The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on June 11, 1958 · Page 12
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 12

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 11, 1958
Page 12
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24 The Salt Lake Tribute, Wedaeodajr, June 11, 1958 Today's Television Topperg Patti Sings Summer Tunes, Lincoln's Killer Shows Up Thew are amonc the top television ! •hows for Wednesday as previewed "by experts, who attend rehearsals, watch screenings and analyze icripti In New York and Hollywood: Leave It To B«aver—Pretty good lalk In this one. Wally gets all excited about the chance of going to military sc-hool, but his pal, Eddie Haskel (tlie villain on this series), ruins the Idea by saying Wally's father Is only trying to get rid of him. Haskel Is in fine, crummy form. 6 p.m. Channel 6. The Bljf E««ord — Guest Bill Hayes sings one song, "Very Precious Love," and the rest of the evening Is Patti's. Some of her numbers are "Angry," "Fascination," "Middle of an Island," "Chances Are," "I'm Available," "That Reminds Me of You" and "Old Cape Cod," with a finale to the popular "I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face." 6:30 p.m. Channel 5. TV Theatre — "Killer's Choice." Okeh for whodunit fans. A beautiful girl is murdered and the police take on the painstaking task of rinding the killer. Their investigation uncovers the many-sided personality of the victim as well as the usual group of suspects. Unfortunately, the most fascinating character Is murdered in the opening scene. Michael Hlgglns, Staats Cou- \vorth and Joanne Linvllle head a east of cops and suspects. (Color,) 7 p.m. Channel 4. \Vajon Train—"The John Wilbot Story." About two-thirds of the way in the hour, the show develops considerable suspense as the wagon train threatens to erupt Into a small civil war. But—Just because Dane Clark plays a character who walks with a limp, quotes Shakespeare at the drop of a hat, and Is named John Wilbot, Is no reason to suspect he's really John Wllkes Booth, is H"? If he Is, the same man murdered both Lincoln and Shakespeare. Viewrri may console themselves that this week the train is attacked by a wealthier crowd of Indians than last. They can afford their own horses. 8:30 p.m. Channel 4. Tonight of 9 "THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS" starring Joseph Gotten Dolores Costello rs, •, • ^Presented by -7— fJRST SECURITY BANKS Channel 2 Television and Itadio Channel 2 KUTV—ABC Channel 4 KTVT—NBC lutings are fnrnlLhed by itattoM. Channel 5 KSL-TV—CBS Channel 7 KUED—Educ. It luccwratc, eall itttlon fllr*et. Wednesday, June 11 7:86 4 Today 1:45 • Cartoon Capen 8:00 4 Dough III Me • Romper Room 8:JO 4 Treasure Hunt • Dotto • :0fl 4 Price Is Right • Love of Life t:SO 4 Truth or Consequences B Search lor Tomorrow 9:« B The Guiding Light . 10:00 *4 Ho Tac Dough § A Star and a Story 10:30 4 It Cuuld Be You 5 As the World Turns 11:00 4 Hall ol Fame • Beat the Clock 11:50 B House Party 12:00 Noon X Daffy Duck i The Bis Payoff 12:20 4 Farm News 12:30 4 Kitty Foyie B The Verdict Is Yours X "Call It a Day" t:OC 4 Matinee Theater E The Brighter Day 1:15 S The Secret Storm 1:30 S The Edge ot Night 2:00 4 Queen for a Day 5 Garry Moore Show t:30 2 Do You Trust Your Wife? How Do You Rate? 2:45 Modern Romances S:00 1 American Bandstand 4 Comedy Time Arthur Godfrey 1:30 4 Club 4 Playhouse Encore 4*0 I- Popuye Kartoont • • Gene Autry 4:30 Bugs Bunny Club Wild Bill Hlckok 4 June Dairy Festlva B The World Tonight 6:15 4 NBC Newi 5 Douglas Edwardi 0:3» 2 Mickey Mouse Club 4 O. Henry Playhous 5 "Soldiers ol Fortune" «:00 2 Annie Oakley 4 Mickey Rooney 5 Leave It to Beaver «i:SO 2 Judge Roy Bean 4 Father Knows Bes 5 The Big Record 1:00 Boxing—Joey Glar- dello vs. Franz Szuzlna TV Theater The Millionaire 7:30 I've Got a Secret 7:45 News and Sports Prelude Tschnlkov- sky, Prokofief 8:00 2 Disneyland This Is Your Life Miss Utah Pageant 8:15 Uncle Wonder 1 ! Workshop 8:30 4 "Union Pacific!" 