Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 18, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 18, 1935
Page 4
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Donna Answer to i»rcvlous 20 Chest bone. ^ ttallt Hi ^ norai'i i(g snail ra asaUM 01:1 52 Century > •** f tocher, (abbr.). * £3 '' accomplish. 53 Ronstltig: pan. Self, 58 Mountain. ift 5? Rebounds, log. 59 Stopper, w (ijr. 61 She won her igs. • fame as an -— star. far as. 62 She Is making Popular cant. her debut on ftodent. , . the ^—. VERT tC AIi 1 Gazelle. . 28 She has worked on ths as she Is a ~—« diva. 30 Thin. 31 Pedal digit*. 34 Castle ditch. 36 Ego. 38 Spiritualist Meeting. 39 Mongrels. 41 Blanket. 43 To crawl. 44 As If. 2 Rheumatic pain. 3 Preposition. 4 Sweet potatoes 45 Insects. 5 Senior. 47 Refusal to 6 Southeast. 7 Orlef. 8 Dye. 9 Sun god. 10 Stepped. 11 Hawaiian bfrd.:64 BfhJ. 12 Animal. ]' 56.%ltlng tool. 13 X. . 58 Cither. 18 Before. -*«OfA|r. pfosectite. 49 Lock part. t Hardens. 'Moment.' : 53 Inlet Center Point pealth 5s fairly good in this com- "iuty at this writing, . "he fanners are nearly through Bering crops. - . iss 'Dovie Hendrix and brothers, Alts and Vernon, of this place ; Saturday .night with their par- i,near Patmos. s. 1 ' Lester Roberts and children i,,Miss Gerlene Taylor spent Sat- day afternoon with Mrs. Carlos — ta Mr. v and Mrs. Harold Duke ty night a* sort. S- wag a birthday dinner at the _- of Mr. and Mrs. Ode Taylor iday, in honor of Mr. Taylor and ;'sister, Mrs.; Lona Ross. Those nt for the day were Mrs. Lona , and hildren, Cotis, Marie and ia, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Aslin and ,;Cannon, and Miss Murl Camp of itflh, and Glenton Betts, Clyde Jgins and Joel Kinsey of Evening ade. tor May called on Miss Delilah illoway Saturday night. ,, F r - and Mrs - Jim A- Wright spent \.inday night with Mr. and Mrs. - * * W. Wright and children. Holly called on W. W. Wright Central team here Friday, October 11. The score of the juniors was 21 to 6 and . the seniors 37 to 10 in favor of Bodcaw. . ' ' The Bodcaw high school quartet sang at Hinton Saturday night, October 12 and Centervjlle Wednesday night October 16. They were very successful; They, 'hoge '-to sing at Magnolia A. & M. / • ., : .. -.'-.--. • • Birds- are seldom seen, to ' soar "on a cloudy day. Sbaring^a'oTrtly. 'possible when warm -air - is»,yjjh»<jf. : : 'from, the earth. Clouds' cau^3utfe-' surface to cool, thereby weakehiM\thSf'fbrce.of tlie ascending air. .?*', :';-•.$&*'' ..->,, , ' ' " " ' Legal Notice pnday evening. Vfcs. Vera Reeves of Patmos spent it 'Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. A. ,- Meadows. Mrs. A. W. Meadows spent Wednes- y , atfemoon with Mrs. W. W, , * \I!iss June Watkins is visiting rel- es at Washington. Rev, Jim Ward has returned home Eer a viiit with relatives in Texas. Bodcaw 1 '' high school'student body-met lesday, October 15, for the purpose electing committees to draw up ih'division of the constitution. They making plans now for the school ; er also. e junior and senior boys played S I} It! Find It! Bent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star [MARKET PUCE nember, the more you tell, the quicker you selL 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c |Por consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad 3 times, 6e line, min. 50« 9 times, 6c line, min. 90c , times, 3%c line, min. $2.76 (Average §te words to the line) IPfB-Wanl ads will be accepted rith the understanding that the is payable on presentation of ent, before the first publi- Phone 76ft FOR RENT RENT—Bedroom, adjoining private entrance. Mrs. W. R. er, 402 "South Pin?. Phone 906. ll-6tc BENT—Nicely furnished three apartment close in. See Mrs. s Briant, 614 South Main St. or 463. 