The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 19, 1957 · Page 22
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 22

Indianapolis, Indiana
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Sunday, May 19, 1957
Page 22
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i .,1 -SUNDAY, MAY 19, 1937 PAGE 2 SEC 2 THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR- Sports Editor Bold Ruler Defeats Iron Liege "TJOW ABOUT the Novis?" That is the question most frequently asked at the Indianapolis Motor Speed way during the postwar era. "bad luck cars" of the 500 - speed fans follow the slightest movement of the brutish, powder blue machines with Theirs is the virtue of Individuality and mechanical personality among a field of con- . temporaries which are . so , nearly identical that only the paint jobs are really distinctive. Up until now, the Novi story had been one of tragedy and misfortune. Will the luck of the ill-fated cars change this year? Through most of their history, the Novis were front- f drive cars. Several times they sat on the pole, many times " they led the race. But they " never won it. THE LATE Wilbur Shaw al- ways contended that "if they'd . ever make rear-drives out of the Novis, they'd run off and - leave the pack." Shaw didn't live to see his prediction ful- ' filled. But, it was partially realized last year when Paul - Russo shot his Novi through traffic into the lead and still was heading the pack when he hit the wall on the southwest turn during the 21st lap of last year's race. Lew Welch of Novi, Mich., owner of the cars, had finally seen the light before the 1956 race and converted the Novis to rear-drives. If anybody is due for a turn ; in fortune at the Speedway, , it's the Novi team. But there was no indication yesterday that any change in . fortunes was forthcoming. This time, Russo was "rained out" of a chance to shoot for the pole. The things that have happened to the Novis down through the years are little short of miraculous. And, the miracles always are one of misfortune rather than boons. The Novi engine originally was built by Ed and . Bud Winfield and first saw action in the 1941 race in a front-drive Ford chassis. The late Ralph Hepburn finished , fourth in the car. The Novi again was running fourth in the 1946 race with Hepburn driving when a piston and connecting rod disintegrated and put it out of the race. It was fitted with a streamlined canopy the same year and Ab Jenkins drove it at 240 miles an hour over the Salt Flats of Bonneville, Utah. Mechanic Jean Marcenac joined Winfield and Welch on the Novi crew after the 1946 race and the team was here in 1947 with two cars. Cliff Bergere was forced out of the race with bearing trouble but took over in a relief role for his teammate Herb Ardinger in the sister car and finished fourth. Fate struck the Novi outfit two exceedingly cruel blows the next year. In 1948, the veteran Hepburn was injured fatally when he hit the wall during a practice lap. Then, Duke Nalon put the other Novi on the pole and was leading the race at 450 miles. But, he had to stop for fuel at the 462-mile mark because a yOUR DIME BUYS MOPE SMOKING PLEASURE THAN EVER BERjJfc YOU'LL ENJOY I 4 I LaFENDRICH CIGARS IT COM IS FROM THI HOUSI Of CIANI IT'S A 600B CISAII The public interest in the mile race is so great that rapt attention previous pit stop had been bobbled and not enough fuel had been put in the tank. The