Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 17, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 17, 1937
Page 3
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Wednesday,. November HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE TSEB8 Gray cold gnrdon, grny cold sky, Cold in the foothills, Cold in the vnlley— What shall we measure fortitude by? Not the kept com, not, the tall flame Thnl leaps in the grate, Thai licks at the dark: Not the bright cxbeiid: these have a name. But by the silence which cannot speak, And a voice Kinging Far down the valley When the cold slitters and old beams creak.—Selected. To warm your hearth for evening's .sake, Not just .sonic wood, but see you lake: Cheery fur n pretty flame; Miiplc for ji i-lioorful glaze; Huddy rwlii rfor j| scent; Drlflwdod for its tint and hue; And perhaps carved with a name, ApplewiHid for spice of days In hiKh nrcluirds: spruce was meant To .snap iiiul chatter hack at you. Others loo burn glowingly, But see you shooso them knowingly. -Selected. H. V. McGinni.f, owner-manager of the Now theater | c fi Wednesday for Pine Bluff, win-re he will look after his interests in the Alamo theater of that city. -O_ Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Nordean of Okay W.M-L- Tuesday night guests of Miw; Mury Louise Keith _O- Mr. nn.J Mr*. C. C. Lewis were Wc-tlm-Mlay i>i.-;iir>r.svn Memphis, Tenn —O— Tho Of.-le.s-hy p. T. A. announces that K will sponsor the sale of Chrysanthemums for tho Thanksgiving foot- baII Kami.. Phone your order to Mrs. f- 1 . \OUMK or Mrs. George Ware -O- Mr. ;,!„! Mr.s. M. M. McCloughan had as we.-k-e.id guests, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy.1 Biiil,.,-. K. L. Butler and Miss Anino Morris of Texarkanti -OA most iiiteruslinK mooting of the Anwncim U T101 , Auxiliary was held Mr/K P f V ft ° m " U " »l l»'c home of tcnd'-r ^'"f""' wilh » *Plendicl at- lend.mce. In the absence of the pros- LOOK FOR STARTLING NEWS THUR-NITE'S Hope Star E N D S Robert Montgomery 'LIVE'," LOVE & LEARN" Tyrone POWER —ami— Loretta YOUNG "SECOND HONEYMOOD" TIIUR & SPENCER -aml- SYLVIA —return in tlieir first and culy ro-s(aiTiiig picture! "FURY" Sleep Warm in VANITY FAIR BALBRIGAN NITIES Just Arrived Specialty Shop ident, Mrs. Olch Williams, the past president, Mrs. M. M. McCloughan presided. During the business period plans were completed for the Thanksgiving baskets, and the regular routine of business was dispatched. During the social hour the hostess served deleclous refreshments. Jack C. Rovillc, representative of tho Metro-Goldwyn-Mnyor Pictures of Memphis was a business visitor at the New theater Tuesday. He was accompanied by H. C. Brandon, owner- manager of the Film Transit Inc. of Memphis, Tenn. _O- Thc Spiritual Life group will meet at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. R. M. Briant, North Washington street, Mr. and Mrs. L. R, Caldwcll announce the marriage of their daughter, Dora May to Herbie Downs of this city. The wedding wus solemnized on Monday evening, November 15, in the presence of a few relatives and close friends, at the home of the groom's father, Miles Downs, with the Rev. Hollis Purtlc, pastor of the Garrett Memorial church officiating. Tho couple will be at home in Hope, where Mr. Downs is employed by the Jones Construction Co. At the Sucngcr Acclaimed the finest human interest picture in which Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell ever have appeared, "Live, Love and Learn," a romance of Greenwich Village's arc colony, in which the pair arc teamed for the third time following their smashing success in "Night Must Kail." Robert Bcnchlcy and Helen Vinson head an ace supporting cast in the new picture which ends its run at the Sacngcr Wednesday (tonight). To renew a Honeymoon is not quite so easy as to "Reno" one, Tyrone Power and Loretta Young find out in their later picture, "Second Honeymoon," nt the Sacnger thtatcr Thursday and Friday. Hailed as their perfect picture to- gelher, the ^ screen's most exciting sweethearts have already parted in Reno when the slory opens, but when they meet under the Miami moon they kiss impusively and fall for each other all over again. Marjorie Weaver, Lylc Talbot and J. Edward Bromberg are included in the cast of the film, which marks the fourth time Tyrone and Loretta have appeared together in romantic roles. For Sunday and Monday only, and showing twice daily, comes the much heralded "Good Earth." Albert Graves One of Two Trustees for Hendrix College MOOSE CONWAY, Ark.