Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1935 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1935
Page 6
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P^k" HOP! S^AJR, Sales Tax Ifrare for County ^ Committee Would *Ako License and Tax Slof>Machines overnor Fu troll made public the report of committee on couniy finances and requested that members <, 6? the legislature express their opin* i, -V i^ft'-'ort the committee's recommenda- ' tjoft that a special session of the leg* . I^latiire be called to enact emergency measures for relief of counties. Six proposed bills sxibmitted to the governor by the committee for consideration of the legislature, if a session is called, would provide: , That 15 pe rcent of the two per cent sales tax be allotted to the general fund of counties, a third to be distributed equally among the 75 counties, a 1 third on the basis of area and a third oh the basis of population. The 15 jler ctnt would be taken from the portion of the sales tax now going to the common school fund and would leave ' that fund 50 per cent The 35 per , 6ertt going to the state general revenue fund for welfare purposes would not be disturbed. counties be given the right to license slot machines, under three clas- BASKETBALLS $1.50 TO S9.00 The Quality Is Right BRIANT'S Drug Store the annual license to be $30 for c<s!n machines that award ipriwa in merchandise; $tOO for coin machines that award prizes on the basis of skill in operating the machine, and $200 for coin machines that pay off in coins of tokens exchangeable for merchandise. That the fee of justices of the peace for holding preliminary examinations In felony cases where the defendant is discharged, committeed to jair or bound over to await action of the Grand Jury be limited to $1, exclusive of mileage. That the law fixing the fees of county clerks for making the tax books be amended to count five figures at one word instead of each figure a work. The fee would remain at 10 cents per 100 words. That the fees of county treasurers be based on the aggregate amount of the county general and road funds, the fee to be four per cent when the total cf those funds is less than $5,000 a year; two per cent when the total is between $5,000 and $10,000, and one per cent when the total is more than $10,000 a year. The only material change is to reduce the fee from two to one per cent on amounts over $10,000. That prosecuting attorneys be limited to a single fee for each defendant, regardless of the number of convictions obtained against the defendant at one term of court, and that fees of the prosecuting attorney be eliminated in cases tried before a justice of the ?ace. The report was signed by John C. Sheffield of Helena, former Phillips ounty judge; J. H. Lookadoo of Arkadelphia, former Clark county sheriff; J. E. Chambers of Danville, chan- :ellor of the Fourteenth district, and S. V. Wheeler, Marion lawyer. George Booth of Pocahontas, a former prosecuting attorney of the'Sixteenth Judicial Circuit, was a member of the committee but did not sign the report. Governor Futrell said he would like to have the reaction of members of the legislature, but suggested that individuals who ar interested either for or against the proposals write their senator or representative and not the governor. 0 Reclaim Her Child Unwed Mother Will Call Witness to Trace Baby to Mrs, Muench ST. LOUIS— (#>)—As Anna Ware, an unwed mother, completed two days of testimony "in which she claimed as Thursday. October 17, 1986 Jt PIRST DOWN -AND 1 THEN SOME HARRY GRAYSOM At the conclusion of the 1934 cam* pnign many competent critics con her own the "gift of God" baby of sidered the Southwest Conference th« Mrs. Nellie Upton Mucnch, her attor- i toughest football circuit in the coun- ney Wednesday night prepared to call I try. a witness who "will put the Ware baby j And now prospects are so bright on the doorstep of the Muench home." , that the leaders may make the strong* puny by Biff Jones Faces Job at Oklahoma I Famed Coach Goes to ; Work on Sooner Squad, After Leaving L. S. U. By PAP Associated Press Writer Biff Jones is frank to say the Oklahoma coaching job is the hardest lie evef faced, But he also declares in the very next brcatr that it is the most pleasant. He doesn't have nearly Democrats Have them In 1938, and »KIU'" >» 1WO, will drive the Democrats from their stronghold on the senate side of the capltol before January 3, 1911. Southwest Conference squads stooc Miss Ware testified in behalf of her est teams of last fall seem habeas corpus adtion against Mrs. contrast. Muench, Sister at a state Supreme Court judge, in which she charged | out in