The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1940 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1940
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Manila Society—Personal J5LTTTTOVJLLE (XTOC.J- COURIER NRWS Oh Rats! Humans Are Not So Smart lo M Franchol Tone is loiijrli ami .so, npiurrntly, is I.enore lllrlc in "Tlic Fiflli Column." ff * • * * + Scores One for Broadway In Fued With Hollywood l?y TOM WOI.P NEA Service Stall CorresjioriilcJit ' NEW YORK, April D. — Prom Hollywood, Brcndway looks like u " hick talent farm, occasionally dc. veloping dramatic ability for Hollywood to snatch. From 'Broadway, Hollywood appears as a false, gilded stage, set agatiisl which any happy combination of feminine curves or any tall dark 'n' handsome ham can romance, regardless of ability, while such talent as docs exist Is constantly miscast. . As this jealousy fight is waged back and forth, every so often one coast strikes -a damaging blow. This season's first round went to Hollywood, which produced such superb character-movies as "The Grapes of Wrath," "Abe Lincoln Jn Illinois" and "Gone With the Wind.". But the second round is Broadway's. And "the mnn who tossed the telling punch is none other ihtm Hollywood's Francliot Tone. filVEN FJIIST ROLK TO "UMr.Lll III 1 '' Tone started his career (rue to the old Broathvay-to-lloliywood success formula. Getting his'early wit], 11,,, experience us a charter member of head or the Group Theater, he went west and became another "golden bo-'- of the films. List season Tone returned to Broadway and the Group. He was immediately cast in a virile vole as the flashy gangster In "The Gentle People." A dynamic and powerful Tone appeared here and there in his characterization but certainly he was no new man Hollywood smiled. . Broadway said nothing, [bought of -The Gentle People" as Hie rinse necessary to wash off the sticky sweet from Tone's movie character Now he was ready for THE part FKANCHOT, TIIKV SAY ' IS NOW A MAN He got it recently in Ernest "n "l,m ys aMon S-l<«t produced Ihe Fifth Column." Primarily the Play is a character study of a Iil»h- strung American working as a Lm- allst, counter-espionage agent 'in Madrid during the Spanish Civil orwVn 01 ^ br , ingS to '"e character of Philip Riwlmgs a ii lile rca , viri] _ ity latent in an idealistic man forced face to face with the si^k- emng disillusion of modern wn'r's treachery and brutality. •Today," unanimously sung the critics. "Franchot is a man " _Mr. Tone's case is not' unique. although It oul.shlucs all others of the current Broadway season. Within the past two years, at, least, four very glamorous Indies, nculect- cd or maltreated by the movies, have appeared in Brondway roles which have added appreciably to their theatrical stature. The Broadwuy-Hollywooil feud continues, us II probably always will. Actors who fee! lliev are miscast in Hollywood will always return to Broadway to gel themselves re-identified in the public tnliid. And moviegoers everywhere limy continue to Ihiink Broadway for re-dlscovcrlnif .some of Ihe big- Best box office, stars. Pupils Release Pigeons To Tell of Safe Arrival SALT LAKE CITY, Ulall (UP>So (heir mother won't worry about safety, three Salt Ijake City children have devised a menus of notifying their parents of their safe anival each day. The children—Paul Schcid. 12- his brother, Meal. u. nuil slsler, Ruth, '( — take a pair of pigeons with Ihejn each morning us they head for the SI. John's Limit-run school. Upon arrival at school, the children release the homing pigeons- which Automatically proclaim the trio's safety when they get back lo the hon;e of the parents, Mr nnd Mrs. Carl o. .%-heid. IV. M. S. Mcels Tlie Woman's Missionary .Society of the Methodist clnircli met Friday nflernoon at the home of Mrs. W. J. U'Roy with Mr.s. Claude Cralnc as co-hostess. Mr.s. Fred Ncedhnm presented Hit last lesson of Die .Mission Study, "Homeland," Those InJclim p.iit on ittt- proiirarii were: Mr.s. Madge Drown. Mrs. W. J. Li-Hoy. Mr.s. Allicit ":oll, Mrs. Jack 'I'iiilon, Mrs. I-'nit] rcdlinm reported Hint 20 mem fcers attended Ihe session. Mrs. II. M. Plecmaii presided over ic business incetlnv.