engine stalled, costing Nalon a precious minute and a half in the pits and Nalon had to settle for third place. THE NOVIS were running one-two in the 1949 race when outrageous fortune dealt them another hard blow. Nalon was leading the race at the 55-mile mark when his Novi crashed into the wall. He was burned severely but recovered to drive the Novi again. Rex Mays, driving the second Novi, moved into the lead but he, too, was sidelined at 120 miles with mechanical trouble. In 1950, the cars didn't even qualify. They arrived at the track late and didn't get running fast in time to make the field. Chet Miller and Nalon drove the cars in the 1951 and 1952 races but various mechanical problems of several kinds nipped their chances of victory. Miller, however, set a qualifying record of more than 139 in 1952. Practicing for the 1953 race, Miller became the first, driver clocked unofficially at 140 miles an hour. Then, in another practice session, he was killed in an accident quite similar to that which resulted in Hepburn's death. Nalon qualified the other car that year and won a sportsmanship award late in the race by deliberately spinning out into the infield to avoid hitting another car which was out Of control. He was not among the leaders at the time. The cars failed to make the next two races and it became obvious that the days of front-drive cars at Indianapolis had passed. Welch had two new tubular rear-drive chassis built and Marcenac made changes which stepped the horsepower of the engine up to over 650. Last year, one car was prevented- from qualifying because of weather, but Russo made such a good showing with the other before hitting the wall that there seems little doubt that Shaw was right. It could be this year, but then again it could be never. Whenever one of the cars stays together for 500 miles in peak condition, it is practically a cinch to enter Victory Lane. Certainly, Welch has some luck coming after spending more than a half-million dollars in a vain attempt to win the "500." , NATTIEST o. the crews dolled up for qualifications yesterday was the John Zink outfit with their snappy red-and-white blazers. They made a colorful sight as they swarmed around Troy Rutt-man's car. THE TWO Russos. Uncle Paul and Nephew Eddie, were in consecutive order in the long line of cars which waited vainly for qualification. Also, one behind the other were two of the closest bud dies at the track, Indianapolis drivers Jimmy Reece and Don Freeland. weve Deen getting quite a few inquiries lately about who drove what pace car in what year for the "SOO." To settle all arguments of this nature. here is a table provided by the public relation division of Mercury (this year's pace car) of pace cars down through the years: Dot 1911 112 1913 1914 Pac Car . Drjvtr Sldddard-OaytOfl ... Carl G. Filhar Stoddard-Dayton ... Cort O. fithr Soddard-Dov'on ... Carf G. Fithr Stoddard-Davlan ... Carl G. Piihr 915 Packard 191 franM Frank E. Smith . Cel. J. C. Vincont ... Sornoy Oldfiotd ... .. Harry C, Stufz ... Barnoy Oldfield Frtd S. Ovtstnborg .. 1 1 v. rimer tit Packard v-iz . 