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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 16, 1935
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AH nation* before him «* *» And they HIM c»utit*fl (o him IMS than nothing-, '"•"' 5 • <<V *$^[^v(?^V Star : VOLUME 37 NlJMBER 8 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDJAY, OCTOBER 16,1935 Arkansas—Partly cldudy Wed nfcday night and Thursday. of Hope 18M; Press, 1027; JAlumtY 18, 1929. PRICE fife COP£ ASK Here and There •Editorial By ALE*. H. WASHBURN' BAR ITALIAN •sir iftr. T HE Amerkan Federation of Labor, in convention at Atlantic City today, calls Italy "an outlaw nation" and urges the United Slates to have nothing to do with her. Organized labor has n twofold grievance against Mussolini. Not only has the dictator stirred up a foreign war to imperil the lives of the common people, but at home he has ruthlessly crushed their individual rights. Newspaper renders will recall that ., , _ flit was Mussolini who started, and Hit- Tier who followed, the practice of stamping out voluntary organizations of free laboring men. In both Italy and Germany organized labor has been crushed—merely one of the grim consequences of dic- Uitorship—but it was Italy whose dictatorship blazed the wny back to the Dark Ages; and labor can neither forgive nor forget. Wrong Italy may be in her dream of [ope Bobcats Hit jght Arkadelphia Team; Win 55 to 0 Roll Over Helpless Clark County Squad by 22 First Downs to 3 BRIGHT, POINT MAN Substitute Back Scores 3 of Hope's 8 Touchdowns Tuesday Night Tile Hope High School football learn romped to a 55-to-O viclory here Tuesday night against a lighter Arkadelphia squad. It was one of the worst defeats a Hope team has handed an opponent in years. Practically the entire squad of some 30 Hope players saw action. Hope scored in every quarter except the fourth, when -second and third string players took the field. Hope made 22 first downs to 3 for African conquest, but labor would not be human if the wrong Italy has worked upon her people at home did not weigh equally heavy in the counsels of the Convention at Atlantic City. X! X X That Atlantic 'City convention, by the way, has its own special dangers to avoid. American labor is organized by individual crafts, nftcr the fashion of the iincicnt Flemish and English guilds. Machinists arc put in one union, carpenters in another—although they may he working side by side in the same factory. The proposal which is disrupting the Atlantic City convention is to abolish the craft unions and reorganize labor by industries, having all the members of one industry—automobile, for instance—belong to one Salesman Held Up on Fulton Road » _... ---- - ------* T. W. Nicol, Little Rock Traveler. Is Hijacked for $42 Is Flagged Down by Man Lying in Road Feigning He Is 111 or Hurt UNCOVER NO CLUES Robbery 10 Miles West of Hope Keeps Officers Busy Over Tuesday Night An unidentified bandit held up and robbed a traveling salesman who gave his name as T. W. Nicol, of the Zip Manufacturing company of Litflc Rock, late Tuesday afternoon on the Hope-FuJUon road and escaped with $42 in cash. Nicol immediately reported to Hope officers, and bloohounds from Prcs- cott were rushed to the holdup scene, but they were unable to pick up the bandit's trail. Apparently the robber caught a ride on the highway and escaped in the direction of Texarkana. Officers worked on the case until 2 a. m. Wednesday without success. Taken In by IUi?e Nicol told Sheriff Jim Beardcn that | he was en route to Texarkana when he saw a man lying on the highway waving for him to stop. Believing the Lottery Charges Are Filed Against Local Suit Club Operators Charges of conducting a lottery have been filed against Roy Johnson, Matthew Reaves, W. T. Gorham and R, L. Gosnell, it was learned Wednesday. The charges, filed by Deputy Prosecuting Attorney P. T. Staggs, grew out of operation of suit clubs conducted by Reaves The Clothier and Gorham & Gosnell. The municipal court clerk's office said that warrants had been served and that a hearing would probably be held next week. Complaining witnesses were not listed. 