Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 12, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1896
Page 8
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The Newness That comes with each season's change of weather is; very ,< apparent in the amount of activity displayed among the * various departments in our store. All are engaged in re- ; new full assortments. Goods werenevrj - ANEWCHAIRMAN The, Democratic State Central Committee cevng . handsomer than this season. Prices were never so low- for new goocls. . , M New Dress Goods Are perfectly charming, Such varieties in elegant Noyel- ties both in black goods and colored effects have never before been shown in any store at such popular prices. j Double -width plaids and cheviots at 12Ji and 15 cents per yard.[Very cheap and very desirable for school dresses. ^Mohair bouche novelties aud Vigorous Figures at 30 cents a yard. Beautiful-color combinations 38 and B]ack di , cgg gllts and Ca i 0 red fahcy; 40 inches wide at 48 and 75 cents. colorod silks arc very pro uy in design: New brocaded novelties, Crepons, • ^^ coloring, and this season can be- French and English Serges, Crepe and; bougUt 7ery cuca p. Vrllll novelties, heavy Sicilians, etc., • worth much more. Drop in and take a look for yourself and see these and manyv more that are not mentioned. THE GOLDEN RULE, j THE GLOBE. . Is tho money saving institution oC LoRaiisport. It lightens the expenses of living by lessening the cost of necessities. New Fall Goods magnificent iu volume, variety and beauty rccelted' bought direct from the maun factor- ers, paid for all discounts saved, nnd'tn :,n sola .-it price llm creel, I houses can't match. The store jammed full o t clean, sparkling now goods, wh.cu ' it-Ill please everyone who sees them. We '•await your verdict. HEN'S SUITS .50 100 -Men's plain n.nd fancy cheviots worm ¥0.00, our price ..... . ...... ? 75 Men's black, blue finished worsted worth SS.OO, our price .......... . 100 Men's plain and fancy cassimcrc worth ?10.00, our price ........ ... <-W 100 Men's black and blue imported 'clay worsted worth ?13.00. our pncc 10.00 BOY'S SUITS. Boy's suits, all colors, good ' CttcrsJCrom 14 to 19 worth $0.00, our A MODEL PL\Y HOUSE. Detail's Remodeled—A Thing of Beauty-Opening Toniglr. .' 100 price 3.50 in tut. •« • - . 70 Boy's black, blue, aud fancy cheviots, well trimmed and made, ^ 5.00 .50 worth $7.50, om 1 price ; 1S5 Boy's black, blue, and fancy, imported worstcxl-equal to custom- ^ work, worth ?10.00, our price.,. ;• '-°' SCHOOL^ SUITS. 100'Tweed suits, good fitters, well made at $1, $1.50, worth ,?2.00 and. .$ 2,50 Boy's Scotch Tweeds, newest fall patterns ?2,50, $3.00 and ?3.50,wortu $4.00, $5.00, and '••- G '?°Knee pants, ages 4 to 15, special lot. ^ All wool Scotch cheviots worth COc./our price • ^ Corduroy, all colors, worth 75c, our price •••• -° Remember our stock is all new and we have all up-to-date novelties all onr goods are marked in plain figures, .strictly one price. *, o Misrepre- lenUtfon, come, see for yourself and b'e Convinced, what we say are fact., THE GLOBE. Strictly One Price Clothiers. CORNER FOURTH AND MARKET STREETS. A score of workmen were busy- lust, livening putting I' 11 -' finishing' touches lo 11i« oxiensivo iH!!>r"--.-r.ienls at Do- IjinV ojiL-ni IIDU.SL- iis ri!!idiiii!ss Jlor./ilii;- opcning tonight. Mr. Dolnu IwiS'-ex-. liendixl over six Hiousmitl dol'u.i'ti iuiin-' lirovcments, and the house w now onu. ot tin' finest in the. country,.ajmodel of ^-ood tiistc Miid convpuii'iice. ; It is diilicult to say wheru tin: Vlmng- os have been made. So complete isitlie •work that it is nil pr:ic.r.ifiilly new. Two- liuiulred upholstered b:ilcony '.chairs .h.-ivo been added, IncnwlpscciU elec-' trie lights with six "dimmers' 1 ,'are. new. Tlieru is a ncxv drop curtuin, prtlntcd by a St'.'Louis artisr, iuid all the stngu scenery is new. An immense box built over the stase p'ermits all scenery to be hoisted, giving moire room on the stage. The steps in thp.'nJsles have been done away with, ami.there; is a gradual slope. New curtains'adorn the boxes, aud the whole house is painted and decorated ime.w. A double entrance from Broiulw:iy has -been opened, a gradual rise 1'aklng the i heater 'goer 'almost to the theater-floor before he is aware of the" elevation: This passage way is long and broad, •and will hold two hundred people,; so that in waiting for the doors to open the first comers will not be exposcfl' to the elements. The house is a crcditto Logans-port , J "THE CRIME OF 187^." $2O.OO Will Buy a Good Winter Suit -OF- w. a CRAIG. 