The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 22, 1954 · Page 13
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 13

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 22, 1954
Page 13
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SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1954- THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR -PAGE IS Your Radio And Television Programs For Saturday (All Program Listed Central Daylight Time) Morning WISH 1310 ABC WIRE 1430 KSC WFBM 1250 CBS W!EC 1071 Mornl fZLW 1590 6 J Morning Hymnt Farm Journal Early Birds Dunkirk Time Wally Nehrling Farm Newt SB Dunkin' Time Dawn Patrol Early Birds :5 Dunkin Tim riliim Pitml Tartu RirH. HjOO KewS; Dunkin World News World News f ;;r omorrow Stars Musical Clock Early Birds " wews; uunkin :S Dunkin': News Bible Says Farm Fair Dixie Four Reveille Revelry News; Morrison Bob Morrison Bob Morrison Bob Morrison Musical Clock News Feet's Sake News News: Revelry Reveille Revelry News: Revelry Reveille Revelry News: Morrison Bob Morrison Sports; Bob News V 8 No School Today Wally Nehrling ! No School Today Wally Nehrling No School Today Wallv Nehrling :43 No School Today Fort Harrison News of America News News: Morrison Melodies Easy On Record Bob Morrison Religion News Easy On Record Bob Morrison Garden Gate News; Easy Bob Morrison ITEM-TV U) WTTV (4) Mr. Wizard Mr. Wizard Cartoon Club Cartoon Club OS J:'! 10 A.M. Matinee Here's to Vets Galen Drake Easy On Record News: Korner Lone Ranger Mr. Wizard A.M. Matinee Billboard Galen Drake Easy on Record Kids Korner Lone Ranger Mr Wizard Space Patrol MarvL.Tavlor Galen Drake Crossroads Partv Bie-Tpn 45 Space Patrol Mary L. Taylor Galen Drake Crossroads Party Big Ten TBA Serial Theater :0 Breakfast :15 Breakfast :30 Open House :45 Open House NBC News Robert Q. Lewis Pick-a-Pocket News: Trio Space Patrol Truth Search Beauty Door Robert Q. Lewis Country Carnival Answer Man Space Patrol Indiana Home Woman in Love Robert Q. Lewis Country Carnival Mills Brothers TBA Panorama Woman in Love Robert Q. Lewis Country Carnival Meet Girls TBA Panorama 11 :00 News; House j!5 Open House SO Back to Bible ;45 Back to Bible Trials; Jamboree Romance Jamboree Romance Music You Rem. Hollywood Stars Music You Rem. Hollywood Stars Country Carnival News; Hits Big Top Western Thea. Country Carnival Yesterday's Hits Big Top Western Thea. Easy at Abel's News;Como Big Top Western Thea. Easy at Abel's Crosby Croons Big Top Western Thea. Afternooi WISH 1310 ABC WIRE 1430 KSC WFBM 1260 CBS WIBC 1070 Mutual WXIW 15)0 WFBM-TV (4) WTTV (4) 12 :00 News News jI5 ClubWomen Jordan Music 30 sidewalk R'Dort'r Farm & Home .45 Waltz Festival Farm & Home News News Forward March Hit Parade Peter Lind Hayes Hit Parade Peter Lind Hayes Bill Mason News Sports; Band Hit Parade Hit Parade Johnny Jupiter Johnny Jupiter Place the Face Place the Face Colonel Flack Colonel Flack Indiana Gov't Dizzy Dean 1 :0O Open House :15 Open House :30 Open House :45 Open House Star Time Star Time Star Time Star Time City; Hospital City Hospital Top Nine Top Nine Bob Harris Bob Harris Bob Harris Bob Harris News; Warmup Warmup Time Cubs-Braves Cubs-Braves Auto Show Auto Show TBA TBA Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians I :00 Open House :I5 Open House 30 Open House 45 Open House Star Time Star Time Star Time Star Time Chisox-Tigers Chisox-Tigers Chisox-Tigers Chisox-Tigers Sonny Grubbs Sonny Grubbs Chuckwagon Chuckwagon Cubs-Braves Cubs-Braves Cubs-Braves Cubs-Braves Big Town Big Town This Is the Life This Is the Life Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians 3 ;00 NaptnHoedown ;15 NaptnHoedown 30 NaptnHoedown 3 NaptnHoedown Star Time Star Time Star Time Star Time Chisox-Tigers Chisox-Tigers Chisox-Tigers Chisox-Tigers Bandwagon Bandwagon Easy Does It Easy Does