15-3tc. FOR SALE SALE OR TRADE — Chevy Long wheel base. A-l shape, trade for anything. Tom Carrel i S. Main. 17-3tp SAkE—Young Jersey Milch In good condition. See Tom dkbrooks, 626 North Main street, J5-3tj> COMMISSIONER'S SALE I NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That 5n pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Cdurt of Hempstead County, made and\entered on the 3rd'day of Octpbqr, A.' £>. 1935 in a cfertain cause (No'2970) then pending therein between National Savings & Loan Association, complainant, and M. W. Cruzen, Et al, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for se|le at public' vendue to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance of the Court House in the Town of Washington, Arkansas, in the County of Hempstead, within the hotljsi'pirfscribed by law for judicial sales, Qri Saturday, the 9th day-of.November^.-P. 1935, the following described real estate, to-wit:' Part of the NW%' of the NEV 4 of Sec. 28, Twp. 11 S. Range 25 West, Hempstead County, Arkansas, described as beginning at a; staJ<!(s at the NE corner of a tract 'of.-'lapd sold by Charles B. Mitchell t<?;A£M. Crouch, lying on the .road -.ftortif' Washington to Fulton, thence North 52% degrees, East 10 chains to a stake, thence South 37'/-> degrees East 10 chains to a stake; thence South 52% degrees West 10 chains to a stake, thence North 37% degrees West 10 chains to the point of beginning, containing 10 acres, more or less. Also, the following tract comm9nc- ing at the NW cprner of the land formerly owned by B, F. Hempstead and adjoining the town of Washing, ton, thence South 37% degrees East 10 chains; thence North 52% degrees East 2 chains; thence North 37% degrees West 10 chains; thence South 52% degrees West 2 chains to point of bet- ginning, containing 2 acres, more or less. Said lands also being described as follows: According to the survey of Giles H. Gibson, on June 25, 1928: Commencing at the SW. corner of the NW% of the North East quarter NE J /4 of Section 28, Twp. 11 South, Range Twenty-five (25) West; thence North 3 chains thence" East 1.30 chains to Bois D'Arc stoke on the South side of Washjnstpn ,and Fulton road, the point of beginning (this point is also the NE corner of the A. M. Crouch tract of land), thence North 52% degrees East along 'said road 10 chains to a point which was the NW corner of the B. F. Hempstead tract of land, thence continuing on the same course 52% degrees East 2 chains; thence South 37% degrees East 10 chains; thence South 52% degrees West 12 chains thence North 37% degrees West 10 chains to the point of beginning, containing 12 acres, more or less, in Hempstead Cpunty, Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of said Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent per annum from date of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the puaphase money. Given und*J my hand this llth day of October, A, P. 1935. PALE JONES Commissioner in Chancmy. Oct. 11, 18, # p;>t MOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY THIS SAME UrABm-LA T-OK T7 VEAT^S.AND M&VErA ONC& HKt) \T TAKEN , BTHE.V* BY MSTAVySL OR t NT&HT^ONALls,', TRON OR OTH^R PUBUC "PL CAN SEE WHY-^-\T'S AN OUD \NVfeNT\ON OP- tV\\NE l-^W&Cfr "PUTTING THE Ur/\Br3,tV.LN \N A STANt), I INSfeKT TH\S KEY \N TWt VAAN^ AND TUPtN rT,TO PR03ECT TWE SHARP SP\KES I COUSIN HfeAt) AT HE GOT UP A WALLET POCKET IN A COW THAT'D SNAP flGHT, CATCH\N S A i PICKPOCKET^ HANX> -v^.