Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 21, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 21, 1952
Page 13
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*' 1 M MOM itAt, MdM, jUfUNiAS CLASSIFIED Ad* Mtttl Be lo Office Day Bafort PObfleitfefl 'ANT AO HATES AiM A* PayMMe In Adt Will la Accepted '*tfBh»fl* Am! A«om6. urtti Altow«S With The I Th* A««w»rt 11 Pay- ioltm»nf It Rendered. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Ofti f Imt „ ........... 78o por Inch I Tlrntu „.,<..,...., ...... Wo per Inch f TJrtlM ..„ ................ 60o per loch "" M ouoled *bw« or* for cere rt Irntrilem, lff«uh»r or ihlif Odi win loM fh* *>f<}ay '«»*. daily clotilllto oOv«ftl»lf>« copy o«*pnw until S p.m, for on I rolldwino (toy. r*Mrv* th* M0M to or *UH oil edvifiiKmimii of. for ouljiicBtiivi and lo r*|*ci , ,.. ttf one or mwe Mten, ,' (!«t/pi at 1 touf« wch 01 houMi W tflwpnon* number count 01 cm* . ,.- r - Itof will not be rttpwv (or tffOrt In Wont Adi unlMi •re colled to our " 2 after /IfMT insertion of mi ana , Mien fa ONLY the ONI ln«orr*et Phont 7-3431 HOWE STAR II, o(i»rnoon by CO, WU «vifV ITAH ^U ' C,* fc' NlMtr, AWill Ml WNhltim, U>y.T(Ht. Ittr ft Hit* Mllir Ofllc* it MOM, Iht At! t» Minh I I l»r. PH. j ji'S Ih* > " lubKrlptlon Kol»l (poyobl* In od- ' In Hop* MX) ..„„. ... H*mptt«ad, Nevada, 5y«iH, HtiMfd, and Miller court. nlhq T.m"T"",",;mr,'"" 1.60 ,..„., , 2,60 » ,.„„.„.„„ 4,80 "" 1.10 tthi „„,.,.„ s.as ,„.,,,..„.,.,,,', I,.,,,,,,, ll.QO;:.. it'l Advtftlilna R«pf»>tntotlv«i; j DoHllH, Inc.; 1603 St»tlck M*m(*li 2, Twin., SOJ T««o» lldg., Uallfli 1, Tt*o»; J60 N. ~" Av*., Chicago I, III,; 60 I. Y«wk IT, N. Y,j 176J of the Au«clated Pr.m «,., 'the A««ioiea Pff» U tntiiltd «K*.' 1 '*. uw (0f jepubilwMon t0 ** 1 •»•** «*'"»**"»»w»- r, 01 w*M ai all AP ntwt For Sal« Ijlfc imtnodlitoly to Hop «. 150, |75» |99. »0> 8. Elm St. Hopo. 17-lm • quality Holvleln H*H> s, $78 up. Mutation Mink, $39 »• v«»». ViUjjht Farms. Lomlro, Wls £'< •-AUanta, Tex«». o-ist & f» MIU2H uiul _. PL' ' Wttdo Wamxi, Phone 7-3083 at or Day Phono 7-8173, «art»«o AKBU r«palr*. Will Hell for $12,1, t«r««ted \vrit«» C. «, John- 3 Box )B4, Itfiiohe, A^ •• 18-31 1 typewriter und stand avfittk butane cook stow " ' " 7.4W3, Jolmuon Urosg 9f »ftme, Mid South r b»le, Due Blevlnn. See «t d, W. Strick, For Rtnt 3 noOM unfurnl«h»(l "parlment. J'rlvdtn cnirnncei, Attic fnn. P«-cnn Grove Ap*rtmfint«, Jj| fl | 7-.147I. J2-01 A PA nTMEMT?" *"T|M ^* NlHhl Phonn 7-3003, 7.217ft. W»do W«rr<»n. lft.«t Dtlf'LKX . nmt door » wiuToT' the Kroger IJiillding, Phone 7-3481. C, PUw, aut», with Dny Phon*. furnl*h*d npnrlrnent. Private bwlh. Utllitlfn I'"Id, Kloclrlc rpfrlgi'rfltoi, 814 E, Third, Phono 7.«:i2. J8-31 TO couple or working girl a 2 room furnUhcti flpiiitimrnl, Ullln pnld. 102 H, Ws»hln«u»n, Phone 7-2103; 18-31 '.MQRK In, ',4 block of lown, 4 room ftirnlnliod npsrlmrnt. Prlvnlr- bnlh, Nnwly deeornlod. No children. I'honn 7«MM. 18-31 DUPLEX tinfurnliihcd .1 room*. Idirdwond fliiuri, buck porch (md KIIIIIUO, 211 N. llorvcy, J'liimc , j«fy at; (i Political Announcements Tht Itsr if author!*** to •nnounet 0>st the following art Cftfldld*tti for publle office subject to the lotion of the Democratic primary elections: Tax A*i««»«r _. ------» T ^w- . wf 8. A. (Speedy) HUTSON TA For Repreientatlve JUBOT FEILD JR. For County JudM CLAUD H. BUTTON U. 0. aARRETT FRED A. LUCK For Sheriff C. COOK Cor Alderman Ward 1 JOE BRITT R. C. (Oob) DANIELS JOK JONES IIOOM modcirn unfurnlnhi<d ntiKij. 1-Jnd uf 13th Stn-ot, Phone 2 1 -at Notice IAUL und nprond unnd 11,2,1 yard Clrnvel available. Poy Hammoiu I'honn 7-ao,1l). JO-1M WIS re«rctt dint' it hn» become riPGdnniiry to t'lono our lain- ««uln«l public swimming and fldhlnu. Wiulo Wtirnm. in-lit WIIITK fpmnlo pupplo* 7~wep|(H old, Frew, laOD Smilh Horvry. _ _ 'l(l-3t WILL do iypln« of niPklnds, smnll or liirge John, Mrs, Thur innn IlldlltiK. Minnc 7-:i«6l. lll-.1t _ 10INO in San Antonio 24tn will tako ;i pawniu>rn. Throne, City Hall, Hopt«. lily s«i' 'O the 1 trndenrm'ti of Hope. We the umlemlgned, will not be re- NliciiiHlbto for the debts Incurred by Mm. Cecil Ann AlliKon, 210 W, AVI-, »,, Hope, Arkansas, Frances J. Pollard John Wlllard Pollurd 3.11 Randolph Ave. Windsor, Ontario, Canada 21-11 U.UE Piiriiiu'i't from 504 W, ciu-It nut Street, Proncotl, Arkansas. Phono Qt«or||o Tent, . tt l 310 In •Preseott. " - jj.