1920 Mormon Vt H.CS. " .. Notional " Duotonboro. "8 1921 19J2 1923 1924 I92S 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 I93e 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1932 1953 1954 1955 1956 (Ol V-S Lew Pettijohn Kickonbacker "8" Cot. Rieknhnrfer Chrytlor "B" .... Louit Chevrolet loSollo V-S ... "ig toy" Doodor Mormon Joo Oawton S'udeboltor ......... Gtorga Hunt Cord V-8 C I Cord Cadillac "tig Boy" Roeder lincoln EdMl Ford Chryilor Byron Foy taSalla "Big Boy Rodder Ford V-8 Harry Mock Packard Tommy Milton loSoll. Ralph DcPalma Hudton Stuart Baitt Bulck Charln Chayno Studfbakor Harry Hortz Chrytlar A t. Couturo lincoln V-12 Hanry Ford II Nath G0rga W, Moton Cnavrolat Wilbur Show OldimoBila Wilbur Show Marcury Benton Ford Chrytler .......... Dova Walloca Srudabakar P. O. Pitarton Ford William C. Ford Dodga William C. Newbarg Chavrolot T. H. Keormg DaSoto I. I. Woollen 56 SKI LESSONS! SWf- SKI RIDES! ?"Mlr. Get in on the -SSSka run: rr guar ante you to ski for $10,001 Clattes started May 18th. Expert instructor. We furni.h everything! Register now with Bert Wells. . MORSE DOCKS, Clotre, Ins. PH. LESigh 2-3T05 98 Champs Gain Last Round Of 4-Ball Event By MAX STULTZ Willard Shelby of Lebanon and Sam O'Neall of Fort Vayne are going to take their South Grove Spring Four-Ball golf title right down to the wire before relinquishing it if they do at all. Tht defending champions i.'0ed into today's 36-hole final match with a convincing 5 and 4 triumph over Warren Strout and Dick Stackhouse at The Grove yesterday as the losers failed to r gister a birdie. Opposing Shelby and O'Neall ii. the championship battle will be Reese Berr and Merch Nickel, a pair of Coffin veterans who turned back Carl Brooks and Tom Matey, 3 and 2, in the other semifinal skir mish. THE SHOOT for the crown and $200 in first prize money starts at 8:30, with the afternoon round scheduled to begin at 2 o'clock. Strout and Stackhouse nev er recovered alter going iwo down on the first pair of holes. Shelby chipped in from about 20 feet to win No. 1 and O'Neall knocked in a birche putt on the second hole. The champions won five with a par three, took seven when Shelby punched in a 25-footer for a bird, and went five up on mo. a when a par four was good enough to win. Strout and Stackhouse copped the ninth with a par three, cutting their deficit to four down but then could get no better man naives on iu through 13, and the match ended when O'Neall won No. 14 with a par four. . . STACKHOUSE blasted beau tifully out of the sand to within three feet of the cup on the final hole, but then missed the short, putt which would have kept his team alive for the mo ment at least. Shelby and O'Neall were two under par with Stackhouse and Strout three over for the 14 holes. Berry and Nickel got a run ning start on the third hole of their match when the latter dropped in a 35-footer for a winning birdie, and took a commanding lead by stringing together three more birds on No. 6, 7 and 8. Nickel knocked in a 20-footer on No. 6 to start it. Berry then made a four-footer on the next hole and followed with a chip shot out of a trap for a three on the par four eighth hole. - FOUR UP at the turn, the Nickel-Berry combination quickly padded their advantage when both. Matey and Brooks missed short putts to lose No. 10. They lost 11 when Matey and Brooks each birdied and the margin was shaved to three holes with four to play when the Coffin linksmen could do no better than a bogey on the 14th. ' Each team then paired 15 and 16 to bring the match to a close. Speedway Lineup Car No. Driver 1 Jimmy Bryan... 3 Don Freeland... 4 George Amick.. 5 Jimmy Reece. . . 6 Johnny Boyd... 7 Bob Velth 8 Rodger Ward... 9 Sam Hanks.... 10 John Thomson.. 