Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 16, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 16, 1935
Page 3
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Crct M?8. Hid Henry Telephone 821 ic river hiny envy the peace of the pond, But law drives it out to the ocean beyond". If It roars down abysses, or laughs through the 1 land, It follows the way which the Forces have planned. So mifn is direct/id, His only the choice To help or to hinder—to weep or re- joloe. Can he color n sunset, or create n seed. Or fashion one leaf of the commonest weed? Can mhny summon daylight, or bid the night fall? Then how dare he question the Force whfch docs nil? Whore so much is flawless, where so much is grand, All, all must be right, could our souls understand.—E. W. W. The Indies of the Cemetery Association nre sponsoring the sale of "Skid- doo" the house denning miracle. If you are Interested mid wish to help n most worthy cause, phone either Mrs. E. S. Greening or Mrs. Jennie McWilliams. Mrs. T. A. Middlebrooks is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. C. C. Nash and Dr. Niish in Dallas, Texas. The Womnns. Missionary Union ol First Baptist church held its 1111- ual social meeting on Monday afternoon in the Sunday School department at the church. Sixty members and nine guests were present, all in holiday mood and harmony with the Halloween decorations that wen; in evidence everywhere fro nitric color scheme nnd design followed in the decorations to the delicious refreshments served at the close of a most plensnnt iifternoon. Mrs. Hugh Smith assisted by Mrs. C. F. Routon, Jr., directed Halloween gomes nnd stunts. Mrs. R. M. LaGrono, Mrs. R. T! White and Mrs. Sid Henry wore Tuesday visitors in Te.xarkann. Misses Ruth Atkins, Jnne Orion nnd Audn Portcrfleld were among the college students from Arkadelphia seeing the game between Arkadelphin nnd Hope Tuesday night. Chas. C. McRoe of Houston, Texas, fpent the week end with relatives in tills city. See Our Selected Line of New FALL DRESSES Silks and Woolens In the Newest Fashions THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. 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Mrs. Sveva Gibson, assisted by Miss Louise Knobel will lead in the discussion of winter bouguets, putting the garden to bed. nnd suitable plants for indoor !. planting. Roll call responses will be i current events of the flower world, The Woman's Christian Temperance Union will mcot.nl 3 o'clock, Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Edwin Dossett. West Ninth street, with Mrs. Guy Holt and Mrs. W. C. Andres as associate hostesses. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Williams have returned from u short visit in Sheridan and Little Rock. British Admiral (Continued from page one) Have Brains Too Intelligence Quota of Many Is Higher Than Average College Graduate KANSAS CITY, Mo.-(/P)-Many a glamorous chorus girl has a higher intelligence than the average college graduate, Albert Edward Wiggam, psychologist, said Tuesday—but she doesn't have enough children. "As a result," Wlggam asserted, "this country is losing In brains and beauty. "The very gorgeous young woman who should be producing beautiful, intelligent children haven't time for motherhood because they are in de- tnnnd at night clubs, before the movie camera and on the stage." It was recalled that brains and beauty once were believed to mi* about as well as water and gasoline. There wns that old saying, "beautiful- but dumb." Phychologist Wiggom snorted. "Look," he said,, shuffling his files, "look here. A check-up onee disclosed that Marian Killon, who appeared in the 'Countess Maritza' had an Intelligence quotient of 159 in contrast with 128 for the average college grad- Home Clubs ute. Dorothy Wegman, a Ziegfeld chorus girl, had 166. Georgette Moore, who Waahfngtott The Washington Home Dcmonstrt lion club met Friday October 11 in th hbrhe of Mrs. S. A. Wilson with i members ,and three visitors present The president, Mrs, Lee Holt calle the: mectttig to order and after praye r&m coll and minutes of previou rrtettmg read by Secretary, Mrs. El more. i Miss Alfdrd being present in Mist Griffin's stead, judged the canning exi hiblt for the Ball fruit jnr contest, i As this was achievement clay foi the club quite an interesting collac* tion of quilts and other handwork in-! eluding baskets, rugs, etc., and sevj crul antique articles made by Wash| ingtoli citizens of long ngo were ex j hibUed. Mrs. Claud Agee invited the club to meet with her the second Friday in November at 2 o'clock. Africa regardless of League of Nations sanctions nnd would fight "eveni a European war" if compelled. | These declarations—in which thef spokesmen, however, declined to pre-i diet war in Europe—came after a day ill which Aksum, holy city- of the Ethiopian empire, was occupied peacefully by the Second Italian Army was cast in 'Great emptallons' has Corps under Gen. Pielro Maravigna, Fisher look out Ihe British capital ships for the first time to participate in