436 Broadway, Second FJoor. • SUNDAY SCHOOL .CONVENTION. •There will be a Sunday school convention held at Center _, Presbyterian church in Jefferson township, Sunday, ,Sent. 270i, at 2:30 p. in. Following is 'the program: A song or more from each, school, and a; report from each school in the township. After that there will be one subject for discussion: ''The Sunday Scliool—the Nation's Defense."' i . '> •'| '•! !> .H'i 7 ni TI WH! JOSEPH VANATTA, Township President. Oysters in bulk.—Keystone. Counts oysters In bulk.—Rothermel, The best baking powder and flavoring extracts In tbu world at Ben Fisher's drug store. ,Wantecl,-A servant at 210 Eighth, street. Must come well recommended. No washing or ironing. '.• Mrs. N. A. Jieck ot the Ktistend has-' - returned from a visit with her 'hus-, band who Is located In South Qbicngo. Hon. AV. T. Wlsoa spoke yesterday at Bunkor mil. Miami coanty. He had, «'big crowd and nn enthusiastic meet-, Ing. •ty'auted—Good men to work insurance-. Call 'In the forenoon and even- ings.—rmdontinl Insurance Company, 326% Market si root. Tuesday Is Children's day at the .State fair, and the schools or Indianapolis and the surrounding country for many : milcs are suspended for the day^ and from 7:00 a. m., nntll dark drives them honie, the grounds will be .1 seething, moving 'mass of happy children, all the guests of the State board.. There is no happier day for .the ordinary child than the dny at the State fair. - . The rimros locally has refrained from any mention of the resignation of Hon. Eufus Magee from the, Democratic State Central committee. In'its last evening's issue, however, Lu Its telegraph columns on the first page, speaking of Chairman'Holt's resignation, it says: "Holt also read the resignation of Rufns Magce. Magee simply stated that he could not bring himself to the support of the principles enunciated by the Chicago platform, and deemed !t rndent to resign as a member of the committee." , SENT ' IT TO HIS MOTHER IN . ' .- GERMANY, •, ' .. Mr. Jacob Esbonsen, who is in the employ of the Chicago Lumber Co., at Des Molnes, Iowa, says: "I have just ,sent some medicine back to my mothier ;lu the old country, that I know from personal use to be the best medicine in Ui'e world for. rheumatism, having used It Iu my family for several-years. It Is called Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It •jirtvays does the work." 50 cent bottles-'for-sale -by B. F. Keesling, druggist. :. • . .' 1'resh pork sausage and s-pare ribs at Fresh pork sausage:—Rothermol. Evidence Showing Where-.the Pharos Got Its Story. The Phiiros publishes :ui affidavit on the subject of the "Crime 'of.JSTS" which like the Forsythe story haa very uncertain antecedents. The ^affidavit was clipped from a work entitled- "The Populist- Compendium—References for Reformers," and appears on ,the OGth pnge of that, work, whicl>'--was'; : pub- lishcd. at Auburn, Indiana, in, 1894;:It is thus apparent tbat the Pharos: is preaching sound Populistic doctrine; As a matter of history the; coinage act of 1873-was introduced in. 1870, .discussed three years 1 'and passed. after due deliberation. It .was a .wise act and was a correct step towarcl reoV.b!- rwiraJllsm, which is the use \ of-'- two metals at a parity. T'he 'law was-considered by, five 'different sessions : 6f .the Senate and House, and the reports-on It and discussions fill nearly v. eighty pages of the Proceedings of-the House It simply declared a condition, -which had existed ever since '1S34,; and for that renson attracted little public:comment . , ... ,.-' ( RAILROAD MEN'S R>LLY.i Big Demonstration September.-.16 at Opera House 1 . ? The Railway Men's club will bold its nest public -.meeting at Dolan's- opera house Wednesday, Sept.' ICth, at 8 p. m., on .Which :occa- siolTMr. J. T. Brooks^ •; second-i vice president of the Pennsylvania lines west of Pittsburgh will address the people on-the Issue, of the campaign By order of tho President. , '. - A. F. HOCIvEN,BEAMEK/, • ' '•• . Secretary A -horse thief rode, off a horse ovroct by Stern Bros, -.Thursday, .'night;,' tut loosed the animal later,: ahd r it was found nud returned ; to the stable '-on Erlo,-avcnue"ye.sterday fofon'oon 1 . , The • robber is known, as he. ;was ; . recog nlzcd. The police of. .the city., mode:: a long search Cor -the' horse <rad '• thief without success:' ' " ; Attempts a Reorganization at This Late Day. Parks M. Martin is Chosen Indiana Chairman. State committee, at 12:30 o'clock yesterday elected Parks M. Mnrlin,"of Speucei-, Owen county, chalrnmn; to succeed Sterling R. Holt, resigned. The' uew chairman is .the member of Hie State committee from he'-Second district, and is an "original" free" sllv'e'r