7 American Report 9:00 *. "Magnificent Amber sons" 4 Premiere: Whirly- blrds 5 Trackdown 7 French Through TV »:30 4 Wagon Train 5 Zane Grey Theater 7 Subject Jazz 10:00 5 Frontier Badmen 7 Sign Ott 10:30 2 "The Fountainhead" 4 Today In Pictures • 5 Teiesport Digest 10: IS 4 Weather--Bob WtUl 10:50 4 Sports—Paul James 11:01) 4 "Jungle" 5 Inner Sanctum Schools Okeh $10 Million Budget, Plus Continued from Page 19 on his 10-month contract as compared with the $6,840 he gets this year. The board asked Dr. Bennion to discuss the school-community relations post with the board members in an effort to improve public relations, which some members felt should receive more emphasis. They cited failure of the leeway election as showing the need for better information services. The bid of Lauren W, Gibbs and R. W. Prestwick Co. of New York for tax anticipation notes totaling two million dollars was, accepted. The notes will be issued in two lots of one million dollars each, one falling due Dec. 31, 1958, and costing 91- hundredths of 1 per cent interest; the other due June 30, 1959, and costing 85-hundredths of 1 per cent interest per year. The only other bid, submitted by Walker Bank and Trust Co. on behalf of itself and four other local banking institutions, asked one and three-quarter per cent a year interest. Miss Emma M. Ullock, teacher at East High School, was named a counselor .at Bryant Junior High for next year, with a $300 salary increase. Request of Norman F. Hyatt, president of SLCTEA, for a board donation of $200 each for four teachers going to the National Education Assn. convention was denied. THE YEAR'S BUDGET for travel was only $600, and some of that has been spent, the superintendent reported. The balance of the fund has been figured in the new budget and would create a deficit in that budget if spent now, since the new budget carries no funds for convention travel. An offer to purchase the old Fremont School builcling and grounds on 1st West between 1st and 2nd South for $35,000 was rejected when the appraisers' report showed the ground valued at 562,000, the building at $1,000. When no public opposition was voiced at a hearing, the board appropriated $56,500 from its 1957-58 revenue to cover deficits in the expiring budget Quality of Produce Adds Markets, Leader Asserts Quality control In production and grading of fresh fruits and vegetables is gaining the industry greater markets, according to Ralph C. Lally, New Orleans. The president of the United Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Assn. told the Salt Lake affiliate of the national group at an Ambassador Club luncheon that: "Utah's fresh fruits and • vegetables continue to win wide acclaim for their exquisite flavor a."tl texture." He also said the price increase on produce had been "moderate compared with other foods." . "The current price index of these products is 110, based on the 1949 average," he said. Mr. Lally, who is on his way to Sun Valley, Idaho, to address the Idaho Potato Shippers convention, said the produce industry is "continously conducting research in the leading agricultural schools and colleges of the United States directed at improving quality . of products it sends to market." "UPGRADING the flavor of strawberries is typical of the progress the association is making in this direction," he said. Mr. Lally was introduced by E. O. Muir, president of E. O. Muir & Co., Salt Lake City, who headed the association nationally in 1956 and has served several terms on the advisory board. Another past director is James S. Smedley of Smedley Fruit Co., Inc., Salt Lake City. BUSINESS NEWS Mines-Markets Dow JoBM—AP—UP—INS—New York TfmM Today's Business Laity . . . outlook Fruit, good. National Account Gives Nod to Security Leasing Security Leasing Corp., Salt ^ake City, has been appointed national leasing representative of the Cummins-Chicago Corp. line of business machines, Stanley M. Friden, chairman of the Utah firm announced Tuesday. THE CO2UPANY will handle on a national scale the financing of leasing of Cummins-Chicago check perforating, money changing, punch card reconditioning and check endorsing equipment to business houses. The arrange ment is similar to that enjoyec by Security Leasing, which finances purchases by business houses of Friden calculating and