- Plum win Iscussed lor tlic- district meetlii" In- licld here May 'I. Mrs. G Mike Jr.. Mrs. Geruld Wallace :iml ills. Madge lirowii were appointed in Die menu committee, i'lans were ilso dixi-US-sod for ;i ".stunt nlijlit" o In: presented soon with Die w. n.s sponsors, Mrs. A. J. Builon closed th<! icftinn wilh prayer. 'Ilii; hosUr.ssos •rml K-frraliHucits of fruit lolls, ike OIK! coffee. 'Hit next (nesting will lie al'llif home of Mis. u ].;. Mobk-y where Mr.s. .luck Tipton will introduce Die new Bible study, 'Exploring Hie Bible." * <.* t ilr. nnd Mrs. CUKis WilWims ipem .several days us i>ues(.s- of Mr. mid M r5 . Vcrnoii Collier of "oplnr Ulnfl, Mo. Mr. nnd Mrs. Jollier accompanied the Williams ionic and will spend u few days K-ie with friends. Mr. nnd Mrs. Carl Rite, of Mem- ill Is, were guests of Mrs. 1 II. Poe Sunday. Mrs. KHz is Ihe former Miss Maxine Poe, daughter of Mrs t'oe. Mis. S. Hunch of Detroit, Mich., HTli-Kl in Mnniln last week for nil Blended visit u-ilh relatives nnd friends. Mrs. Minnie 1.011 Horner Is spending a few days in Blyllievlllc. Mr. nnd Mr.s. A. W. Smith and (laughters, Hoxle Ruth nnd LnVcrne of Osceoln, were Sunday guests of Mrs, famuli's pjircnl.s, Mr. nnd Mrs Albert Scolt. Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Fcclnlcr returned lo Mnnllu from Indliinnpolls, Ind., niter spending 11 week with their daughter, Mrs. Ben Sclmldcr. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wlllinm Lawhorn' visited in Osceoln Simdiiy. Mrs. Virginia Standard nnd Miss Mtu-y Evans,' of Rlythcvllle, were guests of Mr.s. William Unvhom Saturday. Dorolliy Niuvlln, daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Nnwlin h.-is been removed to her home from Walls ilospltnl In Dlytlievlile niter n serious Illness. Her condition Is re- Iinrlod Improved. Mr. nnd Mr.s. Rogers, who have been the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. U E. Moblcy Iho past week, returned to their home in Hnrdy Sinulny. Mr. nnd Mrs. John MorrU spent the weekend with friends in points of Tennessee. Douglas Lftwson. who Is attending Arknnsns State College in Joiipsbnro, spent the week end with Ills parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hoy Lawson, of Lost Cane. C. W. Tipton spent Monday in Jonesboro on business. C. W. Tipton motored to Pocn- liontns Sunday for H short visit Six to eight limes Us own weight iu leaves can be eaten by a caler- pillar in a single day. Melropolilan FARM LOANS Jas. B. Clark Glcncoe Bullaimr Blytheville, Ark. =- an Solicitors for tho Mctropoli- Un I,|fe Insurance Co. : . - RATES PROMPT INSPECTION'S • : LONG TERMS REPAYMENT PRIVILEGES Clark-Wilson Agency, Insnr, J»s, B. Clark FREE! All Spark Plugs Cleaned Free During NATIONAL SPARK PLUG WEEK This offer will Isst one week only Beginning Sunday, April 7IU lliroii g h Saturday, April 13(1,, PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. S10 .WEDNESDAY, 'APRIL 30, IH40 LoiKloi) Fashion Shops Gi-ow Glooin.y, Even Mamicniris in Uniform Now While ral ,.,,„!„« ,,,„ m , „„,,„„„ (he m; , 7e of , 1;ltl ,. 1)| , lfk . 1 , kr B , ;lss p|alc!i (oBunj howl at li-lt. To test comparative brightness <" humans and rats, Dr. G. Kingsley Noble, of the American Museum O f N.n t i ra i History in New York, devised a series of similar ninxcs. Test showed rats to ) ]0 about G-ioths as smart as (he average human, hut in some cases tliey far outsmarted their human competitors. In both mazes humans nnd rats lind 3C chance. 