Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 17, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 17, 1935
Page 4
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Statesman * to IVevious Puzzle it Frigid. ' MeUtwwt tilbhibian. *6 Frehty. 4 Quantity, IC . 4? Like. 5 Within. 'tttttfc&BL < 9 T6 satiate. 6 Yawned. aua. 51 To astonish. 7 Eighth ounce. ^ 63 Turkish S Mammal. ~* governor. 9 TO dine. l«HMfe of 65 Exorbitant 10 war flyers, rate of interest u skating Ving tooL 68 He is of enclosures. India. 12 Musical note, ered placets His term ~— 17 Bed lath. iager ; ne*t April.-* 18 To clip, 'atural power VERTICAL 20 Most impor- 1 Grief. tant bill 2 Silly. enacted while 3 Part of chain. in office. 26 Bdund. 28 toward. 30 Slipped. 31 Church dignitary. 33 Earthy matter. 35 To let fait. 36 Pertaining to air. 38 Toward sea. 40 Crescent- shaped figure. 43 To provide food. 46 Slovak. 46 Labyrinth. 48 States. 49 Membranous bag. 60 Mink. 62 Note In scale. 63 Per. 64 You. 66 Above. 56 Musical note. 57 In the thing. Rocky Mound >/, SKinday'is the regular meeting day jjWihe Baptist church. Everybody is '.invited tofattend. and' Mrs. Luther Mitchell, Mr. , fas. |fohn Bill Jordan and little ,, somspent ^unday with Mr. and Mrs. (B.'\M. Hazzard of Providence. and; Mrs. E. O. Rogers, Miss Yarbrough land Mr." and Mrs. |Ce|ft,; Rogers and^baby visited with fftS^Theff. Messer and Children of fey? Liberty, Sunday. 7* ! Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Pickard' at- "tenHed the Methodist quarterly meet•'-- at Spring Hill Sunday; jr. ami*Mrs. Mitchell, and children *o£'Centerfille called on 'her parents, |'°Mriand <JMrs. Warren Pickard Sunday. "Mr. and*'Mrs. Charley Stephens of t -few; Liberty ^spent Sunday with Mr. 'and'Mrs. R. C. Hammett. Mrs. Ham- |f inejifs brother of Kentucky was also L 'present „ ,-Mr. andf Mrs. ^Dale .Hunt and little • son/ Rickard- called on Mr. and Mrs. [?Hunt*Sunday evening. •, 'Mars. John Bill Jordan and baby call- Mrs. Cecil Rogers and baby ,;Monday afternoon. are glad to have Mr. and Mrs. Williams move into our com- j'munity. Mrs. Andy Jordan, Mrs. John Bill JorjiJ&n and baby called on Mrs. E. O. Rogers ancl 'daughter, Dodis Tuesday "eyening.! ; i-Mjss Dale Mitchell called on her sister,' Mrs. John Bill Jordan Tuesday ' morning on her way to school. • » • Toledo police equipment salesman, , •whose job is permitting himself to be snot,' is retiring. The hunting season .'may permit him to break off by easy Sdlltl Find It! Rant It! Buy It! ID tho Hope Star MARKET PUCE Beroember, the more you tell, the quicker you sell, 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c Fop consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one arf 3 times, 6e line, min. 50o - ,? times, Sc line, min. 90c & (toss, 3%c line, min. J2.70 (Averag'o 5% words to the line) NOTE— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the hjjj la payable on presentation of (rta|#ment, before the first publi- Fhonc 76& stages. "Roosevelt Fishing Again." A potential G. O. P. campaign point might be this "hypocritical" stand on conservation. After their initial comeback performance, Cherry sisters agree audiences are nicer now than they used to be. And then, too, vegetables, are higher. Observer witnesses big apes drilling at Addis Ababa. Dora thinks this is that Ethiopian guerilla warfare she's read about. Hew pajamas feature green, azure, and canary yellow tints. It's enough to make Mayor LaGuardia give up trying to .de-noise Manhattan -nights. The middle class of people is like the temperate zone; the creative strength of the world is there.—The Rev. Dr. H. E. Fosdick, New York City. Whatever has been accomplished in comfort and wordly happiness in the last 70 years has come from the Eng lish-American and German people in spite of the World war.—Dr. Hans Grimm, German economist-author. The destinies of the nations are too closely bound together for one to set itself aside and pretend that no other nation exists.—Senator James P. Pope, Idaho. The American people can always find money for what they want, hence education must be made so people want it.—Dr. Isaac Doughton, dean pf.. education,; Mansfield .State Teachers 'College/ » In Hollywood it is only necessary to be seen with a person of the opposite sex about twice, and the gossips are all set for a Yuma elopement.—Edmund Lowe, screen actor. With Gestures Father (intense with excitiement)—> "Well, boy, what happened when you asked the boss for a rise?" Son—"Why he was like a lamb." Father—"What did he say?" Son—"Baa."