Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 22, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 22, 1952
Page 6
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" •* « - - v^V'^ • m~r fif n»™ mwi* TH • : TMMIbjr, Jf«|y •wraSW" ,|C»W^,»» Mir*, On. %3m. AW' MU» ¥»y i, t», J.,HolV ,„...,, „, T .,.jrfrj. Ten new la> f*ro wolpomoa into tnt . , F ,A*f 1 ,. !r to •'^..bft'jHrtA.fui 54'.^'"'''- * ;<M«IV»'> 0*an * tt. The Ojion.ftl. Pniil Hom« Cfuh wfl» ho«l *t._o ww to Ub«rty Hill club Thurwlity in tho home «f Mr». Stubrt. HIP wl^f i»chi»rri« cnrrlntl mil in yellow rind gfnen nml the dlnlnij tnttle *»» *prpod with ft h^nd wnele elnth. Mr», rx»ul« Htunrt the «(tdlcr, Mrn, I^oul* Stuart, Vice. President, preiidocl In the rih»on<Je tit thn Pf«*idort*. MM, .Mm. Monroo gtunit Mftve u of thi- lfl«t county roonrll »i(?«tln«, A ctmmunlty tfpt'lo/iether wnn jjlntined tm Ihft Augunl meotlnu lo b" lir.ld ot the litDiio of MUD Alrnn Markets M3.7B With top* of $23 la $!M. Gen. »wlK»H D. T, A'Jfeml ot fr ll>etit Moridny with teteM, Mr», 4, H. Mi<». a C, colih)8, in,;, Htifybnvd s Cindy, spent htn with Mm, i Mr. niul Mr». c« Wnxn- ?y \ H' •; •; * ; i • * ""^^ *: 6. Morri* * iiiuby, Mrs*. J, A. M«r *4\ 1 - ™ V Tyler, . wl J 1 , Ru l.und * By The AmoolsUtl Prtis Corn nnd wheat were higher ire finrly trading todwy while onts and were ntlxwd. Wholesale Vcro Irreituliir, lions lift to W conts hltih^r, Cnttle xUmdy to wunk, Culton luturoM openod 20 cents n bfllo lower lo (i cents higher. Corn, especially In the nonrby rnntrrtodi, puMhod nlio«d nhnrply «t the Chk'n«o Roiird of Trudo. At the opening July corn wa up M cent but dropped bnuk i HUlo in InUn 1 trndliiK. Her*' IN todny*s uomtriodily ro purt, furnliiliod by iho U8DA: lloM-i nrti selllnU SI5 to DO octht or morn hfntim* nt cnrnbell live Block mill-lifts with a few oxtroftv iilonti (In* MlnHourl River. snlxtt of IHO tn a.li) pnurn nt Ifitittinrn cornbult mar (CM IIHVO bulked from $21.76 I Aged Politician from Vtit OAt with television lamps providing thft 'ishl—and oddlng to ih# h#»t, Cnmlnltn xHrnitod Ihrrr would b# And iwi ended ih» rennm of the Kenlticklnn who h»» erved hit country nn« the Demo- tntle pnrty for nlmont half n entury. BnrkUfy wn« flrnt electwl lo of- ice In IIW5"-a« pro*e(riitln« nttor- ney in MeCrnekcn County, Ky, tn BOO ho heeome n Jod<(« In the nrflfl eounly nnd In 1012 he w«» 'lected to Congr«»» for thp first tit even lermn. In 1B27 ho moved lo ho Kennto nnd wri» raelected llme«, nerving n» mn)orlly r nnd performing yeoman nr.rvlee for Pronldent* Roosevelt md Truman from 1037 to 1047. Tockett Has Always Been a Winner •This In nnolhrr of n Raet Cintftri on fox Iftuc DOROTHY DIX Restless Fiancee a f Imu ,- who is . a- MARIANNA, Ark. i*-Th«? !.<?<• i i County sheriff's race i* developing I Info a squabble over "who 1 * got the j 1032 poll ta receipts." * County Judge Edward Robertson ofj»r.y» (hnt Incumbent Sheriff S. C.iln high school, engaged to n boy, Sketches on Arkansas' flvn condi-, Langslon, whom h/-'«i opposing for 23 I h»ve bren engaged 1 five mort-| •*-' for tho Democratic Rulwrfin- the sheriff* post, Won't Ir-t him th», and Noil won't bo home until ln«pect hi* poll tax record books.; November. In the meantime, Uicre | Mr- 5tId Inul nlRhl that he's (joins ;i>re many locnl activities in which nycrt nm , , f Ir.'rtht nomination.) '* " "fly. Ins windmill" drops out of the sky!,,.