(jj SMALL «oid PICO pin downtown ThumUny, Ploano leave ut Mis* Henry's Gift Shop, ai-3i Wanted to Buy •IIGHKST prices" piild fo7"lio7iio grown produce. Turner's Grocery & Mnrket Went Third. 13-tii Yesterday's Stars By The Associated Preii HATTING! Andy Semlnu-k, Reds, md Del Ennls, Phillies Sum- nick hit a wand *l«m home run n }h« role or a nlnehhUU-r In the still Inning, then- wont behind the >»t and leorvd the winning run ifler hluln« u double In lh« 10th t* the Utjds won Iho opener, 0-3. JSwilH banned, two doubles «nd n »ome run «nd ictsrod three times n thn Phils' second name 4-3 win or UK< *piu, PITCHING: Hurry Dorlsh, White m ,7[, Rl 'l>l«cod Chuck Slubbs viih clUcnuQ lending ihe Yankees, M In the t>l«hth, one out nod •unnwrs on first nnd third iu> aimed pinch hitter Hunk llauer ma retired, the next four batters u pro-serve ChlcoKo's one - run Negro Community •y Helen Turner _ Or •t ', Umi to Mia* Turner ekt Funer.l Hem* of Miv and Mrs. Cart Simms St. Uuk, Mo. % ttr« Vl«ltln« Mrs Simm's Pawns. Mr. and Mr». Mr, and Mrs, acorn* l/»gan of iix, .Ar|*wv», Mr, and Mrs. Jo)tn«cui of Hop* won- dinner of Mrs. " For Aldermen Ward f fRKD JOHNSON DWIOHT RTfJODILL PAUI, RALKY PAT Tor Alderman Ward I II. L. HETTIG Stata Benste TOM J. Slf.VKY DR. r. C, CROW Chancellor (Pint Dlvl.lon, 6th District) WKSUSY IIOWARD A. P. STKEL For Congrem ORION HARRIS Tho Mhrnry of C'onMrcsH hns nr- (|lilrrd n prlntcr'H copy of the I,ln- (.iiln-nnii|>liiH Debutes nnd nl.Mo a kttor (ruin Abrnham Lincoln to the ChlcHKo Pri'MH nnd Tribune re- HiU'HtliiK uvi> KI.-IS of thiil news- pllpl'1'8 ri'|)llfl.>! 0,1 111!' (IflllltCN. Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 43 PR IT HKSOI.VKI) by tho House of Hi'piT'ii'nttUlvM of lhi< State of Arluinsns mid by the Semite 1 (if the Stnto of ArknnsriH, u Mil- Jorlty of All the- MemhcrH Kle-el. ed to Kuch HOIMO Auroi'liiff Tlu-roto: Tlml th<> fnllowlng is hereby pro- 1 posi'd u« nn unicndmonl to the Con- j xtltutlon nf the Stnlc of Arluinsus, nnd upon bolnx submitted to the iilcclors of tho StHto for approval or rejection at thu next Ki'niM'iU olocllon for Hepipsonlntlvcs nnd Senators, If n majority of the olcclor* votlnjj thoroon, nt such hn I'K'ctlon, tidopl such amendment, th<> mimo ahull become u par.1, pi tho Conslitullon of tho Stale of Ar". UniiNiiH. lo-wil; Anirnclment No, 10 to ihe Con- Rtltutlon of the State of Arkansas, mlopU'd by the electors of this Stttto ul HID aenernl EU-ction held und conducted on the Oth dny of November, IIIJH. \» hereby amended to read i»» follows; SECTION I. It being most ap- pnrenl Unit prlviitely nperiiled fiietorles, Industries and trnnHpor- tntlon fuflllllos nrc neeessary for Ihe development of u community SporfsihBHgf WWNIPEO •— John«y Palmer of North C'firollna won ih« Canadian (>p*n with a record nif<lol •core i>t 263 In the 7Mir>|« lourn.i merit, DENVF.n - Charlie Coe of Okln- homn City won the Trani-MU*U ilppl tournrirncnt with a 3 and 2 victory ovrr Buator Reed of San KIT, Tex. TENNIS JIAVERFORD, Pa. — Vic Selxas of Philndrlphln, America'* No. 1 Itinnlx player, captured the Penn- nylvtinlu championship by deftat- in« Siriiltfhl Clark of Pa«odcnn, Cullf.. (Id, fl-4, 01; Maureen Connolly, San Dle«o, Calif,, won worn on'* title. INDIANAPOLIS — Art Lornen of San Lconilro, Calif., upset top-»r?, r d- ed Dick Snvlu of Orange, N. J .. 02, 10. HO, 04. to win the wosti'in tuirnnmc-nt, By the Associated Pre«» AMERICAN LEAGUE W L Pct.Cn .014 .563 4'* .557 5 .551 5!i .427 7!j 4H1 IP-j ,385 20 >j SPORTS ROUNDUP New York Boiton Washington Cleveland Chicago Philadelphia St. Louis Detroit All Kroupi of human being* hove iitul u>:c Hurin: kind of 54 34 49 31 49 M IH 40 4B 4.1 39 42 35 56 2H 59 .322 23',i SUNDAY'S RESULTS Waihlngtnn 7-0 St. Louis 0-3 Philadelphia 8-3 Detroit 7-3 (second Kiimo called lifter nine InninKs, curfew) Cl:icugo 3 New York 4 Boston 8 Cleveland 7 (12 lnn!n«.s) NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. GDI 50 22 By MURRAY ROSE (For Gayle Talbot) HELSINKI, July 21. <*V~ of an American in Helsinki: The first thing that drew attention in this tree-lined .By GAYL6 TALBOT. our atut open city w&s the absence of television