7 Cases Heard in Municipal Court Minor Charges Disposed of, While Others Are Set for October 23 ..,.,. ™ ... , . ,, | But the industrial union idea, long ha( , bccn Qver Qr had ,_ Arkadelphia The visitors cracked the 8dvocate d, i.s si ill opposed by Ihe ma- | dcnl bccn ^ h , , Hope 20-yard line only once and that | jol . ily of A . F . O f L leaders. [brought his automobile to a hall, was in Ihe final period. j industrial unionization would take ' ; Vasco Bright, 145-pound substitute > a great many small unions and make halfback, proved to bc Ihe biggest j them over in'lo a few big unions. threat against the visitors. Bright jde^three c( thi?,, .Bobcat'^, eight clowns, two of them on yard passes. He scored again on a 28-yard run through the line. Breaks Up Passes He brake up Arkadclphia's main offensive by intercepting pass after puss. When most of the regulars left the game in the third quarter Bright was switched from halfback lo quarter. Bigness has a •jr i.----™, certain .dnngotv.... 25 and Th c craft unions certain value—and a are' immediately mfm suddcnly jumpcd t 0 his feet, pistol in hand and told Nicol to move over. The robber got in beside Nicol and commanded him to drive. Tb«l was about 10 miles west of Hope, Apparently a stranger in this sec-' lion, the ba'ndit appeared .nervous as they ncarccl the Fulton to'll bridge. He have to bo delegated. One bad move cl . dcrc( j Nicol to stop . 1|lt] turnaround, by the leaders mighl bring dcstruc- j Njcol suid thc robbcr threatened him with thc gun, so obeyed orders. They drove ca.-il toward Hope responsible to thc membership. In the larger industrial union authority would tion. American labor recalls what happened in England—greatest of labor organization countries—in 1926. Eng- He directed thc-team like n veteran and ocassionally went back to punt and pass. Curgile. thc blond speedster, made several long runs and accounted for Iwo touchdowns. Coach Hammons jerked his ace carrier in thc second quarter to give reserve players a chance. Cnrgile went back into the game in' thc last half, ripped off several long runs and again was benched as Hope had a 28-point lend as tin- third quarter opened. Ponder, Slroud, Burr, Spears, Jones, Gibson and others saw action in the bnckficld and played well when given an opportunity. The Bobciit line, heavier by 15 | ( mlll , pounds to thc man than Arkudelphiu, was n stone wall to the visitors. The Badgers scldoi.i mode a gain through thc line, resorting mostly to passes which did not click. Thc Bobcats started scoring early. An exchange- of punts gave- Hope thc ball on thc visitors 30 soon sifter thc opening quarter. Runs of Cargilc and Ponder placed the boll on thc two- yard line where Ponder plunged over for the first score. S'troucl kicked for extra point. Out of eight attempts (Continued on page three) lish labor had so concentrated its power in a few hands that it conceived thc iiudaciuu.s idea of attempting direct action against thc British government by calling u general strike. It is wrong, of course, for any private group, whether of capital or of labor, to resort to direct action in violation of the right of thc rest of the for about three miles and then Ihe bandit ordered Nicol to turn into a side road. They drove into the woods •iboiit 200 yards off the hiphway where • he robbcr searched the automobile, "aking a traveling bag filled with clothing. He then took Nicol's wrist- wntch and his purse of $42. Returns His Watch The bandit ordered Nicol back into the car and told him "not to stop people to be given a full hearing. As thc result of that English disaster in 192C the Labor party collapsed and thc British government passed rc- scrictivc laws which set back thc cause of labor by a decade. Thc Atlantic City convention has its j (o (ho holdup scene where the travel- eye trained on that experience, and ing bay and al j ils contents wore thc craft unions will probably con- found , Thc bandit hnd disappeared, apparently walking back to thc high—— way where he caught a ride. Nicol said thc man was wearing until you get to Hope." As Nicol drove away the bandit hurled the wrislwatch into the car, telling him he could keep it. | Nicol reported to thc sheriff's office. ! Bloohounds were rushed here, taken Miller Co. Sheriff Closes Up Office All Deputies Are Dismissed to Conform With Initiated Salary Law blue overalls, had about a week's growth of beard, long black hair and weighed about 160 pounds. He was about 5 feet nine inches tall. No trace of the bandit had been found lute Wednesday afternoon. Seven minor municipal court cases were heard Wednesday by Judge W. ^K. Lcmley. The results: Earl