It Cubs-Braves Cubs-Braves Cubs-Braves Cubs-Braves TBA TBA Stu Ei-win Stu Erwin Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians Orioles-Indians 4 00 Tea, Crumpets ,k Tea, Crumpets '30 Track Talk ... Guest Star Red Cross Chisox-Tigers Bob Harris Scoreboard Speedway Trials Libr'y Lowdown Chisox-Tigers ' Bob Harris Saturday Date Speedway Trials Reserved for You Preakness Bob Harris Saturday Date Preakness ' Nat'l Guard Preakness Bob Harris Saturday Date Preakness Stu Erwin Stu Erwin Lone Ranger Lone Ranger 5 :00 Organ Melodies : :15 Lopez; News :30 Speedway Trials :45 Speedway Trials News; Music Make Mine Music Easy Does It News Speedway Trials Feature at 5 DePauw PresentsMake Mine MusicEasy Does It Sports; Tunes Speedway Trials Feature at 5 Speedway Trials Speedway Trials Speedway Trials Speedway Trials BillHickok Feature at 5 Speedway Trials Speedway Trials Speedway Trials Speedway Trials BillHickok Feature at 5 Night WISH 1310 ABC WIRE 1430 NBC WFBM 1260 CBS WIBC 1070 Mutual WXLW 1590 WFBMTV U) WTTV 14) 6 7 tOO Sports :15 News :30 You Were There 45 Nat'l Guard Serenata: Sports News Proudly We Hail Winpickers Proudly We Hail TBA News TBA Guest Star Sports News Speedway Gossip :00 Proudly We Hail :I5 Proudly We Hail :80 Here s to Vets :45 Guest Star Big Preview Big Preview Big Preview Big Preview Gun Smoke Gun Smoke Gangbusters Gangbusters Take Number Take Number Jr. Town Meet'g Jr. Town Meet'g 8 J :00 Dancing Party U5 Dancing Party :30 Dancing Party 45 Dancing Party Big Preview Big Preview Carr's Corral Carf 's Corral Two for Money Two for Money Country Style Country Style English Union Sports: News Tune Crier Tune Crier :00 Voice of Amer. :15 Voice of Amer. 30 B'ball Chatter Tune Parade Dude Ranch Pee Wee King Pee Wee King Country Style Country Style Ted Weems Ted Weems Harrison Band Harrison Band Proudly We Hail Proudly We Hail a:00 Indians-Millers Five-Star Final News New s I II. 15 Indians-Millers Final Music Oscar Dumont Dorsey Bros. I II !3a Scores; News Music 'til Midnite Sen. Know-land Name Band I Wj After Game Music 'til Midnite Sen. Knowland Tony Arden ioeT Variety Hour News; Sportsman Breezin' Along Spiritual Hour tt5 Variety Hour Music 'til Midnite Breezin' Along Spiritual Hour :SO Variety Hour Music 'til Midnite Breezirt' Along Late Date 45 Variety Hour . , Music; News Breezin' Along Late Date 12 on: Green Hour (lhr.) ' Sign Off la.m. Music After 12 (lhr.) ' Sign Off 1 a.m. Sign Off 12. Sign Off 1 a.m. News; Reviews Speedway News Home Edition Home Edition News; Concert Summer Concert Summer Concert Sign Off WAJC-FM I91.9M) r.M. S:00-Rdt Billeiwa 5 43-Sporti B:00-frj Review B:15 Screnadt 7:00-Cactft Ball :5-Tliai Blkle Groucho Marx Groucho Marx Beat Clock -Beat Clock News: Weather Chandler Trio Ethel & Albert Ethel & Albert Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Bank on Stars Bank on Stars Amateur Hour Amateur Hour Favorite Story Favorite Story Theater Theater Mr., Mrs. North Mr., Mrs. North Red Skelton Red Skelton Show of Shows Show of Shows Show of Shows Show of Shows Show of Shows Show of Shows Hit Parade Hit Parade Amateur Fights Amateur Fights Mr. McNutley Mr. McNutley Star Playhouse Star Playhouse Man vs. Crime Man vs. Crime Theater Theater Theater Theater Red Buttons Red Buttons Starlight T. Starlight T. Theater , Theater Night Owl T. Night Owl T. Starlight T. Starlight T, Starlight T. News; Sign Off ASPHALT TILE 9" x 9" Squores . 4V2C Pr Ti, K00SIER PAINT i LINOLEUM CO. 211 E. Wash. PL. 831 S KNOW . . . this specialized aspirin for children is made to best fit children'! needsl ST.JOSEPH ASPIRIN FOR CHILDREN ACCORDIONS LOANED TO BEGINNERS INDIANA MUSIC CO. 115 E. OHIO I.M. 4486 turix STORM WINDOWS H MKT 0 TOO OUM-TMN YOUU WANT TO WIICOMI THE ALSCO MAN NO DOWN PAYMENT MA. 5554 TW. GET OUT OF DEBT On IHyoientc Ton Cftn Afford NO OBLIGATION FOR INTERVIEW THE BUDGET PLAN, INC tie M11. a,e.