Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 18, 1937 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, November 18, 1937
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Our Daily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor ! • Alex. H Washburn . • J--.-.T- Home Rule—and a Strategic Retreat A PPROVAL by the State Welfare Board of 30 county vvel- , fare directors who were not on the civil sefvice list of cligiblca may become a major issue between the state and federal governments, according to yesterday's news dispatches. Appointment of non-civil service people.to the county posts was approved by the. state board apparently oh authority of a ruling by the attorney general that state civil service did not reach into the local government of counties. The political expediency of waiving the civil service rule in this instance, is fairly obvious. There arc a good many people who, frightened by the ruthless march 06 fed* oral centralization, are resolved to hold onto such local gov- « crnment AH they may. This newspaper, we hardly need to add, is on their side. But the Icrms by which we can retain local government are definitely fixed. Wo have said so before, and we repeat now: Powers of local government will be retained only in proportion to the share of the cost of special services we arc willing or able to pay. — -•- - -- C«i The whole scheme of public welfare work is a co-operative one, with state and federal governments participating in the cost, and the county government hardly at all. We assume that the purpose behind this organisation—aiding the aged, the sick and the helpless—is "one that meets with the approval of alt citizens; and it is required, therefore, that the program go ahead. Actually, men, we have only two alternatives. One, we can involve ourselves in a domestic battle between state and 4-Motor Tlying Fortress' to Appear Sunday Also 300 M.P.H. Two-Mo- lored Planes at Barksdale Field PUBLIC IS INVITED Army to 13e Host at Shrcveport Program Sunday Afternoon Plans have been completed for holding the Fourth Annual Charity Air Demonstration at Barksdalc Field on Sunday, November 21, from 1:30 p. in. to 5 p. m. Thin annual event is looked forward to by the people- of the Ark-La-Tex area as an extraordinary deinon.stra- tion of military aviation tcchniciuo. as well as a thrilling flying spectacle. To those who hiive bad the good fortune to witness this event each year it affords u wonderful opportunity of observing the extremely rapid strides made in aviation engineering and airplane construction and the tactical changes required as a result. Airplanes that were the latest and most up to date in last years' demonstration will bo old and obsolete this year. One type of ship that will be of particular interest is the new A-18 Curtif-s two motored Attack ship. Tliis is the fastest two-motored airplane in the world, cruising well over 200 miles an hour and having a top • *. • , • "• ••-.•., Burk.sdalc Schedule 8:30 to 10 a. in. Mass formation over cities in vicinity. 1:30 to 2:3(1. Presentation of Trophies followL'd by Wing Review. 2:30 to 2:M. 18 pursuit plane formation and mass firing at ground target. 2:55 to .'1 p. m. Aerial Combat, two pursuit planes. 3 Us 3:10 p. in. Aerial Acrobatics, 3 pursuit plaines. 3:20 p. m. Take off of Attack group. 3:25 ii. in. Dropping of parachute bombs by A-18 airplanes. 3:2K p. m. Biimbing attack on wound tin-get. (100 Ib. bombs). 3:31 p. in. Bombing attack with fragmentation bombs. 3:-IO p. m. Machine gun attack on ground targets. 3:-l3 to 3:5(1 p. in. Pursuit demonstration in cutting streamers and bursting balloons. 