Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 23, 1935 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 23, 1935
Page 2
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! OV JtOfB SfAR» ttOy&ABKAN8A8 a3ikM.ua Star «*-<tay ftftefhden by Star iblshmg Co., tnr. & Alex. H, washbuth), at The Star building, 212-214 South r Street, ITdlse, Arkansas. C. & PALMER, President A1KX II. WASHBURN. Editor and Publish** A Question That May Come Up Any DayNow «* ._-.,.;•. .^^ttriYj^Mmsufraaaa^jLal^aBaaa^aaaBMg^ Becond*class matte* at the postoffiee ,«rt Hope, Arta'nsas 6 Aet of IBefffltfMn: "The newsjSdfter is an institution devteletped by modem civil' •M the hews 6! the day^te foster t-ommercd ant ? !nd "S<fy. . circulated advertisement^ and to furnish that check upon * «hleh no coflstltutiort has eVef bean able.vto provide."—Cot. R. ttate fAlwavs Payable In Advance^'Sv city carrier, per th SSj one year, J&SO. By mail, in .Hempstead, Nevada, et Snd Lafayette counties, $3.50 per.ye*i-elsewhere $6.50. Arkansas Sales Tax. .,,,-.-. » at Th« Associated Fife*: The Associatef! Press is exclusively _ ,- _Je Us* lor tefcublicatlbn of all newsSHspWches credited to it or otnWttlse credited In this paper end also the local news published herein. ,'.'"• .itfrrtttiiftl AdveJftWItw Representatives! Arkansas Dalles. Inc., Memphis, $tefflffi< St«!ek 61dg.: New Yorfe City. 369 Lexington; jOTtago, 111., 75 E. Wack- tt f Dtlve; Detroit, Mich, rtt38 Woodward Ave.\ St« I»«i||. Mo., Star Bldg. , K , , ; Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charge's will be jjM&e$or all tributes, cards 8*bf thanks, resolutions, of memorials, concerfliflgSpie aeparted. Commercial *;aeWspaners hold to this policy, in Vhe news Columns t$ protect »Jicir readers- A deluge 6f space-taklfiR memorials. Ttte Star disclaims responsibility lljtoif thft safe-keeping or return 6f any unsolicited manuscripts. •i YOUR IV-^V«/IN DR. MORRIS FISIIBEIN HEALTH -Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and of Hygcta, tho fiealth Magazine ¥OUR CHILDREN By Ol(ve ; Roberts Barton Rheumatism Still Hns Doctors Mystified, • t Fot hundreds of years doctors have fe,beien aware of the extent to which A young fellow jsixteen, he was) came to his mothfer^^iidj with the expression of a bank president signing a miilion- j dollar loan,/sftid:r"Mother, I like Mary j better than 'anyone I ever knew. I want to be where she is every minute. Do you suppose 'm in love with her?" His mother answered quite as seri- ^Chronic rheumatism can disable a per- ously, "Why, hynfet might be. John, if * S W V*t th PV still arp trvin ff to riiR- you feel that way. How old is Mary?" cidentally, unlike most wax depilatp- Yet they sUll are trying to dis- you feel that way. How old is Mary?" . Ijeoyer the cause for this condition and "I think she is about eighteen. She's ries, this can be washed off with cold ICto'find a remedy for it. suggestion was made about 120 WHAT EKK W/VMTTHH Young Home From | U. S. Shipping in Chevrolet Prevue DemandforCotton Local Dealer O u 11 i n e s Foreign Lines Jump Rates OMAC's 6 Per Cent asWarThreatFills'lheif Lady Took Carduj Says Pain Stopp< Many women who hnve taken dul have reported just stich rfi.._ ns Mrs, Dow Parker (of Fnrmingtd Mo.) describes below. < "I was weak and tired and did nj feel like doing anything," she write "I had cramping spells. At times,! would be very nervous. The pain wl mostly in my bnck.nnd sides. I woti msdels would be on display here No-1 cargo space which hns developed in jUat conip i n j n Bnc i no t"fcoV good Financing Plan E. P. Young. Hope Chevrolet denier, predicted Wednesday that 1936 would be a banner year for sales of the Chevrolet motor car. He was enthusiastic over the new models which he saw at a dealers Cargo Space NEW ORLEANS, Ln.— (fl 5 ) —L. D, Erics, traflc manager for the American Cotton Co-operntlve association, laid Tuesday that the association WBS negotiating with the United States Shipping Bourd in n neffort to have l/M li 1.7 Wlili.ll lie atl W M V n vi «-i< »»-«".