antennas on the rooftops. Much prettier without them, too. No billboards, either. Oklahoman WinsThird Golf Title slender «olfins master from Okla wa Legal Notice PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 42 UK IT rtKSOLVED by the Senate of the Stole of Arknnaa* and by the Haunt* of lleprenentutivi's, » Majority of All the Members Klected to Knch House Agreeing Thereto: That the followlnj; IR hereby pro- us an amendment to the of tho Stale of Ar- umxns, and upon being Hiibiultti'd to the elt-elors of the State for ap- [>rovul or rejection at the next general election for Representatives ntul Sennioi-B, If a majority of the elector* voting thereon, ul such an election, adopt such amendment, the »umn shall become a* part of the Constitution of the State of Ar- l(tinnnn, to-wlt: SECTION 1. CommlMlon Created —• Membere — Powen. There is liereby created a State Highway Commission which shall be vested with all the powers and duties now or hereafter Impost-el by law for the administration of the State IliKhwiiy Department, together with all powers necessary or proper to enable the Commission any of UK officers or employees lo carry out fully and effectively the regulations and laws relating to the Slate Highway Drparlment. SKCT1UN 2. Qualification! and Appointment of Membere — Term* of Office of Flret CommlMlon. Within ten days after the conven- Inn of the General Assembly of the Stole oPArkansns In the year 1033, tho Governor, by and with the advice nnd consent of ihe Senate, shall cippolnt five person* who are qualified electors of the State to conslllule the State Highway Commission for terms of two, four, six, eight and ten years respectively. The ti-rms of the person's so appointed shall be determined by lot. The Commissioners to be ippointsd from the Stale at targe; provided, however, that no two Commissioners shall be appointed f}bm uny single Congressional District. In tho event of rejection by the Senate of a person whose name has been so .submitted, th^ Governor shall within five days after receipt of written notice from tho Secretary of the Semite of such rejection submit the name of another appointee to fill sijch vac* uncy. In the event the Governor should within five days thereafter and for tho welfare of its inhnbl- (nil lo appoint or full to submit to tants, an unmml tux of not exceed-) the Senate for confirmation the one prr cent of the assessed name of any person to be appoint valuation -of all taxable property within the corporate boundaries thereof m«y be levied by cities ot the first und, second class for lh$ purpose of providing funds to bo unetl for the acquisition of sites within or without such elites and for the construction of such sites of bulltllngH ami other facilities, for U'UHt) or salo, for the aforesaid purposes, or for tho amortization of bonds bcurinjj Interest ut not more than four per cent per annum issued for such purposes. SECTION U. When pet itemed, by not less Hum ten per cent of the qualified eloclors ri-sldln« therein, the City Council or other govern- Inu body of any such clly shall call.for an election to be held not more than ninety days thereafter for the purpose of having the qualified electors vote on the proposition. SECTION 3. The Kenoral Assembly shttll enact such enabling leu- Islutkm us shall be required lo of- fectuttte thu proposes hereof, APPROVED: March at), 1851. Secretary of Slate C, O. HALL Muy S thru Dot, U7 <2U times) ANNOUNCEMENT Legal Notice IN THE PHOUATE COUHT OF HKMPSTRAD COUNTY, AHKANSAS IN THK MAri'KU OK TUB ESTATE OF JAMKS T. OKNTUY, UKCKASKD No. 818 NOTICC OP APPOINTMENT OF PXBCUTOR Notice Is hereby given that an instrument dated July 23, ltH5, was on Uie Silh day of June, 1862, admitted lo probate in ihe Probate Court ot Hemp«tead County as the last will of the above named de- ctsieut AjicUlary Utters testamen cd, the Senate shnll proceed to mnke ihe appointment of Its own choice. SECTION 3. T«rnu of Office of Member*, Upon the expiration of the foregoing terms of said Coin- mUssloncm, n successor shall be appointed by the Governor in the manner provided for In Section 2 foj 1 u term of ten yeara, which term of ten years shall iherenfler be for each member of Ihe Commission. SECTION 4. Removal of Mem- bere — Hearing — Review and