3:5(i to -1:01 p. m. Parachute jumping. •1:01 p. in. Laying of smoke .screen by tlnx-c iiir|<lane.s. .s|MH'd of slightly less than 300 miles po rhour. It has so many gadgets in the cockpit tbiit the pilot could gel along very nicely with about six bands, four fi'ut and a couple of tails to work them. Nine of these ships will bo on exhibition demonstrating tbc latest in attack aviation maneuvers. Four machine nuns i nthe nosr of the .ship pour forth <i hail of fire of four thousand iMghl hundred rounds per min- utu and (be bomb load could wrc-rk a battleship. Flying Fwlirss Kvi'ii ibis ship pales into insignificance along side the mighty flying fortress or .supur bombers. These are four-motoied Boeing bombers capable of well over 200 miles pen' hour unit of carrying a bomb load of two tons. An impressive example of the possibilities of modern military aviation wa.s given by a squadron of thctic 1 bomber.s one day last muntli. While the units stationed at Barksdule were busily engaged in South Texas and Louisiana defending the Gulf Coast again.';! attack by an imaginary enemy these bombers left Langlcy field, on the Atlantic- Coast of Virginia, flew to Bcirksdule Field, thcorcticully de- moli.'hed it and returned to their Virginia base; all ut such a high allilutU- (Continued on Page Two) 1. If duly elected could a woman become President of the United Slates'.' 2. How long has Thanksgiving Day been observed in U. S. us a national holiday? 3. Baa u President of the United States ever been impeached? 4. What were the seven wonders of the uncivil t world'.' 5. Streamlining trains has produced high speeds within the past five years. But do you know what was the highest speed attained by u train before 11130? Answers on Classified Pugv county authority—and the federal government may then cut off it.s funds, with the full likelihood that public opinion will eventually invite the federal government to take over the entire program and administer it directly from Washington, D. C. The other alternative is the one that The Star has preached for several years: To centralize our local authority in such jointly- financed matters as welfare work, in the state capital. That would salvage part of locjil authority and at the same time would bulwark us against having all our authority drained off to distant. Washington. Any sensible citizen having to .serve on a committee woufcf infinitely prefer appearing in Little Rock than in Washington—common sense tells you that one citi/.en of Arkansas carries more weight in Little Rock tftun one citizen of America in Washington. As n broad policy, The Star advocates rigid adherence to the idea (if a stale unit in oil matters jointly financed by the federal government and local subdivisions. Then, and then only, can we be sure of stopping the blue-printing federal specialists from invading local government on things bought and paid for with local taxes. There is no separation df money and responsibility, whether in business or government—let us sec to it. then, that we choose our position carefully on jointly-supported matters so that we shall not collie to grief on what i.s entirely 17,500 Out on New 'Sit-Down'Strike Third in Three Days, This One May Prove Longer Affair PONTIAC, Mich.— I/I') -The third General Motors corporation sildown strike in three days threw 17,500 workers into idlness hero Thursday. The local plant of the Fisher Body company was held by strikers. Although two previous interruptions were short-lived, there were some indication thai Iho presenl lie-up might continue longer. The climatic temperature of Alaska varies from 61) degrees below /era in tho winter to 00 degrees above 7.cro in summer. MIND Your MANNERS Test your knowledge of correct .social usage hy answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below; I. I.s it good taste for a mother to allow a small child to have her hair curled artifically? 'i. Should children wear nail :i. Can a woman look really smart if she wears ;i beautiful dress that is not appropriate for tlio occasion? 4. Does one S|x;ak at clothes as being "stylish"? 