*• " . i cetlng held at Memphis earlier in (he'government ships carry cotton abroad n P k. He nnnmmrerl Hint iho new i because of the "acute shortage of m week. out of New Orleans for Europe „ put 15 freight boats into service ail October 4, while other smaller cd| panics have reconditioned b6ats. vcmber With the many changes and factory recent weeks. heard several Indies speak of Cardl , ...... s - , " T . hc ' nr e«-' movement of cotton into , my mothcr hnt , (akon , t> t that dealers everywhere foromn trade and demands for spoce cldcd , o tr , t j look scvern , bfl - plenty of cars after the | »n lin^ru ^European mul^Orlental Ues of Curdu |. U helped the nervod ness and the pnin slopped. I felt iirHitanco would have first -showing November 2. led Mr. I ports has created on acute shortage of Young to believe that 1936 would be i tonnage as there are plenty of Ameri- thi; sreatost year In history for Chev- ' mltir.ents for November, he said. ro | e [ i "Conference Lines, controlleti by tor- Mr. Young said lhat nearly 1,300 j <-'E» 1'ne.", are taking advantage of the dealers from Arkansas, Tennessee. I situolldn by Increasing thcin^rttes. Mis-sourt, Mississippi nnd Kentucky here is no teuson for a shortttRe 6f viowed the new models at the Mom- 1 tonnage as there ore plnety of Amcri- phis showing I tiin 'hips lying idle here which could A now plan la finance the unpaid be put into si-vice on a few days' no- balancc on new tars, that not only saves the customer a substantial tiinount of money but Is so simple tho llct - , John J. Fitzpatrick, Shipping Board official in New Orlnnns, reported that he figures the cosls himself, is avail- G0 freight boats are tied up in th able to all purchasers of new Chevro- Misrlsslppi river near here. Built for Of course, if Cnrdui does nol bctl YOU, consult a physician. let cars, Mr. Young said, use during the World war, some have fifeirs ago that infection of the teeth j&ight have something to do with i Rheumatic conditions, and this idea has s jbeen mentioned repeatedly ever since. '% Yet there still are some persons suf- from rheumatic disease who .awfully nice,; tto, me. I eighteen, doijjtl.1?:' The lady surveyed her boy almost scraping the top door jamb. He was big enough to Ij£ forty, but that round face was exactly* sixteen and no more. Nevertheless, he had come to her and bared his heart, something that ,a chap 'look about (water—a handy thing to keep in mind 'in case you haven't nerve enough to been relieved of trouble when j that age seldom does, for sixteen is the specialists think that faulty ,'nutrition and wrong diet are, the most significant "factors. "Many* jus? as 're- spoTirihlej authorities believe that diet I'lfe not so important, and that correction Jtfeir teeth were cleared of all Lnfec- the age, of: tOn. in life is one so 'As a result, many specialists 'c'oavinced that infection is not 'leading cause of rheumatism. at no other" time given to hurt and shame , over -.injagfaiary troubles. . ns Moment To. have smiled or taken a light tone she knew would have blasted this 'sacred .seedlingj,o/. confidence. Her baby tame for Advices E&id .help as he would ' have' .at few for a smashed finger. oh, so few, ; ! wfll not prevent chronic disorders. I Fortunately, she knew something TUT —* 'ji—.^-i^— ...I.. —i— about this ifMaryu -a;;steady, serious Most i|bys!c'sns, wjho make a spec- "ty of rheumatic conditions are apt - try a wide variety of treatments to tlkeep- it under control. They may -use pva'fciries made directly from infections |#in their patients' bodies, or they may ^try vaccines collected from other rheu- ''matic sufferers. _j. They may apply heat to the joints, I Tin. the form of hot baths or dry elec- l,*'trical methods, and these seem to aid pull off the strip of flannel. in all colors, is easy to apply and actually does stay on for three hours. Remember that lipstick always must bo applied on dry lips. Wipe them carefully, put on the lipstick, let it lips for at least five minutes. Also new and satisfactory, is an in-1 ret and wipe off the surplus with expensive indelible lipstick. It comes | cleansing tissues. Do not moisten your American importations of Japanese textiles amounted to 30.300 square yardr in January, 1934. In January, 1935. this had increased to 12,000,000 square yards. by Robert Bruce O 1935 NEA 'Service, Inc. in controlling some V, symptoms. girl to be depended on. Quickly she made her plan. "You are a big boy," she said to her.