Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAR, ARKANSAS Wediiesday, November "Ma Hot* You Tell, th« Quick** Ytfti Sell" RATES (We tia»*—2e word, i*intoa4> j«c thrt« times—3We word, mln. 50c SI* ttatts—6c word, minimum 90c On* nsonth (2S tim*s)-l8c word, mluimum 12.71 ft»t*9 Me lot continuous Insertions oaly. IB making wotd count, disregard da&ifieattoft name such as "Pot "For Sale," etcs-thls is tee. each initial or name, or com* telephone number, counts as a Ml Word. For example: f OS RENT—Three-room modem furnished apartment, with garage, etate in. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. total, 15 words, at 2e word, Me for one time; at 3&c word, 536 tor three times, etc. NOTE: All -rdera placed by telephone are due and payable upon (presentation at bill. PHONE 768 Service* Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience &, R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W S-4-tf Tddty'i Am Wits t* CRANIUM CHACKIRS Questions on t*atfe One 1. The frlgrims, a body of English Nonconformists, came from, Holland to settle Rt Plymouth in 1620. The Puritans founded the Massachusetts Bay Coloney in 1629. The two groups united in 1692. 2. The potato is n native of South America. English explorers brought it to the Old World where Sir Walter Raleigh cultivated it on his Irish estate. 3. Adrian IV, the only English man to ever occupy the papal throne, was Pope from 1154 until his death in 1159. 4. Washington Monument is 555 feet high. 5. Col. Charles A. Lindbergh and Dr. Alexis Carrel invented the "robot heart." SLoit LOST—6 weeks old pig, last seen on Walnut Street. $1.00 reward. Sutton & Collier. 15-3tc LOST—One 32*8 Goodyear Truck Tire and Wheel. Return to Archer Motor Co., for liberal reward. 16-3tp Wonted Hempstead County Mattress Shop builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street. Phone Paul Cobb, 658-M. 2-tfc Wanted to Trade "• Will trade Sorghum for Corn. See Earl Schooley, Hope .Route Four. 15-3tp For Rent FOR RENT—Front bedroom connected with bath and continuous hot water. Phone 664-W. 16-3tp JOR RENT—Blacksmith shop at Shover Springs. See Gordon Beckworth at the Star Barber shop or at Shover Springs. 16-3tp EOR RENT —Thrse unfurnished rooms. Reasonable. Mrs. Julia AU- bright. 109 North Washington. 16-3tp FOR RENT—Three-room apartment, unfurnished; one 4-room house, $10 each, Magnolia Addition. Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Phone 1638-11. 15-6tc FOR RENT—Four room unfurnished apartment two blocks from depot. See J. L. Cook. 607 North Main street. i lT-3tp . FOR RENT— Furnished room—adjoining bath. Dewey Boles 17-4tc For Sale PIANOS FOR SALE—Two car loads used Pianos, good condition. Some cannot be'told from new. Priced S47.50 up. 55.00 down §1.00 weekly. Will accept Victrolas, Radios, Live Stock and Farm Produce. Part or Full Payment. Pay Half Now Balance Next Fall. Special Low Price NEW Studio and GRAND PIANOS. Write and will bring one on Approval. BENSBERG'S • MUSIC STORE. Camden, Arkansas. 16-6tp BARGAINS In Real Estate for Home owners Walnut street is now being opened up through to high school. First come first served. You can own a lot on easy monthly payments. See A. C. Erwin. 17-6tp WANTED TO BUY: I want to buy cord, pole wood 10 or 12 feet long. Apply 110 North Washington. Telephone 669-J. 17-3tc YENERABLE but modem capital, Germany's Berlin passes the seventh century .mark this .year; a city grown out of two fishing villages on the banks of the river Spree. Coelln and Berlin became rustic villages in the early 1300s. Coelln actually had started in 1237 and Berlin a little later. In the 14th century the two consolidated, emerged eventually into towns and in the 16th century took on the first aura of governmental importance. In that era the Elector of Brandenburg made Berlin his official residence. But Berlin was not yet to be a city of great importance. Not until the close of the Franco-Prussian ,War in 1870 did it leap into prominence. Even at the time of Frederick the Great it numbered scarcely 150,000 inhabitants. But a few decades later and it had reached the staggering *.otal of 4,000,000. Today industry and trade flour- sh in this great capital. And lere, too, is the fountainhead of he government, center of many mposing buildings. The great Berlin postoffice is shown here on a 1900 stamp. (Copyrig-ht. 1937..NBA Service. Inc.1 Former Treasury Chief HORIZONTAL I, 7 Ex-secretary of the treasury of the U. S. A. 11 Native metal. 