12 Pat O'Connor.. Car Name Dean Van Lines Ansted-Rotary Federal Engineering Hoyt Machine Bowes Seal Fast Bob Estes , Wolcott Belond Exhaust D-A Lubricant Sumar 14 Fred Agabashian Bowes Seal 15 Tony Bonadies. . Ray Brady 16 Al Keller Bardahl 18 Dick Rathman.. Sumar 19 Jack Turner.... Bardahl 22 Gene Hartley... Massaglia 23 Elmer George.. Travelon Trailer 23 Jud Larson John Zink 26 Jim Rathman..'. Chiropractic 27 T. Bettenhausen Novi Aut. 28 Johnnie Tolan Greenman - 31 Cliff Griffith... Seal Line Trio Brass Foundry Federal Engineering Federal Engineering Jim Robbins 32 Jimmy Da vies. . 33 Billy Garrett... 34 Jim McWithey.. 35 Chuck Weyant, 42 Dempsey Wilson Martin Brothers 43 Chapman 43 Bill Cheesbourg . Las Vegas 48 Marshal Teague Sumar 49 Ray Crawford.. 52 Troy Ruttman.. 54 Paul Russo John Zink Novi Aut. Air. Cndtr. Sclavt & Amos Helse 55 Eddie Russo... 57 Jimmy Daywalt 58 Andy Furci Ray Brady 59 Bud demons Chiropractic 64 Gene Force... Shannon Brothers Braund Birch Gdula Morgan Engineering McNamara Dayton Steel Fdry. Central Excavating McNamara Safety Auto Glass Schmidt 67 Don Edmunds. 7 1 John Fedricks. 72 73 Andy Linden. : 77 Mike MagiU... 81 83 Ed Elislan.... 84 Danny Kladis. . 88 Eddie Sachs... 89 Al Herman.... Dunn Engineering 92 Leroy Warrlnger McKay Special 95 Bob Christie.... Jones & Maley Johnnie Parsons Agajanlan ONE OF MANY.. PARSONS LfKPS ORlVEN BV AC TIVE OUlVECS AT1WE SPtEDWAy. SPUN LAST WEEK to CUW A 10-vEAR QfcCOBD OF PECfECT CONTROL.. Cecil .twi.l Cnn lc numerous spimsbv EXPECTS 6Ut 6lLLV 0EV0RE,VETERAM 500 CUAUFFEUt? 6EUEVES TUE UGMT TU60LAR CAS. PQAMES ARE TOO FLEX IBLE AND BV ARRANGING TVVE T0RS10M BARS 10 A00 3S0 POUUDS VA0RE WEIGHT TO TvE LEFT" CEAR VWdEtL TO WEEP TwAAT WHEEL ON TvJE GC0UM0 ANO ELIMINATE REAR END OttlPT, GWES TW6 0CVEC LESS CHANCE TO COCCECT A SPlN.ArTHEONlV TtVAE IT" CAN 6E O0NE,fUE 66- &IHNIN&.. souno complicated-? TvlATS 50ST WHAT A AT r30-PLUS Tennis Meet June 15-16 A city-wide singles tennis tournament for Juniors and boys will be held the weekend of June 15 and 16 under auspices of the Indianapolis Junior Chamber of Commerce in co-operation with the Indianapolis Department of Public Parks. In announcing the event, Jim Addison, chairman of the Jay-cee tennis tournament committee, and Wallace C. Baker, rec reation superintendent, Said the tourney will be held at River side Park. Competition will be held in two categories Juniors for boys who have not reached their 18th birthday prior to Jan. 1, 1957, and boys who have not reached their 15th birthday prior to Jan. 1, 1957, The winner and runner-up from each division, will be sent, expenses paid, to Ft. Wayne to compete in the Indiana Jay cee tourney to be held July 5, 6 and 7. Winner and runner-up from each division at Ft, Wayne will be sponsored at the national Jaycee tournament at Santa Monica, Cal., Aug. 6 to 10. Entry blanks for the local tournament may be obtained at Indianapolis high schools, or by contacting Jimmy McClure, manager of the annual high school meet, at 1718 College Avenue, WA 6-2578. Entrant A. E. Dean Ansted-Rotary Corp, Federal Auto Assoc F. W. & R. Sommer George Blgnottl Bob Estes Roger Wolcott George Salih Racing Association Chapman S. Root George Blgnottl Ray T. Brady Pat Clancy Chapman S. Root Pat Clancy Joe Massaglia Jr. Ernie L. Ruiz John Zink Fast Hotels Llndsey Hopkins Air Cndtr. Novi Racing Corp. Casale Lysle Greenman J. S. Donaldson Carl Anderson Federal Auto Assoc. Federal Auto Assoc. Jim Robbins