-As n result of formal action by tho recent Molhodist church conferences, the llondrix College board of trustees now has in its membership its first Hendrix woman graduate and its youngest member in history. Tho new members arc Miss Dnrden Moose of Little Hock and Albert Graves of Hope. They will servo on the hoard a.s representatives of the alumni association, of which organization both arc past presidents. Miss Moose, also a member of the alumni board of governors, lias been prominent in women's Democratic circles and nil in-live member of the Methodist church. She i.-; past regional director of the National Aswin- GKA\f£S lion of Woman Lawyers and was the first president of the Arkansas Council of Woman Lawyers. She is deputy clerk of the United Stales district court at Little Rock. * Graves, mayor of Hope, Ark., the youngest member ever to serve on (he Hendrix board, replaces his mother, Mr.s. O. A. Graves, also of Hope. One of the most brilliant students Hendrix has had, ho was graduated in 19111, went lo Harvard law school for a degree, and returned to become one of the youngest mayors Arkansas has over had. Graves has also been active in the Methodist church and recently ht-i-idid a committee which removed .•i $9.000 debt on the church at Hope. We, the Women By Ruth Millett Single Girls Have Husband Trouble Elbert Robins Home at Ozan Redecorated Mi', and Mrs. Elbert Robins, who live three and one-half miles north of Ozan, are having their home redecorated on the exterior and the interior. Tho Robins homo is being painted on the outside and on parts of the inside, new floors are being built in the porches, a new roof is being laid, and all of the interior rooms newly papered and painted. Since the early spring there has I hardly been a week passed without the' eompction of some worth-while building activity in the Ozan community. Ton per cent of the mil is tho average tip given to a waiter in a pub- lis dining place. LAST DAY—WEDNESDAY BIG DOUBLE FEATURE 'Behind The Mike" Also "Speed To Spare" Thursday and Friday Piilse-Ponmliiifi Ail venture, 11 e fi rl-S>JrriiiK Romance, .... It's The Best of The Bulldog Drummoiul Yarns! t wlth JOHN LODGE DOROTHY MACKAILL VICTOR JORY and CLAUD ALLISTER lso-"KEEl'KR OF THE LIONS" "SWGJNG PANDIT" "FICTION" I Wives aren't the only women who have husband trouble. The jjiil.s who live alone and claim lo like it also have a few words to say on Ihe matter of husbands. They find themselves lime nnd: again in Iho .same embarrassing sitii- alion, and one lhat has no solulion in etiquette books. A working girl spends 1 an evening with married f r i o n d s and before it is over, one of the h u s b n n d s has "made a pass" at her. He isn't seriously i n I crested, just in Ihe mood Ruth Millctt for a little fun, and he can't believe the girl doesn't share his enthusiasm. What is worse, ho doesn't realize lhat ho is pulling her in an embarrassing situation. She likes his wife well enough to feel some loyally toward her. And she likes both Iho husband ;ind wife well enough to want lo keep them for friends. She isn't flattered at being singled out by a husband with a roving eye, for she has enough sense lo know il is no compliment. If the wife should .si-i 1 ihe casual kiss, the girl would fool like 1 a homo- wreckcr, and the wife would be surt- that she is one. If the girl is prudish about the 1 incident (he hu.'baml will have no more use for her. If .she tries to laugh at him, ho thinks she is leading him on. However she handles the .situation, .she foels she has done a pour job of it. Somehow the incident seems more CMnbarni.ssing to her when it happens in the man'.s own home. If .she had a husband, her friend's husband mighl feel some, sort of loyalty toward him---or if not loyalty, he would nl lea'.t approach her with a wary eye. Nut so the .single girl. COMJNC5 SUNDAY JAMES CAGNBY—in— "SOftlKTIHNG TO SING ABOUT" CRANE WATER HEATERS SALES «n<TSERVICE Harry W, Shiver Onu word complck'ly describes Utesi; n c w Gay tees by I'. S. Kul>ln>r Company and dcsi.n'jH'd by leading' 1'aris designers, Not, only are they smart looking but it is smart lo own thorn. Humeralier the. old adau'e, "An ounce ol' prevention is worth a pound ul' cure" ,SI/KS 2'- lu U ,25 $1.50 $1,98 All first quality seconds or no HAYNES BROS. "Tl«n-e Is* No Profitable Substitute for Quality. " There is one lypo of married man who thinks .she has nothing al all lo lose. tihe wonders if she is to blame for li:c.so incidents. Perhaps she is too flirtatious. But no, Ihey happen lo the