-K. f P. nidr. KM. 836 AT. 5S28 .CONRAD LADY'S. ocrooo GARDEN SHOP ARLINGTON AT 11th ST. Perennials, Evergreens, Annuals, Peat Moss, Top Soil A.M. W 9 r.M. Dill? and Sunday WANT-AD SERVICE, AT. 24U Federal Internal Revenue Chief Urges Doubling Tax Agent Ranks Commissiorter of Internal Revenue T. Coleman Andrews (left) is greeted by George S. Olive Sr. (middle), a friend of long standing, and John K. Ruckelshaus, president of the Indianapolis Bar Association. Andrews spoke yesterday at a luncheon in the Indianapolis Athletic Club. (Star Photo) T. Coleman Andrews, commissioner of internal revenue, yesterday urged doubling the number of Federal income tax agents to provide through checking of four times the number of tax returns now being audited. The boss of the nation' tax collectors told more than 350 business, legal and chic lenders that his bureau" is not examining more than one-fourth of the returns it ought to," In CHINCHILIiUS Why Pay a Prtmum fop Quality? you Get It for Less at Modern Chinchilla Breeders Low overhead operations plus excellent genetic program enables us to start you in the chinchilla business for Vi Down 1 yr. to pay no interest charges. Hy-quality fur graded registered stock only Unconditionally guaranteed. $ 600 PR. Thii offtr it limited at to quantity and it tor a limited time only! 9417 E. 10th St., Indpls. Visitors Wefcome BL. 0167- ajM eowoa mi wimi m in onm aueon 1 EM MEN'S OR LADIES 2-PC. SUIT Manned, llffrr Eialm 4a. I mi whm in aiMai aueon Xi Wt JI fm Sttrt 'nt 1m fifZtt a luncheon address in the Indianapolis Athletic Club. The luncheon was sponsored by the Indianapolis Bar Association and the Indiana and Indianapolis Chambers of Commerce. WHILE NOTING that 25 per cent of the tax returns filed now contain errors, Andrews said that at least 97 per cent of the taxpayers are honest and try to pay what they owe. He said prospects for both fewer and better returns in the near future were promising. A proposed chrfnge In the regulations would relieve 35,-000,000 wage earners of filing returns. Under the plan being pushed by his bureau, persons with Incomes of less than $5,000 coming entirely from salaries and wages merely would be billed at the end of the year for any amount due in excess of the amount withheld by employers. And if a refund Is due, it would be paid automatically, he said. Information on earnings supplied by employers and Social Security payment records will make this possible. The .taxpayers merely will have to tell us the number of dependents he has, Andrews said, THE PKOGRAM of teaching high school pupils the ins and outs of filing tax returns will be expanded this year to include 28,000 of the ration's 30,000 sec ondary schools, the commissioner predicted. He said that In a recent study of results of the program It was found that only two pupils nut of 100, on the average, made errors on returns. By contrast, 23 out of nadio.TV UlqhUgh t s Time Trials, Preakness, Baseball On Radio-Video Saturday Schedule 100 present taxpayers make mistakes. Senator Joseph McCarthy's income tax returns now are under scrutiny by his bureau, Andrews disclosed, but the commissioner said h? could not reveal the outcome. Andrews mentioned the controversial Wisconsin senator in emphasizing that the bureau, under ' the present administration, is pledged to treat every taxpayer like every other one. "XO ONE CAN get any tavors. And the bureau is no market for any 'influence,' " the commissioner declared. Andrews noted that President Kisenhower has "pitched" his entire administration on a "spiritual plane" and said the revenue bureau must depend on "voluntary compliance" of the citizens. While the percentage of tax return mistakes is high, Andrews pointed out that "error is different than evasion." In a brief aside