T.W. & W.T. Martin H. A. Chapman Fred Gerhardt Club Chapman S. Root Mequiar's Mirror GL Ray Crawford John Zink Co. Novi Racing Corp, Sclavl, Inc. Ed Walsh H. H. Johnson Ray T. Brady Dr. Ray N. Sabourln R.B. &E.W. Shannon D. J. Caruthers Edward I. Gdula Marguerite Morgan Kalamazoo Sports George Walther Jr. Pete Salem Kalamazoo Sports Eddie Shreve Pete Schmidt II. Dunn Roy McKay Cars, Inc. J. C Agajanlan v." SPIN IS Indiana Pro Golfers Seek National Berths By AL ROCHE A field of approximately three dozen Indiana golfers will shoot it out tomorrow in a 36-hole qualifying test at the Country Club of Indianapolis for three places in the National PGA Championship at Dayton, O., July 17-21. A pro-member tourney, be ing organized by Marion Smith, host professional, is scheduled for today as a preliminary. CONTESTANTS in tomorrow's twice-around shooting match will have an added incentive to score well in the morning because one of those pro-pro deals is on tap and the outcome could mean a "good day" for the winners, whether or not they earn a trip to Dayton. Bill Heinlein of Woodland, Jimmy Scott of the Ulen Coun try Club, Lebanon, and Jim Guinnup of the Lafayette Country Club represented the Hoosier state 1n the National last year but were unable to do anything in the way of giant killing. Heinlein, Wayne Timberman, Meridian Hills; Charley Harter, Pleasant Run; Paul Gross, Sarah Shank; Bill Russell, South Grove, and Ivan Gantz are Indianapolis pros who for warded early entries for the Rain Costs Ruttman Continued From Page 1 "That was a real scare. I was sideways about half the time." Said Jimmy Reece, "I could hear the voice of Firestone all the way around there." That means he was sliding all over the joint. And Eddie Sachs, who quali fied for the first , time, prob ably gave the best appraisal of track conditions. Sachs said, 'It was real wicked." It was all of that. : The league rule says that whenever a definite stopping time has been agreed upon, the game must be called regardless of the situation that may ex ist at that time. There are no suspended games in the American league, authough President Will Harridge recently ruled the Orioles and Washington must continue a game which was halted by light failure. St. Paul Wins St. Paul, Minn. (AP)-Bud Hutson doubled to the left field wall with two out and Dick Gray aboard on a single in the Paul a 2-1 American Associa-last of the ninth to give St tion victory over Omaha here last night. Omoho St. Paul eoo oid ooo-r 000 100 001-2 Barnet and Brown; Williams and Cherry, I.U. Netters Win Bloomington, Ind. (AP) In diana University's tennis team rebounded from a two-meet losing streak yesterday to wallop Ohio State, 7-2. It was the 12th Hoosier win in 14 starts. '' JOUUNtE VWC mo CACE 1NTME WVNNS FRICTION .PEO0FIN6 SPL. event. Harter was the recipient. He announced pairings and starting times for today's first round as follows: 8 30-Timbarman, Dick Doddj, Gary) Htinlein, Jim Snow, South Bond. 8:38-Floyd Hamblen, Tiptonj Ben Hod-ion, KokomO: Wayne Hen!ey, Andarion Grondviewi Mark tonkin, Plymouth. 8:45-Don Fitcheiier, Evamvllle; Tony Jurkewicz, Lafayette! Bob Grant, Kokomot Tom Wright, Muncie. 8 53-Horter, Grots, Scott, Gulnnuo. 9-Ken White, Crawfordvilt; George Shafer, Hagertrown: Morfthall Sharp, Co-lumbusi Red Wiley, Syracuse. 9iC8-Dre.t!e Newtom, Greenfield; Gene Conway, Elkharti Don Padgett, Muncie; Bill Nugent, Brook. 