—Ireland's Own. FOR RENT f"QjB Rf)NT—Bedroom, adjoining ivate entrance. Mrs. W. R. , 402 South Pine. Phone 906. , , —Jficely furnished three f ooip apartment close in. See Mrs. (PJiajrJes Bri^nt, 614 South Main St. or " «-3tc. Kte* FOR SAI.E OB TRADE — Chevy Long wheel base. A-l shape. trade for anything. Tom Carrel SALi^-Young Jersey Milch In good condition. See Torn brooks, 626 North Main street. cow. . Middie *^ A 14 per cent increase in airplane production was recorded for the first six months of this year over the same period in 1934. Legal Notice NOTICE OF CITY DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY ELECTION NOTICE is hereby given that a Democratic Primary Election will be held in the City of Hope, Arkansas, on Tuesday, November, 26, 1935, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the following offices of the City of Hope: One Alderman for each of the four wards of said City; A City Attorney; and a City Clerk. Voting precincts for the four wards to be located as follows: Ward One: Arkansas Bank & Trust Company Building. Ward Two: Frisco Passenger Sta lion, Ward Three: 556 Filling Station. Ward Four: City Hall. The City Democratic Central Committee has fixed the fees for having names placed on tickets as follows: City Clerk J15.00 City Attorney $15.00 Alderman $5.00 All candidates are required to file their pajty pledges not later than midnight, October 26, 1935. CJfY DBMQPJjATlC CENTRAL COMMITTEE Ed VwiSick^, Chairman. W- A- %ewb; Secretary. HOPE STAH, HOPS. AKKAN&AS aim HOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY Thursday, QcMber 1ft J93JL By WILLIAMS VWMEN t WEAR BGT WG DID/ ( YOU VOONG GUVS IS SORG GOT IT SOFT. WID TH£-5E MODERN WO MACHINES DOME TMAT, t 5EE OUR TMtWKW PER US MAD-t JUST RED —LIKE A"5 IF KJOBOOV WE WAD TO DO OUR MACHINES, VOU OOMT MAV6 OF TMIS DAV TO. KNOW A TWIMG- JUST TMROW IN A LEVER / WHEN wg WAS TOWN UHT\U TWIMKIM' OF COULD DO AWVTMIMG OF TEETW IN GEARS. THAT MADE INVENT MACHINES TO SO MUCH BETTER- SO MUCM/ TMAT DAV OMLV OF course TW TRADE, WE MADDA ' AM' ALL TMAT, SHIELD WITH "THAT DOPE OUT ALL TM' CMAMGlM WAS UP TO US t WOULD TAKE CAKE OF ._ UNTAL. REALLY THE LITTLE "FELLOW f-^-HE'S GEARS TO CUT DOUBLE ^ AM' TRIPLE THREADS AW'/ LL THAT , OURSELF5, r DIDN'T WE. EMORY? "BUTTON /-^EW,WHA>T SHALL I GO T-ETCH OUT ON /AL THE HOUSE IS | ENOUGH/ ,.i 19J5 BY NC» SERVICE. INC T. M RCC U S PAT. Off. by MARTIN An Old Stamping Ground BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES » gl 1935 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. By HAMLIN No Stopovers ALLEY OOP MOTZIG! MOW ro LIKETSEETHAT CCITTEG SHAKE ME LOOSE Y\ V FROM THIS. 1 t ON AMD ON' SPEEDS THE FLYING LIZARD, VSjfTRPOQR ALLEY OOP POWERLESS'TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT- IF f CD JUST GIT AHOLT. OF THAT ROCK. 1 ©1S35 BY NEA SERVICEjINC; T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. By CRANE More Mystery WASH TUBES HIT THE PECk, YOU LAZY LQ4PERS. lA/EVi* c5IV£N WAT SWEAKIW SWlWD-c-ER TIME EMOUQH. HE AIM'T 'WE'LL <3(' VE TILLMORWIW TO THIMK IT OVER, SLIPPGRV BldcagR .V&LL EITHER TELL WHO STOLE OUR TgEAsuRg, OR W E>U. MAKE Ve TELL! JL—--^/* \^: v , GEE, I HATE TO SPY OKI FRECK THIS WAY/ *••R£ckLES*ANP "HIS FRIENDS On His Trail ^.'Rec. ors. PAT. OFF. j By BLOSSER BUT IF WE FIND OUT WHERE HE GOES, WE MIGHT B£ ABLE TO FIGURE OUT WHAT'S TROUBLING HIM /.' ^\^- w^ $M DOWT SWAIT UNTIL HE. LET HIM JGETS BEHIMP SEE YOU.' ( THOSE THICK HE'S J BUSHES / BERDRE GOIWG < you MA'KE A DOWKI THAT < ALLEY/ SUPPOSE FRECK. HAS BEEW DOING SOMETHING HE SHOULDN'T •2 Of<TAY...HE'S BEHIND THOSE BUSHES... LET'S SWEAK UP AW WATCH HIM FROM THERE '/ HE'S GOWB/DIS- APPEARED INTO "THIN AIR // GOSH, HE JUST LOST HIMSELF LIKE A WEEDLE IKJ THE PROVERBIAL HAYSTACK.'/ u/r £ ^L 1 4 n /'i^TTY 1 "^^L f-} r»kis^4 // ; *• m A V'i'j iitf $**> * THE NEWFANGLES (Morion Pop7 Love in Bloom By COWAN BEFORE WE BUV THIS TOUE2IST MGME.EWAY, DON'T CW6> THINK IT'D BE A SWART THIMG T'INTEIWIEW TUESE O(?CUS PEOPUE, SO'S WE'LL BE SURE THEY'RE COtVMN' T'STAY WITH US ( TUFT'S A GOOD IDEE / I GET ON YEB LID AN \ WE'LL DP?lVE OVER / LAND SAKES/ WHAT'S OVEC3 ALL SPRUCED UP JUST OVER TO SOME 11 I / ''•**!'•'/'&• mL..^ WM>t> CoWAM - ^ 1 s ;'i*' i •• "'M \ r?tS 3. W {i S H™ TW ^* ja j E «K^n?si ;; 'a^af%. ! * jrtMatgj«rtau^.^^ e^aaEaBiU-,-^^ . -^w!^^!a3^*'4' JKVi! ''**' l- * ilT * s ' r'n fiiVffilfrtiyrfBiirtillS^^ BT^ -v xt&CQ an, •SO^N i, 4^K^^i^^m^^Mi5ae^ :

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