other single girls she knows. Unfortunately there is no practical advice to offer the girl who finds herself in the lighl of a husband's roving eye. But there is a hint for lhat kind of husband: Don't fool your- sx'lf into feeling you're irresislible. Don'l think a girl is necessarily intrigued by your "experience." Your experience very likely is balanced by a lack of the freshness more oflen found in unattached men. And don't feel loo keenly Ihe bonds of matrimony. If you were free as the bachelor friend you envy, you might not be the answer to a chorus uf maidens' prayers as you fondly imagine. It is even quite possible that your wife is the only woman willing to put up with you. (Copyright 1937, NEA, Service, Inc.)" Anti-Lynch Bill Is (Continued from Page One) Hi- added sarcastically: "And we will give them an nnti- lynching bill lo relieve your depression. Tho great farm leader from Now York, Mr. Wagner, offers this as a panacea for their ills." At .•mother point, he said: "I know you're going to pass this hill and I know a lot of you will be .•iKhamcd after you da it. But I don't blame you folks who need the votes and have lo have them to bo elected." Discusses Legality Then he began an argument thai Iho iinti-lynching bill is unconstitutional. "Bui (he supremo court is still across the street," ho sohutcd, while senators Miiilud, recalling Iho fight over Ihe reorganization of tho court Uisl session. "It's still there." "And I know one justice who will vole lhat this bill is unconstitutional.' He is Mr. Justice Black of Alabama. Thank God, Iho old court's over there and when Ihey put Mr. Justice Black over there, they put a man over there who's going to hold this bill unconstitutional." Connolly then produced what he called a "prcjtidgmcnt opinion by Mr. I Justice Rlack" on the constitutionality I of ihe bill. The document was a fili- | busier speech made by Black when the anti-lynching bill was before the sen- ale in 1!)35. Connally sent il to the dc.sk anil most of the remainder of tho afternoon was taken up in a road- ing of clerk. the 14-page address by the Full-Length Film (ContlftUBd troth Pag« One) noy, whose staff of authors and artists soon will complete thier four-year task of transferring Grimm's fairy tale to celluloid, "tt-is no more a cartoon than a painting by Whistler Is a cartoon." What can it be called. Frankly, Disney says he's stumped. Someone suggested the Word "fable," but it isn't wholly descriptive. "Moving pictures," this writer's suggestion, is more apt, Disney admitted, but it still doesn't tell the story. "Snow White" is being done in soft shades, not in the hard colors of Disney's Mickey Mouse and Silly Symphony one-reel pictures. Each scene is a studied composition in shading, in lights and shadows and, importantly, in story. 'Dopey' Was Trouble Four years ago Disney started working on the feature. He first had it drnwn in black and white, to gel the story set. Few changes have been made from the original tale. The Dodge Offers New Stake Models This shows the new Dod^e 120-inch wheelbase, H-l ton stake model with cab and seven-foot stake body. This unit also is available if) a nine-foot body on 136-inch wfteelbase, show from the too lovely Snow White Featuring wide utilily combined i Wilh cconumy of operation, a new %-l ton slake model Iruck has just been and her Prince Charming) have been nnnou ' nccd by" Dodge. This unit is given definite personalities and endowed with characteristics that Grimm neglected to give them. "Dopey" gave the artists the most trouble. They had to make him a simple fellow (sort of Harpo Marxish) without making him moronic. "Doc" is the leader of the crew. "Grumpy" was easy and so was "sleepy." "S'neezy" a subject of hay fever, always sneezes atthe wrong time. "Bashful" is kind hearted and willing. "Happy" has a bright voice and a perpetual smile. In the original, the Queen who becomes a witch was forced to dance to available in two whcclbase lengths and body sixes. One is a seven,'foot stake body on the 120 in. wheelbase chassis and (ho other is a nine foot body on 136 in. 