The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 11, 1940
Page 1
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s\ T ° MNAN ™0™ 0 l™«A OT ARKA ^ * * ^ VOUJMR XX.XVJI—NO. 21. Blj'tlievllle Dally News Mississippi Valley Blythevillc Courier lllylhcvillo Herald L' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST ?, AIIKANSAS, THURSDAY, AIMU1, II, t!HO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' When Solemn Treaties Become Mere "Scraps MAYK^9 MM^ BATTLE RAGING .Men DieBy Thousands peetttr"**:***." 1 **•••»*»«*#«» APRIL9,194C P'^ :: 3, I'UliJHlMBMBpyfc^-r ^., ••MMnOBNHBHMIMMHMHi 'The Kingdom of Denmark and the German Reich will Igm no circumstance resort to war or to any other forlm of „..,» ' vtnlfttttfi nafimsf cork fttKpr'' violence cgcmst each other. 1 , ^^ , _ ., . _^ ,_..., broke another one of its treaties when it invaded Denmark. Sfcnine ot the h*'Gerhiany IfWddeS Denmark-j i-a|?gressioii pact of May 81, .1939 is shown nhove. German Foreign. -' k r**^' < *f * it-.V-,.V«1M*<« von Rilihpnfrnn {« at Ion n,i,,;,,i, ni,-,,:,..,... -TT...I.. r Germany invaded Denmark much in the manner shown maneuvers. Germany Gcrraan-DHnish . _Minfeler Joachim von Ribbenlrop is at left, Danish non- Death Toll "Frightful" Reports Say Minister Tlerlua Zahle right in llic ubovc pliolo of Ntr/.i Press Hits Allies But Makes No Warlike Threats MOSCOW, April 11. (UP)—The government newspaper Isvejitia in an editorial quoted by the Tass official news agency, charged (oday that Germany's invasion of Scandinavia was provoked by the Allies and warned thai the chance for small nations to remain neutral and independent lias been reduced lo "a minimum." The editorial was the first, extended discussion in the Soviet Dress of the Scandinavian development. It laid responsibility for German invasion of Denmark nnd Norway upon the Allies, .saying (hat Gerimnv was forced lo net- in self defense. U predicted that Sweden would now fall wholly within the Oer- mun orbit but contained no hint of any new Russian move in Finland or Hie Scandinavian sphere. ' The editorial suggested that had the Allies succeeded in oblnminit permission to send aid to Finland through Norway nnd Sweden ihe Allied forces actually would have eol-tcn "stuck" in Scandinavia' and opened a new front there against Germany. "It should be admitted." Isvcstia said, "that Germany's nclions In tins case were forced. Undoubtedly the action of German troops in Denmark and Norway was provoked by the previous violations of Great Brllnin and France, namely the violation of neutrality' and consequently the sovereignly of Ihe Scandinavian countries— the mlnln» of neii I nil Norwegian waters, the banning of the export of ore and a=ricul- tural produce from Scandinavian countries to Germany the policy of transfer of hostilities to Suindimivin and consequently' the nolicv of penetration to the rear of the German troops." Isvestla declared there was no doubt that Germany had improved her strategic position and undermined that of the Allies by the invision of Scandinavia. Isveslia dismissed arguments that Germany had violated Ihe principles of international law and her non-agjjrcssian pact with Denmark- asserting that "to engage now in cheap lamentations regarding 'the lawluliKss or unlawfulness of German actions in Scaiirtinavia means to place oneself in a ridiculous posllion. "War has its own logic which Is stronger than any other logic ' 'Absolute neutrality of small countries slluntcd in the vicinity or along the lines of operations of great belligerent |x>wers is a fantasy if there is no real force capable of maintaining it." Dr. Ogilvie Resumes Health Officer's Work CARUTifERSVILLE. Mo., April U.