Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1937
Page 6
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;«\ •'?>", HOPE 8TAH, AUKANSAS Wedftestlay, fcer's Shoes Are Comfortable Women's Shoes Are Designed for Comfort and Support of Foot By ADELAIDE tCEHR AP Feature Service Writer NSW YORK—W>- New winter shoes gtve feet a sculptured look. High patterns, simple lines and fitted smoothness produce a gloved appearance which is both smart and distinctive. "Shoes don't pinch, however. On the Contrary, they are made for comfort —designed to mold and support the foot, with small side cut-outs for breathing space and elasticized sides of straps. Some models close with slide fastenings. High patterns which mold the foot over the instep, or step-ins with mounting tongues, are much in the picture. But the pump is staging a come-back which has given it much importance in the winter shoe scene. For walking or sports wear there is a new version of the old bicycle oxford, lacing from the top or middle of the vamp to the top. Modified heels—high enough to look smart, low enough to insure comfort —aire much more in evidence for street •wear than the tall, stilted spikes. Slack is by far the most important Daytime color. Brown is expected to grow in prominence, and some navy and wine tones appear. Suede is exceedingly smart and popular, while calf and kid are also seen. Laundering Note Although bluing serves as a light blear* it will produce dingy-looking ,'clothes if it is not used carefully. Use the correct amount and mix it 'thrroughly with water before adding it to clothes. One of the Oldsmoblle Line for 1936 Front View of 1938 Oldsmobile Six WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel—And You'll Jump Out at Bed in the Morning Raiia' to Go The Kver should pour out tro pounds of Haafd btn into your bowels daily. If this bila IB not flowing freely, yourfood doesn't digest. .It-just decays in the bowela. Gas bloats UB J-onr stomach. You get constipated. Your Whole system is poisoned and you fed sour, nank and the world looks punk. Laxatives are only makeshifts. A mere bowel movement doesn't Ret at the causn. '* takes those srood. old Carter's Lltti; *-•<Pills to get these two pounds of bile flowry; freely and make you feel "up and up". Harmless, gentle, yet arnazini? in making bile flow fresh. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pillg by mine. Stubbornly refuse anything else. 2Sc. The Besi hi Motor Oils I Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt 2Sc [The New Sterling Oil, qt 30«| Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. [East 3rd, Hope -Open Day & Nite California Gets Five Places on the NBA Service All-West Coast Team Selections Are Made by Tiny Thornhill, Stanford University Grid Coach, Assisted by Other Football Mentors and Critics ' FOB SALE Chqjce Building Lots on New Improved street to high school. Easy Terms. Day Phone 158 and Night 194-W See A. C. ERWIN Aberdeen, Wash., is tops. California contributes Johnny Mceks 210-pound blocking quarterback, and task to name 11 young looioau stars Vic BottarL left half, to the backfield. who supposedly are superior to any Conch Stub Allison of the Bears rates _iu__ 11 „,„„ = » »t,=,v melt inns, hut Meek the finest blocker and si By TINY THORNHJLL Stanford's Head Coach PALO ALTO, Calif.—It is no easy task to name 11 young football stars other 11 men at their positions, but with the able assistance of other coaches and critics, I finally have arrived at what I consider as good an All-West Coast team as can be se- .ected. California, with five men on the first squad and four on the second, dominates, but this is not unequal distribution when you consider that the Bears this season are one of the finest clubs the golden slope has produced in years. Holdovers on the first team are George Karamatic, Gonzaga fullback, and big.Bob Herwig, the California center. . < Again Karamatic is the outstanding individual. "Automatic" Karamatic once more made Gonzaga of Spokane an outfit to be feared. This Jay Bar- wanger of the far west is a jack-of- all-trades and master of all. Running, kicking, passing, or blocking—any way you look at him—the 190-younder from A FINANCIAL PLAN for every man THE HAMILTON TRUST FUND prospectus available ORVILLE W. ERRINGER Hope, Ark. Feet Killing You? Tone Them l]p Then Writer Recommends Any Kind of Exercise That Involves th6 Foot caller in the collegiate game. Bottari has few peers as a ball carrier and passer. Joe Gray, the Oregon Stale spark plug, lands the other halfback position. A BO-minute climatic player who does everything well, he tossed a pass lo edge Washington in the closing seconds and for the second straight year stood out in every game. Best, but Not by Far Grant Stone of Stanford and Perry Schwartz of California are the ends. Stone calls plays for the Cardinals, so gives tho mythical all-star aggregation a second skillful field marshal. Schwartz, a converted halfback, is a marked man when the Barkcley boys throw passes. Bill Wolff of Santa Clara and Bob Grinutead cf Washington Elate rate the tackle posts. It \voulcl be difficult to point out a more formidable pair of guards than Steve SHvinski of Washington and Vard Ctockton of California. Both are excellent blockers, rocks on defense, and quickly diagnose opponests' plays. Herwig at center stands six feot four inches. He is a Iremendous factor By BETTY CLjARKE AP Feature Service Writer When your feet hurt do you rus; out and buy a pair . of orthopedi shoes in hope that all 1 the pain wi! .stop by magic? What you should d ks take a careful look at your feet. Every foot has two aijches and mos foot troubles start in one or the othc of them. The first arch, which most pcopl never think about, is the anterior, o transverse arch. It runs across th foot at the base of the Iocs. Th other is the longitudinal arch tha supports the instep. It runs from th heel to the base of the toe. Three-Point Support Normally, your weight is borne o three points of your toot. The cento of the heel is the apex of this triangl The other two points are the bases o the big and little toes, that is, eac end of the antrior arch. If you have weak anterior arche you'll know it because almost always in such cases callouses develop on the joles of the feet. Other signs are contraction of the toe tendons or pains in the front part of the foot. t To detect a weak longitudinal ar,ch, make a print of your foot. If the V/hole bottom of your foot impresses the paper, your instep needs atten- lion. In cases of slrong insteps only the outside of each foot makes an im- keitemeitt in Wall Street Discussed 'inancial Writer,Points Out Opinions, Price Changes By CLAUDE A. JAGCJER AP Financial Editor NEW YORK-Whon as much as $25,000,000,000 is cut from the total noted value of stocks and bonds trad- d in Wall Street, there must be it lain reason for it—al least that seems imple common sense to the layman. But the typical.Wall street expert, vhen the question of "why" is blunt- y put to him is likely to stammer, ndp, then launch into a long-winded lissertation on economics, internation- 1 affairs taxes and government rcgu- ation. Those who have the readiest an- wers are inclined to lay it all, or most f it, on the doorstep of Washington, vhich to some Wall Streelcrs seems air enough, inasmuch as Washington, or the most part, laid the 1929-32 ihirnp nt Wall Street's door. Ihe favorite theme in Wall Street las been that regulations of the SEC, •(•striding the trading activities of the Idtime professional market operators, is well as putting strings on exccu- ives of corpora lions, has made the narkct "thin" meaning that the vol- ime of steady day-to-day trading ins been curtailed; so that a selling >rder, which in the old days might lave depressed a stock maybe a point, would depress it three or four points. Production Slipped As against this, defenders of the SEC point out the" markel had quite a slump in 1929, without any SEC, and jo on to say thai regardless of "ihin" markels, once slocks are cheap enough to atlracl wealthy investors as bargains, investors no doubt will hurry to buy them. Business analysts say lhal the slump in the market can scarcely be said to have come out of a clear sky. Production in several lines such as steel, textiles, shoes, and activily in building, had been slipping, and finally went below where it was a year previously. This, they say, at least could be interpreted as showing a pause in the recovery trend. But why such an abrupt and drastic slump, in the space of a couple of months? Tho talk of a pause in business seemed to the anguished investor far too tame. Had not the volume of railway freight just reached a seven- year record? Why cancel all of the gain of the past two years in the stock Plans for a New Smoke-House market? Sinister plots were suspected. One in California's pass defense, a good i print. line-backer, and an accurate feeder. There are four things that help cor- Plenly of olhcr Grade A players dis- reel fool ailments: Shoes lhat fit; rest ilayed their wares on the Pacific coast and massage for tired feet; exercise, They Rode Into a LOST his fall, and it is unfair to disregard heir talents. I As a matter of fact, one draws migh- y fine lines in naming any of our far western backs ahead of Sam Chapman and Dave Anderson of California and Pete Fay of Stanford, and Amby Schindler of Southern California has tremendous drive. It also seems a shame to place Woodrow Wilson Strode, U. C. L. A.'s accomplished all-round negro athlete and end, on any kind of a second team. Likewise Pete Zagar of £. Ian ford and Bill Stoll cf California, tackles whs know their way around. Al Hoptowit, handsome Kakima Indian who pulls out of the lino to lead Washington State's interference, has every qualifitation to be listed among the finest of guards. He has another year of competition and should be pounding on thu door of All-America fame in 1938. NEA Service's AH-We.st Coast teams postcss all the ingredients of dream teams. They would be capable of moving rapidly and with great force in either direction. They perhaps arc composed of the finest collection of talent on the western seaboard, but please don't blame mo