5. Is it considered good taste to speak ut "my escort"? \Vliat uoiih) you do if— After yon have an appointment at ii beuuty parlor for a shampoo and finger wave, you later decide that you woul dlike a facial and manicure in addition — la) Wail until you arrive for appointment and expect your operator to crowd her schedule to give you the extra (b) Be willing to have additional service from any operator who is free? tc) Telephone and ask for more time? 1. No. 2. No. 3. No. 4. No. 5. No. Best "What Would You Do" so- lulion— (e), or (b) if there it likely to be an extra operator. (Copyright 19:17, NEA, Service, Inc.) Star BR. Artmnsaa—Probably rain Thursday night and Friday, mow, hard freeze northwest Thursday; much colder Friday, hard freeze. VOLUME 39—NUMBER 31 HOPE, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18,1937 PRICE 6c COPV FARM Appreciation Day Trade Promotion to Open in Hop< Local Merchants Band Tc gether for Trade Territory Plan TO BEGIN NOV. 24TH Central Trade's Day Is to Be Held Once Each Week ADVAN M I LLI Ol f N G Pe R S O N S The largest protnotion campaign to be undertaken in several years by Hope merchants will get underway Wednesday, November 24. The plan is intended to widen, intensively develop, and create new sales in the Hope trade territory. The plan is unusual and offers mutual benefit to the consumers in the trade territory, as well as the participative firms. Trade will be developed around a central day each week, known as Hope Appreciation Day. This plan is open to participation by all Hope merchants. The following is a list of firms that have entered into the Appreciation Day plan: Mitt's Shoo Store, Stewart's Jewelry Store, Burr Store, Scott's Store, John P. Cox Drug Co., Hope Hardware Co., Gibson's Drug Store, Wart! & Sons, Patterson's Dcpt Store, Hope Auto Company, Gorham & Gosncll. Geo. W. Robison & Co., Hnynes Brothers, Briant's Drug Store, Hope furniture Co., Western Auto Asso. Store, Hobbs Grocery & Market, Auto Supply Company. The Gift Shop, Green's Mobil Service, Ladies Specialty Shop, City Bakery, J. C. Penney Company, Ed. I. Rephan's Store. Duggnr's, While & Co., R. M. LaGrone Jr. & Co. Feeder's Supply Company, "M" System Store, .Boswcll Dept. Store, Hempstond County Lumber Co., Morgan & Lindsey, Younj* 'Chevrolet Co., Crescent Drug Store, Kroger's, Archer Motor Company. Red Cross Fund Is Nearing$500Mark England Asks Rural Sections to Make Reports at Once A report of $42 Thursday brought the Hcyipstead County Red Cross roll fund to 493.85. County Chairman Wayne H. England appealed to township chairman to make their reports at once in an effort to wind up the campaign. Persons missed in the canvass may leave their donations at cither Cit- i/.ens National Bank or First National Bank. Mr. England also announced that Miss Frances Snyder had been authorized to solicit donations. The Rev. Bert Webb, chairman of the drive in the city, announced the appointment of Dr. C. M. Lewis anil James Harris,,negroes, to have charge of .solicitation among the negroes of Hope. All negroes wishing to donate to Die Red Cross arc- (iskcd to turn their contributions over to Dr. Lewis or Hurt-is. Previously reported First National Bank Fred R. Harrison Ray Allen J. E, Bourdon Roy Crane Joe Floyd ...................... Southern Cafe ..... ... Dr. J. H. Weaver .......... Dr. A. J. Neighbours ..... R. O. Bridewell ........... Soil Erosion Employes J. R. Henry .......... -.... Mrs, Mubcl B. Tollett ........... Buford J. Poc ................ Elizabeth Bridewell James M. Case ................... Jason L. Richmond .............. W. C. Page ........................ . .......... Craig Rosborough . .................... Nathan M. Faulk _ ..................... Charles Eiekhoff ...... William G. Johnson, Jr ..... Tom B. Coleman ....... Mrs. Thomas Boyett .......... Charles F. Routon Jr .............. Burl Thompson ................ Jack Pritchett ............ David Griffin John Olive J. J. Lipe A. L. Black Donations $•151.85 5.00 . 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 . 1.00 .. 1.0(1 1.00 1.00 .. 1.00 5.00 .. 1.00 1.00 1.00 l.OU 1.00 .. 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .. 1.00 . 1.00 5.00 Total $493.85 Sponsors Show for Christmas Fund The American Legion is sponsoring a show-room attraction of freaks, curios 'and sideshows at 112 South Elm street to raise money for the Christmas Basket fund. The show opened Thursday for a 10-day run. A small admi.'