intersectional contests last Mrs. Muench and her husband, Dr.' autumn. Texas conquered Nottl Ludwig O. Muench, were holding the Ware baby in their fashionable home Dame. i spilled Rice, the eventual champion Purdue. Southern McthodiS, here, intending "to palm it off" as upset Fordham. Texas Christian turn their own. j ed back Santa Clara. ; Both Mrs. Muench and her husband j Since virtually every follower of th refused to answer Tuesday when ask* i game remembers vividly the feats <j ed if a child ever had been born of , Southwest Conference warriors I their marriage. The refusal, because j ironths ago, those residing in 1 othe they feared a reply would incrim- j areas likely will be surprised to lean inate them, came in the face of a t that the 1935 version of run-pass-put*. birth certificate signed by Dr. Mucnch. | in the Lone Star State bids fair to ex The announcement of a birth in the C el that of 1934. < Muench home on August 18 came | Indications are that the scramble fc shortly after the Ware baby was born and taken from its mother. m t » • • ' NEW 1 DAMP.'W0.4w SERVICE- NEIfON-KUCKiNf ILAUND'PL-V COMPANY The museum of the National Red j Cross headquarters in Washington contains the first flag raised at Chateau Thierry after the German retreat. Specials For Friday and Saturday SUGAR 10 Pounds.. 54c COFFEE Folgers 1 lb.. .29c 2 lb._58c Bulk COFFEE We Grind It,lb TOMATOES No, 2 Can.... KRAUT No. 2 Can... PET MILK SMALL—2 for 7»/ 2 c LARGE—Each 7'/ 2 c SWEET POTATOES, lb 2o Stringless BEANS No. 2 Can 9c APPLES Jonathan, Doz 19& CRANBERRIES Quart..... Steve Carrigan To (Continued from page one) Charles L. Williams, negro, president of the State Negro Teachers association; J. B. Watson, negro, president of the Arkansas M. & N. college at Pine Bluff. E. E. Austin, Hempstead county school examiner; Joe R. Floyd of the Hope School Board; Mayor Albert Texas Graves, official representative of City 1534. anc i Texas, with only four reg of Hope; Attorney Steve Carrigan who u i ars pone anc i the biggest turnout ii will deliver principal address; Charles ;j s history. L. Williams, negro, who will give the Southwest, Conference title wll be the wildest ever known. Rice lost only three regulars, an! Jimym Kitts had seasoned seniors wb occupied the bench last autumn ft step into the shoes of the departel Bill Wallace and Johnny McCauler are running high, wide and handsom again. In front of a crack ball-carry ing corps, the Owls boast a tough, c» periencecl. hefty, and powerful line. Rice Would Be First to Repeat Rice is a distinct favorite to repea, something no school has done before Three institutions stand out as set' icus contenders. They are Southed Methodist, with 22 lettermcn bacl; Christian, almost intact fro* (Continued from page one) complete control of the government next year. Suppose there Is a complete swinR from the "now deal" In 1936 and the Republicans capture both the presidency and the house of representatives. The Democrats still will con- 1 church, Gurdon, for nn afternoon of Gurdon to eB Host to Singers Oct. 27 On Sunday, October 27, at 1:30 p. in. the singers of Clark nml other counties will convene at the Presbyterian the material he Louisiana State. had at Army and Against Nebraska, solo. Response by Henry Clay Yerger. Benediction. A football gaine between Yerger High School Tigers and Washington High of Texarkana will be played at 3:45 p. m. The celebration will be concluded at 8 p. m. Friday with a reception for Yerger and his wife, Ella, at the Shover street school building. Owners of the 200,000 motor vehicles in Arkansas paid 60.76 All the aggregations arc employir; more daring offenses, mixing trick forwards and laterals with stout running attacks. On the basis of early performance, the standing at the finish should b< 1—Rice, 2—Southern Methodist, 3- Texas Christian, 4—Texas, 5—Texas / & M.; 6—Baylor, 7—Arkansas. , The Rice array stands a chance f going down in Southwest Conferene annals as the most formidable outfit ever to play in the organization,, j registered ' The Owls facc a "Sorous schediilj, *jj fin 7( j meeting all six Conference rivals, n Texas and Kansas State he bucks three teams with plenty of strcnsth. He is bound to lose some games this fall. But after he gets his system installed, the average should rise. Even before Oklahomans had seen his Sooners play, the whole state "cottoned" to him. Last summer he traveled al lover the state spcaknig to and getting acquainted with friends and alumni. Mobs greeted him everywhere, even had bands in some cities, turning out In shirt sleeves and mopping their necks in the broiling July heat just to see and hear