-son, "but if I were you, I wOuld not pose as being older. Mary knows you a sophomore. You don't i want her to think you are too dumb ! to be a senior." j "Would it be all right if I went to gee her? Would she think I was silly?" of the serious "No, indeed. Go over some after- Some physicians depend largely on .drugs which relieve the pain and j[,j, which seem to give the body oppor- 'tynity to recover. Vet all these treatments, while they noon after schoool and stay a few minutes. But I wouldn't tell her how you feel about her. She will know you like her very much without you saying anything at all. Just be nice and polite, and don't be in a hurry." When he was gone his mother pick- r-> relieve a person, do not seem to be . ^1 Specific methods for controlling this j ed up the telephone, then put it down. K ( ; disease. j There was something too sacred about i ~ * " factors may be in-| the boy's confidence to spill over the! telephone to Mary's mother, as she had i first planned in order to get her cooperation. She did not know whether to laugh or cry about it. First love, calf love, is so precious a thing to the young. Relationship Worth Keeping She knew Bob would be falling in and out of love, as he called it. for the next ten years. She wanted him to tell her things—as much as he cared j to tell—in that time. Maybe he would j handle this wrong, but after all, it was his own affair. She susnected that Mary was on a par with his football team; that actually if he had to choose, Mary would be waiting on the doorstep. He had como to her as he would to his own conscience. His mother was his other self. He had not asked her not to tell his father. She decided shn wouldn't. Just herself and Bub in on their little secret. is married now, and not to He is a successful young busi- -n bringing about the rheu- f j. matic attack, so that the only certain 'vmethcd of control may be determin- JC ation of the factors responsible in each '.csee and application of treatment directed at each one of these factors. A BOOK A DAY By BRUCE CATION Ho Found Adventure But Missed Oxford. Stephen Lawforcl was an English public school boy of 17 when the World war started. He had two desires—to serve 'his country, preferably in some romantic and exicting way, and to go to Oxford— and while he achieved the first until his cup brimmed over, he hasn't got to Oxford yet. He tells his story in "Youth Uncharted," and makes a high-spirited Bob Mary. ness man in Chicago. His mother read me a scrap of a letter from him the other day. "Mother, you have helped me more by your wisd, om and silence than , - . and interesting book out of it. (anything else,. It's grand to know Wangling his way into the army in there is one ; Bfihipx in the world." spice of defective sight, he was sent This is juSt'-'poe more thing we at once to India for a year of garrison mothers have' to,.learn: to keep sacred duty. Then he found himself trans- i the confidences ofj pur children v/hen, ferred to Arabia, where he fought the ever it is possible. Turk under storybook conditions and ' incurred a wound that sent him back I home to England as a semi-cripple. j He applied for a commission, got it I just as the war ended, and found him- j self broke and jobless in a world that i geerned to have no need for ardent I young ex-officers. He got, at length, a job as secretary to an official of the White Russian "government" in southern Russia, and stayed in that area until the Bolshe- Viks knocked the Whites into the Black ; §ea. Then, after sundry adventures GLORIFYING YOURSELF BEGIN HERB TODAY JEAN DUNN, secretary to DONALD MONTAOUE. lawyer, delay* her answer when BO11I1Y WALLACE, automobile fmlenrnnn, nnks Jenn to mnrry. hint. At The Golden Feather nlprht vlub iihe meet* SANDY HARKINS, whole bnnineM connection in •vnsrue. Snndy Introduce* Hobby nnd Jcnn to MR/ nnd MRS. LEWIS nnd Hobby nrrnnf?CM to Hell • onie bond* for LewiM. fie KcIIn thpm to Jean'ft employer. LARRY GLENN, federal ncent, lone n friend of JenitV pnrentn, Is trying to locnte WINGY LEWIS, hnnk robber. Sandy aNk** Jean to marry him. She iirnmixeN to jsire Mm an nn- mver lifter «he returns from a vn- cntlon In her home town. Larry loentcN some utolen bondn nnd qiicNtlonx SONNY I1OYD, Kam- bler. about them. Doyd eoiifK.se* he bought them from Donnld Montague. Larry talks to Mon- tiiRiic, who nays he bought the bonds from Bobby. Larry seta out to find Bobby. .NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER XIX W/'HEN Larry Glenn arrived at " the sales rooms of tke State Auto Sales, Inc., he found that Bobby Wallace was out with a prospect, and he had to wait for more than an hour