The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1940
Page 3
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Spies Keep Dntcli Busy ' BIG SPY Little Holland Is Best tspionage Lislcaing Post For Belligerents By THOMAS .w. J(«1NSON NKA Service Military Wrilrr A closed cur, bearing lour men, approaches the niilcti .side of llic Oermnn-Duieh frontier in the silliness of Hie night, Prom n liny inn emerges a lifih mn n, who signals A (ten others run from tlie Or, man side, .shooting. They sc ixe linear, drive it into Germany. Two ol ite occupants lie limp. Pramalic, Inn mur.-h more. A notable victory in the spy.war for p quantity over. c|iiaUty _ for ihe. I Nqzi Clestano over the Briiish intelligence Service, iwo of whose ojx-hutves hud been kidnaped 10 Berlin. The Gestapo rejoiced tot the British Intelligence is called llu! world's best secret service Seldom caught are llic relatively fw; British aces, all of wliom tire nWe, eclitentod linguists, experienced in diplomatic, consular or military servicn. These bust paid of-.:nll secret agents are noi over- scrlipulous, but with little use of women spies, they gel big results Especially In Holland, prom this nejilral crossroad, the Orilish, with some American co-operalion. helped; prepare the German rcvolulion of; 1918. Their recent attempt l.i will lie/ repeat has failed, but they giVe up/ • ' • ••• "SHOOTING STARS" FRIGHTEN IMITC1I -In siieli n lislcning ( x)st as Holland, spying always goes on. The Germans arc forever'talking about the weather - for Germany's . weather comes largely from France I 1 and Britain, over Holland. There is .'the place whence to signal Gcr- niBiiy whether It's a good night, for an air raid. 'So, the Dulch are fearful of shooting stars that don't shoot hut float, through the night sky. They nre balloons, coated with phosphorescent colors. Rather pretty. ,;But above them drumming motors are heard, dark wings" seen. Whose? On n back road near Till- 'mrij, guards saw such balloons being released from an automobile bearing Germans. They escaped, although the Dutch fired. For information about Dutch shipping to Britain, the Na/is have had ffinr government officials on their payroll, nml a wireless outfit was discovered lately. vBul Holland's big scare catne When a man.'.driving an American -sedan, bought four Dutch army officers' uniform!; from a fat tailor and did not argue over the price ''What kind of a Dutchman is that? ' pondered the tailor. "And- four officers' uniforms?" I' :Not four, bul 24 he hail collected when, he was arrested and found to-be an active Nazi. The Gestapo do things on a 'big scale. Wearing these uniforms, their spies could outwit and overpower Dutch guards either on Ihe frontiers or at flood- control stations of Ihe water defense system OERMANS "?ENI> DOZENS" .-The Dulch are seared. On one tebruary day lliey caught.six spies They have screwed anti-spy law; so, tight that if you hum or whistle over the telephone, you are cut off ' No secret codes; .' '.Iti Switzerland, border rest an- Caruthersville Society—Personal o. Members of (lie- I'. K. 0 held Ihclr regular joi-eling nt (lie home. of Mrs. C. 10, Wntson Mondny «fi- rrnoon. nnrln B ihe business si'S- slftn |)luns were completed f or n lo s-lulc I'. K. o, convention to be hold In I'oplar lilull. April •>() si mid 22. fJaMilliciNHllc is to be'co- ite.vs with I'oplar lllnll .