Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 22, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 22, 1937
Page 3
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yr. .November. 2.2, JM? HOPE 9TAK, , ABItANSAS PAGE MRS/SID HENRY A Wish I'd like to take cnch little house That's vnonnt, sml mid still, And put n fire on Die hearth, A posy in the sill. A curtain nt cnch window pnnc, A kitten on the floor, A Father coming up the path, A Mother nl Ihc door. I'd like to put a grandma there— A smiling one, with curls; And then I'd like to fill it tip With smiling boys mid girls. —Selected (by request) Miss Marjoric Aim and Master Bobby Oilliiim of El Dorado wore week end guests of Uieir gra i id m rents, Mr. nnd Mrs. R. M. LnGrone. They were joined Sunday night by their ptircnts, Mr. and Mrs. Surrey Gillium who SHW the Arkansas - George Wiishinglon game in Little Hock on Saturday. -O- Mrs. P. D. Smith of Dallas, Texas, was the week-end guest of her parents, Captain nnd Mrs. IJ. A. Boyclt. _O— The Ballroom Dancing class, Mrs. Frances Graham, teacher held its regular meeting Saturday evening from 6:30 to 7:30. Several new members were present, and the following officers were elected: President, Brinnt Bundy; vice president, W. D. Oliver; secretary, Rosalyn Hall; treasurer, Gladys Wiseman. Among the Hope fans seeing the ft * ." 3 HANDSOME JOHN LITEL —ami— PRETTY Ann Sheridan In an exposition of (lie Inner workings of Uncle .Sum's penitentiary on— "ALCATRAZ ISLAND" Comedy "Man Kites BUR" Fox News Community Sing game in Little Rock Saturday, were: Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Brunch, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dana Gibson, Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Brirmt, Leonard Ellis, Mrs. Finley Ward, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Bush, Hoy Anderson, Miss M.-iry Sue Anderson, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ten-ill Cornelius, Mr. and Mrs. Max Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Kwcn MclMicrson, Charles Hayncs, Jack McCabe, who accompanied the band from KaycUeville and we venture to say, that all of the applause from Hope fans was not given for the Arkansas team, for, we are told that when George Washington's right end, Lloyd Rcrry, a former Main street, Hope boy distinguished himself with .uich splendid playing, he got his share of applause. _O- Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Mills and Mrs. Chas. Wylie were Sunday visitors in Malvorn. They were accompanied home by their mother, Mrs. Willie Beauclair. -O- Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Green and Dexter Bailey motored to Slircveix>rl, Sunday, for the air circus. _0- T?ev. nnd Mr.s. Jtmies F. Brewer Jr., and boys of Ghent, Ky., are guests of Mr.s. Brewer's parents, Mr, and Mrs. L. F. Higgason. Friends will be inter- cstod in knowing that Hcv. Brewer has recently accepted a pastorate with the Baptist church in Augusta, Ark. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Hoss R. Gille.spie were Saturday business visitors in Tcxar- kana. -O- Harold King of Dallas. Texas is spending a few days visiting with his mother, Mrs. T. H. King iind sister, Mrs. Lucille Dildy. -O— Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kyler, Mr. nnd Mrs. Bill Smith und Mrs. M. M. Mc- Sloughun were Sunday visitors in Shroveport, La. -o- Mr. and Mrs. Courtney White and children of Chattanooga, Tcnn., arc guests of Mrs. J. L. White, Miss Annie Allen and other home folks. ~O- Bohby Stanton, daughter of Mr. and Mr.s. Barney Stanton, and Clayborn ONE SHOW TONITE (MONDAY) You're (he te>er of you miss this splendid picture! — Alex. Witshbiirn Doors Open 7:30 TUES-WED TODAY & TUESDAY LOOK OUT! He's Dynamite! JAMES CAGNEY Socks His Way to Greater Fame "SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT" NOW SHOWING TO CAPACITY CHEEKING AUDIENCES —ALSO— JUR GANG—in 'UTTLK SINNER' Tnivclliilk— latest News ALL SHOWS-I0-20c Colored Balcony lOc GO SMARTLY DRESSED HE WARM IN A Printzess Sport Coats L A D I E S' Specialty Shop On Exhibition IN OUR STORE TWO DAYS ONLY Tuesday and Wednesday—8 a. m. to 9 p. m. The World's Finest Radio STRATOSPHERE 25 Tubes—2 Complete Chassis 3 Dynamic Concert Speakers—Priced $750.00 Come in anil see the world's supreme achievement in radio url. A symphony in in laid imported woods. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps There are 85 Beautiful Models in the 1938 Zenith Line, Priced from.. .$19.95 to $750 Cousin First 'Official' Picture With Justice Black Foif future Use Lawyer— You say you want this automobile accident damage suit pressed through with the utmost speed? Victim— Exactly, f have a child six weeks old, and I want the money to pa yhis college education. Yorkshire puddir.g rr.*.y be served as a compliment for roast beef or — if it is sweetened — as a dessert. Mine! ay ing was originated during the World wa*, $16.93 DRESSES K>8 $4.9fl The Gift Shop PHONE 252 © Harris nnd Ewlntr. For Hie first time since the, appointment of Justice Black, the United States Supremo Court sat for this formal group picture. The justices, in whose hands the iale of important legislation lies, are shown nbovc in their court robes as follows: left to right, front row, Associate Justices ,<j.ed,rge Sutherland • (75, appointed 1922); James Clark McReynolds (75, appointed 1914); Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes (75, appointed: 193b);iAssociate Justices Louis D. Brandois (81, appointed 1916); Pierce Butler (71, appointed 1922). Back row, left to right, 'Associate Justices Benjamin N. Cardozo (67, appointed 1932); Harlan F. Stone (65, appointed 1925); Owen J. • ' ••' ;•. 