before the young man teturned. When Bobby finally did come In. he came over to Larry with a smile and an outstretched hand. Larry shook his hand and said quietly, "Bobby, I've got to have a little talk with you. Can you come outside for a while and perch in my car with me?" "Why, sure. What's up?" "Tell you when we get outside." They walked to where Larry's car was parked and got into the front seat. "Bobby," said Larry at last, "I think you've just done the most foolish thing ot your whole life, and I want you to tell me everything you can remember about it," Bobby looked at him In utter wonder. "Tell me," said Larry, "all about those bonds you sold to Don Montague." "Those bonds—" began Bobby. He turned toward the detective. "Why, what's wrong with them?" Larry amiled a wry smile. "Nothing," he said, "except that they were stolen from the National Bank of Neola, a month and a hall ago, by the Red Jackson gang. That's all." Bobby gaped, his mouth open, his vocal chords seemingly unable to function'. At last he managed to gulp, "Stolen?" "Yes. Those were what we call hot bonds, Bobby. We've been look ing for them for weeks in the hope that their appearance would lead us to the gangsters. And when we do find them—we discover that you yOUrself sold them!" It took Bobby another miuute to ,hat the consequences won't be too serious for you—" Bobby's face suddenly became white. It had not occurred to him before that by dealing in stolen bonds he had made himself criminally liable. "—the main thing," Larry was saying 1 , "is to run down this gang: and get them all locked up. First of all, can you remember where that apartment was thai they took you to?" Bobby wrinkled his brows, then shook his head slowly. "Not exactly," he said. "I remember it was out on the west side in an apartment hotel, but I didn't pay much attention to where we were going. It was off West Park boulevard somewhere, I remember." "You didn't notice the name of the building?" The boy shook his head unhappily. "No. Gosh, I'm sorry." "Think you'd know it again If you saw it?" Bobby thought this over, might. Yes, I think I would." xtra thick, for one thing—and the car Is almost twice as heavy as the ordinary car." There was another silence. "I doubt if that car would have been kept in the shop for any length of time, if it re-ally was at wb Buopect." Larry went on at last. ••' '• "I wish you'd keep your ears open as wide as they'll go and see it you can find out anything about it. Don't make youreelf conspicuous by asking questions, ot course. But if you can find out about anything—anything at all, no matter how unimportant it may seem, that is the least bit out of the ordinary—make a note of it and let me know. This may be a false trail; everything about that car may have been perfectly proper and legal; but we'll take no chances. Will you see what you can learn?" "I certainly will," said Bobby eagerly. "Now there's one thing more, before I go," said Larry. "It's about Jean." * A « '''-.".'/ apartment hotels out that way jut what we ought to be able to find it. ... Now, about another ,hing, Bobby. You say this Lewis wanted $10,000 to buy a car. I didn't know your firm had any cars that cost that much," "We don't," said Bobby. "Sixty four hundred is tops with our line. He said it was a special custom job." Larry was silent for a moment. Then he said: "Bobby, you'll help ma all you can, won't you?" "Lord, yes," said Bobby fervently. "Well—did you ever hear ot armored cars? I don't mean like the express trucks; I mean cars that gangsters use, made out of bullet-proot steel, with bulletproof glass in the windows, and so on." • * T>OBBY nodded. -*-* suddenly and think this—" As satisfactory a^it is new is a cold : failed his faculties sufBeiently to included sailing a three-masted! wax depilatory that can be used at! »* In B,,t,, m ho k»^ m » = -=!!