The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1940
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1MO Deanna Durbin Exhibits Attractive Models - COURIER NEWS Young Girls And Then Mothers Both Like New KV MAUIAN Y()l!Nn N'KA Service Sl.-l)' Wilier NEW YOnK.-Amciiean designer* have put a stop lo the old mother and dauehlej- feud as !o what dollies lire and are not ap prcipriate for the 'teen-aye girl. Results of the designers' c'llons are seen In collections chock, lull of (Tuy and evening togs which are youthful without belli? klddish sophisticated hill not siren-lsh sometimes sweetly old-fashioned wit never "qualm." Miss Pom-Uien-year-old and her mother both will like moderately full-skirled silk afternoon dresses with trou-froii jabots of organdy or ehlflon semis (o be tied in i Imge bow under the chin Deanna Din-bin, guiding fashion light of 'teen-agers, likes a sap- fJhire Wlie prim afternoon frotl with square neckline and shori pull sleeves finished with appllquet bands of eyelet-embroidered while organdy. The wide, sel-ln girdle or self material is trimmed with wood billions and naliii-al cord In peas ant. effect. WHAT TO WEAR AT JUNIOR PROM? For a gnln evening, young Deanna likes a gown which is pel feet for any Junior or Senior Prom. Of white crepe with short sleeves and covered shoulders, U has n tulle ovctskirl which slart.s jusi below the hipline. Bands of hand embroidered gold leaves, in a di flgonal pattern, go around and around the figure from hosom to lupline, end in a stunning spr.-u across the back. For a casual weekend dance 01 for special Sunday night buffet suppers, Deanna lias a floor-length dress which looks two-piece but isn't. The top. cut to resemble a jacket, is of stone blue faille while the wide, flowing skirl is of multicolor striped faille. The bodice is laced up the front with strings of the striped material. Also for dinner dances and buffet, suppers Deanna has a smart, floor-length shlrtvvaisl dress with white silk top and circular skirt of navy with white polka dots Breast pockets of the dotted fabric arc connected with the skirt by narrow bands. The bands create a subtle suspender line. ..= ••-. . S? 1 ^ 1 --days .. arc sweater and I sKrrl «sygT"b/ 'course. WiuTri the weather'gets too warm for sweaters, the chic high school' girl will wcav cotton blouses and sfclrls slnrlwaist dresses of striped cot- Ions, non-ci'iishable pastel linens and rayon fabrics which closelv resemble linen. Food For Family Of Four Budget] at $7 Weekly PAGE SEVEN Hy I'ltl'l) I1A11J1V U.illc.l l'rc»» nun Corriuiiomloiil WASHINGTON Ull>) - Kumplu oixt IiudiiHs prepared by the U. .S. Hwi'mi ol ilium: I'lrimomlra dls- 'Joir-.s Dim <HI.|., limy V |, ry cunsid- •mWy In cost mid .sini provide good iiitrlllon. Tin- liurcau dcsn-lliNl four weeks' fluid InulgHs In u bulletin on Ul<-ls lo HI the l-iimUy Income" 1'Jii- iHKlBcts HIT ilcslRiifd lo Hlvn SC'SVlnVi n (J"ldl> 111 lldJlltillUX he iiuiilty menu to lm:i>im\ lie loin plans wen; de.slifned lo urcl Hit! uci'd for d) a restricted (let (or r-mrrgi'iu'y use; ^ „ iiluliiiimi-nttt adi!i|im(e. illel; (;t) I imidi'i'iile-iusl udr(]iiiiln diet mil «•!) u liberal diet. Hiiiiuc from S7 lo J1K Costs 1,1 UK. lour |,Hii, Si f,,,. „ imilly ol four, would vary in <itf- '•rail jim-ls of Ihc country, but hi- iivrniKO would he from idjiiut 7 fur (lie ehrapral dli>l to flu n •et'k for Ui<> most r-xuenslvi*, It •us I'xtlitmk'd, 'Tilt-so plmis aie pruulliMi! tested Inns that luwo helped thousands t riimllhv Dr. Lout.