Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1937
Page 5
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Triple-Threat Man Likes Quaker Oats Vcrnon Huffman, Indiana Player, Favors Oats for Breakfast As one of Ihc best .triple-threat )nen in tlio history of football, Vernon Ituff- ninn who played with the.Indiana Uni- vorMty eleven last year, brought honors to his university mid the Midwestern Conference, as well. As Die Merchants: Order HANES From BEAL-BURROW Dry Goods Co. .tittle Rock, Ark. ot hU team, Huffman help* ftl lend to victory whnt many sportt writers consider the best l6arrt that the university hns had since 1910. Although Huffman was unable to piny footbrtll the entire season of 1934 duo to a broken leg injury received in practice just 3 days before the swuson opened, ho certainly made Up for lost time during the next two years. Mis sensational ncrial attack wore no less spectacular than they were nc- rut-nte, cspcciiiliy in the most excil- Intf K»mc of (lie season with I. U.'s tra- diljcjluil rival, Purdue. A head injury in (he first quarter of the game kept Huffman from playing until the thcird quarter. A few minutes nftcr Huffman came on the field he had completed three beautiful passes for touchdowns bringing his team from an apparent scoreless defeat to a 20-20 lio, Huffman, who won seven letters in sports, learned early in life the important part food plays In building str.rninn and energy. He chooses as hifl breakfast cereal hot Quaker Oats with sugar and cream, o cereal rich in Vitamin B for bracing up nurves, digestion untl appetite. GOOSE-FLESH ; GETS H GOOSE-EGG fl UIHEH VOU PUT OH HflHES! ' Porkers in fiood Spirit for Game Prance Through Snappy Drill Session Wednes clay Afternoon FAYE1TEVILLE, Ark. - (/t>) - The University of Arkansas Razofbacks pranced through a snappy out-of-doors drill Wednesday, evidencing excellent team spirit for their inter-sectional clash with George Washington University at Little •Rock Saturday. Coach Fred C. Thomson dropped n new note of cheer by revising previous forecasts that Tackle Randall Stalling* and Fullback Ray Cole would not bo ubl to play. The mentor said Stallings showed considerable improvement with the change in weather and may see action. Cole nlso was more active Wednesday but Tackle Bob Stout and Halfback Ralph Rawlings appeared as doubtful starters. Rawlings will be used if needed but he is not in top form. DON'T waste any Urile on a wild goosefleah chaao for Winter comfortt Get yourself some HANES Underwear today. The minute you put it on your back, you can wove good-bye to cold waves! Here's a union-suit go velvety soft and warm inside thnt you'll hove the snuggest Winter of your life. And notice this when you've buttoned-up in H\NE3: The arm-pits don't pull and bind, the crotch doesn't tighten and cut. You can reach, bend, and stoop—in comfortt Gentlemen, that's because 'HANES is honestly measured to match the length of your trunk as well as the width of your chest. Buttons, buttonholes, cuffs and seams are sewed to put the wear in this underwear 1 See your HANES Dealer today. <& i£ £ A nearby d«»!.r he» HANES Union-Suit*, 51 up ... Shlrli and Dr«wer« from 7Sc ... Doyi' Union-Suit!, 7S« . . . M.rrlchlUI SlMpvr*, 7Se. Al.o WINTER SETS ((he new ihirli and knit ihorli llluilrattd at right). 55c to 7Se .*eh. P. H. Han,. Knit- line Co., Wlfnton-Snlem, N. C. THE ANTI-FREEZE UNDERWEAR FOR MEM AND BOYS Team Heads for Little Hock WASHINGTON-George Washington's hard-working Colonials rushed through their last practice at homo Wednesday before entraining for Little Rock \yherc they meet the powerful University of Arkansas eleven Saturday. Head Coach Jim Pixlcc placed special emphasis on pass defense, for George Washington scouts reported the Razorbacks showed the greatest aerial attack they ever had seen against Mississippi last week. The Colonial squad, headed by Pix- lee, leaves here Thursday morning at 8:35. Included in the parly will be "Botchey" Koch, line coach; Bill Reinhart, backfield coach; Arch McDonald, radio announcer, who will broadcast the bame play-by-play; Graduate Manager MHX Farrington and Bert Green, trainer. Drill at St. Louis Practice is scheduled for the Colonials in St. Loyis at Washington University Field Friday morning. They arrive there at 7:50 and will practice from 10 until noon. At 2 p, m. they board a train for Little Rock, arriving there at 9;40, The game Saturday will bo practically a honuicominij for one memlx'r of the squad, big Elmer -Hogg, fullbjick, who resides at Dierks. Ark. Lloyd Berry, end, who no^y lives at Owens, Va., is a native of the Ra?.orbnbk state. A half doy.en others, including Jay Turner of Tulsa, Tipton Holt of Purcell, Oltla.. Frank Mvrka of Bryan, Texas., and Duce Keahey of Van, Tex., expect