—Dr. Fred L. Ogilvie will this week 'resume his duties as health officer of Pemiscot County, relieving Dr. Shclton Bcccher who has been acting health officer since January 10. Dr. Ogilvie has been (Icing graduate work at Vander- btll University, Nashville, Tcnn., Tor the past three months. And Washington Are Alert • - * ~ : —:~^T-; :—+ : ^ V $3,000 In Liquor Is Confiscated A $3000 cargo or unstamped whisky, enronle from Ihe dislillery to Leland, Miss., wns confiscated a short distance north of the Ark- ftnsns-Missouii stale line late last, night by Arkansas and Missouri slate police ivlio arrested J. W. Mc- Kinzlt of Leluiid. driver for J. B. Lee and Son of Leliuid. Placed in lhc county jail at Car- uthersvllle, the driver will he given a hearing, probably tomorrow, on a charge of transporting the unstamped liquor. The truck, with 1| s 252 cases, was , slopped as lhc driver wns cnrome i to Ihe Ashporl, Ark,, ferry after ; leaving Highway Gl and turning' onlo » side road, state police re-1 ported. Officers, who had ben given a; tip that Ihe illeyal whisky wns being transported through Missouri and Arirmvis after having made .several previous trips, hild in wait ncu !- vestelxin . v """ las >- 'light for the , ! truck near th 'inltl line. U. S. To Speed Up Airplane Exports; 'Freezes' Deposits WASHINGTON, April II. (UP)—War depnrtmel cials mid aircraft mtimifncturcr.H nrc rushing notfotiiitioiiM lo permit the immediate export lo the Allies of hundreds of the lalesl-tyiie American uwplanex, nuthoritiilivc qunr- . | ter.s .said today, while President Roosevelt and his advisors ol'li- Pemiscot County Treasurer Announces School Fund Apportionment CARTJTHEK.SVIL.ljE, Mo., April II.—A total of Slil5.811!.57 has been received at the office of County c i ci K. C. iMuilinik,i for dlfi- ' "—" *•""".' > n ••' •>- i • •.•im^m., ivuunuvuii tii HI n I. 1 *! un v mui n tioi! lo Pcmiseoi county high' turned to the problem of extricating some ,'i 000 Americans .™ n .".. scl , 10 ° l5 ' ," ccor( i»'s to an from Norway, Sweden and Denmark. -Air rnlds In Norivuy Increased* : _. WEATHER Arkansas—Mostly cloudy, preceded by showers In cast portion, rain this afternoon or tonight, much colder, cold wave, below freezing in north and freezing In south portion tonight, Friday partly cloudy, colder in southeast portion, strong northerly winds tonight. Memphis and vicinity — cloudy, with occasional rains tonight, much colder tonight, lowest temperature about 32, Friday cloudy and much colder. Guy E. Michie Heads Caruthmville Post CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. April 11.—Following the resignation of James M. Reeves, Guy E. Michlc of IMS My was elected commander of me Pemiscot County Post No 83 of the American Legion. Michie will finish out the unexpired term made vacant by Reeves' resignation. He was elevated from the post of vice-commander, and was nominated for the commander's post by Jack Dowdy of Steelc the election being by acclamation. Fayetteville Court Bill Passes Senate WASHINGTON. April n-The senate passed yesterday a house- approved bill by Senator Miller and Representative Ellis, Arkansas he Arkansas-Missouri Stock Prices and announcement, nnule here yesterday. This is Ihe second payment of the 10M-IO school year. The first pnyrnent mis for 5IGn.6Ul.43. Carutlicrsvllle schools received S20.084.93 in this payment, while Dcerlng Consolidated Dklrlct was' reclpionl of lhc largest single sum $26,072.00. The amounts will be apportioned as follows: High Schools—Holland, $10,56680' Hnywnrd, $8.321.08; Warden. $18-' 610.09; Concord. $7,104.01; Cooler $10,502.49; I) eer ing. S2G,07200 : Braggadocio, $8,907.57; stccle $10020.02; stccle Building Aid Fund Nory/jiv official anxiety for tlie saiely of Americans. Their Immediate evacuation seemed out of the question because of furious sea battles In surrounding waters. It wns understood that Ihc Anglo-French purchasing mission was