Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 13, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 13, 1937
Page 3
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Saturday, November 18,.193? Two Big Shows at New onJTues."Wed Double Program Arrant of I, On els Race Track" Picture A/; is the custom at (he Now Theater filch Tuesday niul Wednesday features n doublo progrnm (hot carries two dis- ''"<••» typos of entertainment. "Bchhu (lie Mike" n sparkling (rent of fun imt R'Kxl entertainment ns well as the Columbia fcalurc "Speed lo Spare" with Chnrles QuiKicy, Dorothy Wilson "ml Kddie Nugent, all xiar in „ ihrill- mjj nuto race. Excitement that holds <me to ovory minute i.s there with two brothers rivaling on (he death (rack for x-p-e-e-d. HulldoK nrmiimond Thursday John Lodge iiurt Dorothy Mneknil .who arc in the first run fen lure "Bull- 'lotr Druinmond at B;iy" which opens Thursdny at the Now Theater for two days i.s the latest of exploits „( Cap- Uiin Driimrnoml. Cohorts of "Kalinsky," (in unscrupulous financier, kidnap "Cnldwell," inventor of n .secret airplane. "Cold- tvi'H" escapes and numii{(u.s to get n iiiwvngi; (hruufih to "Druminond" before ho is recaptured. The nexl day "Doris" pays "Dnimiiiond" n visit, but he becomes suspicious. Later "Drummond" cnptures an intruder in his home, but luarns little when the miiti i.s killed, "Drumtmmd" being drawn away by a ruse. The trail leads to Hartley Manor, headmiarlerx of "Kaluishy"' and his hetichmun, "Grefioroff." "Drummond" finds "Caldwoll" bein« held prisoner there, but is discovered before he is iiblf In free the inventor. "Drum- mum!" follows the criminals to Scot- hind. After a r|iiarrel "Gi-eyoroff kills "Kalinsky" and tries to escape in "Cnldwell's" plane "Caldwell" crashes the plane through Ills newly invented ray. "Dori.s" reveals she is a British agent. The sun generates about G-10,000 horsepower on each square mile of I lie earth. If we could harness the sun. no other source of energy would be needed. A Cantornado of Laughs Sleep Warm in VANITY FAIR BALBRIGAN NITIES Just Arrived LAD1 ES' Specialty Shop SAENGER SUNIMV & AIONDAV EDDIE CANTOR - -in— "AU BABA DDES TO TOWN" TUKSDA V-WKDNKSIM V ROBERT MONTMOMERY ROSALIND RUSSELL —in-"LIVE. LOVE & LEARN" TJIUKSI)AV-nm>AY LORETTA YOUNC5 & TYRONE POWER "SECOND HONEYMOON' RIALTO SUNUAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY Ajm Sothern and Jack Haley — in— "DANGER. LOVE AT WORK" WEDNESOA Y-THURSO/l V SPENCER TRACY niul SYLVIA SIDNEY return in "F U R Y" $16.95 DRESSES FOB $4.98 The Gift Shop PHONE 252 Joining forces for (he first time with hit-making Twentieth Century-Fox in the happiest mirth merger in the history of hilarity. Eddie Cantor brings .Tingdad up 1o date in his starring ex- Iravii-glurinus musical hit, "Ali Baba Goes to Town," featuring Tony Martii Roland YOUIIK, June Lang, Louise Hn viek and a tremendous east, opening Sunday at the Saeni-er Theater, which i.s enriched by » revolutionary new three-tone tinted process. Ali B;ib;i Eddie ships a head tax on harems and ;i tail tax on camels, slips carpet tacks under the sitdown strikers and snaps the sultan into step with the march of time us Bagdad goe.s Broadway to the new hit tunes by Muck Gordon and Hurry Revel, "I've Got My Heart Set On You," "Laugh Your Way Through Life" and "Swing I.s Here to Sway." and the modernistic swing composition. "Twilight in Tur- koy," authored by Raymond Scott, lender of the famed Quintet. The Danger Trail! Waxing Action! A Riot of Romance and Thrills! "The Singing Cowboy" SATUKDAV (And Hi.s Horse While Flush! -hi— Washington Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Stuart and ,011 Buddy and R. C. Stuart of Col- imhux made a trip to Norman Sun- lay and visited Camp Albert Pike i the afternoon. Lee Moll returned to his work in •lodessa. La.. Monday, after spending a week's vacation at home with Mrs. Holt. Mrs. A. U. Sullivan of Hope .spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Robins. Mrs. Lorenv.a Tale returned to her ! home in Magnolia Sunday after spending two weeks with her mother, Mrs. M. 11. Stewart. Mr. and Mr.