-u dint lime. Tlie piOfc'um was the first of n new series lor the year cm «<j w Modern Amu-leu'.' Mrs. u. c. Pierce was in cliurue of this piORiain on 'Aim-rlcu Tlirotifsh the I'holograph- i'W Lens", Her Ull: was illiistnueii by moving pictures. Alter the program .M,.S. wm^on u-rved Kauclwlclir-s, i-iU;.- and a Irull drink. f.i'glun Auxiliary McHs Following u John ,|tnni-r mci , u IIIB of members of IVmlsmji Coun- ly I'osi No. OH of me Amc'ilcan Legion and in,. U'gion Aii.vllliuv held ui the Methodist Church Mou- <lny nlsht in honor of stale c'om- mander Lou c. I.oxier ol Jeiferson City, mc-mbm of UK- Auxiliary adjourned lo Ihe church parlors for u meeting. About l>5 members mid out cjf town guests were present Alter u short business meeting (alts were made by the toll cilslilei ndlceis; Mrs. Oiiliirilne Jolinsoii. nf sikcstnn, PrestdiMii, or Ihe Hili District; Airs. C 1 . L ,\tn- one, of HiXfsiou, illslrlel, nn-m- uerslil|i ehulnniin, and Mrs Nil-urn of Csirrolion, Mo,, Pfi-slclenl of (In- DlMrlel. Tin- imM-lIni' cmlnl H'ltli n Mieiul liotir. Mi'inbcis ,,f Hie Minidiiy NI«J|1 Hunk Clul) nwl nl llic Top Jim, C-afc' Monday nlijhl wlili Mr s Hoy Ainswonh as liuslt'Ks. Mrs J I, Duiiiiluii) wiis club K"«'sl. Illijh M-OIV prlw, Iwih powder mid «W|), was won by Mrs. I'aiker Moi'Kiin Hilt) Mrs. Sybil Mollltt re- ci'ivfd coioi-m. for low .soon, pito, The IHIMI-SS si-ivrd n suhiil course stniwljiii'v [(•,. | W x viiki- and n>f- fi'c. * 4 i l.iifky Xln,. .M,.(.( S Mrs. Vf.stiir Hush was i\ uui'M. ol llx; Uu-k.v Nine (j| U i, W |, ( , n (t M , (![i Monday riTning lit UK- JJOHH- of Miss Dully,, HoWnson. Illjili wore lirl/i- WHS won by MIS.S Mnry MehiU., who received » doubli- deck of rnnls, and Mrs. I.luyd Itogcrs iweli'fvi consolation prl?e. At Un> close ui (h,, (.jviilfu; tln> hoslc.w served shiimp fiiliu), deviled ruK.s. liullni'i' chew, plckli-s, I't'iickt-rs and nilU'e. First Miss Aln.\(nc Unird was 'hostess lo the Hist, Nii;h(eis Club when i(- inel Moinliiy I'Veiilna lit. (lip Top Mill Onfp. MIM ^ral.v .inh,. Coi)> wiis club niu-sl. for the- ewnliiij, Mrs. J. 0, Davis received miign/liip rack for him, swire prl/c, MLss SHsim (;<)olii'rman brldgoed mid won a Wl ll aim m i\wr K Miss lOlols,. Dials' «. ( in a notn-tl plmil for low mid MKs corlwu. WHS awarded n sel o| towels und I'lotlis lor ijui'.sl. prl«., Hi'fri'sl ...... ills ninsisti.d o f' mnu (kli salad, truckers, p|<:h!0(i lUHl olives, fro/i'n Kidiul. and stniw- bi'rry liv. box cnkc ami toffi-n. # » • Allss Mnry Ellen lloim-r will «c- conipjiiiy inejiilx'i'.s- of (do .st«|f of the Tli;i.|' }{|, 8 , duiithcrsvlllc Ill piiblkullon, 'to Memphis when! (hey will intend a mccllni! al tlm Mississippi Vnilcy IVi-ss AsMorliition, an nmantaillon in hl(jli Kchoul wlJtors und llu'lr slulls. The iiii'i'iinii will l)i> held ill Ihe Sciinhwi'sU-rn C.'olleite, niiil will Include a Irlp thiouilh llu- C'ommeiclal Appi-ul as well us Iftlkn by mi'iulic-is of the stalls of M'dl knoivn iicw»)i»iirrK, ' to make Die (rip n, ( > MJI^ Wilson, i>(|- llor. Vlrulnln (Jinnpbi'l), ,) (1 ij.