Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 15, 1935 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 15, 1935
Page 3
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w-®$<" > ,-YI", «<?(%¥.^^m, %;, •> .:.;!(, . . A>?< x f'l^i^wVv' >> , * <?/• , i itfra. tint Henry When the night grows still, nnd the • vibrant day Hns folded her curtains down, 'A,"Spirit moves on thc brooding dnrk With n .shining silvery crown; In-hut and hovel the Spirit moves, And palaces of renown. It moves through thc haunts of '.'.troubled men Where their souls in anifui.sh bow M the throne of God unti pray rclcnse From n cross too hard to hcnr; Tho Presence hovers nnd lays a crown Oil each anxious mortal's brow. And frngrnncc sweet, as a new-blown > rose Ai)d us incense fills the nir, Tlv? frnngrancc of faith in the souls »of men Eicflrc;»scd in n midnight prayer. It fays; Wherever lhe troubled call Ilic Lpirit of Peace is there. And we think 'twere well could (ho ' sons of men, Sei'ktHK their souls' release In in baffling fifiht with a fabled fate. Bid nil their conflicts cease, Aitil tisk iiloiie for that boon most vblest, Th' incomparable boon (if Peace. —Selected. The Paisley P. T. A. will have a called meet ing at .'t:.'iU Wednesday afternoon at Paisley school. It •--•> ™ The American Legion Auxiliary will meet Wednesday afternoon «t 2:30 at the home of the pri*ildtnt, Mrs. M. M. McClouiihnn, East Second street. It is urged that each member try and Ladies'Night at East 2d St. Arena One Guest to Be Admitted Free With Each Paid be pre.tent, as the trip to Little Rock Ticket Thursday on Friday will be discussed, ns there . ' will be n prl/.e for the auxiliary with T1)c first )ndlcs - n i ght profirnm to be the biggest representation. Members hcld flt thc American Legion arena, Telephone 821 arc also urged to bring dues. The Clara Lowthorp chapter C. of C. will meet at 4 o'clock, Thursday afternoon at the home of Miss Frances Enydrr on West OSccond street, with Miss Mary Hnyne.f as joint hostess. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. G. Williams hael ns Monday luncheon guests, Mrs. C. B. Wnndclohr and Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Dunn cnroute from Sherman, Texas, to lucky. their home in points in Ken- V»r All Kinds of INSURANCE Sec Roy Anderson anil Company The Bay View Heading club will meet nt 3 o'clock, Wednesday afternoon at thc home of Mrs. E. E. White North Louisiana street, with Mrs. T. R. Billlngsloy as joint hostess. Miss Mamie Twilchel) will lead the program on the Colonial Period of American Literature. The Woman's Missionary Society ol the First Methodist church met in regular monthly session on Monday afternoon at the church, with the president, Mrs. Frank Stanley presiding. The meeting opened with the Missionary song, "Oh, Zion. Haste," followed by a most helpful devotional by Dr. Rrcd R. Harrison, Pastor. Dr. Harrison used as his theme for dis- j cussion and application, "Exalting the I Church Above Other Organizations," 1 with scripture reference from tile lllh verse of thc 6th chapter of Nehemiah. A btnuliful vocal selection, "Whisper East Second street is scheduled for Thursday night, Promoter Bert Mauldin announced Tuesday. With each paid adult admission one woman guest will be admitted free. The card this week will bring together Scotty McNaught, probably thl most scientific grappler to appear here In months, and thc "Black Dragon," masked mcanic who has proven to be very unpopular with local fans. "The match between McNaught and thc Dragon is something thc fans have been osking for, and I am pleased to bring them together," Promoter Mauldin said. The Dragon has appeared here twice in consecutive weeks, winning over Barney Cosneek and George Ligosky. McNaught's work here last week against Ralph "Wild Red" Berry proved that he was capable of taking care of himself against thc best of light heavyweights. McNaught all but won over Berry, the match finally ending in a draw. In thc feature event this Thursday Bob Montgomery of Hot Springs, is matched with "Speedy" Schatfcr, n newcomer. TlTeNew~Deal (Continued from page one) lice had sent from Washington to oppose him. to a.sk what business lie had a Prayer In thc Morning," was given , in , M J S caS[ , involving reorganization by Miss Mary Louise Keith, aceom- c ( American States Public Service Co., panicd by Miss Harriet Story. Dur- . mcl Io SU gge.st more cr le.ss delicately ing the business period, reports were ( | 1(U ,| 1C w i,,,] c proceeding was a given from all departments, and tha r rnmcup . president stressed thc Week of Prayer j ft e j t |, cr Chief Counsel John J. for thc first week in November, ap- I n, ums o f SEC nor Thomas Corcoran, pointing Mrs. D. B. Thompson as pro- ' ,-, jr thc government, actually cried gram chairman. 