The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1940
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 19-10 Willis Hucllin Will Be Opponent; Feller Does Good Job TARBORO, N. C.. April 10. (UP) —Carl Hubbell pitches for tin New York Giants against Willis Hiidlln of the cicvelnnd Indian'; today. Hobby Feller pitched scoreless ball tor four inrlivjs yesterday to lend the Tribe lo a 14-1 win over the Giants. rn.lians 1 Kay M?.ck clouted Iwo liomcrs and a double. CHARLESTON, W. Va, April 10. (UP)—The Cincinnati Reds and Boston Kerf Sox plained to resume their exhibition schedule today. Yesterday's exhibition was canceled for the second straight time because ol rain. C'lIATTANOOGA. Tonn. April 10 <UPI—The Philadelphia Athletics, fresh from a 0-1 victory over their intra-city rivals, the Phillip:;, meet the Chattanooga Colonels here today, liofore lcavi:-is Athinta. Connie Mack sent Dario Lodigtani and ) r red Chapman, inflcldcrs, (o (he Toronlo Maple Leafs nnd pitcher Jennings Poindcxter lo the Atlanta Crackers. BI.YTffEyn.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS engaging Cincinnati in four gomes that end their e.Nhlbltloa series, Detroit won a second game from Knoxville of the Southern Association, 1C-13, yesterday. Fred Hut- ohlnson yielded 10 hits in five Innings, Dick Co:igpr one In one, and Johnny Gorslrn three in three. Rudy York and I'inky Hlgulns jot homers as the Tigers touched Knoxville pitchers for 19 hits. OKLAHOMA CJTY, April 10. (UP)—The St. Louis Cardinals engage in their second last \\armiip barnstorming entnc here today hoping for a better showing than the )-0 defeat by the Fort Worth Cats of the TCXBS League yo.stertlny. The Rcdbirds managed only a pair of singles off the pitching ol Oiho NltchotaE nnd Dill Yocke, while outfielder Waller of the Cats mickcd out a home run off Lon Witrneke. wlio nllou-cd five other hits in his seven innings on the mound. Clyde Shoun gave the Cats their other nil. TOPEKA, Kns., April 10. (Ul'l — Tlie St. Louis Drowns continue their exhibition tour series with the Chicago Cubs here today after showing Wichita fans yesterday how they happened to end up at the bottom of the American League last season. They had (ho Cubs beaten. 0-1, In seven Innings, but then found themselves gradually inched out of the victory as the ChlcaKoans streamed across homo plate six times in the last two innings to win, 7-0. PAGfc FIVE Collegiate Clip Of the Old Locks KN'OXVILLE, Term., April 10. i UP)—The Philadelphia Phillies, unsuccessful in their first city series game against the Athletics "at Atlanta yesterday, returned to minor league competition against Knoxville today. CHARLOTTE. N. C,, April 10 (UP)—The Washington Senators, led by Jimmy Wasdcll's two home rims, downed their Charlotte farmhands here ycslarday, n-'i. for their seventh consecutive victory. The Nnfs collected 10 hits to the Charlotte club's seven. OWENSBORO. Ky,. April 10 (UP)—With liis fast ball "in the groove," Russ Bauers, Pittsburgh Pirate pitcher, earned a pines with the sciuad yesterday .when he set Ihe Chicago While Sox down without a safe hit in Ihc two innings he pitched. The Pirates won. 4-3. Bauers had been tolci by Manager Frankie Frisch to produce or pack his bag for n trip to the minors. Bobo, Kerr, Reed, Griffin And Hicks Leave Bly- thevillc TARBCHO, N. C.. April 10. (Ul'l —Hal Trosky of the Cleveland Indians today was nursing an Injured hand. He will submit to X-ray.ex- •' ami-villon;- lo-determine' il bjnes were broken by n ball pitched by Giant Harry Gumberl. EVANSVILLE, Ind., April 10 (UP)-The Detroit Tigers take on the Evansville Dees today before PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Wcrf Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Store Phone 540 Blylheville's professional baseball managers and players have (join- to their work for Ihe summer season. Herschel Hobo, manager of Ihe New York Giants Class c farm team at Porl Smith, left yesterday for Hint city where he will manage the