„» ftome J t rernoves ha j r frofn the ] egs I leaving them soft and white, and ; takes no more time for application ! than any ordinary cream variety. ] Simply take a small portion of the cold brown wax from the jar and sme-ir it on a small hair-covered area i [| schooner to Baturn, he became a relief •Corker for the League of Nations, r charged with responsibility for the "^Innumerable refugees who cluttered P the Balkans and the Near East. Eventually he went to South Amer- to investigate refugee colonization tell bis story, but at last be man aged to do it. In baiting, uncertain sentences he told the whole story, aided by Larry's quiet but in glstent questions. » * f I HEN the boy finished he sai the corner of the seat anc W HI in Ffgbemes, and finally settled into a per- on one leg. It has to be thick enough i listened to Larry's brief, succinct job with the League staff at j rrereiy to cover the hairs. Now press a piece of cotton flannel i His book is a record of high adven- |" turf, bul it is also a sober record of 8 woild in the process of collapse, and or gauze on top of the wax. Holding the flesh on your leg with one hand, ! ute the other to pull off the cotton in I',' U is enlightening as well as enter- itht- opposite direction from which the I" tsining. Published by Macmillan, it I hairs grow. Do not pull gently. It ; f, 'sells for ?2.50. must be done quickly and firmly. ; —- w i «• I Afterward, rub both legs with some . The beaver uses a -split nail on the j kind of astringent to close the pores ' ' second toe of a hind foot as a comb'and remove little -ipecks of wax. It $Bd toothpick. can be used under the arms, too. In- explanation ot the true circumstances of the deal. At last he shook bis head in bitter self-condemnation. "Did you ever see a blggei Jool than me?" he asked miserably. Larry smiled at him. "You have been pretty much of a fool, Bobby," he said. JJiink we cau arrange things so He looked up asked, "You "Well, there aren't so many r>OBBY looked at him quickly. -* "Montague didn't involve her n any of tbis bond busmoss, did he?" No. But I'm worried about ber. How much has she been eelng of this fellow Harkins?" Bobby shook his head slowly, "Not very much, I don't blnk," he said. "She never says anything about him to me. Of ouse, she saw him two or three Imes there at the Golden Feather, but that was two weeks ago or more." . "I hope you're right. The one thing that would be worse thau etting you get mixed up with this mob would be for her to become Infatuated with one of if< members." Bobby's eyes grew wider. "Oh, I don't think you need worry about that," he said hastily, "Jean and I—I moan, we're joing to get married ... at least I think we are. I mean—" Larry smiled at him. "You mean you think she is too fond of you to become dazzled by anyone else?" Bobby blushed. "Well, I sort of hope so, anyway," he said. "So do I," said Larry. "For the sake of both of you." "Is this Harkins really a gangster?" asked Bobby after a moment. I think he is," said Larry. "If I can get at that hangout of theirs I ought to be abltr to Ilnd out definitely. But even i£ he isn't, lie's keeping awfully bad company." He smiled. "Surely there aren't two people around town who are as trustingly innocent as you." lie let Bobby out of bis car and drove back to the federal building. He bad hardly entered hia office when bis phone rang. Agent Frank Watson was ou the Hue. "We located the hangout," he said. "It's Is- the West Park Hotel, on W L s t Ninety-eighth street." "Good," said Larry. "Anybody home?" "No. That's the trouble. They checked out an hour ago. Lewis and the girl." : "Stay there," said Larry, "I'll oi out as fast as I cau get there." ('i\> tic Continued) "It might be," said Larry slowly. "Listen, Bobby, we've never yet been able to find out where those cars are made. Somebody must have a pretty elaborate sort of factory somewhere to turn them out; but wherever it is, it's pretty well concealed. AH we can learn is that the most successful gangsters do manage to get them. Now there's just a chance that this $10,000 purchase ot Lewis's was one of these cars. If so — " he paused to let his words sink in: "If so, thai means that Slate Auto Sales, Inc. is a secret distributing point foi them." Bobby gasped, and once more murmured "Good Lord!" weakly "Did you ever see that carV asked Larry. "Not close up," said Bobby. " remember the morning Lewis came for it. Mr. Hopkins him self took him back into the shop and next I saw Lewis was driv Ing away in it. It was just a bi sedan; looked like any otbe good car as far as I could see." Larry nodded. "They do," he said. "You could even ride iu one without knowing what i was. unless you knew what to look for. The window glass is "This plan known ns the GMAC 6 I been lying at anchor for years while For Cent Plan is a simple straight- "thi-rs only recently have been sent to the graveyard because of lack