to see members of their fumiu'es in Little Rock. The Colonials realize thnt they're decided underdogs but the spirit of the squad is good. Thay recall that they upset u heavier favored Razorback team in Washington last fall, 13 to 6. und the major upsets occur on the gridiron every Saturday. During the World war allied submarines did patrol work in the Strait of Dover, the Baltic and Adriatic seas. ,1 V ,v i $ EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE Pound Package 3 Pound Package BOKAR Pound 19c 55c 23c A &P BREAD WHITE 16 oz. Loaf SOFT TWIST Loaf SALT RISING Loaf -|A A IOC SULTANA Peanut Butter 21 oz. JAR 18c P I N K SALMON 2 C F n o s , 25c Good Quality BROOMS Each 25c lona Strjngless BEANS 3 N c^ 25c PHILLIPS TOMATO JUICE 3 SI! 25c BULK C O C O A N U T—Pound 19c EXCELL CRACK E R S 2 '''. 19c I O N A Qt. SALAD DRESSING 25c DAILY Tall DOG FOOD Can I FRESH FRUIT AND VEGETABLES i I! j il ! EATMORE CRANBERRIES—Pound TEXAS ORANGE S—Dozen CALIFORNIA CAULFLOWER—Head Crisp Stalk CELERY—Stalk GREEN BEANS—Pound- 23c 20c 12c 12c JONATHAN APPLE S—Do?en 12c RED POTATOES 10 Lb, 19c TEXAS GRAPE FRUIT 3 For 10C CRISP LETTUCE Z Heads 9C NICE CARROTS—Bunch. 5c QUALITY MEATS AT NEW LOW PRICES OYSTERS Louisiana SELECTS Pint 35c CATFISH Ph&nnel Sliced u. 33c •MBMBMBMMH TftU Korn BACON Sliced 29c K. C. BABY BEEF Loin> Round 25c SEVEN Pound 15c ROAST SEVEN 15c STEW Pound 10c CLUB STEAKS . 21c TURKEYS-HENS SAUSAGE PURE PORK Pound 21c PORK CHOPS Lb. 25c Lb. FOB K ROAST Shoulder 21c rttlfrii.fr'.»j.«jg /**"f" A Fl fsi i j«fi ! STAR DUST 5 = By tEOMAftft TlllllllllllllllllllllllllllMlllllllilllllJllllllllliiiiiiililliilililllUiiliiiiiliitiimiiiii fin? CttlMSON CHARGER Woodrow Parsons, Hope High School gunrd and 1?0 pounds of meanness, is one of the best high school guards we have seen in action all tMs season. Parsons hns been n mninstay of the Bobcat team for the past three yeaCs. He completes his high school career Thanksgiving Day against St. Joseph High School of Dallas. Parsons, in three seasons as a regular, hns a record behind him that has made him valuable to the Bobcat squad. Ho plnys both guard and halfback and is the extra point getter after touchdown. He shuns publicity as a halfback to play his favorite position at guard. He likes it there. It's one of the roughest and toughest spots on n team. The rougher the better for Parsons. That's the way he prefers it. We are reliably informed that Coach Foy Hnimnons, veteran of 20 years of coaching, would stake his career—and what a career—that Parsons would make the University of Arkansas team .-ifter n yenr in freshman football. Parsons is a great Mocker, His defensive work is of high quality and often spectacular. Weighing 170 pounds, he is quick on his feet and a hard charger. It hurts when Parsons' knifes the line to make u tackle. Woodrow is u hard worker and . is possessed with a fighting spirit. Ife plays a mean guard. We'll take P^ar£0115 as our middleman until somebody better-comes along. Dear Leonard: Just » few words in praise of the excellent gume of football our Bobcats played in the Russellvillc game. After a shaky start the Felines "went to town" with a bang. Tim Goodland Indians are (he next victims and our Cuts should make those Indians' wigs warm. Stone and Masters played excellent hall in the Russellville massacre and Erighl was also a "shining light." Bright and Stone arc cinches for all- ftato. I guess those boys eat their Quiiker onts regular. Yours, "Bobcat Booster." *** ** Tn speaking of Stone and Masters, it reminds us that both were awarded the homecoming day belt buckles offered Ijy Stewart's Jewelry store to the outstanding lineman and outstanding backfield man in the homecoming day battle- with Russellville High School last week. Stone and Masters were selected by the entire squad as the two players giving the best performance in the Russellville game. They were awarded triple gold-plated belt buckles with a red and white "H" by Edwin SteW- irt of the Stewart Jewelry firm. The awards were presented early this week at a meeting of the entire loam. ***** Southwest Arkansas football fans have an added incentive to witness the University of Arkansas-George Washington football Saturday. Two former gridders will bo in the lineup. But both happen to be in the George- Washington lineup. They are Lloyd Berry, 200-pound end. and a former Hope High School star. The other is Fullback Elmer Hogg, former Dierks, Arkansas, high school player. After completing his high school career here, Berry enrolled at Arkansas college, Batesville, where he starred before entering George Washington. ***** If you like them, here is some more game in Little Rock Southwest Arkansas happenings on (he gridiron: Minnesota tried - a forward-lateral pnss play against Nfebraska in' 19.12. The Minnesota end caught the forward, but was tackled by a Cornhusker so thnt his arms were' pinned to his sides. The ball bounded along the ground, but Was scooped up by Jack Wanders, who made the touchdown which licked Nebraska, ?