'Roberta £62, appointed 1930), and Hugo L. Black (51^ appointed : 1937). •• Black'^ Fii Picture Every driver involved in a fatal accident should be taken to the nearest police station and shot by a special firing squad.—Suggestion received by Buffalo Safety Commission. Hollywood . . , makes pictures that scandalize savages and barbarians and are expurgated in Japan, Chi"'- —• J India.—Rev. James M. Gillis, edito; Catholic World. Only the failures have time to live and invite their souls.—Margaret Fishback, author. We are both in the same business but our technique is different. You feed the sinners; I starve the crooks. —Fiorello LaGuardia, addressing Salvation Army meeting. Bcause &ie can mrtc a good fudge- cake,' pr likes to set tables with pleasant dishes, every girl in the world thinks she can run a tearoom.—Mrs. Ethel Hunt, New York store manager, CAPITAL HOTEL Under New Managemeftt To Our Friends: We wish to announce that we have re-opened the Capital Hotel and Cafe, We invite you to pay us a visit and convince yourself of our Superior Meals and Rooms. CAPITAL HOTEL and CAFE John S. Greene Abner D. Hervey •• ' • - J © Harris nnd K\ Associate Justice Hugo La Fay.'ettc Black of the U. S, Supreme Court is shown here in'his'first'"official 1 - 1 portrait since becoming a member of the nation's' highest court. -First appointee of'Presi- dent Roosevelt to the tribunal, .Black left his Alabama seat in the U. S. Senate for the judicial post:. This is his'first picture-.^n the 'traditional robes ft office, McJunkins, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. J.' McJimkiiis, were married at the home of the bridegroom, Sunday 9 p, m. at S.-iratogn, Dubby was one of the outstanding students of the 1937 graduating class, being validictorian. 25-Tube Zenith Is on Display in Hope "World's Finest" Shown Tuesday and Wednesday by Cox Drug Co. "The world's finest radio," the Zenith Stratosphere, will be on exhibition at the John P. Cox Drug Co. two days only, this Tuesday and Wednesday, ;md the public is cordially invited to come in, see and hear this most famous of all radios. This Zenith radio contains 25 tubes, two complete chassis and three dynamic concert speakers. It's price is ?750. It is said to be a symphony in rare woods. It is designed in Carpathian 1cm burl, inlaid with imported mar- quetry. The sliding doors that cover the big black dial arc of matched American butt walnut, fhe entire cabinet has a piano finish. Accord* ing to John P. Cox Drug Co., local Zenith radio dealers, nothing finer has ever been produced by craftsmen in wood. There are 95 different models in the 1938 lina of Zenith radios, ranging in price from $19.95 to ?750. The most interesting of these models are the "Armchair" models which set alongside the owner's easy chair, making it unnecessary for him to move out of his chair to change the program on thp radio. A compartment is provided on each model for magazines and newspapers. The three outstanding features of the new Zenith radios are the Acoustic Adapter Speaker, which makes it possible for the owner to adapt the speaker to the acoustics of his own room, thus giving him a tailor-made radio; the Robot Dial, wiucji makes it possible for the owner to see only one wove band nt n time to eliminate the confusion of seeing all of the stations of the world on one dial; Electric Automatic Tuner, which makes is possible for the owner to turn a button and tune in any station on the dial without turning the tuning knob by hand. Zenith Radio Corporation lias inaugurated an interesting new radio program on the NBC chain every Sunday night from 8 p. m. to 8:30 p. m. This hook-up includes station KARK m' Little Rock and KTHS in Hot Springs, and is said to be entirely different from any radio program over broadcast. While diplomats and statesmen fume over terms and trifles, dollar diplomacy goes right ahead being perpetuated m hat shop and fur store bargain departments. Move to mark poison bottles with skull and crossbones has found us- usual support among coffee-cup lifters in some of the 5 a. in. beanerics. The Duke of Windsor was advised he might find snowstorms in northern U. S. if he made a winter visit here. But what really stopped him was the drift of opinion. A philosophic mind says it's fun to stay in and read during a storm When it rains, he pores. Logs, Blocks And Bolts V/c arc in the market for YVliitc Oak, Qvercijj), Purr Oak, Bed Oak and Sweet Gum Logs. Round Sweet Gum and Black Gum Blocks, Oak, Ash and Pine Bolts. For Prices and Specifications Apply w HopeHeadin PHONE 245 FOR THAT THANKSGIVING The Foundation of a Lovely Table-Fit Setting for a Turkey Feast— *«< -~~?&^ ^*&£t,*l4$ *«A?&fe8< DAMASK Linen damask in ex" t quisite classic patterns. White only. $1.75 to $2.25 yard Woven Designs Beautiful symbolic floral patterns on natural color .backgrounds. $2.50 to $2.95 set Woven Plaid Vivid, attractive table cloth in green, gold or blue. Napkins to match. $1,50 to $3,95 set The most formal of table coverings in beautiful designs. $195 to $7.50 LINEN MAT SET Natural w i t h colored borders for buffet or informal service. Green or Tile. Service for six. $4,95 to $5, HAYNES BROS. "There Is No Profitable Substitute For Quality" : i

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