™ Sfiniloy, hlel of Ihc bun-nil, snld, "Kucli Inn draws Irom (he sniui! 12 ijruur« 11 foods, because Ihls is Ihc ensl- and suit's!, way to miikc a diet Hint Is well bulana-d." Thi'se groups mo Ul milk mid milk uioducls; ia> yuinUies and sweet potatoes; (S) tomatoes and •simaq poi.ip (s) :soi(iu|aa,u AWII^ | pun uoa.iS '.{juat (|.) :s|pi.ij OT .,, |a peas and mils; <B) dried IruU.s; <7> other fruits ami vegetables not Included In (he loresoing; (8) OKS*; i!0 lean meal, poultry nmi fish; (10) flour, ini'd, vegetable oils, sidl pork awl bacon; (in sugar, Jellies. Jams, etc.; tli!) coffee tea, cocoa, bnklnir powder, soda, vlnciiHi', .suit, .spices, etc. The lowest coal diet, for n fniu- lly of (our, for emerneney me provides the following for one week's .supplies, costing nboul $7: I'alnlors llnlkli-sl Item Milk, or ^orrespondlnj. qunntl- lles of milk prodiicls, lO'/j (|imrt,s; |inlntai>.s nnd sweet piiliiloes, li r (he very young :omplelcly modern, without being too jioplilj girl, is Deanna Durbln's evenh )roidcrcd gold leaves spira lown over the tulle skirt. Tl._ nakes the dress appear to ^VoM^'^"^"^^™^ low-waisted, two-piece model. d-fashioncd without'facing nsercssively "minim," is lleumin sprliu. dinner gown with plnld luireta top nnd swirling pl,,in taffela skirt. Green crystal billions arc used on the front mlhmvy cording on the shoulders. The sleeves arc lon K ami full with ll K iii cuffs. Tlie softly draped, wide girdle is of red suede. Vera West, Hollywood designer, crciiletl II. Amasses Most Points In County Literary And Track Events Carson negro school was named the most oul-standin? school in the county following the 26th annual literary and field meet of the ne- gro schools of Mississippi countv which «. as held at the Wilson Trade school. Wilson. Friday under the supervision of u w Hara\vav president of the county teachers' association, Ca'rson amassed the greatest number of points in the three t:omt program which includes points won li» the fair, basketball tournament and the meet. Armorel placed second. Osceola, third and Uixora fourth place Approximately looo pupils represented 25 schools in inakin" the largest attendance In the history of (he meet. Special non-competitive features were a rhythm band of 50 pupils playing under the direction of Mabel Harris and a CO- 'oicc chorus singing "Jiy Lord's i-Writiir All de Time" under the hrection of Wm. s. Barabln. .School represented In each di- •ision and their rank and sia'nd- re'as follows: .. - ..-.,.. ^Dn-isioti I. six teachers and above. First place, Osceola; second, . Armorcl; third, poster— Armorel, Wilson. Wrillti" Wilson, Qsceoln; Booklet—Osecola. /Vrniorel'. NU-WA -Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service • w Laundry Writing Wilson; Creative Art—Osceola Ar- morcl, Wilson; Primary Recitation —Ariiiorcl, Osceola, Wilson; Mono- logue—Armorcl, Osceola, Wilson- Mixed Quarlcl-Osccoln, Armorel', Wilson. Division n. two ami three teacher schools. First, place, Luxora; second, Carson; third, Burdelte Writing Poster—Biintatc, Carson Ln.xora; Writing Bookiet—Nodcna Sawdust, Chelford; Creative Art- IJixorn, Carson. Grider; Primary