Jones. Installs Business Measures The first thing Jones did was to busy himself with the task of completely overhauling Oklahoma's crumbling athletic plant and equipment. Thanks to Biff the Sooners now have >ig league training equipment—scrimmage machines, charging sleds, a .vator wagon, whirlpool baths, etc. Alo he pxit the school's athletic finances nto business-like order, cutting expenses and facilitating the whole plan, has shown everyone that he hns cund, progressive ideas about busi- ess as well as football. He is ath- etic director at Oklahoma and hits eally put his house in order. Although Jones' material is not so promising (the Sooners won only hrce of their nine games last season', he player morale is soaring. The Sooners like Biff and his gruff but good-natured Army discipline. They ar venicies in /irKansas ijmu uu.iu . - , .. . . , ,. '. per cent of all taxes received by the , acld.Uon totackbn. -jntcrscct.on,. state treasury m 1934. ORANGES Dozen .... 28c TISSUE—1000 Sheet Roll—4 for 25c HAMBURGER Pound SAUSAGE Pound Tie STEW MEAT Pound 7ic BEEF ROAST Pound CHEESE Pound 19c STEAK Any Cut, lb.. 14c STEPHENSON'S PHONE 601 FREE DELIVERY SUING t AM. LEGION ARENA East Second St. LADIIS FREE when accompanied by a Paid Admission —EVENTS— Scotty McNaught vs. The Black Dragon and Bob Montgomery vs. "Speedy" Schaffer Adm. 25 & 40 plus Tax warfare, Louisiana State and Dii- quesne, which they have already repelled, and Creighton and Gcorflj Washington. A really great team thrives on rugged competition, in the belief of Kiits and .he will be disappointed if,,thc ITU eh road doesn't whet the appetlic of his man-handling flock. are hustling their heads off for him. They smack into the charging ma-' nines as though they were trying to car them apart. They like Biff's new .ssistants, too—Tom Stidham, line ^oach, who was, with Dick Hanlcy at Northwestern for eight years, and Robert "Doc" Erskinc, backfield coach, 'or the past two years head coach at Loyola of the south at New Orleans. No Intrusions One thing is certain, Biff will have no trouble keeping friends, fans, parents and fraternity brothers of his Oklahoma players out of the dressing room. Naturally, everybody remembers his classic expulsion of Huey Long. The Sooners will have the dressing room all to themselves this year. UKlahoma hasn't had a championship ieam since 1920, the year Benny Owes developed his undefeated ag- grcgition that swept to the Missouri VaUef conference title; But that was trol the senate, can't possibly bo dislodged before 1941, and many believe it will be 1943 before their grip cnn be shaken loose. This means, unless the Democrats in the senate arc split hopelessly, that they would have at laast a veto power over legislation and can control the confirmaltoix of nominations and ratification of treaties—two highly important prerogatives of that body. Political Arithmetic j In 1936, nineteen seats noW* held by Democrats and 13 by Republicans will be contested. Of the 19 Democratic seats at stake, however, 12 are from the' south or border states with the chances now against the Republicans gaining any of them. Political statisticians figure nothing short of a landslide in their favor cun justify Republican hopes of picking up more than three or four seats in '36 now held by Democrats. On the other hand, Democrats hope to cnpture some of the 13 scats now held by the Republicans. Only Norris of Nebraska Ls certain of not having a finht on his hands. Couzens of j Michigan may. in the opinion of many, i escape n serious contest because of I yupport lie gave the "new deal." The ' ethers, however, will be marked men fcr Democratic strategists. Would Tnke Upheaval Consider the congressional elections of 1928—the terms of 27 Democratic senators and five Republicans will bo :il stole since their terms expire on January 3, 1939. Democratic strategists consider 11 of the 27 nrc virtually a'tlackproof. That being so. were the Republicans to pain all the rest, they still would lack ;i senate majority. Nothing short of « great political upheaval in the 1936 campaign, fol- Quartets from nil parts of southwest Arkansas will be present to render special numbers. Quartets from Nashville, Hope, Arkadelphia, Prcscott, Okolona and Washinfiton, are lined up en the program. In addition i to special number from Ourdon, home of the convention. Singers from other localities arc requested to bring their books. the world's largest consumer oljea'tc? shoes. ; - *• The dlk-dlk, smallest if the »"*** lopes, which rarely weighs mote tha 10 pounds, is common in the low c tries and foothills of Ethiopia. OLD SHOES MAfcte NEW , Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding WMIc-tMVnlt or Delivery Service. Keen & Bailey 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 Tile United Stales, with a per capita consumption of 2.85 pairs a year, Is Get the World on n CROSLEY All-Wave RADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shop fowed by further upheavals against Let us make an estimate on your| PRINTING Johnson Printing Co. Cecil Johnson Phone 311 The Rice backfield was the, prln- ;15 years ago and since then Sooner cipal reason why the Houstonians led!teams, while they have been fighters the Conference field to the tape inland occasionally scored upset wins, 193-1, and all its members are back for (have played only about .500 per cent more glory. (ball. . Wnllacr and McCnuley Fine Backs ;. Incidentally, Jones life-time coach- Wallace, a thundering 180-pound i ing record, covering the seven years halfback, and McCaulcy, the quarter-j he spent at Army and L. S. U.., is ou back, each made an All-America team j games won, 13 lost, and.7 tied tor a or two last season and were men-: percentage of .793. Roughly, his tcami Fresh Yard EGGS Special Cash and Carry Prices for FRIDAY and SATURDAY only 26c Dozen J. A. DAVIS Grocery 815 West Fifth Phone 523 DECKER'S TALL HORN BACON L, 32c COFFEE 4 Rex Brand Lb Milk Pail 79c FANCY BALTIMORE SELECT OYSTERS Pint 29 FANCY SUGAR CURED BACON SQUARES GOOD AND LEAN Pound 29c Kraft's Elk Horn CHEESE BOLOGNA and FRANKS 2 Pounds Z9C 3 No. 2 Cans l!/ 2 Pound Boxes Lb Can *-»vr 6 TOMATOES SALT 3 SNOWDRIFT PEANUT BUTTER Quart BROOMS , DOG FOOD Pillsbury's Pancake FLOUR 25c lOc $1.09 33c 25c 10c Box 10C Each Can tioned in that connection many times. They are immortals of the Conference without having completed their senior year. You won't find a finer pair of backs in any lineup in the land. Harry Witt, a sturdy 190-pound fullback, a defensive genius as a linebacker and a blockcr dc luxe, assumed his 1934 duties again. Rounding out the backfield is Buck Friedman, a smashing 190-pound halfback, a potential star of the gaudiest hue. • Rice's line play is being featured by the feats of Ralph (Primo) Miller, giant All-America tackle nominee of 1934. Cap. Sam Mays and Bob Biering, a massive youngster full of fight and ambition, are available for the ether tackle- berth. The guard positions are looked after by Melbcrt Bale, a forward who shines as brilliantly as his red hair, and Carmen Brandon, as good a duo as the Conference boasts. Rice has crack ends in Johnny Sylvester, Bobby Forbes, and Byron Williams. If there si a position offering Kitts any kind of a problem it is center, and he has three excellent hands there. Howard Nicholls is the first string man because of time spent under fire, but he weighs only 165 pounds. Elmer Wallace, younger brother of the celebrated Bill, and Herb May, a sophomore with a splendid reputation, are the other two pivot men. Offhand, I would say that if the Pasadena people care to turn to Texas they might fill the Rose Bowl with Rice. i British_Camel ' (Continued fr»m page one) averaged three touchdowns per game to their opponents' one. craft carriers, Courageous and Glori- bus, are still out with some of the larger ships, but most of the cruisers arc back. King Fuad, whoso health is still con- Mdered precarious, spent the day m isolation in his new palace here studying British-Egyptian proposals and counter-proposals designed to secure a greater degree of Egyptian independence in return for military co-operation with Great Britain. The cabinet, which moved to Cairo for the week-end, carried on consultations regarding its position In the question of application oC sanctions against Italy. Many sections of the Egyptian press predicted the downfall of Premier Tcwfik Ncssim Pasha as the little premier held a separate consultation with his minister of war before meeting all the cabinet. Ultimatum to Egypt British circles here say the British have virtually served the Egyptians an ultimatum that they can, in effect, have a military alliance with Britain with increased military strength but that there can be no publicly announced treaty for the time being. The Alexandria newspaper La Bourse, owned by Oswald Finncy, a big cotton merchant, summed up the situation as follows: "Article 45 of the Egyptian constitution lays down that Egypt alone has the right to declare a state of siege. But it is on Britain that rests the responsibility to defend the country against any power. In the same way. under Article 46. only the king has a right to declare war, make peace or conclude treaties. But it is the British | Admiralty and War Office who organ- jizc and command the military defense of the