\T WORKED EXCEPT IT WAS ALWAYS CATCH)IsT H\S OWN / I I « i^G, o © 1935 BY NBA SERVICE. IMC. T. M. REG. U. 3. PAT. OFF QjUCKV fAAKTHA, "DIDN'T US£ A IT TOR \ WRACKING to- te By WILLIAMS vif P/ls RfiJB ME/ WJHADDA 1 C2>RE ? ' L-AU6M At MS, MOW BUT WAIT T/U 1 <3§f ^AVE THE ^UM'OF . A FAC6 OUT AW HV MAW W <Ak6 A Sid PUWklW PIS. VUM--UM' PUMMV, BUT TIME i Tfty TA MAW CUT SHOULD 1 LUG A wyi mf k/»LArfc!:i eT?/ klWL^X HBAVY— vvei-u/ Slf^L^SS£?r^55 TOSS IT 6TACK /MT&' THB PIELO. 66 DROPPlW>* 'RQUWD JUST ABOUT ' 6AWW T'ME. AND, SAV, Ip THAT PUMklNJ 66TS HBA\M— WELL i^^n^^^ ?)U::By[;£A3 HEROES ARE MADE-NOT SORM T. M. lltO. U.S. r AT. Off. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Ouch! By MARTIN VOO WREWT 6CntOKb TO PUAV YOO? \<~> TW 'SOVA , ov\ © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. TOO — WKiO OOT ^ -i. ^-5^" r *-i i _•! ~~fd 1~~~~~~n~ * , _i "-* i W- -A _-^ I / -, \ •• i kl:> fV (««?) «4 V— ,,* —^g 'te. '& ;J ALLEY OOP An Enthusiastic Reception Committee By HAML1N MOW, WOULDMT THAT FROSF VEC WHISkE.RS.' GRA68IW THAT PINNACLE MEVER FAZED THIS CRITTER , It JUS' BUSTED IT, ._/ ^f^jss AM' KEPT;,, - -^""* f ^^ ,,^^^,.. :/ o 4- " ^_^~^-^ ite^^H'^ ^ r &JAG6ERS -IT WD FA1E 'IM -HE'S// ] SLOWIM 1 DOWM AW lO^^'^-^"" ' ' ' ALTITUDE FAST—:.- " ^ .few; MOW WY OWLV WORRY IS " WHAT I'LL (X> WHEM T BACK GEOUWD r WASH TUBES 't\^ © 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. Easy Takes Charge By CRANE GONEfSLIPPERVJ LOOK ]7HE BLANKeTV-BL'AMkED CREEP/ -; ,, '"*^h VX prx^ , W/AT<:M;AND ALL HIS cLornes AR£ STILL HERE. ; FRECKLES ANT HIS FRIENDS •J A Stone Wall NIERCIFUL HEAVEMSA MEVERMIWDT SURGLV YOU DOM'T WWAT I ' THINK MR. BIGGER nWWK,SvVQ0Se HAS SEEN MUH— ^SEARCH THE ?D-?1 .ju^ 1 ". SOMETHIMG HE AW HAS BEEN DRA66EP TOWARDTHEOCEAKI. AWP/ LOOK^ THERE'S BLOOP ON HIS COT. By BLOSSER ^JEVER MINP I'M HOT BLAMING YbU.... BUT, IT WONT DO ANY GOOD TO TRY TO FISID OUT WHERE I GO, OR WHAT I DO .'/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop7 BUT, GEE, A PLEASE DONT FRECK.YOU ) FOLLOW ME AGAIW, HAVE THE -S. JIMMY..WILL YOU WHOLE SCHOOL ) PROMISE ? WONDERING ^^ ABOUT .tf*^ / f-^\^ you.' E*-*^ ~~ (~ ^ * ' OKA/, FRECK, IF YOU DOKI'T WANT ME TO y 'BUT ^ituVE SURE GOT MY CURIOSITY PLAYIMG TAG WfTH MY IMAGINATION •'.' HOW TO PLAY CENTER NE of the least acclaimed and most important men on a football squad is tlm center. A great deal depends on his passes to the quintet-back, running hack, passer, or kicker. The best position a center can take is to put his feet at opposite corners of an imaginary rectangle. This stance is designed so the center cannot be pushed, pulled, or shoved to either side. The center holds the ball with his right Jiand, much in the manner of a forward passer; fa fact, he is throwing a pass upside down. 0 A good center develops a consistency in his passes so that they travel always at the same speed and height. This enables his backfiekl men to time themselves correctly. In addition to his passing duties, the center must learn to charge on offense, and be a wonder on defense, a The Straight and Narrow By COWAN BfrCK \t £| OF THE TENT ' YOU CAN DEPEND JUST WW^fTED TO CWECK I ON US, NiRS. KUHN, DOUBLE CHECK ON / JUST AS SOON AS QUO PROSPECTS/ S TUECIRCUS GOES WINTER OAlM3TERS.tr: I WANT \ YOU T'tAEET \ tAY HUSBAND- ) HE'S--' y

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