during his address, Andrews denied that he had any present intention of resigning his post as reported recently in Washington. The commissioner was introduced by George S. Olive Sr., a former president of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce and a personal friend of the commissioner. SPEEDWAY TIME trials, horse racing and major league baseball will again today make the big news on radio and television as these events take a big hunk of air time. Once again the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Network will broadcast activities at the Speedway at 5:30 p.m. on all local radio stations and on outlets across the country. In addition, Charlie Brockman on WIRE and Greg Smith on WLSW will break into regular programs on those stations with all time trial runs. Tom Carnegie and Bob Rhodes will be at the microphones for the TV coverage at the track, at 4 and 5 p.m., for a half hour each time. Fred Capossela and ' Mel Al len will give the commentary for the CBS airing of the Preakness at Pimlico Race Track in Baltimore, Md". (4:30 p.m., WFBM-CBS, WFBM-TV). A CROSS-SECTIOV of baseball action will be supplied with broadcasts of games in both major leagues and the American Association. The . ABC Game of the Week (1 p.m., WTTV) will have the Baltimore Orioles at Cleveland. Standby game, in case of rain, will be between the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers. The White Sox' game will be broadcast as a first choice by WFBM at 2 p.m., with Bob El-son at the microphone. The WXLW will tap the Midwest Baseball Network for a description of the Chicago Cubs-Milwaukee Braves game (1:30 p.m.). And finally, portions of the Indianapolis Indians' meeting with the Minneapolis Millers will be broadcast at 9:45 p.m. on WISH. RADIO ROUNDUP Romance,' series of dramatic love stories, will return on WFBM-CBS at 11 a.m. today with a presentation of Daphne Du Maurier's "Frenchmen's Creek." The U.S. Department of Agriculture trading missions will re port on their study of hindrances to free trade in Europe, South America and Asia on the National Farm and Home Hour (12:30 p.m., WIRE-NBC). A major address by Senator William F. Knowland (R.-Cal.). Senate majority leader, will mark the annual celebration of Maritime Day (10:30 n.m.. WFBM-CBS). After meeting an unhappy woman, Sally Carter will learn from her, own eight-year-old daughter how to help her on The Mary Lee Taylor Show (9:30 a.m., WIRE-NBC). Maureen. O'Sullivan will por-tray a nagging bitter wife who must face death before she can face life in "Act of God" on Stars Over Hollvwood (11:30 a.m., WFBM-CBS). VIDEO VARIETY Bob Rhodes will do the commentary when WFBM-TV presents a preview of next w-eek's 'it 'i,V ' i ' RONALD REAGAN Custom Auto Show at the Fairgrounds. The half-hour studio show will be at 1 p.m. With only three more telecasts together, Sid Caesar and Imogene will repeat outstanding comedy sketches of their past six seasons on Your Show of Shows t8 p.m., WTTV). Patricia Neal will be the guest star-hostess. Ronald Reagan will be the star and John Baer and Peter Whitney will be featured in "Beneath These Waters," a drama of decision for the captain and crew of a U.S. destroyer during World War II on Theater (8:30 p.m., WFBMTV). Kent Taylor and Peggy Knudsen will hae the leads in "Half Past Midnight" on the Night Owl Theater (12:30 a.m., WFBM-TV). AWARD TO WFBM-TV William Kiley will represent station WFBM-TV tomorrow at a dinner in Chicago honoring America's pioneer television stations. Managers of the 108 pre-freeze TV outlets will receive commemorative plaques at the affair given by Sponsor magazine on the eve of the National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters convention. EJVJOT EATING! 