Giants' Minor League training school to bs held there before the season opens early ne.xt month. At this school will also be ihe players of the Clinton, Iowa, learn of'the Town, Illinois, Indiana league. Dickie Kerr, who recently signed up to manage the Daytona Bench Pla.. team of Ihe Florida state League, is now in the ,si. Louis Cardinals camp at Houston. Texas, for training before taking over his new job. Clyde "Spot" Kecd, who will be with the New York Giants for the four|h season, left yesterday for Salisbury, N. c.. farm club ol the North Carolina State League to again bc^in .the season with a class D team. A sore arm sent him home in (he middle of last season and it is understood he has been promised a promotion during this season if he shows up, nftcr having been a "hold out" lor some time, ire played with the Blytheville Giants two years before going to Salisbury. Marlln L. Griffin, of Ynrbro.'nnd Marvin Hicks, of Biirriette, also left yesterday for Salisbury where they will try their luck at bi» time baseball for the first time afler having been bought by the Giants Griffin, outfielder, and Hicks catcher, were recently signed up after stellar performances in amateur leagues of this section. The Giants also offered contracts to Hugh Harberl, who is graduating from high school this spring i-ovemeiU Of B v c c c!, Held No Empty Slogan ( In Kentucky The little track in the heart of the breeding Industry, and Murray Thompson, who 1ms tocn at University of Arkansas since his graduation here a year ngo. but both turned them down us they plan college wllh loolljnl! careers. Today's Sport Parade By HBNK.T MMLUIOBX NEW YORK, April 10. ilJP) — The New York racing season opens al Jamaica next Monday afternoon, nnd wliile-the program hasn't been formally announced I nm quite sure It will include the following events: The State Senator's Handicap. The Grab Iteg Onllop. The Wardheclers' Stake. The Fleecers' Futurity. The Politicians' Realization. If this curd surprises you, then you obviously haven't kept abreast of political 'nctivllics In New York State since the Durmigsn bill legalizing pari-tnutuel belling was passed. Everybody making a living off Hie voters' money has risen to a point of motion on some asssmbly floor or another nnd suggested a ways and means of getting more of the voters' money by taxing Ihc parl-miiluel play. With a ten per cent "bill-" on the bcltors' money already agreed upon, plus the "genteel ' larceny known as "breakage." the politicians ' still aren't satisfied. Only yesterday a member of the New York City council' proposed Hint each track be tased $1,000 per race, per flay, per meeting, per season! He offered no justification for Ihls al fresco pickpockelhig—Just got up and gave it. oft nK if it were n hell of an idea. With almost n week lett to think »Ii more forms of taxation, there Is 1:0 telling what we will find when we go to Jamaica on Monday lor the first day of (he New York season. Personalty, i wouldn't be surprised to find that the horse has been eliminated ns an unnecessary ovi) around a rnce track. There is Ihc lhal. the politicians may become greedy for Hie purge's awarded winning horses and decide to run for the purse themselves I would vote for such n drnslb change myself provided all jockeys riding the politicians VNC allowed rowell spurs. C nl. o' nine, lail whips. and batteries with the power of the ones WcjsUngbouv employ to generate artificial lightning,' It will be. liUcieslhiK m sec wlnil a bettor will gel back on n S3 win ticket. t,ny, when tlie politicians II- imlly finish ciitllns "P (he take. When the bookmakers uwe In operation there wns much crying because they usually offered'2 lo 5. out and out. on anv 3 lo l shot. Hut now, under liie' mutuels, thill may seem like (lie purest philanthropy. Because by the lime (he state government, the federal government, the county government, the city government, the district government, the wind government, ths borough government, the government