2 Thc district meeting opprobrious names at thc dis- C.cl (lie World on a CROSLEY 'All-Wave RADIO Tubes TcsUd 1'rec Houston Electric Shop to be held in Prescott on Thursday. '• tj n ' gu j s hed Mr. Daivs. But the effect October 17. was announced, with Mrs. j w;i} . nc ., r tn . lt| which was what caused Sam Warmack named as transporta- [ jy[ r D., V J S | o complain of suggestions tion chairman. The Mission study was | wn j cn "would have been offensive to announced for the last week in Oc- : lnc c ljg n jt v o £ a police court" and of tober. The zone meeting with the lo-| !in " Unw orthy. undignified, and con- NEW DRESSES Just Received From the Markets Silks and Wool Knits.... Ladies Specialty Shop His weakness was diamonds . . . and Lillian Russell . . . see this famous Broadway character of the gay 90's, "Diamond Jim," starts Sunday at— cal society as host was announced for Thursday, November 14. Mrs. W. G. Allison in her characteristic manner announced the beginning of a cam- temptible presentation." Lr.mc Aid for Government The Baltimore case, in which counsel for trustees and Dr. Lautcnback palgn for subscriptions to "The World a pp ( . nl - t 0 as k Judge Colcman to give Outlook." The meeting closed with a hymn, followed by praylr by Mrs. R. M, Briant. Mrs. Thomao M. Anderson, who has been thc guest of her mother, Mrs. Marie McCorklc nnd other relatives and friends for the past three weeks left Sunday for Texarkana. where sht will be joined in their return to their home in Augusta, Ga. Mrs. C! C, Nash of tJallas, TeAas; was the Monday night guest of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. T, A. Middlebrooks. Lieutenant Edward Schooley of thc Hamburg CCC camp, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Schooley. Oak Grove Mr. and Mrs. Willie Putman spent Sunday with her father Mr. H. M. Ross. Mi. and Mrs. Roy Miillins and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Frank Mullins and family. Miss Catherine Ross spent Tuesday night with her sister Mr. and Mrs. Lee England of Shover Springs. Mr. Garry Tomlin of Blevins spent Saturday niphl with Bonnie Jones. Hubert Alton and Darrel Mouser spent Sunday with Donvill Ross. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Collier and family called on Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ross and family a while Saturday night. an advisory opinion on the act—claiming it will interfere with American States reorganization plans—was carefully picked by thc big holding companies and their lawyers. The government, which was ablt lo appear only as a friend of thc court, cannot appeal such an advisory opinion, which would be only for the guidance of trustees. Appeal presumably would be up to the-lawyer .representing another of Amcrietn States securities, who'under- took to argue thc constilutinnality of the act and was at one lime told by Coleman (commonly regarded here as an anti-New Deal judge) that he was arguing "in circles." Government worries as to such appeal were indicated when Burns openly questioned tne good faith of his lawyer nnd his clients. The transcript shows, after the lawyer had admitted reluctantly changing his mind us to the act's constitutionality: Burns: "What were thc factors which you now recollect as effecting your change of mind?" Witness: "I don't know." Mess Is Forecast Government lawyers, wishing they had a more brilliant and earnest champion than that, nevertheless fig- tire they could persuade the supreme court to throw out the case on their claim of "collusion." In event of appeal, they can again appear as "friends of the court." But the status of the holding company act is likely to become rather messy, in the popular mind at least, especially tlie advisory opinion may not Miss Jewell Ross .'-pout Friday night'be Riven v inti ' shortly before Decem- v.ith Mr. and Mrs. Lee England of | her 1. Shover Springs. Mr. Harvie Allen and Mi.s* Hatlie Jackson and Delora Sparks were dinner guests of Mr .anil Mrs. Leo Collier and family Sunday. Misses Rena Nell Mullins and Marie Collier called- on MIKK Catherine Ross i while Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Emmet Mubley spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Euel Mob Icy and family. Meanwhile, the question is raised— inferentially by lawyers themselves— whether the legal process is any sweeter and cleaner than the legislative process. 47 StateiTAdopt (Continued from ptigt one) TRACY Virginia BRUCE LIONEL' AT WILL COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Prescription No. 