country." . Cities Prepared ' Regardless of these fine distinctions, LEWIS GROCERY AND MARKET On Broadway of'America We Have That Good MENU FLOUR Your Money Goes Further Here. Free Delivery Service. A BLADDER LAX THIS 25c TEST FREE if it fails. Wlw irritation wakes you up, use this bmuder lax to flush out impurities and excess acids. Get buchu leaves, juniper oil, etc., in little green tablets called Bukets. Works on [he bladder similar to castor oil on the bowels. Bladder irritation can cause disturbed sleep, frequent desire, scanty flow, burning or backache. In four days, tf not pleased any druggist will refund your 25c. Get your regular sleep and feel "full of pop." Briant's Drug Store and John S. Gibson Drug Co. —adv. COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it. It lulls the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The RKXALL Store" Hope-, Ark. 1'honc t>3 Established 1885 CELERY, Jumbo Stalk 9c DELICIOUS APPLES, Doz 20c Texas Seedless GRAPE FRUIT—Each HOME GROWN TOMATOES 2 Lbs **W»» 5c 15c LIGHTHOUSE CLEANSER 3 Can? 14c FANCY BABY BEEF ROAST STEAK iicials recalled, have sought such a settlement for months. For lack of it. -.-... . the Paris tri-powcr conference broke [the fact is that Great Britain has made down before hostilities started. | Alexandria into a groat war camp and The British ambassador, Sir George is rapidly turning other Egyptian cities Edward Clerk, was reported to have into similar basts. told Laval of the London cabinet's dc- Alexandria s famous Young and Tender S Gro. & Mark FREE DELIVERY cision to keep its fleet massed in the Mediterranean. Ccrruti. it was understood, bore Mussolini's refusal to negotiate while British fighting ships remained. French officials saw little ' chance to overcome the resultant deadlock. i Cerruti was closeted with Laval at the Quai D'Orsay for nearly an hour. I Clerk was closeted with the premier even longer. "I took Laval my government's decision." the British ambassador said, upon leavinp the premier's office. "He is now reflecting on it," Alexandria Armed Camp ALEXANDRIA. Egypt— (/Pi -Dc fcnse preparations along the Northern coast of Egypt continued at top speed Wednesday, unaffected by an internal Egyptian government crisis. Alexandria's huge harbor again was left with only a narrow channel for incoming commercial ships as many Vessels of the British fleet returned maneuvers. The two giant ujr- t.trect, popularly old Bourse known as "Beer street," is thronged with British sailors and officers. The biggest summer hotel and casino in Egypt, on the coast cast of here, its owner said, has been taken over by military authorities. The public also has ben barred from a strip of land separating Alexandria's harbor from a smaller Eastern port which, it is believed, will be manned by guns. Barrers around Alexandria'.-; harbor have been constructed to help polce in preventing the smuggling of drugs and are proving useful to authorities in keeping warship activities secret. It was learned many warships also are gathering at Port Said. Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Easy Terms Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 Reich Fosters Folk Dancing MUNISH.— (/Pj— The Bavarian ministry of education has placed Prof. Hans Mersmann in charge of its recently created archives of folk dancing, the project being in line with the H^zJ principle of preserving the "herr principl of the RINTING That Makes An Impression We turn out Fast Jobs That Don't Look Like "Rush" Jobs. ' '5' Our rvprcseuativc will be glad to call and furnish free estimates ou your work. STAR Publishing Co. PHONE 768 I I HOT SHOTS FOR FRIDAY & SATURDAY BANANAS Yellow Ripe—Pound 5c APPLES FANCY JONATHAN 2 , 25cl COCONUTS Nice, Fresh—Each 5c APPLES Fancy, Extra Delicious 6 CRANBERRIES QUART 15c LETTUCE Fancy Hard Head CELERY Nice Crisp Stalk FANCY RED FLOU AVONDALE SUGAR Granulated In Cloth Bag No. 2 Can RED PIE 20 BB Can FANCY Standard L Cans SOUP TALL BOY Can lOc EARS No. 2 Can PINEAPPLE Broken Slices—Can 15c MILK Small 'Can 3c Large Can APPLE SAUCE Country Club Can MATCHES 6 Boxes •L< CRACKERS 2 ir 18c ONE POUND MARSHMALLOWS FREE WITH MASHMALLOW TOASTER 15c LARD HiLO 8 Pounds CHEESE Wisconsin Full Cream No. 1 Grade—Pound OYSTERS BALTIMORE Fancy Selects—Pint SALT MEAT Best Grade Streak-o-Lean—Lb FISH FRESH BUFFALO Whole Fish—Pound BEEF ROAST Baby Beef 71 ft Pot or Kettle—-Lb I 2V STEAKS Fancy Baby Beef, Tender & Juicy—Loin or T-Bone, lb SAUSAGE Fresh Ground Seasoned Right 3 BACON Sliced Rindless TALL KORN Lb ROAST Choice, Baby Beef Fancy Thick Rib—-Lb BOLOGNA ALL MEAT >Buy By the Stick—Lb

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