-.. Homer Carpenter and Mrs. M. F. Morgan of Texarkuna spent bundiiy at their farm, the Comvay property, north of town. Miss Melba Henry of Louisville, Ky., was the week end guest of Mrs W. H. Etter. Jr.. Mrs. Eddie Harper of Tokio and Mrs. Fred Smith of Route 1 visited Mrs. Kale Holt Sund.y. "The Mystery of the Hooded'Horsemcn" Painted Stallion SUNDAY & MONDAY A COMEDY ROMANCE. IT'S REFRESHING MARION DAVIES -in"EVER SINCE EVE' First Time in Hop — With— rw ,r . MABCIA RAI.STON .1.N JENKINS, HAKTON MrCLATN, I.OUISK KA/ENHA. Also MiMilonc Musical Comedy "TBDDY HKIIGMAN'S BAR-B-Q" PLACES WITH I.OWKLL THOMAS LATEST I'ATHK NEWS EVENTS TUES. & WEDNESDAY OOUBLKFEATUUK First Time in |joue "UEJiJND THE "KPEED TO SPAKE" TIIUKS. & FHIDAY "IJULMMW DKUMIUOND AT BAY" with JOHN LODGE DOROTHY MACKAIM. ~j- « u i ijMn.iHiwiuui. '•••••w^wtwaBMWMUBBHi §c MATINEE All Rides and Shows 5c Till 6 o'Clock Let's AH Go to SPAN AMERICAN SHOWS Highway 67 at ToI-E-Tex Oil Station. _ The Largest 0HRiVAL TO SHOW HOPE 15 Attractions—8 Show*—? Rides 20—Concessions—go 2—Bands—-? Live, Love, Learn Saenger Tuesday New Film Stars Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell Mirthful entertainment with triple- powered value indieated in its title comes Tuesday lo the Saenger In'(he picture, "Live, Love and Learn." 'Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell, both favorites of the screen, have the co-starring roles, Montgomery as a gay devil-may-care artist of Greenwich Village, Miss Russell as a daughter of society. Through her love for him she gives up the 400-more-or-less of her set and goes to live in a garret with a north light, near a delicatessen and a Chinese laundry in the throbbing heart of the village. Here, adventure overtakes them and for a while shatters their romance. But true love and heroic measures combine to restore them lo one another's arms and the lofty studio room. Montgomery goes back to his easel and •ebuilds the career that almost slipped when they parted. The story is amus- ng and has its moments of drama, but t is largely intended for laughter and unquestionably gains its point al ever nove. Robert Benchley, humorist and mor recently actor, plays an excellent par Others who stand out in the cast in elude Helen Vinson, Mickey Roonej Mcnty Woolley, E. E. Clive and Charle Judels. Childrei?sliub Success at New Several H u n d r e d Are Melmbers of Club, Says McGinnis Manager R. V. McGinnis of the New Theater recently started something in the way of interest for children boll boys and girls under twelve years o age when he organized the "1-2-3 Free Club" now in its fourth week Children six to twelve years registei at the New Theater and receive a membership card with their name, and ad dress. A record of their name, age, anc address is kept for reference by the theater. Each child as a member ol the "1-2-3-Free Club" attending the New Theater three times consecutively is admitted free on the fourth week' The cards when presented each week are punched by the cashier, the fourth week free. Several hundred children tire now members of this fast growing club and are enjoying the specially selected Saturday programs for boys and girls as well as the whole family and adults. These programs are comprised of cartoons, serials and comedies that are sure to please every one. The features are varied wilh your favorile western stars. The serial now in chapter No. 6 of the "Painted Stallion," starring Hoot Gibson and Ray Corrigan better known as "Tucson Smith" to his many followers. Hot Temper Wins Wife Mus. SID HENRY TELEPHONE 821 sponsor, with whom he had battled, says, "I want that fellow on my program, whoever he is. Go get him for me. He'll boost my Crunchie Munchie sales by millions." So Gnrgan goes back to the big time station. Romance develops in the clinches and he takes Judith Barrett with him. The supporting cast includes such well known comedians as Sterling Holloway, Roy Atwell, Gerald Oliver Smith and Spencer Charters. Four newcomers, the "Washboard lot Peppers," aged G to 12, add their unmaking and never-before-heard msic to the screen offering. Sidney 3alkow directed "Behind the Mike" •om the screen play by Barry Trivers. 'he associate producer is Lou Brock. The movie features the song, "Once You're In Love," by Jimmy McHugh and Harold Adamson." I When il;iy is hushed and hidden And gulden wood.s are mute, The ell-mist of evening Touches his .silver lute. i As if thi! light were lyric That from the fir.sl .slur gleams, Kur through the dewy pincwuods The glimmering choral streams; As if through lonely oriels Of sundown's gorgeous fane, Resplendent dying Beauty sang Anthems of love and pain; As if the rosehiiy's beauty In iniiiic overbrimmed, Till ivll the fading forest hears Her rudianl vuspers hymned; As if a hoar; long hurried And scourged by many « rod, Had triumphed and were singing Safe in the arms of God. —Selected. Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Hamilton has as week-end guests, Mrs. R. W, Buyless of Gurduu, Rev. A. W. Hamilton o Lewi&villi; and Hev. J. M. Hamilto of Monlicello. Among the new books at Hope Li I rai-y we find a book written by th former Governor of Arkansas, Georg W. ^Donughey. In his book "Buildin, a Suite Capitol," 1m has made ever; effort to recite the facts in the true spirit of their occurence, without the ui.siortiun of political or partisan in (lueiu'c.s. Another book that will bt. ij great interest lo the local people especially is Georgti Ware's "Southen Crops und Vegetables." In the fiction list we note, "Woman In Love" by Kathleen Norris. "Wife vs. Secretary," by faith Baldwin. And the fol, lowing books for children: "Real Tales >\ Heal Dogs" by Terhune, "Roller 3k;ite.s" by Ruth Sawyer. "Circus Joy" by Bunn, "EJephanl Twins" by . Ifogiiu. "Fi-eckclcd Face Bear" by Wcndoji. and the much loved "Heidi" v Spyri. Miss Enola Alexander of Henderson lyte Teachers College, Arkadelphia, spending the week-end svith her -•arent.s, Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Alexnder. -O- Gue.st.s in tin- home of Mr. and Mrs. M. Houston for the Methodist Con- erence are Die Rev. Roht. Moore of ksbury Church, Little Rock and Rev, 'ariiway of HeWitt, Ark. Misses Marie and Nannie Purkins will have as week-end guests, Mr. and Mrs. Duval Purkins and little daughter. Nancy Lane and Mrs. Karl Neal, all of Warren. Mrs. R. V. Herndon Sr., was hostess on Friday afternoon to the members of the Friday Bridge club and an extra table of guests at her home on South Main street. The rooms were bright with fall flowers and bridge was played from three tables. Attractive favors went lo Mrs. W. Q. Warren, Mrs. R. D. Franklin and Mrs. Modelinsky. Following the game, delicious refreshments were served. Miss Mary Nell Carter of Henderson State Teachers College is spending the week-end with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Stewart have as Conference Guest, Rev. John Hoover, presiding elder of Monticello district. Announcement is made of the mar- i-ig'ae of Mrs. Edith A. Stack of this city to Mr. E. L. Sherlock of He-bur Springs, Ark., more recently of San Jose, Calif. The marriage was solemnized in October at the home of officiating minister, Rev. Robert Naylor, Pastor of First Baptist chuiuh, Malvern, Ark. Mrs. Sherlock taught for several years in the public schoo'-. of Minnesota and Heber Springs, Ark., having had training from Quitman Normal School, Arkansas State Teach-TS College and George Peabody Col- ege for teachers For the past two years, she has carried on the business of Stack's Hot Shop in this city. Mr. Sherlock lias for many years been engaged in the mercantile and milling Business and cotton buying in North .'entral Arkansas, later moving to alifornia. The couple will be ut lome in Malvern, Ark., after the first if the year. —o- Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Stewart have us oniferewce guest, Rev. Spruce of Leoia, Ark. -Py- G *°- W. Wwen of Hot Springs ml C. B. Mw-ry of Arkadelphia are nests of Mr, and, Mrs. A. B. Patten o»- Conference \yeek. Says Communists, CIO Are Working Together MEMPHIS, Tenn.—i/Pi—Police Chief Will D. Lee charged here Friday that the "CIO and Communists are working together" in Memphis. "We're gathering information," the chief added. "In fact, we've already got information that's going to shake them to their eye teeth." William Gargan and Judith Barrett, the featured lends in Univerwd's "Behind the Mike" Hot tempers very often get peopl into trouble and out of jobs." Seldom does a hot temper get a man a wif and restore him to anybody's goo graces. However, in the case of th radio program producer portrayed b William Gargan in Universal's "Be hind the Mike." the film coming t the New Theater on Tuesday an Wednesday a low boiling point for hi emotional outbursts brings the broad casting director an atractive bride am carries him back to heights he one had lost. In thi.s' comedy drama, "Behind tlv Mike." William Gagran starts out bj offending the most influential sponso of a big time New York radio broad casting director an attractive bride anc equals one lost job, which shoulc make him even. But it places him "behind the 8 ball," and in a small town radio station that is ready to close. Gurgqn calls on Don Wilson to help him put over the forlorn hope. Don known to the radio public for his work on Jack Benny's program, is right at home in his role as an announcer. Gargan proceeds to lose his temper again when Judith Barrett ol the rival station joshes