Nelson, assault and battery, plea of guilty and fined $5. Foster Curtis, drunkenness, fined $10 on plea of guilty. ' L. W. Lee and W. L. Cornelius forfeited $10 cash bonds for drunkenness. Justine Williams, disturbing the peace, fined $5. Arthur Milus, drunkenness, fined $10 on plea of guilty. A charge of drunkenness against Tom Nelson was "continued to' October 23. Charges of gaming against 17 Hope negroes, arrested in a scries of raids Saturday and Sunday, were continued I until October 23. A charge of possessing liquor against Viola McFaddin was also continued. Million Dollars Released for Road !Jobs in Arkansas [Million for Highways, and ; % Million to End Gradei Crossings 36 MILLION IN U. S. •Relief Funds-Allotted to 41 States by U. S. Bureau of Public Roads Ethiopians Strike Somaliland WASHINGTON.- (#>) —The Bureau of Public Roads released Wednesday J3G.274.750 in relief funds for highway and grade-crossing-climination construction. The bureau announced that it had tpproved highway projects from 41 states and the District of Columbia totaling $27,557.700. .' It also approved grade-crossing- tlimination works in 27 stales totaling $,717,050. ; The projects approved included for Arkansas: '> Public highways $948,500; grade Crossings ?2G8,000. List This Week • LITTLE ROCK—(/P)—Secretary Roy Spencc of the State Highway Com- rtiirsion said Wednesday that the list of highway and grade-crossing projects approved by the U. S. Bureau of Public Roads in Washington would probably be received here before the end of the week. Refuses to Swear Claim to a Child General Sibert, of Panama Fame, Dies BOWLING GREEN, Ky.—(/P)—Major General William L. Sibert, 75, soldier and engineer, famed for his services in the construction of thc Panama Canal, died ;il his country home near here Wednesday after a long illness. FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: nto. u.». PAT, on. Mix IVIlb. in Face of Claim of Unmarried Mother TEXARKANA, Ark.—(/}')—The Miller county sheriff's department ceased to function in principle Wednesday and law enforcement faced a standstill under provisions of thc county's initiated salary act stipulating that, sal- j aries and expenses of that office in no event shall exceed !IO per cent of its gross receipts. The situation reached a climax Wednesday and Sheriff Tom release of the entire deputize! force. Not only will the sheriff be deprived of his deputies but lie will be com- j~j " Mu t identified herself as a pareiYi polled to serve until the first of thc j O f t | lc . child whose motherhood is year without salary, shouldering Ihe . claimed by Anna Ware, an unwed load of law enforcement alone, al lhci SUV unt girl from Newlown, Pa. same time maintaining the custody of' prisoners in the comity jail. Power Company to Resist TVA Move Memphis Can Nob Support Duplicate Systems, Private Firm Contends MEMPHIS, Tcnn.-(/P)—Thc Memphis Power & Light Co. Tuesday protested the city's proposed contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority. The company charged that the community con not supporl a "duplicate" electric dislrimuting system, that the city's survey as lo ils distribution needs was "inadequate and insufficient," and thai the duplication in systems "inevitably would result in surcharges upon TVA resale rules for electric service to thc city of Memphis or its citizens." The protpst added that the action by the city would jeopardize the company's investment in electric properties, system and facilities. Under terms of a contract, approved by the city Water and Light Com- , mission and tentatively approved by SllUShail Admits NeW York Mayor Watkins Overton, the city Dep()sits Were a Political Fund Zenge Admits He Murdered Rival Attorneys Claim He Was Insane When He Mutilated, Killed Dr. Bauer CHICAGO-(/P)-On a theory of severe emotional shock, culminating in a sudden fit of madness, thc defense stakerl Tuesday its hopes of saving Mandcville W. Zcngc from conviction for thc mutilation-slaying of Dr. Walter J. Bauer. The stategy of thc young Missour- inn's attorney was disclosed at a surprise conference in the chambers of Presiding Judge Cornelius J. Harrington, where they announced acceptance of "the state's claim that Zenge performed thc emasculation which cost Dr. Bauer's life." Home town witnesses, intended to present u picture of Zenge so wrapped in his love for Louise Shaffer, who later became Bauer's wife and widow, that "he suffered a severe emotional shock when she married," then began testifying. Long Kept Slush Fund in Wall St. Rnokn Down ; wullld bc fur » ishcd WA. power for JDdCKb JJUWU resale at standard TVA rales. The protest was filed with Mayor Overtoil and his City Commission as they met Tuesday afternoon to prcve the contract. LOUIS, Mo.