Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 14, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 14, 1935
Page 4
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HOPS itifi, MOPE A&KANSA8 - -n f« *\ aattfm'MtnnV'' ffabi " f ' t ' '•?*• Approach frt>m one) If Clefrr he did not want to be regarded $m d prisoner of war, but desired to arrns, fctls troops were reported v to 1 have broufeht new Belgian Titles •vJlth thstn sand carried belts of French *Mrtfklges of 1985 manufacture. The rhtef was quoted as informing * itjii, Italians that a big Ethiopian army 'V timer- the crown prince was concen- toted from Sakota to Amba Amaji, 130 miles south of the Italian iietmt. Complete conquest of Ethiopia is II fihce's program But there were many _> indications that someShing less will _ Satisfy him. official circles the usual suggestion was that Italy must, have a protectorate over the four old provinces of ancient Ethiopia and full possession of the remainder. Willing to Give {Continued from page one) cific measures of action against Italy. The parent committee examined it at a later meeting. Particularly the severance of trade relations with Italy gave many minds In Geneva these anxieties: 1—Fear that Europe's economic structure, after a stupendous crisis .which has only just begun to show signs of improvement, will be plunged into chaos far more serious than the original crisis. 2—Fear that Austria, Hungary and Albania will refuse to participate in the* sanctions and that the movement of materials and merchandise from and through neutral countries to Italy w!ll wreck the machinery of an eco* ttomic boycott after it has been Imposed at grea sacrifice. 3—Pear, among some Swiss, at least, that the paralysis of all commerce with Italy and sanctions in general Will unleash the menace of war in Europe. Colonel Roosevelt (Continued from pngt one) Idaho senator, Colonel Roosevelt in effect displayed disinclination to lift up the "big stick" wielded with historic effect by his father. The young "T. R." expressed "entire sympathy" with Senator Borah's attitude toward monopolies in industry, but disagreed with the senator that business monopoly shaped up as the major issue of the 1936 campaign. Overshadowing this issue, he wrote, were those of "scandalous waste of the peoples' money, government extrava- ?unce, multituclious taxes, and at- :empts that are being made to subject our type of government." "I want you to know," he write, 'that while I am in entire sympathy with your attitude on monopolies, I feel that there are many other issues as great or greater," An average airplane flies 3.6 miles on a gallon cf gasoline, and about 100 miles on a gallon of lubricating oil. Let us make an estimate on your PRINTING Johnson Printing Co. For All Kinds of INSURANCE See Roy Anderson and Company Sell It! Find It! Bent HI Buy It! in the Hope Star MARKETPLACE Remember, the more you tell, the quicker you selL 1 time, lOc line, rnin. 30t For consecutive insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad , 3 times, 6c line, min. 50s 6 times, Be line, min. 90c 2S times, 3fec line, min. J2.70 (Average 6 J ,s words to the line) .NOTE— Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication, Phone 76& 'How Women Get Two-Fold Benefit By Taking Cardui According to reports from thousands who have taken it, Cardui helps women in a two-fold manner, affording prompt relief of certain functional pains and strengthening the system by'increasing the appetite and improving digestion. "I like Cardui because it helped me," writes Mrs. Obie C. Raffety, of Cambellsville. Ky. "I suffered pain and was nervous and needed strength. I have taken Cardui and have been benefited. I have taken it two or three times. I can tell, when I am taking Cardui, that I have a much better appetite." Before the next monthly upset, begin taking Cardui. Of course, if it does not benefit YOU, consult a physician. Dull Headaches Gone, Simple Remedy Does It Headaches caused by constipation are gone after one dose of Adlerika. This cleans poisons out of BOTH upper and lower bowels. Ends bad deep, nervousness. John S. Gibson Drug Co. BASKETBALLS S1.5Q T S9.00 The Quality Is Right BRIANT'S Drug Store WASHIN .-"••- : ' WEW OftMP WASH-SERVICE- NElfON-HUCKINf LA UNO RY COM P AN Y MALE HELP WANTED Man or woman wanted to supply I customers with famous Watkins Pro- J ducts in Prescott. No investment. Business established, earnings average $25 weekly, pay storts immediately. Write J. R. Watkins Company, '70-82 W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. FOR RENT FOR RENT—Furnished South bedroom with large closet. Phone 679. 