12 Silly. 15 To help 16 To fuse partially 17 Packer. 18 Victuals. 20 Little devil 21 Refunded. 23 Age. 24 Mortar tray •25 Paid publicity. 27 Performed .30 Ethical. '. 33 Christmas carol. 34 The hub. 35 To hamper. 37 Planter. 38 Call for help at sea. 40 Measure of area. .41 Moojey apple. 44 Pertaining to a turpent Answer to Previous Puzzle QlWiLLJHlEiA DUHlOIOIK E D AM AT I 2 I N GBP tine acid. 40 Before. 51 File. 53 Challenged. 54 Honevbce. 55 Meadsw. 5C Cherub. o7 Insect's egg. 56 He \vas appointed by P;-f>S. . 50 HO the national debt. VERTICAL 2 Pattern. 3 To leak. 4 To soak .flax, 5 Telegraphed, ti Mulberry bark. 7 Nothing more than, 8 To drink dog-fashion. 9 Italian coins, 10 Smell. 13 Blow on the head. 14 Mesh of lace. 16 He was a successful in industry. 19 He donated a national art to his country (Pi.). 21 Wand. 22 Stream obstruction. 24 Tillers. 26 Giver. 28 Heart. 29 Beverage* 31 Uncooked. 32 Farewell! 36 Skillet. 37 Membranou? bag. 39 Auto body. •»2 Evils. 43 Cc-nuumer. 4 5 Pea led. 46 Unit of woi'K 47 Ale. 48 Unoccupied. 49 Narrative poem. 50 Ceremony. 52 Writing tablet. 54 God of sky. OUR BOARDING Major Hoool* WILLIAM A AAV •SEMEME TO "_ _ WILL. THAT THIS. IS THAT UTTL.E V* P IS ALWAVS y" PULLING SA.O TO 6ET M£ OUT OP TH' BATH ROCM SO HE CAN SLIP IN, TH< PNGN& VQU, BUT WHAT ON THAT 6A6 WITH TH 1 SHOWER CURTAIN * op ALL VOU MISSED THAT IW I'M 1 OLD BACK IW 1 <3AV AMP IP SOME IDEA WHILS $ £ WAS K WWAMO A BUfLDIWO TWlfcLTHE AMt> SPlM THE I WOWHEttS CRACKED OLk3 LIK£ YOU HAD SADDLE!? PULL. IT TOOK TO DRAG AM OLTXFA-SHlONEt? UWDERSHIP.T / IW HIS R£ I CA6e/ l^ WHO PUSHES A REVOLVlMcS POOR OP BEING / IW AAV <3REAT MACHIMG ' H£ COULD HAVE TO SUCCESS/ 3UST A LITTLE FROM IT= BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHV MOTHERS GET GRAY. By MARTIN AWVO I'O VOO 5A\0, VOA-bM'T \T COfR.1g37 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M, REG. U. S. PAT, Ol f. A Head-On Collision Is Due By MARTIN OOOLA, M 1 PEAK- V'HAP TH 1 RI6HT IPEA ABOUT TH 1 WIZEIZ! HE JUS' IA/ALKEP IM HER.E WITH CROWM ON HIS DOME? HAW.' V'OUGHTA i BUZZARD BOUNCE WHEKl I THREW HMOUT" MY STARS; i NEVER HE— TH' GRANP^-xTHOUGHTA THAT/gy WIZER / WEARIN67H&UM.SUMPIN I MU5TA 3F MOO/ X WANT VUU GUVS T'CsO INTO TH' PALACE AN' CLEAN IT UP/ AN', WHILE VOU'RE AT IT, THROW BIG, BEETLE-BROWEP UMPATEEDL.E OUT/ WERE POIN 1 A BIT OF > GRAND WIZE? WOULON'TA MAJESTY ?? CKOWN,- INVESTIGATING? /M rf s _ COPR. 1937 BY NI!A SERVICE. INC. T. M, REG WASH TUBBS Another Menace By CRANE A NP THEN,F£OM MIP-STOEAM, A n CROCODILE COMES GLIDING TOWAKP HEK. VOU BLA5TEP NIK1MV J WKflTf WAS THE ME, JESSE, I WAS HOLP 'ER» OF LETTIN 1 BREEZE GET f" AWAY? UT, WITH A SPRAINED ANKLE. BREEZE ISN'T PQING SO WELL.,. JiOPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT, OFF FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS In Nutty's Hair By BLOSSER HES IW LOVE WPTH JUWE V/AYMA^J, AMD HER OLD MAN COACHES XIWGSTOW! DOW'T YtJU 7HIWK FRECK IS QOWMA PO HIS BEST TO MAKE AW IMPRESSION THAT FIRST PASS HE TWREW WEWT RIQHrTOTWAT KIWC3STOW GUY! POM'T TELL ME FRECKLES TWEM THAT TOUCHDOV/M OW A PLATTER .'/ W£TT»AT W ^ COME RIGHT BACK AMD MAKE IT LOOK OM -THE: UP- AWD-UP! THE GAME IS MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Detailed Confessions THOMPSON AND COLL WELL, MY)^A. QUEEME AWD POC JASON SEEM TO 8E IT IS \ REWAKKABLE, ) ISM'T H- VOU KWOW, I SUSPECTED SOMETHING; WAS QUEEE.ALL ALONJG. THAT'S WHY 1 LET YOU WORK FOR \/ON 6ODEM...I HAD HOPEP YOU MIGHT PICK UP SOME SCRAP OF EVIDENCE. 6UT I MEVER' PREAMEO »»OU COOL PTfiAP THE , REP- f IN IT, YOU'LL FIND ALL OF PE. VOKJ BOPEM'S PICTAPHONE RECORDS, WHICH COWTAIN PETAILEP OF EACH PABDLEp MAM'S ACTIVITIES/ SPEAKIM6OF THE OWLY CASUALTIES • HAVE VOUR MEN TAKE THAT SAFE ALOM6- ^ JFFESEP IW 7AKIMG PF THE MOST PAMGEBOU5 M00S I? COPB. H»9<NEAIlCaviC6, INC. T. M. teC. U.S. P*T. Off

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