business machines. Mr. Friden also announced Indecisive Stocks Start Motion- Definitely Down New York Times Servlc* NEW YORK, June 10— Stocks Tuesday capped five days of indecision with a definite move downward. Strength for the distillers and the' copper miners was not enough, to rescue the general list Only the steel group, however, showed sin unbroken forest of minus signs. General Motors broke the Bearish monotony of its group jy advancing 3 ,4, United States flubber barely managed a gain Drillers Find Well Yield In Paradox Carter Oil Co. Tuesday announced an apparent commercial discovery of oil in the Gothic area fo Utah's Paradox Basin, 4*/i miles southeast of Bluff, San Juan County. THE AFFILIATE of Standard Oil Co. of New Jersey recovered 685 feet of clean oil of 40 : plus degree gravity (quality) in a test of the Paradox formation between 5,621-6,637 feet. This discovery in the Upper "B" zone of the Paradox appar- antly confirms existence of a broad porosity belt in the Para dox formation stretching due west from Ratherford' Field through the Gothic area on into Tohonadie Pool some 5 Ms miles east of the Carter discovery. RAYMOND p. Sloan, Carter's western division manager at Denver, Colo., said the discovery of oil was in the firm's Navajo Tract 40-1, situated in the center of the southwest quarter of the southwest quarter of Section 9, Township 41 South and Range 22 East. The tools were opened two hours during the test. Gas rose to the surface in one hour. In addition to recovery of the 685 feet of clean oil, the firm recovered 60 feet of heavily gas- cut drilling fluid. Carter Oil Co. (Standard of New Jersey) has made an apparent commercial find of oil at Gothic in Utah's Paradox Basin. of to save the rubbers and rtooJ YOU CAN BUY YOUR PATIO- BEOROWA WAY YOU NEVER MISS THE QUARTER A DAY ! THE METER City Appoints New Official The City Commission at Its Tuesday executive session recommended the appointment of Charles C. Freed, president of Freed Motor Co., as a member of the Metropolitan Water Board of Salt Lake City. Mayor Adiel F. Stewart said he would ask Mr. FrectVs approval to serve as a water board member to replace E.oyden G. Derrick, president of Western j with banks and insurance companies on the west coast. The firm does not maintain a sales staff in its arrangements with Friden Calculating and Cummins-Chicago. The sales leading to lease of machines with the Salt Lake company are handled by salesmen for the manufacturers of the business equipment. Republic Aviation performed the same service for the aircraft stocks by closing unchanged. Elsewhere the plus signs were in a less lonesome minority. Sales on. the New York Stock Exchange were 2,390,000 shares against 2,380,000 Monday. Luncheon Fetes Long Service Lewis N. Middleton, an engineer for Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Co., was Initial shut-In pressure was 2,194 pounds per square inch. Final shut-in pressure was 2,066 pounds per square Inch after two hours. Initial flow pressure was 32 pounds per square inch and final flow pressure was 192 pounds per square inch. Carter controls about two square miles of acreage in this area south of the San Juan River, roughly equivalent to 17 sections of land, all leased from the Navajo Indian Tribal Court- held Sept. 22-25 at San Francisco, it was announced here Tuesday. The four-day meeting will utilize facilities of both the Civic Center Exhibit Hali and the Civic Auditorium. Members of the program committee from Utah include Norman Weiss, milling engineering, American Smelting & Refining Co.; J. Bruce Clemmer, chief of division of mineral technology, Region in, U.S. Bureau of Mines; R. C. Cole, vice president, Vitor Uranium Co.; S. K. Droubay, general manager, United Park City Mines Co.; A. J. Eardley, dean of the College of Mines and Minerals Industries', University of Utah. J. M. EBHORN, industrial development department, United. States Smelting Refining & Mining Co.; Oscar A. Glaeser, vice president and general manager, western operations USSR&M; Dorsey Hager, consulting geologist: I. K. Hearn, assistant general manager, Utah Copper Division, Kennecott Copper