Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1935
Page 6
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Body Lines , But No Radical Chassis Changes XA'NfiW FRONT END Steel Wheels Lessen Un« sprung Weight^ improve Hiding Comfort , t>£A&80RN. Mich—Ford V-8 cars 'itte 1936 will be shown for the first $me to the public Saturday. •Bcdy lines which strike a new note to conservative streamlining* a new treatment of the interior an,d three important refinements in chassis engineering summarize the principal improvements in the 1936 car. There arc no radical changes. The 85-horsepower V-8 engine, of which more than 2,000.000 are now on the road, Is unaltered. Of the three principal chassis improvements, one-improved steering— ts aimed at greater ease and safety of bpcration. Two others tend to greater comfdrt. One is the use of new steel Wheels which lessen, the unsprung vfcight of, the. car and thus-provide i i|*eaW riding comfort. The other is ' '' an Improved transmission, using quiet Finish is a heh'cnl gfiars in all speeds, including enamel, the HOPI s^M mm> AR UNSAS Family Cat* for Comfortable Touring THE FORD V-S Tudor Touring Sedan for 1D36, Huts- irated above, provides easy riding comfort and plenty jf room for the family. The built-in trunk is a jreat convenience on long trips, getting luggage out of the wny of passengers. The buol?et-type front seofe nrc restful and the rear seat is wide and roomj. The rustless steel running board moulding adds j touch of individuality. ; i Ford-developed baked new steel wheels with reverse. 112%-inch hub caps materially improve front end treatment gives j the appearance of the ensemble. Hub added distinction to the body lines. | cap. centers are of polished rustless The. hood is longer, extending grace- i steel. fully over the attractive new radiator j 13 Body Types grille. With Its vertical slots and Thirteen body types are available. ntare' accentuated "Vee," as well as | ten with de luxe appointments and its' smoothly rounded lower edge which blends with the streamlined curve'of the inner portion of the fend- crit, the new grille contributes a note of smartness which is distinctive and , .. .Fenders are streamlined, a wide flare [giving them an imposing appearance. Louvres arc of n<?w design. Horns- are recessed in: the fender aprons back of small round grilles beneath the streamlined headlamps. The latter'are relatively small and parabolic in section, finished in enamel ,to match the body color and set off by rustless steel rims. The "welded steeV body is low and wide, with flowing rear quarter lines. OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing j and Rebuilding ,Whilc-U-Wait or Delivery Service. V ' Keen & Bailey 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 CARflUI DURING LIFE .While': she' was going tiirough the change of life, Mrs. Susan Price, of Hallsboro, N, C., was "very -weak at times, and had to go to bed," she writes. . "I couldn't sleep well and didn't have an appetite. I was so nervous, I was always looking, for something bad to happen. Tread of Cardiii and took it. It helped iny nerves so much and gave me strength and built me up. I took Cardui off and on for two years. . . . I have recommended Cardui to other people, hoping they would be helped and given strength as' I was with this good remedy." Thousands of women testify Cardui benefited them. If it does not benefit YOU, consult a physician. — adv. three without. These are: $50 to $500 AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER De Luxe: Three-window coupe, five window coupe, roadster with rumble seat phaeton, cabriolet with rumble scat, convertible sedan, Tudor sedan, Fordor sedan. Tudor touring sedan and Fordor touring sedan. Without De IiUxe equipment: Five- window coupe, Tudor and Fordor sedans. Five body colors are specified, Washington blue, Cordobatan, gray Vineyard green, gunmetal and black. The de luxe body types are available in any of the five colors, with fenders matching and wheels in a harmonizing color. The cars without de luxe equipment, the Tudor, Fordor and the five-window coupe are available in black and in gunmetal with fenders matching the body color and wheels in black. Interiors of the new cars, especially luxurious in the de luxe types, reveal a distinctly modern treatment. The color motif is a rich gray, wtih which the taupe of the upholstery fabrics harmonizes, The passenger space is commodious, unusual roominess being provided for by the location of the V-8 engine forward over the front axle. Additional elbow romo in the back seat of the Fordcr and Fordor touring sedans