-(/|>)--Two months I ,„ ., rc f cron(Ium G , cctiun li)st ycnri n reached a climax Wed- afu . r s|l( , ,, aill , (1 thc , hirlh of ., son UH ., ••• necessitated action by .. m f ,. l)m Gotl ," Mrs , Ncllio TipUm ™ L ™V™« Se-wcll which included Muc ,, c h Tuesday refused from the V*. ' witness sland lo claim the infant us her own. It was Ihe second lime she Arkansas Claims in River draw on your iuiagluatlott for sketchy ideas. to File Suit Agai Tennessee in Supreme Court of U. S. LITTLE ROCK—Attorney General trial at Mexico, Mo., accused of par> ticipulmg in the 1931 kidnaping of Dr. ; Isaac D. Kelley, wealthy St. Louisian. ! Mrs. Muench, sister of a state 'Supreme •Ceui-l judge, failed, cither accidental- j ly or deliberately, to enumerate Ihe baby us u member of her family. She ' was acquitted of Ihe kidnaping. ( Mrs. Mucnch appeared in court Tuesday as one of thc respondents in.. habeas corpus action brought by Mis. 1 Ware t» regain posscsison of her infant, claimed by her to bc in thc Mucnch home. Both she and her husband. Dr. Ludwig O. Mucnch, refused to answer when asked by lawyers if to 1, for a bond excess of $9,000,000 for erecting or purehusing a municipal distribution system for TAV power, to bc brought to Memphis from Wilson Dam ut Muscle Shoals, and later, from the TVA power pool at Pickwick Dam. Mayor Overton had announced he- was ready lo open negotiations in an effort to purchase distribution facilities of thc Memphis Power & Ligh Co. NEW ORLEANS, La.—(/P)—The de- ap- feiise contention thai alleged rebate:'paid Abe L. Shuthan, political lieutenant of the late Huey P. Long win i.s on trial in federal courl here for alleged income tax evasions, were in (ho nature of "political contributions.' bobbed up again Tuesday, featuring ;i series of developments that marked the Mother of E. E. seventh day of the trial. As the government proceeded will- its effort to establish Ihe accusation that Shushuii evaded payment of approximately ?5!i,()00 taxes on ureessec \inrtported fross iiv.-ome of $448.000 foi the years 1929-33. the day's testimony | produced the following developments | An effort on the part of the govcrn- ' meat to show that withdrawals from !« New York bank account muinluinoc : by Ihe defendant went for other than French and British Seek Boycott Aid; Ethiopia Strikes Dutch Colonel and Ethiopians Head Two Armies Invading Somaliland U. S. LABOR SPEAKS, Italy "an Outlaw Nation" A..F. of L. Declares at ; Atlantic City PARIS, France— (fi>)— Offioials , dis* closed Wednesday that France and Great Britain are asking If the United States is willing to restrict its imports from Italy in case such sanction' against Premier Mussolini is applied by. the League of Nations. These same authorities stated that a similar question is being asked of the other powers, including Germany, Japan and Brazil, which are not members of the League. Italy Ftlayed by Labor ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.—(#)—The , American Federation of Labor declared Italy "an outlaw nation" Wednesday and urged the countries of the world to deny her financial and commercial assistance in the Ethiopian conflict. Polic^.Department Requests New Car Purchase Referred by City Council to Board of Public Affairs ,^ Purchase of a new automobile for the police department was recommended by Alderman L. A. Keith in a short session of thc city council Tuesday afternoon. The proposal asked that thc present police car be traded in on the new automobile. The matter was referred to thc Board of Public Affairs for further consideration. A bill for $582.30 for purchase of new hose for thc fire department was ordered paid. Routine matters were discussed and the meeting adjourned to allow members of the council to attend the Hope- Arkadelphia football game Tuesday night. Borah to Battle Eastern Leaders Idaho Republican Believed to Be Frankly Bidding for Presidency WASHINGTON— (/P)— The Washington Post says Senator William E. Borah has "moved a step closer toward cnterting the Republican presidential fight" with the