Corp.; R. N. Hunt, retired vice president of USSR&M; R. J. Lacey, chief geophysicist, AS&R; J. C. Landenberger, general superintendent, Utah Copper Division of Kennecott. Robert W. Lawson, manager, Ingersoll-Rand; S. D. Michaelson, chief engineer, western mining division, Kennecott; Gordon Miner, assistant super- THE FIRM cautioned that thorough testing of the section would be needed before a final commercial evaluation could be placed on this well. completion of a deal with private individuals which adds $560,000 in capital to the concern. The deal brings capital account to one million dollars. He said that Security Leasing will soon open an office in San Francisco, facilitating contracts I Steel Co., who resigned for reasons of business. •The commissioners at the meeting said Mr. Freed, long a civic worker, would be able to serve well in such a position. His appointment also was recommended by Fisher Harris, manager, Metropolitan Water Board. honored at a luncheon Tuesday marking 40 years service with the utility. J. W. Alter, ichief engineer, presented the Salt Laker, who started his career here in 1918 with Western iHiticHeton Electric Co., with a jeweled service, pin. He transferred from WE to MST&T in 1920. Dates Mine Show Special to The Trlbunt WASHINGTON, D.C. — The 1958 mining show of the American Mining Congress will be intendent of mines, Homestake Mining Co.; K. W. Nelson, hygienist, AS&R; John T. Potts, president, The Galigher Co.; Miles P. Romney, manager, Utah Mining Assn.; Clark L. Wilson, vice president, New Park Mining Co.; S. R. Zimmerley, director of research, western mining divisions, Kenne- cott. Utahn Assails 'Inadequate' Mineral Plan Tribune Washington Bureau WASHINGTON, June 10'— The general manager of Utah's United Park City Mines Co. told "a Senate subcommittee Tuesday the relief proposed for the lead-zinc industry under the administration's stabili z a t i o n plan is "wholly inadequate." HE IS S. K. "Red" Droubay, who was the first representative of the lead-zinc industry to be heard during the hearings on proposed legislation for the copper, lead, zinc, fluorspar and tungsten industries. He is to be followed Wednesday by Miles P. Romney, manager of the Utah Mining Assn., and Charles Schwab, Kellogg, Idaho, chairman of the domestic industry's emergency lead-zinc committee. They arc expected to support the program but to urge higher lead-zinc stabilization prices. "Our company is suffering continuous operating losses only because it would be more expensive to shut down," Mr. Droubay said. "We are desperately hanging on, hoping and Air. NEW WESTINGHOUSE TV Q^ 2-0437 KADIEY BADGER 36SoMft»N , 910 KALL i IMN-MBS Wednesday, June 11 Mornlnj 5:30 KALL Klock 6:00 News, Hurlcigh 6:25 News, Wineriler 6:30 Sports. Bill Stern 7:00 News, Barkley 7:30 News, Wincriter S:00 Hemingway 9:00 News, Gncth 9:05 KALL Toppers 9:30 News, VanVoorhis 10:30 News, Heatter 01:30 News, Gaeth Afternoon 12:00 KALL Top 30 12:30 News, \Vlneritcr 1:00 News, Richards 1:30 News, Wincriter 2:30 News, Wincritrr 3:00 KALL Nifty 50 4:15 Hemingway News •4:55 News, Wineriter 5:30 News, Benson 6:00 News, Benson 6:30 Sports, Bill Stern Evening 7:00 Don Sharer 7:30 News, Van S:30News, French 8:OOWarmup 9:10 Bees Baseball 11:30 Scoreboard 11:35 Mooncilal, New* 1:00 SiRn Off 320 KDYL NBC Wednesday, June 11 Horning 6:00 Granite Muilc 7:00 NBCNews Hourly 7:05 TNT 7:10 Tom Way man 7:30 World News S:3U News Review S:'15 At Your Servlct 9:0o Gordon Owen 9:30 TNT—H Hour 0:31 Helper 9:45 Tom Wayman 10:00 My True Story 10:30 Real Life stories 11:05 True Confession! 11:30 One Man's Fmly. 11:45 Dr. Gentry 12:05 Five Star Matinee 12:30 Woman In House 12:45 Pepper Young 1:05 Detroit at Boston 3:31) Sports Scorebd. 3:35 Roadshow 5:-l5orvai Anderson 6:03RelaxirT Listenin' B:-15 rsews of the World 7:U5Giuucho Marx 7:30 Nlghtline 8:05 People Are Funny 8:31 Just For You 8:45 Life & the World 9:05 Dixieland 9:30 Dance Tlmi 11:05 Milt Hale 1160 KSL CBS Wednesday, June 11 Morning 6:00 News and Barlow 7:00 N ews, Ca m p be 11 7:15 R. Peter»on Show 7:45 New*, i. Burlow 8:OOSansom 8:30 News of America 8:45 Margaret Master! 