by, for urn 1 of the people —nnd probably Judge l/wiils—nil Bel throush slicing themselves a piece ol change, the $2 win ticket will undoubtedly 'return minus -10 cents. Only the sucker will study (lie form duirt and pick iho winner. A loser will lose only his $3 Investment. A winner, however, will lose his $2 investment, the minus 10 cent charge (or handling the wln- i:lng transaction, and perhaps, a ten per cent siircliiirgc oti his lian- . dicnpping skill Th (! usunl racetrack sob story of "1 cnn'l pick my lint," will IIL- changed to this cry of despair; "If I win just one more I'll have lo wjilk home." This will affect (he lonl sheets and racing form. Instead ol lip- pin" Seabiscuilr,. Clnllrdons, Kayaks, and nimelechs. Hies? publications will advertise sure losers. mil. fitter an. W ],y should r complain? Such ii M'tup will mnke me a celebrity ovp.rnile. Need I explain? ME HEMSLET UV 1MKKV OKAVSON NKA .Service S|wrl* Kdllor L15XINOTON, Ky., April 8,—'me ' runners return lo the horseman's Illicit. April li, when iho Kcenc-I liitul Kitce Course, !>cvc In tho hew of the brcedltiir Intiiifitry, slarls Us ll.dny spring meeting. Bin-Ins rnclng nl Kcenelanel 13 more llitin Just a racing program,; p. The owners ot Kenlucky'u world B: famous horse nurseries come Irom nil over die country to open Wait- lllnl lilueginsj homes. The homes of Mrs, 1'iiync Whitney, Oosepli Enrly Wldenor, Clmrlcs T, Fisher, SVIUTCII Wrluht, A, C. Ernst, Col. Kdwnrd Rlley liindloy, Samuel I>. niildlc nnd mimy oilier wonltlty men nnd women arc Ihc KCOIICB of gay pnrllcs. Show place farms iti'c over-run with vlsllorc who spend mornlnus |cnllliiB on such renowned Mends us Man o'Wur mid Top Flight. .When racing was resumed In Oscar Vilt Claims Rollicking Rollie Mas About I'accd Uy IMlll, S(;ill-:i<'l-'i<;i,s UnHoit I'rcBi Stall <Jorrej|ioii<leiil NEW VOKK. April 10. (Ul'l . Lexington In 103(1 utter a century- old Kentucky Association track Idlest air-cooled coiffure collegians fs this "Ivonuois Clip." displayed by Matty Hnnnon of Manchester, Mass., who Inlm- micod il on tlic North Cavollnn Slnla College cnmmis at Hnlciiili, N. C. ll's supposed to Keep wafer Game With Conference Foe Here Nov. 22 Completes Grid Program The football schedule of (he Blytheville Chirtasaw/> (or (he itno Benson ' hss been completed with Hie contracting of Benton, Ark., lo nil Ihe open dale on the U game list, li was announced today by Jou Dlldy, hend coach, Hwilon illgh, a conference foe, which hns «' team coached by James Ahlt. formerly of Oscebla, will be making Us first flppearatiqe hero when Ihc game Is played at Haley Field Nov. 22 for iho -next io Ihe final gume of Ihe season. Addition of the Panthers gives 10 of Ihc 10 conference teams M opponents to the Blylheville Chicks IWs year. A tentative game, with Hot Springs Old not materially ns no agreement could be rcnchrrl ns lo the dnlc lo bo played. IJcnton presenlcrt one of Ihc sar- ._ | prise teams of Ihc conference In of Illiick Toni'y will to .sccn! lll c 1030 season with J. P. Mooic, nil slate nnd nil southern man, April 21 In (he nine Grass Stakes. Imd been three years, tlui men who backed ICccncluiul said It svonld bo 11 non-profit enterprise with earnings nohig Into purses unil Improvements. This uprlni; Ihc iivcrngc pnrsi\ vuliie of OVDI nliilit, runes will Iw _ Bi-i'iiler limn (lint of nny other Holll.rki:i|{ Hollln iiemsley' ii'sci'l 'to ,"'" ck , w . lth ,, " ';°"')Minil>le bcllmu he called the "Tony o'nleiilo" of baseball catchers but Hie references would b^ misplaced now bcciuisc (he funner had boy of Hie Cleveland Indians Inn; taken the veil. No lonopr d<M!s Kollie's record I <>( cuiou.snls, .mspi'iiKlons, fines, I fi'4lns m:d blru'ij eyes give Manasier I Oscar Vltl dally dosc.s of the litters Hem.slry in his vt \mc has left ,. tnitl of '•Incident,';" from I'ltl«- liiirgli to Oilcngo. from Cincinnati t" at. l.ouls nnd finally i o cieve- linul whore he wns compared to such old-lime "whooper-niiiim" us Untie Waddclt. ,llin Tlioriii: nnd Chief Ydlowhorsc. litil that's all over now nml liol- He'.s wnyn-nrd puth has bccoine a „, sli-alRhl. lire bftwccii the pitcher's country bus and homp pd - - . Keeneland's bclllni; nv- Is less Hum SlOn.OOO, yet 11 offers nn average overnight piusu of $1000. Kecncbiml olllfiuls srrvfl \vUhoin. fuliiry. The apcrallng compnny pays Sf> |ii>r cent ot It.s not, eni'liii;* as rent to Hie. Kccneland Assocla- llon, which owns the property. The Keetielaiiri Assoclullon pays In- _ .. - of the Kecneland spring season and ana ol the more Im- povlnnt curly 3-ycnr-old losts for the Kentucky Derby which follows 10 dnys Inlei 1 ut cluirchlll Downs. ' IOIIK ulhnrs elljjlblo for (lie Orn.s» Slakes ntc Andy K., Carrier 1'lgcon, Uomnn, Roman Plug, and linshful Duck. So well Is Kccnclnnd conducted (hat. W. l,. nrniin InM. full passed »|) R rich eastern purso to ship Ohallcdon lo Uvvlneioii for n J5000 vace. Asked how come, the Maryland brccdev explained: "A track nm on (ho principles of Kccnclnnd clu- serves Ilio best, horses," | up to Hit- Indinns' i farnwrll "celebra Richiiionrl. Va.. l:i filanl.'i nnd ludl togelhor ami Ills Stefani Is To Be Pilot's Manager CARUTHUnSVILLK, Mo.. April 10.—Ernest (Ernie) Slcfiinl will be manager of the Caiulhcrsvillc I'llnls far in lo. it was announced here yesterday by J. Rni,,,, Hutchison, president of the Canithcrs- villc nasetall club, which wua lh« Northcnsl Arkansas League imnl in 1039. .Stefniii Is 24 years of age. mid Ins home is In Detroit. Mich, where he is a graduate of the Wayne University of lhal rity having a de;jrc= In journalism. Tor the past two years hi: was with the D.i.i-lomi Bench club of (he Florida State League. j lc pinys lliird liasc. He was in this cilv for n conference with Pilot, officials this week nntl is now attending various rookie' taming camps and schools over llns urea In (lie interest of the Pilots, club officials staled. lerivsl tin bonds and domilcs Ihe rciunlndcr ol the ll!> per cent to educational and charitable liulllu- (lons. Till.i Is (lie sort of a track John Ollvnr Kcenc dreamed of nlmosl n (|iiartcr ol n century ago when he Marled the plant which Is nciw Kcciieland. .luck Kcenc, who brcil, (rained and raced horacs In Ihls -- j niul Europe, hoped lo all adds build a plant which would become ml. llemslcy'ii a model for all America. I IB work- i" bewii in «l on Ihu plant for somelhlng :.pnng ns Ihe like W years . . . Hpcnl $500.000. own iiiTsomil tanned whrn the di-piccsion halt- led his leant males In games which proved serious threats to much larger schools. lilylhevlllo v.lll play its only non-conference, foe when It opens the season against Memphis Tech High Sept. 20 at Ciump Stadium In Memphis-. Seven names if 111- •>« played here. ' ':• Other games will be: darks- vile, here, Sept, 27; Uttie Rock, Inure, Oct. 4; fine niull, there Ool. H; North" Little Rock, here, Ocl, 18; Forriyoe, here, Del 25; Hope, there, Nov, 1; Jbnesboro, liere. Nov. 8; Knsscllville, herb, Nov. ir>; lienton, licro, Nov. '22; . , , Forrest City, here, Nov. 29. Orns" was nl Us peak when pd Ills planB IHey iRmlcd In New York. . , There IK no ihilM, cnmem ,-,l. vttl miifpcned to run into his Kceneland. fiisl-Ktriii'j caklier whe;i llemsley Pinning Judges cull Ihilshcs good WJM In Ihr moral 1 on n Piillmntithn etiotigli for Kcniiicklnns Ini-t night mil. Thr ne.-ci.dny Rollie; There In no loudspeaker Wi . U ? r r i ,, 1lis , w "- v hllck lt) Cleveland. Hurdbools dislike Inventions Hull runts the last Im-ncli of trnln- blare oiiL horrible sounds tug I'll stum) from you, Rollie." But Kecucland Installed Ihe lo- wnriicd VRt. "Arallicr one like il InMznlor for Us 11 rat, meclhir was , and you're out. Hut If yon can obey Hie first Kentucky (rack (o use , training rules all season, there will Hint unit, and (his year Kccneland lie n bonus of SS.OOO wallhy for will bn I JIB Jlrsl Kentucky track t" , yo "-" , employ the elcctrlcnl starting ynlo. i llemsley collected Ihc 5S.OOO. He's Last, fall W. Arnold llnnacr «n- I