declaration that he intends to do vcrything he can to rally public sentiment against Eastern domination of thc party's coming presidential campaign. A Post correspondent who obtained un interview with the Idaho senator at Bois, said: "Senator Borah is determined to break up the strategy of Charles D. Hillcs, New York Republican national British Puslieh Showdown ^ GENEVA, Switzerland — (IP) — Anthony E&en of England backed energetically at the meeting of the economic sanctions committee of the League of Nations Wednesday a pro-. posal that League states buy nothing from Italy—but no decision was taken by the committee. The proposal was supported warmly s by,the Netherlands and Belgium.,'** , Sweden, Russia' ana Turkey also i favored it. _, .. Dutch Colonel in Action DJIBOUTI, French Somaliland, 5:50, p. m. Tuesday, delayed—(^PJ—Four- thousand Ethiopian tribesmen, led by Colonel Siwiank, Dutch veteran of the Boer war, have invaded Italian Somaliland and were reported Tues- i day to have advanced 45 miles. j Colonel Siwiank reported that he Mrs. Mary Nichols Enloc, senior ru- and his men went into ** Italian Canning^itchen, t VTT*11 f\ TT\ V^i 1 Will Open Friday Mrs. E. M. Webb to Begin Taking B p o k ings at; Kitchen Friday Morning' ; "S'l ral home supervisor, Resettlement Administration, for this county announces that the Hope canning kitchen is now ready for operation. Mrs. E. M. Webb will again have charge of the kitchen. She will be at the kitchen Friday morning from 8:30 to 12 and anyone wanting canning done, can see her at this time and book their canning with her. Thc negro kitchen at Hope is not yet open but plans are being made now to get it open within the next few days. colony at Dolo, near the Kenya frontier, and captured the town of Lugh. A second and larger force of Ethiopians crossed 'the Italian Somaliland frontier midway between Teolo and /the Webbe Shibeli river, occupying Oddur, about 65 miles south of the Ethiopian frontier. Native tribesmen are reported to be joining the invaders in support of old grievances against the Italians. ,'>.<•! Woman Held for Strange Plotting Copyright Associated Press ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—(^—Emperor Haile Selassie proclaimed Wednesday that Ethiopia is undefeated on any front. Ihe Italian occupation of Aduwa and Askum, he declared, was without military significance, the Ethiopians having withdrawn for special strategic reasons. Thc emperor asserted the Fascists were permitted to enter these cities on the northern front unopposed, that no decisive battle has yet been fought, i and that none would be until the Ital- Was Going to Use One Man's Estate to Catch Still Another One Jj ans appr oach Ethiopia's real defensive 1 positions in thc lowering mountains KANSAS CITY — (/P) - A blonde of thc interior. widowed cook with amazing matrimon- j . ial intention, slumped repentant in a jail cell Tuesday night while police examined the ingredients of this as- conunittecman, loaders." and other Eastern British Admiral Holds All Egypt serted concoction: A plan to wed a pool hall operator as her third husband. Pay $50 lo have him killed. Use his presumed estate lo pay for the slaying of a street car opcralors' wife. Then—marry the street car operator By (ho Associated Press An Italian advance on Makalc, toward the heart of Ethiopia, appeared to be imminent on the northern front of the African war Wednesday. On the front where thc Fascist forces have pushed relentlessly southward on the tread of lumbering tanks and the wings ot airplanes news came that the battle is impending. Meanwhile, Premier Laval of Franle, hhicf exponent of peaceful "fforts to Curl E. Builcy will ask thc Supreme child ever had been born of their Court of the United Stales at Wash- i marriage, ijigton Monday for permission lo file an original proceeding before that court to setlle a boundary controversy between Arkansas and Tennessee, involving several large islands in Ihe Mississippi river adjacent lo Mississippi county. Mr. Bailey will leave for Washing- .--- ..--.. _„„. Ion Saturday. He suid he was eon- 1 before the birth of her child. 