(, the books. he han to In ordi-r to! {'would fikc to participate, but not- nnywhcrc in Arkannni chance* nre Jt Will hi* Rep. Bflfyd Tabkelt ready ur.illy I dnn't feel free to attend. But Sheriff [..angxton said Robert- j I have always been popular In on's efforts are "nil news to me." i nchool, and have been missing the . .. - . - n ?.»»!*»«, »»»»»»ri**i« cifiitvvrri *•.» iin;. ] 1- « IMJlll, «ii 11 1 ii*»«v tv».»..i> iiii>T£>iiif^ nn; to nhnke a hand or make « itpeceh.j Robertson gald last nlRht that he' parties dances, and outings that ....... . Thn 41-year-old Nashville con Rre»*mnn, by far the btmloxt of the five Democratic gubernatorial can- dldnteii, carnpalKnd In a helicopter. Any !M)-foot npncn or pasture becomes a landing field, tried to nee tho books yesterday; Lang* ton gold he didn't. with Senior year. I'm always ' nlono while the garitf is having fun. Keynoter Calls Republicans Old Fossils By WARREN ROQKR8 JR. CHIC AGO !*> — Convention key< rioter Paul A. Dever milled Democrat* hint nlubt to whnt he predicted would bo their sixth straight flection victory over Republican "mnllcKt" und The Massachusetts iimld und rebel yellH, threw those without the niwsslUex of life due tn age, phyalcnl dl.sablli' lien or mental deflciencleK. .Stop waste, extravagance and flraft -In slate uovornmont and rt- aovernor, , t ^ employed t,, the neees- Tnckett, first to announce offi-| rt<«- "«' l-ut thnt 3,502 receipts were dully ond open his campaign, ha* a Icrifllhy platform but conrcntra- U'« on completely divorcing "the flffihway Department from control of the Rovernor," Among other planks In the Thrk- ett platform are proposals to ell- nilnnti; whnt he calls favoritism in Btatn purchaslnii by buying through compctlllvo biddliiK imd enforcing C|Uiillly Hpeclficntiono. He Hfiyn he also would: Provide addltlonnl noslstnncc to The judge said the controversy; of course Nell would wont me to concerns the list of poll tax re- i stay home — if I went out at all c«:lpt* Issued prior lo Oct. 1, 1951.; he wouldn't like it. He mild only 3,410 names arc on j Would you advise me to break the ennagemc-nt now. or wait until Neil comes homo to sec what the I oi.tcone •.vill be? We have no immediate plans for marriage — in I fnct, the engagement was rather the your unrest lies in the fact that you are not, and undoubtedly nev er have been, in love with You were hastily persuaded into tho engagement without having the emotional equipment to carry it through. While it Is perfectly true that news of to your fiance is upsetting — to say the least — its consequences will not be as tragic as you fear. He must realize that you didn't have time to consider the engage- hasty as I didn't was getting the up bis nrnw »n<l ohoutud: forn W« IKIVB vniviulnhud them bo- wo Hhull them steadily through bin 4,l>QO>wor<r spanch, Dever heaped scorn upon the R>« p i\ b 11 c un pnrty und prnU.'/ upon the U«,moonUlc ndmlnlvu•ntlons — par- Uctilnrly those of Prusldents Woodruw Wilson, Friinktln O. IlooHov«lt ond Hurry 8, Trumnn. He miulo no mention of tho Democrats wltltMipon men for tho pros hit-mini nomination this ymir. But In: blasted Uit> Itcpublicim nominee Mn , y lnlr | tml ,. And c'ifeet proper Utlli/nllon nnd npportionment r»f state revenues , J(|U , ,, tljl ,,, l)!i)Uon (jf the Htale t(lx fclruclure »o that ample funds Nevada Listed as Disaster County LITTLE ROCK Ifl—A total of 18 Arkansas counties may be designat ed as dlBHRtcr areas because of extreme drouth conditions. J. V. Hl'Jhfill, state Farmers to know, oven at Ifl, that they are Home Administration d i r c c t o r. I truly in l»v.'