|. Ciiniilnt'hnni, Vtrijlnln (liven, Oou- nlo Thoiniis, David Pike, (lieu Goodman. Vlrulnln Camiibcll and Connie Thoiniis will reinuln fov the 'xsioiis, wfilli- Iho icst ol the ijraip will reliirn Krlilay nlulit. Joe II. 3|iri-r ol |';\BCO|II visited In Uai'HlliprsvlIln Monday. 'i ,lo 'judii lert Sund'iiy for 31. Louis, Mo., ivlicre she utioiulcd tiin School I'Vlilay Mississippi Vtriiey ijcnlity anci trade •Miow ill Hie Jcller.son Hole! She was accompanied by Mrs. Violet. Ncwsomc who visited frleml.s S: T11 " y ^»«". T«C«,.» Mrs. Olyde \jn nts ,, r nniRniiiloclo sli'ippi'il In Cariilhorsvllle Monday. Mrs. t'liirk Mwirc cif New I'rank- m. Mix, iirrlvrd |» Ciinilliersvllle I-rlilny In spend two ivi'tte vlsltlnij her ,', Mrs, II. (). Thomns, and Mr. Thomas. Mra. (,'Inrk Moore of New Priink- H'l. Mo., utilvi'd in Caruthei.wllle Many Women Relieved Headaches, nervousness. (Tuinji- lll<e pain, and ( ,ther periodic dis- Iress of womi my i,e ( | l]( , | 0 runr(hin:il ilysiiU'iiorihcH from mill- iniuillon, H nmdldfiii nfic,, i^ m ( D.V CAItDUI. Mllll) IVMJ. |l J,('lp.s is by Inen-iishH! ii())>i'llte mid Iliw of tins!lie Juke; iims iildliin iilgi's- lion; bullcilnn reslsliiure lo [icriocllf: distress. Tlic> olher ivny CAH- 1)1)1 limy iielp you: Take It n few dnys before and dHrlnn "lite time." Used mid pojiulur for mow iJinn 50 vrnrn. Al STA'I'H UNI* CHICKS li (i'!i).s. fur $1.01) JOVNKk Oil, <;<). . At Heil TOJI «!lii 1). is. llljibMay 111, Norlli _____ ^ Prlrtny lo hjiend Iwo v.ecks violtine hei-nWcv.MiH II. O. Thomni, nml Mr, Thomas. , Mrs. Com Ellli left Saturday for n few days visit In Kennctt will) her (Inuglilw, Mrs. Fred Ford "and family. Mrs. Wesley Oakcs, Uic 'former Miss Mary Helen Green, lefi Sim- day for Memphis where Bhn will make lier homo. She wns formerly employed nt naulton Garner Dm" Store. Prank desiring of Tyler was a Monday visitor In Caruthersville. BARGAINS IN I/SIM : Ice Boxes Kolmill ami Otiaranlwil Electric Refrigerators APPLIANCE CO. Service on All Mukrs llcfH|;('r:itc>rs—Hucllcs—Washers m W. Miih, HI. |>n«)ic 233 Sign the New Register at the Ritz In a back road near Tillburi; the Dutch saw phosphorescent bal- ^' e(i - '''- h -'i!\s.. .V,,,il H)-!Hh ------- lajpyg^-K loons belli;; released from an automobile bearing Germans. i rants, inns or hotels run by for- ] three sisters. Mrs. Ci. Wllllmm of eigncrs are forbidden. Many of sucli places 1111-11011 oul lo be I hangouts for Switzerland's forelju spie. 1 ;. \vho are us numerous as Holland's. A retired Swiss army officer of high peacetime rank, Colonel Ponjullaz, was recently arrested for giving informaticin on French war plans to a German. All Ihe spies arc not Germans. Holland has caught two telling the allies about German warship movements. But there are more Germans, for that's the way the Gestapo works. One of their leading agcnU explained lo spies who were cauciit In this country. ••[ send yon! I send another man! j send" n dozen! Someone jriusl get through)" Funeral'Held Sunday For Keiser Druggist Carulhcfs. Calif.. Mrs. C. W. Uul-1 lard of Little Rock. Mrs. Ves Me- ' ISricle of Mnrmaduke; and one I brother, the Rev. f. C. firadsiier ol i Pnlo. .Mo. Leachviile Boy Breaks Leit Arm Jerry Taylor, six-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Burke Taylor of Leachviile, broke his loft arm when lie fell while playing veslerciny. Brought, to Walls Hospital, he was given emergency treatment and lulvr-removed to his home. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly If you suffer from rlieiitnalic. arthritis or neuritis pain, try Ibis ^ M ' CROSBY -UMOUR HOPE Friday, April 12IU •I'-i r.und lloascms Yen Should Attend (fi,. Hilz simple inexpensive liome recipe thai Tlie body was lakcn to Marma- dukc for burial .Sundny. The' iie'v services at Ihe lisl church. AS ADVERTISED IN r. „ . J' ''"- i\cv. (-.. B. Hope, pastor of the church of Christ, preached (lie funeral Maimiidnlce fiap- Mr. Uradsher us survived by his wife. Mrs. Airena Miller Bradshei- four, daughters. Mrs. Herbert Pool of Little Rock. Mrs. Hcrschcl Grnv of Wichita, kans.. Jiiss Emma Nell Bradsher of Little Reck and Miss riutli rsradshcr, of here; one son. _Joe Bradsher, also of this dty; ('ninln; (o tin- nil/: "Voiinif Tom Kcllscm" "Star Dust" "flraprs .if Wralh" ".ScvciUren OXY WED. & IHUR. Z iidmiltcd for jiricc of 1 need only 2 lablesp'oonsful (wo! timeji a day. Often, within -18 hours' — sometime,-; overnight— splendid results are obtained. If Dip pains do not quickly leave and if von do not fed better. Rn-Ex will cost you nothln by your d: to try ns it Is .sold under an abso- Corneily LISTEN TO KLCN -.' ..«*.. Mivi K iji^L ujjtu'r an auso- LiJirKN TO KLCN luk- money-back guarantee. Ru-Ex 11:00 a.m. — 12-45 DHL —4- ComnouuO Is for snip nnrl i-i-mm. —- — - Compound Is for sale nnd recommended by Kirby Bros. Drug Co. and nood drug slorc.s everywhere. L! F E m&* SCULPTURED FIT IN -^F YOUR UNDIES, TOO Hffl-WU fxcfusfve with Wards Four tailored styles, dip. proportioned for snug, comfortable fit. Knit of Spun-lo rayon — cool, run-resist, lubfast. 406 W. Main DRESSES OF THE BEAUTIFUL TWIIL TEXTURED RAYON... J NEVER BEFORE SOLD AT THIS LOW PRICE! Sizes 12 lo 20 The identico! fabric used in dresses selling t/p to S?.f8i Beautifully faj. lorcd now slylcs in powder blue and duslyrose! Coin dots, stripes, solid colors! large Se/eclfon of Oiher Beautiful New Dresses ; ; ; ; ; 3,93 Phone (J7« d06 W. Main • ! ,.Vi'> , 1 2 Smash-Value Hits! Sensational Week-end Event! Chance for Tremendous Savings! T*l9. se Spectacularly Low Prices End Saturday] Full 15 x 30 All-Purpose Size! Save Wear on Your BetlerTowelsf SAIEIFTILITY TOWELS Record Double-Barrel Values! Buy 'em by the Dozen! A wonderful, all-piir|x>sc lowcl nt a rcmaAably low pried Good looking enough for gucsl use I Just the size for the kitchen nnd children's rooms! Use them instead of your big bath towels I Use them lo save laundry I Only 36c piles up half a dozen! Stock up now ond SAVE! More for your money, always, with Ward Towels! While with Gay Rainbow Borders'. Real Values! Quality fabrics so unbelievably well styled you'll look iiv/ceat the price tags I Shirtwaist or dressier types with Spring 1940 touches! Buttons, pockets, youthful skirls! Beautifully fitting and becoming—for mothers and q;rown daughters! Ttibfast new colors, plaids, stripes, checks, dots, nnd florals! 12-20: 38-44. Wafer) Our Windows For Latesf Fashions USE WARDS j TIME PAYMENT PLAN (Minimum Purchase *10) \ Pone 671)1 ,106 $, Main

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