1 ; of error and no method of prcdelermlnlii" correct course. Skill was judged on .number of trials necessary to complete course without error. Rats ran narrow-strip paths, some blocked by plate glass, toward bowl or food. Humans pushed a block-button toward a goal. When himitins started along wrong path, llgius showed up, and error was recorded on totalizer. Brigh tti tness of h on near iiman minds was Icslcil im this "stylus" ninzc. I!ut- ccnncr must tic inisbcil thruiigli clia»nc| s 1» goal. Postmistresses Reminisce Over 91 Years' Service PHILADELPHIA ROADS, o. (UP)—Two nging women snt down here and reminisced ol their careers as postmistresses, the careers of Margaret Caniff nnd Mrs. Anna M. Oalbralth spanned 01 years of service, so there was-a lot to talk about. Miss Caniff, who retired recently, was only 18 when appointed |x>stmistress at Philadelphia Bonds by President G rover Cleveland in 1888. She completed 52 years of service. Mrs. Oalbraith operated the post office at nearby Genimiio for :iS years before her retirement. LOM7ON (UP)—London fnshion MtiiWislmifnls have been hard hit »y the win- and are :iii(lclfj;Uiii(! even more difficult limes ahead. There Is a IncI: of skilled labor, Many niannc(|Ulns have deserted the fashion salons of liond street to cover their slinky liips with the brown corduroy trousers of Hie Women's land Army. The swift fingers of swiinstrc.vios fire em- |)!oyed mUkliiff cows. The war also look many wonisn from Hie drawing looms of f'ark I»ine and imo nalionnl .service nnd therefore into uniform. A campaign lias ten waged to get the women back into evening gowns, but night clubs nnd restaurants aie still sprinkled with girls who prefer the tailored blue of Die W.R.E.N. or the khnW of Dn> A.T.S. Finally ijomton expects no normal "season" this year. Tin- ".season" in London is in the siunmnr, because the weather is more kind ill that time to racing, 'the conceit stage and Hie theater. This year there will be no Courts, no racing at A.«ot. no Royal Garden Party ami probably Sew coa- certs. Large public gatherings are frowned upon by aif raid precaution authorities. The Ihealei- probably will continue its current boom but "dress- up" parties are not the rule, but the except ion. Labor and women in uniform Is not the only problem confronting fashion designers. Every inch of available shipping space' is de- iiiiuuled for (he necessities of war and so-called luxury products no longer are imported. Sequins for trimmings and other accPMories cannot be obtained, Gre.'iler and greater quantities of wool arc needed for uniforms. Eventually It may be necessary to ration silk. " SII.BERNAGEI, & COMPANY iltle Hock - Pine Bluff - Fort Smith SKIN CANCER Three «,»„„„,! „<.„„„, ,((,, of sk|l , cll|Mr „„, „ ., Lv I »«S''s;»™- Typo. vary. Iho uuu, cm,,|,l c .v bil s,*L,nr^ c ^s aS. i>cd " scs curc " if uo - iie ' 1 udy, experience an d treatment o[ hundreds or case ' '° make ' hi! ' l " maa - B ™^""» "» "" DRS. NIES & NIES Clinic C14 Main Blytlicvillc, Ark. if " - v •> ^nfc; Allan Grccmroml, museum staff member, dc-immstrafcs the slytus inay.c lo human con(<'slan£s with relatives and friends. A, A. Siitio, father of sirs. Tipton, ac- companied him to Manila and will spend a lew days vislllng hen-. 'I T&SXSS3? CAR •""""& THE IOWEST PRICED CARS DIDN'T stf/vi TO COMPARE WITH OLDSMOBIIFS SMART, ST.REAML/NE STYUNG SO WE PAID THE IfTTtE D/FFERENCE IN PRICE AND GOT THE BEST LOOKING CAR OF THEM AIL. 1 " li has style— style all i(s own! From sparkling, die-cast radiator grille lo smartly streamlined rear compartment —it's the last word in "looks." And you can take it from thousands of enthusiastic owner!), tho big Olds Sixty has everything else necessary for modern motoring. More length, more weight, more power and more big-car features than any low-priced carl Drop in, today—drive an Olds! * begf,,at$807 for Cotr/>c.s, $853 for Scrfans, delivered at Lansing, Midi. Transportation i>. 1M rf O ri rail rates, sute niirf local taxa (if any,) optional o<jiiipnlcnf artel accessories —extra. Prices subject to change, without notice. A GENERAL MOTORS VALUE H.!p p,,mat iol.l»-4, ,„„ ,,,,,„ when „„,„,, E. Main Si. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. " '/> When you work or when yon play, bottle of Coca-Cola has everything it takes to refresh you. You drink it and it satisfies completely with a happy after-sense of refresh- ment. Thirst asks nothing more. THE PAUSE THAT R E F R E Phone 329 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COIA CO, BY Phone 366 COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY Blytherllle, Ark.

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