. and that their pccu- diild yesterday that he had recom- ' in '' situation will necessarily entail mended an additional 17 counties murh lonelinuss and sacrifice. Oth- even know 11 A. P. G. Answer: Your problem is being shared by countless girls all over the country who yielded, to hastily to the Importunities of a lad leaving the country and contracted too- sudden enKaKemerits. Not Really In Love Some jiirls who arc engaged to boys overseas arc mature enough would bo provided /oi schools and t ,. uch , >rs which would compare with those in other Htntos. Never dufenied for any office, Tnckctt entered politics by winning a neat In the Arkansas from I'lko County In 10,'in. Aftur lour years in the IIou.-u; of Hcprcsentativos 'I'ackctt was elect cd proNet'uilnn tittyrnoy of tho !Hh lop Invold wo t»u< n prncUciilly n your, At Omnliu, '' Of (I)* much nil BO 'C'eilttt to t $1 tiro i'0))(irU'(l with n Uip on lf|htwi>lMht tiuWhiM'H nf $23. Mont Hown nro BolltnK (lowttwnrd Vdm $20 but n fow choice light velnlHH liHve rcui'hcd $20.50. Hprlnft lunibn opened 50 cento owe;!' ut JjJiiNt Ut, IMI|N with 'Choice lind prliile from $20 to $20,00, The IntilpluipollN intu'kot howevor WHS with cliuicti nnd prime at Wti hut n fow up to WO, innatH iirij wholfshlina Ir- 111 Now York with beor nrouiul $U to 91 niOHt» lowm' ' nnd Boaton: 1 . Other cluBBOu of luftfoty stonily, gutter IK oxpnclod tit wHolesulo ut Now Viwk but vin- U» V\ of o cont higher iH At Hew York U8. score nt 78 cents pm- pound and bid, 71 Mi. Slmillnr stack at IKIN Hold nt 71V4 to novlcu unr|iinllfi(!tl fur tho presidency, The Itupuhllcnn convention two wt'pki* ugo, Dever oiild, rulseil "only the voice of the fimsll." Thu phitforin udopted by tho GOP then, hi; Hold, i»: "A shopworn declimillon, con- {•olvixl In miillci 1 , mid dedlciitt il to the proiumitUiH that all tl:<' Krcnt ncliloveineiita of the lust 20 years should bo nwupl nw«y." In chooshm Kisonhowcr ii» stand iird bouror nv«t Ohio's Sen. Hubert A, Tuft, ho mild, tho Itupubliciuis "thntw overbiuiid tho fiiiihful pilot who had #uidod them for yeui'8 |jl«oud til thi'ir kriowleilHii of head one niivljiution oxpcetod to wholesitla linchtin»««l to 3 oent« per do*on lower nt Now York with top quality under the most pressure. Top riuftllty medium whiten huvo told from 88W to SO cents per dosen. At Chicago 'tho tnnrkut In about utondy wttlrptaaoaKtid Inmo wrtrns nt 00 cent*. ~* Noon October Cot- wn» ewnflnnd to ulhur waters." Tho 11I5U (-Uictlon Isniu 1 , !«.> .suicl, is "lo kt't'p Iho ponce." Noltlicr the OOP nor KiMt-iihowur c.un do this, ho contended, but thw tovnw crutlc party's record nH»i"Ht Com uiutilsl UKMrcsslon bits proved it con. Dover made only pausing refer onco to civil rights, the Issuo which split the 1U4H Democratic convention and bus Imperiled North-South unity at this one. Oh "thlt Issue, RS In nil others," as disaslcr areas to the Agriculture Department. Bcnton county request cd the designation last week. crs. like yourself, are already re- the suite ,-inr.l tliis is by no means a re- J. L. WriKht, chairman of the j flrctlon on the Hirls. FJighteen Slate MobilUution AKrlculture said 1 , the age for fun — carefree periods. Judieliil Circuit, composed of Pike, Howard, Polk, Little Kivcr und Se vier Counties. Then followed the war yiwrs. ufti-r which Tnckett ran sncei'HMftdly for the U. S. House uf Hepri'iientaUves in 10411. Tiickutt tells labor croups lie knows tlu'lr problems because ln> IIIIN worked with his hands. He IH