Appeal. A Commissioner may be removed by the Governor only for Ihe siime cuuses as apply lo other constitutional officers after, a hearing which may be reviewed by the Chancery Court for the First District with rljht of appeal therefrom to the Supreme. Court, such review und appeal to be without p'resump- llon in favor of any finding by the Governor or the trial court, and provided further, in addition to tho rltiht of confirmation herelnabove reserved to the Senate, the Senate may upon the written request-of at least Five (3) of its members that a member or members of the Commission should be removed therefrom, proceed, when In session, to hear any .and all evidence pertinenl to the reasons for removal. The member or members whose removal is so reoueste<l shall be entitled to be heard in the mailer and to be represented before the Senate by le^al Counsel. These proceedings conducted by the Senate' shall be public and a transcript of the testimony so heard shall be prepared and preserved In the journal o| the Senate, The taking of evidence either orally or by deposition sruj.ll not b« bound by the formal rules of evidence- Upon the conclusion of the" hearing, the Senate, sitting as a body in executive session, may femove said memtwr or members ol th» Brooklyn fif) 22 .728 New York 53 31 .631 St. Louis 31 39 .507 Chicago 45 42 ,. r >17 Philadelphia 43 45 .489 lioston 37 50 .425 Cincinnati 30 53 .404 Pittsburgh 25 07 .27B SUNDAY'S RESULTS Brooklyn 8 Pittsburgh 5 New York 0 Chicago 7 St. Louis 8 Boston 4 Cincinnati 0-3 Philadelphia iKirsl gome 10 innings) 12'., 17 j 25''! 27 ! :t"!jj 5.4 COTTON STATES LEAGUE W L Pet Meridian 50 32 .030 Natchez 53 37 .589 Greenwood 4fl 42 .523, Pine Bluff 45 42 .517J Monroe 44 43 .500 El Dorado 43 45 .489 Hot Springs 34 52 .393 Greenville :tl 50 .344 Last Night's Results Nnlchez U, Monroe 5 Greenwood 13, Hot Springs 2 Greenville 5, Pine Bluff 3 Meridian 12, El Dorado 10 Tdnlght's Games: Hot Springs at Natchez Pine Bluff at Meridian El Dorado ut Greenville Monroe at Greenwood Tiey. on the titi-ci't.s is to allow 10(1 yards clcnnince for any n.nviiii; vehicle. If ;i driver is seen inking just Mu' drink, then Kf-'ts caught behind thu uhi.'.'l. the Finns will lake away liis license faster than you can say "whiskey arid soda" in Finnish. Paavo Nurmi's haberdashery sliup is the meccu of all tourists and athletes but few get a chance to Si.v the great man, who is busy with other projects. Shotpuller Harrow Hooper of Ft. Worth, Tex., has madi; three trips so far und hasn't cautflit Ihe Flying B'inn yet. He'll keep on trying as loriK as his finnmnrks hold out. But what is he yoiny to do with all those ties? They're loud even for Texas. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION W L Pet Allantn no 42 .571 C'hattnnoofta C> r > 43 .501 Now Orleans 53 45 ,G54 Mobile 50 50 .500 Nashville 47 53 .470 Kirmineham 45 53 ,459 Memphis 45 55 .450 I.itlle Hock 43 53 .44(1 Last Night's Results Atlanta 5-7 Chatlanooga 1-0 Birmingham (J-2 Nashville 5-1 Little Rock 4-4 Mobile 3-2 Memphis 4-0 New Orleans 3-1 • Tonight's Games: Chattanooga at Birmingham New Orleans at Little Rock Mobile at Memphis (only games scheduled) Skyscraping Walt Davis, the Texas high jumper, couldn't sleep the first night he arrived here be- ciiuse of the almost perpetual daylight at this time of year. "I woke up at 4 a.m.," the 0- foot-H leapcr said, "and saw how bright it was. I tried to fall asleep again, but I gave up at 4:30 and washed my clothes." Vic Towed, the world banlam- weighl champion from South Africa, has a brother on that country's Lmxint; team who is rated as an outstanding flyweight. Vic won the 112-pound crown in London in '4!!, and now brother Willie is tryiny for the same tille. Willie is tall and fast. And so is Nate Brooks, ihe Cleveland flyweight. Tho exports hurt- say that if tlipy moot il may be- the top clash of the Olympic Games. Upsets Feature Ouachita Match CAMDEN, Ark. tfl — Upsets and n 17-year-old El Dorado golfer rul- <;d the final rounds of tho 5th annual Ouachita Valley Golf Tournament here. Youthful Davis Love Jr. conquered Charles Woodard of Magnolia 2 and 1 to cop tho title yesterday. Love, Big Six High School champ Ion, eliminated Fred Michaels, of Luke Village in the semi-finals 4 and 