stressing the need for clearing away obstacles to prompt delivery of the newest American \vnrplanes because of Germany's invasion of Scandinavia, The originally were planned for lim- country's defense. The purchasing mission, prepared lo spend SI.OBO.OiiO.OOO lor 5,000 to AT&T Am Tobacco Anaconda Copper Ueth Steel Chrysler Cities service Coca Cola General Electric ,.. General Motors Int Harvester Montgomery Ward . N Y Central North Am Aviation Packard Phillips Radio Republic Sice) Socony Vacuum ... Stuilebnkcr Standard Oil N J . Texas Corp 5 Steel C-KQI T» tl r.n ~ " " ' "~ "I'^-"" V -uuu.uuu.iji/n iuj ,i,\»v\J II 1 ff i ' «?r?« n Y ' * tl tt3M:\*.m alrcrafl and other equipment. Hayti $0,325.03; Carutlicrsvllle Ims requested the armv lo waive ! 0| r:!: m ^lL R , oon i fiin f »»•«. ! 5^'^ ^ i ? »;™^ i ««« Interceptor inul bonibhiK ships, nnd have other 31 3-8 Fourteeti 81 3-4 $94S.«; 87 1-2 Kinfolfcs Uend, $294.14; Carlctot) Chute Sixteen, $05340'' nidge, $550.32; Mounds 5 1-4 $949.10; Chapel, $029.15. Cnllnt | y 128 1-2 Switch. 5934.58; McCarly, $5831239 Doughlas, $559.18; Swift, $122490' 54 3-4 Hunter, $310.39; Netherlands $1 51 1-2 020.G2; Peach Orchard, $58393' 5,1 |.- —--•----- expressed Interest In any American ship capable of 400 miles an hour or upward. Officials declined to reveal how many or what type of craft lhc army would concede bill u was understood lo be In the "hundreds," Meanwhile, President Roosevelt's Flag lake W2I.08; Darnell, $307.58;' j first official moves rcsullhm from Usher. $W,.S7; Friendship. $750.70. j the extension of the war became effective. They were: 1. An executive order establish_an unprecedented legnl barrier >s lo Danish and and property to Cotton Brokers From P. c ,. . i"g an nnprcccdcn OlX States Meeting |l° German access . Norwegian money ATLANTA. Oa., April 11. (Ul'l — Colton brokers and merchants from six sotilhr.islern stnte.s assemble here tomorrow for the annual mcct- this country. 2. A proclamation combat zone which extending the American vessels and citizens may not enter, lo New York Cotton Open High Low Close Close Miiy . 1070 1073 1000 1069 1073 Jul. . 1045 1047 1012 1012 1048 Oct. . 995 988 935 Dec. . 98:1 984 932 Jan. . 980 980 980 Mar. . 97) 972 970 996 984 080 970 New Orleans Cotton May , ansas, j,, Democrats, to permit the holding 1^, of federal court at IMyctlovllle, [ De ,.' Ark for Washington, Benton mA-.j*n Madison counties. .,!„ Open High Low close Close . 1081 1037 1081 1083 1080 . 105? 10S5 1053 1053 105B . 1000 1004 1000 1001 1002 . 989 989 888 988 888 . 984 984 982 982 S84 . 913 973 073 973 975 39 0 7-8 22 11 5-3 11 3-8 43 1-4 4G 3-8 02 7 8 '""' '""'"""" '"' u 'e annual meet- ••"'••is ano citizens may not enter, lo ing of ihe Atlantic Cotton Associa- all of Hie Scandinavian peninsula llon - I n "d the Russian Arctic- ports. This Donald Comer of Birmingham j baa? all of Europe north of Spain and Oscar Johnston of Scott. Miss., i to Americans and American ship- will appear on the opening pro- ping, gram Thornton Clark of Mont- Another official move can be M n ' ?»f , 1)rC5 ' dCnt ° f (hc ass °- ""^-application of the ncutralltv elation, will preside. ) nc , CMh nl , ( , c(lrrjr timse ((J orc or both of the Invading countries. But lhat step must await clarification of the status of those countries—whether they arc formally at war with Germany. Mr. Roosevelt will await official reports from his diplomats in Norway and Denmark. Hanks, mxlcr Mr. Boose-volt's executive order, bcjran reporting to the treasury Ihis morning on Dan- 990 984 981 911 May Julv Cliicaao Wheat \ open high low clase ' ICG 1-2 IOT7-8 108 5-8 1071-2 1033-8 1071-4 10G 1035-i) Cliicac/o Com May July open 59 CO 1-2 high 593-4 61 Ish and Norwegian balances and low close ' credits. The president Issued the 583-4 591-2 order last