the .son of an Arkansas bill country mlllworlier, having been born in (Hack SprlngM, MontHiiiiiery County. After working extra In lumber mills of the Ouuchltii Mountain country us a laborer during hi:: hli;b .school days at Glenwood, Tu'.'kott worked his way through Arhmusns Tech, Ouaebitn College 1 nnd the University of Arkansas. He received his law degree at the Unl- vorslty. In 1030, lie married the former Normii Armstrong, daughter of a Methodist p r e'u c hi; r. They hiive four children, Hoyd Jr., 12; Terry, (I; 'Rebecca, 3. nnd Tonl. 2. nuiny farmers have been forced to pasture livestock in hayfields, thereby using their unmatured crcps. Miles McPoek, agricultural statistician said that although "pretty fair" rains in the western half of the state were reviving pastures Mid hay crops, the supplies still would be .short. Wright also said that lower fright rates would be requested on feed supplies to the st rick c n areas through the Warehouse and Transportation Division of the Production and Marketing Administration in Washington. The Weather Bureau here said last night thiil no rain is expected In the state within the next few] '_.!_'.'.'! di'ys. The counties recommended disaster areas yesterday were: Haxter. Carroll, Cleburne, Conway, Crawford, Faulkner, Fultnm Hot SpriiiH, Independence, Madison Mario n, Nevada, Perry, Scott, Searcy, Union and Van Huren, Youth, 9, Drowns While Wading NF.WI'OUT, Ark. (/Vl—Nine-year- old Johny Lee Bains drowned the While River near here yesterday while panions. Bains. Philadelphia is the third U. S. city in population and second in port tonnage. There were 43 Christian churches In New Mexico in 1(120 and 34,000 Christian Indians. ho »nld, mviHt M^JkMJ^..» *t ;JnW Ht^Jl'/> '''' MyWfta •the Democratic party .,„ move forward," Dever said his personal belief upholds luws guaranteeing "full ttvimamlo opportunity for all Americans, remmU«n» of color, creed, n«o or racial origin," In n prelude earlier in the dn> to Dover's keynote talk, Nntlonn Chairman Frank K, McKinnoy said tho Democratic party was otu (it poaoo and prosperity. "Never before," MeKlnmsy said "have the forces of woulth un< privilege been so strongly mobl lived tor an assault ou tho (U) stands for." He added: "The rich, the powerful, the privileged, dominate the Kepubll- cnn party today, Just as they drfnv Initled its ancestor, the Federalist party," MeKlnney praised President Truman for what he called "momen- tiiut) acts uf great-hearted cuur- «Ke." Hu listed some of these de- colons as use of tho «U>m bomb, \hu Oeilln airlift, the Marshall Plan, intervention in the Korean War. ....-„...:. Beef did not become important in Iho American diet until nflur the Civil War, says tho National •'•- Society; Winds blow ut 1,000 mites hour tOQ miles above tho but th« uiv U so thin tlwy have littio tiitcct on an oUjoet U»Bt height. HOPE DRIVE-IN THIATRI wssnin MHHO«|A« «MM» ' How to hove a winning TELEPHONE PERSONALITY by EMILY POST We'r* often judgrd by (he my uw u«e telephone service. Good telephone tKhriqiie und good tekphone manners are important to a winning iwrsonality. .. and help you get the most from your tflephone Wn'ice. BARTON One of tho most •uaratatlnft l fexperlenc*« a person cttn have Is to run to a ringing telephone, only to fiiul that no one U there. Dut just how long should one tut a phone ring before giving up? At least a minute, is the experts' answer. After nil, I he peraon you're calling may be in the yard or away from the telephone. And