combined maneuvers with smaller craft. The maneuvers were held off the const between Alexandria nnd Port Said, at the north end of the Suez canal, in an nren which naval experts said would be Italy's first objective in event of closing o£ the canal. It was believed the men-of-war would put back into port Friday. London reports indicated belief that the fleet will be kept indefinitely in the vicinity of Sue/ nnd GHbraitar, following unexplained cancellation of the cruise to Greek waters. Tlie Egyptian press vigorously al- tiickcd the League of Notions' sanctions program as well as the premier, Siyasa, an independent paper, declared: "Egypt, conscious of the dignity of the country, considers the present government which surrendered its affairs and those of the country to the British ns the greatest catastrophe which hns overtaken Egypt since the great wnr. "Egyptians will not refuse Britain's friendship or an alliance with it, but they refuse to be in the situation of n state needing to be defenled by Britain and refuse to admit that Britain speaks in> their nome." The paper said Egyptians "refuse to participate in sanctions" with Great Britain without knowing at least what will be Egypt's fate in the future. With the Egyptian Parliament and constitution suspected, Admiral Fisher became what was tantamount to a dictator in Egypt's destinies in the present crisis. Well-informed qxiart- ers said he has full rein in arranging defense measures, and civic authorities are paying strict heed to his recommendations. Rhode Island bent, creeping bent, nnd Canadian bluegrass nre the best grasses to plant in shady places. Let us moke nn estimate on your) PRINTING Johnson Printing Co. Cecil Johnson Phone 311 BASKETBALLS SI.50 TO S9.00 The Quality Is Right BRIANT'S Drug Store Black-Draught's Refreshing Relief Don't neglect constipation! Take Black-Draught at the first sign you need something to help restore regular elimination. "I feel like Black-Draught is a mighty good medicine and don't know how I would get along without it," writes Mrs. W. D. Jowers, of Minden, La. "I take it for constipation and biliousness. When I let myself get constipated, I feel dull, sluggish and drowsy; can't settle down to my work for that tired feeling. I take a small dose of Black-Draught at bedtime for several nights and soon feel fine. If I am bothered with a tight feeling, or gas on the stomach, I take a pinch of Black-Draught after meals." Black-Draught costs less than most medicines for constipation. Get a 25-cent package, today! IALLBROS ODORLESS Dry Cleaning Send your next cleaning order to us. Try uur special Odorless process of cleaning. It cleans thoroughly, freshens the colors and strengthens the fabric. You'll Find It Better. Phone 167. Kay English, another Ziegfeld beauty, had 168. And Edith Davis of 'Naughty Riquette' had 184. "We do not huve the average I. Q. for our nation's presidents but it is safe to say H would not reach 184. "Yet it was found that 800 chorus girls produced a total of only 25 children. There arc 1,800 women in 'Who's Who.' They average about one child apiece. At that rate, within six generations they will be entirely extinct." j He termed the situation an "upset| ting of the biological applecart." "There was a time," said Wiggam— nn executive commilteeman of the American Eugenics Society—"when the lawyers, artists and musicians produced more children than then teamsters and farmers. "That time has past. Our cities are decaying. They are being maintained not by the birth of children from intelligent families but by the flocking of counlry families to urban centers.' Long Kept Slush (Continued from page one) shan's unrcported income. Identification by a self-styled New Orleans gambler of four checks he said he "believed" represented Shu- shnn's winnings at his night club. Identification of deposits aggregating $31,094 with Fenner & Beane, New Orleans investment brokers, by C. M. Kern, an official of the firm, which he said represented stock purchases by the defendant. When, the government first disclosed, through New York bankers, the existence of banfc deposits made- by the defendant in'tire Chemical; Banfc & Trust Co.. the defense- made elSar its. intention to prove that the account was really a "polilical fund" of Ihe Long Louisiana organization, and that Shushan merely handled it for campaign purposes. French and British (Continued from page one)' Rome. One ironic wartime feature is that Aduwan shopkeepers are selling champagne for the same prices as wine. Military officials here said that virtually all the population of Aduwa frightened away by the Italian advance of the town has returned. They expected local chieftains to come back within a few days to offer submission to Italian troops. The Intelligence Service learned the only reason for the hesitance on Ihe parl of some chieftains and their tribesmen to return to Aduwa, it was asserted, was a report which spread among Ihe natives that surrendering tribesmen are being sent deep into Eritrea. This rumor arose over