.sion i.", being charged. Skip Tracers Find Their Man Once They Learn His Habits Chief of Bureau Lists Four Reasons Why People Flee Here's Story Behind Skip Tracers, Strange N. Y. Company DIDN'T FIND OWN Bureau Head Finds Others', But Not His Missing, Uncles. ,'•,... » One million men. women, and children vanish each year in the United Stales. Where do they go? What happens to them? . . . Follow their clue-strewn trails of tragedy, jo.v, laughter, grief in this exciting serins of six stories gleaned fri.'m the files of Die Skip Tracers Co. in New York City. Each story i.s a real case, about real people, iinrl liiki'ii from real life. So—fol- liw Ihiil nmn! Ih-'s a Skip Tract-land he'll lead you through .six ;;. im'liinrs thrilling, sometimes tragic, Miim'liiiH'.s amusing, hut always inti'iTsting articles, the first c.f which is printed below. By DICK MrCANN NEA Service Staff Writer Charlie Grain wa.s gone. Me hail been gone for nigh onto a year now. Charlie never had been much account and bj.s tired wife wa.s kiiul of glnd to be rid of him, but the fact niniiiinrd that .she wasn't getting along ;so well. She bar! a job but it didn't p;iy much when you had to take care of three little Crajgs. So Mrs. Craig went to see Daniel Eisc-nbiTg, the head hawkshaw of the Skip Tracers Co., in New York City. She had heard that after M years of "leuthing and 200,000 cases, Mr. Eisen- Late News Flashes Mother at 12 BERRYVILLE, Ark.—(/P)—Attendants at a Berryville hospital disclosed Thursday the birth of a 6% pound son to Mrs. Willis Hockersmith, 12, of the Oak Grove community, 12 miles north of here, farmer aged .19. The young mother is the wife of a Bailey in Hospital LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Governor Carl E. Bailey received treatment Thursday at St. Vincent's infirmary .for what was described as a minor ailment. The attending physician said follow-®—: — ing an examination he did not think an wratipp,would b^j)efsssary.,bu<f governor would romaifT at the Kos pital several days for observation and treatment. Gas R6c n Gallon ROME, Italy—(#")—The Italian government, furthering its program to raise money for the self-sufficiency development of the empire, clapped a 40% increase on the gasoline tax Thursday. Titb levy raised the price of gasoline in Rome to 3.32 lire a liter, or 66 cents a gallon. berg and lii.s men can find anything and anybody from J|ie girl to play Scarlett O'Mara to Mrs. Kinklclieini- LJ-'.S little buy, Hyinie, who is forever running a\v;>.v from the Bronx in fight Indians. Mrs. Craig had the- usual description . . . "Ho i.s five eleven, w e i n ti (• about 185, has blue eyes, black hair, a mo u s t a che and So have ten thousands of other men . . . "Where was he last heard from 1 '" asked Mr. Kiscnberg. "This is the lust loiter I received from him," said Mrs. Craig, handing over a frayed envelope. "I got this The names of c'luiraclcr.s and plat-e.s mentioned in this f-loi'y from real life tire fictitious. If a mum 1 is tbc .same as any actual I>..T.V:> it is purely a coincidence. nearly u year ago." Mr. E'isenberg uftuminod the c-nu 1 lope noted the return address, ieml the letter . . . "You'll hear from n.- soon. Mrs. Craig." And she did—in three days: "Mi>.. Craig, you can have- your husbund if you want him. He's at Nmili Street, Apartment 36." Handwriting on the Wall Gives Tracers Clue "How on earth did you ever fm>l him?" asked Mrs. Craig, now a happy visitor to Mr. Eisenberg's smart New York offices. Mr. Eisenberg smiled. ''It was so simple you'll think w<? (Continued on Puge Two) Labor Chief Slain MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — (/P) — The slaying Wednesday night of-Patrick .J. Corcoran, 45, labor leader, was branded Thursday by Governor Elmer A. Benson as a challenge to the state's forces of law and order. Police said they were hunting two men for the cmme. Music Livelier for British King George and Elizabeth Whoop It Up a Bit at Buckingham LONDON — I/I') — King George and Queen Elizabeth summoned a dance orchestra to Buckingham palace Wednesday night for the first time in their reign to entertain King Leopold of Belgium at a .state ball. Both the (Continued on Page Fivo) Six and Lost Two Goodland Squad to Be in Top Shape Against Bobcats War Danger Now Believed Lessened London Cuts Maritime Rate to Orient and Mediterranean War risk rates on international maritime commerce—one barometer oi \yar tension—were reduced sharply Thursday on cargoes for the Orient and and the western Mediterranean. The reduction, announced in London by British marine insurance underwriters, was believed due to three developments: 1. Transfer of Chinese-Japanese hostilities from the Shanghai area. 2. 