Recitation—Luxora. Grider, Bur- iletle; Monologue-Carson. Birdne, Luxora; Oration — Luxon Carson. Uirdsong-. Division III. one and (wo teacher schools. First, place, Nortena- second. Chelloid; third. Clear Lake Writing Poster _ Victoria. Hi"h- (ower. Sa\vrtust; Writln? Booklet— Chelford. Victoria, Sawdust. Creative Art—Nodcna, Sawdust, chel- ford; Primary Recitation-Butler Sawdust. Reiser; Mono!ogue-Chel- ford, Victoria. Nodemr Oration- Clear Lake. Butler, victoria Athletics: (All divisions)—Girls- Bottle race-Birdsong, Chcltord' Carson; three' legged race-Carson Birdsong. Evadale; 50 yard dash' (10-12 years)—Carson. Frenchman Bayou. Luxora; 50 yard dash 113 or over)—Osceola. Luxora, Bur- dclle; 100 yard relay—Luxora, Orl- der, Carson. Boys: Wheelbarroiv rncc-Corson, Nodena, Armorel; potato race — Orider.-'Node'na. Lux6ra; ; '(jq.'yaid djish—'Evadalc,. Armorel, Jqnrson- 100 yard relay—Carson. Armorel' Cfi-ider; 100 yard dash—Luxora BlirdcUe, Clem- Lnkc; slamling broad jump— Luxora, Osceola. Carson; running broad Jump. Burdette I.uxora, Carson. Judges of literary events were Miss Mary Hill and Miss Marie Hoover of Wilson school. Judges of athletic events were A. Waters anil T. Campbell of Hermondale. Ladies of (he Elizabethan period anointed Ihclr hair with n pomade composed of the pulp or pears mixed with rosemary ami lard. Home Knitting Helps Supply Canada's Navy .j HALIFAX, N. S. .(UP)—Prom hoy seaman to chief petty officer, i-at- liifjs of the Roynl Canndlurt Navy are distinguishable these days by their excellent woolen scarves and well-knit sweaters. All Canada has liecn knitliivg for the navy as a glnuce al a naval store indicates. A shipwright enters and passes aloiiK I the loaded shelves. He hands rm Identification card to a Leading Victuallers' Assistant. Starting at one end of u long counter, (he .shipwright's first Issue is a Biiluclava helmet and scarf. His next move brings him to the gloves and mittens section where he collects his choice. Next It's a hravy sleeveless sweater and finally two pnlrs of socks. If lie wishes, he may have wristlets. By this time, the pleased "chlp- |ile" has mi armful so he. signs for (he lot. 'Is handed' btick his caul and derails. Manj' guileful comments are heard dally nl the naval bnrrncks concerning knitted arlicle.s received from oiBiinltfatlons across the Dominion. lend Courier News want nds H APPY HOUR " GRO.& rims UCUVKKT **• W. MMn SI, Phone li !!)«.; (oniafoc.s and citrus fruits. 4 H«.; leiify, | !re t'ii niul yellow vegc- liiules, 1 Ibs.; dried beans and pens, peanut buller niul uul A - jj Ib.s.; dried fruits, 3.4 Ibs.; O i| le ,. vegetables nnd friiils, :> Ibs, I'-'KBS, 8; lean meal, poullry and jlsli, 2 1-1 Ihs,; [lour and cereals, 17 lux.; (ills, Including bitltcr, innr- Rt'i'liU's, lard, pork, :! llj.s-.; MIKBI-S, JeWi's. jiiins. etc., a a-1 Ills.; mlfee. len. enroll, liiiklny powdor, soda, vliK'iiiii, .suit, .sjilcM, I'lt:. :ir> 1:0111.1; A minimum-cost ndcrjimte diet for 11 family of /our lor oli« week Ijoill $10: k IT,!, miarls; polnloo.s mid sweet potatoes, n )us.; loinniops and ellriis fruits, .| )bs.; leafy i and yellow vegetables, 7 Ibs • dried bttins. ,„.