the works, so t turned the darned thing over for them."' ttnvo your winter Suit dry cleaned In our modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters TRUSSES Wft (Htfty n complete slock of Trusses, We nrc cnrcful to Correctly fit these trusses, mul our prices nre the lowest ihnt can be made. No charge made for fitting. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rcxall Slorc Phone 63 Delivery The Re.«< In Motor Oil* Gold Seal 100% Pcnn., qt. The New Sterling Oil, ql. 30C Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, Hope -6pcn Dny & Nile are not too This will help eliminate evidence of slight errors In the position o£ the subject. Snap tho shutter a second time and the final picture Is made. When the picture ia developed, presto!—there are the little man and Lhe big one, facing each other on the same film. You will probably make mistakes In placement on your first tries, because the view finder Is small, but this Is part of the fun o£ trying trick photography — and some of your errors may give a funnier picture than the one you carefully planned. It is well to remember that only the figures in these shots can lie lighted—If surrounding objects show up, they will spoil the picture. II your camera has an "open" direct view flnder, without glass, it Is best not to try this sort of work. If, however, you have a camera with ground glass back, you can place figures win greater accuracy. With this technique, you can make a fairy dance on the table in. front of you—the fairy being your small daughter In her ballet dress. If you j want to make the little figures trans- , parent, shorten exposure a little. , You can, if you like, do costume work, Illustrating the Jfalry tales you enjoyed as a child. Trr Jack and the I Beanstalk, with an iatrepld small i boy eluding the grasp of. a fierce j ogre. Or get an old hiking brogan and a copy of Mother Goose and picture the Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe. John, van Guilder Another Lost and (Continued from Page One) were returned unclaimed, she hastened to the Skip Tracers Co. for help, tearful and fearful that something dire had happened to her. lover. "But we felt right away that it was a skip—a racket," says Mr. Eisenberg. Cough Beware The From a common cold That Hangs On No matter how many medicines] you have tried for your common cough, chest cold, or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. Creomulsion not only contains the soothing elements common to many cough remedies, BUch as Syrup of White Pine Compound with Tar, and fluid extract of Licorice Root, but it also has fluid extract of Ipecac for its powerful phlegm loosening effect, fluid extract of Cascara for its mild laxative effect, and, most important of all, Beechwood Creosote, perfectly blended with all of these so that it will reach the source of the trouble from the inside. Creomulsion can be taken frequently and continuously by both adults and children, with remarkable results. * Thousands of people, who really know their drugs, use Creomulsion to their own families, realizing that this excellent preparation aids nature to soothe the inflamed mucous membranes, to heal the irritated tissues, and to loosen and expel the germ-laden phlegm. Druggists also know the effectiveness of Beechwood Creosote and they rank Creo- mulsion "tops" for coughs because you get a real dose of Creosote in Creomulsion, emulsified so that it is palatable, digestible, and active in going to the very seat of the trouble. Creomulsion is generally found satisfactory in the treatment of coughs, chest colds and bronchial irritation, especially those stubborn ones that start as just a common cold and hang on for dreadful days and nights thereafter. Even if other remedies have failed, your druggist is authorized to refund every cent of your money if you are not satisfied with the relief obtained from the very first bottle of Creomulslon. Don't worry through another sleepless night—use Creomulsion. * Creomulsion is one word—not two, and it has no hyphen in Jt. Ask for it plainly, see that the name on the bottle is Creomulsion, and you'll get the genuine product, and the relie." that you want. (Adv.) NOTICE! Offices of the Temple Cotton Oil Conv pany will be closed Thanksgiving. No deliveries will be made. Temple Cotton Oil Company "And we were convinced when we found out that his wife had left town about the same time and had vanished, too." There was no trace of them to be found, but Mr. Eisenberg kept in close touch with art galleries and collectors to whom an artist might try to sell some of his work. The detectives knew what the skip artist specialized in—light, satirical drawings. Find one of them, and you've found your man. The vigil was rewarded after six months. One of the drawings resembling the missing man's work turned up. Although it was submitted under a different name, the