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "Thc RIOXALL Stare" IMuiuo <i:t Hope, Ark. Established 1885 Over 236,000 Filled THAT YOU KNOW ARE SAFE Bring yuiir iire.scriptiuns lo us for filling. We have two registered pharmacists who take every precaution lo assure (he proper compounding of your doctor's order. Our completely modern prescription department is open so that you can sec thu cure with which your prescriptions are filled. Of course, we use only the finest of drugs, which arc kept constantly fresh. John P. Cox Drug Co, Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps era I wrre content to go along with their existing systems while others Fought to make their positions more secure. Certain other states, whose financial conditions wore unfavorable attempted to improve matters while still others failed to do anything about it." Mainning's study showed that in reaching out for revenue, the states had sought out virtually every imaginable avenue. He said gross income or sales taxes were now on thc books in 24 states; slcoholic beverage levies in 2(i; oleomargarine, 23; cigarette. 11); horse racing, 25; inheritance, 47 (all save Nevada); gifts, three; personal income. 30; corporation income, 30: national banks, according to their income. 10; chain stores, 19. Georgia and Nevada decided to submit to referenda proposals to limit property rates. Seven states have such tax limitations. In Addition to limiting thc rates it might impose on property, Georgia's referendum, if adopted, would put it in the group that has banned all state taxes on property. These arc: Rhode Island. California, Delaware, Illinois, New York, North Carolina. Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Virginia and Wisconsin. Comfort HOP®. ARKANSAS Their ©oal Two pttra"tivc costumes that Incrtare intercFt in lootall from a woman's point of view. Tlic one at the left includes a smart brown plaid u\L.d coat with rucciron collar ovcr'a brown tweed suit with vivid orange Ascot. Thc other (right) consists if gray kid swagger coat and a red, blue and white plaid dress with knitted Ascot in harmonizing tones. ^^tjMM^H^—«««« !•• ...,..-,.. , —^BBBMMB No End to Stars, Telescope Shows New Instrument Sees Farther Than Ever—But the Stars Are Endless By HOWARD W. BLAKESLEE Associated Press Science Editor NEW HAVEN, Ct.-(/P)-A major discovery of the world's largest telescope, that 500,000,000 light years sway, there is not one sign of a void in any direction, was described Monday nighl at Ynle University by Dr. Edwin P. Hubble, of Mt. Wilson Observatory. This entire space is filled with neg- ulae, numbering 100,000,000, mostly clouds of stars traveling like bees swarming in flight, tn these far off rwarms the telescope detects iron, hydrogen and calcium, the same substances familiar on earth. It delects nothing whatever to forecast how much farther man must see to find any frontier of creation, or even to find anything startlingly different. "The observable region of space. Dr. Hubble said, "is a vast sphere, perhaps 1,000,000.000 light years in diameter. Throughout the sphere arc -cattcrcd a 100,000,000 nebulae—stellar systems—in various stages of their evolutionary history. The nebulae are distributed singly, in groups, and occasionally in great clusters, but when large volumes of space arc compared, the tendency to cluster averages out. To thc very limits of the telescope the large-scale distribution of thc nebulae is approximately uniform. I'They are scattered at average in- Icrvals of thc orcler of 2,000.000 light years, or perhaps 200 times their mean diameters. The pattern might be represented by tennis balls. 50 feet apart." The average light from one of these nebulae is equal to 85.000,000 suns. This means that 85.000,000 stars the ri?e of our own sun could give the light seen from a nebulae, although its stars arc almost certainly of vary- ng sb.es, so that 85,000.000 is not nec- a close count of the stars in Families on Relief Drop 3!/2 Per Cent Setember Gain Iri U. S. Retrenchment Program Since August WASHINGTON - (IP) - A new reported decline in the urban relief population coincided Monday wiih government efforts to find private jobs for the unemployed. Aubrey Williams, acting -relief ad* ministrator, announced that the hum' her of families and single persons on the dole in 142 cities was 3.4 per cent smaller in September than in August. Total cases were 1,912,832 In August and 1,848,475 in September.. There was a 13.3 drop in expenditures, the September dole costing $52,493,301, com? pared with the August figure of $60,526,287. , Seeking lo explain why. the long- delayed works program had .not brought a larger drop in'the relief: population, Williams said: ' '. ~ , "While it is known that approximately half of the reported decline in cases is due to the expansion of .the new works program, it must be kept in mind that thc full, effect of the transfers from the relief rolls to the works program does not become statist tically evident until at least.orie month' after the transfer and in many iriV stances two months." " fh* U, 8. ftepaxwrnfii »l <_ b«gah Uflflftt ceirtifiCflle* rf fof aircraft eftgine* hi 1§«, f*llfe« in WK, for pa ehd for components Ih 1933. 