been nlcnosl a model ball pluycr paid nsfcoclnlc Kecnclnnd slewnrd I ever .'mice. Down hi Tmnpn, Fl:i., ptesciilcd Ilio cluhliouiio a turi' lor Ihc all-slur K ame. he mcl In-o Jlbrnry recosnkccl its the finest in frlnrds and strolled Into a bar for.America, a drink, llemsley looked the bar-1 Many of Uu- country's leinllni; Cotton goes to the retail market in approximately 10.000 forms. , keep right in the eye and said: "Gimme n coke." llemsley lulled .iw in 107 (fumes for (lie Tribe last .wiison nnd will) Frnnkle Pyllnk u holdout, Manager VHt Is counting on him to cntch even more this .season. Now that lie has liollie's . confidence. Vitt liTiils him with more latitude than Ihc other plnycrs. "I'll bet anybody $100 they cnn'1 get. llemsley. to break training now," says VIU. "He's my boy." Read Courier ifews UUDL MOST AMAZING LOWEST PRICED CAR EVER BUILT Drive a Hudson Six over ;t route you (ravel every ilay-wlicrc you know every curve and hump. Make ,-i direct taiiiftarisoit with your prciciu car, anil sec why ihij Hudson is winning so nwny |, ;1 |,;, l H ', ycrs of , )lc , "(„(,,,,. three" ... people who up lo now have always gone hack to the same make of car, wiiliotic looking at any oilier. A plume call will bring a Hudson to your door for /be best 30 tiiiiinlcs you cicr s/iciit in an aiiluntobilc. LOWER PRICES • . STARTING AT forConpc: Sedan illustrated S7J5. delivered in l>ctroit incluilitiK Fcilcrtl taxes, tin! mtluJinK stntcand local tairci if inj-. loo- lime payment lermi. fritcssubjcciiochanBc withnui notice. ever fail tuny hydraulics tan], juu piivh faetlier on tCRsrtar braVcnccU; >nj wop: l)»5li-l.otkins Sjfci>-Jlooil.liin((retai "oor tjuhcs; AIK1OAM SKAT CUSfltON'S (inijil extra tnsl irt Hiidjon SiV closed modch, M»ndar<i in alt otlicts) _And at imall extra cost: (hcri(f«vc anj Wcadicr-Maitcr I'lcih Air and Hen Cootro! HUDSON OFFERS lODArs WIDEST CHOICE Or7l\'E7oiOMO«liTt 7~~ ', ~7, '. ~ ' low.,1. Six» o, Ei D Hl, . . . Ev ery Popu | or Bo<J) , !„ * f ? wl" '; / "'"'''" tC L "," ^'"-""S With II,. Yov Plon To Pa. Sec Yo^H rf ' ' ' n ," ° R< " 18 ° °' Col °" a " d "P 1 " 1 '''''/- Whol.v., p,T £e "' 5e " Your H "' li °'' D '°!*f FJr MORE CAR fOR YOUR MONEV J13 \\\ Main DOSS MOTOR SALES Call ;jUJ Ark. 1 1YTHEVILLE,!?,, Highway 61 Grounds WONDERS of f/ieWORlD of WHITE the ' F THRiUING BEST UNSURPASSED ARENIC STARS • MARVELOUS PERFORMING HORSES • AMAZING TRAINED ANIMALS • ELEPHANTS AND CLOWNS GALORE • MUSIC OF THREE BANDS • EXCITING WILD WEST Two Performances Daily-2 S 8 P.M.-Doors Open at 1 & 7 P.M. AiluKs Nnw Only VW __Chil(lrcn Uiulcr \'i ID n arc now til Kccnclnnd. Colonel Diadley'.s (miners an; Crt-llng nnliciitnn lllinclccli iTiidy lo slnrl. 01 uv or twice. Tlir: Milcngc Mcltr Tc»l» prove 110 other (ruck cnn iimtclt CMC s"" economy—engine for eniflne.- No cither truck is l>e(ter-l>uilt. No other ttmip»rnblc truck B iv« 8 you in much pulllnj! pcsi-cr. Sec CMC lodnyl Htne poifmfnh tlirouyfi our Q\ of lowcil t>y<iilohfu inlet • WC IHUCIt Of VAIUI. LEE MOT01I SALES, Inc. KlfiE-Main vhone GASOLINE -DIESEL Dreams?...well maybe... II-Acre (/ir/ each great achievement actually start? Wasn't it with an idea? What ifEdison had not dreamed of the iirsl electric lamp? What if Fulton had not dreamed of the steamboat? Such dreams arc priceless. Properly directed daydreams are as valuable as work itself . . . often- limes providing the spark thai gives the whole nation new conveniences and oppor- *NHEg$.|».| Htttn »/ Ut ir»rW.F«B»«i Umitics, thus putting millions to work. * * * Speaking of ideas, millions of people [lave a good idea lo have Budwciscr available for their liours of relaxation. It helps them to become the Perfect Host to n host of friends who prefer it—and il lias been wisely said that friends often direct our destinies. U S C H flrrr S-JO MAKE THIS TEST; Drink Budweiser for five days. On the sixth day fry to drink a sweet beer. You will want Bwdwoiser's flavor thereafter.

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