•»<!.—By Dana Xenophon Bible, Texas, ***.** It happened in a Ceorgetown'Delroit game. The bftlUcarrie.r was nailed by two tncklers from opposite sides, but didn't full. Before the whistle was fcjown, a halfback rushed by the standing balltoier, snatched the :ball from his hands and sprinted 50 yards for a touchdown through secondaries who had relaxed theif vigilance; thinking the play .had ehded.->-By,Lou Little. Columbia. ***** In 1932, U. C. L. A. trailed; Oregon. C-7, with 30 seconds to play. U. C..L. A. quarterback- Mike Frankovich intercepted an Oregon pass ort the U. C. l>. A. 7-yard line. He had presence of mind to call time out for a huddle. When the play started,, Mike faded behind his'own goal, passed, to -Ronson Livesay on. fhft 35. i-iVesay ran 65 yards 'for the -winning touchdown- as •the gun .sounded.-^By William Henry Spaulding. U. C. L.'A; ; * *•* *•* In the 1B2C Colgate-Navy game, Collie led, 7rG. The Red Raiders seem- cd'tibput to gobver-for another touchdown from' the 2ryard line. "Whitey" Lloyd, Navy end, picked up a Colgate fumble and ran' 98 yards for tt touchdown. Navy won, 13-7.—Lieut, H^irry Judson Hardwick, Navy. •***'** . Tlie largest score ever made by a Duke team was the 90rO victory over Furmun in 1891. (Duke was then Trinity college,) Touchdowns counted four points, and kicks afterward, two. Every man on the Duke team made a touchdown, the center being called buck and allowed to run wilh_ the ball on the occasion. ***** Before Central university merged with Centre college, rivalry between the grid learns of the two institutions Was so intense that, in 1890, authorities of .both schools decided the game should be played on a neutral field. So strong was the feeling that before the mulch started, two brothers who played on opposite teams hud a fist fight,on the field. Music Livelier (Continued from Page One) king and queen 'like to dance but a military string orchestra usually has provided the music at palace functions. rTheir majesties set another prece- by decreeing that masculine ; should wear evening dress with kn&e breaches Instead of glittering, but uncomfortable, uniforms."Another precedent,for Buckingham palace was set when the guests occupied the d ) ance floor at the same time as .their majesties. It'-was the former custom for .the members of the royal family to dance first, while the guests looked on. The orcihestra played waltzes, foxtrots, and one-steps, but no tango or rumba numbers. . ' «• ».«•», Insects destroy 'crops worth $35,000,000 a year, a one-tenth of the total crop in England. i»«.» The viper fish, with its two rows of phosphorescent spots, .lives far down in the icy depths of the ocean. Phont 2G6 HOBBS GfO. & I Free Market DeUvery CARROTS, Bunch ..... 5c LETTUCE, Head 5c TOMATOES, Ib lOc BANANAS, Ib. . .._ 5c APPLES, Doz,. 15c Pinlk Grapefruit, ea..., 5c JUST RECEIVED OUR NEW STOCK OF FRUIT CAKE INGREPIENTS HONEY Gallon Pail S1.00 HELIOTROPEFLOUR Sugar and Creamer Free $1.00 E AST TEXAS RIBBON CANE SYRUP— Gallon At A OQC WHITE or C A A D YELLOW dUMl 6 c. k e,25c BULK COCOANUT Pound 25c BAOON DECKERS TALL KORN Lb, 30c SAUSAGE Ppund 15c OLEO NUCOA, The Best 22c BEEF ROAST FB " eyKC Thick gib—Lb, 20c BOLOGNA —3LICED Ppund 156 STEAKS FANCY CHUCK Pound 20c CHILI MEXICAN §TYE 19c Indians Have Won (Continued from Page Qrte) have an outstanding star on the team, Ihd biggest man weighing 175 pounds. lie is Jenner, left tackle. The right tackle, fpmmubett, weighs 170 pounds. Ih the backfield Coach Pierce has* Samuel, 160-pound fullback, who is the "war-horse" of the team. Hope tesjii In Shape Coach Poy Mammons said Thursday afternoon that his team would be in gojad physical condition with the exception of fidward Aslin. Aslin has .recovered from the shoulder injury received in the Blytheville game, b(it In practice this week, sprung an ankle. It was first believed that Hugh Reese, end, would be a doubtful stonier because of a knee injury, but Hammons said his condition had improved aftd that he would be in the lineup. The team went through a scrimmage session Wednesday afternoon. Rain will probably keep the squad inside Thursday. Bight to Finish It will be the next-to-the-last game for eight members of the squad. The entire line, Jewell, Keith, Parson's, Stone, Quimby, Reese and Ramsey are playing their last season. It will also be the final season for John Wil- son, husky reserve lafekfe. In the backffcld, Vasco Bright, ace quarterback, is playing his last season as a high school grldder. 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