is furnished by recessed arm rests. The Tudor sedan types have form fittin? individual front seats. All driver seats in closed cars are adjustable. Seat cushions arc deeply pillowed end set off with new piping. Mohair, broadcloth or Bedford cord are optional in the de luxe sedans; Mohair, or broadcloth in the de luxe coupes; wide wale Bedford cord only in the types without de luxe equipment. Seat cushions in the cabriolet and convertible sedan are in genuine leather or Bedford cord; the seat cushion in the roadster and those in the phaeton are of genuine leather. New Instrument Panel All instruments are of new design to conform to the modern effect of the instrument panel, which has a center decorative scheme of chromium strips, in the de luxe types. De Luxe car panels are fitted with 100-mile speedometer,- %vith trip mileage recorder; ammeter, water temperature indicator, electric fuel gauge and electric oil gauge, as well as a cigar lighter tilting ash tray and glove compartment. The ash tray may be removed and a Ford radio installed upon special order. The attractiveness of the in- For All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec Roy Anderson and Company TRY THE Sea Food Market at Home Ice Company Fresh Sea Poods direct from the original French Market at New Orleans. tcriors is also enhanced by more* or- j strength. two suitcases and an overnight bag or other luggage may be stowed. The touring sedans have a fitted trunk built integral in the rear deck. The coupes, cabriolet and roadster have a large parcel shelf in the rear of the seat, as well as ample space in the rear deck. 17-to-l Steering Substantial improvements have been made in the steering mechanism. The steering gear ratio has been increased from 15-to-l to 17-to-l, and the front axle steering arm lengthened, thus stepping up the leverage exerted by the wheel some 13 per cent and reducing in propcrtion the effort required for iontrol of the car. A second important change is the use of straight needle roller bearings on the steering arm sector shaft. With this addition all bearings in the gear are of the anti-friction type. To ease operation still further, the worm and sector teeth are now ground and lapped. Friction in the gear thus has been virtually eliminated. An adjustable drag-link also has been incorporated in the steering mechanism. This permits the "high spo'." in the gears to be set in the "straight ahead" position. The high spot is a point on the sector where the gears fit a little closer than elsewhere. The purpose of this is to eliminate play in the steering when the wheels arc in the straight-ahead position, while still permitting utmost ease in making turns. It is estimated the effort required in steering has been reduced more than 25 per cent, as a result of these improvements. Th new transmission changes mark another substantial improvement in chassis engineering. Helical gears are now fitted in low and reverse speeds, in addition to second and high, providing quiet operation in all speeds. Synchronization is retained between second and high speeds to prevent gear clashing when shifting between these speeds, either up or down. Gear shifting is made easier by reducing the amount of travel of the gear shift lever necessary for moving between neutral and any speed. The shape of the lever has been changed to permit more room for a third front seat passenger and to provide greater ease in shifting. The mechanical type brakes are considered by engineers to be best for a chassis of the Ford V-8 type with torque-tube drive and radius rods to hold the axles firmly in place under all conditions. Brake shoo surfaces have an area of 186 square inches and the braking effort obtained in relation to car weight is at maximum. The new steel wheels possess many important advantages. The wheel comprises a drawn steel spoke section electrically welded to the rim, forming a single steel unit of exceptional All bookbinders were monks in tie Middle Ages of Europe, this bchg considered a sacred profession. -•»»•»• • Elephants live to an age of 150'to 200 years. KITCHEN Eplco Meals With Surprises In Food Preparations. BY MARY E. DAGUE NBA Service Staff Wilier If I were a magician, I'd make a chart of meals,that would turn out a totally different dinner 365 times a year. Since I'm not a magician. I can only advocate over and over again intelligent seasoning, varied ways of cooking the same things and the wise use of substitutes. If food that usually is served on a platter comes to the table in a baking dish interest is aroused, don't you think? Meat baked with clever seasoning has an