0l COM-UT rDt ta rr FALSE TEETH . . . fit itl-TMRri MtfetatllM ( H. Ural trrth . . . tT MtrT an rOMrOVlAHLt, in pain, likr ra tfua. alwar mnfarminff. Aathariim aaj B.lUr fittint atniarra ai krar-hif." nam ran a Bra.ha silk rada in alarr. Talrlra, Oaarina. It.tM-TtRI! V clalk . . . m krallni'. 0 COM-rtT Faai I !,' Only 79c at HOOK'S, HAAG'S rt1 Thtt Adh't for a RmtntlFrT ikn,89SDEC!l lowest Prices M Down Pajneil Material Only or Erected 1701 L 38th St. T A. 2434 Neiv Survey To Settle South Bend Road Fight Settlement of the bitter dispute over location of an east-west toll road interchange at Roseland, a South Bend suburb, yesterday was left to a third engineering firm. That Wilbur Smith & Associates of New Haven, Conn., survey the traffic conditions in the South Bend area and recommend a site for the cloverleaf was decided at a meeting in Governor George N. Craig's office. A delegation from the South Bend area, headed by that city's mayor, John A. Scott, met in Craig's office with the Indiana Toll Road Commission and its engineering consultants on the heated Issge. The Governor arranged the meeting at the request of St. Joseph County residents who protested the commission's decision to locate tiie interchange at the U.S. 31 intersection in Roseland, north of South Bend, would mean a traffic load on the city's main streets. ALBERT J. WEDEKING, toll road commission general manager and State Highway Commission chairman, proposed employment of the Smith firm after conflicting reports were given on the effects of a clover-leaf at Roseland. Curtis J. Hooper, a representative of Parsons, Brinker-hoff. Hail and MacDonald, New York engineering firm, said his study showed east-west traffic through South Bend would be reduced and that north-south traffic would be increased only 5 per cent with location of the interchange at. Roseland. The J. E. Greiner Company of Baltimore collaborated with the Hooper firm in surveys for the east-west toll road. However, South Bend City Engineer Ernest H. Miller predicted that even a 5 per cent Increase would elog Michigan State Demo Convention Plans To Gel Under Way Tuesday Preparation of a platform for the Indiana Democratic state convention on June 22 will be started Tuesday by 19 party leaders who will meet at noon in the Claypool Hotel. Additional members may be named to the platform committee before Tuesday's meeting, party leaders said yesterday. Committees to plan other phases of the convention remain to be appointed. State Senator Leonard F. Conrad and State Representative Walter H. Maehling, both of Terre Haute; State Representatives Otto Pozgay and Mrs. Anna Smelser, both of South Bend; State Senator Warren W. Martin Jr. of Clarksville; Judge A. Dale Eby of Princeton, and Mayor Andrew W. Milner of Kendallville are among those on the committee. SENATORS Earl M. Utter-back of Kokomo and Virgil Mc Clintic of Monticello; Judge William Dudine of Jasper; Eugene B. Crowe of Bedford and Byron Trippett, dean of men at Wabash College in Craw-fordsville, also are on the committee. Al Abramson of Portland was named to the committee to re-1 place William Jones of Fair-mount, because of illness. Others on the committee will J be Ralph Ferguson of Anderson, Kenneth Luckett of English, Richard Kaplan of Gary, and State Representatives James S. Hunter of East Chicago, James Spurgeon of Brownstown and Carson King of Boggstown. Channel Chuckles . By BIL KEANE Street at already heavily congested downtown Intersections. Truck traffic particularly would be Increased, he declared. Michigan Street is the city's main North-South thoroughfare. The South Bend delegation has proposed that the interchange be located five miles west of South Bend and that a by-pass be constructed to link it with the city. WEDEKING SAID construction of a by-pass, the cost of which has been estimated as high as $7,000,000, could not be financed by the highway commission in less