666 Liquid - Tabtete Salve « No*« Drops MALARIA in J d*yt v < c ot0 A: tint d*y , Tonic and OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding , < Whlle-U-WaU or Delivery Smite, Keen & Bailey 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 Wllii TH1 I ADIESe B, ' Helen i Wclshihier j Society—the greal mass of men and' women—simply won't ask wearers of a .scarlet letter to Sunday dinner. Say' what you please, argue this way and' that for the mte.Uigcnce of the human world, you will still find Hester Prynnc waiting in the church vestibule. Man's inhumanity to man? Certainly. But since it is that way, it takes n siirpasing love and a great bravery for a woman to love with exceding sacrifice. Not you or I or anyone dare say whether she loves wisely or too well. Ellen Glasgow, in her thoroughly beautiful and intelligent novel. "Vein of Iron," lias given such a problem to the girl who is her story's protagonist, Ada Fincastle. The subjects of personal chastity and illegal love arc being revived among many women whose clubs have put down thc book for reviews. A Pawn of Falc Rebels Ada had a single heart—or vein oi iron—which is the desire to live, not only as men measure time on a cosmic calendar but as the emotions run Ihe range of .scasms. After ;ill, anyone may have a repository of moments that are merely moments. It is thc ix-casional peak beyond the clouds that justifies the monotony of long thoroughfares. If hearts find their dreams in peculiar places we can not judge. But to yet back to Ada. When Ralph McBridc, whom she loves nnd who j loves her. is caught in the web that i an unscrupulous girl weaves, a lot of • per pic, attempting to assume. the dietyship, insist that Ralph marry the girl. Ralph is innocent. Thc lesser gods admit that later and arc sorry, but their bungling has ruined two perfectly good lives by then. Therefore, when Ralph is going to France to win-, lie and Ada .spend a few hours in a cabin that stands near a stream, within a screen of sycamores. Ada bore Ralph's child while he was at war. She bore, too. the taunts of I die villagers who capitalized her scarlet letter as society did lony be- 1 i-jiv thiit day that mim east stones at , a woman on a Galilean road. Keeping Faith | However, it is not with Christian ! kindness, a practiced by a 'teacher in Galilee, that we are concerned at { lhe moment. We are talking about ! the inalienable right of every human being to decide that which is best for him to do, o long as he keeps faith with his own integrity. No one. not you nor I nor the president of any purity league, has any right to argue whether it was right or wrong for Ada to touch briefly the cup of experience. But this we do know: it takes great bravery on the part of a woman who sincerely loves to endure with dignity and kindness the ensuing scorn of society. Certainly we do not contend that anyone should make a practice of re- .lations without benefit of clergy. It is only when a woman has the .strength of heart and purpose to sec it through that her sacrifice is worth a .plugged nickel to her. H is not a sbcrificc' then. It is something glowing, throbbing, vital. "Judge not lest ye be judged," we weie warned a long lime ago. If Miss Glasgow's story docs nothing else, its picture of a proud and sensitive girl, unjustly wronged, who, for a moment does that which she thinks is right and society thinks is wrong, should make us more kindly disposed toward the problems of others. We are not judges of anyone. There is an eternal law of justice and hap- Scc Our Selected Line of New 1 FALL DRESSES : Silks and Woolens in the Newest Fashions J THE GIFT SHOP (Mrs. C. P. Holland - i nebulae. which finda its balance and preserves it as thc ages run. If thc great mass of people would slop interfering with other people's lives in such crass fashion there would not be thc need for such suffering as befell Hestor Prynne and Ada Fin- CBsllc, after all. CATCHING COLD? At the first.w<fril- ing sneeze!— quick — a few • drops up each nostril.'. "It's timely use'helps prevent many colds. VICKS VATRONOL COMMON COLDSj I Relieve the distressing ' symptoms by a pplytng Menlholaium lnno»»ril» and rubbing on chest." MENTHOLATUM Giref COMFORT Daily If youjjifefer no. -throat tproy, call for ihe * MEW MEMTHQUTUM LIQUID . in handy bottle with dropped I' V ;Gars Washed With Power Washer iOn the Only Lift Wash-Rack ; . in HOPE Service Statioi i' , t ... r . .•'".' . 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