night, under the emer- 601-8 603-4 eency banking law of 1933, lo freeze nil Imlanccs and foreign exchange transactions here Involving Norway and Denmark or their nationals nnd to vest all control over those holdings In .Secretary of Ihe Treasury Henry MoruciUhiui Jr. The official explanation was that (Ills was "to protect the Integrity of the milled States as a repository for foreign funds." Another motive wn.s expressed In Ihe private remark of an official who said that the order would "prevent lhc German bllizkrlcg In Denmark and Norway from reaching Into American bank vaults." 1 '''""' dispute, todn KCII Imtfk' of nil tinif is under *av with • Trans- I lie re-port was ollienvwc .unconfirmed. STOCKUOUl, Swcd^TAprii' II. (UP)-( A! aiilic Teleplioiio to New York)—Uonoita i'nl'cSm,/ 1 '"^ 1 " 0 '' a " li Gcrmiin ilcct9 mid ^ to ™* and Ooiiimii mid Norwegian :U'Oi>|w ure fightinir over u tre nieiitloiis urea ol sen and const nnd the Norwegian interior. A battle still reported in progress in the Skajrcrrak ofV tlie SwodiHlj coast wnn only n part of Iho lighting nHieh 0 '^^'' 1 ! 1 ! ll ' u . ( ;i > . lx>i > i f li >V M wa » ''CDOiicd to have gained much slrcnuth willim the last 24 houra. noilh nr o-i " "i' command l.s Iryliiu to coucciilrnte strong forces f«l slmul e Nonvctf1 "" tl '°"l' s lmvc n'ra'dy mnrto a success- teir^^n-XSUT 1 '" 0 ' U "" C1 '° llS *»«**» *"° no " : with the \Mlh tic , olls(!rvcrs - nmWng ,,|| reports, nss ericd ttatll. wanted to ensure the .success of her occupation of Norway csln ",", sh «**«^ ™» ^^^LS^ '' c<:s cc " Ui obtul " S(l "» Uw > «»d reinforcements.' '" ,','f C """ 1Ct1 to llirmv tllrlr S"^ 10 '- ™val power possible force Into nn attempt to' cut oft the The latest reports yfrom .Gothenburg mid other .tata tartteataj that tha tattle' of the "sk^enak Ll ly nil nil-lit ami was still In 'progress' •• ••,.•••-.. , Thcre wns no clear picture of the British strength bill Allied cruls- u.snm ill's foyers were In notion In addition lo submarines, was believed, nnd plnycd a most Important . part, m the action, It wns believed cmillrmcd that three German transports of the lal- shnfl'Vn", T S H"! k ' °T 10 '° 00 lo " lrnns " ort took Mi nnil. on ihe Swedish const. In dnmngcd condition. Bandits Obtain $11,500 NEW BRITAIN, Conn., Apr. II (OP) — Five bnmlll.s- raided Ihe railway express agency lodny ari<l escaped with $11,500 In currency TROOP TRANSl'OKTS GO DOWN AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, April 11 (UP)-Gcrmany has lost four ciulscrs and numerous transports In n great miwil flght off the Swedish IT'! "" <f V , C ," °!' nwu tl "'" lnncs '» ll » »>°st determined air attack oh Norllicrn bcollanil since the win- started, it was reported today Clcrman lo.sses In men were reported to have been frightfully high Witnesses rilon E Hie Swedish const sow hundreds of Germans struggling' 1» HID wnler after the sH.kl.ig of iransuorls mid the bodies of victims w-c wiishlng up on the Swedish .shore today ' Stockholm's radio Mushed that lighting off the Swedish coast between Drltlsli nnd German Heels had vesuined at dnwn after a pause since shortly nftcr midnight. ' • : Some clnmagcil Gcvmnn transports were reported Inking refuge In .Swedish Icrrltorlnl waters, Swedish Bencrnl stall authorities asserted thai the Allies had taken 1 ijcii and Trohdhelm. on the Norwegian west coast. Clcrman forces at Narvik, the Iron ore port, were believed to be cut oil, with Allied warships outside (he harbor nm! a- strong Norwegian force n few miles Inlnnd, There were Indications thai the Allies might storm Oslo the Nor- liiu capital, at niiy time. Norwegian troops north of the capital were re|iorlc>i-'holdlng Ger- mnn .mechanized forces and It wns reported that the Gcrmnns had kuf-~ fercd ilefcnls tit Hamar and Elvcriini In battles with the Norse Norwegian niithorltlcs at Tromsoe and Anlesund broadcast an appeal lo Allied warships to nld them against attempted Germin Uvr.dln- ojieratloiis. •!."