than five years. Toll road officials said the expenditure by the commission would violate agreements with holders of bonds on the $280,-000,000 east-west turnpike. The Smith firm was hired to work with the New York engineers on the proposed north-south toll road between Chicago and the Indianapolis area. Employment of Wilbur Smith & Associates for the re-survey, which is expected to cost about $5,000, will require commission approval, but this is expected at next Wednesday's regular meeting. Escapee Gets 3-Year Term For Car Theft A 33-year-old fugitive from a Georgia chain gang was sen tenced to the three years in Fed eral prison here yesterday for the theft of the car in which he, and two companions, made their escape. The fugitive, Victor Walter DeWitte, was charged with the inter-state transportation of a stolen car after he and two other prisoners fled from a prison camp near Griffin, Ga. DeWitte, assistant United States attorney Robert J. Wilson said, will be returned to Georgia to finish his five-year term. He will then face a state charge of escape, which caries an additional five years, before being returned to Federal custody on the stolen car conviction. In other court action, Federal Judge William E. Steckler sentenced two Louisville (Ky.) men to three and a half years in prison each and ordered a pre-sentence investigation of their 19-year-old companion after the trio pleaded guilty to transporting a stolen car here from Kentucky. Sentenced were Denton Williams, 43, and William Edward Black, 48. Sentence was deferred, however, in the case of Clarence Cress Jr., 19, who admitted stealing the car and picking up the two older men. YyHOX All FO(SONS DO ""CONTAINS POWHtFUL BAT mi HM.75 Ford Theatre presents RONALD REAGAN JONSf BAER I HtrsatATM THESE WATSilS WFBM-TV, 8:30, CHANNEL 6 vv-v Delight Dad on Father's Day, June 20th . . . with an unusual sen fimental gift fhat will really touch h heart ... his favorite family photograph copied and made into a fin hand painted miniature 9.95 to 49.95 Caniult aur copy expert without charge Ayrai' PhotoRafltn StuoVe, Eighth Floor "QUALITY DETERMINES VALUE" on4 INDIANA STATE CHINCHILLAS "And awa-ay we glow!'' INVITES COMPARISON V The Finest grodad stock in America START V Over 1,200 animals to choose from "YOUR" V Free equipment each purchase FUTUR8 V Guaranteed to Litter Health Lite IN FUR V Eciy terms arranged TODAYl VISIT OK CALL INDIANA STATE CHINCHILLAS 9410 E. Washington, Indpli., Ind. IRvington 3914 Ypgi Church Endowed Kansas City (AP) The Kansas City Star says a gift of more than $1,000,000 to a Los Angeles Yogi Church has been made by J. J. Lynn, Kansas City insurance executive. . v Passenger Freed Of Vehicle Death Accessory Count A charge of being an accessory after the fact of reckless homicide against Mrs. Jane R. Parks, 19 years old. 2425 Guilford Avenue, was dismissed by the prosecutor's office yesterday in Criminal Court, Division 2. Mrs. Parks was riding in a car with Mrs. Elizabeth E. Ne-vin, 33, Greenfield, which struck and killed a pedestrian last Sept. 3. Mrs. Nevin was acquitted of a reckless homicide charge in the case earlier this week but was fined $2,000 when a jury convicted her of leaving the scene of an accident. Mrs. Nevin paid the fine yesterday but her attorney said the woman's mother had mortgaged her home to raise the money. Going to The "500"? By Train? Trains Leave Every JO Minutes from 9 A.M. ta 4:30 P.M. en Saturdays end Sundays PARK WITH US! ! Modern Parking Lots 2 SENATE RAMP LOT 206 W. South St. or 349 S. Senate Avt. Drivt Up th Ramp Blocks From Union Station PENfl. RAMP LOT m 103 Virginia Ave. Drivt Up the Ramp Lock Your Car and Take Your Key 50c Daily Parking Fee 4 A.M. te 4 P.M. Decoration Day Prices Will la Slightly Higher M'.irAatjaS

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