if your favorite i.sn't mentioned. In this "Al!" business, there simp)} are not enough places to go around and I doubt that the editor ha.s .spyci for the li.st of larls worthy of lion orable mention. (Copyright, 1937, NEA Service, Inc.J Tonic effect of LaGuardia's New York elec-tion victory was split two ways, the winners getting tha,t airy effect and the lowers the band taste. and—in extreme case—use of a sup- ort. Miss Catharine Van Rensselaer, physical director at the American /omen's Club in New York, recommends nearly any exercise that in- olves the feel. All the old chromos arc good," she ays. "Try picking up marbles with our toes or writing with a pencil iclcl between your toes or rolling your eet over a rolling pin, gripping the vin with your toes. "Food circling is good, loo. Ex- .end your ankle and bend your Iocs town, in and up as Ihough you were rying lo look at Ihe sole of your loot." Today there are approximately 30,- UOO miles of domestic civil airways, installed under the authority of the Air Commerce Act of 1926. Little Rock Pastor in Sunday Service at Oa The Rev. Olin Cole, pastor of Highland tfiolhoidsl church, In Li| Rock, conducted preaching service-! tho Ozan Methodist church at 11 a Sunday. Tho Rev. Mr. Cole, choosing ns Subject, "The Great Beyond," prei ed one of tho most spiritual scrm that has been delivered in the O| churches. He is a relative of the H. P. Roto son family, whom lie visited over week-end, while ho was Attending annual conference held al Hope. This smoke house can be constructed almost entirely of native material, such as sand, rock, gravel, and rough lumber, with expenditure only for nails, cement, and roof covering. The almost universal practice of home butchering and the "hickory curing" of farm meats, Justifies tho construction of a smoke house wherever several hogs are butchered yearly. The plan, No. 75317, is for the smoke house only. A meat curing box for cooling with Ice during the salt cure may be obtained by requesting plan No. 75024. A plan for a scalding vat, scraping table, and hanger frame is shown in plan No. 70293. These plans, prepared by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, are especially well adapted for plantation, neighborhood, or community use. Working drawings of these plans may be obtained through your County Agent and Home Demonstration Agent. congressman charged a "Wall Street conspiracy." Bear raids were mentioned. (Bears are operators who sell stocks they do not have in the expectation of later buying them, for delivery, at a lower price. Despite efforts to keep tabs on bear selling, had not the bears found ways to cover their tracks, perhaps throug hoperations by way of London and Amsterdam? the effects of "war scares" and foreign money in Wall Street also have received their share of conjecture. « f Economists' Opinion The SEC and the Stock Exchange have undertaken investigations to show whether any sinister influences have been at work. Wnll Street gen- erailly expresses confidence that the answer in the long run will be found to be "no." Wall Street economists say there is ome pretty important o the recent market. They point out that prices rose with carcely a notable interruption from Vlarch 1935 to March 1937— about the ongest sustained rise in Wall Street listory. During the latter part of 1936 of mind developing. Financial and credit authorities, both in Washington and Wall Street warned against letting an excessive boom develop. Toward spring, heavy speculative purchases in London in connection with news of the British armament program developed with repercussions here. Copper touched 17 cents a pound, nearly doubling in f excessive price increases came from Washington. Price Trend Changes Soon prices began to slip here and there. As summer came around bumper crops were indicated, sending prices of many farm staples lower, and bc- I'oro long the commodity price trend was sharply downward. Now it is well known that business men and manufacturers hurry to lay in inventories of goods and materials when prices are rising, and stand back and wait for prices to hit bollom once they start to decline. So buyers held off during the summer. The steel mills began to finish up a big accumulation of orders as summer drew to a close, and their production schedules slackened abruptly. Cotton mills had similar experience as the price of the raw staple fell from around 15 cents a pound early in the year to close to 8 cents this fall. .spire confidence. Many could only sec a cut in expenditures or higher taxes or both, tending to reduce purchasing power. Conservative Wall Street stil wants the budget balanced, saying it is essential to sound national cconom> but there is worry as to how it wil ic done. Out of it all, Wall Street developed i bad case of nerves. How long it will .akc business to resume its recovery, whether the market decline has been excessive, and whether sinister influences have been at work, all are qucs- ions to be answered in the future. Strong gleams of hope are seen in he fact that the bumper crops and active business over most of