Skip Tracers Co. tracked him down and found their man living on a farm in Western Canada—with his wife! The swindle had been her brainchild. Pride Saves Many a Swindler I The Skip Tracers Co. is closing in right now on a "physicologist" who] promises "to solve your problems—' health, financial, and social. No charge' for consultation. j This ad attracted tho woman owner, of a small business in a southern city, j She was despondent. Maybe , she: thought, he can buoy me up. The "physicologist" did. It made her feel good to hear him say that she was endowed with a lucky spirit. And so when he told her to come again she did. To hear more flattery. But this time he told her that nor lucky numbers, determined by the stars, or something, added up to 7777 and if she gave him $77.77 he would double it inside of t-wo months. That started the ball rolling. He got sum after sum from her—and jewelry and clothes. Then, after persuading her to borrow ?1000 to give him, he j vanished. ' The Skip Tracers Co. think they'll get him, though, because she was sen- , sible enough to expose him. Most' windled women won't co-operate with nvestigators. You see, after their j anity leads them to believe that the ; ove swindler means everything he | says, their pride prevents them from! joing to the police with the facts. And! he swindler swindles on. | NOTICE! November 30 is the deadline for paying PERSONAL TAXES! All delinquent persona Itaxes will be published twice between November 30 and December 30. Attend to your personal taxes at once tp avoid embarrassment through publication. E. BEARDEN Sheriff and Collector NEXT: The Headache Pills. Senate Applauds (Continued from Page Ope) until the farm bill is ready for de- oate. "What justice is there," Mrs. Graves _sked, "in punishing thousands of taxpayers of a county because, perchance, •>ne law officer has failed to do his full duty m enforcing the law? "A general wrong in answer to a specific wrong is always wrong." 'It was the best speech made on this bill by anybody," Democratic Leader Berkley said afterward. A FINANCIAL PLAN for every rnaa THE HAMILTON TRUST FUND prospectus available ORVILLE W. ERRINGER Hope, Ark. 1937—THE PENNEY YEAR Now is the time to pick the "All American." You can be assured of All American Values at Penney .. They have been selected by the Millions that buy in pur 1524 busy stores and so we pass these proven values on to you. Truly they are the ALL AMERICANS of Merchandise. SHOP and COMPARE and Save at Penney s. An All American Value—81x99 Nation-Wide SHEETS Vash Testi 93c •1 Year Wash Tested Sheet. Each 1500 Yards 36-Inch OUTING Heavy Quality Outing *f A* Yard lUC 70 x 80 Part Wool Double BLANKETS SI .98 Each All American 70x80 100 New Cotton DOUBLE BLANKETS S1.00 39-in. Washable Fancy SILK ,a. 49c Ladles lx>ng Sleeve—Long Leg UNIONS 79c 70 x 80 TWO-TONE Reversible SINGLE BLANKETS S2.98 Ladies Rayon Princess SLIP ea. 49C 1 CHILDREN'S RIDING SUITS Sport Jacket Boot Pants The Suit .98 $O and M .98 CLOSE-OUT MEN'S WINTER UNIONS 36 to 46 pair Ladies Twin Sweater SETS $398 Ladies Coat Style SWEATERS ... $1.98 ea. RONDO 'De Luxe' 36-Inch Fast Color 80 Square 20 C yd 72 x 84 DOWN FILLED COMFORTS Celenase Rayon Covered Each 72x84 NORWAY BLANKETS 50% WOOL S4.98 LADIES SPORT SWEATER SETS 36 to 46 S2.98 Down Go Prices! Ladies Winter COATS Ladies Full Fashioned SILK HOSE 49c LADIES WOOL GLOVES „. 79c 72x84 Cotton Filled COMFORTS $1.98 3000 yards 8 oz. COTTON DUCK MEN'S 32 oz. ALL WOOL 36 to 42 GRADE A Must Go! lOc yard ea. Children's 2 to 16 Winter UNIONS 49c 27x27 NURSERY DIAPERS 6for49c 80x105 SEAMLESS Double Each 100 New Sport DRESSES 12 to 46 Including the Big Apple Print Dress $1,98' lea One Lot of 50 NEW Fall Sport COATS 12 to 20 $£,66 One Lot 8 Ropriced Winter 12 lo 40 COATS $||,00 Bedspreads MEN'S 100% SILK & WOOL DRESS SOCKS 49c pair ea. 81x99 BLEACHED SHEETS 87c All Colors—BALL FRINGE ,, 5c LADIES HOUSE COATS eJ Men! Dress Up For Thanksgiving Penney's have the Suit for You! NEW SPORT Or REGULAR MODEI< SUITS MEN'S LEATHER Of Washable Goat Skin 36 to 40 $A-90 Each SF — Men's Outing FLANNEL I M v Ju-SSe Ira pair mm Men's Fast Color Full Cut DRESS S 14 to 17 Each LADIES FALL SHOES GIRLS WINTER COATS 3 Ladies Glen-Row DRESSES 12 to 42 For $0,9 Thanksgiving £ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HHMRM Special Purchase LADIES UNDIES ( $i.OO For | 50 NEW Winter Coats 12 to 40 $13.88 Children's School SWEATERS ea. Children's Long Stockings pr . 1Q0 3i to 46 $16.75 MEN'S WOOL MIXED OVER SHIRTS 14 to 17 ea. MEN'S WINTER TOP COATS 33 to 40 Townclad SUITS of Quality—34 to 42 SZ4.75 Alteration Free. Save Now! Each $1flU)0 PENNEY COMPANY, ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE IWHEP3 HOPE SHOPS AND SAVESj AN ALL AMERICAN VALUE- SANFORIZED SHRUNK BIG MAC OVERALLS None Better pail MEN'S FUR FELT HATS

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