of cargo. He said several could . be put into (ictive use within n few weeks nnd that their tonnage ranged from 7.000 to fl.OOO tons per boat. A large shipping company operating forward one devised by General Motors Acceptance Corporation, ti subsidiary of General Motors,, and welcomed by us ns another economy we can pass on to buyers of tho new 193G Chevrolet." Mr. Young stated. "Under this plan the ear buyers knows exactly what it will cost him for time payment service. Actually it is as simple ns A. B, C. The buyer merely takes the unpaid balance clue, adds to this the amount of his insurance and multiplies the result by G per cent. The answer is the entire cost of financing the unpaid balance and insurance for 12 months. For payment periods longer or shorter thun 12 months the cost is one-half of one per cent. "The GMAC reduced time payment rrrvicc is offurcxl on all new Chevrolet cars and trucks." Much to Learn Two Scotchmen were watching a football game; one had a bottle, the ether had cnly a thirst. The bottle- man was talking very largely about his knowledge of tho game and what a fine player he was himself. During the conversation he helped himself very libernly to the contents of his bcttle, whereupon the thirsty one :aid: "Wcel, I notice ye're a fine dribbler, but yc're nae guicl at passing." —Grit. The earth weighs 5,885.510,000,000,000,000,000 tons. Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Easy Terms Harry W.Shivei Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 Suffer With Soui Stomach and Gas ? If you suffer with sour stomach, flatulence and a sensation of fullness after eating, due to functional disorders, you may b- sure that your food is not digesting properly and Is poisoning Instead of nourishing you. We strongly recommend B-L Tonic to quickly relieve those symptoms of upset digestion by Improving your appetite and digestion, nnd by s ing the sour, undigested food your« system. • SATISFACTION OR. YOt MONEY BACK. We are nuthori! to refund the price of the lirst botfi •to any of oui v customers who are delighted with. B-l/ Tonic—you to be the sole judge. JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO., Hope, Ark. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No mutter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can | get relief now with Creomulsion. . Serious trouble may bo brewing and i you cannot nflord to take a chonca \vith anything less than Crsomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed membranes as the germ-laden phlegm I is loosened and expelled. i Even if other remedies havo failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you arc not satisfied with results from tho very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) Get the World on a CROSLEY All-Wuve UADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shop OUR MOTTO Service With a Smile BRIANT'S Drug Store "Your Trade Appreciated" OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding While-U-Wait or Delivery Service. Keen & Bailey 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 $50 to $500- AUTO On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER LOUISIANA STATE SHREVEPORT CENTENNIAL SHREVEPORT OCTOBER 19-27 Inclusive AGRICULTURE—LIVESTOCK—POULTRY 1 AMUSEMENT PROGRAM FEATURING , Horse Show—October 19-20-21 AUTO RACES SUNDAY, OCT. 27 CENTENNIAL- FIREVVORKSSeELpBHATU>N--x*rv "FESTIVAL OF LIGHT*' EVERY "SOARING HIGH" Broadway Musical Revue A GORGEOUS SCINTILLATING MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANCE Each Night in Front of Grandstand FOOTBALL L. S. U. vs ARKANSAS, SAT. OCT. 19 CENTENNARY vs T. C. U., SAT. OCT. 26 'IT'S YOUR FAIR—SO BE THERE" OCTOBER 21st to 27th J; The public often takes for granted some of Us most valuable institutions.^ Very few stop to realize (heir depend- |J tncc on their pharmacist and the un-, told services he renders. However, ** should the druggists close for a week] or so and immediately .(lie full forci of their importance would he lining! to everyone's attention. Patronize your druggist ... he is your best friei John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamp! EW CiftMti \VM U 'SERVICE NEUON-HUCKINf LAUNDRY COMPANY SINCLAIR INDEXED LUBRICATION your Car stiunliliciilly lubricated from manufacturer's specification chart. Festival Watch the Paper

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