'The apparent end of piracy which developed in the Mediterranean as an outgrowth of the Spanish civil war. 3. An easier political situation in Europe. May Take Place of Anti-Lynching Bill Next Monday Deadlock Finally Broken in Senate AgricUltttte Committee FILIBUSTER HOLDS Southern Senators Paralyze Upper House oil Lynch Measure WASHINGTON.— (IP) -Near agreement in. the senate agriculture Committee on farm control legislation brought a promise Thursday of a break in the aimless debate which has dorfi- inated the special congressional session. Sneator Bailey, North Carolina DettK ocrat, carried o nthe Southern filibus- , ter against anti-lynching legislation in the senate. But Chairman Smith, South Carolina Democrat, told reporters that the "ever normal granary" farm bill—patterned after administration recommendations—would be ready Monday to displace the lynching measure. Fulfillment of this prediction would bring before the special session one week after convening the first of the four-point program recommended by President Roosevelt. -Farm, wage and hour, regional planning, and executive reorganization legislation. The house tax committee talked of— but did not agree finally—granting alt corporations some exemptions from the undistributed profits tax'which has been assaild by business. Coach George Pierce of the Goodland, Okla., Indian Academy near Hugo, told The Star over long distance telephone Thursday afternoon that his team would be in tip-top shape for the battle here Friday night against the Hope High School team. Coach Pierce said that his team had played eight games this season, winning six and losing two. The record: Goodland 80; LaDonia, Texas, 6. Goodland 7; Caddo, Okla., 6, Goodland 14; Colgate, Okla., 0. Goodland 13; Anthlers, Okla., 0. Goodland 19; Horatio, Ark., 6. Goodland 12; Honey Grove, Texas, 6. Goodlang 0; Hugo, Okla., 21. Goodland 0; Clarksville, Texas, 21. Leave Early Friday Coach Pierce said his team was composed of all Indians. The team and coach will leave Goodland early Friday morning in automobiles for Hope and are expected to arrive here Friday afternoon. A squad of 20 players will make the trip. "Our team is in good shape and we expect to put up a hard battle, but I don't believe we will be able to beat Foy Hanimons," said the mentor of the Indian team. Coach Pierce said that he didn't (Continued on Page Five) Japanese Advance SHANGHAI, China — (IP)— Japanese army spokesmen announces Thursday night that Japanese troops-driving to- break through China's "Hlndenburg line" between Shanghai and Nanking had captured one gate of the walled city of Kashing, southern keystone of the line. Both Chinese and Japanese and Japanese reported heavy fighting in the area around Kashing, 60 miles southwest of Shanghai and 30 miles south of Soocho\v, the main point of the Chinese defense. U. S. and Britain Seek Trade Pact Negotiations to Be Opened for Reciprocal Trade Treaty WASHINGTON.— (JP) -The United States and Great Britain agreed Thursday to negotiate for a reciprocal trade pact, a decision fraught with far- reaching economic and political implications. It was the first formal step toward an objective long sought by the Roosevelt administration as an indis- pensible feature of its program for the liberalization of world commerce. A Thought No man has a prosperity so high or firm, but that two or three words can dishearten it; and there is no calamity which right words will not begin to redress.