9,1S-Chuek Almony, Elwoodi John Suvegei, Fort Wayne; ftuoell, Sam Drake, Richmond. v;23-Gomr, Eddie laweon, Blooming-ton; Fred Bront, Ruthvtlle; Mai McMuilen, Columbu. 9 30-AVh Mithawaka; B 1 1 Wright, Fort Wayne. Woodland Waiting Business will be brisk early this week in the pro shop at Woodland as Bill Heinlein goes over entries and makes pair ings for the club's third annual invitational team tournament slated for Saturday. Many clubs conducted qualifying trials for the event, slowing entries. But with the registra tion deadline set fcr Wednes day, those intending to com pete will have to step on it. Ulen of Lebanon won the first Woodland tourney in 1955 and Martinsville Country Club's best-four-of-six scores topped the field in 1956. Jalopies Race Today At Zipp's Sportsman jalopies will race again this afternoon at Zipp's Speedway, U.S. 52 and Kitley Avenue. Racing will start at 1 p.m. and the feature is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Track Owner Art Zipp has announced that the track's night program will start Friday and Saturday and that another afternoon program is scheduled for next Sunday. 500-MILE RAGE QUALIFICATION TRIALS EXCITING. SPEEDWAY ACTION AS THE NATION'S TOP DRIVERS QUALIFY FOR THE NATION'S TOP RACE With TOM CARNEGIE BOB RHODES PAUL LENNON TODAY 4:00-5:00 P.M. WFBM-TV Channel 6 . PrttMnUe) by Federafed Disfrb. Corp. Wake Up Oil Company Wynn Friction Proofing Oil Co. Wins By Two In Preakness Baltimore (AP) They let Bold Ruler run his raco yesterday in the 81st Preakness Stakes and the Wheat-ley Stable colt humbled the Calumet Farm's favored Iron Liege in Maryland's great 3-year-old classic Sox, Orioles Play To 44 Deadlock Baltimore (AP) Dick Williams hit a ninth inning home run seconds before the curfew to enable the Baltimore Orioles to tie the Chicago White Sox 4-4 last night. The game was called imme diately after the home run, leading off the Oriole half of the ninth, to enable the White Sox to catch a train for Boston, where they play today. The game will be replayed in Its entirety at a later date. Williams' blast off Paul LaPalme, fourth Chicago pitch,-er, was his first of the season and prevented the Orioles from absorbing their sixth straight defeat. The White Sox. looking for their seventh victory in a row, remained one game ahead of second-place Cleveland in the American League. Chlcaee alltnen AB H O Al H O Mllioi.l 7 P 7 Gardnaf,2 Nortbey SBovd a o o o 3 I 3 0 0 0 0 1 0 I I 'Howell p laPalm.p Fo 2 Couev, J Kelt. 3 Tr.andt.c "Brown Mtnoo,lf Laed'i.rf Gimbra.t Botfev.c Ntem5n,lf Franca. ff W.laml.l Pvbunvcf 2 11 Dropo, I Lollor Pllrck.rf Brdwtr.te Wiahf p Fmlet.p Johntn.p ApncO.M Phlllev Wote.c Hfhmn,B S'olev.p Hole Zuvrnk.p tpt( stole 6 24 Toiol. 37 13 27 14 Game called by agreement. 5nq;ed for Botlev n tevenrt. Sngie4 for D'ooo in eevennY 'Stnaied lor Aporioo tn eveh. 45ruck out tot Staler tn eeventn. Pon tot Lollar in teventh. Wolkffd for Ph.lhpi in leventtt. TPon far Notthev in teventti. S-ngled for Pvburn in wventh. 'Hit into double play for Johnson In seventh. "Walked for Gardner In eighth, f'Ran for Tnondoe in egfith. Chicaga OOO 000 400-4 Baltimore 000 001 O0I-4 f-Oroprj ?, Keif 8lrll 2, Nieman, tollar, Philtey, fox, Mmoto, WtUiom. 