the figures show that an estimated 350.000 calls A day are lost by Southwestern Hull customers who hnng up too soon. A call worth making U certainly worth waiting a minute for. In today's busy life, st horn* or In the office, It's only natural to leave tb* telephone as quickly as possible. Is there any •peclat reason why you Should replace the receiver carefully? Them certainly is! Your telephone is just one continuous "busy signal" if your receiver u not securely in place. You can't receive any call*, and if you are on a party line, neither x-an your party-line neighbors. It's a good idea to h*n« up carefully, and to check the telephone oovwonally if theW are small children in your home. ^ A tM*t many questions about telephone manners centsr aroutui ttw party line, and thare scents to be some question M to thi best way to us* It. For example, should one sp»c* Mils, or ttkalft them chalo-siyl*» V Spacing your calls works out best for all concerned. p w one tluog, oth«rs can't call you if you hold the line for « lonf tiaw- Sp»cuj« your culla give* oUwra a ch*nc* to call you—and also givw y«Mir party-line neighbor* « chaw* to u«* tl* Use. That rwwlt* in belts* wv»# for «v«ryon». MOfl STA»/hOM, All KAMI Al men you could hsv« hao* durhig t last twenty years, und your In trations are making you jcalcf- of anyone else's happiness, here's even a small streak of i cency in you, leave thi« inan rtlf and expend your energies going rtfj.',, &$st<^t ^ It Chick Vaunt OtARK IKI ' - " you L ANSWER THE PHONE 9 ler someone who hasn't family 1 <^l \ L^^LJ^± Dear Miss Dix: My fathe anxious for me to study :> Ian; age in which I am not the lei bit interested; it is, however Of course the whole basis native tongue. The course he wal me to take will be of eight wc( duration. I am 13 and hate to tied down lo sludying somelhi I don't like. Do you think I shot try to please my father? EMIL Answer: Your father Is asking By J. R. Willlomi OUT OUR WAY 0'M.lt.y «itd really slight favor in return Answer to Previou* Puzzle all the kindness and love NO, BECAUSE ^ - A HE'S TOO BUSV SOAKIW UP TH' t _^ RICHER SMBULS FROM THAT 3E TRUCK JUST <3DWE J I ' BV.' ^— 7- -e '•5 WHAT A\ AXES VOU A THB COWWslV MB POMT MARKET Cinema Star lavished on you. Eight weeks not a long time to work on a pr ect that means so much to hi ISN'T OM THB ARE, BUT 1 KMO\V A Do as he asks, and see how p HORIZONTAL 5 Dens 1 Cinema actor, 6 Lieutenants ii -L a . b -> .. ment in as serious a light as you ficient you can be at the task have, he certainly must | know that you are not too much Released By The Bell Syndica Inc. 7 He has portrayed many characters on the 13 Biblical mountain ^ Solomon 8 Genus of herbs d Genuine 10 Nobleman 11 Volcano in Sicily in love with him, and he is young enough to recover quite rapidly. same as you do. When he comes fp-ai^^^ir »;1 ~. ^^m-^-Jf^-^ Km--^^^^^--^^m^'^ back, you will have had o( freedom, and will really give serious thought to the future. ,._,. , .. rf 29Story 46 Paradise ' J M Ester of olelcj 2 p ronTontory 30 Bacchanals' 48 Ireland .