'whcclbase. This announcement was made by Joseph D. Burke, director of truck sales of the Dodge division of Chrysler Corporation. This new model is provided by Dodge for the purpose of quickly and economically handling loads smaller than those usually hauled by the larger one and one-half ton trucks. The new unit has solid disc wheels. Dimension from back of cab to center lino of 11.1 i T^. ljum |jrtv-iv Mi. ^c»u lu tcill^i I1HU Ul '" rod ., hot Shoc . s ' , b .V,' Dl f ey roar axle is 41 I'16 and 57 1/16 in. respectively on the 130 in. and 136 in. \vhcelbaso chassis. The engine has 21S.OG cu. in. displacement, with 3% in. bore, and 4 1 16 in. stroke. It do- velops 75 horsepower and its four points of suspension are cushioned in makes it a rule never to kill a character. Even Cock Robin didn't actually die and of course tho Big Bad Wolf, who deserved a fate even worse thai death, is still al large and perhaps at this moment sharpening his teclh for anolhcr screen appearance. The witch, in the Disney version, will disappear over a cliff, swept off with the wind and lightning, but you won't see her die. Extravaganza Cost In order to finish the film for Christmas release, 300 arlisls arc pulling Ihe finishing louches on Ihe piclurcs— 250,000 of them. In all, Disney esli- males more lhan 2,000,000 drawings have been made. Once, 500 artists were working on it. Some stalislical- minded soul at Ihe Disney plant esli- malcd that if one man did all Ihe rubber. Crank-shaft of this model is very sturdy and has a new oil seal on the front end. Other mechanical features of this engine are exhaust valve seat inserts; by-pass thermostat, water distributor tube and full-length water jackets. This %-l ton has a heavy truck type of frame that is 6>/g in. deep. Strong cross members increase the torsional rigidity. The clutch has a self-lubricated ball bearing clutch release. It is 10 in. in diameter. This truck is equipped with hydraulic brakes that are 11 in. in diameter on the front wheels and 13 in. on the rear wheels. They are two inches ^vide and have stepped bore wheel cylinders which effect equal wear between the front and rear brake shoos of each wheel. Front springs are 36 in. long and each has 12 yeaves. Springs at the rear are 52 in. long and have 11 leaves. The rear axle is semi- floating spiral bexel. Editor Advises 'No' (Continued from Page One) you'll know next time. Give your courtesy muscle a little exercise. Rise at the proper moments. That means rising for faculty members. It is also a good idea to practice on seniors. Come to class on lime. Also say good morning lo the professor. And sit in A.s persons in the half-filled galleries laughed ul what Connally said, the UilI Texan asked them to keep quiet because of a threat of Senator Clark, tlii-n presiding to "clear the galleries." "If it's u rule against someone saying l.a-hit in the gallery, then you arc going lo enfore il," Connally roared the the acting chairman. "Bui if it's a solemn rule to take up Ihe farm bill, and then the anti-lynching bill later, why, then to hell wilh il." work, worging eight hours a day— !at least a semi-becoming manner in and taking a well-deserved vacation of two weeks every year—it would take him 230 years lo draw "Snow While." Disney refuses to say what his feature has cost, but Hollywood hears the classroom. ("Incidentally," Ihe booklet adds slyly, "being in the same classroom is considered introduction enough—if you want to speak to lhat handsome senior two rows behind.") Frilure No Disgrace Learn to smoke fastidiously. Buy him back at least quarter dollars. a million and a that he already has 5850,000 sunk in it and that by the time it is completed —color prints being as expensive as your own cigaretles. Put your ashes Ihey are—"Snow While" will have sel and general debris in ash Irays where ' Ihey belong. But don't smoke in the corridors, on the slreet or on the dance floor. Learn lo "love the assembled mob" al parlies. Speak lo Ihe people who should be spoken to. (That makes them feel good besides being the proper thing to do.) Don't change place cards or otherwise upset the general arrangements for the party. Minnesota Case (Continued from Page One) tells really exciting stories With elastic truth . . . lo Lillian who verbally criticizes everything you wear ... to Betty who thinks of nothing but men." Don't go in for "blind" dates. You'll find plenty of chances to meet men at the campus "Mixers," or. in class. It is extremely difficult, the booklet adds, to be a gracious success. And failure isn't a social damnation—» unless hopes." you have broadcast Mineral production In Canada dttf* ing the first half of this year eslablWi* ed a new irecord. $16.95 DRESSES £OR $4.93 The Gift Shop 252 6lueftiUoni Stout fellows these Blue Ribbon Work Shoes . . . Ready for hard service. Built r'o.give you comfort, protection, wear. Him BROWN^ SHOE STORE profit margin. He admits that under fair trade laws, including an old and litlle-used