3. Michaels had advanced to the semi-final round with a 1 up victory over Paul Collum of El Dorado on Salurdny. Collum was nmncr-up lost year. Defending Champion Gene Kcen- ey of Tixarkana found his, pulling game off and fell before Woodard 2 and 1 in the semi-finals. Keeney previously had won the litle three times. Woodard and Love, in the champ ionshlp match, were even lo the llth hole when the youngster started edging away. The Magnolia linksman conceded the match on the 105-yard 17th hyle when Love missed a hole in one by two feet. { Canada and Mexico next month in Seattle. Coe won 3 and 2 in 34 holes from Buster Heed. 24 year old collegian from Sangoi, Tex. Coe. six foot 145 pounder, held steady in 92 degree heat that seemed to wilt the Texan in the long, pressure-filled championship grind. Coe. 28-year old winner of the T-M in 1947 and 1949. was four over par for the 34 holes over the 0.711 yard par 70 Lnkcwood Country Club course. In the closing stages of the match, Coe was play- inu it safe. Twice instead of gambling for birdies on sloping greens, he let the bull trickle short to the cup, rather than taking a chance on it over-running. Coe is the first three-time winner of the Trans-Miss since Johnny Goodman turned the trick in 1927, 1031 and 1935. Coe hadn't competed in the Trans-Miss since he won it in 1949. L. M. Crannell Jr., of Dallas, the 1951 champion, was eliminated in the first round. Coe was named last week lo captain a team of seven U. S. umatcur golfers who will play similar teams from Canada and Mexico for the Championship of the Americas at Seattle Aug. 14-15. Tho Oklahoman took a one up lead on the 12th hole in the morning round and never trailed although Reed evened the match on No. 19 f ,t tho start of the afternoon round. Coo wont in front to stay with a birdie four on the 001 yard No. 21. He canned his 12 foot putt and Rood was short with his 15 footer for a par. Some fossil kangaroos are believed to have weighed as much as small horses and to have had food- A federal act in 1802 gave land to each of tho states for the establishment of colleges and land grant colleges wore subsequently estab- ing habits similar to those of a lished in each state of the United horse, States. Three Games This Week Hope Legionrtalr'eS' will | Nashville for a game tonig 8 o'clock against the loop's " ranking team. wo Wednesday night the L e < naires go to Mineral Spring the Flyers return, her* f "• night. KXAR will carry ton 'X contest. ' . . V The' Prides of Texarkam currently leading the league a 14-4 record; Mineral Sprir second with 13-5; Nashville, with 12-0; Hope 7-11; Tomic^e and Hot Springs 1-18. Hope announced the relea Top Smith, Buddy White, of Riddling, Billy Hearn and Taylor while signing Dick dn bell, Wayne McMillan, H Thomas, Sonny Byrd' and ^ Farrar. ark ^m* Three Hope men are 'going kr the .300 mark in batting — G<he Beasley .431, Bob Wh'ite .344 Marty Filagamo .324. . Preparations are being i ! for the league's i-A for August. The learn Jeadln July '25 will play, the star g Baseball .left s t .e C nl •f „ By The Associated Presi) INTERNATIONAL LEAGU Montreal 6-5 • Ottawa 5-3 Buffalo 5 Toronto 5 (first gam called afteiv eight innings, second game postponed) Rochester 5-4 Syracuse 0-5 Baltimore 4 Springfield 3 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Milwaukee 3-2 Indianapolis 2 St. Paul 3-5 Columbus 0-10. ! Minneapolis 14-5 Charleston "^ Kansas City 2 Louisville 1 ' PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE! Portland 92 Los Angeles 2-1 j Oakland 2-4 Seattle 1-3 San Francisco 5-1 Sacrament! Hollywood 10-0 San DieRO 0-i TEXAS LEAGUE i Shreveport 10 Dallas 7 • I Beaumont C-0 Ft. Worth 5-5 j Oklahoma City 9-1 San Antoni : Houston 40 Tulsa 32 i Tho sun's rays falling on J. are calculated to have one i the intonsity of those falling 01 earth. SPANISH RANGED LEE WELL! *"0))VI Di.v.nljun ••III, Hl.ll.lwU ll,yK:ni;r:>uli f K Welli 7rS»s**fl Indian:) established great irri Kiition works in Ihe Southwestern j United Stales long before the eom-j ing of the While Man. Legal Notice have b*en issued to Mart In I Commission by a majority vote . .t *| A \Uil*>uxv> >.M.ri r\»^ k _ n _._!.. ^. i » _ __ » . T*^^ ^^» try, J. A- and Donna A, iUy of Bisbee, ArUotu. Any objections to the probate of the will can be effected by filing a petition with this court within the time provided by law. All persons h»vlnf claims against tfc« «ft»t* uxust eshJWt tbem, duly vertfigd In Uw» «Rd*r«iiu«d ag«nt ' u>» cl« monttvi ti-om the 4«t# of . tk*t pubUcatkon of this notice, AMtuWL*? ^ v * r >*?