man. He hns been Cor nuiny years a. well-to-do farmer in Owen county. He is now the- clerk of the Owen County Circuit court aud chairman of the Democratic County committee. He is a large, heavy-set man, with a black mustache and a. pleasant manner. Martin is a comparatively new man In State politics, but those who'know him best believe he lias; iu liini-tlie-iiiaking of a good chairman. •I,.will take up the tangled thread inmiedlntely," lie said, just after his election, "and hope to be able to have things moving again by tomorrow. I will appoint an entirely new committee: and will endeavor to have the appointments rendy for Hie public to- li^-ht. T am anxious to get the party machinery moving at once. Until 1 have held a consultation I can not announce the names of any of the men tlKiit. will be upon.the committee." ' It may bo new.s to some to know that the Democratic State.Cciitral committee has not been able to even start a campaign. Tho new chairman made his first ap- pieanmce at the State committee rooms a.t 2 o'clock. He found It necessary to yet- together some furniture before he could begin work. On account of the lack of committee funds, the old chairman had to furnish with money from iijs own pocketbook the chairman's room at headquarters. Yesterday morning early Mr. Holt had all his furniture moved train the big room, and Mr. Martin, upon arrival, looked upon a bare room. The only indications that j,t Iwd been occupied recently were piles of waste-paper here :iud there. The election of a. successor to Chairman Holt only partially patches up tho broken organization. The resignations up to this time have been as follows: : ^Sterling R. Holt, .chairman of the State, committee. Rufus Magee, member of the State committee from the Eleventh,district. William B. Kclley, presidential elector In' the-Tenth district. •Charles F. Picl/of the Seventh district, member of the executive committee. .Tallies L. Keaeh, Seventh, district, member of the executive committee. Harry B. Smith, Eleven.1;li district, member of tho executive committee. George Ford, Thirteenth district, member of tho executive committee. ..The State commi-ntee has no authority to fill vacancies on.the committee, and v so the successor to Rufus 'Magee will have to be filled by the county chairmen' of the Eleventh district. The same applies'to flic.vacancy made by .the resignation of William E. Kelley, the Tenth district elector. Wait ': BOUBKE COCHKAN COMING. i'Hon. Bourke Cochrau, the distinguished New Ycrk orator who recently "declared for sound mousey aud McKinley, will reach Ix>gaiisport this after- ; noon at 1:10 o'clock, on the Panhandle, enroute.to Chicago, where lie speaks tonight-.before the Democratic Sound Money. club. The Railroad Men's Sound Money .club has Invited him to speak at the station while the train is waiting here, and it is likely that be "will comply. TWO FREE BOOKS. |l;; i'be;. Pe-ru-na 'Drug Manfacturing Company of Columbus, Ohio, will send free for a short time two of Dr. Hartman's latest medical pamphlets, entitled Chronic Malaria and 1 Female .Hand-Book. They are. very readable and full-of .instruction. -Send name nind, address at once. . Pe-ru-na .cures -.chronic malaria and all low: states- of -.the nervous system. For Announcement of Grand Opening. ALL NEW GOODS. Berwanger Bros & Co., Successors to HARRY FRANK 'To Be Sure. The best line of neckwear iu the city -Morris Fisher, the hatter. "JOHN" IB A GOOD LIAR. "At the Panhandle shops hero only six out of over fifty workmen joined the gold club. The others may get it in the neck for refusing, but they arc determine*! not to swallow the gold swindle—they've- been taking it too long already."—Logsmsport letter in the Pul.'iski County Democrat signed John, dated Sept. 4. Wiruamac Republican: la answer to this an Inquiry in the deportment mentioned shows tliat about forty men are employed in this shop and over oue- t-hlrd of them joined the Sound Money Club in the shops of their own free will. No one has ever intimated to 'tihcm that they should join tiro club or vote for McKinley or suffer the consequences and-'much more no one will ever hold sucli a club over them!" The total membership of the Railway Men's club a.t the last exact report was 007. Of these 201 were Democrats. The shopmen, with the exception of a very few who have not been asked to join and who are not expected to realize that sound money Is their •hope, are enthusiastic workers in the club. MAY CLASH ON GOLD MINES. A special from) Washington says: There is a. strong 'probability that unless more haste is exercised by the State Department in beginning an actual