9.05 Whispering Str. 9:35 Call'g Hollywood 9:45 H. Miller Show 10:05 Peter Llnd Hayes 1U:15 Backstage Wif» 10:30 Helen Trent 10:45 Our Gal Sunday 11:00 Nora Drake 11:15 Ma Perkins 11:30 Young Dr. Malon* 11:45 Road of Life 12:00 Newt & Farmtnj 12:30 Arthur Godfrey 1:30 House Party 2:00 Kt, to Happiness 2:15 Sec. Mrs. Burton 2:30 Couple Next Door 2:45 Pat Butram 3:05 Rolfe Again 4:05 Tennessee Ernie 4:20 Intermission 4:30 Prut, Lcagv.; 4:45 Summer "195S" 5:OO Tom Harmon 5:15 This Is News? 5:45 Ed. R, Murrow 6:00 Fred Waring Show 6:35 Guy Lombardo 7:00 Sports. Dean 7:15 Lowell Thomas 7:30 Phil Rlzzuto SpU. 7:35 Amos 'n p Andy 8:00 Miss Utah Finals 9:00 News 9:05 Robert Q. Lewis 9:35 Eric Sevarcid 9:40 Late Rolfe 10:00 News and Music Engineer Group Receives Honor I. K. Hearn, assistant general manager, Utah Copper Division, Kennecott Copper Corp., will receive a national award at Los Angeles on behalf of the Salt Lake chapter, American Institute of Industrial Engineers. The chapter, which Mr. Hearn headed last year, was selected as the most outstanding among 82 other section! of the «n> gineering group. Other delegates making the trip to the convention Thursday include Charles R. Allcott, vice president of the Salt Lake chapter; James J. Pinegar, sec retary, and George E. Molas- con, member. Price for Copper Moves Up at Custom Smelter Do\v-Jones Service NEW YORK—A leading custom smelter has boosted the price of copper by one-fourth cent a pound to 25 cents a pound. This equals the 25-cent price quoted for some time by large producers. NORMALLY custom smelters sell either below or above the arge producer price. Thus trusting that Congress and the administration will act in time to save us from disaster." The Utahn disclosed the famed mine, which has contributed to the nation's economy since 1868, Is liquidating its meager ore reserves In an effort to survive. "ALL LONG-RANGE exploration work was abandoned months ago, and we are able to do only short-range development work in the immediate area where we are mining," said Mr. Droubay. He said tariff protection would do more for the domestic lead-zinc mining industry thin would the administration'! proposed subsidy plan. "Mining has to be planned on a long-term basis," he Raid. "Year-to-year dependency for appropriations from the Congress would make it impractical, if not impossible, to plan I. K. Hearn . . . Kennecott executive receives award. Stor-Mor Upright Freezers and Freezer plus Refrigerators ZCMI-AMANA FREEZER FOOD PLAN writ! let you eat better for less • call EM 3 1575, Ixt. 43 KMUR—12,'io 6:00 a.m. to Mldnlgnt Music, News Concert Music, Newt INDEPENDENTS KNAK— 12SU 2-1 Huurs Daily Music, News K.SOP—1.Y7U Daytime \Ve-.tern Music. Newi KWHO 360 te 8unMt KWIC—1570 Sunrise to Suniet Kuilc KLUB—570 24 Hours Dally Jiuitc, SPINET PIAXO •TAKE OVER< Payments of Only per month SUMMERHAYS MUSIC CO. Writ. 3719 So. Stole teh laVi Cily, UtoK SPECIAL INSTAU "YAU" < m 95 NIGHT LATCH *l PHONE EM 4-4339 GLEN'S KEYS 334 * 1205 South Slot* LET GEORGE Sfll Too That Incomparable 22 c £ UPRIGHT FREEZER For Only Si:9.9.'i With KEYSTONE FOOD SERVICE S.'iS West on So. Tunole DA i.120.1 SPECIAL MEN'S LUGGAGE Top Grain Cowhide Light, Efficient TWO SUITER* Reg. Value $45.00 A Father's Day Special. 1 TRAVEL GOODS Next to Utah Thtattr 150 So. Main St. needed development and ex- jploration programs, to say urther changes in the custom nothing of other problems such quotation are expected. Copper opened strong in ac- ive trading in London Tuesday, despite the fact that the British overnment announced plans to dump some 2,000 tons of cop- >er from its stockpile on the world market. Baying in London was believed partly on American demand. Some dealers pointed out that the government's announcement on release of British stockpiles would be interpreted as indicating that the United Kingdom consumer stocks were low. as negotiation of labor contracts. <P,xxford 0,'lotUc? >- .-..t s. .' !_ Exclusively at... 'our ice Hotel Utah IN YOUR COOt-Eg ASK YOUR DEALER . . . Ht hoi COOLPAD or can quickly f«t k for yoti from our Iarg« wholesale stock Corp. BOISE SALT LAKE CITY

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