*** ™W(f UM> conducted by secret ballot. SECTION 5. Vaoaftcle*«Mm*|> Vacancies on the Commission due to resignations, death or rtmoval utment of n BUMMi) \ 1U1. • ' ^ * J |iy PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT NO. 41 BE IT HESOLVED by the House nf Representatives of the State of Arkansas nnd by Ihe Senate, u majority of All ihe Members Elected to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following is hereby proposed as an amendment lo the Constitution of the Slale of Arkansas, and upon being submilted lo Ihe electors of the Stale for approval or rejection ut the next general election for Representatives and Senators, if a majority of the electors voting thereon in such election adopl such amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas, to wit: SECTION 1. That the Constitution of the State of Arkansas be amended modifying Section 19 of Article 1 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 34 of said Constitution, so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk in all of the said counties of the State, as follows: "The provisions for the election of a County Clerk upon a population b»*is are hereby abolished and went may b* elected a County Clerk in like manner as a Circuit CUsrk. and In. &uch cases, the County Clerk m»y be ex offlcio Clerk of the Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by .the General Assembly." This Aroendmeftt *h*ll be in full force and effeet upon and after »*«**»««»• \ H. U&L ^^W^ff w !^W^™ ^p8EP r CHAPTER .ONE IT WAS the last stage of the long jotfrney, and the most crowded. There were four passengers oesldes Blaise Randcll and his partner in the stagecoach, cacli of them sitting stiff and aloof from his neighbor. Blaise sat next to the window, lacing Uie rear. His long legs cramped bacU against the seat in nis care not to annoy the girl opposite him. The man beside her cast sidelong glances, but she studiously kept her tace toward the AVlndow, slender shoulders prim, nands folded over a large purse. The man leaned forward, clearing his throat, forcing her attention. He was portly, with a round, flushed face and watery, salacious eyes. He smiled and touched his pc'arl-gray derby. "1 hope 1 ain't disturbing you, ma'am," She looked coldly at him then turned back to the window, speaking over her shoulder in a clear, musical voice. "Not at all." "Glad to know It, ma'am." He sank back. He caught Blaise's level look and his eyebrows arched as his lips made a silent whistle. Blaise simply looked and the man flushed, eyes sliding away. The coach sped on, paralleling the range of mountains that extended westward from Los Angeles lo the sea, the low, rounded hills growing steadily higher. Hal King nudged Blaise, jerking him from his thoughts. "Pretty country. Is your place like this?" Blaise smiled, a slow move of the lips as though an unaccustomed action. It lighted his somber, deep-set eyes and strangely softened the angular cheeks and jawbones. For a moment something of the past looked through. "Almost, only the mountains are closer all around." He nodded toward the window. "But it's all pretty this time of vear, right after the spring rains. I'm glad they let ... 1 come down right now." Hal nodded. The stage rolled on, the six passengers silent, each In a world of his own. The girl kept her face to the window but she could see the tall young man from the corner of her eyes. Suddenly hi* eyes swerved to her. alarmed and suspicious. She looked away shocked. She had seen the same expression in the eye» of animals that had suddenly been trapped. Now she knew that there was aomething wrong about hii akin. It should have been a deep tan for he was obviously a man ot the outdoors. But it wasn't ... it was too white. Tot DMA beside her Inched closer. -My mwae'a Scarne. Joseph JfQ&AjiOfl SffVGfl* MfiiJIH tilfi ftlLQSt Une ot Hardwart aouth of the ' AJtft To* f**Uy not Interested," ahe aald. NW*. eyea rouwj. almiBjed and looked ~ MB. B* I fRMK "r "You ain't new to these parts, i take it?" "No . . . not new." Scarne nodded, pleased with himself. "1 can -always tell. You been to Los Angeles, maybe buying supplies or selling beef. You're going back—" "Where I've been or where I'm KoiiiR," Blaise said in an even, emotionless voice, "is no business ot yours." Scarne blinked, lost his smile. Then his brashncss returned and he nudged the girl. She jumped, startled, and Scarne laughed. "Now he's—" / "She ain't interested, mister," Blalse said. "Why don't you settle down, or go to sleep?" A deep flush flowed upward from Scarne's collar. Silence settle'! on the coach. The girl gave Blaise a swift smile in silent thanks. Then she turned to the window again. Now Blaise noticed her. She would be tall, slender. She had smoky-blue eyes, and the ha|r beneath the pert hat and veil was a dull, coppery color. The planes of her face were strong and 'yet .the structure seemed delicately molded. She wore a striped, tailored coat, a small gold, watch pinned to one shoulder. A heavy brooch relieved the severe white of her waist and lace collar. As little as Blaise knew about such things,. he saw that her clothing was expensive. He senser 1 wealth and assurance, Scarne had lit a cigar and- the strong blue smoke whipped past the girl and out the window. Scarne's full lips worked at the cigar and the smoke grew thicker. The girl coughed. Hal leaned forward and took the cigar from 1 Scarne's fingers. The man stared at him in amazement as Hal studied the smoking weed and then flipped It out the window. "Mister, you learn hard," he said. Scarne's lips opened to protest but he caught Blaise's steady gaze. He subsided, muttering under his breath. Hal King was a solid, stocky man with a violently freckled face and blue eyea that at the moment looked guileless. He shifted hU gun and holster to a more comfortable position and then stared around at the hills. "We're carrying something this load." Hal said. 'That guard ain't taking no chances." "Interested?" Blaise asked scftly. "Oh. no!" Hal exploded. «Tve had more'n a crawful of that." Then be grinned. "You're hcoraw- in' me." "Sure." Blaise aald. The girl bad moved to ahare Blaise's aeat and ahe looked up at him, ber glance a hopeful question. Blaise's thoughts need abead, down the mile* <* gusty road to journey's end. There'd b» : a ftri who bad waited (or him. He triad to attape her plctijra In hi* mind and it came so clear that he knsv U coiOd not, t* wholly lUM, Tea yr^m* 1 * 5?wLi!L».!.' soft as its dainty petals, gpl< hair that caught a man's eyee i held them, that Invited the c*rt ing touch of his fingers. He moved restlessly at the.vi picture. Blue and gold and I white skin. The girl opposite 1 was dark, lovely Ih- her way . but not like Mclanie. ( Tho road 1111 e d as the h pressed closer, . > "The Valley," he said to' 1 "It's good to see it." j The' girl looked up, alert, you live In the Valley?" He hesitatcdi "Intend, to reckon." . The couch swung off. the hi way to a.stage station. Thf dri announced there'd be a stop dinner. • •, .'.-. .. Blaise climbed out and itre^ch his big hands in the small* Qf back. • Across .the road waa a «te' pen and Blalse turned |wjr\ looking to the south, rec6gni$ this as a corner of the old Knc ranch. ' , Tlie station itself was «\,^ squat frame building with a «i ging roof. Just before it »tc<>d hitchrack along which stood'. «i| saddled horses, heads dropp)n; the warm sun. The other, gf rs tiiad left the stage and to the building. ' '• Hal foil owed.Blaise. f.)L stepped inside the large buUdinj The bar was lined with men,!? ers with the dust ot a. long t^ on them. Blalse glanced toward 1 ! tables, rejected the thought Off pi an,d turned to the bar, Hal (ojty Ing him. They took thflr pl»i' two of the riders giving them ajti loota as they made'roohi Blaise ordered drinki froin bartender who moved §• pins pricked him at eyi Blalse nursed hie drink, more aware ot the men him. Ttiey lopked .!, . _ . recklets in each tanned, dark fa* Hal leaned closer. "Tfou have aalty riders In t»e parts." he said In a low vole*. Blalse looked carefully, down bat. After all these years. must «tlll have hU gunhaw border breeds. The jumped when one of them hi< f laas on the counter, Another of the rider* ftood from the rest, a tail, elMder with an air of comralpd him. Hi* eye* were 1^ dark, full and mobile UM , a thin , mvwtache. fill, f^c* gaunt and bony, and W*ejt < hair eacaped from undjpr.» crowned dusty hat. He vort scarred boots and a »o]»*d Uw color faded to a falat USB . , . typically y«fe 1 Jenny HOfl STAR. MOM, ARKANSAS MAMA-1 OADOY JUST PELL otr THE SECOND* FLOOR PORCH/ WHY DON'T YOU SPEAK TO ME? WHA ARE HAVING POR TH' PASTS$r SOUTH IN TH MAJORS, TO TH'WOUND FORTH LION3... J OUT OUR WAY «(Ml Ralph UMM By i, R. William* Answer to Previous Puzzle Musical Maids I) '.