'Jones j R- Austin of Forth Worth; two daugh- Miss Ware from the witness sland Tuesday identified Mrs. Mucnch as Ihe woman "she understood" had arranged to udupt the Ware baby before it was born. She suid she was taken for an automobile ride by Mrs. Munich and Wilfred Jones, a lawyer friend of Mrs. Muench, a few days Charges by thc government that the _ , records of Shufhan Brothers & Co . i Inc.. New Orleans mercantile firm HOWard County i beaded by the defendant, were "jug- Woman Buried at County '- cd " to conceal thL ' lrue tli >» usitiu » Being "Tied to Apron Strings" Copyright, Associated Press Line on Tuesday ot monies which i-l.argcs comprised ; tin. 1 prosecution portion of Shu- M'rs. Robert Austin, 79. mother of E. E. Austin of Hope, died Monday ;>l her home in County Line community, Howard county. Funeral services were held at Ihe County Line church, Tuesday. Burial was there. Surviving are four sons. E. E. Austin of Hope; J. H. Austin cf Daisy. W. C. Austin of Allus, Okla.; and C. fidcnt Tennessee authorities will wcl- (Coutinued on page three) has admitted arranging for adoption I ters, Mrs. W. H. Farley of Nashville, of the child, but said it was wanted ! *>nd Mrs. G. H. Coueland of Pledger, by ;i Memphis (Tcnn.) family. | Texas. (Continued on page threeJ - - . -«»«-• • — Claud Johnson Home on Vacation Period Claud Johnson, of thc claims division of the Interstate Commerce Coin- misiicn, Wa.-hinaton. D. C.. is home on vacation until the last of the month. Mr. Johnson has bccn visiting here, and his brother and sister in Washington, this county. Willie Johnson iinrl Mrs. PIMI.I Oy.lnvy. j ALEXANDRIA, Egypl — (XP) — Admiral Sir William Fisher, dictator of Egypt's first line of defense, directed Tuesday the biggest naval maneuvers yet held off Ihe shores of this ancient kingdom, as Egyptian politicians intensified their violent protests against being "tied to Great Britain's apron strings." While the political situation seemed drawing to a head with Premier Te\v- 1'ik Nesshim Pasha described in (he press as Ihe "puppet and tool .of Britain," for not insisting on Egypt's right to speak for itself in the matter ef sanctions against Italy, Admiral with whom she told police she became close vhc i u ; Uan campaign, was pie- so enamored thai she rode on his turc(I by his counlryniL . u as verging on street car just to look at him. | defeat "I must have been crazy," moaned | Mrs. Lotlic Crumlty, 34, discussing j Kalians March on llarrar the plot Police Detective John Bayliss j ITALIAN GENERAL HEADQVAR* said she detailed to him. |TERS. near Aduwa, (via Rome—Filed "I had no intention af marrying I a t 9.45 a . m . Tuesday)—M 1 )— New Ital- hcr," said the pool hall operator, whose ; ' lw advances from the Soulhvni Soma- lalc wife was nursed in her falal ill- j ij] a nd front were reported lo Gen. ness by Mrs. Crumley. lEmilio dc Bono, commander of thc I "Neither did I," echoed the street j Fascist Northern army. j ear operator, who asserted his present | These reports tuid troops which oc- i 12-year-old marriage remained a hap- ! cupicd Ge-rlogubi several days ago I py one and that Mrs. Crumley was "a moved on to Goruhe-i, in a drive to- pest." i ward Harrar. i "For u long time my only pleasure j The Ita'ian General staff hopes to I had been to ride en his strccl cur," Vqueizc the Ethiopians bctwcn Harrar j Mrs. Crumley said, "often from one and Makalc. General de Bono relurn- i end of Ihe line to the other. I would ; ed to headquarters Monday afternoon just sit and admire him." after receiving Ethiopia's key city of Thomas J. Higgins, chief of police Aksum, which fell Sunday. A small detectives, said Mrs. Crumley would combat was reported underway at not be released before Wednesday, i Omera el Eghir. He added, however, that she appear- ' Aduwa Booms ed to bc innocent of any overt act. : Aduwa is booming under the- Italian Mrs. Crumley, mother of a 12-year- domination, Prices have- soared to thc old son, said thc street cur operator P"'"' where Aduwans are becoming "told me repeatedly he would marry , ''millionaires"-"! 'hen- own me if it weren't for his wife." He- de- • Continued on PI-C thj-cc) 1 nie-d it. : Names of the mortorman and thc pool hall man were withheld. Mrs. Crumley was arrested Monday after a man told police she offered him $50 : to kill thc pool hall operator as soon i ;>jj lie became h?r husbmul. cstima- • vion. ! Newspapermen who want a bottle of beer are charged 10 lire for it. four [ times the cost of beer in Rome (a lire ;is valued at 8.1 cents). A flask of : wine is 40 lire, eight times its cost in (Coutinued on page three)

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