14-3tp FOR RENT—Bedroom, adjoining bath, private entrance. Mrs. W. R. Chandler, 402 South Pine. Phone 006. ll-6tc FOR RENT—Threc or four room furnished apartment. Private bath uiul garage. Phone 291. 220 North Eini street. ll-3tc OLD SHOES MADE NEW Expert Shoe Repairing and Rebuilding While-U-Wait or Delivery Service. Keen & Bailey 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 FOR RENT—Furnished two room ! apartment, private entrance and ad- j joining bath. Mrs. Walter Locke, i Phone 403-W. 14-3tc i COMMON OLD ITCH Is Still With Us Proscription No. 200,000 will cure it. It kills the parasites in the skin. 50c JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone (i!) Hope-, Ark. Established 1885 FOR SALE FOR SALE—New Dobbs and Mai- lory hats $2.98. All kinds of new and used clothing. Joyce and Floyd McDowell. ' 14-3tc FOR SALE—Equity in 1935 Plymouth Delux Coupe, cheap, mileage 3000. Inquire P. O. box 167. 14-3tp LOST LOST—One red heifer, weight about ( 325 pounds. In good condition. C. H. j Button at Sutton and Hale Service i Station. 14-3tp j ~ N~OTICE Gas Heaters Ranges Circulators Easy Terms Harry W, Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 550.00 REWARD Stolen from our pasture, one mile i East of Hope, near John Cornelius ' home, the last week in September 1935. One big Jersey cow. Branded X on left hip. $50.00 reward for arrest and conviction of theft. Briant & Company. 8-6tp ~~ WANTED WANTED—The J. R. Watkins Corn- panv wants an active Dealer for its products in Hempstcad countj-. Powerful Company helps to promote sales. J25 weekly earnings to start. Age 25-43 —must furnish cur and references. Write Watkina Company. Memphis. Tenn., attention Mr. Ket-ne. "^WANTED TO BUY—Men's suits, Ladies suits and dresses and any other used cbthing. Joyce and Floyd McDowell. H-3tc WANTED—T-J rent or buy >z. I or l¥t ton used truck. Must be in good Condition. Vincent Foster. 14-3t.p R1NTING That Makes An Impression We turn out Fast Jobs That Don't Look Like '-Rush" Jobs. Our leiiix'sciuilhi- uill lie glad to fall uiul funiisli free estimate^ un .your uorl<. STAR Publishing Co. PHONE JG8 Moftday,.0etobe By WILLIAMS dim BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY • / SHE LOW i KWOW WHUT TIM6 IS, WH6M SHE'S tfiVNA GIT OUT OP A / WITH TH' WINDOW/ WIDE OP£M,OMA CHILLY PAV LIKE . . _, HAF7A LlSSekl TO SUCH SALV£ ' , iTfe DUST AS CI^OOkEDAS AKJV \ OTHER HOLDUP, MAklW' HITS WITH "^ ALL TW' TRAFFIC COP5 SO SHE CAW tfETAWAy' (WITH MURDER. AirJ'r IT, MOW? i ASK you, IT EC AIN'T IT AFTER -THE OPFIC6R MftO§ US PULL to -rue -cues, i 1&»t> t YOU t WAS IN A YACHT WE "RAN INTO A NVUA, Y 7>\.OW ME TO YOUR WITH HIM, WHEM tWIS •SkJIP BAWLS OUT/ "OIV/6 US A' TlCKir/ OIV6 US A -riCkir.'t'LL PAV IT OUt OP MV OWW I. CAM ONLY r HALFPJ\-\-,AH > \T JV TH ' CHANA"P\ON VT HAS Av PLAP f V -f H -" ' ~ ' ' -; \ BOUNCE f " ( >T ^^ CAN KICK AN cSOOD . HOMEST? / FOOL OF ME. SIR JUST HOW TJO VOU THAT 9 ^i/'-i/.^-./; V \ = M \ j f XM. BEO. U. S:-PAT. Off. ' iy 1935 BY NE* SERVICE, INC.\ T .M. RC c.u. S .rAT.orr. MEgOES ARE MAPE-MOT BORK) by MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES O\\ ,\ OOUV5O NVERH TO EAT, ^ VOO , FrXYW 'V A Y^ ••;''"''••'••. f v- ^m<',:(* 4^4 ^•^f^''M j^ff) 1935 BY frEA SERVICE, INC. T. N^REO. U.JS. PAT. OFF- ^Jjj^. It's the Age of Miracles ALLEY OOP WHAT HAPPEWe.D, © 1935 F.Y.N'EA SERVlfc'EJNC. T. M. REG. 0. S, PAT. ef£F;»ii|M p'j'") rh^S;"!' i •( : By BLOSSER Afraid to Tell WASH TUBES FACET TURWST . HIS MAMPS BACk,6ARLIC CHOPPA PA HEAD/PACE/AN' LEAVE ME ITAT?/8URV DAGOLO//1 WEVER DON'T ASK ME THAT. IF I SQUEALED I— I'D 24 HOURS'. Self-Confidence FRECKLES ANP HIS FRIENDS NOW, I WANT ON THIS REVERSE PLAY, OW THIS PLAY THE NUTTY, YOU'RE GOING MEAN FIRS T~ TEAM IS SO T& MAKE SURE CHANCE THE QUARTERBACK FULLBACK TAKES OUT TO START THE GAME WHEN WE PLAY MIL- ANXIOUS TO LAY YOU KNOW WHO THE OPPOSING END.... KNOCKS HIM CLEAN OLHT OF THE WAY .' OUT THE OPPOSING LEFT HALFBACK ..../\NP HE MUST BE TAKEN OF 3 FEET... HARD J FORD, AND I WANT To GONNA JOB X THE SCRUBS MAKE SURE PLAY iw MUST CARRY ON .' ! YOUR ASSIGNMENTS / By COWAN Windy Gets the Purse THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop} DO YOC Vtiv 1 '! TO APTEft VCUve BUN TV»W MY >> A TOUPIST PtACE CMEOs 6NT ftW GOOD? *» LONG *S> 1 HAVE,W?S. YOU'LL LEARN THW fel ttii »T NEA StllVICt. IMC. T. M. KEC. U. S. PAT. OFF?

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