him about his '2 watt" station. She says, "It's 2 watts —what for? and what next?" Stirred lo anger, Gnrgan goes aftei the other station, discovers that its owner and crooked mayor are planning to cheat the cjty, and blasts their plan by broadcasting the details. The resulting furore attracts the attention of the radio company that had previously fired Gargan. The influential At the New SUNDAY & MONDAY ROBERT MONTGOMERY MABION DAVIES-in"EVER SINCE EVE" TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY William Gargan, Judith Barrett, Don Wilson, Sterling Holloway—in "BEHIND THE MIKE" —Also— Charles Quigley, Dorothy Wilson and Eddie Nugent—in "SPEED TO SPARE" THURSDAY & FRIDAY John Lodge, Dorothy MacKaill and Victor Jory—in "Bulldog Drummond at Bay" Coming Saturday, November 20 John Wayne in "Oregon Trail" Two pioneers in the introduction of identification pur- fingerprint; poses were foi Sir Francis Gallon of England and Sir William Hcrschel of India. Hersehel wanted to fingerprint members of the Hugli courts, while Gallon wanted to do Chinese immigrants. the same for "Ever Since Eve" at Newjheater Show Opens Sunday, Staring Robert Montgomery, Marion Davies The first appearance in Hope of the earner Brothers feature* picture "Ever Since Eve" comes to the New ThfeateP screen Sunday and Monday with the op ranking stars including Robert Montgomery and Marion Davies as well as the funny Frank McHugh, 3 atsy Kelley, Allen Jenkins, under he direction of Lloyd Bacon who has juilt an enviable reputation for successful hits on the screen. Marion Davies is having the biggest date of ler entire life with Robert Montgomery n this big Cosmopolitan show. So remember to count on the kind of en- ertainment that comes from the Warier Brothers studios. TJiis is the eason of the year when those "sur- Jfise sleepers" come along and this is lie one. All of the elements neces- ary to a pleasing comedy romance ave been included here. You will ind two musical spectacle numbers lat are the tops. The added short nits are comprised of the Mentone KTusical "Teddy Bergmans Bar-B-Q )rchestra," a rare treat in something mil of diversification in twenty shorts minutes. Lowell Thomas commentator of the "Going Places" plus the latest release in Pathe News events rounds out a two hour show that promises to please the entire family. Sotlietti and Haley at Rialto Sunday "Danger Love at Work" Is an Outstanding Comedy Film New ways of loving and newer ways of laughing in the new kind of laugh hit thai is the funniest "commotion-picture" of the year will bring a liberal education in hilarity to'the screen of the Rialto Theater when "Danger-Love At, Work" opens Sunday. Ann Sothern, Jack Haley, Mary Boland and Edward Everett Horton are starred in the daffiest comedy ever produced. 'In or out of bedlam no one has ever seen the likes of the frantic roftaftfl^J and haywire hilarity of thut o J -- nt ""* ing Comedy. In a nutshell (a -.„, . . ting place, by the way) this rtetf lift of rib-tickling tale is a slmpfe (simply devastating) of Girls „„ Boy, Boy meets Family, Boyt Id Mind! The Girl is Ann Solh&*h' ( daffiest debutante who ever eatf^f —of a trance! The Boy is Jack the most bewildered Romeo who faced a shotgun! The Family is gelher pixilated, with a cuckoo y. their crest and a strailjacket fftefr **f coat-of-arms! The Mind—well, "' body does, it's all grand fun! Delaware slate police have been, * stopping trucks along tbe highways" *>j of the state and compelling dHV. '"" | who have been working more th i Ifi hours to sleep. Look at this foursome .... and judge for yourself if— MARY BOLAND, EDWARD EVERETT HOUTON ANN JACK SOTHERN -and- HALEY Won't be a riot of fun in—: "DANGER, LOVE AT WORK" Sun. Mon, & Tues. U. D. C. Rejects Names at Arlington Cemetery RICHMOND, Vu. — (/P) - United Daughters of the Confederacy unanimously voted Friday to request authorities to place no names of Confederate heroes in the government ampitheatre at Arlington cemetery unless the name of President Jefferson Davis be included. WE DEFY YOU - standing week of picture this, that opens— SUN. & MON. —with— CANTOR ,33* &»">tiZ Don't Forget GET YOUR COAT NOWATAREAL SAVINGS BEFORE Jt Gets Too Cold! These Are Special Values, DOUBLE SHOW —at SAENGER & RIALTO TQNITE (SAT.) TUES.WED PLAIDS—CHECKS STRJPES—SOLIDS K>Wrt For Sport—For Dress 34 to 40 Single and Double Breasted Belted Models WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES THUR.FR! I P B I T T A YOUNG i» Second Noneyrnooj,

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