entirely different flavor than the same meat fried or even broiled. Surprise the family by omitting potatoes and serve a creamy rice pudding for dessert. It isn't necessary to serve expensive, out-of-season foods to have different meals. The good root vegetables such as carrots and turnips are savory and appetizing and the finest chefs in the land appreciate and make full use of the full-flavored onion. Baked Steak One and one-half pounds sirloin steak, 4 medium sized carrots, 2 tca- ;-poons salt. '/I teaspoon pepper, 4 good sized onions, 2 small turnips. Trim steak and dredge with flour. [Put in a baking pan and cover with carrots nncl lurhlpft which hav* been pared nnd cut Ih diec. Sprinkle With soil ftftd pepper. Pour a fe% toble- spoonfuls of water over vegetables. Bake In a moderate open for forty* five minutes, Peel onions and cut In halves. Dip In melted butter and nr^ range over vegetables dnd meat. Com tinue to bake forty-fiv6 more minutes or until steak and vegetables arc ten* der. Sherve from baking dish. Of course you can use any combination of vegetables you may prefer but don't forget the onions because they add so much to the savorincss of the dish. A. can of tomatoes poured over the steak when It's put in the ovc'\ is another way to vary the concoction. If you want to sprinkle a cup of grated cheese over the whole thing about ten minutes before sending to Tomorrow's Menu Breakfast: Grapes, cereal, cream, creamed dried beef on toast, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Surprise baked potatoes, celery hearts, bnkcd pears, ginger cookies, milk, tea. Dinner: Tomato juice cocktail, baked steak with vegetables, head lettuce with Thousand Island dressing, creamy rice pudding, milk, coffee. the table—just long enough to melt the cheese—you have something else again. Creamy Hice Pudding Two cups milk. 3 tablespoons rice, '.i teaspoon still, -I tablespoons sugar, 1 vanilla bean or 1 tablespoon vanilla, 1 tablespoon butter. Wash rice. Mix ingredients and pour into a buttered baking dish. Bake three hours in a lo woven (352 degrees P.). Stir three times during the first hour to prevent rice from settling. Serve cither hot or cold. Thousand Island Salad Dressing One-half cup mayonnaise. 4 tabcl- Friday. October 18, .1986. JiSiJJiJiXim' "j 7 •. '« i i,^***^ . I nlone. MftUvo \v«w tht first of lhe*e .'to bo discovered in tp, 1 tablespoon minced green pepper., 4 tablespoons whipping cream. , Combine mayonnaise with chili i snuciJ, celery, pimento and pepper and chill. When rendy to serve add crenm beaten until stiff. Conlls of utmost Importance to the drug nnd dyestuff industries. More than 900 dyes are mttdo from C0i 'l l! "' I,e( iw itinkc »n cstlmnto an your| PRINTING Johnson Printing Co, Cecil Johnson Phono PAGE'S MARKET Phone 348 WE DELIVER 112 East Third Street Hope, Ark, BEEF ROAST Pound lie Fresh River F 1 S H—Ib 7c CHEESE Pound 190 Ring or Stick BOLOGNA, Ib NECK BONES 2 L , 25c PIG TAILS 2 Lbs 35c FRESH DRESSED HENS and FRYERS Half and Half MEAT LOAF, Ib POT ROAST—Lb 15c 7c SLICED BACON- -Lb 31c LEG-O-LAMB Pound 25c K. C. STEAKS Pound.... 23c BEEF TONGUES Pound.... Forequarter STEAKS—Lb JOc namental door and window mouldings and new style hardware. Mouldings and instrument panel in all cars are finished in gray metallic pyroxylin. De luxe types have rear seat arm Although as strong and rugged as the former one-piece steel spoke wheel the new wheel is nearly five pounds lighter—a total of almost 20 pounds for the chassis—effectively decreasing the rests, dome light, two swinging type ! total of unsprung weight and mcrcaa- ing the degree of ritlinH comfort. The new wheels are more easily cleaned. Although no changes except in manufacturing fineness have been made in the V-8 engine, the cooling sun visors and an arm rest on the left front door for the convenience of the driver. Fordor types and the convertible sedan have robe rails and rear compartment foot rests. All sedan types have ash trays in the rear \ system has been improved and its ca- compartment. All body types are j pacity increased to provide adequate equipped with clearvision ventilation, j cooling under exceptional operating Safety glass is standard in windshields i conditions. and all doors and windows. Ample luggage space is available in all body types. In the sedans the rear seat swings forward and down dis- i closing a roomy compartment in which LOUISIANA STATE FAIR SHREVEPORT CENTENNIAL SHREVEPORT OCTOBER 19-27 Inclusive AGRICULTURE—LIVESTOCK—POULTRY AMUSEMENT PROGRAM FEATURING Horse Show—October 19-20-21 Auto Races—Sundays October 20 and 27 CENTENNIAL FIREWORKS