„., , m( | , H , lllmt t)ut . ter, '.! HJS.; dried f n d(s, I'/, ||, s • other vnjclubli'.s nnd rnill.s, ~7 Ibi.; I.i'im minii, poultry m ,d || S |, , t i (j His.; flour nnd coreals, K |I,L- • butter, marg?rlnes. lard, other shortening ana salt pork, 3 1-4 Ibs.; sugar, Jellies, jams, etc, 3 1-4 Ibs.; coffee, tea, cocoa, baking powder, sodn, vinegar, salt, spices, etc 15 cents worth. BUY mton*' STANDARD TBES KXI'ERT HKAIJTY WORK tALL 106 Appointment Margaret's BEAUTY SHOP Mm. SKNSIBLY amujjc, v»n. Bat ho Kulh |j(Kl,, )r , HOPQRTJONATJLY IOW// At Today's LOW PRICES! ^ s Kfl c 1>er ^V eelt .ow As UV On Our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ilh wutnut Phone 810 STONEVILLE 2B RED TOP GIN Noilli Ol Hlgtiiuy NOW! 4 YEARS OLD AT THE SAME LOW PRICE FOR SALE We have r.irloml rcdntrecd I). VI. ami Stoiicvillc Seed. Also large amount oi same kind thai has hecti planted h c rc one year See or Call Us For Price! L. R. Matthews Very nbcra] price allowance for your oltl soctl. Gin Co. I'fionc 403-W-2 Yarhro, Ark SOFT AND MKI.f.OW AS A KliNTIJCKV SriUNO-TIM /%' T ' w ' SANIUnLS . "<"''•' I' s f° llr full years old . . . an cx-tr.i attUtmn^ .t<Jdcd ngc, but not a penny to its price. TWSAMUELS KENTUCKY STRAIGHT nOVKUON WWSKRY N«I«,.IS*. Sg5EB^'^^%g^"a^33mg3^ «,,,„. AT.KVK1IY < UKVM I It l»l AI I'lt S . . .; A I'All VDK OF IIIK1M S lOlt >IO1OltlSTS! .V*'*' Ktixtt-Vntrff Uttnrt. - - H'HV SHUT tlK.tnsr ... Tru l-'Iulil llrlrl,,,,: Why drag a beautiful frock over a dirty fen- tier? Chrysler's Hasy- Kntry Doors are straigh;- sideil right to the botiom, witli no cutaway over the fender. A jjrartd idea! Sec it! Hl,,h- ... ti *ttftv-htl t'1,,1,1,1 A rcnlly new idea in con- ycriihles! Tlic l[i[;lilnn<ier is iipholsirral in a <Insliin>! coinhiiiiition of colorful Scorch plaid anil 'Ihc top \s uuiorniuic . .'. whisks up or down at the touch of a button! Sr-ir Tira-Tnnv*... ii , , ni'if ttlHi' hi t/ltfrjrtr-nt No, your Gir <locs iml need to look like everybody else's! Get a Chrysler Windsor or New Yorker with a Tiro- Tone interior . . . harmonizing or contrasting tones . . . blue and gray, browns, greens, maroon and heige . . . pick the exterior and interior combination that suits your own taste! Why shift gears . . . when you can just touch the throttle and Fluid Drive n way! Smooth as oil... because it is a drive through oil. OUR fan-like wheel drives another through n column of oil. You prac- lifiilly never touch clutch or gearshift. You can stand still in high (jenr at traffic lights and stop streets . . . and dicn jnst "FluidDrive" away! Newest, most ihrill- ing ihing that's come into motoring in year's. It is standard equipment dn the Chrysler Crown Imperial. Only S38 uddilioiiiil on the Traveler, New Yorker and Saratoga models. Try it! , r <:hru,l,<rHrnli: Stipcrfin- i s li e d parts have .surfaces as smooth as one-millionth of an inch. Uigh-'l'nniuc engines give you tremendous power with sensational economy. Aero- type shock absorbers are like those on giant plunes. The 19-fO Chryslers have dozens of things like that. No mailer what kind of car you are driving, see your Chry-" slcr dealer today . . . you'll find it mighty interesting! «W« IJW!.C.U,tl(tSH!S r ! HUM..U.1. 121 W. Ash St. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Blytheville, Ark: -^—••••"^^••^••i^^™^ Blytheville-Sunday, April 14th BIG BARBECUE, BEGINNING 9 A. M. Fairgrounds 2 P. M.---50 Mile Race-$175 Cash Prizes ADMISSION 25C-FREE PARKING-NO EXTRA CHARGE

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