settlement of the Alasfciar.. boundary question! serious complications may result between the United States .and Great Britain. The .'icUou of the Canadian surveyors tost .week in locating the 141st meridian so -is to throw 200 gold mines including the richest placer mines-of 'Alaska contained in a strip.from tliree to eight miles wide, into Canadian territory, is likely at any time to preslp- itole such a conflict .of authority as cannot be ignored by the home government. These mines -T.ro operated by Ameri• cans, .thousands of whom have gone to the Alaskian fields since, the discovery of gold, and they wlli/not submit to the stricter rules anil^regulatlons proscribed by the mounted police, who will attempt to take charge ,.of the disputed territory on the stefengtli of the report made by Surveyor\6gllv!e that the land is on the Canadian side. The -officials of the State Department do not recognize Ogllvte's survey as In ,any way binding upon the United States, and no concessions will be made upon the KireogLh of Ills conclusions. Republican Meetings. Republican speakings-will be held at the following places in Cass county,: Saturday'evening, Sept 12, Winter- gi-ecn school house, Adams township, Mayor George P. McKee, George Gamble. Saturday evening, Sept 12, Galloway school bouse, Q. A. Myers. Monday evening. Sept 14, Metea, Geo. W. Steele, W. T. Wilson, .T. G. Meek. Tuesday evening, Sept. 15, Young America, Geo. W. Steele, W. T. Wilson, J. B. Smith. , Wednesday evening, Sept 10, Gal-^ veston, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice. E. B. McConnelL Thursday evening, Sept 17, Walton, Geo. W. Steele, D. B. McConnell, Claud Bishop. Friday evening, Sept IS, Center school house, Washington township, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, Geo. Walters. Saturday evening. Sept 19, Twelve Mile, Geo. W. Steele, Geo. Funk, Mayor McKee. Monday evening, Sept 21, Waverly, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Mayor McKee.'.. ....... Tuesday evening, Sept 22, Clymers, Geo. W. Steele, .D. C. Justice, W. T. Wilson. Wednesday.evening, Sept 23, .West Sand Ridge school house, Noble township, Geo. W. Steele, Col. Cromer, Frank Swigart Tliursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne, Geo. W. Steele, Q. A. Myers, Geo. Funk. 'Thursday evening, " September 24th, Pleasant Valley school -house, Deer Creek township, D. C. Justice. ; Friday evening. Sept 25, Calloway school house, Jefferson township, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, "Frank Swlgart •Saturday evening, Sept. 2G, Royal Ccuter/Geo. W. Steele. Q. A. Myers, D. B. McConnell. JOHN K. 'SVILSON AT PERU. John R. Wilson of Indianapolis addressed the Sound Money .Democratic Club of Peru Inst evening. There was a rousing meeting with a number of Logausport Democrats in attendance. The sound morioy-' Democratic campaign, will be opened in this city in a week or ten days : w!th a big- Democratic rally. The Popocratlc vote iu this city is estimated at 500, but the re- .turns' will show n«lei» purnber of Bryan' supporters.' Democrats gcn- •craliy have recognised the folly of 10 to 1 when the commrrclal ratio is 32 to 1 and are refusing to vote for an attempt to give tho mine owners .100 cents for every 50 cents worth of bullion, they turn out. ' 1 Attend the auction.sale, of household poods at Mrs. ,M/MjieiiV<5l'p. SIC West Market street Saturday. Sept. 12th., New Tork Counts.—Keystone. '' SPECIAL MEETING. : Gotthardt Lodge No. 547,1.0. 0. F.- All members of Gotthardt lodge No. 047 are urged" to be present at special meeting Saturday evening at"3-o'clock, to make arrangements for the funeral of our lure Bro. Joha Wilts. Other lodges of Odd Fellows are also invited. , JOHN WO13LFEB, N. G. C. W. BURG MAN, Sec'y. CAN'T UK BEAT. When Quality and Perfect Shaped Shoes Are Considered. First-Our new dark brown genuine vici kid. patent calf, trimmed lace, hand welt $ 4 -°° Second—Our new No. 13 Savoy toe, heavy sole, kid, lace and button, school shoos equal to many $3:50 shoes, *•- f> ">ft for *~ M Third—Our new coin toe, calf vaaip, k:a rop, button or lace,' a nice dressy shoe for school, only -"fS-OO '• rourtli-^ur new style welt shoes, excellent vnlue, warranted, only.$2.25 Fifth—Our-genuine vici kid .button, ccv style, patent, - calf; trimmed, only ..-' •••'• S 1 " 50 Sixth—Our women's rubber sandals, which we will sell for ...:..'.... .10c 1 Seven th>—Our women's storm rubbers vre will sell- at 23c Eighth—Men's rubbers we : will sell - . • • ... f?Q/> at ..-.,-..:..'-•••••' '• • • •" Filling's shoe house, 412 Broadway, Logansport, Ind.

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