the fact that several chifctains were sent to Asmara, Eritrea, for questioning in regard to the movements of the enemy. They were permitted to return to thc'ir native lands immediately and their presence is a convincing influence to those natives who have been Frightened away. Chiefs Still Loyal. Many Ethiopians who surrendered in this region, however, are still loyal to Emperor Haile Selassie, an independent survey disclosed. They feel the Italian occupation is an example of the 'law of force." Tuesday morning the correspondent met one of the chief men of the town and the following dialogue shows the stale of feeling of jart of the Aduwan population: "How do the people feel about the Italian occupation?" "They cannot do anything but accept it. It is a law of force." "Why ilid not Ras Seyoum (com- nander of the Northern Ethiopian army) put up a bigger fight?" "Because he realized it was useless. The Italians had overwhelming numbers and materials." Buttle Predicted. The chieftain then pointed to the mountains beyond Aduwa, saying with pride, "But he (Ras Seyoum) is there with u huge army now. He is very strong." "Huw far do your people think the Italian army will advance?" "They may not even reach Makale (GO miles south of Aduwa)." "Are you looking for a big batlle 10011? ' "Yes. A large part of the popula- ion is still in the hill villages. This street, which once was a river of people is now deserted." Hundreds of American mules were ised by the right wing of the Italian army in the early days of the occupation. Many, however, died because they were not accustomed to Ihe climate. The writer saw the first heavy ar- lillery batteries going over the mountains towards Aduwa. Italy Determined ROME, Italy.—(/P)—Italian government spokesmen said Tuesday night that Italy would keep her course in and in which Italian wnr correspondents in the Omager Setit region of Ethiopia, near the border of the Anglo- Ethiopian Sudan, reported the surrender of Ethiopian chieftains and their tribes. Rome hailed the "cordial reception" which General Maravigna was reported to have received from priests of the Coptic Christian church at Aksum as indicating a definite split between Emperor Haile Selassie and the Ethiopian church. A Poor People Spokesmen here appeared confident the rest of the world "eventually would come to the Italian point of view." Sanctions against Italy, they said, might be annoying, but Italy will not submit to them. Asserting "we know we are a poor people," one spokesman said if necessary "we nre prepared to fipht," He ndded. "if necessary the people will strip their ring fingers to help." Unofficial discussions of a possible settlement of the East African war brought from government spokesmen Ihe asscrlion that Ilaly is making no offer of terms to halt the campaign. The program in Africa, they said, is a military one, of protecting the frontiers of Italy's African colonies. Hope Bobcats Hit (Continued from page one) for extra point the Bobcats were successful seven times. 3 in Second Period In the second period Hope made three touchdowns Scores were made by Cargile, Spears and Bright The half ended with Hope leading 28 to 0. The BoBcats made four touchdowns in the third quarter before second and third stringers went in. Scores were made by Bright, Cargile two and Ramsey one. Ramsey returned to the lineup for the first time in more than two weeks. The Bobcnl end has been out with an injured leg. With their field day over, the Bobcats are expected to get down to serious practice the balance of the week before meeting Texarkana, (Ark.) High here Friday night. The hatless fad has swept through cities and towns of Spain to such an extent that 90 per cent of the coun- :ry's hntmakers are idle. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal No matter how many medicines you have tried for your cough, chest cold or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creomulsion. bevlous trouble may be brewing nnd you cannot afford to take a chance with anything less than Creomul- sion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble to aid nature to soothe and heal the inflamed mem- j branes as the germ-laden phlegm is loosened and expelled. Even if other remedies have failed, don't be discouraged, your druggist is authorized to guarantee Creomulsion and to refund your money if you are not satisfied with results from the very first bottle. Get Creomulsion right now. (Adv.) WANTED I'INE HEADING BOLTS AND HOUND BLOCKS 2:i-in. LONG. For prices and specifications Apply to HOPE HEADING COMPANY Hope, Ark. Phone 245 $50 to $500 AUTO LOANS On Cars and Trucks Highest Prices Paid for COTTON TOM KINSER TRY THE Sea Food Market at Home Ice Company Fresh Sea Foods direct from the original French Market at New Orleans. 