<« ,, "20 Originate cry. « i 49 Arabian gulf 15 Ball game 21 Harvester i 31 Act ' SOAperlure 16 Acquires 22 Flowers ('$ 39 Thoroughfare 51 Royal Italian knowledge 23 Nuisance 42 Masculine family name,' 17 Senior 24 Former queen appellation 53 Registered ' 18 Bulging jars of England — 43 Parts of nurses (ab.) 19 Run away 25 Genus of . • circles 54 He is (slang) shrubs 44 Man's name interested in 23 Reimbursed 26 Opine 45 Feminine , M ; the of , 27 Was 28 Approach name '•' the thealer displeased at 32Grafled (her.) It's an unwise move for any girl or boy in high school to become engaged. Each is n major exper- Dear Miss Dlx: I'm a woman of WASH TUBES 3fi. and have fallen madly in love with a married man in our office. IT WA9 BNO EMOUGH WHEN TWO NO «^NC MNvl WOUIP, I do everything I can to be nea WERB STOLEM.IN FRNOCE LAST MONTH, BUT THIS him, to get him to notice me, and WERE ABOUT THB «IZB.fl THi TWO occasionally have managed to make him kiss me. I am trying to THE IAST STRAW! PICTURE THIEVES HWE C50NE R/kWPWJT! McKEE PMNTED ON OL get his wife jealous, because 33 Dine 34 Roof edge ' 35 Dirk 36 Mimic HURRY, MR.McKEEl HOODtUW feel I should be In her place. Am I lowering myself by acting this way? My heart tolls me to go after him, but my friends loll me I'm foolish. I feel that I'm entitled to -^- vwe» -" . • -rue: HlftHRROVJ V' .. ' « ••«• u » "' •>"• „ — i nc: nnj3nc*r*xi—'vv ^ * Cn( , ,^.,j,., M ± t...^.. 38 Drayman 40 Bamboolike grass 41 Succinct 43 Genus of geese 17 Depart 52 Peruser 54 Chemical what I can get out of life. Maior Hoopla OUR BOARDING MOUSE JANIE Answer: You are lowering your- Ml?. VOICES * VMeUl'fA MATOR HOOPLE,) f BOV5.THAT FILLY CAME TO ASK Vx€\ MR. VOIC««/ j^J ROM6 LIKE A 6AT MUCH VCD fe;/ irJDEPE^oeMT <^|\ ODT OF A WAMT FOR THAT )•/ CAMDIDAT6 ?OfZ& —• BOT self exactly to the level of a snake. How much lower can you get? You surely would be indignant if some- second boy, James Glidewell one in the office stole your purse, or a piece of jewelry, yet you are Johnny's m o I h e r, Mrs. Duwey IS, IP r \ -STAOMCrA FRIEND / A 30ST MO\M, ARESi'T / ,\OF KORSEMEM.A ^~I T'LL LET RAISIMS H6R ), ife f -*~•HAR-RU^APH'/^^ ^ l( HER GO THE r-^ 3$ i IO6A OF Deputy Coroner Ottie Dil- 55 Tip 56 Lease anew 57 Tilts J '• meanest thief when yqu go to such liiiljer said both boys stopped into BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES deep writer and Mrs. Bains mana- from his wife and family. .., 5830 (Pr.) €< nasty disposition has undoubtedly -THE MEAT A -- 1 July CLEARANCE ^ CARNIVAL •» Dick Tvram Entire Stock SKIRTS JOt'S -CLOTH5S Reduced uUGS BUNNY VBK R0CORP \ NBW STICK A KITCHEN? SPOON IN TH 'WHIU6T TH' 00WL 6PINIS THE ELECTRIC AAXEK WHILE I 33!/3% SIGHT \t-i THE A.SIPPLE OF 0AKING CAKE/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Henhberger z.-'''- ^-s "^ 't%%?%2?., -^m. 1A£ -zZZ:^- - ^v*; SAVE! Ideal for School or Office Wear T-SHIRTS ALLEY OOP KADOOKUT NONSENSE M y ILLUSTRIOUS ,,,t'LLCUr FINISHED THESg TRfttPS T. M. R, B .'u. S. Pat. OH.' Copr. 1952 by NEA Stfrvic*. Inc. \ "It's high time you knew, Murcheson, that several of us in my department are sick and tired of your high-pressura ..', — .—I -» «nlAem;in«hln1" - " "" - — — Moore Bros. A salesmanship 1 SIDE GLANCES Py Golbrolth "The government wouldn't let us raise prices againr—80 we charge a buck to read the menul'X'^-- : CHRIS WELKIN, Ploheteer Serving You Since 1896 DIAL 7-4431 FREE DELIVERY When you check car' value the FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WEDNESDAY MORNING SPECIALS I TELL YOU /CAPTAIN RUBBUE, I'VE GET ANYONE YOU CANRND. HECTOR., WHiue L CALUTMe POLICE.' , ^ y FRESH HOME GROWN MONEY/ MURRV/ SENP THE SQUAD/ TOMATOES QUART SIZE m ^ MIRACLE WHIP 49 SHOW WAY FRESH HOME GROWN «^ •• PURPLE HULLS 3^27 GR|EN UABEL <_ j. ,. - 1 .y 9f^. ; 8* R. ri0fiiiii Motor Co, STARKISTTUNA2cans TURK WflUft^^Wr i FfcfSH COUNTtY f.

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