the year nave brought estimates of the highest general public purchasing power years, which springboard Ozan Daring young scientist, Robert Barry headed an expedition into the Southwest's land ol lost pueblos. He came out, having experienced one of the strangest adventures that can befall a man. Follow him in the amazing new serial Qoming to this paper Begins Tomorrow in Hope $ Star JACK and SECK SHORT ORDERS * Chili Mite—Hot Pork Sandwiches 216 South Walnut Monts Sugar Cure For Pork and Beef Our Sugar Cure is a formula that cures meat quickly, costs no more than the old salt method and is much less trouble. Making all cuts tasty and delicious. The fine flavor with attractive brown cured color makes a more ready sale fur those who butcher for market. Electrically Mixed Printed Directions With Each Purchase MONTS SEEP STORE 110 East Second Mrs. T. L. Hockcrsmlth, of 3cnton, has returned home after spending last week with her mother, Mrs, Chlora Citty. Mrs. Luck Cowling, and Misses Willie Stuart and Elizabeth Hanna were .shopping i" Nashville, Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Boyd and little daughter, Irene, left Oxan, Saturday morning, for California. Mr. and Mrs, Boyd moved to O/an from California about two years ago. They plan to make their future home in California, Mrs. Boyd will be remembered as the former Miss Maltie Fletcher. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wallace, of the St. Paul community, attended Sunday school and church at the Ozan Methodist church, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wallace, of the St. Paul community, attended Sunday school and church at the Ozan Methodist church, Sunday. Fred Murphy, of Nashville, visitec liis mother, Mrs. Salliu Murphy, Sunday. Mrs. Ray Utlcy and little daughter Betty Ray, were guests of Mrs. Utley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elbert Robins Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Forrest, and daughter Helen, have returned to their home in Texarkana, after a week's visit with Mrs. Forrest's sister, Mrs Walter Baber. Miss Jeanette Citty and Hervy Holt both of Hope, were visitors in Ozan Sunday. Miss Helen Francos Citty, who has been ill for the past week, is some what better. Mrs. Lula Goodlutt, Sloman Good lett, Mrs. F. P. Citty, and Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Sparks attended Conference at Hope, Saturday night. Miss Ethel Robertson, of Hope, spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Robertson. Billie Joe Nelson spent the weekr end with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nelson, of Mineral Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Osborn and children, James and Frances, were guests of Mr. Osborn's sister, of Hot Springs, from Friday until ^Sunday. A DCS Moines woman, picking vember strawberries, started the p winter rash of garden variety stor! a little later than usual. Mothers aren't telling their youi stcrs a thing by explaining thai all (ighling gives Ihe whole neighborhd a black eye. Any household knew of Japan's wl like philosophy al least 20 years a; Even tho lea package was labcli 'Basket fired in Japan." Tho ntw success credo is excmp tied in a familiar tone by Ihe you fellow who became un airfield rr chmiic because he could make | many interesting contacts. |[ INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, Accldcnl Insurance COTTON OWNERS j E. C. Brown Cotton Company will firm hns served this comnuml for thirty years has hccn du Bonded to handle GOVERNME LONAS. Immediately upon receipt from ytiL nt this office of (he Warehouse r|l celpli and samples, we will claf* (ho cotton and have check available; Immediately. Ml Information will be gladly fun|-* Islicd upon request. {f| E. C. BROWN 1 PHONE 240 ;1 CALL NUMBER 8 Luncheon Appetizer Add diced spiced peaches to other diced fresh or canned fruit for an especially tasty combination. COTTON LOANS QUICK SERVICE IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER ' Hope, Arkansas Business began to hesitate at a time ON WASH DAY when the war scares emanated from the Mediterranean and the Far East and caused a good deal of uneasiness. Observers also point out a new session of congress loomed, involving the possibility of wage and hour legis- Call Harry Phone 148 Call Harry I'll pick up your laundry. HARRY PHIPPS lation and nek taxes, injecting new problems for business. Case of Nerves Talk by the President and others of Representative JACK WITT balancing the budget— something con- nd the early months of 1937, there was servative Wall Streel has been insist- good deal of the boom-time state F IT'S something new and modern —if it adds to safety, comfort or convenience—if it makes action more thrilling, more enjoyable or more economical, you'll find it in the 1938 Oldsmobiles. Again Oldsmobile's dashing new Six and dynamic new Eight tops in styling, in fine- car features and in value. Comparison will convince you that nowhere else can money buy so much! STEP AHEAP m BEMOIEYAHMD DWEAN- S *M If /""V "WV *•"•* *W^ MOBILE

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