2B-Kell. Ht-Williamt. DIMSaron.r a-J WiHiarmt Brideweter, Gardner and Wil. om! Triondoe and Kell: Williams ono5 Kellr Fox, Espoettp and Pivera. left-Chi cogo 7, Baltimore 14. SB-Horihman 4, Howell I, Wight 3. formelee 2, Jortnson) Ziyvertnk 1, so-Harshman 7. lofalma Formeles 4. Johnson 2, Zuverink 1 . HO-Hmshmon in 5Vi, Staler 2 in , Howell 2 tn IV,, tofalme I In ',; Wght 0 In I (faced 2 batters In 2d), Formeles 5 in S (faced 4 batters In 6ihj, lohnson I In I , Zuverink 0 In 2. anj E ft-Ha rtKmnn 3-3. LoPolme i-t. fomielet 4-4 U-Nopp. Rica, Homme! , Stevens. I-. 3 20. A-9.455. Hanaway Named Tipton, Ind. (Spl.) Richard Hanaway yesterday was appointed head basketball coach at Tipton High School for next season. He replaces Tom Deem who served for three years. Golf LOUISVILLE GRAND SUM WOODS and IRONS We Deliver 12 Months T Pay . GOLF SET WOODS Grand Slam Powgramic Hoatf Set of 3, 1-2-3 True Temper Shaft $54 Vo'ue Our SO.95 Price ZO Wilson k28 K28 woods rEe.nuvrr 62 GOLF CART ONLY XI 1 I BIS? TALUC mh. Iilltei WMum (S27-5 $45 27-50 SAM SNEAD WOODS JR S27-" $45 SAM SNEAD IRONS 37' Wilson Snead Golf Bills i'.L J8.95 Doc Royal Star Golf Ball, 75c Bags I $6.50, 9-Glub WHIPCORD ........ .$4.98 $21.00, I4-Club PLAID, Comparted $14.95 so.98 Set of 3 Open Thurtday OUSH-CALLAHAN a race as has ever been witnessed at this old cavalry outpost, Eddie Arcaro, Sunny Jimmy Fitzsimmons and Co. got partially even for the licking Iron Leige handed them two weeks ago in the Kentucky Derby at Louisville. Not since 1948 and Citation has a Derby winner copped the Preakness. VICE-PRESIDENT and Mrs. Nixon were among the crowd of 32,856 which jammed Old Hilltop and screamed with excitement as Bold Ruler took the lead going into the backstretch and led the parade home by two big lengths over Willie Hartack and Iron Leige in the $113,800 gallop. In fact, Iron Leige almost didn't save second money of $23,000, as the despised 50 to 1 shot, Inside Tract, closed with a rush and finished third only a neck away from the favored Calumeteer. It was two and a quarter lengths back to the fourth horse, Mrs. Ethel D. Jacobs' Promised Land, in the field of seven 3-year-olds. Inside Tract, a fugitive from the claimings races, had never started in a stakes race before, but he hauled down $15,000 for the D. & M. Stable of Raymond De Brino of Va'.atie, N.Y, and Joseph Marino of Hudson, N.Y. Thfs was the sixth Preakness victory for Arcaro, the fourth for the 82-year-old Sunny Jim, dean of American trainers, and the first for Mrs. Henry Car- negie Phipps, New York and Palm Beach, Fla., socialite. FOR THE Calumet Farm of Mrs. Gene Markey, Lexington, Ky it was a bitter blow, as many observers considered Iron Liege a solid colt who might sweep the Derby-Preakness-Belmont triple crown. Calumet did it with Whirlaway in 1941, and Citation in 1943 -the last time it has been accomplished. But Hartack, and Trainer Jimmy Jones know how it feels to have a Derby winner come a Cropper in the Preakness. Last year at Louisville Needles beat Calumet's Fabius in the Derby, but two weeks later at Pimlico Fabius reversed the decision. Bold Ruler paid $4.80, $2.60 arid $2.40, while Iron Liege, sent off as the 6-5 choice on the board, returned $2.40 and $2.20, while the surprising Inside Tract, was $4.00 to show. COlltCI TV ACS Minneeete) 7t, Pvrtlaa 34 50 Off GOLF SET IRONS Grand Slam Feweramic Head Set of 5, 2-5-7-9-P. True Temper Shaft $60 Value Our 500.95 Price LI 50 OFF lill-kurlM whecli. 10 tires. GOLF SHOES JSSSm Value $9.98 Value . .39ci 3 lor $1.00 Odd Golf Clubs S l .98 'fit 1:30 F.M.. SPORTING GOODS CO. 131 E. WASH. In as thrilling

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