•' 11 seemed almost Impossible lo over-emphnsize the potential importance of the Allied-German navn! flghtlng. Two separate eiiBngcmcnts had been fought in the Skagerrnk of! Gothenburg, on the Swedish southwest coast, and it was Indicated that smaller engagements had been fought and were being fought at, various points along (he Norwegian coast. Reports Indicated that it might DC clays before the exle'nt of German ship losses would be known. The four cruisers definitely reported sunk were aside from two whose loss Germany admitted yesterday—the Bluccher nnd Karlsruhe. They were In addition lo the cruiser Einrtcu which Norwegian gunboats sank Tuesday—a loss that became known only yesterday. Swedish reports were that one German transport was sending SOS calls from the vicinity of lhc Oslofjord. A German transport named ns The Ankaras, but believed to be the 2,593-ton Antarcs, was torpedoed ~.,~*.i*bi, ,>,in vii,j\jy in cull Illiuy | "^ ', IJUL UCUevCCl 10 UC UJO z,! ___ ____ ._ ...... __ _____ . __ ___ ^^ and several scaled packages In two j olf Lysckll. Sweden, near Gothenburg, with about 3-f survivors out'of "irong boxes. j 200 aboard. An unidentified ship, believed to have been a German A few minutes later, the bandit j transport, sank olf Hollo lightship. There were no survivors, so far as car was Intercepted at Hartford by < was known. A 10,000-ton German ship sought refuge last night in he was shot with n machine gun. _ ,. .,„.„ ,,j --..-,.... *, iw,vjuu-tui| VIL1 IIL11M 3ILJJJ OUlUjtil- lUiUgU IHStf lUglll 111 Cruiser Patrolmen Homer Gaonl- 1 Swedish Icrrltorlnl waters near Marstrand and was Interned! It was recite, who reported to headquarters, ported that n German transport hud'blown up off Arendal, Norway, It was notable that there had not been a single report of a British loss In any fighting, aside from the two destroyers lost in yesterday's dawn attack on Narvik. The rumor still persisted that Germany had lost its giant liner Bremen nnd that the 2(>.COO-ton battleship Gnclsenau hnd actually been sunk, as reported, by Norwegian coastal guns. i'lcs I-'rnmi and Stored A hundred pies were baked at a time by American colonists, who froze and stored llicm In large Jars. When wanted, a pic was thawed out In a pie cupboard In (he chimney. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, [It, April 11. • UP)—Hogs: 11,700—11.000 on sale. Top, 5.40 170-230 Ibs., 5.25-5.35 140-100 Ibs.-. 4.50-5.00 Hulk sows, 4.30-4.85 Gallic: 2.600—2,500 on sale. Steers. 10,25 Slaughter steers, 8.00-10.03 Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.00-9.25 Slaughter heifers, 0.50-1025 Beet cows, 5.50-850 Two Changes Made In Ciiy Employes Announcement, ° r two — "•"" "^ v ! nu comment on ino changes Cutters anrt low cutlers, 4.00-5.25 forthcoming from city officials. wns made today In the personnel of the Blythcvlllc police and fire uleparlments. It wns stated that Willlsin Bcr- ryman lins replaced Leo WiuruiK- ton, resigned, as a member of the police force and that Turner Kls- sell Im been named flrr? ;n:ck •ivivcr and police tesk sergeant In lhc place of Ed Anderson, resigned. . No comment on the changes was Brother In Law Of Dr. H. C. Sims Dies Winston Jones of LaGrange, Term., brother-in-law of Dr. Hunter c. Sims, tiled this morning at Memphis Baptist Hospital, Dr. and Mrs. Sims, who have spent most of the psst five .days with Mr. Jones, accompanied tlie remains lo L">.Grnnpe later today find will remain there until Sim- day, , . . •. ' Funeral arrangements were. in- complste at noon but. 11 was', expected that services will be held tomorrow In LaGrange. ,

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