49 NELiON-HUCKINf LAUNDKY COMPANY Nino 1artini at Saengerjbursday America's Greatest Mate Opera Star Sings in "Here's to Romance" The golden tenor voice that has already thrilled millions, now defrght* new legions of music lovers and motion pictwe fans as Nino Martini, handsome operatic sensation, makes bis initial film appearance In "Here's to Romance," whieh : comes Thursday and Friday to the Saenger, \ Starred 1 with a supporting cast iHal includes Gonevieve ToWn, Anita Louise, Mme. Schumann-Heink and Reginald Denny, Martini ena"cts the leading role in this delightful picture of an operatic tenor's private life and loves. Immortal arias from "La Hosca," "PagMacci" and "Cavallefia Rustic- anan" are included in the- repertory of Martini, who also sings "Here's to Romance." "Midnight in Paris" and "Hunkledora," the later a travesty on the "Continental" by Con Conrad and Herb Magidson. The plot of the picture is a lighthearted romance, with Miss Tobin and Anita Louise vying for Martini's affections, and Miss Louise winning out by the narrowest of margins. Huge Profits Cited in Reorganization Paramount Pictures Deal Probed by Congress* Business Committee NEW YORK.—(#>)—Delving into the affairs of the Title Guarantee & Trust Co. after concluding its inquiry into the Paramotinl-Publix company, the congressional committee investigaling business reorganizations Tuesday heard: 1. Hinls of 1,000 per cenl profit to Mansa^Oahns (Continued ft*m page erne) much* procedure, since diluted Jurisdiction over the territory has be"en a soUfce of controversy and trouble In the enforcement of criminal lawn. The wait Mr. Bailey will seek to file Would, be styled State of Arkansas vs. State of Tennessee. TJ>6 stream has formed three large islands and other smaller ones, changing its course by cutting through bends. Arkansas is laying claim to this territory, Mr. Bailey said. "Officers of both Tennessee and Arkansas are reluctant t» enforce criminal laws on these islands because of Uncertainty about jurisdiction," Mr. Bailey said. "If an Arkansas officer went there to make an arrest and something went awry and ho shot some one, he might be taken to Tennessee for trial. It also would work the other way around. * persons "in the know" from bonds of the reorganized Allied Owners, a subsidiary of the New York Investors company, which in turn was a subsidiary of Title Guarantee & Trust. 2. That John E. Otlerson, named president of Paramount Pictures, Inc., under the reorganization at $120,000 a year on a five-year contract, owned no stocks or bonds in the company and that only two of the 16 directors had any experience in the motion picture field. 3. A denial by Otterson, who left a $50,000 a year post as president of Electrical Research Products. Inc., a subsidiary of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, to head Paramount, that A. T. & T. sought to control the Paramount theaters when commercialized television becomes possible. Named to Of fice? So Says Washington Ru- mor^"RMiculotis/' Other Hitter Brother Declares NEW YORK.-GSH, BTugfc &.'&»hfi» son said Tuesday he had been informed on excellent authoriJiy it* WatJiWi* ton that a mistake had": bean mad* when Victor F, KMiii was appointed his successor as WPA administrator. The intention was to appoint Bernard Ridder .according to hfis' informa- ion. The general made thes* asser- ,ions when angered by a published •eport from Washington thfat a follower of his had spread a false rumor .hat the appointment was a result of mistaken identity. For some days reports have beerf current thai the, Washington adminis- Iration intended to; appoint Bernard Ridder, a brother of Victor. Bernard s a Democrat and hefd a position in the NRA, serving as! head of the,foreign language newspaper ''se'ction 1 of New York.. Victor is' a Republican, and has been critical: ot the New iJfeal. "The report is ridiculous," said B«-nard Ridder. "I could not: possibly leave my position with my. newspapers." Victor Ridder also denied' the" mistake, and then added:, i "Well,, maybe President Roosevelt will wish he hfed not appointed me, '' OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding WhiIe-U-Wai( or Delivery Service. Keen & Bailey 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 newspaper*, 0* Which the betlcif j tte the. wew, Vbrkifr Staa uftd H«rbW ar« the New V fiat of Commerce. W««* the Lmflefc "Wfiat do the rvfins <rf ™, Egypt really prove?" woh<I*«j-t * ef. Probably, among other thfngt, v , Ancient Egyptfan wives InsisttKl' having a shot at backing the L into the «aratf6.—Orit. * <. ••* ** ^tf MU __ _ _ mm «* mr -v- *%^ ' i I. Nb CutMlrJg Matter With feflf.' <%fctt»rl<dg»df «fco« fitting tttril *»* t&« *n*t<>iay t>t the •*• ' feet, it* function* «nd" what U n«eded in * corrwt Comfort EtpWtt •M t&fated Isrtbt Methodrof Dr« Wau M. SchoiL LM tttm >t»w f o* kMr to DTercomo TOM foot ud iho« trouble* HI IT'S BROWNbilt SHOE, STORE i', REGUIAR To Help You* AVOID MANY COLDS At the first nasal irritation or sniffle, - v/' dppl y Vicfcs Va-tro-nol—just a fewi drops ,, * ' up.^ach nostril. Used in time, it,helps i ~ ff< ,,,$ prevent, many colds entirely. i ?'^ VA-TRO-NOL i DOUBtE QUANTITY 50c •«& $ SATURDAY, The only complete low-priced car BE ON DISPLAY AT

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