—Emerson. Dr. R. Rowland Is New Hospital Head "Fills ' A. C. Kolb Last February •t LITTLE ROCK-W- The state hospital board of control elected Dr. Roberts Rowland superintendent Wednesday. He has served 12 years as, a member of the hospital staff. The institution has had no permanent head since Dr. A. C. Kolb resigned last February. The "seven 'staff members filled the office on a 30-day rotation basis. The 57-year-old Dr. Rowland, $. native of Union county, received hi degree in 1903 at Tulane. He returned to Arkansas to practice at Huttig and El Dorado, In 1915 he joined the state hospital staff. Eight years later he transferred to the government hospitals at Rort Roots and Camp Logan for a four- year stay. After returning to 'private practice at El Dorado, he rejoined the state hospital staff four years ago, Height of forehead is no sign of superior intelligence. Scientists fund that Eskimos of low intelligence are among the highest-browed people in the world, Cotton NEW ORLEANS.— (/P) —December cotton opened Thursday at 7.85 and closed at 7.85 bid, 7.86 asked. Spot cotton closed quiet two points lower, middling 7.88. by OREN ARNOLD, Copyright 1937, NEA Service, Inc. CHAPTER I The postmaster at Blanco Canyon peered over his spectacles in order to study Robert barry. "Looks like you'd oue' lt;i come in every week, young feller," he remarked. "Here's a passel of it. More'n all the rest pui together." Bob smiled in acknowledgment, but his interest was centered on the armful of mail. Eight of the letters were answers to a long classified advertisement which he had mailed to New York newspapers a month ago. Of these one instantly excited him: "Dear Dr. Barry: You have advertised for a partner to explore the ancient cliff dwelling on your ranch. That sounds great; I think I am the partner you need. 1 will leave New York day after tomorrow, and -=o should reach Blanco Canyon. Arizona, by Tuesday, according to the schedule. I note your warning that sve will be isolated in a wilderness, miles from any town. That won't matter. I know older people think we younger ones can't be happy without a crowd, but I will prove it isn't so. My father was like that, too. You may have heard of him--Ul\v.>vth C. Lane—because he went to Harvard too. Class of 1898. Fattier didn't study archaeology, though. (You see I know you are a Harvard graduate because my lawyers reported that. I had them investigate you before writing.) Also I expect to do some of the work. I mean, something besides just putting up the money. I know a little about archaeology already. And I'm reading books. . You can investigate me to be sure you are satisfied as to my financial rating. tMy lawyers said you would probably want to do that.) I enclose cashier's check for $5000, for good faith, and will pay the remainder when I arrive. Cordially yours, M. M. LANE. P. S. I will wait for you at the leading hotel in Blanco Canyon." Bob re-read the letter hastily, and in some alarm. He hastened back into the postoffice. "Say, Mr. Withers," he called to the postmaster, "when does that motor stage get in from Tucson?" "Due 'about 1 o'clock. They have grub here, yon know, then go on to-" "Or.c o'clock! Jimmy! Well, it's lucky 1 came in today, else—" " 'Smaller, Mr. Barry? Bad news? You got to leave?" The postmaster was a friendly soul. "No, no! Nothing like that. Just happens a man, a man named Lane, is coming out from the East to see me on business, and is due in today. I didn'l expect him so soon, Jn fact, I didn't expect him at all, until J could write around some. He sort of took me off my feet. But his letter reads sensibly enough, I suppose. He went on—" „ i ' Bob Barry halted his talk. The of a roan who has been alone for weeks at a time is to be highly sociable in town, but after all this wss private business. "—oh it's just a little land matter," he evaded, and grinned goodnaturally at the postmaster. He began thinking vapidly. If this fellow Lane believed in action, as he obviously does, maybe I'd better snap into it myself, Bob reasoned. This cashier's check, proves it "What a break!" he whispered to himself in elation. It was better than he had dared expect. The other loiters, in response to the advertisement, were (Continued on Page Two) 4-*

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