CELEBRATION "FESTIVAL OF LIGHT" EVERV NIGHT "SOARING HIGH" Broadway Musical Revue A GORGEOUS SCINTILLATING MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZE Each Night in Front cf Grandstand FOOTBALL L. S. U. vs ARKANSAS, SAT. OCT. 19 CENTENNARY vs T. C. U., SAT. OCT. 26 "IT'S YOUR FAIR—SO i£ THERE" Aside from these improvements the chassis is unchanged, its most important feature being the proper ccmbinaticn of three important engineering principles of design to provide what is termed the "center-poise" ride. Thc.se are improved spring suspension, correct car balance and proper passenger weight distribution. Other features include a double- drop X-type frame, with X and side members forming box sections extending to the end of the frame; flexible trans-verse .springs purchcd forward of the frcnt nxle and buck of the rear axle, on the 112-incli wheel base, providing in excess of 123 inches spring base; easy clutch with application assisted by centrifugal action and having small roller bearings in the throw- out levers; radius r-jds and torque- tube drive; three-quarter floating rear axle, with straddle mounted pinion; and double-acting shock absorbers. There are 161,000 legally qualified, physicians in the United States. j 49 , t.-Ev. DJ.MP W^SH SERVICE- NEUON-HUCKINf LAUNDRY COMPANY INTBODUCED TOMORROW FORD Why do wo say The New Ford V- 8 for 1936? What is new about it? Of course, the newest engine in the low-price car field is still the V- 8 engine. Since Ford made it available to all car users (keeping jt as economical as cars with fewer cylinders) the Ford V-8 has been the newest engine on the market, and remains the newest for 1936. Yo« may buy a car on minor "talking points"— some specially advertised feature "with the car thrown in" —but, after all, it is the engine you buy when you buy a car. Hence we put the engine first. Other new points about the car make a, long list. Its lines are much more beautiful. The hood is longer and sweeps forward over the distinctive new radiator grille, giving the car a length and grace that are instantly impressive. The lenders are larger, with a wide flare. Horns are concealed behind circular grilles beneath the headlamps. New steel wheels. Ford upholstery - always oi sterling quality and excellent taste —is rich and enduring. The appointments of the car have a new touch of refinement. There is no question about the increased beauty of the Ford V-8 for 1936. In more practical matters, many improvements have been made — Steering is made easier by a new steering gear ratio. The cooling system circulate^ 51/2 gallons of water through a new, larger radiator. Natural thermo-syphon action is assisted by two centrifugal water pumps. New louvres permit a rapid air-flow around the engine. Easier, quieter shifting of Ford gears — The gear shift lever now travels a shorter distance. The two qualities you want in brakes—Brakes that stop the car with ease and certainty. Ford Super- Safety Brakes of the long-tested, fool-proof, mechanical design. Safety—as always—in the electrically welded genuine steel body. Safety Glass all around at no extra cost Hundreds have written grateful letters because this glass has protected the safety of their families. A car you can drive without strain all day, if you like, in city or country. Steady, holds the road, responds to the driver's touch like a well-trained horse. You don't have to "push" or "fight" the Ford V-8- driver and car easily get on terms of good understanding with each other. An engine has much to do with the roominess of a car. Very much indeed, A long engine uses up-ca| space. The compact V- 8 engine per mits much of the ordinary enginj space to be used by passengers. -' It really is a great car in every way*, this 1936 Ford V-8-the finest, safest!; most dependable Ford car ever built; On display tomorrow by Ford dealers. '1 1 LOW FORD V-8 PRICES* THIRTEEN BODY TYPES - Coupe (S windows), ^10. Tudor Sedan, ?S20. Fordor Sedan, S5KU. DE LUXE - Roadster (with rumble seat), $500. Coupe (3 windows), $570. Coupe (5 windows), $555. Phaeton, S5TO. Tudor Sedan, $505. Cabriolet (with rumble seat), $«;>. Fordor Sedan, $625. Tudor Touring Sedan (with built-in trunk). $5!W. Fordor Touring Sedan (with built-in trunk', S'.i5«. Convertible Sedan, $7ij|). F. O. B. Detroit. Standard accesiory group, including bumpors and spate lite, extra. All Ford V-8 body typos have Safety Glass Uuougbout aj no additional co.l. CsnTeoient. economical tetms thiough the Universal Credit Cemp<u» T . ON DISPLAY TOMORROW AT SHOWROOMS OF FORD DEALERS

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