<"—' : '^j I' / THEV SPEAK OF \ >V-'-. T' *•'•'"*) AKITS AT APICMIC-- ^•'••k'-' r ~-~ -•*[ IT DOESN'T TAKE -V f-v. i- v .^ I AMTS-, IT JUST TAKE /OM7oi«w,* vv*n r wi COULI? YBAH, AMP HESJ A RI&HT JOE. S THAT'S VVWBRB sou cav\e IM. SO NOW HIS y PCOPT- ?UT I've CONB Tl\\E. BUT t-'^VT KARPB5TV THB HEAP ANC7 HORIZONTAL VERTICAL THAT ACCOMPLISHES. ir"'^ ' :< - ' ' ^7 ONE AWT TO START ''•—' ~'I AW IMV/E<^Tir-,ATlOM 1 Ships' records WASH TUBES 52 Bridge 55 So (Scot.) WELLi 1 SOT 'BM7\ BIENl NOW W *' ' ^&VLUM MTHORITIB5 A 1 BMW VOO WBPIOCUB' l WHM KN OPPORTUMITV LOCKEP TOM'SIBUR „ . . . Will PICK HIM UP.,. FIGURE \PA\NTtR6 OMB THIMS, VOO TO ESCAPE THE 5TIGMA OF DfS OLE COOT IN / ANP I U0B/2 PMMTED THOSE ATROCITIES! HE WEWT BER&ERK AND DlO \KOOMTZ,,. MtT THIEVB* BS :NPE M' MMH i CATCH THt««T PICTURE THIEf I _ HIS STUDIO! /SOLVSMT TO ftMt EM HIM9ELF! ^iM^^^Sfes Wint Major Hoop!* ". — . Marie" 2 Notion 9 Peggy — — 3 Average 12 Smell 4 Play 13 Egg-shaped 5 Pole 14 Climbing vine 6 She *P 15 -- Farrar 7 Mentally 17 Honey maker * 0 . und lBBr>v>« • 8 Choose "* _. r 9 Drinks 26 Unfavorable 46 " is a 10 Always 28 Muse of grand old . in-redlPnU H Sight organs poetry name" 81 Und measure 18 Hal1 for 30 Knob 47 Musical . i 31 Land measure lectures 31 Sidle instrument 20 Sample 33 Decipher 48 Blow a horn ,„ 22 Chest rattles 35 Come forth 50 Pack 24 Mohammed's son-in-law 24Tart „ r -_. fn ^ f 28 "Your 43 Fish SSwuS. —some gal'^5 Tries 32 Government representative 34 Captured • again 36 Revenue 37 Reparation 38 Narrow valley 39 Cloy f 41 Stitch 42— Tanguay 44 Kind 46 Time intervals 49 Feats 53 President \ Lincoln 54 German \ marching step B6 Ronald's ) • nickname 57 Girl's name " 58 Indian weight 59 Still ; 60 Diminutive j suffix ^ ;61 Large 40 Classify .. 51 Tissue u^ swimming lljblrd IZ IS p M, U 2fa 36 1b S3 5b i? Z Z5 H7 3 2t m 1 33 O Z7 '. ; '." H4 if S-7 to 3 •; -'/^ TL 39 *. . H8 b 9 HO HM H 26 31 37 SV 3 35 19 TO 29 V? itt fcl 1 T HI 50 0 so il 1 31 51 11 OUR BOARDING MOUSE CARNIVAL GREAT CAE5/M?,TWKSS5/i^ DOM'T 0UBBLE OV£R IfATO YOUR SIX, FUPUONSS IM I'.IZj AND i^SEAR^ /HA3oR/-<~<5He H&'5 3LJST' UOAFlMG ALONG.'M FASTER THAW TH& PlKST A(^ A5TOOMDlhJ6 /• Xv\ KSS AT AM O\MLS PlCMlC, V WORKOUT/-*^ r^:^ "^ 1 6UT YOU'D BETTER. / ; M.V WORD /A FILLY \' s ^-^rr^—M,,, ,^-y LET ME TALK ' THAT TRAINS TMA.T J s — O^i-tZ3V PRICETO THE FAST COOLD vJlM Jr^, -. JTS OvMMER A80OT TKE TRIPLE ^C':-\> I \ \ <^«: ; V>^ HER -*~AND MEXT) C" -- ' HAT AMD OVERCOAT/ OVJNER 6UCK6 WAMT TO SELL WER- rtnninritfMiTKi, rr BOOTS AND HER BUDDIE* FUNNY BUSINESS -'^'•^p^jpgjj •y Herthberger VvJI better_jtell Mom you're here, Mrs. Miggs—she's still -••" ~" \talking to you onjhejjhonel 11 SIDE GLANCES By Golbrolth r'" i/». i la) txiL t wort a nesvy gun fcelt tW* «ttt. Tfaer* »* tense about Him, »«l& vUdness tb»t snowed «r»ttc SBiU.. tat •«'', TOffl s s tw 1151k, HI* J.r.k. I.I T. M t.j U S ».,. OH *• Who's the.next president?^ FRECKLES AND-HIS FRIENDS •y •torn' l-/E SHADYS/Oe BANK HAS <jusr Been RO6SED OP WANTS TO AV/OW /S — WHAT& LAKH QO/N&- WITH $9009? BUT i TEU- VDU THAT KIT \ WHAT REWAto WAS ?ULL OF TOOLS WHCN / WILL i GET FOR. I -PUf IT NEXT TO THE _J TURN IMS TOO PHONE A WHILE AfiO/ Wev, TUP ISN'T ---COURSE,TWERADIO - 'SAIPTHE MAN THE SCAR WAD pee CAU6HT-RXJ/ — Qt|ty**I'v* r*«Uy got til* incentive TPATS IT/THE MAJsl W 6CAR. _ TOMER. OMtRy- BUCK. MB PICKED UPTyfc , WRONG to* •y Edgor Ma •y V, T, H« ALLEY OOP GIZZARDS OF GILAMI9H f SHEIKe ARE ON THE NUTHIN MUCH THAT I CAN &EE...COUPLE FOLKS A3IPPIN. TEAI SETON IN- THERE AN' SfART I'D KNOW THAT VOICE ANYWHERE-IT'5 OOOUA WHO'6 /VYELLIN' X^T—B^* THERE/ ^^^^^S»J<^ T ^- WHW'S CHRIS WELKIN, Ploncreer

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