Minnesota stalule, tho government has Ihe right to forbid sales by one merchant consistenlly below cosl if made with the intention of injuring or destroying a competitor. But: "This aclion goes lo Ihe fundamentals of trade," urges Christofterson. "Whclher a merchant can sell common goods for any price he sees fit, so long as he doesn't do it maliciously. At this time, when prices are bo- ing raised faster than wages, open and free competition is essential for tho proteclion of the buying public." The stale, of course, slands on the law as wrilten. Stimulates Competition Hilden takes his side on the view that: "Tho history of merchandising has shown thai selling merchandise nl low prices has stimulated competition rather than destroyed it." The view of Ihe proponents of such "fair-trade" laws is contrary: that cut-rale selling is bad for competition because it tends to eliminate competitors. A similar case tesling a similar slate law is being heard in California, and 42 slales have similar laws, all somewhat new and untried so far as enforcement and legal precedents go. The enactment of Ihe Millcr-Tydings law at the latest session of Congress puls such slate laws in harmony wilh the i anti-trust laws, and applies the principle o goods in inlcrstato commerce. To Establish 1'reccilciit Tlius, in the Hilden case, the small- town Monnesola druggist slands in a posilion to establish a precedent, if not striclly a legal precedent, at least n moral one. Since NRA days, llic inclination of legislalive bodies lo regulate and restrict retailing has had meix-aMny effects on the business life of Ihe coun- of of the situalion. The 42 slale "fair-trade" laws, Robinson-Palman and Miller-Tydings acts, and similar laws are symbols of ihe other. Learn to appreciate all types of per- sonalitics. Thai applies lo "Helen, who believes in every conceivable form of radicalism ... to Margery who PROVED WAY O TREAT COLDS proved— in world's largest colds-clinic, and by everyday use In more homes than any other medication of its kind. No "closing," Just massage VapoEub on. ; i* i 'V J t hr ,°at, chest, and j I'. < i ?. acfc at bedtime. Re- Itf-r'tllief begins almost at once. And long after sleep comes, VapoRub keeps right on working. Its ppuluce- and -vapor action loosens phlegm, relieves irritation and coughing, helps break local congestion. Often, by * a ******* morning the %«HrTnCC worst of the %» 9\0W\^ cold is over, W VA P O R U B try, Hilden, Iho cut-rate druggist Rochester, is a symbol of one view Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our i modern plant—pressed ' by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 ROS: Cleaners & Hatters ! NOTICE Copies of Hope Star's Centennial Edition, containing 48 pages of facts, stones and pictures of 20 Southwest Arkansas towns are still available at office of Hope Star. Unbound copies, 25 cents, add six cents i"" desired to be mailed. Permanent-bound copies, 50 cents, add 12 cents if desired to be mailed. We tarry a complete stock of Trusses. We are direful to correctly fit these trusses, and our prices arc the lowest that can be made. Nu charge mado for fitting. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rcxall Store I'hone 83 Delivery Logs, Blocks and Bolts We arc in the market for White Oak, Overcup, Burr Oak, Bed Oak and Sweet Gum Logs. Round Swet-c Gum and Black Gum Blocks, Oak, Ash and Pine Bolts. For Prices and Specifications Apply io Hope Heading Company PIIONE 215 Step Into Turkey Day VTith an Outfit From DUGGAR'S! DRESSES 2.95 Certainly you may dress cleverly on a small budget! Take a look through our selection of swell litlle dresses in this price range and be convinced. Don't lake our word—just come in for proof! DRESSES 7.95 Everybody's talking about the values in this sevcn-ninty-five group—"The prettiest I've seen;" —"The nicest materials for the price"—Expressions like these we hear every day! HATS 1.95 Literally doxens of perky types to choose from in our one-ninty- fivo group of smart millinery. Every wanted winler shade. All sizes. SHOES 2.95-3.95 Paris Fashion designers reached an all-time peak when they turned out these numbers— grey—red earth—black—brown- blue—in some style. Every New Winter Shade. Two-Three-Four Threads 85c -1.00 Styled by Paramount 6.50 Shoe illuslraled is blue calfskin—others in black calfskin and gabardine and brown gabardine. Exclusively designed for Duggars—and YOU! AAA to B Sizes 4 to 9. DUGGAR'S Ladies ^ Wear— SHOES 111 West Second

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